Garcia And Bailey H3: Ralph Russo Talks College Football

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Monday, July 16th
The College Football talk ramps up again in this hour with Ralph Russo, and Oz nerds out for college football....

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But Garcia. Commercially here on this Monday and it's weird week hard chuck him and I will Kennedy talking about this earlier today feels like there are a ton of people on vacation this week. Traffic's light I don't know which are doing out there but source of traffic goes it was it was like there's about you know 52 weeks out of the year it's easy to get around right now nobody's here no. Ice are all on the moral teacher. In Charleston out. I exist everywhere but there's no bunch cities still supposed to except the people outside the city and the City Hall. Protest in right now what ever vigilant protested so there's not 7045709. And again 7045709. 610. We got some things to get into a what are your bracket this all star conversational with though it may when he when he comes that. He made it important to me he's got takes. That's takes on the coast and he said he's got takes the guy's got takes the take issue with your takes. And there was gonna bring us all the stakes O'Neal started that's on Oprah. I can't wait. Got a guy on the on the buildings that are excellent right now who wants to look to make a wager with you what everybody lettered on the board is eleven improve record are you willing to take that bet. Absolutely you are absolutely. Absolutely. And it's OJ EF I told you last week I'm not. I'm gonna put my money where my mouth this. I'm not afraid to sit there and safe I don't feel like this team is better I may be wrong. Arm I do you think he's just gonna be not as good. But where were used as last year and ten cent. So one team out that means we and it's not it's. Is that better now it is better. Bomb. But if that's where you're optimistic give it ought to be your optimism is. How fond of that huge audience I'm not into mediocre. Or average or below of the tallest bridge I'm not into that. Aren't fun then whatever that's fine you and I will trigger the terms of our bet if they may deploy else have they don't we we got to start we got a brainstorming. Well absolutely say playoffs or no place else OK I know you are the songs they were we got a 32 games we were set on what are we through what we just kind of through the under 36 days in terms of the bet the guys that oil she's a note wells we got to figure out the terms of his bat and we as a people that we're really don't sending in suggestions so what we'll keep taking those. The terms of the bat I think the hornets make the playoffs frank says they don't. We got to figure out the terms of the bets that we can lay it down and put in stone. Part 70457. Or 96 cent. We are fun conversation all Sierra Little while ago. Where you were talking about personal guy called called you out for colon and lesser athletes scrubs toughest part of it an all star game conversation in a how good you you like debt doesn't bother me I would I noticed bother you that you liked it. I have been told my entire life. I'm not fast enough not strong enough I'm not tall enough. No not this I'm not that it's and it's always motivated me so. When people don't come at it that way I laugh and I've just shrug my shoulders. And you know move on it doesn't bother me. Honestly it doesn't bother you can say where you want I mean there's there's there are certain things maybe keywords that might. But it's being the other that that's that's about it. You you say what do you want about me are not I am so I have such thick skin that it's it's our news this hour in funny like rhinoceros that. No you don't you you have pretty thick skin as I just think it's funny though that. We get the meanest stuff and then we get the meat is still the most critical stuff from guys it just doesn't feel like they kind of big get it you're mean. That they've admitted it never played any organized here. The funny thing you know if you're gonna criticize a guy that play in the NFL for ten years. And the new. Most you've made you for being an athlete was pop Warner high school football sweep plaque a sweet plaque do whatever might be there and that's on you. And didn't raise me. I mean people that are Smart enough to realize that the truth you can see all that stuff so I guess if that bothered me you know you say that infuriate you know it doesn't quite know recent. Are sitting right are Ella award given credit for your cause and a. No I mean I totally. I Idec were the guys come from an idol which you don't coached or played in the high levels for staff and cabinet a good opinion on sports and haven't informed opinion on sports that's obviously the case. Know who you kind of want to I don't gusher hit us on this absolutely. Where this number is us text that number say a mole and blood. Tattoos I know 45 point succeed. 0500. Bucks oldest are you do you really this guy wasn't a 500 dollar bet with your doors to the succeed. Or 45 I don't like to put out the terms of the bat come on aren't my cause is blue that. And I mean what color the color half the box is he the house. Noisy noisy it is right boxes he got a do or strong it was strong look at the terms of the data due to the debt. And it's a great bet to me I'm all for. That those ST don't just knowing Bob wins. With 6500 I'm and all that. This your most of what's thought wow I didn't even I'm not doing that blood you jokingly I'm not doing that 45 wins. For the hornets did a number of the kids could just what is good for the anti foreign. What is said in what he's done and get his numbers say absolutely. It's as absolutely the the you gotta do better and as a did you hear that I inaugural reporters on Wednesday. Oh wow there's just made a donation to francs pocketbook. Please support us parent I. Let's talk about it I'm not saying a word on who just want to make that bet that's on him my goodness and I'm mcinnis to protect your red tags in my entire life. I'm diagonally down now and do the tattoo thing I'll do whatever money you wanna bet I'm all for that and I didn't but she tattoos either. It's a terrible idea but see there's very little breeze a whole Clinton. This is a loser garbage or deter other tattoos on the butt cheek none of doing that it's almost. I don't the wedding photographer this weekend. Public intense Julia but seek Letterman yeah. Was living photographer hole five wins out like an important the a I don't do this group struck to bridge as the gets their 200 but smiling at me hey you. Here are your brother your brother out here that says done deal over a guy on defense they Dillon debt tied to write I write that number down grind is number down he. Wow we will make sure this happens somebody else wants in on the net. On my I I don't identify the right side of course. It's. Hypocritical but listen just lost his remote thing I. I know the guy doesn't might be my eight MIB David tepper attributed but he critics of the Davids and I. I don't know. Aren't dissimilar floor so it's on number it's awesome might and probably owns is the study group the company by now Dennis exercised 45 wins by the number one superior image tech news number we are Dutch number there's there was above. Yes our judges don't doubt it at a and to distant and an index yeah. I look for suckers like this this is what you you lived like when you go to pulled poker room and you sit down the table. And you you you you kind of scope proving nine players are there sit around sometimes stand there sometimes say. And you look around there and you'd you try to identify. With a sucker superstitious. And if you can't. That really typically means in my view it's most likely you can you can identify with the fishes. So I look for guys like Dennis. This is you know what I feast off of one I'm competitor you know guys like this and think that their pocketbooks are gonna scares somebody into batting something and then. And utter about no absolutely not. Whenever you want but if that's all you wanna bet. Then that's you. Billy suitor such slime francs creepy stalker text and industry Jimmy the name of who was critical frank Donald take care to guess I'm. No need this guy because when this other dude didn't pay up commonly given. This guy while 45 wins and succeed or better I presume that's that's else. There also if they only went if they went 46 and on the seventh seed they're so okay and that's true suggest me most just 45 wins and succeed. This poor or. It's a donation merlot and a system I. It is hard for wins in the opposite rides and. I'm Susan to be optimistic these days David I've not been optimistic and that's pretty while all of the sexton says Douglas and its excellent guys that last year someone's at the pacers were gonna what 45 plus games that's a losing Paul George people would have laughed just thank. He was really does Israel do about a mom mom and this isn't paces. The hornets are not very good. Just not the better. The better tell you. The better he's gonna is gonna. A fuse we come back 70457096. Tend to try to get hit men here to give us a Swede all star takes to Kersey and they. CM and Bailey. Very much so onerous. Welcome back Garcia and Israeli there's a big threat out there on the door doesn't fall caused a two and a second but let me let me clarify something here by. It's Bowman first off I want to open this up to my gestures. Sir you you've just discussed. Are you to get after that. I'm willing to share the wealth here are you right. Like I'm offering like in shark tank there's insert shark tank yes of course offer you a percentage of mine's company. I'm a 500 dollar company potentially and I'm also rain. A piece of that company to you guys if you'd like to partake ultra 10%. Did he box of cause. I'll take campers know what the hell fifty bucks Adam. 10% self fifty bucks so you guys and alone. 30% of that company now on the other 70%. The ticker is is this money needs to be in somebody's hands because there's no way that I can win. This bat in less the money is there it was so there's a time when is that when when when this met this guy can go ghost. Right this guy is gonna go ghost and he's never down never hear from a man who changed his number and he'll be gone to be out the door. If I lose the bet you'll call in every day until a right so there's no way I can win unless the money is enhanced so. Dexter if you're really just didn't in this I'm all for. OK so here's the best way to texture of SpinRite and our mobile sodium out although it's kind of out there already some are sure to it was out there's orders could say we had a guy propose a 500 dollar bet to strike when they can figure out templates and designs ended regarded in the masochism or not you it's a 500 dollar bet is the proposed a strike by analyst Dirk that the hornets will win both at least 45 games. And I have a region to succeed or better. In the Eastern Conference playoffs that is Tibet. And I would take our 10% but framers of 500 dollar bet a lot no you're right don't make sure you know this guy is not an idea he's he's he's been on the up and ups I think he's serious let's say he's not oblige you know not protect yourself you are. Our guys out there this saying you know they got big big roles. And then also when it comes to play and there are no role well you're just that pearl. Let's go to Scott and he's done doesn't take some asthma Scott was not meant. I do I get and in Davydenko trap about a number one opt out of off then Philadelphia and maybe trying to look at the coyotes. The rest today. 3350. But there's not a lot. And the what I look at it it it you got RD gain in the Western Conference if you can figure out how to go popularity in Western Conference I don't wanna beat out thirtieth when he sued an eight. I would remain at these army he got to Orlando and Atlanta Andy you know auto may have done that yet of what part of a wet packed Cleveland to meet Charlie Cleveland narcotic. Close Papelbon has gone. But it is easier to bet it spoke spate. Scott prejudge the Coleman and I appreciate it IC we come from and he said the three teams that he said Toronto Boston Philly right those three teams are delisted. I would expect India is back in the playoffs Milwaukee. I would expect Milwaukee as they were selling season right there on the toss the yen in Washington you would expect Washington is there with all these Philadelphia defeated it's easier five teams that are right much in Miami was a succeeds so we guide. I don't know. I'm I'm not really sure but I do think they're better but 45 wins I've done knuckle with either but under. This this team can beat Chicago Shanley was the end up with. Less than 3022 and contestant cushion to do now is extra because yeah it's still all of my parents. You are still a month since. His man has a bag full trance and three of them a month. He's always stuffing them back in his tracks that I can say I'm tough. I lost six pins out of my bag in the last two weeks he has three of them they're in my possession their Mike Pence wow. I don't know to those Aman I got a trump I don't know. Don't tell us they like it don't get back on okay. I never going to be right with routers because you steal everything are still. My college are you think I'm just because I'm Hispanic I'm still in things. It's because Penn has the name of the hotel I stayed at Saint Louis are the Orioles ever stayed there oh my god. If you're on the critical absolutely unbelievable. Around desolate sailors you know he could have half stadiums. It's true yeah I didn't bet now Erica remembering a bigger threat that was there before let's go to art and to enhance the position. It's it's bigger than. There's a lot of trouble are fast cars are checked a lot of their 70457926. Today and I'd quit the Charles Barkley clip really quickly do we have that for last night haven't he stays in his last in Tahoe by the way I do does that. Got any better golfer now that I don't know how. As much golf is that your place. His lessons as he speaks he's taken as much money is he spends on the game's got brand new clubs he's got what's harming given swing lessons. Us. District that is so I hit a bit further. For professional athlete out there like golf as poorly as Charles Barkley does that's embarrassing sort of finish is dead last in Tahoe and rips TO and Irwin checked this out. Well I think to the tireless self criticism. Body's doing the wrong thing. Listen. He should've got a first ballot hall. All of clever but those other guys Chris Carter who waited longer for me listen what should a hall of fame your of the hall of fame they're riders dead Zell also some of these guys on the stand that. But do hill's got to be a bigger man. All of brave and about it knew. What I. Bless you go and all the fame and what I do those I would've in my whole life. Hope everybody who helped me and I'm pretty sure does a lot of people who have TO gets at all Efrain. And all the craze reached it in about two is about they get all the people who have you get to the hall of fame all the coaches you noted parents do grandparent I know it was closed his grandmother. How very close to my grandmother I want the world to know what she meant to me because so many cultures are played for so many teammates are played for how wanted to acknowledge those guys. So I think TO was is selfish and shortsighted and he said woods at all. Hall of fame induction. Since it was Charles Barkley get I didn't sentimental talk about Terrell Owens not going to. To kittens and all fame induction ceremony and we talked about a much different sides of this issue are the moderate rational but you know Charles I thought was really. Really good are you point where he was talking about that it's not about you amid it is but it's about knowing that I helped you get there that's exactly what it's about. And respecting the tradition in the history. And all the players before you know all the players in the B after news about. On the sanctity of the game and aren't wearing that opportunity. On top close the other people that you are able to give credit to. This is the one of the most selfless things that. You know that there's a guy has done that I can remember. Mom you're trying to make it about him as the exact reason why the voters kept him out of the first time and why the whole time says go ahead of your party. I notice this is one of those this is one of the more poignant things I think the Charles Barkley has ever said because he's absolutely essential Barkley is a lot smarter than people give him credit there is really actually he is one of those guys that. It's outlandish he's outspoken. He's. Probably unpopular new buddies on X. He says things that might sound crazy do you put there's always there's always an element of truth and wisdom and those are for the most part we obviously got everything he says on the NBA on TNT studio shows it's not wise in and then and brilliant but you know he's kind of the anti Lavar ball to me like he says things you can last little run. Honest when he's honest. And he tells the truth and when he says something like that it's well you're absolutely right some about a yeah I mean there's all the people Helton get. Kyle is about to have four guys in sports I can think of that brutally honest like Charles Barkley and I knew this guy you might not like. You might think that he was a cheater who also think he's not a liar now. And you know under the sometimes those things don't line but Jose Canseco. Is another guy this is brutally honest if you may say what you want about him but we're zero relied. Your book about steroids Rosie. It means somebody come out there and tell me what he said wasn't true about all the things that took place in baseball there are you may think that each and all those things our troops central Charles Barkley the met him toward guy. Guys that what they say they actually believe they stand by it they validate it and there's some credibility goes along with Charles Barkley royals guys from me I mean. I own one guy's Jersey in the entire world because his shot is Charles Barkley. Love love the look we gotta go we come back which doctor Ralph Russo Associated Press noticed on saw notes all currencies in SEC media days we'll talk some ACC is well over so next it's Garcia and Baylor. Let's get back to Garcia and saying it's. I was there is off to Ralph Russo the Associated Press is joining us on the second job just lined a college football just around the corner SEC media days today end ACC media days tick it off here in Charlotte just a couple of days Franken I'll be live from the west and for ACC kick off looking forward to that and we welcome on once again Ralph Russo. Of the AP covers college football in the rough I have been left. You know. I'm pretty much there and immediately start to feel like our I mean I know it doesn't call you poke or. On each and killing time reading your group united in a man or you'd be gate are you're pretty much our trauma. Thereafter title our conversation throughout didn't today in Dunn may be throughout the week and you know probably throughout the year with college football and changing and all the points are being scored the direction of college abort out. Do I mean you know there were a little bit of a downturn in the scoring last year the first domino while I got up and I'm right about that preceded it. And it cannot and so now and it does that concern that the early catching up op spent there it is it a little more to you were eight. Big game is super exciting. I understand. For a you know it's your god Buehrle looked spent in Europe quarterly quote additional are not sure got are you buying knack. Being traditionalists like these important art. I speak at the variety of the way keep these playoffs and are you excitement in the scheme the fact that no you'd ever really city could not not that quality and that also went to key ally in. You know there's also some impetus fact that like keep may go a lot of credit though they're not pros like you were crank like they're gonna screw up sometimes. And let me go there are a lot of unpredictability. In the game. Com it's not as high quality of all of our well but I think it's more on general we week to week. Yeah I agree with you a 100% on everything you send in the one thing that could you that there Ralph I'd like to see maybe at the end of the game. Is instead of having that first down timeout because of the way often has changed in the way they're able to pump out placed it's basically a time. Mount if you get a first count with how fast these guys are running plays I like to see that change the clock continuously runs from you know slipped more pressure on the time management of the game etc. and number two is like some of the catch rules of you know college football makes it more like pros and on not everybody's capable but. These guys are gonna get two feet down. I am. May be you know that the secret to speak down would be a pretty significant I don't the timing and not oh in mind that eager. I mean they are con just the fact that like. You can't predict Corey long I mean I'm not a leak of ten to get hammered on their most weaker there are the most wide open league. I'm in argued at great speed Internet to see all over the country in the current and they're really air and you're looking at order hack our football game. Like your. My time now coaches but they like you know a spring or the integrity in the way it would mean to sort of control economically it. I'd but I got EU is something along the line up. 8 o'clock running until the last sport at the beginning and you allow this op agent and an ability to sort of make that come back. Good to roll out of order anywhere near that it right it might be good if bell or heard that a college there and now. But I like don't want I think it I equity you don't bring up a creek a little blah and I like the one. Are talking to Ralph Russo Associated Press he covers college football join us on the tech become just like. On it jewels are shrugged and I think you you promising these so this quote by nudge both Fisher basically attributed the rise of the ACC in football too. The SEC and I'm curious what you think about that. Well. I mean there's something to be said for competition I you recruit more and you were what the level of competition. Out there right here. And if I'm a Clinton or Boris there and I think the republic where certain where Jim. We go with their. If I'm or they are you look like you know each school in a lot of weight I don't quite get myself to Erie. Took a cop. And be able to compete for national championships well. Either you're being likes him and yet he ordered when it really it agreed wanted to read and like poker now in yet each day. Because there's market had a lot of great they are very. Got even more grit our protection inept and they're never gonna coach who go to look at what somebody yell pattern curtain very. Boy that deny that I'd like a pair elect had it done on better but it eerie. An unlimited are being pair. Another reason why a lot go to X on it yet because most. School law. Without question in all and I include a a program like Clinton been to a certain degree or beaten some of these other. EU or a it yet he's in very you don't need to sort of start doing things the way eight U group one when natural can't beat. Are restless about the ACC for second on the football side of things because look I and I know you notice you look at that conference right now and every. Odds every every all the odds you look at out of Vegas say Clemson Miami the ACC championship game here in Charlotte December I certainly understand why. But I'm curious what you think. Are the most likely scenarios if it's not a Clemson Miami drill a look at the coastal and a Virginia Tech lost eight defensive starters from last June it's going to be really tough to replace on the other side Florida State's gonna tell the Willie sag is never really wanna and so that's what. What's the most likely scenario if it's not Clemson Miami. It's hard to come up with a non collaborative and Harry. Just because of what you said I don't know port eight great Buick you know and nor are 18. We go action here. Now with all that talent drain on each spent a couple good I'll then like here not to real cricket. You. Clinton didn't read in Concord walked away a couple of years. It's welcome to compete in is gonna beat sit there and why and beat Clinton. I mean you have to be able to be that you know no water heated air quite just yet it. Critical they'll be allowed account so it's really hard to come up with a non Klan in the situation. In on that side that beat you seats. Miami I was still playing Miami Beach favorite and you write for any. So we are searching the net and I think this could be a little bit of you build your current appoint a great job great Eric spare. But I also think that that article we a little more all right I think it's got a very nice in coming back but doesn't have a current schedule. Eight. Because if it cause you know big guns from the from the other side that are being worked out cook clean. You know it never really count now. Or Rupert goes whack usually when we start thinking and overlooking all continent dork. That's on court back but ordered and then potential out of right so I think there's a little more volatility on that side. And I'm not quite ready clicker and you clear paper I'm not sure why and you're the current paperback one thing could be so neatly. No matter who put on that other side going to be surprised me and so the only Uga roll the dikes. Or court act. I'm sure you saw demo Fisher's comments in but you're riding the coattails. You know. Of psalm the SEC seems to be when a lot of people are thinking that he's doing I don't happen to be one of those people I think he SEC has been the best conference in the last eighteen years or twenty years since the BCS has been around them eleven national championships. Auburn has one LSU has a couple you got Florida and there are a couple and he got Alabama the cream of the crop you can make an argument that Vanderbilt is held and I don't care about those teams don't play for national champ just like in most conferences they're bottom half doesn't play for a national championships. What conference has been the best will be the best and we'll continue to be the best in college football. Well you know what view I mean even even bad year respectful thing yet but I think you generally come down to. Their major step what conference producer the most NF LY. Aren't you don't cut a net so he could have a back in efficiency. Which is going to be property yet you let couple years. You can have a lot of good NFL talent. But it LSU into it quarterback right or are accurate and in your work cut or into our scoring like that real. All alternate art when he changed. But ultimately ignore the conference producing the most gonna go players. Probably the best pop sprite eLearning you're out you're most likely the best Cochran. I think you know it yet he had a little bit of a bit in recent years. Some of those beat. Got between east teams got caught up to a certain degree. Are these greedy in each year and a great job of pushing its football product went by Clemson and Miami recur. But I don't think that they general got the talent is the only at BP and you hear how we are are they in and yet he seeks. You grow and all bring you grow and Alex you. You know touching who has been gone a cult leader potential. There are at least the potential to win a national championship but it's senator content every year but it tort Florida and meet you senate seat. Of our Alford and Alabama and LSU and meet you sustain them very cooperative at that any web in the pack and shall. To contend for national champion took I think that we yet he he set up or. OK so before religion go the big twelve in mission Texas there a minute ago what what are your thoughts on Mac conference because. But I expect Tom armor to take it's a step forward and Oklahoma figures to be in the conversation in West Virginia thinks they can win the conference. Yeah I put it this way. Gregory and it's been awhile and then we would constantly keep saying likely this political street doubt that would cure a lot of the big twelve they'll because you know. Elected every damn like that think they're lunatic and going national each of the matter out of all it. Not are not every school had to. But certain programs have a ceiling and that sort of to collect an account you can go when an actual can't be cubic. It is one of the so went exit and underachieving hurts the big twelve overall. I'm still. A little skeptical about their year port access and Tom Harmon because I think a lot of rebuilding to do on the line and so then to become speaker step lower. But they need to get that step. Sort I don't know what it in the big twelve job a little bit of a cop out and I'm not love what restricting it took a lot of actual folks aren't. The what they are a lot of local West Virginia the gate. Out circuit Oklahoma because Oklahoma the rock of that conference. I can see a lot of volatility in air but it really were the fertile breeding com. This will be under compound in this jury get you whatever he aired. The sooner we can tell a big twelve really you know as it has more than one chance to win national can't be to. There were offers a kid I used to go to. Do dual analog I got a small role was the biggest thing out there you know I grew up and I've been back since and I was like well. As that is any thought anything about it would be I think the same thing about the pac twelve. Yeah I mean that. That's fair I think to a certain degree you know. A few years back. The pac twelve went through a curious where it had all this new money coming in from neck you'd be contract per the contract and they scooped up onto pretty good coaches. And the upgrade their ability and brings a certain new car along pretty well and arrogant and thought that our media are welcome even talent yet you see. And now the other conquered the sort of pull away impact it would those EEO. Beat the faculty and beaten a lot of that seem typical oval always you know geography. In Spain and confused when you're in pro market. Trying scheduling and I'm going to keep you result of all a quality like great aren't. And the fact that there are elite depending going 18. California for most of the talent. I think the act all will be better don't want any bowl and then you're probably so. On but again it circled back to more or marquee teams and the ones which championships healing and are they reaching. You'll see it at least a championship stealing and allow Washington seems to have it going pretty well. We gotta gotta UCLA packet back on track and media that happens which Kelly. But right now and he likely could accomplish that and being angered me in the wake up again and 00 Washington. Real quick with Arizona State I mean I knew we never mentioned them and we shouldn't does and every relevant but what Herman Edwards there they become a little bit relevant at least doesn't always coaching college football. I mean it's relevant because it's one of those like what what look at what they. Are put it. I'll believe it. Will be successful what a good. The court. A court prepared Lou Reed who openly to bode well has the potential to be entertaining. You know people are people who think we apparel were working Hewitt beat. Not really comparable compared. Because he Carol at least a bit Coke just within ten years at current economic pick. So it up but parading experiment and it can't be very entertaining and it could. I Ralph Russo Associated Press join us on the ticket John just like we can do this for another hour but so can we get the start but I just wouldn't let you go into for profit or did you have. Ask. They terrorized 70457. Or 96 stand up more this will be the so we come back. A quick update from the NFL but more importantly Osbourne nerds outlets were similarly. Rcn and Bailey. I'm so again we will revisit our number four Joseph foreperson joins us into the minister talks in printers and though probably cement itself but so that the Pittsburg Steelers and lay beyond bell have failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension. Before today's franchise tag deadline so. They did not reach an agreement and there's been no country since it's coming and played young bill yard earlier this Pittsburg Steelers have failed to reach an agreement. On a contract extension for OK before today's franchise tag deadline so he is gonna play another year. For the Pittsburgh Steelers its seems under the French under the franchise second he's tweeting about that and yeah I thought about it. I mean there was an talk about really mean the guy's gonna get paid. The king's ransom we will talk about CLU we can when we weren't talking about it right now humble figure of Osbourne stuff oh sorry. Hotel and you know I will talk about later I don't want to go more size to enjoy listen Oz noted there was it's fun to listen Osbourne are about it's time for that Osborne's Phil Steele college football preview magazine nerds session starts now. This is life you know you can always. Deferred odds right always when you lose out fine minister Sheila tell and he voiced what does the word nerd what it. I learn I. Tyler Wake Forest is quick horse never really interesting first three game gets on Kindle hidden has been suspended. And they play at Tulane which they're gonna win that game they played towels and at home they're gonna win that game dipped but week three. They did it play Boston college's home. Boston College is one of Phil steele's most improved teams Boston College is a team they. I think they're listed third in the Atlantic Division of the ACC by Phil Steele. They really believe and they don't really believes there and this year so what Imus say is they start to one and it may play Notre Dame who. An award goes to the scheduled first an A list kind of boring I think Hillary introduction but for the Clinton do it yet but trust me there reseller to go to the schedule list. Is they play Notre Dame week for things like claims in week six that play at Florida State we gate safely absolutely itself. We ninth big plays at NC state we can and they play at duke indices. And I think you know him and just wait force program which gave Claussen is done there over these last three or four years has been nothing short of amazing the fact that he's built that program. I think there were 3976. And an 85 last season beating Texas in them right here in Charlotte they're fantastic team but they lose to get to fourth. On the got to replace him. And I think if you're awake forced Santa. You're looking to defect it's your defense is probably gonna have to carry you through this season no do I do get to force gone he was their leading Sachs guy last year. Leading guy for tackles for loss to begin at ten tackles for loss last season. So he's a cordless doesn't have to figure out how to replace and I think it's gonna have to be done by committee to defensive coordinators there is in his second year and I think it can bring Glenn. A camera when he injured his name right camera Glen coming back here leading tackler from last year three pass breakups two interceptions he's a guy's gonna be all over the field he's a senior free safety but they've got a lot of experience on the defensive side which I think can bolster this team offensively as they go through those those first three weeks without Kindle hidden. On and if you go to their quarterback position. The quarterback is going to be gunning Jamie Newman. And he's gonna he's gonna come off the bench. And PA guy for Dan to spell in a hand in those first three games big kid 90 frank he's taken issue with me using big guy in the past but this guy 64235. Or Smith did it. At different different different. Size a bit yes bit of a different style to doing test is who is 63210. I know but he's a bit of a giver stopping candle hidden and I think he's going to be more of a pocket passer got and I really what they're going to get really going to to rely on. This year is a guy name Mac Colbert. Mac Colbert Muster running back Lester at like 904 yards rushing he's probably gonna be guided gets close to that thousand yard mark again maybe even more. So I think you wake I did pretty good season for wake this year. Is they figure out a way to win seven or six or seven games. And they deserve to build towards the return or nine of eleven starters I know I know they do another return a lot of guys they they have I think they have fourteen total starters coming. After their nine of more on offense yet last year they had a record breaking year offensively for Wake Forest then there's no doubt I mean there's I just think it so much of what we don't know senators ran a quarterback position and stabilization there. But it's a text right to build buildings and protects us as they will still be DC one on the road last year 34 at ten different team. No starting quarterback and I got this I'm I don't fully get it but there are a lot of Smart college football people picking Boston College to be the third best team in the Atlantic Division this year so good stacked and over. There's that I really like the coach from wake force I think he is a need to land right guy yet I think he comes across initially as. A little bit more air get maybe a little pompous but I tell you he knows x.s and nose and he's a builder to why I love the fact that if you are heavyweight force won't. I love the fact that he holds guys accountable these these these built to standard. And I mean I have a couple kids love coats your plans for him they'll they'll like Claussen lot and and. Asked the question about Wake Forest jester in the brick. It was a question US Osbourne while we forced does anyone really hate wake force like we don't know that wakes Wake Forest is considered Schwartzel. Yes yes I feel about here's the thing because you don't really ever expect them to be great. So the year like we know that can be steadily good every couple years may build up some depth there there's some upperclassmen a little. Don't start ya the funny thing is you can you can go to probably be a fun exercise. To go through all the ACC coastal Atlantic teams and compare each team with a country. Like for example is now. Out and I was before and we'll exercise as a silly you point out quite forces that Switzerland climbed seven would be to move Virginia Tech would be crew who. Our North Carolina would be what country. You don't bat an offense that's nothing okay. Can I Denmark who Bible with humbled that my answer is five cents a close it would probably be it's a lot of people China. Who yeah Burton like burgeoning power yet yes take it over the world going to be the next major Mon yes yes Evan. North Carolina would be Russia. I definitely easier I don't I wanted to know why I'm as the Asian I want it all I should I tell you I. Don't know I haven't what was there was Joseph let Russia know unlike some. I thought. And the biggest hit aces and here and we got to go on that note we come back Joseph person joins the show we Dover Atlanta what's the simplest sort secrecy is Russians are assumed it was.