Garcia And Bailey H3: MLB Talk With Tony Womack, TWATF

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Friday, August 17th

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But Garcia. Broadcaster could live Coca-Cola dog house inside the preferred parking studio child's rights. Pause and hit man Evan back in the studios pushing the buttons were handed out in the preferred parking studio and do. They're grab some preferred parking as well everyone's four to destination. Find out more preferred parking to dot com coming up just a little bit Tiki Barber George Franco died yesterday for a phenomenal conversation. Mostly football but his thoughts a little bit of baseball as well. And a lot of you asking for that so we'll have a 4 or 5 o'clock. And it's a lot of characters the rest of the way up but first we talked to Tony Womack World Series Japanese Jordan is on the tech the job just like Tony I Debra. I thought mr. Barbour if they are not little comfort they didn't like. It or not. That's because we got to see how this thing goes Tony read a different passes a life. As well like my first trip you know I'm not I'm not a virgin anymore debt. That's true that's true we'll look great this thing at the and I've got high hopes I guess they figure you'd go but I don't all go to make sure that I ruined if he if you know what why. I did on that I have no idea. I it's always bigger cuts got no sorry I. We're gonna put it over to project about this dated idea you have any thoughts on though all the chances are you excited about the state. Our I will pray they don't affect you game I am no fan of Belmont but it's been bought. Bob I think about the said the thought man you know bias probably defense and I understand that you at which it issued just not say they'll. You have to make sure your speech that he thought the Elop spent. We know they have the they often feel for awhile I think. I'm a big believers that they're both all I think off it's it's you're cute it's good to keep your defense throughout the day they can do that they could be who they off. Prior to rely on not only love that's lost on nine absolutely he's a he's a Smart man he understands the game very well and you know you can scratch my back I'll scratch yours then I know him as that Tony's done that we know quite some quite a few times out there and you know Tony talk about talk about you know what what you see in May be that some of the young players and and you'll for the Panthers and see if you know they have any similarities of maybe being great like yourself. Want to break they are those guys. Apply now. Yeah I am because we know why don't guys try to make it did or you want better it got tight secret spot because there's a young got off on you yet. I think it's very big it made it but it helped prosecution. Which makes you at eighteen and a whole much better and yet I believe that we could go out there if they you wanna be not better and not a good at what just what better. If you have competition within how you make you're all good that much better. All right sorry let's sell it let's talk a little baseball for just the second obviously the the whole baseball world was talking about what happened two days ago with the Braves and Marlins so we'll start there are your thoughts on dot. Posing a ranger who hit probably kill you first pitch of the game Acuna has hit three consecutive leadoff home runs five straight which was. You know pretty big feet for a rookie as you will no objection to his agent. You know again that people fired up we talk to Leo Mazzone yesterday Tony it seemed like almost to a man maker the exception of Keith Hernandez. Everybody looks at what happened dividends as that was that that that's not an unwritten rule that was just stupid. Yeah all right bit. But it won't do both and did he pick Obama are busy this suspect he gave I didn't see any of that order I didn't yeah what the what's important to cope with. So I think that this this the go to all I'll let. Applaud at different than and that's that don't they got it they did you get drilled like that because. Either get sick in the first then he made you disrespect the game. It's good that started this back to him but he doubted that he'd ever tried that respect it's you netted. He put particular until the other night though that's right I think I'd think personally. I went to triple come out if there YE the did he do what they did it seem that tomorrow he thought the that they did did that what if he did that. Don't honestly that's the thing I hope they get up but much to do with all the whole body hit the road map up. No need to update and whatnot they've got lulled into ripping off. That's a thank you big guys who cover the date the guys were talking about it being held Don Mattingly commanders that I I didn't order that you don't you have the you can watch the reactions to the catcher would have happened. Nobody below obliterate was planning to do that and so you know people thought back and looked at all five home runs daily tabs open that he does respects among the possibly thwart this. And nobody could find it it'll also don't know the relationship off the baseball field either in you know I was. Are you gonna go you're right you don't know what kind of relationship do those you've got that have been had it's we before. Would be in in the bylines or you know it anywhere ball well what kind of hit me if they have the and they'd done they call it thereby they're the secret break would you look at it could be so you have. I was talking to Tony won't back joining us on the ticket John just slighted Tony every everybody it's a boy you. We know. There is nobody ever nobody's ever potentially try to hit. You know I have to have that date because. Always what did burger general Clark was the pitch sport about this and that would. The real help in the ball or it's paying off it and not product of a question is that what. I'll stick you know I've never been. Up and hit parts I think it all apartment but I understood what. Aren't you a moment to look book and I thought it that the bird is in the bottom of the seventh inning. It body and the ball the way we just this very go to jail or not we're doing all that up until well he's got to use you know we got a little trouble. There are not mature so. But what that did he direct bots for to. It would way to beat the one. And while walking home white home dropped from Gary did Jameel. It honors after all while being you know like that situated up when your body hit or replicate what they got it but went deep. But origin and toward the water in the bottom of the stuff but don't need. I hit the way I knew the boy deployed in didn't pitch well you know I got it because of the rule voted. What does it feel like. I mean that's you know I mean I mean it's hard to explain what they collision feels like with a car that's kind of what you. Described it in NFL hit when you're on a kickoff return or something like that. But wasn't so like get hit by a baseball a hundred miles an hour. It. War we've you know you've got a ticket. Eight or hit it you're about Boxee a bad note execute its way to duplicate did you think you did not that white thing. I'd knowingly no one that bit about Bob object drill it hurts more that way because you don't know you're going to get a. You just sitting there anticipated and his socks and go to along those lines and do what I asked about something else I thought what rock garden higher said yesterday was absolutely hysterical I don't know if you seen this but. I don't member of the Detroit media asked him just out of curiosity agency at what would you do what defect. Enron's a man that was really dollar pair first but is it. If that was my god I was manager I've probably started the next day it hit him leadoff and let him get smoked in knocked out for doing something so stupid have you ever seen a manager do something like that's what it was Auguste. Yep yep because. There's debate. You know they do that because if not being one about his position players are gonna get to real. They detect but didn't get that I hope they don't start you know you don't exactly bid that I did all that we're able to get hit what they do and respect. If Kobe can take it out or the other way politics starts for starters that's sold yet. Right no doubt about the book they ever did they would back into it without penalty may that you do that because now know what it feels like Lamar positions there's. Did it because of something that I did we begin though I don't yet but yet I'd I'd try to do what it did about Bob what are we to questionable whether you know what we don't like what. They'd be some typical put up there. Did it does it help even the did you seriously get a grasp on how to properly suspended pitcher because the end of the day when he suspended after six days. He's really only missing a start. No they have no what the F you know they're worried about upbeat upbeat bit put a clock rule and all that. But you weren't they did go it fit well it's talked about how do this really got to make what he bed it's a call from all you mentioned what's start. Spoke government sort of bought because of the T. So I thought you knew that make him a group of three starts make that and we feel they've done that they didn't I don't know I don't know if they are not donate it. I don't know what they did these numbers from what we do know knowingly intentionally hit somebody. But he did get that once start electorate that some guys are being pushed back the start. Because of fatigue or maybe they got it you mediated so technically he's really not. Did suspend you know it's more like they had got a spot pushed back another week or so. You know it's our last time we talked to you retarded our Houston and you know the ridiculous lineup and how good they are near the best team in baseball I don't know if anything's changed. With your feelings from then but this anybody else stepped up to the plate to challenge them. Meyer bullet dom back up plan hot right now. They have their their pick up the politely. Supply people because they're starting pitching is better than people think. That's number one are still a nobody is not so polite knock them off you know we just chip. But also note that. He knows both sleep all right what little boy over there at the brewers those people on the boards you know let it felt natural wide open right now so. I got a few games it will make enough for you since you know as far as you know that may involve a lot of people needed a seven day period in the World Series. What might be rectified this is they're both because I didn't like they're starting pitcher and I didn't know they respect. As Tony you know Boston's on paste what about a 175 games right. I don't think is you got to believer that let's risen and ask you don't believe what you. No doubt at all no good but I'm not a believer if it's just what I tried. Boston has to have a MacBook there's started pitching not being healthy when they need to. You know come crunch time so right now I don't wanna hit the ball right now yes they are in my pit in back is what. They've also been the best people Wally didn't you people play out between October that licked but they're all in all that. You start your kitchen goes down again let you know he's got to eat Eddie Jordan I'm going to win but don't let it thought that they pulpit. All you can it be so I look they outlet it they they help if they will be good to defeat. Target last leg of an adult I've amidst this but I just got back this morning guys were read in LA for the last three days for the Dodgers giants series. And you know it was really cool with you first thought and Ross are enormous for sports you was that was insane and it does look like Milan back right no idea is that big but. I was talking to guys there at Dodger Stadium is is old news it's psychotic but it's old and I was wondering is a player to go to did you prefer playing at those older iconic type stadiums or did you like playing in the Newark say it's your with all the bells and whistles type statements. No I like the iconic one I love the old are you not like dogs they know late you know even though they renovate bought it Chicago I love those that they have mystery. Thank you wanna be part of history and yet the body's gonna get better you know it started. You know make deep you know due to renovations c.'s stable build a new I don't that the 21 situated but. I like he got a lot of work because you can you update your name play don't feel that history has been meet. Very good Tony ball back World Series shaping great stuff is always better -- way to look at some sort of got away plus interviews George was fantastic justice statistics they email you know it yet we hear so much about that went way better than it is about bats asleep and got it on you guys have a great weekend. It's out on a bigger event Tony Womack jordin is of particular job just like that was thought we come back we have more fun but. The football try to get back to talk about the threat there's 70457096. Dead. And specifically a lot of talk about. Christopher Jeffrey CJ Anderson there's a that is an article over the rendered today. That lists the five most important traits in a running back Alice do you think about these five traits. And how they apply to pursue McCaffery CJ Anderson we'll take your phone calls to Texas well 70457. Or 96 static. We took the pre season how you feel it what do you think it. It come on by and CES we've been open now for fifteen minutes or at the corner event morehead the Coca-Cola dog tells prefer portrait studios get out here. And participate in the pre game party before peppers dolphins tonight is Garcia Blaylock W weapons they. Roland dog house inside the preferred parking studios Garcia clearly here on this Friday and up. Frank you look officially get your dog house. Access classic it's a great idea right I mean I some sort of genius came up with these badges that we must Wear it here. Now the dog house side that you're not allowed in here unless you have one of these we used to have a lot of people coming here and was kind of place to be more air conditioned right and make it to meet some of the that the you know the talent was ourself and say hello. But now that we have to have these bad you know a lot of say hello. Only more so there was a window right there to waive a no we're not animals and malveaux hello however we're not they'll right now actually signal hey you're right we are not animals come I shake my real little professionals attempt to do pregame shows we don't we don't need a zoo like debt as this hasn't happened since you started years I think you have become a little bit of the diva sensing that they don't you know all right I think it's actually the opposite the need to. I don't I don't wanna be just pawned all on our thought Florida looked debt gore or treated any city differently as Florida radio shows all I'm trying to do as well what do we have real facility radio show that's us serves the listeners hear this five city of that's all of us. So well let's let's talk about these Lester who love their care a lot of good choice thanked the good choice leno's. My god has phenomenal choice. That was a phenomenal choice and I you know people don't know what I'm talking about you don't need to noticed an underdog Els and you'll see the phenomenal choices that are taking place down here theater of the mind at its best so let's talk about who built during a break somebody said they fright this is going to be other worst pre season game right is going to be the game that's. Doesn't produce maybe Germany fireworks next week is when you report Jude for the patriots come to town obviously Kevin. Tom Brady doing more work than the tonight you can still do good work and you can still fonts things out about the state. Here you cared you know these guys are still evaluating and that you know even if you're not you know potentially gonna make this team Kyle some of these are the players is auditioning. Further job so they're gonna charge you know there are there dentist could go out there and give your show. Com you human I see the talent level you may not see the big names but. You're gonna see some effort and I think people appreciate that on top of that you get to come out here enjoy the the scenery have a couple of cocktails at a Friday night enjoyed downtown Charlotte will be all lit up. Before you go out on the city and you're just enjoy what we have is a great place great time and a footballs here and is the first came back here in the Carolinas of the season so are the bill are people excited about that pumped up come on down the dog house the Coca-Cola dog just government more at say hello. They don't aren't so I told you there was an article over the ringer today about the the five characteristics of a ride back at five characteristics of the great running back how many. You know projected today Eric does -- back half right we we talk about 52 players in baseball and usually the same on this let me give you my take before you reach your taken where this knuckle not that set up there I know what they might door slam did you yell at a resort are you notice all right. Are you gonna have great vision. Right you have great vision that's worn army are yet to be able to see the whole you have to have great patience yet to be able to set up the whole. You have to have great balance. Right that's the third thing that you have to have. You have to have unbelievable leg strength you know that's probably the fourth strengthen our full force thing and then I would say the last thing would either in today's you have to have good hands. Com or are great speed one of the two. All right so I'm going to reach you through the five characteristics of the great running back according to this article ticket for what it's worth that they're not quite as. You know cut dries short although they do fall out of his umbrellas the first his instincts. Credited to the talks by and that's again kind of general conversations here that's that's that's vision right now polls and yeah I was abroad is that the same thing I agree that our jurisdiction over one over to burst yeah that's the speech gets the absolute hoot about number three inclusiveness. Arm yeah I mean you can make that argument but Tom. I don't think it's one of the most important to go ahead okay and I'm just to clarify its us. Just Jim spend stiff armed stutter step truck for their a lot of ways to evade tackles and never backed Islamic defenders miss. While running backs are expected when one on one match ups in the open field being elusive and traffic is cheek. So it it does you know get a little more detail deterrent arts and got fatalism missed that is pass catcher that's the fourth yeah fourth straight talking about that's been very straightforward. And the last and this is you know kind of colloquial but. Jet yards yes right that's the that's the last distract him York's. The strength you know your leg drive things like that when you make contact upon your every great running back has the ability to break tackles stick yards north and south and you know I think you can be that and you know still have a lot of success. You'll be able get the short yards beast you know elusive I think is the one word they used I agree with most of those OK so he's what was the one that I have that was maybe a little bit different instincts burst elusive in this past judging those ones that they said we're reminds. Did you write down notes of can't write fast first program which you view that first set a lot of things that fall under his umbrella so just the point bingo so well I want to go through these five really quickly up Allison which was checked off for Christian woman mayor Suzanne let's do this and I think they have although I think every one of them have a bit of that OK so sorry to five point 250 how great demo 125 on those five I love this academic charts and and it it's inert stuff sorts and then we're gonna come up and we're gonna have a total number at the end of this. Right we'll have a total number at the end of this and al-Qaeda determined. Their value for running back are let's do it so laughable on the other side and sticks burst elusive as pass catching get your throat. We're going to rates the Panthers to a top running backs Christian McCaffery CJ Anderson. On both of these laws to be fair you know outcome I've seen a lot more of Christians of Christian McCaffery that I had Anderson journal so. I have to see that with my own two eyes before I give him an a fair assessment. Mean if you wanna third Jonathan Stewart you wanna throw one of those guys it may be somebody that Panthers know again as the world's we can do that but CJ Anderson I'm gonna have a tough time giving your evaluation of him because I. I don't watch every Denver Broncos game. Well it's there mr. but I effigy you you know you're so I can give Chris the casualties giving this one and I want we're eulogy to kind of get ticked at me yes and what you think about CJ a judge and we'll see how that compares to a two what you see tonight ultrasound that was good on the other side John Sears the Coca-Cola dog just. Though the party has begun to and what we'll do this they give us that we come back. A quick world court to strike would get these ratings are we talk more threats of strikes got to get off to a game. I'll later tonight as Charlotte Catholic and the rest of the Charlotte high school football programs across the region are under way so. We've got to pick our five as well CQ Barbara we'll join us basically a lot of things happening to sources of Billick don't orphans that. Now half the world according. To friends. We're right are you ready to do your segment and I'm always ready and panicked. Because you leave to your Packers you know. Iraq Iraq Iraq arms and right here that you leave dirt over 62 I don't know where you go puts I lowered to like to follow me next time developer yeah we ought to hold our best. I'm good I mean you can you won't hold. Plummet sucks and Ella. Yesterday that it's been really bad history that there is it's funny the little things you notice what that's what happened when there's 45 million people there it's nuts yeah that plays sticks. But it was either half the time it's not like we DO Thomas smelled like urine. But I've been there when I was there that's downtown LA the cannot talk about Beverly Hills told the American every time Nolan I. I don't always one of the most over rated cities in America. I gotta be honest with do I left there thank him. I go back to Santa Monica. I'd go back to notion great rallies that had it done it's the kind Alec and others have legalize weed it's like it's half we have you here you go outside of LA. Beautiful live in LA off there was roster ya which are the favorites that it. Is it elect I hated LA as a kid growing up there isn't anything we're kind of like you know. It's kind of like that little brother complex right. All you Arizona Phoenix always kind of got everything second half you know than LA you always pot use and become no way and then we get the leftovers. Everybody consider you consider this like little Ole. I hated I hated it I hate the lakers played the chargers I hate to sorry Randy sorry. I mean but. I'm Alex Amanda. I love you notice that you use are warned they long for me was our one ideological I left LA kind of wish I was Hispanic yeah I've got a really didn't plan I had a blast you you know governor takes I don't men want sucks you know everything would welcome an event with. Me. I'm telling if Belichick that test and Eliot cheeks and you're out there they left field Kingston one I don't know. I Louisiana best that we didn't roll the armada a unique is accusing era. Right literally are you teaching yet like what you just a CA. Really yes there's no farther I don't think so evident that something new evidence that it went Oslo what do you have to this man frank what is your favorite cheese. Weird. That is. Let's now let's get an automated dog that is what is now. I'm gonna erase that have been asked what does it come on does my favorite team I guess thank you up. I'd like that got a good answer for you got to look at Laura's question I got a serious culture neutral I frank let's best top smoke cigars with some well we knew it was a best time. They just cut that thing open there's there's not multiple occasions golf course for me is the best time aren't because you can enjoy the day. You get to see the cites a kind of relaxes you a little bit. You know our weddings are good. Cal and weddings are good to argue your grooms and cigars and a good cigars Cuban want to do as Julia. You know that's that that's a good time but. After dinner after dinner is a good time to have a cigar you know if you're sitting there with you boys we're going on the patio now have a little drink have little cigar hanging out. Should the that you don't breeze a little bit and and enjoy the day after child's after child is born. You know cigars are appropriate that's when you act and those who are so you know really what I'm gonna tell his Sundays except he's acceptable any day that ends in Y. Probably could do that scar so they take it let me ask you this question so I have never smoked to see god I've never you never smoked a cigar and wanted to lighten up veritable now I want to solve what. What would you say to someone who's never smoked like who's getting ready to embark on I don't have a first time. Don't put don't put your lips all the way. Down the cigar coleslaw grown so don't. I don't take the cigar. And think it's if there what was the end of the trombone yet strong don't use it like a trombone is that you cannot take as a guard us yet they're the underdog go back and forth like you're proper way to hold the cigar yeah I was like intense. I'll like a principle like defense which which UT ER and you just. The tea just the tip I'm. I'm not just the pistons cigar with a gentleman we don't want it to the not so I always go to Florida that this is Tony Taylor not to Tibet don't feel. On the Evan. Evan dead did you tell that I haven't. Edit or debt Nam a lot of at least original question that you have wondered are you think it. Yeah I don't do us franks as soon you've been coaching for about fifteen years I was wondering what's to be funny to me icing. I know you have literally told me couple days we started in 2005. Brought us that's her because that was the plan but I. Okay what do you say about my question is what's the funniest. Story can tell me here from your days of coaching. Are you in here good one yes OK in my first year this is your story is pretty funny that it gum don't mean to offend anybody that's not the intent to this and I hope they don't. You know have to be the deal do with the young person that did this because I had no idea you know come from the NFL you know played you know majority of my last ten years. And I'm coming to Charlotte Catholic don't know anything about it and I come out on the football field and I had no idea because. You're sitting there everybody has the homered on everybody's kind of built the same way and here on out there and you know you're kind of given these guys that you know that this week at a stance you have to maneuver. You know their hips and put the weight on one side or put the weight on the other side to the can drive like there's still a second base and you know push off and this is what it wants to fill liking your stance and you've got to give a little pat on the back right well. That's acceptable to the most of the guys there have to be a girl on the offensive on the that it dog. And that was I didn't know that she was playing football for us on that Charlie Catholic. And I end and I didn't know the kids they'll come to look the same attach it will short haircut and you know she was built similarly to tell you it you know. So hum that was probably an awkward time for me about a half until we got through got passed and I'm. You know everything was good. That's a good place to end that is an very swirl for the right I would love sugar free Red Bulls are plus a look at this on air service. Here in the studio and now proud. I Kenny look. While Harsco stuff will explode yeah this is gonna recover for problems achieved today that's ridiculous going to be out there you're going crazy on the sidelines I every more red blush it through this round at times I'm not built for the city your where's the door yet right now know that my heart is going to explore in order. Article are these little birdie chance that the only seem like they're appropriate anymore. They'll they have like these gallon containers of Red Bull now that they sell hunger she stopped working in my 32 out of Brooklyn and it is not healthy at all I realize that but it's it's not it's not a frequent thing is this is kind of look similar the the young lady that was built that with that I was talking about. Well packs all I have to tell you that he still come on yet another swipe at me Altidore and domestically back tomorrow. Clerk well OK Rick back to the football please yes instincts burst elusive as pass catching getting yours those who have five rates at least from this great article that I felt kind of interesting. Those are the five traits every great running back needs and sticks first elusive as fast as you get yours we're gonna write Christian McCaffery one through 55 being the best one big the worst on each of these. We start with end stage one through five. I would probably give a mom I had with instincts are dim before before our first well which you weigh how would you grade. Burst I'd probably get the three I don't think he has great burst I think he has good speed but he didn't have that burst your looking for would have to go three and a half now I mean I'm born unborn poll numbers however have some holes holes hole number poll numbers only. All right so for out of state to three on burst the loose of us. Who snuffed the elusive in this argument thrilled that he makes guys miss. Pass catching 55. Getting yards five bucks a lot of our Jim yards even though it doesn't have all those other greats he finds ways and I think that has to do with his instinct so that's. Our public give him about 710. About a 2125. So which one guy that comes out to a four average youngest of four out of five and again this is just a very like rudimentary way of nodded and asked me who the top cornerbacks in the league order a dip then you're throughout into mirnyi and they're either throw. Adrian Peterson in his prime in their yards or a guy like Barry Sanders and his prime Emmitt Smith. You know Marshall fought those are the guys you're gonna. You know looked yet as the top backs and you know I think it'll probably like a little bit higher than workers McCaffrey is our official agenda and a what is frank wants to be fair to CJ Anderson and how quickly here because you don't cover them Rocco is we don't cover the Broncos so you're just oil we're gonna go from what you've seen what you think you know repaired about CJ Anderson that we can reevaluate this at a later date but. In sticks CJ Anderson are therefore you save for an hour right. Burst this is an adversary I would say three OK let me ask you wanted to argue with you because I don't think just happens to. In your eyes I'd tell you eat when you meet people what do you do. Showed up to size him up front kind of you know he valuing them right you know thick. Picked lower have you know ten goals. Little chubby up top people look at in my ankles and sank ankle allow me to get my ankles leaders and our mean literally hour there's you don't have chemicals now I have to I candidates and it's not always fair because Marshall fault was. You know built. Not like a brick house seat if tackles. Nobody was he was little pudgy you know at least he looked that way he wasn't like that defined definition of what. You'd expect an NFL running back to look like a chiseled. He knows chiseled guide you know he was more of a bowling ball and don't like that I think that's where CJ Anderson is so. Without having seen in our arguments very early without having you know starting him on film are watching him play for a full year and the reason I find it actually does not because of Victor wrong Griese this is not a got anybody if it looks at as a whole brought hitter right but this is a guy who broke a lot one plus short runs and there was this a little bit reversed and that what investor that's why pick a fight of interest moon. I get Madrid they don't so free for seasick after some odd first elusive this. I don't think he's very loose over I think he's more power than he is right loosened us and that's where as I said. Two points up a no no I said that you don't always have to be elusive for fast to get yards right sometimes instincts fall into that sometimes strength. Falls into that that was one of the categories were I had they did not probably gym before maybe even a five on strike but that that's not one of the categories where you were judging. In our probably give Christian lust of that on the on the strength part so. Com what was that elusive elusive as our arguments are a free service person or Jeff for a while there's a pass catching procedure in cast judging a you know again it's one of those things I haven't seen I think he's okay one I don't think justified given the quarterbacks to play with less yeah probably we're headed right also was really hard to kind of you know up. A valuation that our public give him without sin. Are probably give the three is there as well artists are go three that's a significant sea tunnel as it has taken a multiple sources Jamie just Garcia. Are they finally getting yards and yards he's a five. He did charts I mean he's what top five in the NFL you know get you are so mean to me that's the most important and it. I mean when you start looking at. You know all the other intangibles or the little things that really doesn't matter that's the most imports that no final but it's a fair step because you know I don't know if that's a it's immeasurable right it's it's a result based thing it's a result based league and he got the results to get the results looking for that's Arafat are instead of that one. I would probably replace that one was strike. Because I think everybody's you know it's easy to determine. Does he get yards a dozen runners or is it because really the end of the day all of these add up to getting yards you're right there are so they all add up and that's why that's not really a tangible thing it's. It's what you look at all those other things for to say okay this is what the result is getting ours is a result it's not equality you're trait strength speed. Catch ability those are all traits that give they're running backs possess getting yards is kind of the culmination of at all tied 70457. Or 96 stead if you wanna charted our activists call citizen text your thoughts on the week to pre season Panthers and dolphins tonight and was seen many dolphins fans and this is blazers a buffalo game we be littered. Overrun by bill's fans Steelers fans and a bit like locusts or where where the gulf Yani is right they I have no idea don't really care about the dolphins fans are in Miami for all I know probably at the beach from and where they should be up compared to you know humid here the place again be humid you might it was. We'll have the ocean. North thing though and another thing I'd add to that that list with. With. You know with the running backs. Determination heart you know guts. You know the effort you know those type things in Okinawa I think that's an important trait for running back as well because. You know there's a lot of guys that are tilts. You know like it may be agent Peterson but you know they they they give you heart 10% are in 10% of the time inaudible to patients of the world the guys that. Are gonna find a way to you don't achieve in two yards regardless of all the things are faced again and that's to me where. I think a guy like CJ Anderson. If I'm evaluating the guy I would say that he has more of that. Then you know that grit that determination that desire that competitiveness. That hunger that chip on your shoulder whatever you want to equate it to. I would say that that's probably right break. Rate him the highest I've come back we wrap up the hour still talk to more printers wanna hear from you send your email as well Kyle I WS JZ dot com that's the garage door to rule inbox at a rally Jewelers Twitter feed that child really WS Lindsay. That's right Garcia sixty guys for ten more minutes right we got one more segment Tiki Barber's 5 o'clock look at Ford that it's Garcia Billick WS Wednesday posits itself present themselves you. That's as redundant. Out of side. Preferred market studios dial Israeli frank Garcia Osborne hit bad bad Hamlet rob Armstrong gold crew is here. Did except for pre season game number two Panthers and dolphins one of five games tonight. Three last night as the patriots beat the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles last night the stents also topping the jets 1513. Agreement today with very big twelve caliber outcome. Against the Pittsburg Steelers 5134. Green Bay it was that would tonight's edition of this data got Atlantic Kansas City. New York Giants visiting the Detroit Lions at 7 o'clock. Buffalo Bills visiting Cleveland take on the browns at 730. Ended down in New Orleans the us saints hosting. The Arizona Cardinals are five pre season games tonight and they'll look at four to the 1 here this evening part of your budget or coaching football and embark on yet another state title quest. I don't hear or just I have no doubt about that but they're not just so I assume that at this point so what does always good to have met Hamlin had a stroke poster boss Matt Howard. The well I'm just wondering that's Frankel is it that you were thinking. Well I was thinking about you know. Probably hear one of our sales runs without a official dog house tackle how to even get led into this building where exactly like give it to him so leading Dick ticked I'm hoping to get kicked out I gotta go coach OK we're behind you and that coaching endeavor a 1000% higher Patricia Lovett and I thank you over and thank you for allow me to continue to do that you know that's my passion you know Matt and you know these kids you know it's hard to quit on something win you you commit to something and then. And you give hum you know the that the thought that you're gonna be there for four years for them and mean ghosts from start to finish we stall started something and indict don't we hope to finish it this year was like these kids and how I appreciate you Lama to continue to do that. And every Friday I will be checking out most likely around 5 o'clock. If we have to go somewhere else might be a little earlier but we don't have made these games now we sure don't stand a little one next week. That'll be exciting also but not to just to dovetail on and get off of it in a really cute way. There I think one of the biggest problems we have with society's lack of mentors. And when you talk about making a commitment to young men for four years that's quite extraordinary and that's the difference in so many people's lives. And as you know that systemic and community did so anyhow that's really cool that you do that. I've only been here a couple of years coming into this studio. OK and what I love about it is you can come uptown Charlotte just drive here okay and I'm a guy from New York City. You know we did twenty years there and and a couple other places. And so when I come here and love this city so much because you drive here. You walk here. I'm at the doghouse which by the way is this free. You don't just come here and walk right up its by the late used to be gas stations really sexy perfect. There's a backdoor cover choice isn't good studio I had such great pair of on board yeah apparently it was a look better if you don't have a beds don't even think about it that's okay right dead and put it but you can come right up all of all the TV's Iran seek to watch what's going on Leno if you like me you watch it it's kind of pre season last night in and tonight as you know is going to be with pat what was less time that you got you heard this tie the browns bills. Has been a well if people are excited now because it's baker may feel like it's it's actually is a good quarterback. The browns don't studio gets. It's though it you know comic geek gets excited about the season and I'm really excited about this pain this season will you love the Panthers you of the panel that what you but you know what you're you're may be one of the biggest sports fans I know yup. Special basketball side Ivan Ivan met tapper he looks like a pretty big thing. How so you have to I thought a song today purple and out of my garage just right across from the stadium like Gary is an unlikely it and he's not driving. It was they pick it receives a nice car they are right in my defense great. I doubt it is David tepper take and I just wanted to come by say their bet thank you frank for a continued to two years. Commitment with the with high school football it's all part of everything that we that we do you know that yet is in the years what. We define ourselves sense that culture that we are. So thanks for doing well thank you and again thanks for allow men know that immunity the hornets have been a big part in the organization in in the community and you know Panthers do as well we don't a lot of times talk about the the positives that are in given back to. You know this this great city that we live in and that's what's so fun about them do it no kidding when I was totally ticket for granted you know what. Go to a town and I before. I was heroes in grand rapids Iowa from New York City Grand Rapids, Michigan growing tent Charlotte. Really interest and go to a Grand Rapids we don't have the points down streets don't go go there. And you'll come back and appreciate not only that you have. The highest caliber of professional talent illiteracy in your life. And unbelievable entertainment he'll also have an organization like the ones we have in this town that give back unbelievably. And that's what makes it's so cool so. Good work boys that thank you let's test. And tonight they absolutely thank you evidently vice president and account Charlotte joining us. Here it is what it SA that's the again delirium bright I apologize he just runs at all he's he's he's in charge of everything else. I get taken out and absolutely an hour on the hour drive I really am just a major students lowered his title by about five I Titus I didn't really yeah LX three vice president's now justice or get my teammates is the producer Darren everything he's their box series MVP he's the top of the top I'm pretty sure Caroline prefer Carlos got a device from now something in this Florida that I don't know who else is. There's all sorts of vice president. Vice president of his opening its landing doors in the studio I don't Lawrence Frank Harlow with the knowledge that your talk about and don't run since it do you really don't wanna have a gigantic backhand and I. That's fine yeah. Dot anyway anyway so fracture. Yup and her final thoughts parting shot I'll tell you want to be itching to see tonight's this team mountain come out here compete. You know more so than any thing you know just kind of been put on a show here for the fans. It is it signifies football being back you know high school football around the area. You know it is gonna be fun as well you know colleges and a couple weeks are everywhere is looking forward to that but everybody enjoy the game tonight. That would hopefully we'll talk about it next weekend in the open they braced his injury free. Both in the high school speed around and on the professional field here tonight talked about no doubt about it let about it artsy buddies are here we come back out of reformer ticket off Tiki Barber. Bob dawn and though we had a tremendous conversation about. Cam Newton the Panthers the NFL he had some really good insight broke some things down. Up from an x.s and o.s standpoint that was just riveting even even for someone who's not really in the x.s and o.s side of football. Tiki was fantastic we talked about that a whole lot more you'll hear that next we got little college football to get into our number four's well as. The University of Alabama. Continues the arms race in college football and we get into that a whole lot more will take your phone calls and text or emails or two weeks as a result we wanna hear from you and get through the Coca-Cola doghouse. And come see as the party's rock did get access prepared there's dolphins tonight it's Garcia very lick WS Wednesday.