Garcia and Bailey H3: Matt Norlander joins us to discuss the NBA draft

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Tuesday, June 19th
Frank and Kyle discuss potential trades for Kemba Walker and Matt Norlander joins the show to discuss the NBA draft.

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Garcia. Minutes from. From now Matt nor Lander CBS sports dot com we'll join the show we're gonna talk come a lot of basketball the sorts of a lot of other drafts and order it's. It's subject very interesting today and not talking after some workouts with some draft prospects basin comments about. The draft room on draft night who's got the final call based submerged in comments about Michael Porter junior some things we gotta get into a civil do that with Matt nor lender and and throughout the hour what are takes on the Charlotte hornets as we announced two days away from the NBA draft and they do they the other phone calls in just a second because people fired up. About dramatic were the bad ratings in francs little fire here so what we're gonna take some of those phone calls the first first we go to our guys Evan. In Myrtle Beach board up revenue. It's the birds in the grease board out DeVon every single week we're teaching this young man and the ways of the world had a date and this week we're TC Evan had to date on vacation and it's time for a status updates let's go to heaven. And his office right now. This was just me. This was just being listless turner now a little bit. And then are you witness the public argument let's let's dive right into the hunt going. I've got some good news and got some bad news is it is urged. So you know while walking down the beach yesterday had not noticed there's a cute girl. And she actually look conversation also didn't instead of go about Panama and other side and on about the shortcut. Go over to so it'll make progress what do that a grown actually pop tour about a man. Mean that. Up till I'm. Pol tour and had a big feet per minute conversation. To screw it loses. The bad news it's not the best at pearl number we were. We lose them what's going we have some clicking going outside and what I heard term senator dole is that you saw a nice annuity fund exe shows you sell one for Andy. Growing conversation or Sri sixty seconds in the industry gets its or whatever it turned out of it and then you just forgot to get her phone number. Epic but given how. Their permission or you can find her again when you more interest in the sea shell or the girl. Our little obligated to say the girls are really was the C shall miss you can be offices especially seashells are pretty death and disease that space. Kind of. What not are our fault our political or. Don't speak up then not the start of the year utter piece on what currency dealt. Did you forget you just forgot the objective. Now this is knows that the those of the only girl the first girl you struck up a conversation with so far. Yes she does she's visit infrequent that place what was the conversation like. You know ask more from you know what are you doing down here you know just. Simple stuff like that. OK so you know this is like a numbers game Riley volume is important here you may get slapped nine times the judge just takes one yes so. I'm proud of you for for approaching earth trying to give an alternative way by the way. Values and to comply we did you but this is a numbers game you used to meet many girls. Yes they are no I don't. It's not just one got to know what that's come like a you know at bat you know we have bad like bad right. Did you use you get it free on ten times an additional sites or do you gotta get out there and get this thing done to look at proud but what did you learn from the attic spearheads that you can take to the next what. Oh yeah that's good luck as very good dose of. I overly nervous or outdoor so we were you sweaty. Now now. On the beach it was very nice to beat wake did you did you have you somewhere. And you have little MySpace could have been apply. Not that that's. As BS thirty is a very good option by the way. Are is you're sunglasses. Now on where you are you wearing sunglasses on the beach still like there's a general practice well. Why not art or are you realized that I ever met that's so important so that gives you the opportunity to scan your standards is OK you know and answers find you know some some potential ladies out there bet it without being caught disordered. And a steering creeps so you need to invest in a good so sunglasses here. That's a good point. I you know don't all that it looked like a blind man look it up brought ball. And what is your favorite restaurant in Myrtle Beach because that might be important later on down the road. Am unbeaten big ones like aching feet up off group who will get one. I'm certainly not one in particular that I want to go to. You've been to the all you can eat shrimp must say. That's a path a path everywhere down the road but literally have to. You know not talk about the other type of trip eminence you're right on the screws with the proper troop. Yeah well I mean my dad made a bit. Including life. Well Yemen about. Spent less time on the linguine and more time on the baseless and project should probably have a better ratio right now OK I'm not trying to be hard on you but we sit down there with a mission in mind you're telling me you talked to one girl a couple of days a realist and limitation Jim stepped up the game all right. But economic want but it had not been bombarded you know we will go to. But they love you but I'm not looking for silver lining you're looking for so this is a results driven the ordeal and we need to get more results out of you because you're capable I'm not going to not let you little to your potential. What. Is your first instinct introducing early tomorrow. Well did you do it. But that not a first right not a first alumnus are said no no no that's toys and go under that's good instances the only other cyclists in the states. What is your go to huge. You're asking if you're gonna go hang out and say you listened. Lets me let's million out of your from the beach and let's go do what it's what do you what is your next DOT. It's just you can't be on the beach all that extra question don't freeze and a moment. Paramedic or too little reps aren't. Think maybe just go walk around barefoot landing I don't know. Is that we place it is are you near barefoot landing because there's not many beaches a barefoot. Yeah I know I'm bound my own app away from bear it out for content are so. That's pretty safe area and I'm Colombian repair equipment that took my. I've had these now listening on the radio that comment. All right now that we it's about a guy grounded. It grounded out as part of our Robert in my bed at all Belgian lets me get. This it's a it has your dad giving you any advice. I don't know not been really you know to speak maybe myself and then it'll probably give me park on look at settlement don't get me argon. We'll look at sell it sounds like you have a good dad we we said the U got a good daddy got a good moment. You you've got the tools all right go execute and then you can do this you're in good enough. You're Smart enough and doggone it people lights yep that's exactly right yeah. Remember that all right you don't go out there or did it and report back tomorrow. Yeah up all the way but I'm not gonna do you do invite some words that I would base quite well. Got excruciating pain and. But I don't think that was advice so much is just an observation though ought to you know and godspeed we'll talk tomorrow guys. Our. Report back tomorrow better have been 01 last question which I got to know this do you have a theory match. Yes not really now OJ good I just making sure because if you did you might wanna have data pops a little more. Row you might wanna clean that up a little the landscape that. It's where you're on the beach next time. Just make sure. I don't think there is aboard the birds and the bees when board up eleven vacation addition. Yeah he's got the tools Dexter he's got the tools we're just we're just trying to urge him on the success here so we'll we'll check you with evidence tomorrow to see if he's got a girlfriend of the breached coach really is a hard ass in this case I am yeah Ben I die just no excuses no silver lining their you have one job Jeff pointed out but I don't John I'm glad you met one they'll donate ten more. Yeah I mean it's a numbers game right that's it it's about all you. You get a lot of no's before you get to yes we we got the bill's former without that there's such sales you know compass like sales eliciting big c.'s phone caller before we step aside government nor let the big city would some anti strolled it. Yeah I think it matters great and good luck this lets you know it in my McCaffrey has everything it can't do that and it. Our product antidote out CNET can't bring dropped the last year like thing going up point but. Outlook but a part of our better thing I have to say that but I think they are. Okay what does that mean that and if wanna give the vikings are they four points better than let you know they have the Panthers and as the driven freedom are the are the Redskins better. Are the Romans are the Seahawks better. Outdoors seahawk team that they've had since these carols then there. On a definite up a fresh outlook but it won't be paying yet and now liquor gotten out Adam's apple code that arm but it. The campus but I think a bit detained is a problem could be at ten renting. All could be that they went there because Omar the question singer of the question I mean. What is important one let me ask you this they see because everybody says the aligns a question what is so big and questionable about this offensive line because they had three pro bowlers and on this team. Then another offensive line the NFL there's three pro bowlers. He says jobless because I got was a bit and that's always be comparative to. Yeah how common it let that and I'm Tammy and I can't get there early and yet they know. I'd guys listen we appreciate it bit you know lust that wealth to the health thing is is legit there's no doubt about that and you you wanna be gutsy right we'll stay on the field this year but assuming it does it's that's a hall of famers on. Well finally. This is more life and I think that this is easier he's not all family but he is a very very good player and a perennial Pro Bowl you don't think he's in a conversation was also not really know. Okay well I want to talk more about that because I guess that's I guess a little surprising to commit this miners are thought that I thought you run the impression maybe that's borderline hall of fame players soul when. Moment stick on. No he's never born I mean he's. He's a guy that. They'll be outside that conversation. On the door and maybe not ten but. You know he's in my opinion. You know there's been other players in his in his era and you know that there have been better Illinois district is desperate to as a player this are bands in history no doubt about it you know but. Paul Cramer I think that you know that's kind of pushing the envelope maybe. We I was mistaken on your political muscle fixed under the streets today so 70457. Or 96 and we come back and I want to give it to the go to basketball wanna talk about the hornets. It's come check Tim walker really kicked out off by talking about Orlando CBS sports dot com he has. A lot of insight on these players coming out of the draft he also obviously covers the draft or get his thoughts on kimbo proposed trades in a lot of these players who may fall to that so ten through fourteen raised the back end of the NBA lottery it's Garcia and very. Garcia and Bailey here on this Tuesday afternoon our number three rolling god do not for this coming up at 5 o'clock you mountaineer fans out there. Scott Satterfield head football coach at stake we are rolling through. The region teams this week yesterday Tar Heels and wolfpack today it's all about add state and duke and we'll get to weigh in ECU and Charlotte Clemson, South Carolina Virginia Tech all the regional teams throughout the rest of the weeks to make sure to stay tuned for that but. Right now the NBA draft is at the forefront of our priority list. As the Charlotte orders under Mitch Kupchak and James parade go try to get it right this Thursday evening and right now we're talking to Matt nor lender CBS sports dot com. He covers college basketball he covers basketball for CBS sports dot com he's joining us from New York City we appreciate his time matter how you Bennett. I think you know I didn't yeah I'm not here there's gonna be there aren't and our play better and you kind of hit on the right Eric. It's hard to get right now if you have traditionally. It that much harder to your right admitted to get it wrong but what it would Charlotte the. No doubt about it well speaking of Charlotte we will start here with with Kemba Walker that is. A guy whose name has come up a lot as you well know over the past several months pertaining to trades in trade propositions and you know him being possibly the only real valuable piece the hornets had to deal wave you know if they're looking to go in that direction according to a Joseph Pardo of Cleveland dot com. Kimba walker could be in play for the cavaliers whatever that means. What what do you think about that and and what do you think makes sense for the hornets if they wanna go that route what dude what's the hornets need to get back. In return for Kemba Walker to make this makes cents. Kemba Walker I think it's one of the few NBA player whose value as it currently do. In NBA pick is. Fascinating and that's just about eat it like you look so look and it but it didn't do that Pallet I can't believe that a lot but I was there. Seven years ago when they actually got drafted I'm getting way too old wait your fat. It lived up to invite it it looked up to its process of working respect what he's done with that franchise. Now. Can you expect the cute you're hurt you have peace it's gonna get beat who and believable Atlantic but we've looked up and operate but right now. We're trapping and number eight can keep beat close to a couple walker fit there's the potential for it but. Historically once you get to about 789 and the draft. Generally speaking the picture gonna get there are really sort of moving target though. I can't beat the theater work because Charlotte. Sure of that in the narrow and there are quite fit here but it powered out. Relief bottom line it. I don't think that Charlie why they're getting better and at that deal. And Rick for years if they were straightaway. And if it stick and that whatever they might get elsewhere I'd. Flatly I don't I don't think that it. So Matt what what has to happen in behind the scenes for for that even makes sense because this issue has been raised over the past 24 hours or so it's been raised before this. On is that that the Cleveland Cavaliers don't know what LeBron James is going to do so. Without knowing what LeBron James is going to do it seems this trade makes even less sense of what has to happen behind the scenes for the salt makes cents. I don't the spirit if anything that can't happen because. We put it in the unenviable. Position. I think that trap but I. And if they're gonna make that trip. They have to make the pick with the prospect the best prospect that available. Not only that but the prospect that available. Who gives them the bat. I'm no matter what brought change that fact do so either they pick the player that they think would be. And I feel complementary piece and obviously a very Al won the LeBron James Hewitt stay there or they have to pick the player who's best suited. Two step bid it'd be eight. Do top Rick flare up not rocker immediately approximately though in terms of Cleveland. That's really where we've come across all of that and it make sense why they might try shot. Right hit it that was player overall because he got picked. A little bit more to guarantee. I don't know that I don't doubt that Charlotte. I'll be out yet to be with Charlotte that that it's from a national airport. I cover outback ball so much for that it BA. But Charlotte is that it a franchise that is in need it period movement that our power and perhaps the shakeup to understand all of that. Yeah but then. Campus in. So quality of that bridge diet. You bet that keep it might edit they get it worked and recoup that. That it have a certain backfire. Talking to Matt nor lender CBS sports dot com joining us on the technique dubbed a slot. Meant that we can talk about you know a lot of these you know trades in the mood different things. The all day long but he what do you think is likely what your gut tell you with this draft is it going to be shocked you know what guys are just standing pat or do you think there's going to be a lot of trades. To go into this draft. Trade solid appetite. Where they conflict that it it can't it pretty much guarantee. That once we get. You know beyond what it that picker don't do background and there are afraid. It happens every year or more or. What I where people buy it they can read our pap lot of great. You corporate. We hope that. Beyond that and they are developed beyond outrage. It feels like it here perhaps if that unpredictable. As any there's been passed up very here. That's because that becomes feeling that I think eight doubt. General managers are getting up there. You know the guy that might be 41 but once in it or might be what it fortieth. On another it before you get that kind of situation here in your output this here it would be like there are so many players. Who are. You know value it differently for 88. That we knew at that I think is really that that fire where is the point BP here about. Or they could be eager to straight out if they think that update. We've got that guy when he stepped up our sport but we're barely up and said most that it would be we're comfortable walking up. Now expect that on Thursday night and with that up it's become. A lot of would be it what it that Albert Garrett double fault I think it will be a pretty interesting draft that respect. But keep in mind at. Stop the crap they Nate and I got it it up ought crap I don't I don't repeat situation we get shocker were someone that beat it jacket. Well they're sleeper or pick and pop up that seven. You know marry all all sports are kind of trendy whether it's the NFL you know and MLB urea in the MBA in. You know and and and NFL you know did the fullback used to be a valuable position no longer is Terri then used to be not as valuable. It's become more valuable when you look at the MBA. What is the more valuable position moving forward 'cause it used to be you know if you got a good big man you always takes guys over. If the agility and shooting but it seems like that trend is changing you know with the analytics that are involved in the game today. The look unable position but let me take up positions. It obviously. Updating a bed and while always good point guard I thought what that. The positions in the league that are really really big thing but here. Though it's more like the ideal body I feel that right now it be any happier. And speaker electable wing span and have the ability to shoot from deep but also. You know are capable of a vehicle I think. About that game we're putting the ball or they've updated every shot so that YEC. Like every like Bart and back third and Michael order eager even the odds are eight. Can step back you're a little bit went out Carter hit critical pre bubble up floor. That is the most valuable position right now. What I have and should be it but. Let's check in with MBA at forty point dec. And he heard it at that point because I may pick up some of the technical and you know at some point of that that. Read it five here there's going to be one or two prospects that are 71. And so much Maurer. What could be eight back to the basket there's the Love Boat group big guy went in Britain debris impact guy that would not happen. We app that kind of player he kept that I don't think you know I think the quote one way to go back the other way but at bit right now. Lot of players that similar path at an Oscar grant to be able to change the game and while there were a lot player like Korea or correct. I think more and more that is going to beat the people that matter out BP might change out better be utilized. And they're never gonna get away after that it and die if the lovely guy to pick up call it repeatedly it's doubtful it will be out. Our two quick things will turn dealers were talking to Matt nor lender CBS sports dot com. Our trek young out of Oklahoma Vista does not lack for confidence we learned that yesterday he said that and a three point competition between them instead of Korean clay Thompson that'd be close but does he went. And you don't judge them scouting report very confident kids some some just believe. That pound for pound is the most talented player in the draft so why is a perception that trade on the slotting a little bit. I don't lighting. If anything it will work out a lot to get to this point either straight better than any prospect it brat. Disperse some perspective here hurt the listener you know what fights are prospect but he would not elaborate what what is best player in that spot but here but we know what Almonte. And it then give them read it but I'll half. With running that off an air and he got caught. And certain things hurdle thrown his way from defeat as he faced him in terms of what he Kirk for out. At either way on despite all that implies that Buick Open at pebble the double or. Leading college bout bought what it is they're doing it as a freshman and accelerating its app that the NBA. But faster than expected MacBook if pot there. You know back in March or whatever they were picking up bags Greer probably had to go break will be too much and that would never plant here that he's been able to work. Itself and to that copper based. Four but could that spot. Maybe eight overall right now the pre press if that happened so I don't think it's what it felt what it's that very thing it's not out but they've backed the it'll be intriguing to see where egos because I think it's situation service that's not resentment. I America about four seconds allowed to you which one of these upper class to make sense to you for really any team out their. Made really any one of these upperclassmen guys Oprah was second routers. Bet real quick if Bronson and that that it quotes the diet not it. Totally had a lot bigger I'll be even thought beyond what effect I could edit not athletic and bigger other people ought what do you put that ball before but here. He would may god cannot guarantee you people outperformed its graphic wherever he goes by that point picked very second thirty night. It will whatever it's what it's quite that player in the draft but look but here. I had a feeling you might say that I couldn't agree more I think he's. I think he's got is gonna makes endorse him in India look afforded watched him play that we kept a loaded up there we appreciate your time your insight have a great triple talk do so Udoka. Jake got dirt draft. There you go menorah later CBS sports dot com join us on the technique dubbed a slob live from New York you'll be there at the Barclays Cirque. For the NBA draft is Thursday and I kind of have to give us some time we come back a lot of react to some of that because some of those of upperclassmen are certainly interest and a lot of talk about some of the guys that they're obviously in the lottery area as well a some of those teams that could be poised to what to make a move or two but also. There is a proposed trade for Kemba Walker on CBS sports dot com. That I wanna talk about when we come back once it does make sense to strike to Osborne into blisters operate Kemba Walker proposed trade a wanna get your thoughts on that. Smack nor letters CBS sports dye job for Georgia show he knows his prospects back and forth and and he had some pretty strong opinions on guys X ray young and and Jalen Bronson especially there at the end you know some of these upperclassmen they're just forgot the does a deal in drugs and into and Vontae Graham and look does a Malcolm broad and it would go on to be the the rookie of the year after being ACC player of the year Virginia you the upperclassmen guys like that that produce that way I think it's still fair to say that there are more the exception than the rule. But not. In a dramatic way you can still bring in an upperclassmen got its really gonna help the team and I think there are some of those guys out there to be had the second round. I just all comes down discounting an evaluation frank. Yeah I mean they're they're few and far between. New staff careers of the world's no I mean you're gonna get more frank command skis. You know guys like that. There Brockton is a guy you've pointed out that it was rookie of the year well mark Michael Carter Williams is rookie of the year as well right so when I don't know what they did you alternately. Does he get your good role player. You know guys it may be limited in some things he can do. Learn broadened you know as one of those guys that maybe is the the difference content and staff but I think majority of when you take these upperclassmen nowadays. I can unless they've matured lately you know later then you maybe some of these other guys in this kind of come into their own and on or just late bloomers then on you you're you're probably just get snow in a little little lemon. A look at I don't think that you're gonna go to assemble a team full of snow and upperclassmen second rounder but I do think again there are some players out there and of course in other plenty of examples of that but there he talked about a lot of these players and wanna get to some of them in just a second but I told you before the break. I wanted to talk about this proposed trade over CBS sports guys Johnson James Herbert and we have on the show from time to Tommy covers the lead. Are posted what he thinks of the five maybe most likely drafts and heard our trade scenarios. Leading in the draft. One of those five involves the Charlotte hornets and Kemba Walker specifically mum and and each trade has its own name. This one is called the please stay somewhat. And the please stay of course very to LeBron James please stay in Cleveland. Our business is what he says in this little breakdown there says the trade would be cavaliers getting Kemba Walker Nicholas Batum. And Marvin Williams and in exchange awards give backs Kevin Love George Hill and the number and overall draft that goes on to say. I know this looks kind of bonkers Melissa the Cleveland wants to do something to show LeBron that is serious about improving the team and surrounding him with high IQ players. Wouldn't something like this illustrate that the front office means business walker and Batum can take some of James play making burden away and Williams is a Smart veteran stretch for the cavs would surely prefer not to part ways with -- a great pick unless they knew James was staying put at least they would acquire one star level player in this deal refer to Kemba Walker he goes on to say for Charlotte this is about starting fresh and moving on from the walker era hill's contract isn't friendly but it expires a year before the terms and he solves the problem of finding a new starting point guard there are much worse ways to start a rebuild and having the eighth and eleventh picks in this years draft him once final thing is a two days catalog he says as for love. This would be an opportunity to reestablish himself as the number one scoring option if he plays too well for the hornets the tank properly they could look to flippant so. Yeah I mean you're gonna have a better core potentially you know down the road if you let if you let this in the trade the youth. It transpire and me he you can get pretty kemba. Are you get the contract from the tomb and that was it the third that and that correlates and Marvin Williams I was honored to two years old. Yes we get rid of in those contracts in and those players in. You know I I don't know I like the verbiage that the guy used in the article with you know we did IQ players to help LeBron. IQ doesn't score points like to thank you didn't play defense so I don't know if that matters as much. You know you do get Kemba Walker which is the player that you know I'm thinking is the coveted piece because bitumen camera an end and on the ball on current. And similar players but they have similar goals and what they do you know distribute the basketball moves of all things like that. And I it continues Allbaugh is good without that right to me. That's what makes LeBron who he hits and why he's so and pat told it to the teams he plays on. Because he is a bowl Dominic guy that you know is going to you know make the best decision and or take advantage of the biggest mismatch. If you take the ball is in our great shooter. You know so he's not gonna run backdoor cuts and you know those type of things in the McNally you pay every now and then but he needs the ball is and be a dominant player so. You're given the ball to the tomb mores not gonna doing things for the broad. You know I'm martyrs and no big guy a big that can shoot them from the outside and they're really good season this year knocking down some threes he'll get better looks. You know for Cleveland but I mean obviously Campbell is the the attracted decent. What does it do for the hornets right now as we have to ask ourself in on this and is that how does this make us better. You know I do think it does make it a do you think it makes has been there long term because we get rid of those contracts. It gives us a better solid core of potentially. Young upside with you know good talented players but. Unfortunately for me also puts us in that cycle of we're still still kind of a dog chasing his tail because we don't have that superstar. And you'll kemba is as close as we have teams that so. Getting rid of them you know kind of puts us back in the same holding pattern of you know 789. You know that's kind of where rat because we're gonna have a better or. More young talented players and maybe some more down the road but you know are we still going to be taken in the same spot consistently. And I and I guess this question also should be asked and it's what we talked about. This Cleveland though with their what was happening with LeBron James and don't think the answer is obviously know the -- like if it's a discount because why would resent it do we leverage is not he's a Smart guys not like that's not who he is so if you're Cleveland does this trade makes sense with or without LeBron James right so it makes sense as James are reports out to try to say hey LeBron look we're we're bringing you another guy who can score the basketball -- -- bring UH a -- -- slasher a pass for slasher type in the Clinton has not been helping coming off got a rough year but yet there still gas in the -- we believe that hey here's Marvin Williams -- two out of the past three years a shot 40% or better from the three point line veteran guys complacent defense we're making this commitment to your right so it makes sense on that front but if you don't know LeBron James is going to do if you don't think LeBron James going back to Cleveland it to Dan Gilbert. Does this make sense I would lean toward the no side of those thanks so. Why would you wanna be the Charlotte hornets right and I don't exactly your good Cleveland Cavaliers now and you've been and see what back to back to back championships. And if LeBron leaves why would you want to become the Charlotte hornets passenger door and you know with a straight if LeBron leaves an auto that you don't have to pursue mystery before the draft because of your Cleveland you can still drafts of money they did the best player available with the eighth overall pick still pursue some sort of drug trade like this after the fact so it's an interesting proposal. But I'd only if LeBron James states right. Only if LeBron james' days is it interesting for Cleveland. You know and sit you know that's the DF yeah I mean those three players that we've given away you know with. You know goto end kemba and you know Marvin Williams. I think going to be a fair trade for Kevin Love. You know and and you know how my stance is on Kevin Love but. Yeah I think that Kevin Love was the best Kevin Love ya he knows a little book here from you know more stat stuffing Kevin Love fluff here. You know little slot here but he was a stat stuff for. You know I mean he's a number three you know are on the team and do you think he's a better number three the motel room so that helps. Initially what the corners are going to be but if you get rid of kemba you know you replace them with the eleven and eight. You know it's gonna take some time to develop and you're talking about you know a nineteen year old kids come into this league. You know full grown Manning you're competing against Boston and Toronto and Washington and Philly now. You know for you the top spots in the east. CNN took to the rear its extra second ago say we have to start building for after LeBron so we can compete for a championship beaten Boston right now that's what the U. There's horse Philadelphia there's some teams are blood out of that race pretty you do have to do in the race majestic yet entered the race otherwise why do you even own franchise so yes you do have to do the race I don't know if this is the way necessarily and low down into the net Kevin Love is not which in the conversation against Philadelphia against Boston. Against Toronto and it doesn't get short of the top five either so was it worth it to make a trip to Georgia to respond exam early jump in the price dosing did did she kind of more of what you've been what does he did you really trying to do what he did you read those. It gives you rid of that but tomb contract right so potentially could go sign a free agent ought you know potentially and also it gives you eat. You on this a big war potential. Deal to potentially be better. Because these two players might be diamonds in the rough that we don't know so it's a risk you know but is it worth the reward not look delegates and that's the question to be asking and so these are the questions are being asked to. The front office over your daughter at the spectrum so right now and you know by the way quick plug for a much time he showed interest and missed a check did sit down with our Chris pro reform leader WS in -- Doris podcast some interesting stuff there and miss coach Dick was interest again today this afternoon. In a press conference after some workouts with draft prospects look if you are called mr. XX introductory press conference there was not a whole lot that was memorable about it he didn't say much. Either he didn't have much to offer in the women's side or opinion on this team and no he wasn't exactly overflowing today but he said some things that we're still interest the American health over the observer literally the job compiling some of this. I there was some of the things that stood out to me was that. Audio you reference that's you didn't take any of those five bigs that are supposed to be lottery picks are gonna make it to me to eleven I think we all kind of agree on that the oil a day. Right exactly so so. Unless there's some. You know European player that nobody's talking about the dollar's sudden you know somebody has done. You're somebody who really likes. And you have decided you make that that day so I mean that's not. Bum bright and owner he has these five guys solidified which just depends on what order they go. Right so you solid channel logic carried to bully the five bigs will be here at eleven though neither do we so what you should expect eleven which they do not intend to trade if you listen amidst uptick earlier today if you should expect the ball handling guard do you know Laura I don't know garnering wing player sometime at eleven because they're not gonna take bid with the eleventh overall pick which doesn't sell it to the trade off that I. We had this conversation last year and and you know it was Moly moment it was legally Mong to a smoothly margin I think it was pretty much of consensus. Is if he fell to the hornets. Then you got to take him because you know he's too good to pass he's too much of a talent he scores. You know I guess athletic ability he looks like an MBA player it's 171 thing these little small and he's kind of transitional player between port garden to garden where you play him. Now as a shooter and yeah I think that you nimby is obviously you don't transitioning into that direction with. You know they're not really necessarily positions as much as they are in the roles that they play. And you know that's kind of you know what maybe. The Abreu is gonna do you know for the hornets on its interest to see what time is my type of system. You know he's going to implement because I don't care who you you know you can have the best system in the world. If you don't have quite Leonard if you don't have Tim Duncan if you don't have no Robinson you don't have Parker you don't have you know blink it you'll. Now those guys you systems crap. That well and that's why would argue that system matters less now than it has in recent years because you have you know just a slew of guys that are 676869. About 230 they can all run they can all shoot they can also good teams anyway and and that's what is this is why all of a gallon of children just from Villanova. You know I like guys with a winning pedigree to CNN this decision this might be. The best three indeed guy coming out of the draft right now at this moment in top 67 to 35. Known for defense ability but he can at each stroke it as well two national championships at Villanova and this is very good the leader of that team the injury when Bronson that's why I'm just. They are 2220. Tourism along those lines. He's a junior. You know play against kids. You know he's gonna have. Well he's gonna have a six he's got a little bit more success. Big tournament has grown men Xena had that same type of success I mean that's nice is he gonna be. You know a top ten player you know in this draft ultimately though is that what you're looking for in a with the guys this guy's point one years old. Public that's three years removed from from college between 200 B 220 during the season. And you know he's probably. Hit. His athletic potential would you agree they most guys at 42 years old. You know are gonna be near their maximum potential and growth and strength in other guys start coming into the man's strength and know their bodies a little bit differently than an 1819 year old kid. Right Obama. I'm with you on them by I really am I'm with you on them but I also think that there's some room what do you know the guys up to 25242526. To make changes to the body it is not as if disguise a bad body type we do not know it but this is you know leaked the Debra Lee skill set are you gonna give elite skill set eleven anyway. Because that's the thing you've got the but I have the potential. You'll college getting. In a younger player that has the ability to be. You know league player because he just hasn't maybe maxed out his potential yet and I you're just saying but I I think Jennifer did you look at for two way players that can help this team now. Yeah we have that we mean these guys every time we didn't fall into that trap with frank Kaminsky hold on though I had two way player content. On that and nothing about regimens a two way player that was the bill of goods and that was sold with frank to misty coming out of college is that he is going to be the most ready MBA player because of his date certain on the offensive and other questions about francs then work was he athletic enough to defend the India in an on ball situations. A seven footer sort of a two stroke from the outside. And offensively he was going to be able to make up and scored just three vs two vs big c.'s claim against that was the bill would do as we are sold with frank Kaminsky. All mom and people were sold a bill of goods on trying to rescue no doubt about it but it is different the Mattel bridges because frankly that's because frank was not sold was a three Indy guy he wasn't. It was a sold as a defensive guy on the Gilbert is a defensive guy you and I talked about two way players all the time it was sold. Cowell you know and I was here in this city when he was taken and I was. Ticked off that they took him vs. You know just as Winslow who I thought was more NBA potential ready to order to do to go out there and have the ability to grow and turn into a player. Verses a finished product in two mystique he didn't get any better. Gilbert losing game better that's who they are. And when you turn 22 in this league and that's who you're gonna be so if that's good enough for what you're looking forward then okay if that's what you're willing to accept that guy up for another Franco misty and okay that's what you wanna do except I'm not I want more upside. I did I just don't see where you didn't. Not to say employer and I understand you were here in the city and I wasn't but I like they did not new to the NBA draft saying you are I. I just coming out to I thought with a right should try to miss he could have a good NBA career but I know these are two different players to be regardless so one more thing we got a good break just gonna strike was here missed cups or did say he didn't reference in my name. But he referenced that one rookie would be extremely difficult to guy and he's a freshman it's a difficult to evaluate because of the lack of still filmed and an experience he was talking about Michael Porter junior that is interest in me because. If you're gonna openly say there's a guy who's going to be really tough for all of us to evaluate I have a hard time believing you're dressed in nice guy if he ends up falling to eleven mr. Simon openly maybe not what I want to wait and see on Thursday night but we come back to what to change the out of the topic a little bit Scott Satterfield head coach at state football we're gonna talk about the upcoming season we're touching all the instate a regional programs all week long Scott Satterfield continues that next it's Garcia and clearly.