Garcia And Bailey H3: Hornets And Braves Talk With Eric Collins

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Friday, May 25th

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Garcia. Howard over three Giles Franco a sport and evident Eric Collins the voice of the hornets in the new recently. The temporary force of the Atlanta Braves will love will join us as well it's coming up thirty minutes from now 70457. Or 96 to and also this hour wanna talk about so are so important for the show great peace over CBS sports dot com. Ranking all of the returning college quarterbacks. Coming back this year and little tease you don't want those quarterbacks among the top of big personal list. Is a guy who spoke today at the Charlotte touchstone Colombo luncheon over to Sheridan nets will Greer Davidson day product of course started his career Florida now west Virginian data holders and was the guest of honor at today's Charlotte touchdown club luncheon over there today and on our it's always says recent. It's once thank you guessed it down near Morgantown mr. Porter drive down but not go back so population's gonna double. They speak these future if not that big donors he's nuts and he's absolutely nuts it was a beetlejuice to. Well listen to a toilet. Looks like beetlejuice the guy I'm on now the bowling where he was. And can tell yes and bigger and bigger debt better controller grill. Us we will talk about speculative to just a bit really quickly just because are coming off a conversation about some College Baseball out of these serious of our listeners just exodus to mid and I'm glad he did a book I had a list of things to talk about today but it is interest in Major League Baseball strike hired a much as scientists. To figure out why I'm baseballs fly through the air and fly out of ballparks with as much ease as they have been. But this team besides there's a Major League Baseball hired kit to determine exactly what's calls it in on the ball itself does not Joost. I as a lot of pitchers and legion have claimed I got the perfect explore hold on to the that there were the scenes are lower arms of the launch angle the bub -- the bats that we talk a lot about and that's. That itself doesn't account for all the home runs hit the last couple years on there but they're talking about drag coefficient. Play according to a study audience besides his baseballs were flying greater distances through the year because the decrease in wind resistance. But the scientists who wrote to reports that they were unable to did not identify the reason for them so they can't figure out what this drag coefficient Skelton are. I got two good explanations now what. Number one it's your strong suit what you know your phones there's some way you know figure ourselves into these baseball's. There and number two it's I'm. It's global warming oh really yeah that's well in this explanation is Clement six climate change and. Doubt about it providers and just calls exists what happens is when the environment warms does more moisture in yeah. Age increases could drag coefficient of the ball once it once it leaves the bad. Had no idea teachers strikes your greens faster smoother too right. I think that's a Stanford Tiger Woods that's one of our golf course pros text and tells fried it's almost. Yeah that's what he said oh why are we even talking about this and you that sounded really nerdy what did all that stuff you just talked about. The drag coefficient doing more home runs the last couple years in Major League Baseball Baylor and a bigger faster stronger and and the bulls aren't used to guys just sort of harder so they don't have to swing as hard that and it when he has the data goes further OK well let's finish is about injured OK so I don't think you account for the last three is what percentage but you're right has been an uptick for those reasons but it doesn't these guys are getting better. I don't know maybe baseball but it today that it was three years what is that they reject I don't know I mean not a scientist. That you don't say it. Think that the that does it enter this group of ten sciences a was division I baseball figure oldest son is that I drag coefficient I don't know the ball's flight out sentences are gonna mean I think I am. My explanation is just as good as there's global warming global warming yeah. You Eagles travel further one as a Mormon aside for anybody who doesn't know it would on sits down and have a conversation with you you never never quite know what's comedy set down across from video visit. You it's on my uncle culture. And these are sort of awkward culture and grow growing plants in the ocean you know and and the new wave thumb of we'll senate agriculture. Uncle culture and how it's going to save humanity right guys gonna get an epic got that right don't out need to don't have to pack. Why not on the list but yes that is true we don't have I don't outrage dude play half a whole file. At that that's an old I understood really mean that might then. How many years we have been doing this together warned could. Yes that's how it might have been the most boring as segment you've ever come up with. That that we just sometimes that we like to throw as much mirror that it was possible isn't under things. The fact that you tried to get people to believe they actually had that aren't your document to talk about today. It is the most obviously you heard about other ordered a talked about this later in the show. Veteran down right there are some things on my approach she did a Detroit don't to mention not to talk about what that was one. Lots of Smart discerning people who like science up there what would definitely don't want people to listen not to turn out those people like that sort of stuff there with a lot of Smart people listening to us that like the occasional Dem side it's we'll stick on it but I mean I'm okay so my explanation is good as anybody what you want to do biology class a little while under warship. What I'm divorcing carnivores and everybody knows you're given a biology lecture so talking about drag coefficient what's the difference. A lot of really human one has meet. And stakes in and pork chops you read about it. One of the most insanely idiotic things I don't. That's that's that's what they no point. In your rambling incoherent response. Were you even close to any. They could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room. Is now dumber for having listened to him I award you no points. And may god have mercy on yourself. I don't listen I was directed a front. And then. Evident obviously look to imagine yeah. I don't that was absolutely directed at you okay a threat for even bringing up that segment what I was a segment was what do we talk about College Baseball right for five minutes or five disaster Roland we're flat or 500 people go to the game abject disaster. Can't wait to talk about that that was open I'll be better than it was it wasn't. I've a lot of I do not live up to expectations. That you wanted to double up with the nerd of baseball. You know the analytics of coefficient seat when it comes to baseball's traveling through the air. I mean Jesus what are we talking about I don't think you can do that but that's fine how old is a Jesus. Does say geez that's a don't percent to one way and I can say I clause. Also don't put that the JC together I'm pretty sure that frank discussion notes three times and the say geez this employees exist quick on the trigger today because if you don't the guys got Dexter insists you you can you can yes you can referenced Jesus the biblical character in that sense he's just can't use the lord's name in vain I know is not the same in the first almost no I was so for now. Me this if you're speaking out to demand OK gotcha don't make ours and we've already ruined this entire segment let's go to Kurt Kurt what's under our Asia. But that's it's murder verdict quite common Geithner back. He solid base. No I'm not I'd try to do a good college based also a bit but you know the guy who he twisted it felt on the other end that was all. Well hey there. We're not based on you know a hot coming up in the and it it stinks it up and thirty days to debate throughout the east Carolina whose rights are. You. Stated. Much fresher keep doing shtick that he does we're pretends that thing baseball's forty doesn't like just in the next day we'll tell you of his greatest baseball player in the state of Arizona history so undulating you've noticed that but you're right because the bucket list if you're never gonna continue to hold on it's it's our guys at all slash its line out an all time high rate drag coefficient. We told you. Right right Kurt drag coefficient. All of that wrapped. On ankle is all about diet now it. There won't drag coefficient has had to put efficient faster NASCAR. This is not a NASCAR. Just lost Dawson that are dead draft co efficiently address towards its appearance thereof this drag co efficient. I know that but yeah I'm talking to Kurt so if you look at me when should you lost to talk about Kurt. Both were all losing right now are we come back which we try to do more winning on the other side it's Garcia and Baylor. You serious right now. You know after last segment I had to take you now home golf. Dump and frankly so you had to make PL were Smart play and that's sometimes you gotta do. He's as well ago. I mean come on the allergies that we do we know the song Jesus take the wheel got got to so I don't know what do we guys. Oh massive grids and here he comes at a tell us that he's leaving for the weekend it's important about a talking actual sportsman David comes in L is easily until we can have a great weekend immediately and I. Here in town you said umpire. You're leaving work Family Guy and I suggest just making them maybe my kayak about a ten inches of rain this week or just a bit man there was just a bit eye socket around. Do you I would talk to you. An error since he came back from all those dudes from Cancun because he's been a portals all those dudes frankly it was six women and for god is always more women the guys just yeah. So I tell you what the wanna go and how did not. Losers I. Suits sorts you list dot links from London. He's been native land is an Edinburgh Scotland yeah my goodness. And there you have the general and did what did you brush your teeth. Didn't really smoking hot frank was a lot of people from England. And don't rusher Jason Gore just Patricia jaish passage is just she's she's lives there she has losers in this. It's just a seasonal and Stewart are you shifting yeah. Lives in and is a very United Kingdom and in. And these are LC yeah admiral sir she's from the UK us utilize and not look what you quarterback. She's got a life in Scotland piles ability to. I'll look like what are Gracie. Now season. He's a loser area that attacks firm feisty like you and is on the first site to number ridiculously handsome in. Great guy. Oh yeah last for a younger guys got the first part by his stretch but you know let's I was definitely had a blast victim was fun until I got monitor was revenge. Oh that was a rough day it has to think about that punish anybody who already diario dollars and miles below even on oil on the flight or had nothing to do with the twenty fives. Not at all tell that you during the I had died and I actually in the Della. Five sponsored the of adolescent or just you don't you don't get dad's from alcohol for four days you don't get. The revenge for ten days almost you don't vomit. Ten days I'd doubles on the other end. Yeah mudslides and. You're more active volcano in Hawaii. This is horrible so you know you would you do to counteract that give you some more science guys says the he's got this is more size does or Garcia talked to a six a flat load of stuff happened. Lime Jews I did again on Thursday. I'm just got a better does Lima you know there's a kills the bacteria and also say it kills the bacteria in the Montezuma yeah. This trying to revenge on us if you get the runs you showed a lot of drills he know you so you don't see Utah to Christmas present an effect so I. The reason why in Mexico and do you rhymes with almost every mill. Is so you can squirted on there but you get to kill the bacteria. It comes with a visit this idea eat our rice over the last week is it compacts appear much slide the system works so I had extra I. This week. Don't yourself up so it isn't too bad the glass is great dime that your mother was perfect sort of doing this weekend big Memorial Day while. Honestly tonight just to have some fun at god speed street. You're gonna go watch the bands of the chase rice plan tomorrow straight I noticed right. I don't Beth and I mean I am I he played football at Carolina was on my friend definitely that guy and he's about 64 it's like what quarterback. Nine and I use tide entered the game like that is tied it to order. Yeah it was quarterback in college. At Carolina now I mean there aren't a lot of them. I'm Simon high school got pulled party on Saturday weather permitting and then senate does hang out Sunday mutilation do you realize disposed to relate to dad's house at 1013 it. It takes it and you talk act was originally just relates to and is looking out here that you don't get. After like ten a silly but demand by the way I love mall. But nobody can predict what's going on in a man in the world right now to stop telling me 80% of her dad died there 8% to me just tell me as a Chancery everyday. And then you're you're there on the loose is your chance of rain can not 8% thunderstorms 40% all might have 3 o'clock 2 o'clock. Here's why and how does a slight break today yeah. Craig today. Did you say it might bring them to cut the Kohler sprinkle right now let's give him on the phone number seriously I mean the good news is that is that 80% tomorrow labors and there's not a good. Good chance. Despite tell me what you may want to. And it might not dates it's all neat. Because you don't Aida was scared of doing things but you know I'm not scared a little boys album. Bullied to the rain. Apartheid is a blood bases this week yeah. It is really if you can hit him or is does your exact. I thought I. I think his killing Muslim immigration could just do your job. Does the flood the and what terrible flood basins that violates my or is it mark Montezuma is rebel I don't live nation collecting those languages mind ever celebrate. Every. Body that has served this great country rush for our freedoms and really just very jumpsuit and so why does the baseballs fly out so so much further now I don't know because there's a good. Drag coefficient of drag coefficient goes and did doctor doctor daily on baseball's a path to watch. And finally admit if I didn't think you know usually baseball hired sides figured out is there's a drag official Saudi drug dealers did you listen to this segment is incredible radio I'm. It's why we were not I was not had a job in him not ten minutes if you had to put alleged jails riveting by the way hello my second riveting. You want to tell us in this week I'm new I don't know. Did shoot at you Los Padres volume all week if I heard we'll insisting we'll see how pans out one more time during that interview. It was worse is worse that JP or the guy that we had on the Olympics talk about the Olympics and he wants you. Well Joba in the Olympics for six weeks travelocity. Tell us Joseph. It's all about it's it's the NBA and it bent over in Europe for like last month and actually just today like Carla Jo-Jo was good like years ago when it comes. Today the ground is going to be fun to see what I want to. Do you know about these games is rob Callas bourse de Alderson today was a ridiculously good speaker and you Zelikow earlier today from the touch a club and now Fred do our visa he did you fired up. To play a little prayer by the way. Is pretty humble. But alters it already anointed him bullies around the Heisman Trophy candidate if front runner. It easy have negative year at West Virginia sources adorning herself. Tzipi Abby was noises he's a senior writer junior yeah out it will be top ten picks only ask this sort of question I've never seen you. Honestly. Without your hair spiked like it like he branding tool. That you could penetrate like I. Iron. A board. And we'll still on the line here. Seriously mean that is correct what happens when you get outside and starts raining or you don't need to get a ring does it move in and I'm going to manage. You noticed that you're putting money on yeah. It's this hair nothing just as well psyche right now these wins and the doesn't move snow Paris also. It really like that yeah well you go to Betty all Hilo had to feel a little better had done that I'm good we got to go again it's exercise drove listen to the Kashmir outside you're. That's probably a pretty good so I. How about that we know we'll have a good which unit deploys we come back Eric Collins voice of the Charlotte hornets and also this week the voice of the Atlanta Braves who stops and I'll have some fun with Eric and again the rest of the show tell me how with a the one thing you're optimistic about the Charlotte hornets they wanna hear from his Garcia Villa. So to speak or. With a make it the when he came across this young man so reluctantly and hot and the devils jumped up only for those that bought a meticulous. Go into the that whole world okay how good. Guess they embryos are about that now welcome back to pets of any time they play bad you really just goes to. So here's takes me into his own man let's let's talk their child speaking of his own them and it's in his own image and never broadcast that he does hornets play log claimant fox sports southeast and he's been Devlin some baseball as well -- games for the Atlanta Braves and he's joining us on the second job just like Eric Collins or events or it's been awhile. Hey I think great outlook we baseball but getting up pretty good game that was but but. I ports are still wake of the great it pepper front but really get. Are you use our our viewers enthusiastic when you call baseball as you do as you call the hornets games. A big guy evidently got Wright pat but Wright worked a lot they got that I don't want work cooperate that. That attack at the side that people up. Their level of blacks by the rollout of NBA pick your battle out there would be well. You know it's it's so funny you said that because it's so true and out of its voted here you could you do have so much energy when you call a game and it meshes so well with the NBA but as you well know Colin baseball game is very different dose from fast pace calling all the action right in front of you to. A lot of storytelling as your caller game there there's a big difference between the two. I love baseball I'll read a mile a story so they get a look at number. Output for lump growing up pop but out Garnet and what appeared on the basketball I would be well. Com so that book courtly good mile high marker now the lot better but I look at two hours or you're gonna cut traded. You know what you're about all great network art but without it yet agree with your expert golly now the next. Ticker. I hear you man as a speak it based off before we get to the hornets look most thought about the brace for just a quick second because. It stinks fund managers in the best offense in baseball for a while and a good. Got a team that's atop the lowliest that is supposed to be either Sorgi were kind of doing to prep and getting ready to distill and for a little while it what did you find most interesting man most captivating about this braced him. We know the thing is now I did one great game last year I was do little part of box that debate ball and I had a great game last year in urine. In Cincinnati. Yeah I can't compare roster from last you're this year you're two right now. Radically different like we want to really the only guy. Howard you know who played daily. Who is still in a lot of whom they've been what they've expected. I'm so would that what's recurrent or what you really real the first two months but our product out. Alpert there are you record book out and expect to be here and required here with power beat. Speaker corn number predict the courting what the way to get the ball on every single school but he passed. I think you've got to be Andrew Jones and then some bum ticker a lot of really good pieces and that could fill it up correcting. Continued to be what it is a beta to get a little bit a bit of young guys and Mike Roca is highly not a big guy that I thought of the deck circle are. What order though he is very good at 65 pound Africa and they're not by Eric Eric. Record ghetto where were record so. The current outbreak I think they're a bit when people hear about cold meant that he put up are you here. But going forward they're a lot like the great spirit. You know I know we conduct baseball and look how can all day and you know he would dearly love. You know but I. I think a lot of people are really interest in the hornets I know that. You know sometimes we talk about all the negative things that go along with this team and knowing you lose a coach needed a new GM and and I think people are a little bit down on that there's some things to be excited about to Eric Smith was the thing your. Your most excited about with the with the hornets move import. Yeah. I'm excited about French I looked up and beat governor he taught me so much about it you're not with the youth of current sort of rare. About sided bout. A lot like outlook are excited about at a new direction. On what we can duke repeat the spirit and talent Bill Bennett are here I think get in yet he -- mark. I can't figure out what it's like BP set your pro you know it takes to get stronger and have a summer Saturday I think that's something that's gonna vote well next year. I'm super excited about what the trapped and are repealed people get better her out with one breath. I'm not Colombo all guy at all. But look at the record didn't go out there have been at your diet and got cart out code not who were gonna contribute score board know or even. You know that there were a lot of good that they everywhere. Put another about you want the ball number to elect your. They'd made or meant that it could that it got to Welker go up but with cork much at heart it's got a and I think the or at what they're eleventh pick. They get something they get a player who contribute battling XP but in the years to come. But what happened Mitchell accord all those guys were on the all you mean last year and they were picked up dot. So can't. Steve Clifford victim of circumstance. Didn't play guys enough early what's the reason why he's not here today. I don't blame him for replay I don't think that. More moral we're ready to go really upbeat mood go to Michael probably a pretty much didn't have much summary did not much are trained yet. And beginning of the year yet are not all the court you know and in this meeting not a static doing basic stuff. I think really needed that walked a lot quicker sort Barrett the Euro a spot. And we need to have their back their quarterback. Locker room or they are reported that right why. And that he'd yet and Uruguay that's what you want. 1 o'clock ought to quote in all market cook and prepare for our great block quote. What Gartner another weapon in respect but not so big ticket be next with the you know what are you could. If you could move forward and that a single order of one part. Of one point two what does that mean. You'd start winning capital and Robert Burton reporter like why not more and more apt what that game almost certain airport beat. Them. So I'm not simply quit for good rotation. Arm I will not out playing Rockport. I think things may have got a video I think he's a great leader I think it's incorporated or what do flex note it I wanted to play war. Arm but I think there at the partner for time. In this music so. And I think extreme. Here but occurred during the you're really expect to go a step Brinker. Eric Collins fox sports southeast of voice of the Charlotte hornets and most recently the Atlanta Braves he's joining us on the segment John does slime and I'm just ask Derrick hypothetically and in your president speak animal league Mon commend his readiness. Donna Mitchell had been a hornet would and it looks the same in Charlotte as he didn't you talk this year or at least close to it. I act if requested. Because it's out on the cover of the politics so I want to happen Charlie you know are that Koppel all at least. Responsibility. Somebody and we would do that part of me. I think not in the would've helped no doubt about it a lot of arm ever thought the defender for a yacht that despite what people. It would separate at a separate ways they never admit it whether or not you're gonna cover it's what are you are highly. Aren't so with that in mind right when we look ahead of the draft pick an eleventh right now and a lot of people just. But we're being honest there is little bit of apathy about that because that's kind of where they bend over the past couple years and you can find a player at that spot there's no doubt about it and certainly in the draft like does it appears to beef up a little bit deeper than most but you've got to do your due diligence you got to do your homework which cut checks got to do his job as you see the players in that range who did you like him what would you expect they do. Wealthy but lost their good. Answer I know illness or there will be held an intermodal let Osbourne trigger would happen idea just dumped to an image that you would say though. The stood a brilliant concise question it's all the brains blew his socks off and it's all the rain they don't want to come in LA and ask the rain is coming from Atlanta so. As we got him back we got to back her air Collins and we we had to listen to this three minute question okay. There are okay maybe he can condense it is time for us just as the guys 75% and ever show or his library splinter anyway so it's so that you. Did you catch the question originated again. Well hold on just the guy that there and end up there early in what Mary yet to get married and the like which cart keep search key in your card that year old. If you get and that they were married understood this. Understood completely so again I don't they ask was there they're on the eleventh pitcher we're trying to figure out what they're gonna do with it what would you expect a morsel to eleven which should deduce. What they should do I have no doubt about is the best possible player and yet I really not think in. You know possible replacement for membership kemba capital leave the coming years and not think about. Big I'm not think about where it yeah I just think about a guy who's you got a chip to be special. You know I think but what I a lot of guys. Who are good better than average. I want someone get the chance to put a super high feeling the possibly be something picnicking in the NBA and I think that. I think that there can be a player or two like that in the eleventh but I don't wanna pigeon hole order in Q. Guys. I know that the trend in recent years has been a take guides from all of these top program that's kind of been stuck from. The beginning of their life while aid you in a one and done situation at the big program. Com that doesn't need to be pops in my rate I want a guy who got. Skills who is got up frame I'll quit that would lead you to bleed it maybe you've got a chance to beat better than someone could back the game. He and regain. Well maybe not this year but in the years to come don't know. Two minutes left in the game a one possession game. Can be a difference maker either offensively or deep but to bully in the MBA because that's been to issue a hornets in the three years that I've been. When they win one possession game. Attendance over spot cluttered they went to post these years ago and they took Miami to seven in the last two years they have not been able to win close games. In order to bridge that gap when the close game and all that people see him again and I think that's what guys make different you know what there. Cheer ability art Y to be an NBA player or what the special power that kind of transcend thing when you are vital to. So I'm not a lot went a bit but I think that's what I'm looking for. It doesn't have to be finished product right now someone would eat and the day that in their career looks different deal different. Dot something different that it weighty abuse go. Erica Charlotte's kind of in a transition right now with a professional sports team the Panthers lose their owner get a new one you keep the management. The hornets have their owner entirely new management what is harder for the players. In your opinion in getting new management or developing a new owner. Could question. Com. I think edit it is debate between management it's going to be. They event is that just dispute control all or who comes and who leaves as the older players to look at what could block it. The clips the locker with team but there's a lot coaches and teachers have not been deterred regret now. The coaches the guys who work with the weather at its fifth. Who work at the play has been in doubt get them ready or Choo grounds were rep pre game but still trying to get. Players to be the best that they can be. And I think that's the way it could affect change so there's going to be some significant changes on the guides who are on that bench. I'm not just head coach but also assistance center at it that. If it poured into a home run and they're good relationships built immediately in the summer work shouted that one. It works out I think that. That could be another reason that the quartet and optimistic about next year Crist came get better when you're the next and EA. It's small things well like coach like develop. Com about C. When quote it. Unless they are McCutcheon Lucinda and did you do your which then and you're watching dim the NBA finals. There twister tapes. Top cop act typically don't know it not actually whack he battle that chants the at loot in Cleveland and I. And I think we got to go back late in seven at. I think are gonna scare that young ball game but they got wacky on Nat bought and that's like great at all but I think that this. Maybe a little too much of the chips that get you be final. That came to ever terms of how you think can you wake up and he then. I shooter recruit a little bit more nervous but every seven at all. Packet in the wet I think somewhere and it's huge in here. All that but they put it through the winning the regular season I don't crisp all it is is going to be probably. But I still like rock I think that we haven't and abet gave part I think there's so much pressure and Golden State all though. All that how you for the pop the players in the world they're playing together. Well I act but I've been acute believer. In. Golden State this year at Kevin Durant. But player game and that is wailed and complain and great among green is just not easy cattle like nowadays. I think and I hope that it she is gonna come at a. Are their talents fox sports southeast divorce of the Charlotte hornets and dabbling in some braves baseball this week joining us on the second job just like a really Georgia caller can force him more than out of your Eric and they'll talks are meant a great holiday weekend. Dermot thank you at all having. They don't their college once again joining us on the ticket John just like we come back a rental tiara wanna continue this conversation a little bit because there is a proposed trade that includes Kemba Walker. But I think we've talked about well we'll talk about a proposed trade. But I'll I got to the. Those questions for the for the pole for the poll the poll question of the day what's not. This is need to do to Chad Harris is a great question who's likely to run out of I'm out of time leaving a voicemail Kyle Friday. That's a great as a as a great quest more likely to run out of time out of voicemail yet leave a voicemail participants in more than a review scriptural I do well or answer any 45 minute question to a guy's gonna give you two minute answer. Know what proponents are brought us from now on for putting it's our routers and we will have hard and it's a back up. You enter false and there it is it's unbelievable comeback talk about a proposed Jim betrayed team gets bright and ten delegates. Different. Scolded for that both sides Garcia and Bayless. We're just gets young she's in our four RBIs morehead Bob and then he. You rest your hasn't had. Path path. First orders assaulted people on the building search excellent first of all the justice. Will you please tell us traffic got to suck telling people to use 150 when there's a wreck on 77 York killing innocent residents exclamation point somebody was using voice to text because it's spelled out the exclamation point. So first he sultan of don't don't result in boomers and ice is gone earth and then this dot. This guy comes in he says that's easy fright Clarence Bailey is long winter and talks too much too liberal frank is too important quick even what is incorrect yeah. Pitcher of to like that yeah. Good question I really like it wasn't a question. Now the statement that's what I usually get after my question they're good question I'll. It into the bets on a smirk on dotted and I'm just also too literal what are you going to be figured it until rebels. No doubt about twenty seconds last question I'd probably help the talk American mother won't talk Carla talking to people is why to a nuclear what are Melissa. You like and people you figure that out like talking to people. Who was wrong about that aren't dead. We when he takes on 90% of the conversation I guess nothing all right fine us so here's a little brown the Jewelers Twitter feed that child really WS Lindsay at Garcia and Bailey and at Freddy Garcia 65 now through May 31 get a free free free weekend getaway for true with any purchase over 1999. Dollars 999 yup he could be careful. Details of brown lead Jewelers dot John was a brown the Jewelers to order food. So anyway we are glad to get to an hour number four and Oz you just tell me a minute don't you come back from there the hallway there what's going. I was down I was down gigs and she sits which are not eating on air as and I was watching to BB TV on Duma little thing. And one of the things they talked about on to BB TV as I saw the the ever intelligent and graceful Marino boiled. I saw I saw all the I saw the I just line. And this is out there okay land the plane tiger got if this is almost as bad as your questions in your library its luck duplicate. They are suspicious that Alexa might be listening to people spying on them and sending data back to wherever the hell Alexi came from. Who's Alexa and it's the thing to put your house you talked a minute talk Steve that's a good. Tell us are places on Taylor to turn the lights off election go to this channel is that you see those. We gotta just three or how hard we got one of those house warming gift you can plug in yourself oh yes that is serious accident that well it's. It's kind of the same thing you know Bristol which is you series. Because this is on the phone and it's the same thing but this thing controls mortgages arms at her house. Well she could so images you series particularly got this for. They took they took our arguments over whether or not devices are spying on you and using your data and they've downed an investigation. I got an Alexis house woman just and I'm not even taken out of the box and we're I'm not staying in the box and not doing net Marcel Just how much I don't know. I was better. One dollar one dollar amount we started their dollar and one cent I don't think the highest bidder on and I set the ratings are over. At least a dollar and Alexa can we talk sports host a talk show yes we will promissory come back we're talking sports on sports talk show we come back regret it's I'm sort of talk about this Kimball walker proposed trade and I think it's intrastate right I wanna get people's thoughts on this. I do want to talk about the boards a little more wanna come back to the Panthers obviously and NBC thought there this week and a cultural much rain and I hope that doesn't happen that. If so you make it's easy man slow down the street.