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Wednesday, July 11th
In this hour NFL Network analyst Steve Wyche joined the show to talk all things NFL including David Tepper....

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But Garcia. Our number three Giles frank Kevin Oz I get out which insert Jack as well is back and we we've enjoyed and he is a multi talented guy he served me an Italian ice. And she's murders at the sky show street fair last week and he can do some radio he has little bit of everything you know he also spent some time of the waiver music multi talented I'm glad you said is that sentence outer when he's. If you have a forwarded to our callers jogged toward Preston are energized our listeners to conversations often. About Oklahoma city North Carolina and before I wanna draws more loose agenda from the design is college football bottle. The other shall still college football preview which is the best magazine out there to talk about state some more because older overcame it with us about 3040 minutes ago and even as a Carolina guy he says he thinks an NC state can find some continuity you look as much as they lost to the draft. He thinks it would tech quarterback with the recruiting in the moment and he thinks there's not continuity would you. And I think it decked continuity comes from. Two guys you got every key person who's going to be a true freshman he's probably gonna start at tailback for UC steak and I think something is still there said was spot on. I mean. Ryan Finley. He his gut he is got to carry this team. This year. He did a the weight of the offense is gonna be on his shoulders. Because goner jailers saying it was like you say garner team heist I mean those guys they really helped distributable discussion takes balls on the back you're Dirk launch so what they really need zany Ricky person to step up and any failing to carry the load I mean just for that and there's another true freshman on the defensive sides I think he's going to have to really play well and that's Peyton Wilson. Pain Wilson is from Hillsboro North Carolina. He sees a Forestar guy high force our guy he's seen a common and play probably is true freshman. And I think fit when you look at is he still you look at what they lost across the defensive line and knows quite a bit oddly ball four got drafted but this year they've got guys like gearing Nigeria rose Perot who's going to be their senior who's gonna play defensive end for them who's gonna do really well and there's also another kid who I actually called what it is high school games I was a big fan of what he was able to do any red sure to bless your first is take this Greg Gibson. Greg Gibson played up the road Mallard creek he was atop these top flight high school guys Forestar guy highly sought after he's gonna come in after treasury here he's gonna place adapt and I think that's a stabilizing force because they play sort of an interest in style at NC state. They play four down linemen two linebackers in nickel back and a four defensive backs so I think that those two guys for 2% and Peyton Willis are really going to do it sort have to raise a little their games a little bit to raise the level. Well there's he stay here here. Here in be my only concern not only one of my concerns. If you're expecting freshmen and redshirt freshman down to come in and do what you're saying. And to change the culture of this is that the team into you really have big roles. You don't have the depth required to be consistent enough there's no doubt it to win championships and to be. More of those teams that we're talking about at least not yet because typically eat even the most heralded freshman. It takes a minute to turn the corner takes a minute to get acclimated and when we end and there are always certain amount of freshman in college football who couldn't do it right away and we have another name for those freshman the cult Faisal players and they're and they're called pros right wing guys who are ritual future play those are pro. It was an Indy only point out really wanna make it. And now wanna pay NC state account amount of pain as he states. Coaching staff to compliment his this stay start to creep up d.'s recruiting ranked X nice today got 34 stars in this church in this current class. All three of them are from the state or North Carolina and all three of them play defensive line it got saving Jackson Joshua Harris and think the third was diocese he Clark. That is an indicator to me of the fact that they're starting to get a lot of traction in the state of North Carolina there they can get KG had injuries and missing near Weiss of the world right now or five star guys became mandatory eighteen class. Probably not. We think and they went seven games this year. And Brian Stanley carries a team and total ballgame they went eight. They're headed back to back nine and eight when seasons and it's only going to build an I have always considered NC state to be sleeping giant in North Carolina. And just FYI it's nothing in the I mean yeah there's no way possible that were all gonna know every little thing that takes place within these programs people expected us to you know follow ours is giving you the information that he hasn't he does a great job of researching and every not there's no way he's gonna know that Peyton Wilson was free and. You mean you mean Osborne doesn't live on pack tried dot com which you don't you'll stay on that website wholesale outside and city got injured though that does certainly changes it but I mean I'm going awful listeners and the poised to us there are still stares at the door and a good job on the trail right now which is fascinating to be because look quite frankly I've interviewed a lot of guys in this business a lot of different sports on different coaches and players. These doors not a great interview and I think that's by design I think she's that piece that way on purpose and that's the persona that he's crafted for himself from public put. He must be really damn good living group which you must be really damn good in a recruits living room with his parents you know selling that program and what they offer because there on fire right now and the state as you were talking about earlier frank has been right for somebody to take the reins and take control of or maybe they're competing against there's a door or that's possibly also at and that's a good point is that still the damn strong brands out Chapel Hill. And and. No no my point of that was is that you don't have to be. The super salesman if you're competing against a guy that really isn't a salesman and I know I'm saying that someone dropping the ball with that brand is about who you're recruiting to guess right because that's what you got do you get people saying that you know he's spending north kit not my words there's been a North Carolina over the recruiting trail right now. And it shouldn't be that way quite frankly I have a lot of respect for state State's got good football history but that Brandon Chapel Hill was so strong that it's always been a mystery to me held not one person. Could not just take it rains and sustained it for a long period I thought I'm gonna disagree you know with that. You know with with the due to the two facts that. North Carolina and their brand is better than NC state their brand when it comes to football. Oh not I don't know if you're talking about academics you're probably gonna be right but it North Carolina State has developed. Our reputation with their engineering program and you know maybe taking that next step academically. That it may be people are willing to give them because are typically based or seemed as an agricultural school. Right so we're gonna sit make fun and poke fun of them but there are standards have raised the level of admission has raised in order to get into you know lose those schools but. You're right it's not a national brand like north killer because. It hasn't had just the basketball. Reputation in the Carolina asks without the basketball reputation North Carolina after debt are athletically. Is flat. That's my point is dated it's not original meeting it's not a sea breeze yeah CU its editorials are one of the most globally recognizable brands and all the sports and and they just found they haven't found the guy. To parlay that into long term consistent success and I openness freedom they've had a guy. Well butch Butch Davis was the guy there's no question about it Butch Davis in my opinion was going to tar and that program. Ram around and dumb eastern play a lot of rules. Nobody plays by the rules Kyle well of course nobody plays completely by the rules and discuss it further notice here is rampant he got cotton. That's the difference okay and in the ACC. As we've talked about. It was forced we're gonna have an honest conversation let's have an honest conversation. In the ACC there's whistle blowers on each other if your team if you don't something wrong. I'm gonna title telling you if you do some drama titled tell you in the SEC in other conferences. And you got me this time soccer. I tell nobody but how many hits you right there aren't gonna keep this quiet under wraps I know you don't know there ya do lesson will be. I'm gonna get you next time it's an hour. Nevada thieves thing it's that's right that's what it is is an ally and and that's I think that's the difference between Paris and American color Fedora street they don't know. And that's the difference you know for me. And I do feel like the academic standards standards matter as a conference. As a whole more than in the ACC than they do in the SEC is not a knock on the SEC. I just think that there's more priority emphasis placed on these ACC programs when they come into Charlotte Catholic high school say let me see your ressam. Right they say let me see your resident let me see here let me see your score ash that's what they want you but the SEC comes and scores mores according crap we see your film. Amiss here tell there's no doubt. Yea and there's no done and I do think fit. I do dignity academic requirements in North Carolina right now. Hurt them on the recruiting front in that they have to be so squeaky clean as an awful what they just that's what just desperate to death. If they're not perfectly claims they're gonna get caught again. If they get caught again is gonna be another long ordeal which you're questioning UC's jurisdictional a scrap. I don't think detest necessarily the case in other places and I think North Carolina tried that. I think it's pretty well documented that they tried to bend the rules and they tried they tried to get kids in who academically. May be didn't belong there maybe they didn't that's that's someone else or Jeff larger Jumbo like. Blitzer asked John John Blake and yet he's a long time get back coach of the Dallas Cowboys but that's where Butch Jones I'm she'd be put state is immune from. But I think state is about to take this state over I really believe I. I mean Ghazi I think that your name. I think that if you're a for being honest it's already has its its own mistakes the last four years now if you're if you're a football player. And you're in the state of North Carolina and you're choosing between. You know after it was all the things that are necessary. Most guys that are the 45 star guys are going to stay over Carolina well again that's but you you can't just. Up at eleven to one season and I know you're not but I mean look I wanna Douglas a chance because it was an anomaly was out wire. Plus a little guys are there anymore unless it's about a second a mostly simple calls first who's just been holding let's go to John first John thanks for holding their power of. We can't call him medically no there about a car trip and were haven't broken around the park you're there almost we will lower the mole. There are bit players. And their car bet there won't screw them all of them where most. Omar the head basketball. Good battle. Cry rolls and a. I just talked about your talking about the ESPN article right. Chris Dodd joins us on the sides Amezaga and I know exactly we're talking about years to an article to produce the most pro draft pick your exactly right about that we saw what what else was or the point. Now I haven't won it in the back you don't ever a couple of little apple propaganda. And I know agreed to go out there hadn't been built in iMac computer and then cabinet or even a little bit edition but it now. And have a crew must want to disturb or compare what they. Dario appreciate the fogleman thank you very much on there there's there's no argument you only look at these numbers that are compiled through it the the system that they use history in stats yeah. I talked about how many different. You know sports you know that you guys went and or or girls what to the next level and who played professionally or made money your took that next step. Yet North Carolina was number one in the nation. You know I was pretty pretty pretty good it's really trust ACC I think of the top ten had three or four of the team's is for. For the teams and I think the next closest conference was the pack two I providential Lewis and did not surprising to. About lacrosse you talk about Mormon soccer men's soccer and baseball lot of talk about horseback riding fishing ever since I don't know. It is let's go to core index and it is those court dice roll men you don't. I thought pages to put point now a question of franks and great coaches talk football. About all go to appeared I Cook County that's dictated all the I've been untapped resource in terms of recruiting. You do the state restrictions on just talent all. It can be I'm glad clinics and state the other the other. State and you've you've you've got spring practice with you know cope act you know we we are so limited in terms of how our spring practice what we can do here if they epic it really. Go to this third distort it into the development and I really think it would pop Warner that the get what they are expect actually appeared that you know when they don't. Greensboro area you back here that you know are going to be definitely want it they're real people aren't like any fight. Because they can't make the weight when they dictated play topic on because a lot of high schooler played our. And I just think the whole state we regulate it would disturb you ever think that you know I mean nobody. There are Corey I Corey because if you go to Rock Hill South Carolina right and or you know anywhere in South Carolina Dutch forward to fill in the blank with Colombia. You know you can look at those programs may have seven to our seventh or football during the season. During the offseason as well you can go to seventh period that weight class he can but they also are teachers and and those are huge advantages. For those coaches to have the ability to impact those kids you know when we are having a dead period. Right exactly and I don't think that in North Carolina program where ever be a national power output. Terms of where Basil coward or a public state you know back on that are open. Speak to it you know at a at a. Here core that's a good solid club so glad you brought that up because we're just having a similar conversation austere before we came back to the segment that's a question that I wanted to ask you to his point. And you know this is more like I think from a media covers media standpoint but also in that same kind of spirit frank did if you look at either side of this on the side of the state Virginia and South Carolina I lived in most states. And both states to me was readily apparent. Feel more supportive of football in the rain around you know and the more rounded ways than does the state of North Carolina. Let me just say something to quarry in my fear would be you know with what. We're talking about because the do you think that this exists as well probably in South Carolina and some of these other states that are so more so much more football center. Exploiting these kids to the degree that it's all about football. It end that to be would be a mistake is well. Should be all about football in my opinion when you're in high school right they're going to be certain students or athletes and have. You know may be single singled out what they wanna be in the baseball because of the skill set required you might have to do better in basketball you might have to do that yet to develop your skills a little bit more in football. It's one of those sports to me were you can still go play basketball you can still go play baseball you can still be athletic you can still develop some of the other schools skills and you don't have to be so football century so my fear in this state would be quarry that. We would exploit these kids in these football players to 447. And not allow these guys to be athletes and final. Out these guys to enjoy it there high school experience because not every player in high school football is going to be a collegiate athlete not every player is going to make it to the next level make it to the pros and I do feel that some coaches out there would exploit that to say you know because the amount of kids at these schools that are cooked required are committed to play the sport of fifty plus kids your wanna take advantage of those kids and not allow the other coaches or the other programs to benefit from some. The first really good athletes are further you know even even greater now allow these these athletes. To benefit. And have fun playing baseball or basketball or soccer or whatever sport they reduce our. Of course is all over the country do that amended again you don't take advantage of it to what you're talking about and coaches looked sort of a special station the second ago specials nation in my mind especially high schools a terrible thing no matter what movies are actually in football right elections a wanna be out there playing baseball you have football coaches demanding their their for spring practice. In a Fries global Seawright you can take it too far. One of the things I noticed it was that you go on Friday night to a to a larger more metropolitan area in Virginia's in Richmond heard the Hampton roads you go to South Carolina you go to Charleston to televise high school football games you've got coverage out to watch zoo in North Carolina doesn't feel like it it it has that in the same way and I know it's traditionally a basketball state I understand why we I think we know the reasons. But at what point does that change is that a priority you know so you can publicize the game a little better to be opposites I don't watch you know Mel. Creek you know there was an issue using trial. Two I don't know if I'm adding to your point but I. I hope somebody can maybe clarify this form each and refresh my memory was Myers park women's basketball. There's supposed to compete in a national tournament and weren't allowed to because of the state altercations are rules the dinner allowed them to do it so they couldn't go play each upper New York in one of these easily turn limits. Due to the state. Or not been able to pass a state requirements or not being able to. You know kind of applauded you. You don't feel still fall in line with the state requirements. From day one allowed to go compete. Other petition they lost the state you know ruled that they weren't allowed to because if we allow you to do that we're heading into this board that sport their thing so. Until they state besides that they're gonna have a little bit more leniency on that. I agree with the last caller quarry that we're always gonna be a step behind everybody else but. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing because of you know what I just said about the explored you know some of these ask. Yeah I mean you talk about it say talent keeping them here make animals was obviously programs into messenger and don't for North Carolina a little while and it has an institute who stayed home you know for everyone to him you gotta decks always filter you know who are the guys that are leaving the state to others say it does to your point your question was with the television just like I sat right. Is it fair to some of these schools. And didn't listen again again and that everything's fair in life right. Hum you people gonna wanna watch this game that it vs that team vs the two teams don't care about but. If you go to a certain school and you know that they're not very good that year or just using schools for example right we'll just say. And I don't want to offend anybody but noticing Darren your high school vs west smacked right what's Matt did a great great job Lester there was HM chipped an unbelievable story so. It's no. It's not indicative of school season those two schools could they came up miles or Charlotte Jeff if you don't care but. If you're playing those two schools you know you're not going to be very good but you got Mallard creek take on Butler and they're undefeated they're gonna be on television gaming gonna go watch on Friday night. You're going to lose the revenues at those schools generate typically. You're gonna go wash is game that's going to make all the money for those teams and you're gonna lose out that's the State's argument. It's a battle of the states that's the State's argument is that you're gonna lose out on the gate for some of these schools that are necessary for them to fill the you'll fill their boosters and to get the uniforms and to pay for the she's etc. etc. it's not fair Russ not fair right I don't know if there needs to be more funds allocated or what but I do feel like there could be a happy medium where maybe you play those televised games. On a different night yeah what is Saturday night. Tunnel compromised but you're not had this kind of conversation before a mask and you look why is that I group in the middle of nowhere. Enjoyed it and Virginia and I was amid a high school football fourteen years ago. Fifteen years ago. We had televised games and we never talk to tell you go ahead in the in the region but we televise football games you go to South Carolina Virginia and others I just don't understand it because there's so much talent and rich tradition. I was headed for example a wide right you're right you're a wide why can't be changed why can't be quiet and to be just 180 great rallies. It could be just some tinkered with right. This is a let's open a big game. First Charlotte Christian vs Charlotte Catholics are Saturday night. And let ESPN come and you know what if another team from another state let's say northwestern from South Carolina Iraq kill more to come and play Butler and they wanted to put the game on ESPN because there's some really talented players over their Southport rock killed has won three state championships and nationally ranked vs Mallard creek who has who has ten snow ten. You know divisional employers and we wanna. Watched that but that was Saturday night yes. Absolutely right it's a Vista mr. matadors is our members have told us a kid Charlotte is something like that that's one of the biggest events in Charleston. The humidity into the summer everybody's talking about stomach classic and all the great high school football that's coming out. Golf classic now which is very good is just. It's in its in its earlier than everybody else that's on a different level and everybody else a televised that. They see more of that we don't torture we can bring respect off hopefully at some point we come back we switch gears we talk about the pros Steve washed in social network will join the show will get his thoughts on the panthers' David separate a whole lot more and they don't produce 5 o'clock if you miss James for regular yesterday you can hear the hornets head coach coming up at 5 o'clock its course and they look. Back to Garcia and say. Julius Twitter feed a child clearly WS and Ziad frank Garcia 65 and Christmas in July continues through the end of the month. You can get zero interest and five years no money down all you have to do is check umbrella Jewelers dot com and spend 2499 or more again that's brown the Jewelers dot com and right now in the World Cup if this result holds England may burn to the ground all of that because right now Croatia leading England. In extra time the 1182. Minute 21. England is leading a rather Croatia leading England and dot crisis scored in the 106 minute of this when so Croatia. Tried to hold off to England try to punch its ticket to the World Cup final where they'll face threats. And it is this is the part of soccer I'm sure a lot of people don't get frustrated with you know the substitutions. The moaning in the lane around on the field trying to you know delay time is. Strategy that they're using to. You know to sort of the game and just it becomes almost monotonous and boring. And this is where you wanna see you know a team that you really probably have no interest in winning locker scored just to kind of stick it to the other team for in use and so it's kind of is there dirty tact this button. But. Do you understand what he's just not what we're used to it a bigger dollar really don't I. I was I think a set of perfectly this is so European. Transportation that's pretty much it's extremely your tree and I let's talk a little American football nobody Steve Weiss. A the NFL network is a pretty talented dude NFL network reporter you can follow him on Twitter at why shoot 89 WYCHE. 89 if you can see Steve throughout the week on NFL network's NFL total access. At 7 PM Easter was welcome on detective John just slide and see dollar about it. I'm going great outlook that conversation on the other flopping in soccer. Kick in my. Give our guys the NFL and NBA put in rules. To stop that upcoming Vienna Buckeyes used it. Polo playing Avery deferred to try to add more primary it substitutions that they think they're the political will this stop that so. You know hopefully soccer can maybe do a little bit of that credit and it is and I kind of poking token jokes that some of the flopping it some of that type of drama. It is much better watch soccer crowd because they get mad to get mad quick and they'll come after you and then. Mobs so just be careful. That's all right I got into a crowded but yeah. A disservice. Thanks Steve let's start so -- yesterday man died I was one of the probably 200 folks there in the room attuned to David's upper press conference where you know firms are deeply betrayed -- lot of us for the first time held his first press conference at Bank of America Stadium and I thought it was fascinating and I thought he was thoroughly entertaining and you know it might drop there at the end I'm contractually obligated to keep the statue as is what did you make of David -- yesterday. Why you know I got to meet at met at least meeting it was approved. In Atlanta a few months ago if you keep very charming guy. Are cool clearly excited to be part of the club. The terms of the ownership group but I think it also about building something in just on the special Charles halt to building something. You know building onto something that's existing and has done pretty well. And he did seem like. You know congressman do. Below that of ownership you know we've got somebody some donors which Jerry Richardson was one of which are established and wanted to circle where. And he's gonna want a guy who want to inject a little hot talks. Want to think we have a few who comes to her owners who were doing that so. This could be an exciting thing for Carolina or hurt her reach pressed his commitment to to keep pitching earlier. Two you know to continue to use all of the Carolina took its fan base into market to them not believe anyone out so. Look pretty engaging guy will you know everything goes from here at a few that he did drop a bomb when he said he was contractually obligated. To keep the statue like you know not say how would it would keep bit but I really have no choice that you Mikey was kind of a deal for alleged. It seems that's that's what most of the national media especially his last onto no there there are a lot of things that came out of a press conference that I've found. You know more interest in some profoundly more interest in but nationally that was an artist of the statue was staying it's contractually obligated he was so would any given the other bidders according to wanted to wrap report Darrent. I'm does that strike you was curious that if maybe in a Sheldon standard stepping in and intervene or doesn't really matter because Skype for a lot of people don't matter. I'd probably both but it a lot of people com. You know what I won't be bothered by it. Bigger richer richer and the guy who built the pampered. What they already brought Europe altered the Charlotte. But there are a lot of other people say look this is this as a man whose legacy. And it didn't. Wit beast you know allocation of sexual harassment allegations of abuse and racial slur toward an important period of do you see both sides of it and you know that statute of America register. One way it would help people in record group what weary with the others just like other statute MRI which do. Bomb went with people you know maybe not affiliated with yet I felt so I think that the security that coming up. Grabbed onto it because it's one thing that people out by the Carolina is the one thing out there campus as she kind of crap ought to welcome the local ownership. You know you know I was a lot and sort of folks here aren't necessarily. Gonna grab onto and know how that owner Kirk we're gonna do and Carolina Pollard took it normal to let up but. And it will grab on to test subject this bad. In the national discussion especially over the past few months. Yeah you know what when it comes to your sexual harassment and summit saying look like he opposed the use of racial like which is such a racially with the workplace. That's Steve. We we can sit here and talk about good ownership and no matter ownership at the end of the day how many wins does that give you mean because that's really kind of you know the bottom line trusses fans is that I don't care where these guys stay don't care what they eat. I don't care if they have lost five star hotel or their stay in the hotel and I care about them winning games and you on a Dem not raising ticket prices and it may have been a good time when I go how important is ownership two wins if we can correlated directly. I think it's huge. Now interpret direct correlation. And turn into what is guys' careers on prime that's one thing but we keep it. Not Canadian they're going to be pretty obvious that have been stuck in Iraq for decades and that starts. With. The that message and it starts where leadership from the very top and Bentley he came. Very cute owners that. Treat employees well that true as well but I don't try to Jack up prices that don't. All leverage the market for new stadiums and really caring about if you all of the CO while most teens. Succeed. You're earning your apartment and they'll take it get pure and there what they find ways. To just by their leadership. Oftentimes by staying at a coaches and general manager way. What they'd find ways to win ball games and has instead that the important thing to ban. He got bad ownership. You're you're not gonna get that a playoff very often you can make a lot of the spirit of the corrupt and alienate parents are trying to get our certain Arab. Pork product could ownership tent city got quite the contrary. Are we talking to Steve why -- NFL network reporter joining us on the -- come just like follow him on Twitter at why shoot 89 out more thought about it release from me anyway and I like to ask you some football questions but I am curious about this and frank has made this point in the past that -- all the votes in those those ownership meetings count the same about how much money you know each of those owners have but that's how those guys compare themselves to one another the toll stack each other up and right now you know David tempers gonna have the second biggest stack in the room behind Paul -- fact you know it's so we will measure our -- by how -- cars expensive cars they imagine there's thanks -- billions exactly and so when you sort of think about it that way you know all the votes count the same but we'd be foolish to think to Jerry Jones Bob Kraft wrote his family to Mars -- believe -- running things for about fifty years now I would imagine David separate a short period of time probably takes a pretty prominent role in some pretty important league matters. I would absolutely. Agree with that you know just because of the financial outlook took a step back and watch out things operate for a while. But. Again he's one of these new were older to probably shouldn't do our dear I'm enterprising ideas Cristiano earned. There's money into bigger money so art or it won't be long for you to remark superior court critics. It SA were you when you starlet that you know some of the things I noticed middle of July so weak we're looking for things to talk about sometimes and we write articles and we talked about things that. Don't necessarily don't mean a whole lot in the big picture but when you read these articles about our rest our arsenal and repertoire and in guys going out there and Hammond you know different guys in place and you'll be able to use this guy and you know may be heavily utilized that got. What's team has the most talented. Offensive guys out there because to me it's it's the Pittsburgh Steelers and it's not even close. Time. To look there. It was not very he got to look at the big gala will look Echostar are promoted there I mean. When you've got below where personality. You know Melvin Gordon in the backfield and then you guys can't count I want why are you got. Mike Williams electric or contract in July election year she's here Kyra globally and former basketball player who came on strong lacked here. Eric Kelvin Benjamin I mean there they're motivated they're they're good at it pretty. So there are a couple of teams see that you know the rams. And their load. Where you know type really carried a lot of aperture that now Brandon Cox a total horror church or rubble bulletin Cooper cop. There is a couple teams out there I think that you know I think Atlanta Falcons now happen in the next back arrival with the depth. They have their skill position so there's a McCain double Decker viable deal. Where do you put Carolina Panthers in the that the totem pole. Where midway I mean they they don't have the you know that's still became breaker if things go very McCaffery exciting. Camden of course this is super exciting but they're distinct good. All of our football team we know their defense first. But you know they they've got the potential that this could just to line up could not keep silly. And win games by playing some more good football they're not going to be as exciting as the Steelers whip again. Go to receiver who could make six guys miss on the way to a six yard touchdown. But very they're going to be in the hunt. For the senate seat belt which is going to be watched weekend atop the division of well all they're going to be yet hunt and hunt for that part of a lot of eight he you know or. Steve before let's go man I gotta take a LeSean McCoy bad that is the story that has done a lot of NFL brass creep it is it's got them confused and and you know somewhat horrified the regardless of how that went down and who did it and the fact that less punishing him accords names attached to at least in some way right now. What what do you make of this what are you here in terms of how seriously the NFL's taking these accusations what he does make you distort. How well I mean I don't know ought to or whatever but clearly you know taken this seriously because a woman got up just the web. You know regardless of who who might have done bloody there are a victim and and so every artist taking this seriously. And I think because we're just two to three weeks do it in training camp should. You are the NFL that there are going to be burrow we know a lot spectacle all or there but what would these types of investigations. I beat they're gonna be pressing this one a little bit you're reworking were bought horsemen. To see what goes on here because there is this is just bizarre. If you according to report. By all indications there's no way he could have done it and now the victim in order to say well police got to adopt. You know and you know there's something if there's any measure of truth to that without. Quite in Metallica well. So there's just there's so many layers to this. How the bill are gonna handle it. Who knows you know Woolsey a criminal charges come there's there's this is gonna take a tyrant. I don't think it necessarily going to be real slow burn. But I would think everybody including North Fork into well it could be Gary or that really cap. Hi Steve why should us on network reporter followed him on Twitter at why shoot 89 joining us on the ticket job just like Steve great stuff thought we appreciate your time. Arctic air are absolutely what's against the vice joining us on the second job just line and a little interest in twist by the way today shady McCoy story. He has hired the same attorney. Has done the same asserted asserted. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis during his 2000 murder trial in Atlanta. That lets her shady McCoy has hired to defend in my desk against his LE allegations and accusations made by this woman and her friends so that's our pro football talk don't jump. I mean the burdens on her proves that he wasn't ball somewhere issue performer who is her return and no doubt but we first of all let's go back to receives a minute ago when he. And when he said the Los Angeles chargers are off accidentally dropped my phone intensely you had about five necks in this stimulus snapped you know looking in different directions to see if anybody else's organ that is not the Los Angeles team I thought he was gonna references off he said the rams for first thing out of his mouth of the falcons. You know or a young team like that that we can sit there and say yeah you know I can see it's not clear cut. But you're not gonna you're gonna have a tough time convincing me that there's a more talented arsenal. Offensively than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Period. I mean would you would get from top to bottom from receiver in juju Shuster Smith to. By Antonio Brown to. Ben Roethlisberger two time Super Bowl champ to. You know the backfield and you know lady on bell and that's just. Honor and on and on office line. Word they get week. I'm aware aware is anybody close to those. Talented of guys and I know that we come out with all these lessons. You talk about different things and where your arsenal repertoire you're you're you're you're you're. Offensive juggernaut exist vs the next team. The Panthers probably in the middle and they should beat spa probably about right but. If you're gonna have a tough time convincing me that there's anybody better in the Steelers period. Let's do this we come back and I do wanna change gears a little bit we have James brake optimistic yesterday was fantastic final or comeback award strikes talks on the NBA news from last night Adam silver what was some statements that so indicate the NBA and possibly college basketball or about to change what your thoughts on that she's regularly beating and enough in the first hour frank was it was out he was listening and he took issue with my horn -- we got to get to that now might go our number four homers all forgot Erica Garcia and there's a back to Garcia and they. We got the blockbuster World Cup final everybody was opened for. France and Croatia. Get ready folks. That's an upset to global superpowers going at it but. That what is Croatia I told you Francis go to the final you and Lisa know Brazil's Wendell a sids threats. It's probably going to be Croatia doesn't. The fifth Croatia wins and be. Or you put that was great for Croatia. Awesome so well these are so happy so I ask these are currently itself which is roughly the size of Kentucky. You know the flight for the World Cup don't we didn't the managed to get there so Iraq in Croatia be so good. As probably rigged anyway check back. I. Notice there's a sort of international laws not that while the notion from an honest. But in the World Cup finalist says France and Croatia Croatia beating England in extra time or overtime or should say I just a few minutes ago all of these power to. By ortho Carolina all right so this is a short segment we had James beret you'll come back in the next say British minister yesterday a what should hear it because it's a big got swallowed up. By the by the David tepper news press conference all by yesterday about James Peru deal was good yesterday. And he said some things that I that we can come out of a talk about and franks could jump all over me and probably cause to from our orders optimism and that's fine we'll do that now we're number four but once they will also did enters in sort got a short ones are right now is that if Adam silver in the NBA. As we've kind of know about for a little while have been kicking around the idea of getting rid of the one and done rule or I should say accepting players that are eighteen years old fresh out of high school and it looks like that's that's comic. Adam silver spoke to the media in Las Vegas yesterday and and so the change maybe sooner rather than later saying quote my personal view is that we're ready to make the change in quote that that one and done rule implemented back in 2006. And I had this influx of high school players that never really panned out and they kind of panicked and you know created a rule. That prohibit anybody from making a living playing basketball the NBA at least an eight team because a couple of billionaires and GM making bad decisions. And now the NBA's ready to reverse that brick. Yeah I mean if you reverse I don't know what can I mean you can make whatever he says the second stop bad decision I guess if that's what you're open for. I'm not sure if I'm not sure were staying on that you know I'm I'm usually in a pretty strong non. United probably think about that a little bit more before really devious stance but my first reaction would be. I think players should be going to college for at least a year to. You know you and on bass cool with the one and done. I don't think it's enough personally I think there should be a two year requirement like they do in baseball. Michigan do Celek they do in football. You know to have some sort of experience in life lessons that are learned so you can. You know maybe taught how to use your money little wiser. You get that experience is Serra but no that's upon not a popular opinion amongst the group here. Everybody feels like issue bureau you have the ability to go out there and learn right away. Only to prevent and it's just think it's the next step. Before you go out there and you're in that but I think the bigger issue to news in the Western Conference being so 1 sided vs the Eastern Conference. Let you know they should be a thought on preceding. You know like what we've talked about in the NFL. What you talked about with college football into know how you go out there with the one through. You know sixteen in seeded teams you know eastern Western Conference doesn't matter. This is where you're ranked you know and maybe it's gone on record maybe it's on strength of schedule you know those type things but there's a formula you can use. Because right now there's about eight teams in the west that would beat seven teams in the east. Was it should Richards to this conversation and our numbers for your but it's on one side gets folks I know it's gonna help college basketball the one don's gonna go waste and help the quality of the game the other side. Yeah you just running top talent out of college basketball how can that be a good team because he's just an LT indeed build up is do you league so we gotta talk about some of that we come back first though attended James Gregory joined me yesterday in the first hour he was also my thought very informative and you know we didn't talk as much about it as I would like to go to David tepper news swirling around so you're gonna you're James -- -- next to join us live from Vegas out of summer league they're playing against that I by the way against Golden State and it seems talked about Moly monster and Dwight Howard and miles bridges and in JG what his role is on this single and all of that next. And we'll get some reaction after the fact it's Dorsey and they'll.