Garcia And Bailey H3: Are The Warriors The Greatest Team Ever?

WFNZ Podcasts
Tuesday, May 15th
An Argument breaks out in this hour between Oz and Frank about the Warriors and the 95-96 Bulls and who was the better team...

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No three. Mark's strength. Real estate studio. 5610. Tell you what is he. NASCAR all star race at Charlotte motor speedway may nineteenth call 80455. Man. Garcia. Just moments away. From the Garcia hot taken today there's a thought take the that's something new or darn hot and fresh kotsay is the truth will lower since the day I'm sure it will work shop and I promise we will workshop at 45 minutes from now. Daniel Wallach one of the other the foremost gaming and sports authorities in the country and he'll join us to talk about what yesterday's a decision made such as for for sports coast to coast but to us specifically maybe the Carolinas and under the Panthers in the value of professional sports franchises and how that's gonna change and experience. For sports fans across the country and once they had to kind of wanna get into as well as you know is so important as much as people off their lows to bag on guys like to renew the media. Right you know we were the media the media there's the media bad. The media played really really big part in kind of ushering descend because you had a lot of broadcasters out there like Britain must murder Scott van pelt and others. Who were just kind of threw caution to the wind and says you know screw this this. It's not taboo world doing it we're not gonna hide from a we'll talk about lines we'll talk about spreads will talk about over runners. And a lot of broadcasters are part and and what happened yesterday I believe so 704579262. And before we get a fresh take on the warriors in the NBA playoffs the scope of the fall lines and don't bring a loaded. Just thought he wants the talks are Teresi load what's up man thanks rolled. I made scare I've played baseball and just like you know it's a lot harder. Did you do have one point six seconds to get out why hit the ball went off and yet we need to keep your purse or not. Sorry T ball. Loaded how fast how fast do you run ninety feet. I. Lose. Ten seconds okay how well. How many times in a row can you do it. Here at arrow I returns when you come back into it fifty times coming call me I don't sleep you'll look and that's. That's a little holes to whoever your parents are they did a great job brazen new and I appreciate your cult like. It. Thanks but appreciate that kinda vascular bright future right there with a really really bright future when you become when he 200 the first base you know and in 1990 feet fifty times a rounding come talk to me because that's what it takes to play. You know I world class soccer well nobody is questioning the cardiovascular strength and endurance I'm going to. Is it I mean I blew listen Logan. I appreciate your dad is probably. You know putting your head that claim baseball's hardest thing you're gonna do and into baseball's one of the toughest thing is no doubt I even agree with that. And in ninety mile per hour fastball that moves is the probably the single most difficult thing to do. A from a skill standpoint that you're going to start period right palm. But it's not the most difficult right it's not the most difficult overall being physically able to go out there and run fast. There and and jump high. And hit hard and lift heavy things those things are equally as impressive right they're just different. So yeah I mean you can develop the skills to go out there and hit in the eventually it's a god given talent. The you can do those things better than everybody else. Obviously like dribbling and everybody thinks you can teach you guys to be like steps Currie could you can dribble you know those are also skills things you can teach. But he has a god given ability to do better than everybody else and that's what separates him. From the average person that's what separates these MBA players from the average people to separate these soccer players being able to run longer faster. You know this guild the the eye hand foot cord I foot coordination that is going to take to you know do use things that they do so. Yeah I don't know. English you've done that. At a high level. Bomb you know it's really hard to ten understand how difficult it is what goes soccer guys do. But it's yet they're both equally impressive. But I do feel like skill wise that's probably the hardest thing to do. Text writes in dogs that are taxed like village fourteen year old is on I think you might be over shooting the age a little bit. Personal or callers so. Majors let's not tell us I don't PH that are priced got a ticket price to Frank's got a strong takes a matter of fact it woke up this morning to a text fight between the Gaza more than occurred sometime around midnight last night I don't know and I just saw an enclosed and Wayne frank okay so -- let's just start the fight again and we'll figure out who would strike could what does your hot take a re on the playoffs in the mortars what does. Steve Kuerten before the game you know comes out his team any count ourselves like this is he's motivating his team before he goes into the locker. It. I. That's why did. And basically what he's referring to his his bad ass team that has assembled IndyCar. The greatest team alive ever work. To exist in the NBA that's what he is coaching and that's usually come across differently when it comes to you know the your own you know we're just trying to win another game and you know take it that's the way he sounds a lot because those are some bad most foes in fact there's so bad when asked the question if you could compete. When he was on the bulls on those teams that won championships. To his answer was. Hell to even know what those guys are super talented. They're gonna go out there and run circles around his little white asked so that's what's gonna take place and that's who the Golden State Warriors are the greatest team ever assembled in the MBA history including in the 96 bulls sorry. Do you view believes this domes they team's greatest team of all time just to declare faults in the MBA. Absolutely wanna cement that they're the greatest team ever so often does when they lose in the Western Conference finals. The voting on it did you watch the game last. What's the game last night that that's for first on a rescue what indication do you did you get from last tonight they're gonna lose the western guards are you saying it is not possible for them to lose in the Western Conference finals the rocket went on not that dance but I just I got and I would take just about every credit in my name embedded on the war. I'm saying is his teacher crowning eighteen the best of all time before the seasons even over. It seems a little premature. And into stacked up against the then 95 bulls. I got Georgia last night Michael Jordan is a nine time first team all defensive player. Don't don't give me that crap nobody nobody else. Do you think towards the greatest player of all those debates about. The debate the debate was you're saying this is the greatest team full time and what I'm telling you is that Michael Jordan alone makes it way more even already OK just by saying his next thing you throwing a guy like Scottie Pippen is one of the greatest defensive players of all time. I character of the top fifty NBA players of all time they had Ron Harper hey Tony two. The coach Ron. Harder are the ballpark plays Lucy better than on the on the goals they weren't I don't UNAIDS and I really don't like it I wish we didn't like better simulators or you know something better than a Golden State he's not better he's not better than. You know they get. Isn't it comes just against typically for the general state warriors remember assassin again on you apparently did so okay you're right now and again to me. That's where the Golden State Warriors beat that team is off the bench can there are better than the good then the the Chicago Bulls if you give me a tip in vs young green and and who's gonna guard to rant then I'm sorry about it it's gonna guard grant and I think Timmy break and he's got a radio that rate there's nobody on the team guardrail. I'll take on and so is our Michael. Don't have no chance cigar tent directly on your mind these dudes play 82 regular season games with hands on them and at all times frank and music the piece soft as. Yeltsin although cookie beaches these days you're gonna have any chance against these real men who played in the NBA in the nineties why you're out of your damn mind frank while reading your mind. I would be there in six holes they worn out front they were beaten I. Rose sixty on their ass and they wouldn't know what to do about how how the new rules are out of. The rules changes in how. How does the rules change factor in this discussion I I don't care what rules you play with did you watch the game while I look Domenici and there's no we didn't win because he's curry can't tell you all watch the game I. Last night only to get defensive Minnesota and Illinois did a mask and your corporate you're Colbert over here is just so ought to Jordan's ass it's nice yeah. Hello George yes no I'm up to truths asks. I'm sorry sorry about that doesn't know. So are about staining for what's right honestly like you pretty good whatever rules you the senator as involve things showed and I get a little bit out of hand you can play with whatever the last night there was an incident we're gonna. Guys are great. Round in a way. On the Arab looking guys try to get off screens and and and rolls and those types of things and what role you play west. I mean you're gonna gimme Rodman losing its new green. You know I mean if you could you want you watching that bulls team. Are you you can have George George. Best player on the planet nobody arguing that. But Kevin Durant is unstoppable. And you know against those guys just like he was last night it looked like. Durant looked like Kevin. Hart was guarding him last night activities and the right now though and I am I like watching Kevin Durant a lot. Did you see great player and he's probably one of them did the fifty greatest players of all time at the very least they're released. I think as this text or writes that he says Rodman would shut KG down every game I don't think it's quite I I think Rodman would give Katie should. It's probably going to be a salad out of the game no he wouldn't run out. Even took Karl Malone. What do you most bad ass artist feuds of all time out of the NBA finals series Rodman did you tell need to drain lawn green wouldn't be. Greenwood has him teed up by. Wise. Both thrown out and it's obvious that listen this is always puts it amass a 70457. Or 9610 Tulsa Texas write your who's right frank Ross frank says Golden State is the greatest team in NBA history Oz says that's it's nonsense and edits the 9596. Bulls call -- Texas and find us on the Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed act child really WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65 whatever answer you guys we will certainly take as I wanna hear what people have to say about this and improbably jeweler named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine eight convenient locations online at brown the Jewelers dot jump building trust for three generations brown the -- who is right frank Ross we come back to take to the controversy and they looked. 01025610. In sea traffic. 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In NBA history and Oz says that is full crafted the 9596 bulls were absolutely beat this team and I ask your phone calls and you know we got a so let's go to rip off the top and his thoughts ritual where he's an ID 596 bulls are there so this golds they Warner stood. The total parent here popped a ball a more about how we're usually very by bigger flop frank. You match up defense sleep would go to stayed on because your troubles most suitable for gore movie here it will bite you just spot up shooters. To curry can hang of that. The bin gutter it's some combination of Barea and clay you've got to guard Michael Scottie and that's going to be at incredibly difficult. Deborah started doubles fixate. So derail what happened Gordon Deal where there's no way to play the match up or Jordan now you've split the vote. You put it the other way. With the bulls will be what to look bolstered their defensively that you put either but you were told don't curry would stop and completely. Put that back up point border alt. You know whoever did not report all play. This new book Rodman or Pippen in relief of involvement. All to write and direct struggles wasn't he does not have the psychological make up. The play yet I cannot fault and Robin got in their breed bodies in it it seemed site. There were tough to listen lessons upset. Yeah. I spoke well on a you have you had you had everything going. Where I was like OK that's good match appear right and I did but when you start to talk regardless of what is when you start talk and talk. And you think that that's going to matter any game is actually doesn't it there's no. I'm telling you as a player that has played the game did talk doesn't make it harder and makes me play hard place may make me play better. I mean you're gonna talked me down and not to talk to anybody down if you're worth your brain assault and everyone of those guys is a world champ not one not. Not two but three time world champ for the most part some of those guys have then and seeing the greatest shot talkers around so to talk doesn't mean. Squad has really critical part of an excellent. I agree with you lost on The Who would win the game but I do agree with that because I do think your talking about two championship make up teams. This isn't dame it'll alert or some of these guys who get ruffled violent trash talk these guys are championship caliber teams and players battle with the trash talk just isn't there. Energy you lose at let's go to Joan next Joseph what are your thoughts are right. So. How I would shirt Bobo and I'm not a big bulls fan but I think the best ball probably 86. Also in development. Bo. Thanks Joseph that's that's not the debate around it's so I'm I'm not only rude guys are Celtics. Both of these teams it beat the crap out of those teams they wanted to sorry probably bird I mean out of thought I was a grown as a great teams are given a very good teams with the way the game was played back in the game has changed. It's evolves analytics are now part of it three points or better than two. And you know that is taken over the MBA the three point line you know is is is. As meaningless right now is probably the layup. We have it's a similar Texan I just don't cut trawlers off all the damn time it's very weak. Do you think we can give you complete monologue we try to get as many people it is possible stop complaining just call let's go to Paris next errors what's up there with who's right Oz. The quality of our back you know I really don't I. Hope you can it be a good bet. Got portrayed like it and it don't they don't they could get my eye like an op art and it ticket. Any game can you to Chicago I don't think so not. Jordan he spent I got it or each. Toni Kukoc somewhat if you don't already know what if I don't OKH. Tanker won't do so. And it opera players or joy it would cut it cut copy. No I'll call out like they paint on you to really get an article fixing you know and locks up. There's a lot I expect. Our goal execute checked it wreck we got a fight. These blocked up they don't like web page so you know what I know I look like give up I got help. That is the editor I wish I'd appreciate the argument right and it's the debate that people are you don't burg and a half to. Either trust what you think address what I think can and that's that's fine right. The game was played differently back to right no doubt about the game is played differently now no doubt about it. To sit suggested these greater athletes today could adapt and add to that tyrant. And all time regardless of our current solid shot always got nonstop Donald. Greatest athletes. Of today. Would absolutely adapt and morphed to that style of basketball to sit there suggest otherwise you don't know how the evolution of athletes demanding guys have played the game they more to the bulls that they are playing under if you don't think they can go out there'd be more physical and be tougher and be stronger and more aggressive. You just don't know sports world it is it is indeed talking about two periods ended the stark contrast between those two teams are there and Luc Longley and bill winnings and on the on the Golden State Warriors are talking about two teams that we have to play very different styles of basketball and look I still think debt not debt and -- exact tile the amount of three point shot Serbian take it sure but de Cuba does that it's not changing the three point line existed back to the reverse is also true though right so would you put him in the same scenario that 9596 bulls team as talented as they were would also had the capacity to adjust fracture right these guys they could just that 959060. Also suggest to you bill. As soon as and that dram on green what he'll use his hands more and stuff courage and play and and and ran it would be able to use their content what they still we don't use breathless is imminent tightness there's speed in the blanks right now you got an end. To shoot the ball which is better as an eighteen hole that it was back then. Let's do this might create the rest of you hang tight we got to do this derided as you to tag on doing it's not even calls back the spot we come back we talk to Daniel Wallach. Did the foremost gaming and sports attorney in the country we'll talk about the Supreme Court ruling yesterday what at least the North Carolina South Carolina Panthers fans hornets fans and they were coming right back to this because people are fired up. They're fired up who who is better than Torre eighteen Golden State Warriors organize 596 bulls will come back to this but Daniel Wallach joins us next we'll talk to him about sports gambling and when it comes to north and South Carolina sources and Bailey. Had he come I hate my health is the neighborhood hang out until we have more than marry a bang pool parties pizza or baseball teams. 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Craig says the warriors are greatest team of all time and I do actually agree with -- and I still think it's the bulls and like Michael Jordan 9596 but the arguments the kind of bread jolt out of this or so really really good in order to come back to that 70457. Or ninety sic stand up right now though we talked to Daniel Wallach gaming sports attorney and their co host of the conduct podcast at conduct body's been all over the country a share in his wisdom and his expertise the last day or two and of course the Supreme Court landmark ruling yesterday striking down the federal ban on sports gambling paving the way upper states across the country to legalize sports betting in their states some already have about a half dozen states like West Virginia and New Jersey Mississippi with with legislation already ready to go and Daniels in China not to give us some time girl to take the job just like Daniel thank you Matt Howard. I'm doing great thanks for having me not. So I guess what what are the immediate ramifications of this are we can talk about the long term starting we will get to that but in terms of what's next you know what were the one of the next things on the horizon another sports gambling news is and it's going to be legal and several states. I mean until this year they're only in a handful of states to be even considered it. How to regulate sports gambling because most the states remained on the sidelines tending the Supreme Court ruling now as a result of yesterday's decision which removed the shackles from state government I think you see a major uptick. In their legislative activity across the country I mean there are already in twin bills. Since Jerry wonder they're reintroduced at some of those were you know kind of moving slowly along or or or the legislative sessions have ended all or are out to and that's. I think you're going to see much more engagement by state lawmakers on this issue. As we get closer to the summertime in fact some of recessions have already ended. Now lawmakers are considering. Calling for a special session just to address the issue of sports betting so this is this is the minutes. Really spread big time I mean maybe not. You know ten or twenty states this year I think I think it is capitalized at the debate in state legislatures all over the country and there are a number of key states. There's still you know then consider the bills but concessions are still open. And we could we could see you know the minimum of four to six additional states. Added to the five that are already legalized so my my benchmark would be about ten to twelve on the high side and then the worst case scenario I think 68. The decision to know that and that makes a lot of sense and so let's I'm glad you said that because I don't agree there will be some books that are open in time for the football season and it'll be interesting to see where but on the leagues you'll from their perspectives the ruling against umpire I guess in favor of the state of New Jersey is that was not the best possible outcome for us for the NBA Major League Baseball the NFL because you know they want to ensure that they get their cut and and what that cut looks like the idea. Not only about the money it's stated that the more important aspect is that's safeguarding of sport integrity which believes belief can be better accomplished. Passed through a federal law. Which and I was getting right. And and that's kind of what I was getting up because they they would have preferred guest. You know for New Jersey George hasn't lost this ruling that bugged and instead to lobby congress to write a new law you know legalizing sports gambling but being able to sort of baked in the 1% integrity C and you know things that they wanted wares for the past year Major League Baseball in the NBA reportedly had been sending their top lieutenants. It noted to state houses across the country audio try to odds to lobby things in their favor so how does or how do you think these leagues and Opel totally getting their cut because stresses that like West Virginia there governor Jim justice assigned there were moving fortress and we're not gonna do when your record is stronger our most into 1% integrity streaks so what do you think this looks like. I think it's going to fracture along state lines some battle will be won some will be lost. I think the league it doing much better than anticipated given the fact that the casinos are often the largest taxpayers. In so many of these states that are in play you know you know West Virginia. You know in New York Pennsylvania though those those you know operators. The deal frequently. Instate houses with their lobbyists were believes that the newcomers. About the leagues are doing that they do doing okay they haven't successfully. Convinced any lawmaker any any legislative body to still to approve bills with an integrity we've but they're getting close to New York Connecticut campus. Indiana has had some you know version of an integrity the you know built into the proposed legislation so. What ultimately will happen is even if the leagues don't succeed. In these in a large number of states I think they have enough lobbying sway to. Prevent spills from being enacted over their objections so. This gonna harm a there's no harm the gaming industry as well be apps and sort of consensus between the two leading stakeholders. I think we'll act as a drag on legislation. Because it's hard enough to passing gambling bill. Even when everyone on board because there's needs is sort of division or or or difference of opinion among lawmakers about how good this is. Kabul when there's a debate or critical disagreement among major stakeholders it's going to be difficult to get it across the finish line and that's why my estimates are on the low side and I think when the when the leaves are able to its. Ticket to congress and bring this up before congress still find a much more receptive audience to. Maybe not this year this is going to take time in and congress may have other priorities but when someone like Orrin hatch puts his. You know forcing reputation behind the introduction of a federal bill on sports betting that's gonna catch people's attention. And ultimately I think you're going to need federal legislation because of the cross border. The risk of match corruption this is not like his game of cards are slot machines where the activity takes place solely within the confines of the casino venue. This will require sports anymore where cooperation and information sharing power. Among operators across a multitude of jurisdictions and I and I believe it's the environment to maximize this kind of and information sharing and cooperation works best in a federal framework. Rather than a state by state approach so. I believe ultimately will get to a federal law it may take 23 years I think that is the end games. More money goes more corruption typically what does this mean for amateur sports. Well break a turner face schools. Are. College well call college sports is is it is an important part of the betting landscape and offshore markets I think in Nevada. You know college football games might be even more popular admitting on NFL games she can't have you can't eradicate these black market. If you're simply you know eliminate college sports from the equation some states we do that however in New Jersey. The law that's already on the books excludes betting on college games involving New Jersey teens. Or involving you know college. Games being played in New Jersey but the vast majority of states particularly those in in in in areas where there aren't professional sports team we're gonna live and die with. Would betting on college scorched can't take that away from Mississippi. State netstat that's the reason that's going to draw you know clientele the casinos and racetracks so I think the NCAA will ultimately will have to be on board and it will be incumbent upon them to its. Have a seat at the table and make the similar kinds of demands that I think the NFL in the NBA Europe are starting to make but yeah betting on college sports is going to be a big part of this. Daniel who is out there who's ultimately hurt the worst but by this development. Offshore bookmakers. They've lost their monopoly you're you're you're talking about a 150 billion dollar. Illegal gambling enterprise. Which represents basically the entirety of of staying in North America received for Nevada. They're gonna lose they're they're gonna lose portions of their of their market share or customer base. They will never disappear. You will never eliminate the black market but I think the spread of of state sanctioned sports gambling. Will be a good thing for legalized gambling and for gambling generally but will hurt the bookmakers cooperate in the illegal marketplaces. Does impact fantasy football for example draft kings or you know used on the on the black. They're sitting on gold mine. Drafting has ten million users. There already. Like to lay up put money on the line on you know sporting events involving their favorite teams. I think that kind of user base is well suited to transition. From sitting on athlete's performance depending on. Aptly performance in Indian wagers caught. Or betting on the outcomes of games I think it's a natural. You know I think they get and take a guess as an act and natural fit between their demographic and what the casinos and racetracks are looking for in terms of client felt so if draft kings. Even if drafting to activism as as an affiliate marketer and diverted or sent their customers to different casino sites they make a lot of money. But they're looking to get into the business of operating sports wagering in a vote in have begun. Setting up you know an office in Hackensack new Jersey's staffing it I think we'll see today very soon. We're drafting you know primary motive business will be traditional sports betting. And less of an emphasis on fantasy sports contests and that's where the money is. Daniel Wallach gaming and sports attorney told most of the conduct podcast act conduct pod joined us on the tiger come just like you know in terms of the yum. Actually ask you this live I gotta give you were consulting role runner pushing the state house out in Raleigh, North Carolina with governor Roy trooper and they're trying to do to figure out how best to approach there's not a lot of people here we sit there basically on the North Carolina South Carolina border in a lot of people here think South Carolina won't will be a head of North Carolina on this Buddhist if you have the Europe governor trooper here in North Carolina he's asking you as his console and what's the best way forward now the North Carolina can legalize sports gambling what's the advice did you give. All of these is given merely a question because South Carolina castle amend their constitution it's gonna be one to two year process forced South Carolina can even have legal sports cars I would advise the governor in North Carolina that it just sort of you know get started now the visuals of built in time advantage over your neighboring states. And I think there's plenty of room for growth in both North Carolina and South Carolina it's not either or. But it's South Carolina has not really taken any action on on their sports betting Phillips languished for the last year and a half. And ultimately it's gonna have to be voted upon at the ballot. You know by the State's voters I think North Carolina I'm not I'm not up on North Carolina law but if there's no requirement under the state constitution. Still it took to have a voter referendum. North Carolina can legalize sports gambling at least a year before South Carolina can get that opportunity so take advantage of that right now and it's not only about South Carolina there were other neighboring states. You know in in in in that part of the country that have casinos and racetracks. And you know it would have North Carolina lags far behind other states they're gonna lose they're gonna lose some other customers and end and our residents to neighboring states for purposes of gambling on the games and they may not be able to get them back. That's really good stuff they're really good stuff last thing there and how much this would love your opinion. On sort of the future of how this shakes out right because I think a lot of people envision a betting windows inside of NFL stadiums and NBA Arenas and they'll possibly with new construction of new Arenas possibly even sports books in Sodom and all the things that we can you know kind of prognosticate and NC in the future but a lot of this is going to be mobile and wireless and digital using an apt Tibet and in game betting it seems. It is where the gold mines could possibly be how do you see this changing the experience for the fans as they go to an arena or two way yacht to a stadium to watch a game. Well it transforms into a half hour experience spec runs from the first period. To a third period or first quarter the fourth quarter and and links in the environment you eat it you're going to have. You know Franzen and patrons arrived at the arena for the full game experience. A couple of hours early may be go to the sports lounge in sports our sports book. Stick around after the game so it it it it takes a tour half hour three hour experience and potentially doubles it and it you know leads to more money being spent at the venue and to prove progressive owners like mark you've been in and terribly ounces from the Washington Capitals Washington Wizards. In vision and you know that that their stadiums and there are Arenas will serve as you know sports books. Either through kiosks or or just having a full complete all the wall experience of integrating their contests and games with the wagering environments I mean there's no question. That's what believes we're some of the more progressive owners are buying what they're looking for as we look further down the road. Did you look like the guy mostly corn and what questions should we guess you'll wish you got to do you've done so many of these sweater or people not asking the right questions do you say to me as someone who knows this keenly and inside now are are the wrong questions being asked you think people are asking the right questions about this is a so much we don't. Odom Eldorado where you're you're you're you're asking excellent questions and have done the prep before April 15 abuse over the last couple days and no to interviews are like. You're touching upon similar scenes I mean the number one issues what is is gonna look like when when will there be betting in my state. And the beliefs deserve to get a cut of the action or integrity feet how's this gonna impact fantasy sports there are only so many questions. That can be asked I think there's a lot of drew intrigue surrounding what the future may look like they think. Rather than focus on the short term the next couple of months. I think having a vision as to how this will be transformative of the sports industry and what the Indian experience will be like. It is quite exciting you're you're you're we're going to. That we're going to you know and then eventually entered the age of in stadium betting which which seemed inconceivable. That little was a year ago. Daniels OK quite a right to say that Garcia and really has done the best. You don't have to say that it. There's you are one of the best though we appreciate your time is certainly given how much you've been giving their time out to a two shows like doors across the country tied to what we appreciate you. My pleasure thanks for inviting me to join you all come back any time you hear about me. I devoted to Daniel Wallach really the foremost a game in a sports attorney in the countries are making the rounds and done he's done every. Every major market national show across the country since the past two days we appreciated against which he's parchment. Right. I suspect we come back them to take more sorry also including strikers on the line right now a different front to keep yelling fried and. On the bulls struggled with the jazz the current wars would be the team they need offensive vows to be one great player and two good players they wouldn't be for great players they can dribble pass and shoot the bulls lost a year the finals they denies every six and a 10786. They're not nearly as Donna as you guys thank you don't think these rockets are better as well the bulls lost a year in the finals in 89 Exxon. You know Dario has yet and we just run a whole paragraph now. What is the one guy who agreed and others multiple guys right now is our cause right okay did frank says Golden State is agreeing to define a bottle. But there's chatter ordinarily receive the 2000 they're not even just registered in the 2015 more so yes they are we're talking about us they are so important to have to grant now. How are you confining this 12018 words just this era of the wars in these past couple years that was it oh I'm talking about this team this year was these players focus of them we say what does that last two years that's the direction ever since director has joined this warriors team they're the greatest team assembled vs Kenny Jordan bulls didn't wanna talk oversight and joined just 73 win team. Oh he's probably gritty part of the best player in the NBA pure school are okay and he need any tournament demonstrators are. Yeah especially early making my point thank you trusting my stuff. I've ever deliberate and come back to take some phone calls prices Golden State's greatest of all time Oz there's a 9596 bulls welcome what do you think all these doesn't on the right or wrong 70457. Or 9060 and it it's Garcia and they looked. This who's been told and mother nature amendments of form for years a mother nature. I was a mother nature. I tell an offensive line and give his sons and my Vermont's. He has been so far but other times for years. And see. Guys loose enough spare Everyman he's a good suit. Even if you don't Wear one to work even if your blue collar guy James and those kind of dude everybody needs a new suit for a wedding though I were prevent special occasions whatever it may brief. I went on Sunday and I got fitted for a suit over and don't you know a South Park mall and an incredible experience Adrian material the whole staff took great care of me and Indochina was where you'll want adults to do your own custom made suit. 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It's a demands on the rare and voiced their support is good news. I'm relaxed John like I feel fresh just to clean a fair bit of a bear market doesn't. Powered by Ford don't Caroline's. This morning as James. There's no. We all just agree. The Michael Jordan's greatest player gorgeous all agree right now so we don't have to continue to hear that as part is you know the argument. Oh yeah heaven forbid we leave out the most important part of our consumer talking about an argument again talking about it until it's is that. We've already conceded that Jordan is the greatest player on the planet. Nobody's saying that and arguing otherwise I'd look let's let's do this is not I agree with you. And he agrees investment lots of people don't so. I figure rifle operator that trend missiles and a couple of phone calls are really quickly and we're we're wide open the rest of the way is sort of its original goals the rest of the show you wanna chime in on this and don't we go to better time before you do that let's go to lumps are likely to run but let's go to Michigan there's a giant farm notebook back on hold and in good fist. We are all here no we got a bit ridiculous argument what are your thoughts who's right strike or Ross. No qwest didn't do it you're put it in the sport betting window up on this one I'm not against Michael Jordan in an MBA oh against the warriors. Who houses literally there's a lot of money always at war except for for so we're very you'll lose a lot of money McMahon it's a clean swing just like the bulls would do to the war. Oh it is my drug to strike zone science. May just like doctors banks Michigan Vick that's the dumbest thing you've ever heard stories now you don't a lot of elusive victory is sweet Utah. You don't he's pretty good news was Stockton Malone is too nice about our principles for an undersized. I an an and an overrated power forward. Lazy and yeah in the history of the NBA. Assists it was a big voice that's on a team I've driven the senator's name. Didn't know I mean there's good doesn't it was still only is it about noise again about a different involved and it comes second said that Utah Jazz. That's not him beside him and do it anyway let's go to a to JP next JP was right or wrong tell me. Our first topic the other big like it was. Oh and not run out of respect. Greg is exactly you're exactly right it is retrospect I took Illinois. Well well well like did you like. Are not an are you now why did I will stay in it. The second prepaid Jordan where I was gonna the first victory toward that they mean compared to the first victory Jordan like a creature that they device and Koran nothing device sort of Spain compared. But in terms of the a goal they burst or go bowl people are talking like it's one on one you know Ron Harper would beat. Curry couldn't beat K indeed going to be quite count and while I don't buy. All but worries with Obama this space and are dramatically better than the ball well and dramatically better I mean both great defensive team. The advantage of both and added there are the greatest opera opens rebounding team there's been maybe the greatest. In any team other things that we're I would think they would have been bad I don't have an answer one way or the other I just a distant like calmly answer the developer. You can't that you listened as dictated that JP there's not going to be many opportunities. To take the ball off the backboard when it's going through the blue. You can have as many rebounds as you wanted to give them the rebounding and team but you're gonna be taking the ball out of an awful lot and those will be three point shots. I blame then on whoever is guarding them. He made a solid point about good to know the bunch isolated one on one matchups and they do matter in the grand scheme of things but no I didn't Red Bulls team plays such such a retired after at all a billion a triangle offense and defense of what was about a coach supporter told the Chicago Bulls are does not even know that's why. There was Steve commercial Jackson is arguably the greatest coach of all time Saudi defensive a notion worth entertaining people and teach you can teach his account any. All day long you can teach toughness. To a certain degree right. I think there's some things that you're born west they're gonna be little more inmates. But you can teach toughness it's the reason why you have green berets you know guys don't just wake up wearing berets they get made to be green berets it made to be seals that made to be Rangers right because they're teaching toughness and those types of things you can teach those types of things install that's right it is and I still those in people right you can instill is a calorie by learning how to grab hold checked and those type of things so are you can't teach seven foot you don't like to get a better shooter. I think there's some validity to that I do but I also think that you know you're you're under selling maybe in some ways how good a 9596 team was in terms of sharing the basketball on the offensive and a triangle offense is not difficult is not easy to defend and I. I just I think it's a fascinating argument right there I don't we always had to settle an egotistical. Are the threats. Odd I agree with them I think 9596 bulls I didn't run defense that's why it's united front 96 bulls I think that was a better basketball the tougher or basketball ethic and I. Nobody seeing it wasn't rivalries that nobody's arguing that. But you're also suggesting that this team couldn't insert themselves and that is a county. With the toughness that was just distance displayed and go out there and morphed into being more physical tough staying. But for your. I in his suit over the course of a seven game series stretching into just like I don't know. Eizenstat yeah. Numbers aren't talked about that would be the way that they were built from the day one all the way through if they were inserted in that era they wouldn't just be playing seven games they would be playing all the other games that led up to those seven games are posted as we get to. Thanks Mike and will wanna talk to a suite with quick pause we come back to try to Mike and will anybody else of what's the colts next week or email comes clause is wrong college WS frenzy dies John as the garage door to ruin box however you want to reach out to friends Mike and it will take your phone calls the other side who's better who's better the old state borders and Izod notice a Chicago Bulls these guys are going at it it's Garcia but it. Warning funneling women choose a craving for high speed for. Monster NET almost always returns to stunt you've never experienced anything like kids. The stunts and the best drivers in the I do is ask for one million dollars in loans doing ET it was time basis on it meant to speak when. This weekend. Sponsored by Chia seed this summer get a crispy genders twenty dollar fell off field includes twelve extra crispy chicken tenders plus all the Texans for a limited time only this offers not everywhere and not forever Texan substitutions extra. 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Still no official word but it looks like the Panthers have a new owner. According to several media reports Pittsburgh Steelers minority owner David tepper who will sign a deal to by the Panthers and keep the team in Charlotte. Until prices a whopping 2.2 billion dollars that was at a record for the highest sales price for an NFL team. Topic at one point four billion paid for the Buffalo Bills by 2014. What's the step because officials expected to be approved the NFL owners meetings in Atlanta next week the Boston Celtics silicon to take a tune up game lead in the NBA Eastern Conference finals tonight. They blew out the cavaliers in game one itself us Coach Brad Stevens says stopping LeBron James and company again won't be easy whoever they put on the floor. Appropriately to. We're we're gonna have to guard him as far as we can't lose. He says. The what is causing find out what. But the big in the NBA draft the draft.