Garcia and Bailey H3: Amin Elhassan and Steve Muench this Hour

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Thursday, April 19th

Amin Elhassan talks Hornets future, and Steve Muench talks NFL Draft.


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But Garcia. The sad news last night Gregg Popovich is why faux -- the way he's going to miss game three Osborne just told me something guys interest in your to make sense. A tour Messina is going to be the head coach the early head coach for other spurs tonight in game three feet by the next echoes the Charlotte hornets so was something to watch for tonight. Thoughts and prayers to pop man down for just absolutely terrible it's terrible. Today is never good time for these things like this and is just so awful and I I genuinely really really like Gregg Popovich I love his interviews I think he's funny I think he's the best coach in the game I think he's a great ambassador for the sport so thoughts and prayers was. And given absolutely social keep an eye on that tonight is promising is gonna I gonna toast at Siemens you know who knows maybe I'll be talking about the storm is seen as the nice a Georgia hornets. Are we got our guys Steve mentioned a house ESPN's cal saint he is our guest of honor tonight at the WS frenzy pre draft pro football roundtable come on ounces. Your evaluate her talent right that's what you do for a living trucks. Checked his body out I can show you face but I can treat FaceBook knows. Do you believe that I had a 33 inch vertical speed and I kicked off the house arrest or death. I mean how we've finally for eleven years or ten years ten years did I do believe that I knew. Now the night and hesitation. He's just saying I know how hard it is you know the plane Nellie got no one's questioning that I don't I'm not I'm these these best zones over here. It's Boston's with a I know you're you're a bathroom and that a combination baboon and Elsa and okay. A lot about Tony you're a little bigger than. Peaceful crowd. It a good bit what are molesters earlier said that he checked out the virtual mall and all the other offensive linemen coming up to simulate the really it was a break. There's 33 is that it did the text and everybody else is about toys six so franks telling us that is his explorer. They can't tell his girl was on average seven mile. Nobody else I feel like I have to casts the tiebreaking vote here I actually don't frank I actually believed frank because. I don't know how crazy it sounds and I like to poke fun at frank Alex what are polls that are misleading just intensely dragons are the much what I really truly believe he could have done that. These are so and I just wanna know how much I can trust Steve tonight you have. That's ahead. Royal protester is there really detest eyed toddler to move on from Nestle's added I want my agent conduct. Tight ends you know we had a good big discussion yesterday with that knee as we're talked roster. It was Greg Olsen. You listen I mean he's a great player he really is he's probably one of the top five tight ends. In this league but he's 33 years olds you know may have before the end may have a foot out he's tested the waters to the Panthers right now. What do you do with that position. You know I had as one of their needs and I had a hard time of where to place it because I think it's may be. A lower part of maybe six or seventh it's probably more pressing them because even if he does come back. We're hoping that is the same player in this is healthy for sixteen games which this point there's no guarantee and I think they need that player than you to guy. Who's gonna make please over the middle field as enemy that tough catching you you know and smoked and still make the play so I mean it's. It's something they need to address I'll be honest though I think they also have a lot of other pressing needs so it's going to be interesting to see how they address all of. See that's what we're talking about yesterday because you with you got a four game suspension for TV now there have been Olson's. You Kantor's answer grammar jump by the way yesterday Daria you saw that you theology had on that bar right in the front squad and show at 35 I'm sure it is shot that is that's how many are gonna swipe through right delta and remove. What was the caption for the picture to. Isn't this what looks likely not committed to football and the like that I love that by the way no well salty much really the most sensitive little bit yeah just a little bit you got a guy is so intelligent and he's auditioning for TV Johns with the rest of us are ventures sensitive thinking that maybe he'll take on but. That that's see that's what's interesting though is that even if you didn't have the Greg Olsen thing right in front of the he's still tied in in his mid thirties coming off a year where he didn't play very much. So I I know if he didn't have these TV gigs to uses leverage well he kind of just be a guy who didn't play very much slashed your has had some good seasons but he just in overtime at and it. Ed Dickson signed with Seattle. They get Dixon was was great but I mean I was at least optioned be right. You that I mean you had a little bit more fall back on I don't think they brought anyone else and no they had they had another tight end that I was kind of been a journey guy but you know maybe not utilized in a whole lot yet last year Harris wrote it yeah yeah man vs the goddamn thing Durban maybe they're gonna put him an H back crawl but still not in the lineup that to die and set it may be like Norv Turner. He likes to do and that's the question I have for you is that how must is your thought process go into the guy call the plays. And what's your offense looks like because to me you know Norv Turner starts with the running back. You know that you're going to seed 1617 times handing him the ball. You know this gonna be able to you know handle that load more north and south and then you know it did the A spec fullback to tight ends in a kind of come into play. And I think you also get the receivers and what his own receivers. Big body guys that run fast times don't necessarily. Separate their little bit different and they tell midget Benjamin's in the sense of those guys are really good possession receivers underneath or at least they should be an intelligent judgments and are willing consistent. But these are guys that takes a top off the coverage that creates all that space underneath when you wanna forward your age back went one authority are tired and and all the other guys you have on your roster so. It's amusing to see how they approach. So it's. Give me a reason I guess what. Pay nurses and it keeps coming up here right near Dallas got hurt. Other kids from off from Stanford is don't numb all still I should dole told sort of a single but with another name in my decision out of Penn State and big tall kid runs well and those franks told me ask questions about his ability to block I've heard others maybe safe to say they think it is a level is nobility or so so so what what's so is that's what that's going to scare people off mr. because physically he looks like I. I always say look at Winston it's the only thing I think when you throw this tape you don't CQ runs for 54 that's okay doesn't know and yet he averaged less than ten yards per catch last year. So when you're trying to match things up it doesn't it doesn't always match up where does. Is he's outstanding 5050 situations and if you're off its coordinator you get this guy in your in the red zone you're you put him out there and you're saying. Everyone put out their good luck. Will isolate that guy and if you want to over there. It's gonna help it's gonna help us. Some borrow speak you can't win consistently was jumble office so. Literally that's it's it's just one role that he can play and that's what we I think we have him in the third round I mean people are freaking out about. How well that how well I work I went in and understandably but he's a better test her. But he's a football where. So we're bundled Schultz but one of the knocks what would the unadulterated dvds and Iran I think one of the things that some really interesting about him is that when you go back. He works with Zach hurts in the offseason all stand for kids so that he's got that pro tight end and guys really good about it and setting up breaks. Knowing where he needs to get how to get there all of those things. And then you look at the testing. And it's it's better than hurts. His testing overall when you look at all the jumps in the change direction and all that he. There's some that may be your it was a little bit better I think you can make the argument that shall tell the better overall calm my workout and then you look at their offense. And it didn't really feature the tight end as much as they used to that at one time you know when some of those times are coming out like. Hurts they were more of a focal point of that office not so much time. Our Ozzy Osborne had a question what we got to there was more. All I guess it's pretty still tight ends a tight end it I I think is really great and and I just wanna hear you talk about destroys them golly at a Wisconsin. Try I think he's I think he's fantastic tight and wait where is your opinion it was in the Dolly. That number to move tight end some to comb the appetite and other systems called Utah NN he's a good receiver Brett he's more of a this session you were half penny is a big play you were half I don't he's going to be gather it's gonna. Consistently stretch the field make plays down the seam he's got that kind of speed but he's gonna get open and usually catch the football. Go back a year ago and you know give the guy that the Panthers drafted very high you a lot of people are still upset with that. You know because he meant to have the explosiveness. That you're looking for you know with that type of player top ten guy in Chris McCaffery. Is he a guy in your opinion that came in May K. In a Norv Turner offense running between the tackles give the ball you know with hand off 61617. Times. He's got is the high volume Marley gets better as the game goes on. Or is he a guy that is just gonna be. You know kind of the Swiss army knife and does a little this well does that wells can be consistent. You need guys like that too. You don't have on your team because you can rely and count I think in the long run he ends up being that Swiss nice guys and I think he's really good that rule. Because right people say when you watch Stanford tape that he is a power run scheme true. And then he got stronger with each carry in college and that's true. I don't know if you is the frame to do that for seventeen no sixteen games plus plus the playoffs. That's really something that's going to be a lot of wind Aaron terror and kids framed it's just it's not quite. Big enough I think to handle that role I think he couldn't. He can even run between the tackles and he can be effective in that role but in terms of being like bell cow back I don't think she's back. I get Steve mention ESPN's counseling joining us in studio we got one more segment with him duck questions coming in on the text line and give him some of those we come back to those questions coming call or text we'll take your calls as well 70457. Or 96 Jimmy's our guest of honor tonight at the WS Lindsay pro football pre draft roundtable wanna see is still worth neighborhood grill at my purse dot com where you'll find those last few tickets. More questions nexus Garcia may elect. I guess maybe it's just your scouts think it thousand we're we're gonna try to make just quick worker this again about eight minutes and got amino acid coming up at 1230 ESP you know what it is dog saw enough but I sort of Scotiabank. Zero quit their reports out to the browns are seriously considering drastic two quarterbacks at one and four they desperately wanted to this position right they just they traded for Tyrod but they they make they may drafts to quarterback. It's it's yeah I don't get it mean Easter seal one for me if you wanted to. Philosophically. You could make the argument but I wouldn't agree with it but one for so in my mind the top record actually go off the board with a first or text and the giants should take -- whether or not they do. They should. So they're taking the first and the fourth guy on your bore Burge has probably not the second guy that you had on board right. And then you rigging these guys in the a lot of fight in by the way you're missing out on me. And you have you can get an outrageous talent and eat even if sequel Barkley goes number two we we know that Jessica take quarterback. So you look at either getting. I think the guy's gonna and I I struggle taken guard that early. But I think eager you guys going to be an all pro for 1015 years as he's healthy quick Nelson out of Notre Dame and then begin Bradley Chubb who. I can't say enough good things about him is as an edge defender. So I mean you're giving up on those two guys. You know just get ranked first. You know like that's honestly just just generate the first did you record rack you should at this point no you're in love with and if you're low with two of those guys it's. Now some I think something's a little bit off future because you know it's like the bachelor picked one. His Alley use this as a friend and valued Stewart and don't just have I get a home. I want I thought let's talk about these Ron and actually quickly going to go back to the printers because usually we struck up an instant conversation islanders guys you know that. Frank likes nick jumped I like him to but did the big conversation about nick showbiz Sony Michelle specifically those guys out of Georgia. You know I guess the way we talk about those guys might feel a bit misleading. It is I think you know I sort of Michelle is the more versatile back I guess he's he's more ready to play. A role in the in the in the passing game it always some you'll always hear that Sony Michelle's has breakaway back that he's this. It's thunder and lightning and so we Michelle's lighting and then you go to the combined and you realize that's going to show runs 454. Bradley job I mean I'm sorry nick show runs for five to. So did the difference in their speed and in their burst isn't his is much is what people thought it was a one point. And I do think there's a difference in their power I think to make child is a stronger. Turn it out between the tackles you know just punish offenders with the way he runs so. It's it I understand the love persona Michelle it has caught me off guard a little bit about how much buzz he's built because. I think is running means just as good if not maybe a better pack. Why is safe Kwon Barkley is the best player in this draft. Nobody's gonna draft him number one. Or number two or number three cornerbacks. And the additional value to because. You know like Allen to there arena. All these guys gonna say yeah maybe I'm not getting easy to Eliot. Maybe I'm not kidding tiger early this year but I normally get this guy who's gonna come and catch fifty balls and run for 12100 yards. And you see with all of these these running backs it's over cycle because they just used them so much when they're younger. You look at that guy you know on the third the fourth round is gonna come in Libya really solid back trio. And you don't wanna waste that earlier round pick on guys is it's the flip side lower talking about with offered tackles at Berkshire's. If it wasn't so unpredictable. As I do you think running back is it more predictable positions than quarterback. In on you look kids you know white. You know the kids from LSU last year when that. Now has done for Jackson is term you know that franchise around obviously have a great defense right you know but they're gonna do it differently than everybody else with an average quarterback. And if you can give your average quarterback or that guy number four. Why not get your best player in the draft at number one I just don't understand that theory that that last week it especially when got a one in four. So you think a you're saying you're big yardage takes a Kwan won and the quarterback for yup the only problem that I have with that is that if you love. Arnold Sam dark if he's your guy a quarterback. You're knocking them probably not going to be able to get him at four then we wouldn't be having this conversation of them taken two of we are that much in love with similarly meg a I don't. No but I'm wondering how was that I mean to me owner how forces that smokes I don't know yesterday. I really did they're really doing that and there is I I would have concerns yeah I mean you should at this point. No we don't yet know who your guy is he should be figured out. I don't look channels that they're gonna do it. But if you look at a marine people that I'd I'd trust that are right most of the time saying they are at least considering the possibility of drafting two quarterbacks notice you're that desperate to get bright at quarterback geno of that organization I guess I get it a little bit on. Philosophically you can yeah I understand the argument but but the practical application of doing the right. Turns in a a Max very quickly I think I don't know I mean maybe were wrong media may be Cleveland Browns are on the cutting edge. How to approach the draft and we just haven't figured it out yet I don't think so. I don't think just the history tends to say the ring we might be right. I'm I'm wrong about a lot of things but I think we're gonna get that you can talk someone into it I mean if you wanted to go phils you won't be elect philosophical about Buick well you're getting it's like yeah but it doesn't. Cornerbacks are are ego maniacs by nature and you're gonna in either bring him in that situation where it's going to be an incubator for. It was reducing competition but it's not really competent I mean there's a reason why quarterbacks transfer colleges all the time right Brett. Where nobody you know it was Sam Donald baker mayfield and Tyrod Taylor in the same quarterback rumors just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me I don't know. I'll work I don't either and if he could but you would have to have guys swallow their pride. On a level that I I've never seen an an honestly. That's the flip side of that is when you look at name any record rack you know you want to talk with Tom Brady first of all in the league right now. When we talk about first and foremost it sells arm strength maybe a little bit of its accuracy it's a much of a maniac is as a competitor how would she wants to be there. At 5 AM on Monday morning breaking down film like you want. So if you got three guys really came in what's up to hang around three to be here Mattel the quarterback keeps you know it's not a real test where's the mentality go. Right but I want to go out there rip someone's head off a lot of you know. So great man we're both awesome though there. And we got to but we only have about ninety seconds left so we gotta go wide receivers and I to a so quickly in Georgia tonight a draft partisan buy your tickets about perks stock count on I don't wanna see this -- taken a wide receiver in the first round some people do it again numbers show us the most of these teams by the wide receivers in rounds two through four I don't think it's pretty. They're pretty will documented so would look at talked about wide receivers where would you go. Do you look at Green Bay what they've done in the second round it's insane I may have Dovonte Adams Jordy Nelson ramble. What's his name. A mile forget but they mean you can kill it in the second round of five good receivers and I think if the kid LSU TJ shark. If she's there than not not as big body is the older more turner pretty easily easily take topple field. He's a rom by guest and I keep saying it over and over again I I don't know how. This kid from notre Dame's a foam the fourth round the Clinton economy its same brown. Or 65 runs in the fourth forced before force and east. If you look at that offense and you know won't I don't want to rush well. Known thrown ball I mean nothing's actors in that that office is just not in sync all year so you're trying to eat it's hard to do. The same time I'm seeing kiddies out we more talent. Has to be that cannot have that kind of production and I think if he makes the jump to the NFL and you get them to develop he's doing. Talk about that joke you know because you have made the argument that it takes a year or two before these guys really start finding their niche you talked about these guys on paper that run the force five of the force fours but on the field they play for six or seven. Because there are dealing jams throughout you know they're not. Familiar with the route tree they don't know how do you get out there break her in and out of the break in is a sinking more than they're reacting and those things take time. How much time for you when it comes these receivers before they haven't he's used the year I mean we've seen some it's it's we've seen difference. But Mike Evans came Italy and I think right away just like to nature could keep such unique talent for a lot of these guys it's not that way. This is getting on the same page like if you're running an option route where you have the receiver reading coverage your quarter not only is the receiver have to read it one way he's got to read the same way as a quarterback. So it's not only him understanding covers an alignment and what I am where I need to break and when I need to break when I see this it's understanding what you're quarterbacks thanks and seeing it too because. They ran out here if you're playing for again we'll see Brady. And you break the wrong way and off round he throws a pick six the linebacker sitting underneath he's not coming back to. Good luck getting back on the field it's it's tough it's like when you're losing fumbles as a running back at the same kind of concept so. Some guys it's year some go as two years and some guys it's never with some guys just don't they never catch on so it's it's. Again a tough thing to project but when your when you have these guys in your building that's why you're putting up on the white boards and when you see this week what do you think you would be doing. Honesty match ESPN's scouts think he is our guest of honor tonight into formula that's very much so if there's still available you can go to get my perks dot com right now grab a ticket together and tonight a currency is a deal worth neighborhood girls and a taste of what should get awesome stuff we'll talk to cement. Thanks Steven GS PN's don't think we come back we talked to me no class and ESPN a look at his thoughts on the next orders coach will be its Garcia Villa. Straight tsunami LS and on ESPN is joining us on a second job just line and we appreciate a little bit in his time as wells reduce dementia is that was great conversation but a made let me dive right in money we appreciate your time and I'm a good look at tonight what's disbursed play and and because of a tragedy that so of course we all know about the. Joy is a tremendous quote Jimmy's in Seoul and so is it what people there's a lot would be. In terms. Of merry and a great international experience you know you know head coach but just a Moscow it's one of the best clubs up early the United States. He's been head coach of anti national and he eco a very very very young minded you know we over in Italy. So this is a guy who's been around the block. Whoever great temperament with players. And not only that but all well. You know. Paid his dues in the NBA meaning it before you lieutenant and it's with the new system and look what the late developer so important. Four as head coaches in the league that perhaps some sort of credibility of clout with the players who contemplated here hey we hired. There's due to be out coats. The first thing they do they look at where he wasn't war and an eight all of their friends may have played an eight youth minister to do that how well. He would the bet he's always prepared you know he was no respect without. Know the kind of thing very important that that kind of thing that really acted against a guy like it but hey man. And didn't really have a call I'm from anyone inside to NBA universe of the play probably not. And so Bob McKee I think in a few in the vehicle controller and an obvious that there collection that is in the midst I think you'd be advocate. You know I respect is I think the word that you know you're you're talking about and I can agree more net would have been my biggest question or concern. You know with the you know the Italian coach coming here is is there is there a disconnect culturally. I don't I don't think so because he's been here long right again if you're talking about and by the way there's this big competition you have. What a college coach of the NBA is what I Palma culturally different countries in the bottom up. We don't live with in the sport. Pupil by get a ticket to ninety feet by fifty feet. And we have that it's attendee I didn't make it in sport they're very different on the default level and so for misty have spent all that I'm pretty much. From when he was the lakers. Five years ago I believe it was and then now within Antonio is or whatever it giving it out about what India culture and immediately. A lot of it and the way you deal guys and all all the kind of intricate these abolished all on a box or. I think is very familiar with it now. How much is that won't affect a guy like Jerry Stackhouse a guy that a lot of people are talking about you know has been in you know it up and coming guy that you a lot of people I have high praises with building developing younger players how important is it going to be you know with a young team verses a more veteran team that he gets in their rights situation. What they were the big steep respect out and if they're they're pretty via the question out the ball players who have become coaches. There's the idea can you be patient and not win guy or not blasted the same talent that you earn so. But this story in the latest version of this of course is Jason Kidd. And now I think Howard Bennett on Bleacher Report wrote this really nice feature about it we can went deep dive into what went wrong in Milwaukee and a lot of it. Being a parent problem. This picture it was a very patient you or her if the weather very tolerant. Certain guys we felt like what were you ought to work did you do think that he didn't use the players and you know Stackhouse was. One of those that he is a very demanding player in terms of like what he demanded an Akita gridlock no doubt that reasons. Vick that he elevated debacle from a player standpoint but. When you take that step already for some time. The thing that you communicated the veteran player to law school. Utica distinct words and they don't look at you and who in China we did that and I don't look at that you're yet they're nickel we stood in that. Started though let you know that would've been I think you ultimately like. And and that can be majority. Realization of the players realize it's kind of like pick I'll call. Went to Brooklyn tight you're not winning more you you didn't come bump and well. Are having all that there's been very successful in Toronto with their geely franchise. On. They edit and you know I I BP bat as he went from a coaching them points in a way it'd be featured bid dated it literally went from playing. Trying to become a coach in the new over the over the course of a bummer and and that transition could be a lot ought. We'll see income was hosting about that is frustrated are both for a follow on that because you said you know can he be patient with guys who were blessed with the same ability when you be working for an owner who had to learn that lesson immediately because no one had to learn that lesson part of the Michael Jordan can you be patient with guys who were blessed with the same ability issue. Well income somewhat arguably butler's. Woods and they're a bit beer it epic there at the top thing but again you know when you know we can't wait till we hear. Coaching searches that we do because you're trying to figure out. A lot more with time at the pendulum right so we had a taskmaster approach over here. The term loan and swinging well we're gonna wanna elect a more clear coat though you're right that we had a guy it was. Very because of oriented and and and kind of a test on. Returns are begun on the next on the title to normal next guy will be about very often to stoke. It that was the Libyan you know you look at the garlic equipment very very well accomplished you at all or that that in LA. That that would come I can't Tony. On and you see yourself. If he weren't so well prepared guy was a very decent keyboard guy who comes in the bag but didn't treat your. I'm kind of white hard no luck on whatever. Tuesday probably the next guy's going to be. A player right because that's the opposite event when we don't go video room crowd of products that incorporate what. My very he knew the danger is sort of the player is every bit the same time. There's good. And that adds that the war what I look at their I do I think about that I'm not I've not I'm not understanding you know if you try to go for the penalty. Winning in and the other side and you go out and hired they do believe to be a bit but I. He saves for them continent a difference. Are we talking a mile high city ESP are joining us on the tech become just like them in and I think it non you know a lot of you know the concerns that a lot of people here at Charlotte had. Halves is managing egos right and if you look at the dynamics. With the Charlotte hornets you have Dwight Howard. You have Nicklaus consume. And you potentially have a kemba Walker's three completely different types of egos who manages those egos and Kooks who comes in and handles a guy like Dwight Howard who. Maybe you have had troubles and is species elsewhere but no clips was his guy so that respect factors there that you're talking about who can come in handled those type of guys. I think ultimately is what we're talking about here. Well and I carry it you'd be the biggest thing here is that consistent we. The organization right you know coach walks through and says about me that backed you management and ownership. I can handle and you know our commitments that were not the best friend you know thoughtfully. All lockstep so way. Ever spoke mr. football white diamonds played in ten minutes in a playoff game. You know not like you know that aren't all that well where it all the Pat Riley and also Mickey error and there's nowhere that. Felt like I can circumvent our goal. Complain if someone on McKee blue coat is going to be over here and that's about it and not let that LeBron James. Discovered very early this figure Myers that you know you can't put a parent and it completely out well. Because we don't lock step like they've been here there Antonio DP and Golden State you have that that. Staying Pete mentality from management ownership and go to price of a guy come pick whoever it is whether to expect opportunity nor anyone out. The idea is. The attack you somewhat met. Management and ownership are fully invested in bought in two. And when you set out bid you all back and while we're not there yet so we're not we're not turn out there I don't know. We're talking to a bit player but on the table looking over and I believe that's what are they undermine. The respect back that. No by the we're talking amino acid ESP and joining us on the tech become just like that that's who that guy is going to be there whether it's Jerry Stackhouse on I'm kind of indifferent about at this point and I'm impressed unimpressed by I'm kind of a different I'm intrigued by the idea that -- Messina I love the idea David says they'll amid I like this guy a lot of like what he stands for no this is not the only job the best interest in his services. Other way things in the demand this was it was ugly but that's kind of what Memphis doesn't that wasn't on David is still how do you feel about that is a sit in Charlotte. I think tugboat approaching an anecdote about. The upheaval the privilege to work with them here yet the end on the jump. But beyond that is David so don't let guys that. When you go around the lead. You talked a player if you are sold much respect from the players and and to me if you bought into the market players that wait for him. Mr. Politico the president never played well. They have so much respect and admiration for the bill. And so and that obviously charities you respect back there what LeBron and you're going to wait for the more reflective guy who believes that certain though. Well players. Listen to would comply get to know what. One dog got in the got there isn't great I think decimal and then you have bet that respect back there that I kind of players vote ActiveX but it is done. They've been built up pretty base threaten your data out in the video. Where Pat Riley or they felt that they BetaNews reader simply go like spokesperson bill. Don't know desert or about five minutes that were out right that's when real heavy duty Warren work. The terror victims and oh that they could be gone on and so it is you've married a guy with a they have got to have a great basketball mind and and a great work I think with the peacock barely break. Communicators in the back late with different different players from different backgrounds in the way that. Gonna win over the confidence in front obviously there will be a tremendous tremendous. Higher or wherever you. Are the cavs in trouble LeBron scores 46 last night when by three indeed the Philadelphia 76ers have what it takes to compete for the Eastern Conference championship. Well I picked the cavs are in trouble not yet series but. Probably in that period when they got to play that's almost an evil 400 billion year. Because I kind of effort as well or basic he's the liberal win their ballclub a good job of it gets so people. Take that shot and what part you probably hit it out of there is wide open on play. And they just got lucky to ease yet that she's treating the bond that I'd rather. Two win because we get the right thing and are to win because a lot that we look at the way a bit outlook right there because that got you know issue that economic spokesman there. But I think they'll they'll figure it you know because they're being LeBron. Is good enough to be got three more times. I don't know about somebody if they go big go long and in what. Ask also about the I would say. The brave armed go to other competed at a conference battle. Warren I don't even know they're out of the woods in my hair and you know you've got on the butt hole. You keep your order played in the playoff. And it really did you they're really good at doing the right thing at all right I'm not mentally at all. And forcing you to kind of make bogey there and I think when you look at Philadelphia. Guy game one victory that they've basically. Very up and down wide open story when they're like they're good they're good they're outfitted it actually. But what they became a different type game. And now you're depending on I think we Sobel and Belinelli and Redick. Two lead you to victory because they've been terrible war ER I like I've been hadn't been at war and understandably. If you use a computer you're a play off. Why people about matchups and don't try and sold gave warm feeling it all of that the other ought to be all happy and gay until you know perhaps or. What never now fish you've got to learn how to reduce your debt you're there under don't know. If I actually like beyond can learn no doubt Obama like quicken not within a conflict to respect an entry. Pay me got about 45 seconds here I give your keys this organization for a day you can. You get missed cut checks job for and they were the first mover or first couple low humidity gets into the Charlotte or respects the playoffs. Spectacle. I don't think back and play out to visible under control. I know a heartbeat here for mr. Michelin could have been through it and they have an adequate that the that the involvement. I think you have to start looking at cleaning up that that. Sally can't achieve that read we do in rebooting. What it is social order or about the culprit as it is right now the collection of guys Webb got I think they'll buy seed in the Eastern Conference. And maybe a lucky. Oh portion on the play all victory if you match up with the right Pete I don't think there's a whole lot of feeling the potential to grow and prosper as there's. But I also understand that that he's sitting over here and ought bamboo very comfortable understands being in Charlotte did either that hadn't had a lot that you simply. Could tell it owed at least but the thing all over again that's probably not you be spending on it. No it's not we appreciate your honesty we appreciate your time and thank you we'll talk to so. I mean LS and ESPN joining us on the second job just line and other ago the honest truth from from the guy who is a comfortable in LA but might not be on or off. I I think to guys does connect that I did not everything that he said in particular you know with the culture in the respect thing. Is going to be extremely important. No for whoever this next coach is going to be and I also thought from the organizational standpoint. In when he started talking about you know a lot lot key you are lockstep to you know whatever the attorney that he used. You you've got to be he gonna be tied it to hip you gotta be. In the same damage in the decision in there is no different then you know what we understand and when it comes apparent and I can't go to mom and ask her one thing and she says yes after dad said no. If mom says no that means dancing of Dez is no that means mom says no same thing has to exist exist here with coach with general manager with owner. Are we come back on the NCAA. Was some big news yesterday. Some good news frank alerted me to this last night he is thrilled about this as lots of folks and yes we'll tell you what the new resist. It's fifty minutes even more news big news for sports fans in the city of Charlotte. Source in very. The NCAA. Is gonna start sullen blues had championship events. Alcohol. Better test run the college World Series and it went so well they got everybody so drunk that they're just gonna do everywhere except the civilians took over there no amount that you could the NCAA had previously allowed alcohol sales and the guy in general seating at the college World Series in women's college World Series. As part of a pilot program started two years ago the program was expanded to include football championship subdivision championship games I've CS. I had all three divisions for wrestling men's lacrosse championships and a man's eye sockets to basically try this out every single sport it's a big time college football basketball and and it seemed to go OK your baseball games are pretty good place to start out selling alcohol is kind of a relaxed atmosphere in New York has been folks screaming at each other and they went well enough now that they're good they're good news across the board price you could you going to be able to buy booze at every NCAA championship that. Didn't make any sense you know why it wasn't already. In existing. And I was surprised honestly you know when I first retired. And you want my first college game. I was looking forward you know the the beverages. And none to be found I had no idea at the times for some years ago now but if they didn't sell alcoholic college football games and I wouldn't know that because they've never been one. You know in the stands only been on the sidelines or in competing in the game so. I'm it was a little surprising to calm and you know I guess you know if you're gonna allow guns in Alabama. Arkansas so what Alabama and Arkansas throughput that are. The Arkansas governor has not allowed guns to exist I'm not sure that's going to go over well with the with the alcohol so I think you might have to pick and shoes of York and saw what everybody else some. I think it's going to be I think it'll be fine I mean flaws everywhere is getting carted in they'll fake IDs are exists as we know but you know it. I don't think it's going to be biggest troubles people thing. No the only Soledad I don't think why don't see you were there any reason why consenting adults should be able to trigger an ideal cold beer at a ball game I don't have a the issue whether relief I I just don't wanna see this. Are you know look by the way alcohol sales are already permitted to college football playoff we have the new your six balls because they're not administered by the NCAA for those of you are wondering. Well Virginia serves beer. Yeah they're they're starting they'd kind of start their own pilot program and at one point but there's going to be an incidentally why pick at this point so so certainly universities I mean inform me on this certainly universities coop or the you know already had these policies in place yet but the thing about it was you it is my understanding is that the text to Wright's Ennis is WVU of course as certain beard games for the last so at least ten years. I don't think general seating could get bigger than even at West Virginia James of the a lot of these like West Virginia there there are seated are serving at a club seated. No we want to you know Virginia Tech writer particularly dear affair and they headed up talking up the top and the club seating areas like this right nobody else you can get it right there sitting outside that you know and orchards or there or it's off campus who knows what are other Texas points out here if you're on campus you could sell a lot of these places in the cloud seeding nearest Joe Schmo sit out section 115. It or sit out the told was not able to do get himself to be here. On you know and been pretty much in any of these days but now they can't look at file with this as long as it doesn't turn to some of these NFL venues really got drunk guys fighting each other all over the place because. It was nice having a lot of places no doubt about that you can't honestly tell me you seem more U is many fights the cow at a college football game as you haven't Simon if Hillary are in a full stadium. Well they're not on north that has anything to do you know with the servant of alcohol during the game because as we all know. There's multiple ways to get the alkaline and or consume it before you get there. So I don't know what this changes with tail gating and things like that frat parties you know right now on the road everybody's gonna you know have their. They're fun before they get in and sometimes. The other gonna sneak there you know they're there alcohol in their I don't know if this promotes less of that or not but. You know I don't know what the costs are going to be in our most college students can afford an eight dollar beer for the most part no you know those type things so. I mean I think those things are still gonna exist Wyatt I happy losing you know doesn't happen is watching college vs pro it's good question I don't know. We'll still see your quick folk older Mike who wants a series stars Michael Summitt thanks for call. Actually lycra but not their cues new York and they carried on the hot can't the ability. These they have about beer and walk around the stadium. Dumb and then he Utley they don't do that. He's got my my my question are you seasonal is that it was all offer on campus. I never been the carrier don't side bets on Centre cinema because again you look at this USA today article right here of noted there's this it's kind of new things could be in suitably championship of this is we're talking the largest nuclear. Good news did not specifics home games like that's I didn't know that and they're going to be carried them that's interest. Yeah I would just like herb on my dad and net than at Seton yet to come here man you know you're here in and then they get a spot ground. That it up on I think like fourth quarter. The the ballgame but our game not walk around the world trade old beer and a school. Rick Hendrick. Yeah I think runners in following multiple texts not from you know venues around the country. The allow you know you're already in in the stadium you know Colorado State is open to biggest campus brewery in the country there are about open and adjust our. An article 49ers you have to remain in the beer garden with that so. You know I guess the fact that they're going to be able to sell in the stadium now do you maybe a little different for some. Are you may not change for the others but it's gonna be. You know I guess Lee glide now so yeah it. Just the championship events in a book has got to remember too that these individual campuses can regulate themselves the way that they want to but these NCAA championship events you can sell those so obviously he's getting around here are we got to step aside we come back Sherron stores like. I joins us from WBZ Carolina Panthers radio network some big news for Charlotte sports fans today she just came back from the press conference she'll tell us all about it next course again very what's.