Garcia And Bailey H3 From ACC Media Day: Clemson Stars Mitch Hyatt And Clelin Ferrell Join The Show

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Thursday, July 19th

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Garcia. The west it uptown at the ACC kicked off hash tag ACC big golf if you wanna steal the social media post. For the various teams in the media outlets coaches and players are checking out hat hat I passed adjacency kick off. And I think also hash tag ACC football you get one of those or both of those you'll see all the great stuff taken place. Here at the Westin in uptown on the second day of the ACC kick off its all about the Atlantic Division and so far we've. Which are blast that we talked to Davos when you talk to be close and Dave door Bobby Petrino. Right sadly. The big names continue to look to Roland that's not gonna stop here and Howard over three years. We'll have to try it and Cleveland fairway of the Clemson Tigers coming up in the next segment so offensive linemen and it befits a lot of from the tigers he talked to listen die if you miss that'll sway distort the show where she started to they show little bit early to make sure the dabhol. That's targeted on the airwaves are WS Lindsey if you an estimate about 155 we'll have that where you were dead at 5 o'clock. And though they try to work it did closet as well right now. We got a friend witness that's divert Carolina bullets hanging out at the table are MF. I'm good is that you know it's been fun ACC kickoff is always a good time I like open bar last night 'cause. That's what it adds. Related marks the first of all media take that they take full of all open they close that thing down there it close and the crazy thing is as soon as you walk kid there it does it. Pushing bargaining your face number what I wanted to eat first let's take this event put up a can get this party started early. You know he's out doing it. And it's coated it we we you came over and you know I didn't. I saw yesterday before. Across the room a sort of gets talked to yesterday that you found your way over the first and told himself indicted know you've been next door just covering a little basketball a little prep basketball not the normal garden variety. The tide featuring LeBron james' son and bronze in town. Yet I had no idea. You know I somebody talked a little bug in my ear and told me that LeBron James junior is playing in the USB eight. She begins championship right at the convention center and so I said okay. I missed the game yesterday then I had another bug places we'll meet you Ron may be in town and so. I stuck out a played hooky and went next door and into my surprise daddy in junior where the wilting in it was. It was just a surreal environment that they're the crowds around then. Mom watching LeBron who on the court really is. Replica of his father. It was just that you and I enjoyed it and and I've never been a haven't been around LeBron in that type of environments. So to see all of the crowd's been in in everybody clamoring to get this photo. But also seeing him play with his daughter on the sideline that's cool pulled his wife up and hugged her and you know. I have some video on my instant Graham I Carolina list of wanna check that out. Definitely double I was deployed to four did when you know you're very active on incident to close a lot of cool stuff and again it's on Twitter and it's great actor a lot of bullets right yeah Carolina blitz on its agreement later at bash tried her hardest right now it's organic so vast I heard site about wood as you said something about the LeBron James thing during the break that the fixed interest thing I want wanna. Have you talked about it again and that's you know the sons of these stores oftentimes gets pretty awful treatment for their off their try to do their own thing on the court or on the field. Yet it was so attacked even be you know win the com LeBron James junior went up for a lay up and help people and his dad misses layups and he's one of the greatest basketball players ever. People in the crowd started chanting overrated. Fourteen feet in depth and malice just like you know it's all it's is it was just tacky or any time we got to teed up a player one on one everybody's like. Wool and so if you know is you can't. And a very tough situation. It's an active from what I understand I think you know his son aspires to be a basketball player and I like his dad was to have that type of pressure. I can't even imagine ideally that's often depicted that it used to be and that's just the reality of it but it doesn't make it to me. It anymore frustrating they're grown adults would act that way to go. That's that's frustrating yeah and then Intel a lot of kids in the air but I really do think the adults kind of started that holes. That's overrated chant and I'm lice who bring you learn how and. You're absolutely right about that the speaker of abroad for the India. We take about three days it's early to think about you know this free agency period and go all the all the activity in the Riviera isn't really crazy you know I was just talking a silent. It's like the NBA season. It's just a continuation. Going in the free agency you'd go from the playoffs to the draft to. Free agency in summer league and still free agency have called YAM to Roseanne and now the question is is why it is not played because he doesn't wanna play in Toronto and LeBron going to LA which was complete business moves out you know free agency act. It's weighed more entertaining them well off the agency and so as a journalist you know I'm like did it gives me good content. So specifically the hornets that right Tony Parker Center Dwight Howard shift out of his back beyond book comes back obviously the young guys and this is. If Franken I've had some arguments I actually think this team. Has gotten younger. A little more athletic and with the Eastern Conference being what it is right now obviously the wilder deal changes things a little bit but. You know this team you know did go through a lot less to the bench was not from the debates will be better. And at the bench been better Lester let's play often so I. I think they've got I think this probably is a big I think they make the playoffs is my round about ways I think they've made your date see what it's also done a seventy Imus thing anybody should celebrate that. But I look at these right now they can. Why not these guys for whatever it's worth. The east is pretty much you know is wide open it it's open for us and I would say it again and of Tony Parker doesn't make have been better. And I like the is Matt coming back to Charlotte and so you know I think the team has gotten better. But I think that the fans from what I understand they don't want just better they won it. A legitimate playoff contender contender left and I don't know if the hornets are a legitimate. Playoff contender it's ultimately eat into the playoffs. But we're not gonna make any new ways to go and so I think the fans here in Charlotte you deserve a team that makes noise lake. It's like the Panthers and then the hornets are kind of like an afterthought. And and for a team all despite Jordan's we need more that. Yeah you know for some people live at the template should have been dealt should still be delta is the most valuable species. But that those people are obviously not happy right now that you're not gonna make those people happy but the reality is right now Kim was aborted it looks like he's going to be for a while longer and that I system Roger gonna have to take so. Look we we were up against about one more thing there with you because I would imagine I'm gonna see US port hurt your -- we can have two weeks I'm hoping you're vulnerable you're going to be able to make it itself training camp is just around the corner it's hard to believe that it's almost here what's up. We got we got traded Tampa got healthy Cam Newton we've got more weapons on the offensive side of their lotteries to be excited there. You know I'm I'm if anything else I'm excited because Cam Newton has been so lit recently. You're now yes because you do with David pepper is a chorus like he's free and free Cam Newton is Boller Cam Newton. And so I am ready to see him. Unhinged I think that when he. Able to beat himself totally and completely. That's where it that's when you get that with Cam Newton and so that's what I am looking for top wedding wanna pet one. One instance if the story of him getting at taxes out that it that's the only thing like it if it be sold it if you could be if this that some self getting effective because it took effect. Within a good show Charlotte that they don't bash starter Carolina blitz followed her on Twitter at best I hurt yes VS sixty yard yet to have bad starter and audits to grant act here a lot of what's awesome that you Buffett thanks for having me thank you very much or look we come back to gonna hear. A couple of clubs at tigers on either side of a lot of scrimmage it's high it will join his first. And Doug Leland Ferrell will hop on directly after we'll talk a little tigers football. With the guys in the trenches that's on the others not live from the west and ACC kicked off its Garcia Bailey WS since it. Zack and Garcia and me. You know found that though the ACC kick off fantastic ACC kicked off if you wanna see all the great things going on here. At the Westin yesterday it was the coastal division today it's the Atlantic to the we are now speaking. Julio a representative of the team that's well what's gonna supposed to win the Atlantic Division because they're really good. They're tired of the Clemson Tigers is joining us here on radio rove would tell you that do you. You know you bend you've been an aid to Clemson fans know about the civilians showed up committed immediate impact on this team. And as a person I just throughout this process because the expectations for you freak out when you got there. There's one expectations on you know like five star athlete just. On the tournament the most news. I'm Nora got they they. They kind of expertise time and a big role especially with the I don't even so. You haven't filled that role than just on. He is a person just happy that I got cancer you do that in just in his he would do well. To argue community. Speaking of expectations right UN high expectations on yourself coveted this team has higher expectations again coming into this year. Close is established itself you know among the premier programs in the country to you. Your position now where you've been atop that hill and guys retarded every single week how was it different maybe than what you're used to. I mean come soon. Army comes and goes the only time. Until after that. Every week we just we guard the best we can. That we've declared best and do our best school. I'm gonna talk generic coach that was when he hears a little while he's walking around radio row here right now what what is what does he said to you. Know about this season about you know how you guys streak. Get right back to the top of that mountain and become national championship and how does that with the message we should just calm I mean he says. A very veteran team we are on the way we need to answer the leadership for the like little or other players just told ball helps and you just come and you could possibly ever have a role in this conference you. And was calm and used newer team expectations and and can keep you return. Ultimate chart looks at tigers don't usually have become just like here are shoots it radio row here at ACC kick off. Talking about the defensive line I've been looking I know you get this question all the top right you're you're you're looking. A nuclear officer wanted the country. And had not got to believe it's important because you go predicts maybe the best offensive line in the country what is it like on a daily basis to go off on board practice and I got to cut by teacup got to get better. Against the best defense waterfront I can do. Be sure swarm. I mean when whenever I know after the price indexes and things. Am currently in my mind during the biggest focus and you pay your your practice this community about. I just try to just just won't give it's who's on their delivery every day so just to sort of come prepared so. Those guys decided to come back to school. Let's talk a lot of people do you expect that and when you found out what did you think to those guys talk to you at a time it's really uncommon with these guys don't you. And really talk to them. I didn't make this is the first to Max out like to say how. Future. If they kind of how. There are known and I think when. I think I I think who talked so much about it. By the constant Garfield their comeback it's similar to. OK so what talked about the quarterback position not to you got lucky got a couple people got a and my dad is asking you about the quarterback position and individualism which you can tell us what. In terms of Kelly what he brings to this team and of course now by Trevor heritage and everybody sort of argument the differences in what you gotta sit back there. Just great great athletes report. I'm real real artist recorded a simpler for us right now. Our cheese Fries from. I mean to see who's gonna come out this this can't you just elements just. I'll just. Really just killing. Uniform pants. You gotta just like Trevor shows up looking like towards land belongs 400 it is because given nickname as anybody did have more depth of the there are no guarantees that the you're going into the screen. I I'm familiar with it but it looks like the Golden Retriever that's tricky parts of there were talking the good side near Clemson Tigers join this on radio row. What's been the best moment for you. You know at this point your career I'm sure they'll look let's put the national championship decide individually you know disorderly growth moment you know what was in a moment that sticks out to. That's after the spring I. There's a good sense of just like quietly commander cannot fuse cycle commemorate the red machine. Was I think I did in the New York you're spraying last spring just just getting better it's really just like it was a good moment for me just don't like I like I don't I. Who's just given that I can thank you so like there's still that improvement psychic I have to make. So you talked about the decision to come back to school what was the feedback you got themselves in the NFL and and what ultimately made the decision you are. I mean I I had amended the they can have been good on your comments on your comments could lose as part of me that's on the I need to prove in this kind of need to finish school is just a mix of boosting their really. Really wanted to do we think you miss most about clumsily slowly over. How it's really just the players on team. People are harmed civilians and once it was awesome your approaches to different atmosphere when you do it when I believe then when you come. I didn't play action you're consumed. It's it's it's. So you've got the for all your digital future is not if it's win did you have a favorite team growing up obviously you go live to a retraction they say the. I'm really good news for norm Stewart Charles right there. Besides Julius here on radio Roca who pixels or you lose you know what. Is there a team on us on the schedule and go to you you guys that team on schedule for a lot of people are certainly can't wait to play Clemson is your team on the schedule for you like that. You know I I think I think for me at least. For me I'd say the Georgia Tech game in. Also postponed game passage were taken just because I am tired Conroy we're telephone. So. So I think just it was fun going back home and always liked and beautifully different like people and I know she doesn't cheap solution. They say and then Boston College last year we have a great experiences can be telling Margaret let me just. Redemption through rebellion last year. But Jerusalem with the punch out or something I think that was the case of the fast this guy Clemson Tigers joining us here on radio row ACC pick corporate stuff like we appreciate it. Go from one side of the Clemson offensive a lot of what side of the out of line of scrimmage to the other. Office of defense claim of fair we're just not a good time a little while under review it has got things to say about about a little room at all bad poker group. Trying to probably a product of the NATO for Richmond didn't have sued there was debate clubs in his homeland but this time next year I would imagine the victim in a foothold what's. That's what you want to start their defensive line told Mitchell don't do something as everybody knows that that's not very common dog came back for common purpose in mind. To win a national championship in what was that discussion likable among their group. I. Ahmanson BR how easy it was the most over there wasn't a group decision I mean we talked about it not be in a group uses because. You've got to understand I yes we come back we awful comeback but if you if we are making this isn't the leafs I mean hey you know getting dressed the same thing. So you got to relay the messages please so if you know what I mean so much. Not a greasy guy. He has I'll come back so those are really really good thing for me because I was like dagger to do the guys that I came in with my brother is a load on the go so. Loses it is is leaving Greece through today have been way do you know we talked to its dabbled little while ago about the program but a live itself what what is it about this program note that that would make that kind of decision these hometown it's paid. That's a reason and doubt they cook and he might it talks about it seemed like the NFL talks about home while so many juniors decide to leave. Home early and a lot of real honest and while I mean we've seen right clearly you Iowa hasn't even a lot of gas. And unless nuts are disparity in the school but a lot of guys don't like the school at their read a lot of guys thread being at this school anytime that is not in season no I mean but. As far as glimpses of the cause of the community we have namely season because we enjoy being news you around you know I mean not just the football aspect that we enjoy the the places that will live in the people in the community known communities that are that are to do what you want normally make you smile on his arsenal and a full weekend you like being around in dabble in or we get the slack going down there we got this put put golf in the facility on a lot of put on a stuffing them but they want the baby is with. And if I mean you know we I'm me me is makes it a very comfortable plays like this like we made this is the comeback is like you are coming back to school you come back home run so I mean that's one thing that I selective leaks of selected. Agree placed an comebacks and if you do had a decision. You you clearly know a lot of guys that that play the SEC honestly in the event that's become an instant rivalry SEC vs the ACC mum and how much does that mean you a relatively good guys you play with this. It's not all about the SEC to the ACC we laid claim to be the best conference in the country. Years ago and that we figured to be in a conversation every year. Or your job you know the competitive as we know you want you feel like he will select the the compass that's playing against in funeral really understand that because I. This CC. For a long time they were definitely like no doubt like best conference you know I mean but I feel like over the years some were right there are neck and neck as far as the best conference in some years were better is really based off whoever wins the finances and resume his lead on Minnesota but I feel like you know. We're definitely is is definitely hit him is does not hit and miss woody goes hand in hand you know some years there years and years are you but I feel like I'm I feel like are you are leading them. Most important time in order to Cleveland Ferrell Clemson Tigers joined us here on radio row and duck. Your favorite to win this conference one of the favorites to give back the national championship. How is that different I was estimates about this you know you're you're the hunted you have you have been for a couple of years and that's not always been the case you know even back probably your high school for you probably were always gone to admit what was how do you change your mindset about that. I don't say my says he knows the do we embrace members talking you know when you come the way our programs so that we wanna be tomorrow program the model program for schools program. Fitness I was honestly. You know I'm being. Obviously you have the program like Alabama Michigan Ohio State known of the program group of people say wanna be like Alabama and missed his own house and well we want people to city wanna be like Clemson so. When you do when you want that for you so you got to embrace or Tenneco's within their coach lute known incidents in November's target missile hit bad and his fine you know I mean because when you if you feel like you have the right ingredients as far as the the players to go watch there was sadness of the right coaches the right system to do it. You can you expect that their preparation with the dog mentality. Then I mean are you can live with the results that's a gift from an affluent as we do we feel that we do to put the commenting is an uncommon way and we get the result that we want from it and if we don't then I mean we can live with the couldn't do argument that we what we're game on the schedule as the most jacked up the first one no question I can't way to started back I'm pumped so you feel mostly both foreign and when I can't wait my friend my friend Amir trap play for them he he was he played it close and when he plays firm action way to go what did I fussy if I see him all. It begins is now also offers almost armed armed trying to knock him off. Upset about the way they hit it I came hit a good guy I don't wait and hit him for the longest without promising them we'll try to lay him out Omar guys. But wow yeah the first one man I love every day I don't I don't I I try not to look for and it's in the dome because you know their conduct and their campus William around things with. The first choice is going to be a great moment get back on the field. I think a similar question and it's a second ago you came in right away and made an impact on this program reduce the deficit that you came that you made an impact right ways of you know that's not always the case of nazism got to sit they learn the redshirt whatever the case maybe it takes awhile ago on the field. You know what you've made an impact on this program right away how wide as the home. This is really doing this simple and low knows this because you because I'm risk your coverage of its own I don't. Well residents who boot but from new Communist Starr at the Marissa you're right I was Susan because you know I don't think I was gonna happen. I just put my head down with the work in the coming in in my first year you know I started. Come on the defense monsoon is more than NASA's in Houston I mean it was amazing but it was this. It was a mole where wasn't too big move because this is it doing the work that I put in how I was expecting to kind of be in the position down on me who worked so I was going to be surprised by that we are just kind of taken on if not we have any fear with the and that's why Australia Canada. That's fossilized as the season when nor cal got better from Marissa first you win that's Simpson double really really different. A little bit that's that's look through this program has right now the big guys like you to come into redshirt do a lot of programs what you're becoming needed to tell them they go through impact right away. You did red shirt that you came right absolutely right about it I think that's really fascinating bit. As a NATO forces as responsive. Do you have any NFL allegiance do you have a team that you pull for you was just guys you practiced gallegly what do you which bill that removes the ravens leave us your listeners. Ramon Ray Lewis every. T sizzled through that back on rate payments to Pomona Pomona hope negative play and NFL it was due secretly just be my team are reluctant. So vets are you want to coordinate and it's up to Salma Al will love that I would love that book really don't really matter than me. Code but I literally was just because I was in those so. Got the nod army that was my team growing number they were and it would be really mad at me because I was load but it does give the chance to play W dream come true. They do Cleveland Ferrell Clemson Tigers part of that so all world defensive line comeback this year can't wait to watch and they were for instances where that bigger clearly there was going to zero radio row we step aside we come back. Still a whole lot reported in 2 o'clock in the west of its Garcia Villa. Back to Garcia and save. We'll barrel for Georgia show here at the ACC kick off. At the Westin in uptown and you know it's. Have a good morning radio midday radio for the past out a couple of years but I got a store afternoon radio and haven't been to several of these events us more forgot with. This displays turns into a ghost town at about this time a day you. Most all attorneys solicitude and he's it's packed and yuck coaches players media everybody else zooming around this place doing interviews. Are setting up cameras to stand up stored press conference is Graham troops that the media folks do. And all the things that go along with this and all the sudden bang it. A fourth or gone on that last day mean to snatch it up the beverages are in the food out of your own equipment out people racing to the cars and you know what what what was he bustling event and has been a great event very quickly turns into again it goes down we've had a great time and done a big big thanks. Submit Shia and sue to Cleveland for joining us there what devils were becoming a 4 to 5 o'clock had a great conversation with him. And I think at 530 we're gonna play Dave Claussen forward as well because they was fantastic to. You know Davis Georgia's a couple of times over the past I don't know seven or eight months but today I thought it was really really good talking about not just his program of the team that he's got coming back with. It also the the state of college football the Atlantic Division. Lots of good stuff in the Wake Forest head coach and will get that he probably coming up at 530 to take or call 7045709. BC extent. As a soldier earlier this it's a college football day clearly being where we are we'll take all college football takers via the ACC SEC whatever you favorite team as whatever your thought is right now. A would absolutely. Love to hear from you 7045709. B six Ted and we had a text or riding it to say. Robbie Fowler at the dog house on they can't wait that's absolutely right you'll need to get out their son they were looking forward to this first of all. This is this have a first for me I'm doing my first ever. Pregame show for soccer match I've never ever done this before 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock on Sunday were going to be the dog house of big tailgate party. Ahead of Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund the international champions cup this Sunday. Four clock Bank of America Stadium. I'm told the crowd as it would be tremendous as you would expect. And we're gonna ever greats Bill Gates on their before the game to hit make calls this morning and you know I don't quite do that it made a presently Osbourne camp. And then I'm calling you but I want to know what you want you could still be that you know we got to make sure we're ready to do this this soccer the soccer match pregame show. And I'm excited about god I'm not a I'm not a soccer expert by any stretch of the imagination but I'm excited for the event and we're gonna have a Robbie Fowler there. Hang it outside and autographs Russo very cool former footballer for the for the for England and and all around good guy as I understand. Really yes sounds great help for Obama irons aren't so happy. That this thing is coming to Charlotte and it's just a cool thing it gives gives diehard soccer fans are real look at what the city has to offer and I think. Of mr. David tepper might use that is. Something down learned delete just so hot fix a. So you know I think so too and I think that's a fascinating conversation because it ties into so many. Other conversations that we have about about stadiums. You know about financing about ratings of bouts into the future of sports in this all sorts of tricks. Don't give a lesson is is it got a fascinating conversation you know because as we talked about. The other mainstream American sports right now are are so. There'll flies by television throughput at valley passed a television deals of the unifil decide a massive deal perhaps for the first about package on top of everything else. Everything about on they didn't even college football and that's what was gonna you have to bombast of television deals. Obviously baseball the television deals right and they'll be MLS. Want to back up those leagues that I just mentioned. Attendance is sliding just about across the board that the NBA's lone exception right now in attendance is sliding across the board whereas with the and alas. Attendance is good you know attendance is actually really good attendance is better than Nadia and it's still lot of places in the NBA. Yeah a lot of places to the TV numbers market yet and. You know circuit job but I think will Leach tomorrow 430 will be able to talk to us about this. In DTL he's gonna join a c.s or a writer for and why nagged wrote the article that we talked about earlier this week about. Why he attendance is slipping in no one seems to care and the reason that he that he so eloquently illustrates in that article is that. TV deals are the reason nobody cares right because if that it is something just so amazed because to quotas like. For the vast majority for the entire history of sporting events in the entire in the company carries he nicest America. It's always been about blitz in seats. It's always been about death how do we get these people out of the ballpark how do we get him to buy merchandise not a we get to buy beer. How we do all this stuff especially for moderately princesses for that still live well. And I think. The reason why analysts his numbers are so good in terms of there in team in stadium attendance. Is because it's a little bit from it's kind of to me at least this is just my opinion is a little bit like a minor league in some ways. That but I would also first point of the fact that it is more affordable. I only editor's note now it's more family friendly ya think that a lot of other a lot of the sports of lot of others don't in game experiences that you'll have and let's be honest about it. You go to a to a jets game a raiders game up a Broncos W did. These can be governor rowdy dangerous. I'm an artist and has probably pretty sedate crowd on time now well into Augusta and pasting at little things get heated when the raiders come to telling us embassy stormed out of it the adolescent is very family friendly to its credit so it's got things going for but still the domestic product compared to two international soccer leagues some things. You know two. To be desired and a text to writers is to your point and recently added the Twitter account of the Atlanta united FC. And Doug talks about the the attendants and how they look there's there's a July 15 72243. Fans in attendance 72000. 243. In attendance to see the Atlantic united plate and MLS match now. Again attendance is there a better. Prior to Atlanta you know getting that MLS club which they have. Arthur Blank was absolutely right about you know he said he could sell it he sold people short of the CD the united like the Seattle sounds phenomenal attendance of the top two in the late. Yeah it's pretty steep drop off after that terms of average attendance for game. What it's a good I mean it's more than respectable there's no doubt about that the issue dead for the MLS is television nobody's watching. And in that period from the 2014 to 2018. You saw other TV numbers and it jumped from about 200000. People. On average to at 350 which. The drawback it's a great improvement but still 350000. Viewers. Compared to the number revivals the sit down to watch the NFL on Sunday college football on Saturday the NBA. Especially Major League Baseball big games you know it. It's still pails in comparison to those things so. That that's what I would love to when we have David tepper on the show in the not too distant future. Did it to some of that with him so I would be fascinated by his perspective. On that and how the MLS we medalist at Charlotte with a future that organization and all the things that we talk about was to herself. We steps are gonna come back and wrap up our number three we've yet to because it's the Atlantic day. Here at the other west in the AC CQ culprit been focusing all these Atlantic teams that were gonna continue to do that as the show rolls on but I do talk from all the negative editorials because. After Larry Fedora said what he said yesterday about foot building under attack at CTU and coming on the shelf and that we talked Bubba Cunningham who expressed to us his surprise Hitler for the worst comments and but those remarks actually went viral on his conversation with Russert WS NC and ended up what Sports Illustrated and there are various other outlets. You know Larry and company had kind of choppy day to begin with. And it later in the day you get the headline the NC double heard that UNC is reporting secondary violations on the football side. To the NCAA a wanna talk a bit about that we come back it's an open leaderboard update devils waited head coach of the Clemson Tigers you'll hear from him coming up at 5 o'clock. It's Garcia Baylor W lessons it. Back to Garcia and Bailey. Found all the dial Hossa does Evan back in the studio home to Dell impressive all the bucks she's an assault here. As self righteous at the hoop to classic today with a bunch of a cure a lot of characters in Charlotte hornets and Fred Whitfield at all those guys out there played some golf and raising money for a great great cause at Franklin back in studio with us. Tomorrow afternoon books it if you missed it. Davos weighty that was fantastic had a great conversation distort the show today you'll hear that about ten minutes for those of you who might be a hop in the car the truck to head home this afternoon. And then if you missed Dave Paulsen head football coach at Wake Forest had a great conversation with him as well below play that back four to 530 but. You know before between and does certainly after we got some things still to get into. Like this yesterday was the coastal day in the ACC kick off plans and alert for door was the center of attention you know he showed up at the table here talking Dawson. Our back and listen to it last night just to look to kind of see what a sound like to make sure. I think we go back to listen Celtics real dropped the ball mess up we're committed better work we approved about just curious last night to go back and listen. Hit that Larry showed up sat down and us that we're here is the man of the hour. And letters that watch that you sublime odd man of the hour but they can really you don't know or dispute what you think court right now you know why the man of the hour because. You know you've made some comments about you know football the CT and all that stuff in. I'll get back about a second put later yesterday we get the headlines in C double lay secondary violations that reported by North Carolina football. It's a medicine ever gonna stop on this Wednesday for for North Carolina and it was a rough day. And North Carolina AD Bubba Cunningham who joined us just before Leary came on the show yesterday. He said. This morning that the school reported an NCAA violation because it felt that football players were selling shoes. That's against the NCAA rules the news of the other violation was I think first reported by W Oriole in Raleigh and after North Carolina appeared at the the media day here in Charlotte that was when it was reported Cunningham said he didn't know offhand how many players were selling shoes. Saying quote there were so a number of students. Off the top of my head I don't have it right fraud on the eve of all the penalties will be determined within the next couple of weeks and quote. Our North Carolina there's a lot of this is from the Charlotte Observer article or a wanna give credit words do. A lot of this from that article North Carolina of course opens up with cal on September the first I would probably anticipate you know maybe at least a couple of suspensions for that game was more. Again that's that's and it's on the road. You know god Connell wanna get preachy here I just live don't do that I yeah I know put. I just I hate. I hate to these kids get put the position. Where they feel like it to sell their she used for whatever reason and I don't know why they were doing that. It could be just to make cash money on the side could be just they wanted to cash spent on other things. I hope that that doesn't result in any lengthy disqualification. Or suspension of players I hope I I hope to idiots. I hope that it's and it doesn't turn into anything academic you know it and I I don't know I don't know the kids. Who who were involved in this I don't know if their identities have been revealed and when they do I hope they're not. The subject of much intense scrutiny because I think kids young dean young and making decisions like that. And you're probably just to keep your supplies are just so much she used I mean and I got a bit of gusts fifteen peer these same shoes in my closet right now I want so I'll take a girl ups are really nice did. Her hold on though at the same time at the same time I'm gonna focal or taken a second with saved I've got a number two. Having not been there. You know it could also have been a case of hey we can go to shoes every time we want because of football players would go to the locker given night you lock for the Jordan brand locker doses that's our diet. There were consulted pairs of shoes for 7589 bucks apiece. The the couple auto bustling just keep going back to that well and and and deductions he noted that it's also of that possibility sold out it could be O you know do. We need I don't have money a broke the typical this that the other I feel backed in to a court could've been that or could just gonna take X Monica like we have for issues that we want to sell. You know and I don't know I don't want accuse anyone of any thing. I just know that this is not something to North Carolina Bubba Cunningham want to be dealing with right now. On top of the CTE conversation which by the way as I get to David admitted on the phone lines. You know I had a text earlier texting him to succeed Kyle their Fedora was right decides CTE has not been proven. And it was not always visit added that the top I was busy tentative one divert their item or divert the conversation or that. But do wanna get back into really quickly just to say. You're right to the science has not been completed decides is not done. You don't lose decides on CT is not conclusive at this point. But you do have a lot of really Smart scientists and researchers who have been at this for a while now. I don't particular places like Boston University. You know obviously North Carolina has the center on its campus renowned center for studying traumatic brain injuries and sports and I got to the places like it over to detect a doctor Stefan Duma who has been a pioneer in Helmut resurgent helmet technology. These things are being done for no reason folks and and it the only thing that drives me crazy is that it's it's the false equivalency. You know as as a lot of people wanna make it I got into the guy last night about this. I'm not a scientist not a researcher I don't claim to be a much right to tell you are right or not try to tell you anything conclusive about what I what a self what is frustrating though. Is when people yelled create arguments out of thin air. When there is a large body of evidence to contradict that by that I mean. You have Boston the the Boston red bank Boston University studying a 111. Braids of former wonderful players are intent. Found to have CT eat it's 99% that's a lot 91% of the college football players' brains they studied had CT eat. You know cut the researchers are telling you that. You know it anytime you bang your head or get a compassionate of you automatically have CTV. Yet we know there there are lifestyle things got to be taken into consideration we don't know some what's pre disposed genetically. To have CT had a top all those things at the the doubters point out I I think are reasonable most of the time. But a football game in football player along the office of water running back a lot back you know is gonna play what sixty to 75 snaps a game. And on basically every snap there's a collision right. So yeah a kid may get a header. Are a concussion from hatteras soccer. But compared to sixty to 75 collisions and give a football today be the five to seven times a game you had a soccer ball. Those are the same they're not equal in this conversation right pockets of violence to work. But the rate of collision in hockey and hockey in a hockey game but it does not equal that of football nevermind the fact that you know soccer practices. You're much less likely to have those sorts of things happen. As opposed to a football practice where you're in shells at the very least or or at full pads and you're hitting on every single plate as the volume but it's the repeated trauma over overdid. That these researchers are telling you they believe is the linkage is the issue. It also should soccer be studied of course it should should hockey be studied absolutely should the military continue to fund starting at the CT because of you know the the beating that that that members of the army and Marine Corps take no doubt about it. But I think that we've fallen back to and something some ways as well football and soccer wrote to say they're not they're there dog that you it's been laid out for us. Yea you know I learned one thing Carolina the one useful thing that I learned. People people come to subjects with opinions and an oftentimes the only seek out the Edison which confirms their preconceived opinion. Gravity is a theory. But so much of what we do in the in the world so much of a pack desperate try to say this is that there is a lot of evidence is pointing. To repeated. Hits to the head leading to CTE. Add to this point to the sport not a cultural disaster us is how many people have CT either never played football it's not just from football. You're missing the point so badly it's like you do it professionally no one's saying that it's just football it's not just football but what about autism in this conversation is maddening. The study hockey not sought out with study the military study all of those things that we have a complete body of knowledge on this I'm not saying that it's just from football. But football is in a league of its own in this discussion for a reason. And I've it would suited to invoke thing to do was to doubt sides of the doubt institutional knowledge and and I get it that's the cool thing to do these days but. I I just I can't get behind that because they delayed it out force right doesn't you have to Biden applied sicker believe all of it is the gospel. It's great to questions that should always question things question site's question those conclusions. But come on let's also be reasonable let's take a call really quickly before we get back to battles waiver go to DVR date I think he's got some here a lot of thoughts Dave what's up buddy. But not a secure our spot. It's not at all lay it out of these is like you know at first not on our hobbies that involve a lot repeated it's that they had an IQ carrier yes seat is going to be a bank Ahmet. But I thought I had just what while I was bit wary of the word is of the opinion that. If the NFL football game gets thumbs down that the country's in trouble right that speculate that. Yep that's what it's vivid the country will go down as football goes now. OK so here's a thought that just occurred debate what they're huge worry. And the NFL game getting going getting dumped down the way it has over the past couple years is just a symptom of that. Clarify that really what would it. Well okay. Like Brent Spence. This country can't. Daughter of let it go and get Saddam down as just. I think we lost I'd date you wanna call back we'll try to squeeze you and Howard before but. I'd I don't really know how to react that the goddess we got a bright guy on the economic it has its own letter but I will say that up you know. Larry's entitled to legal Larry totally. You know things happen to people all the time and I don't wanna I certainly don't want to demonize football but I think Larry's notion that the country will go don't along with football. A lot of tough dudes you know that's that serve both in the military is there's firefighters as cops is as first responders who. You know were cross country runners who soccer players or baseball players I mean. Football a little football a like a lot you know what to tie those two things together was was not just extreme hyperbole bordered on the server to a lot of people what he said. Our look we gotta go we come back relate if you missed dabble sweaty earlier in the show. He was fantastic we we love the conversation we that would Davos you'll hear that next as we kick off our number for your life from the west in the ACC kicked off its Garcia Bailey.