Garcia and Bailey H2: Wes Durham Talks National Championship Game

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Tuesday, April 3rd

Wes Durham joins the show this hour. Low ratings for the NCAA Championship Game, should the establishment worry?


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Garcia. Ellis the 196869. Well senator John. And as the coach. You had some great players on that team very talented undefeated. Talking. I need to warn you need to Purdue by a torn in the championship beat. Drake only by three would dominate his Santa Clair New Mexico and they're averaged point of the margin of victory is forty point nine. Points per game that was are averaged. No seems a tournament the 196970. Bruins John mood in Lou well sender. I'm Sidney wicks Curtis wrote years are very very good team as well somebody once every two Bruins very good teams get to John wooten and Bill Walton yet yet staying saying I'm a pretty good teams in undefeated season is usually after. A pair are you series and wouldn't just to screw that as a coach I understand that went out he's a great coach may be greatest all time yes or not. I know a notorious doctor guys' legs are unique because it was before your time this happened for your time you probably don't remember. So happened before your time cue up arms around you were not around our Russert to battle seventy Basra since I know you or maybe are more now. More attempts certainly didn't act doesn't count for a village in Buena road he was worried toggle I knew it was coming. Out were not seven force everything. So I'm sure as they wouldn't okay. We're not the o.s are those who they're you can keep bringing us all you want soon yeah you can really want to know whom. That's that's that's Indiana let's go Bobby and I know him I am yeah. Under treated thirds are done as booby Knight yeah it was Bobbie you only one hello I. We'd be moving right where I Peruvian NASA wooten John Warner's way we pronounce it in the Wesco hello again it's why it's just that I. It awards okay. So you could keep reading your list of Kentucky Wildcats Louisville Cardinals. Anyone into a target. Yeah I still don't see Villanova anywhere on their. What I do see icici Villanova on this list it's risen much shorter list because it's it and came the fourth team last night to win all six NCAA tournament games by double digit margins. Carolina duke Michigan State the only other three teams to do that. It's okay that doesn't make him an all time great tame the makes him a very dominant team in the tournament listing off a bunch of other pretty good teams are really good team McMillan a really good tape. You ever heard of Lou also under. Yeah take what snow was one of those guys over there is gonna have his career we don't know that no net when you're. We don't know yet I enjoyed him last night or what time did you say what does away in a way to light. It'd taken show itself it's the taken now. 'cause that's what you're doing right now let it rip Hamilton which ones gonna be him. Tortured him in the end and that group that we saw different and declared any doubt which one of those guys are giving him. But see you what's the tax ignored the issue with your premise is this. If we're arguing over which teams had better project bowl NBA players OK fine were argue over who was the best college team that's right. And those guys were great college players as well but if you stopped it there if there is no NBA if their careers end they're. And it doesn't matter what they went onto a different league how good were they when they were assembled at their university in their programs Kyle. I can't help him but he we don't know clearly I tell my kids all the time. You know we get to a point we have expectations. You know we go out there and you can teach people things right and people would absorb things they learn I can't do stupid. I can't I get too stupid I'm sorry so I can't I can't help. Consultant I'd I don't think Davidson so. The irons would do we get to claim him. That's the question right now actually and I heard Mac this morning. You know coming up for the list of claiming it was a white got a deceptive and shifty like us know with a high motors and all those other cliche things we say about white athletes. But I don't think we get to claim daunting dimensions on this do you claim thumb Powell Gasol. You claim. No he's the Spaniards but what what's what's different Spanish Italian ones you know from spring there was a little you know. But do you do you do you claim. Most let's see but I really don't think even since he's like Michael Jordan of Delaware so this is a as a consultant Michael Jordan Delaware has a he's actually from. I'd hate and a proud result was born and raised and spent that that that the test fair comparison that matters a little bit. That they even is that they live in the United States now yeah I mean if you're born raised in Europe I don't did you collect calls. So I'm just I'm just wondering how that works but he was phenomenal last night and I was that's what we both agree on. I agree with you I got 100% if I'm on the dimensions are five NBA aspirations are declaring today I'm gonna. In our sourcing. You know he's always soft. Right I mean the kid had determined of his life arm you know you'll get his averages is box scores. You don't come off the bench you know he was really really Gooden in the moment wasn't too big for him last night I think that's what we can all kind of sit back in. You know and in all with us we we talked about the X factors in all the time whether it's going to be this guy that guy need to complete the star players. In a lot of times guy we don't talk about you know several years ago when the chief Linda duke when the first one it was Grayson common grace Allen coming off the bench that is nothing new. That he was going to be you know is that important in interval in that role he beat he beat Utah on the semi final game. You don't basically one hit him injustice Winslow I mean come up and and the national championship game he goes out there and has another performance you know probably his last two or three years or two or three games of that year it was really where we started you know in your a lot of grace and Allen and he still play for duke where he wants I just graduated obviously. And his stock has done nothing but what it fall to me this kid has a little bit more. Upside swagger. In game. To it to his to his record law. He has a little bit more explosiveness. To get to the hole and on top of that he's a lights out shooter. Grace and Allen is a streaky shooter right I think those are the things you start seeing an overtime. I and we don't know enough about this kid but you can see when a guy shoots the ball you've seen that you know the great strokes. You know when that ball's going and you know 90% the timer 7% of the time in this case last night. There was a high percentage and exactly what that says when I'm the front of me but. Army was phenomenal from. I'm sharking and you know he was that he checker and you know drilled it in his new when he hit that second three game was over. Because of this guys provided that kind of pot to that game. Michigan and have anybody that was stepping up to that. I'm just glad we don't have to talk about grace and Allen Everett and I've been so I'm just how they'll be using comparisons. To grace and Allen for multiple years know well I don't. I did molded mostly because he costly LaMont a man and a national championship game is a house money but it also LaMont. So I've done I've never been quite happy with grace and Allen since that game but they did Butler I was Johnson. Note was a great sounds and you start here because I didn't do that was so it was a Frank Miller director. I'd take him was shot there was the other one the B dub. Butler that was the year that no it was going to be conducted at another great white color depth from to the intricate. Work this. An endangered species through but but seriously a home. You know we were dishonest totally forgot what I wanna get into now because there's just because you can't win. Oh yeah arguing right now but everything is an argument I know that we're TrueCrypt not arguing right now you share. I mean I'm pretty confident we're not are you okay now I agree it's like that. Where we make up. You are you taken L moving on now I would advise you to your demanded that it would sit over here I am I really yeah. Is itself when that last debate you don't would shipments entering the cheerleaders are. You have. In America just to their needs it looks speechless Tito Ventrilo do that in doing rather couldn't. We're gonna do about what stir until it appeared about five minutes will get his take on enough you don't a couple of these things. I don't know. The conversation we had last week was a blue bullet. Where does bill know figure in that conversation you know. Climbing up the charts still not there a mom. You know we're looking forward and projecting. Jay Wright's not go anywhere and you know asset conversations of guys as Washington game with last it was there is similar Snedeker it's a good questions good kind of locker room debate and sit around. Around the fire toilet patent out. Don't talk about you know different things and don't want him was off you know ironically enough whose Gray's wife player of all time you know with what does it do with what. It didn't even Shen Xue was doing last night from the other one was you don't Kyle had this conversation the other day on your show talking about blue blood programs. My question to him wiser to those guys were is the only question I would have that would say it is not a blue blood program is. If these four programs or five programs came knocking on his door. And offered is offered him to leave where he was that will ego. Right you know at Lehman. Typically Kansas Roy Williams did he went to Carolina hurt he left for another blue blood program. Are in Lehman duke. You know you're not leave in Kentucky and you're not leaving Kansas. He'll you'll leave Villanova. More most likely because I don't know if they have the resources. That those other four schools that I for aforementioned named you do. Duke's gonna pay you 78 million dollars a year Carolina's gonna pay a 78 million dollars a year Kentucky Kansas or older pay yet. You know that type a cheese in your rectum two and a half three. Right and would you leave for those programs the insert him this pretty good company right I mean you're gonna leave for those programs to go. We asked the same thing about close and in football don't do we not there right now is that still one of the elite programs. And because of dabble has built would he leave four Elba Alabama. I at this point the maybe but I don't think maybe but I don't think so but simply Joyce Elliott and Villanova. So we can't really say that it's you know Clemson because we don't know. You know when we can't really put that they're kind of getting their you don't mean what they're not there yet we know and we know obviously Alabama we know there is Lehman. You know certain schools and collar Ohio State. You know nobody's leaving those jobs to go somewhere else there's endless or get fired right the only way that there are leaving. Is if they get fired. So there's always certain programs in college basketball to me that you don't leave and those are the four ones that I mentioned I still selected the four more four blue bloods Villanova is that next category. And you know he's done a hell would job. We come back we talked to Wes Durham the voice of the Atlanta Falcons the voice of the ACC network and fox sports south and his father longtime voice of the North Carolina Tar Heels will talk about the tournament and a whole lot more with less when we come back it's Garcia and there's a we got a good one planned for you coming up it's well over the Nell Charlotte Observer will talk about the hornets yesterday's report marks died from the New York Times. That's a hornets haven't formally offered missed cut check their GM position and now the ball's in his court so we'll talk about the our former lakers executive possibly Georgia team here in Charlotte also later in the show 1230 Orman could say in sixty minutes HBO real sports pops and he's got a new book out. On Tiger Woods and it's masters weeks it would seem like an appropriate time to talk to Orman. We still got some pitches to get into billionaires speed dating continues. As a David tempers in the house today visiting Charlotte and the Carolina traders organization we'll talk about that. And are the pitchers really gonna take a cornerback. In the first round of fishers and it'll draft we'll get to that is well right now we're talking about the tournament and a whole lot more. Was one of our good friends Wes Durham the voice of the Atlanta Falcons ACC network fox sports south and he joins us on the technique comes just liven. A west first argue and I'm fine and all of us have been able to catch up since. Since your father passed and I'd. I tell you what man that that show of strength and resiliency and and just doing what you do rational as it was and it was incredible so first of all condolences from all of us your WS Lindsay on a loss of your father but so what what would like to celebrate. Up next remarked good to be back with you appreciate that very much. You know it was it was all but there won't mated to do is gain. It's basically what I don't know Albany wanted to so. I hope both articles some small way daughter through a crook they have. You know it was there was concrete bigger lot of people saying well you bet that he did it been outgrown that have. It was is that the outpouring the crime of murder the support. We have this and over well we're we're all these things that passed away. It'll be a month ago Sunday. What we have the sobered McCall Marco trap or real but. Bigger audience but don't believe oh. He would he'd be a little but the about all the people paper it who have but it was great. We are grateful but noted he had that kind of impact the people that. Well OS you know your dad be proud because he left a great legacy behind a new and used by. You've upheld you know that legacy very well yeah and you know he's also raised a Smart young man. You know with what you're able to do and I would like to educate our listeners on one of the debates that cal and I've been having today and that's when you. Yeah. I I thought it would and happened to Connie Conway last. Can you please educate my co host resume the no loaded question disaster today I was asking the question. Where does this team and rank amongst all time great teams that have won championships before. The Villanova wildcat. There well I think we're all got a core Bob code but they put forward are brick and now are so. I can operate these pictures and broad. But where actors in the Paris restaurant where the battle of the trip. But I think for all we gotta qualified they're right and I think I'll think the only fair thing to do it. Okay because. Coaching use yours Jane orient job would not the bit that we haven't thought about which where you want to grow very. Ended when you're active with multiple back it they attribute moved to a group. Well that group includes war we have the Mike Hsu sure the end out jury right okay so let's put it right where he is there have been and that's an all by a credit. You know bill well MacBook chip and chip the people at apple. Vote Jerry writes. He also got a three years and in today era. That's impressive because of the ball they'll be at the personnel should recite. I mean you're COPEL water and a lot of these billboard. Leafing not buying. Part upon their for the FBI. The reality the reality. That they're roster or flammable now more than anything else right. So they're right here's Grohl that program because he would've taken over go oh if they had that problem and so. What he's and go oh what is done that or they show agents who let it build it which is where they. Tech reported people they predicted the compact with transfer like crap go young go out like well but. You're like rock and roll out like these good trend though. And build on what happened two years ago by getting back there will be this year now it day. Did they kept the brakes all the way baby so it was pretty turbulent parliament from many respects but at the bank parent. Yep but look it's the way below one big game. Double figure market sure how dominant were very well given the ball they'll be appealed of the turtle but would permit. They were probably about to be very impressed the lap but I suspect the first step will Michigan practically I'll would wedding but don't vote so that the league. And in the second at Michigan this gave out no matter how well they're going to be they were more doubt about our power skeptical local. They want a greater scene of this century. Sure I'll go with that or they want the greatest thing in the history of the NCAA turnover they act like I see. 58. Not sure I think 38 actually. Our market goes up for our market to go to court is yet I've made are they at gobble that it meant the they might be ready for being. I don't know about that it is wonderfully remember that they did not win nearly cannot think in order right. Think help to be a great team. You have to wait nearly in the regular season when you're karma and one in the NCAA occur. I think he got to get back hat trick in terms of of the way your seat oh. Are you talking to west during the course of the Atlanta Falcons ACC network fox sports south joined us on the tech becomes just lined. We got this morning the lowest rating point lowest overnight rating and NCAA men's title game history are gutless and I was gonna say he was on CBS I think we all know that their digital streams of factor in this as well and these guys have a way of counting that's true but. Billy and it is a low number or didn't do what would you take from. Well we'll talk basketball what's the real date and are horrible world out all. It's important from white early beat number on what caught bowl record speaks to their butt. America really only pray that the majority of America and we need to understand it but it. Is that they're so the country of America really build a very depict an account reps are quick. Okay immediate term of 18 stories in college basketball. Yeah it but he in in North Carolina you Carol aren't there yet you give you another thing that you are that they you'll all what you get. But people expect out the web scoped out the bank for Parker okay. Good back it was one of the flag or the Pacific time zone. After the pac twelve knocked out in the first three days you. In truth he went people were the pac twelve gall when Erik Cole off the well. Like about that debate so that not that a good part of the country. But the end of the Carter or really you have at Michigan unit and that although cook. Three roughly major media market. And indeed the road Chicago look loyal. The rest of the country. Did you see. Anything that you thought would draw up a big number acted I mean look it's it's been Mike's story that the grade of but it knocked it pocket would probably felt it it's our republic so was it like that Serbia Sunday. In the azalea little. That'll be a network bombshell. But actually you know who was a lot of ticket and there in the background while. Baltimore. Now included OK you know well us. Yeah I couldn't agree more good record at. I mean words we're looking at. Arguably. You know one of the biggest tournaments in the rating points that a gust as ever want to boring. You know because of the return of Tiger Woods and everybody watching what he's gonna do. Jerk or totally great abated so diver but I like dispute Parker support Paul it would all these like that they would even coated dirt speck. Did you know people people will fight a company recover well it is popular car you know. And that's what people want to speak people want beat Tiger Woods either. There were created on board elected these pockets and they give up well what do air or by. They don't want people wrote which shot back there need to build light gravity force well well RB. And it just kept walking up near the fairway it detractors. They wanna be part would impair or they wanna beat darker wood. Play exactly like top oil especially these stick aware of the growl or what a great and then be Abu law that's what they want it. They west before religion go I'm sure you probably aware what we do on a daily basis and lately we consider around got to wondering if the printers have done enough in the offseason to up. To get back atop the NFC south and I'm curious your thoughts on know whether or not the falcons and on the site and also what there was before you exit that more get your take on Don Terry told guys you've got to see and I know now here with France's. They did acquire. People wanted to tap down their respect out days. He's going to be ample. Are all about and got it for great deal a year ago. Outlook is surprised to see him go here. Our only because they Atlanta is a Atlanta thanks breed of five years prepared. With the salary cap they always have and that's why they're not they're incredibly active period. If policies of courage and appreciate you pretty sure. I sold bit by what are. It is kind of a little Bible little political battle. Obvious that this speed if you go back and restart public. That are good that to create it but to what at all or do it. But not part boat supporter now of these these these gut either called equality tapped out got. You know copied right you probably won't get this has been barrel or back about a boy or. They bit. With the way the peppers beat that there is going to be set up out of the XP is becoming how they moved out they conclude there. He's not a 01 technique guy Peter that was very upbeat that lie about that a you know probably the respect they if you needed to be for the I electable the last barker Arafat. Our west Durham ACC network fox sports south and the voice of the Atlanta Falcons jordin has on its second job just like. We appreciate you make great to catch Opel talks are. All right look portrait I gotta get it up about to become Google web so mr. Day. Let's not hold our breath was not there will be this will be there we'll see you there. Listen picked up what we might do well that we will tell you jump on that. I was young boys and Atlanta Falcons in the ACC network was Durham Jonas on the ship. Yeah he's great guy a great guest and obviously. You know very knowledgeable his dad Doug did a great job brazen that young man and he's. He's you know. What are the best are absolutely a 70457. Or 96 today and I agree with me. He doesn't agree with you I said the great program got a great. We have the audio playback please decided I just a note will will get a during the break its Garcia but it. Airspeed data. Over Bank of America Stadium. David Jefferson house has been tomorrow yesterday and Allan just involve last week and today it's David tepper. Worst approximately eleven billion dollars as a big set of brass balls hanging off the wall his office. Just a generally pretty eccentric dude. So we'll see if there in the paparazzi like shots and brought you're on the golf cart today what they were doing the moral yesterday but he he's visiting Carolina printers organization today Ian. Kicking the tires and look at under the hood to see how things are on ago. And try hedge fund manager. I'm now he does Carly does he owns the company obviously but. You know mom. Multi billion dollars. In his bank account and you know he's when you can donate 67 million dollars. It's pretty impressive so. Regardless who the owner is you know we talked a bit about it yesterday. You know we just it would sort of make sure there's a couple things you know that existent you know that's one that that that the prices are gonna go through the roof that there's stadiums not can be moved. And you know I wouldn't put the good product out there whether they pay the cheerleaders of the football players or. There's the stadium itself. Meanwhile those are things that are in the kind of secondary but Doug those 23 things are things that were really looking at is there's one thing. We've read this back and forth one thing you care most about the new owner what does what does one. Warning to win football games wanting to win football games vs wanting to make money playing football games that's a return. There because. You know I feel like if you're going to be under good ownership. You know you're gonna hire great people. Right that's what good ownership does they hire great people to do their job and they let them do their job or they fire the person that they hired because they're not. Right that's what good ownership is they manage the people underneath some. It doesn't mean they go in or find themselves with those people and no do you their jobs for the and that's why you hired a general managers that's why you hire a head coach to grow the players that's why you hire players people on your. And personnel scout out your pro personnel development talent you define talent. Your pro per you're pro scouts. Are your college scout your head college count you hire people. You to do use their job and you allow them to do it goes to me the best donors. In the way you win football games in him because. It's not it's no meddling in you know this guy's decision or you're allowing players to be buddies with few. If there's a hierarchy in that it can be respectful to everybody. Are you can be nice to everybody. You can in there or even have conversations with everybody but I do think that there's a line between players. And management that shouldn't be crossed and that's a friendship. Right there needs to be in that line in and exist and that's the way you continue to keep that line in my opinion is you develop those. Yeah that hierarchy. What does it what does a football player haven't had in common with. A guy who worked in junk bonds you know a guy who works for you know who runs a debt collection firm that would and I realizing the most successful or they're okay. Our sole source your player move and if your current player on the Carolina Panthers right now do you do you suggest any any preference whatsoever as to which one of these guys by your team. Not mean there and then don't have any say an item then yeah sabres sure Lou tickling your Cam Newton now you have any preference whatsoever either I mean and I doubt. You know and I don't know this to be true but I doubt David tapper for you don't anyone to these other you know I bit billionaires are coming in here meet with Tamiflu. So I don't know anything about them just like you don't know anything about them. Is probably are there any way that they feel about this they want to be you're asking me as the radio host now but I'm telling you. As an ex football player what I would want to know from my own. I wanna guy that's gonna be concerned about winning. The football games on the football field some owners aren't you know that does just the honest truth they're worried about winning in the box office to worry about winning. You know and. Line so doesn't that then make Ben the borrow the bus candidates by the steam to compete and I and I he was your site. I don't think anybody is too impassioned either way necessarily but if what you care about most. There's an owner that wants to win football there's been there and isn't the guy whose dad was a college football coach who grew up playing football who runs marathons hyper competitive you know isn't that the best I don't. Not necessarily because you don't like Jerry Richardson right and he think he may think that he knows more about football. Then the guys that are doing the job so if you're asking me you know what my hesitation would be that would be yet. You know Jerry Jerry very knowledgeable about the game I'm a bit Gerri new good players were. I'm I don't know how much input he had on who they're gonna take I know we have a lot of implode on who's gonna stay. And those things are always gonna exist you're gonna have favorites because you don't want and employers to the great citizens three the sell tickets. So you know those little orange things that in any organized you know develop but culminating here you know to have that relationships the American every idea who these guys are so. Cam could care less who could care less. You know what the players are looking for is. You know leave the environment that exists. You know with in the locker room right and does not necessarily the culture butts. The amenities you know how how you're treated. A meal where you feel like you can do you know and what you have vs everybody else and you know that's the way players you know kind of identify good organizations with battle organizations this really little stupid little things honestly pallets it's. I mean I mean born to locker rumor into a shower as we talked about into the clean showers and having so. I'm having raisers at her disposal. Mom. You know having fresh towels. There have been a staff that cares and keeps things nice and eaten claim. Those things are all indicative of success right you know we. You wanna change the world start off by making your bet writes a great. Model right you. Don't because when you come home you're gonna see if things that are done right you'll need if you have a bad day your bed is the mayor just gonna give you some sort of satisfaction is gonna give you some sort of value and worse. In the same thing to me exists whisk. They're great organizations. Greatness isn't a part time saying. It's an all the time thing right that's that's true. If you're gonna be great you can't just be great when you when you turn lights on. You got to try to be great in all aspects of your life whether it's keeping your card playing making your bed. You know doing things you know each and every day to you know make you better how you live your life is what makes people great not what they do want a football field right those are what great people in or do I told you the story. You know about. Jerry Rice in Barry Bonds and in that store goes is that Barry Bonds wasn't living a great life. Nothing was chasing young women doing things like that but just little things that Jerry Rice in the group of guys that he decided to put into his. In a fraternity there that we're running that mountain. You don't did. Every single day they made their beds they kept their cars claim they do the little things they said that says hello they said thank you they address people properly and are you they had respect for it'll others and those all things. No factor into being great in not to Barry Bonds was treating them differently but he wanted to be in the effort turned the his car wasn't claim. Right where things that was the message is that Jerry Rice sent to Barry Bonds as Barry Bonds approached him on that hill to run it is that. Greatness isn't it part time thing it's an all the time thing so to me that's where ownership you know trickles down into the little things. That they do for the teams that help make the organization great it's the little things that matter. Art 7045709. This extensive Texan and takes to get to we come back a because again around three billion airspeed data taken place today as other the third. Of the billionaire candidates that wanna by the Carolina Panthers is in town David set for the minority owner. Of the Pittsburg Steelers in Charlotte today kicking the tires on the organization and this facility and we'll keep an eye on that some interesting stuff from attacks Lima read that 704579060. We come back though. And ask strike or the painters really. Gonna take your cornerback. In the first round of the draft this year that in sixteen minutes from now Rick Bedell stops by. His thoughts on Mitch Kupchak to the hornets and whether or not a cyber trade Dwight Howard it's Garcia and they. Well Rick Bedell Charlotte Observer pops and we'll talk about Mitch Kupchak and what his vision may or may not be for the Charlotte hornets and whether or not it's not betray Dwight Howard has written the column about that in yesterday's paper. 70457. Or 96 did a couple of text and wanna get through the first one from Chad. Which is gonna not experienced they look up pretty much hated everybody shed them ever met. He's the first shed and it's pretty cool that you discuss certain names of people that do thrust July if you don't know anybody with that name that you liked is that like a Spanish. Chad yeah I'm pretty sure our premiere preacher does tea this is like the first Johnny jet and our own country in Africa. Good morning. Other chat that's great hanging chads you know all the adult and Chad dimpled chads that are in my life log is there are times sets in a none of them really with a positive connotation. Nothing and to get back to the wrong with Chad and African government they're not gonna test me just how does adding that the jabs Trish is very ugly. The tasty though at least I've never had a chat. Oz looked at a so anyway it sure is okay shadow on Twitter are on the road tech slide says David separate the best candidate more money than the laurel already has in its ownership experience India and that experience is with a team that has six championships in Pittsburgh Steelers so he's right about that and get another text or he'll ask doesn't just for clarification mrs. Why would we want an owner that's part owner of another NFL team. Well he couldn't own both so he bought the Carolina printers you were asked to divest himself of the minority ownership stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers. I do think that that experience with a it was an organization like that matters plus. I'm David tepper of Pittsburg guys who I think it's hard reports of his dream of dreams I'm sure David -- would love to own the Pittsburgh Steelers put. Without actually knowing the Rooney bloodline and you know how many grandkids they have I doubt the roadways are gonna pass on the Steelers to anybody outside the family is upset. Well at least let me stop you there. Right because I gonna disagree it's one of the things she says oh god abouts. You know that matters because he is a part of another franchise and has success that that counts right and it tells you are. You know maybe you see what you know that they're doing well I saw. Name another owner. That had that type of background. Right most of them don't there's at least some of your sons that it's a team from their father that may have grown up and that culture but. If success is success and there are a lot of parallels between owning any threat franchise NFL franchise in. No owning your own hedge fund or you don't need your own you know management group in Everett might be. These guys are successful business guys. Right and as long as they may be continued or Warren. With the same principles it's got them to the top of the pyramid it really doesn't matter you know if you have. You know. Knowledge of what another team looks like. I think it I think it helps got to. Oh I don't know. I think you have to step dad I think I don't. I don't think Jack is not gonna hurt it's like learning different industry you know he's a hedge fund billionaire but if you wanted to to work his way into some other financial. Industry knew he had no experience and would help to be to be able to see first Taylor good organization looks like and he does have that benefit but I'm with you it's not necessary and it's not necessarily game changer just adds to the resolution that's all there. And it could help and could hurt you know these guys are pretty Smart people I'm. If you don't get to be a billionaire by being an idiot and there's some luck involved don't get me wrong in. You know some guys might have it handed to him who knows but for the most part if you've developed something and you've grown it. You've made a lot of mistakes you learn from your mistakes and you know what's gonna work and what does it but. You know you're at it we can just use this as an example if we if you mean the main guy says Matt Hamlin. Was to step down in this in cal Bailey you're gonna run the station. The station is having success right and assume door literally well. But are you gonna come in there and change it. Yes you are you're gonna put your touches on you're gonna do what you think can be done better. Right and you're gonna keep in exist you know what's it you know what it. You're gonna keep what you synching or is doing well what they were doing well and later tried to build on that but some people are just going to change it you know Kyle because. They show like they have the better answer right and you're doing guys with huge egos so hmmm I don't know I mean it's hard to answer you know who's gonna be the best dollar for the Carolina Panthers and what to look for. Because I don't know much about these companies and don't know much about them as. You know what it's they've done to develop a notable men kind of self made guys right which leads me to sanctions that. In all these guys are pretty good at what they do so why wouldn't that continued to exist with the NFL. No I think that's the case and and that's why I wanted to clear that don't look heading to Pittsburgh Steelers experience. Is helpful it it it's not the it's not the reason why something determining factor we would had a couple people and I have heard these people say this before says. Tools and Jimmie has also came from Pittsburg Steelers ownership groups so crashed you know letting go so well all right let's because Jimmy hasn't sucks or running the football team. You don't get any goes back to what I was saying that it's not. Because of his Pittsburgh Steelers experience but if you're a great businessmen with that kind of experience. He could help us frank was saying a second ago Jerry Richardson has already laid a very strong foundation. For this organization the next guy has to build on that. If you're Smart and most of these guys are pretty Smart or right to we we think it's here's it's the quarterback conversation will bring that up a little bit later we come back though and we took it to the hornets. Rick Bedell Charlotte Observer joins us Mitch Kupchak. New GM that's what we're told result likely gonna happen. Will it work will they trade Dwight Howard that's next Garcia clearly.