Garcia And Bailey H2: Tom Sorensen Talks David Tepper

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Tuesday, May 15th
In this hour Tom Sorensen joins the show to talk about what could be ahead with David Tepper Becoming Owner of the Panthers...

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Garcia. Florida Oregon Nancy we ask beautifully and I don't you know Brittany has quite frankly I was surprised I don't that tormented players. I don't know strike I really don't know I just I went along where the bend it was funny but you know we'll see if they are so up 70457. Or 96 and this is the greatest picture of a statue have ever seen. Yes okay. It was useful no I got it frankly done a little portraits on 33 listen to phone calls liberty street was up there we went on Iraq. Every initial hire a lot happened at model still don't know who share that but. I'm afraid I can't be back pep I respect as ever they want a lot. This brought the Dallas Cowboys and I don't wanna be like all the spectacle ordered out I don't wanna be like a lot of people like Kate let your act you are. Of all let history. And do all bit quicker I don't know what I'm at the true what connection don't look at it or not it's a great product out but I got all. You know how it. Or a little messy questions. Less a question them because they again I'd I don't think anybody wants the Panthers to be the steelers' south holding anybody so I got and I think what. Some people look at it and say OK there are some organizational philosophies that they do really well there have been the Panthers might benefit from a son about making the Panthers a carbon copy of the Steelers are so I had babies learned a thing or two about a religious organization they can apply here I think that's more what people or are kind of optimistic about. But a lot of cute guy got off we go look at nobody. Baltimore. What guerrilla builder but I got a leak doubt. You're 100% ridiculous you're spot on buddy you're spot on because. Insane that you want to have this insane you wanna have that everybody says that. I want to do this well I want to do this well I want to have you know this identity we wanna leave this you know kind of brand you know we wanna play hard nose what does that mean. Everybody says it right but doing that is the challenge because how do you do it better than the next guy still took it as it's it's that's the challenge right. It's a the end of the day it's doing the little things. He writes all the time being consistent. And every coach knows that every. Billionaire knows that you're doing the little things you know making. You know the the little things a priority figured out how to do those things over and over and over again. What do you like yours and everybody does that so what separates you. Right and that's what you have defined as your identity that's what the Carolina Panthers need to identify with and I hope that that this new owner comes and and is able to do that. All right let's do this welcome back to this conversation and as promised. Stop the top 33. Put that top three at three. All right obviously it's tough to think the worst owners in sports history top three worst owners in sports history frank who is the worst three. As for me and you know I was a part of this as a kid growing up and in this list just came to me naturally right there's about six or seven of them on here and you can putt but. Ominous start when the perception is changed a little bit put it used to be you'd go to. Place for the Arizona Cardinals to die writes for the dinosaurs went to die it was like a retirement home for old people. In the NFL that's really honestly what it was in bill Bidwell was the worst owner in fact. My first year there tile he had to go out and start extending peoples contracts just to get above. Of them the league minimum he was so far little below the minimum awful that he started to having to give guys contracts is tantamount like Oprah you get a contract you do seriously you did a country does little pissed off deciding given. But I mean that might be part of it but that that was one of those using one of the worst owners now. They're gonna Super Bowl. There have been some good drafts and humbled and bring an end Kurt Warner. And FitzGerald is. Obviously change that perception slightly but he's still to me you know before his son took over was one of the worst owners that I've ever you know imagine the never played for. Robert sorrow over the army is. Phoenix Suns he was a AP. More mobile when it came to real estate and he he made more deals in Phoenix you know Perez rallies Scottsdale. In California. And he he did all he was a mover and shaker when it came the real estate. He took over for the suns and ran him into the ground he ran straight into the day. Around we traded away every good player we ever had. Knew Dan Marley want to heat have you checked him he brought in Shaq when he was a 150 years old could get up and on the court you know they I mean it was just he was a disaster. When he took over for the sounds to me he's one of the worst owners and I've ever experienced because all it is for him is about the money he just wants the money he's trying to get the the profits from the the margin sharing etc. and just couldn't care less about winning. But the number one worst owner to me. Donald Sterling. I mean not only the clippers soft. He treated people like dirt Dan's. You know just some of the things that he you know he did and said in northern there and driver or not. You know I just eat you he got to have some integrity frightened into Joe's void of any integrity. Yeah so I mean. I never played forum I never I don't know him personally but. The perception is man is that guy is is the dirt bag goes. Of all the owners no doubt about it CC your three. Again number three was so bell what bill Bidwell and Roberts or Ben robbers armor to Arizona James Donaldson there and then Donald start are my top three. And for a you know that's. They're very observance I guess or possibly hypersensitive Washington Redskins fan between immediately rumors over the topic was announced instead in the top three I just know Dan Snyder is going to be and it please just let him off trees you know. Not let him all season Dan Snyder comes in at number three. The Washington Redskins order for -- comes in at number three that the vision he Joseph Gibbs glory years and never came close to get nose back and don't you like about Snyder flood they've been so many things you can point seven about some build goodwill minute ago you know we're old free agents used to go to retire that's where the redskins' coaching for a couple of years until lately changed apple lost a little bit but it really hasn't gotten better he's paid his guys at least he did directly over pains or semi Deion Sanders Bruce Smith I was gonna say so I'm Bruce Smith at the end of his career was never gonna when their team to super low number Smith died just didn't make any sense. So in between the the inexplicable hiring and firings and feuds with players and you're alienating fans and infused with the media this guy's been an absolute disaster appears and Dan Snyder comes in for me. And it's a number three coming in at number two for a lot of people is number one and I understand why James Dolan the owner of the New York Knicks. What are the most iconic franchises in all owner could Genentech is a ass right and it was justified and it like this is what this might be the worst owner in sports currently I think you probably a shell would make the case he is the worst owner in sports today are you got to New York Knicks still an iconic franchise. And you've been so unable to get out of your own way as an owner hiring Isiah Thomas pirates Phil Jackson Harry Derek Fisher and it's just an absolute mess of the franchise and James Dolan is is the reason for that an iconic franchises and the toilet for for 1520 years. But for me. Number one the worst owner of all time and it's actually the female Donald Sterling archer Marge Schott. Marge shot she is essentially the Donald Sterling to baseball. Multiple suspensions back in the nineties for just absolutely heinous comments about black people including our own players Jews Asians Nazis and easy she said some of the worst stuff you could ever say as an owner and was suspended multiple times and her mismanagement of the reds had them pretty much irrelevant all the time she was just an awful person. And I'd like to think that Marge Schott and Donald Sterling or somehow John rocker's Paris. Allegedly she's like a long lost child when Marge Schott Donald sterling and fans how many grandchildren go there don't of these differences but dementieva lost it turned out it was John Rocker lol sigh how much Jimmie has an entry gissin nominations Desi for the browns. And. I mean one of the browns ever do any good. I mean they're there magnitude is now but he belongs in the conversation yeah award he comes from again. All just personal days Tennessee doctor hunter's Apple's INJ is on sale man everybody thing that is still ramming Jimmy hasn't. Grounds. In the end up to some great characteristics from that Indian death and director really make all these fans out there trying to be optimistic right now one doesn't mean this from my point was is that. We have no idea. Who are big balls McGee is going to be right and we just don't you know I mean I don't know what slogans is gonna you know create I don't know what kind plumes. You know culture he's going to you don't have here. We we don't know any of those things until it happens. Right so we can you don't make our assumptions of what this is gonna look like if he's gonna go spend money if he's not if he's there building new stadium if he's not. We don't know any easier raised ticket prices or George he's not we don't know any of those things until he does or doesn't. And that's you alternately. I'd think you'd be Smart to wait you know if he was in at least a couple years. And again to tip of the captain Scott Fowler because these nine questions that he would wanna know from David tepper he asked some good ones so I wanna talk subtle little bit of that as well but it'll take more phone calls will take more tax what you have how are we give Bob Johnson. That's a great all yeah. As a great one. I mean you William for 234 years ago I don't know frank how I you're just Bob Johnson I don't know I forgot I think that I forgot what I've got Bob Johnson that's a bobcats. Yeah we're the worst now I wouldn't yeah what were the worst owners in and you don't well yeah I mean look locally here certainly makes a list but that's I think nationally altitude makes a list I don't mean you're talking about all time. Horrible works in sterling and shot and Dolan at Snyder said the guys are talking about all time. Horrible horrible owners mr. pro sports America is bad as that is local channels are still that he makes that list anyway I 70457 or 96 that we come back more calls more tax. A way to back to separate little bit there's there's still other things we have to talk about including. Last night's playoff game Frank's got a really really strong take on the Golden State Warriors want to Tibet and of course we gotta talk about the draft lottery tonight 730 Mitch Kupchak Buzz Peterson will be their represented the hornets and will they pick elevenths like beyoncé are going to be somewhere else we'll talk about that it's Garcia and they look. You. Can't shoot. It. I just eight minutes from the outside source enjoys the show pretty sure against the visiting middle school sock up for something in the ensemble join us at 332 it's all printers in orators tonight is the NBA draft lottery and as you would expect to pay designs depict or the board it's odds picked first overall Laura slim to none and slim guy shot last week so. Ali is point eight or point 7% chance of hornets picked first voted 90% since they picked eleventh and if you look at a lot of mock draft you can get a pretty good sense of the players that should be available in that range and there's some good players but the likelihood of them picking a franchise player is like you know. More than failing to take a franchise player and eleven I should say is about 90%. As Josh Peter a USA today said in an article that was that ran yesterday where Josh Peter. Basically. Skewered Michael Jordan and says he may be the greatest player of all time but he is in the running alongside James Dolan is the worst owner. And that's. Spent so we'll talk about that as well but tell us a phone call relief quickly remotely install cynically moss talk about the solar conversation or motels are right lane. He having you know years and years the ground stopper and they were tape crime side of the had a few pieces to help on but. It's very focal like get the owner just didn't really wanna putting money in the French until captain successfully went to Baltimore but I mean really just. Do move looking toward gun store basement. Bargain you know that he can't do that they appear expect in the win. Yeah I think without adding that he was obviously they they hated his guts front in the big its heels were the team back what 96 a bullies. And everything that are regularly spends a long time ago suit to the rest of his life being a really big philanthropists in the city so right you're absolutely right he belongs in the conversation with the way things kind of turned and ended after the fact is also interesting that he help your team back to get a lot of money it's it to people who need it it's always centrist thing but between I didn't Dell's they didn't sporting good stores and closed down not too long ago. You know I care trust a toast they'll tell us that power in the beginning but I can't see you want. No we demand. Yeah you're right. I slide I appreciate the call meant thank you very much for Coleman's. Yeah I mean I'm in AG can actually be I'm surprised he didn't get more nominations on the tech slime butt out. Now he felt he strongly enough to to call and yet humorous related Art Modell ref. Lot of people there are a lot of people there they absolutely what do you think's gonna happen with this a slogan. Two states one team. I think it's as it seems like overkill just punt attempt direct. It's the Carolina Panthers got a you can get hung up on the fact that the teams in Charlotte but it's basically on the border and that's kind of always been the point and and go into the Carolina Panthers you did to just assume that you're like they were the Dakota Panthers and anybody forget that there's a South Dakota or North Dakota you know bring other tempers don't you think his potential being two balls wanting now come off. It's agreed to some drums or something I don't know IMAX is just a shame that I continue to sign the most gentle stuff. That's funny is I don't. What are. I like and don't when people ticked in the danger it. Does he's like he's like a little kid grandchild every year says these gifts all the time of guys didn't you know. It's not shot and all the all the closings are roll around laughs it is a sickness Seawright it is you're semi the only person you know and it's an actual support on this because Frank's right actually do feel bad about it sometimes. Because I know is a man. Did the kind of excruciating pain that it is to get hit in the groin. The discussion with some like a baseball but the second I see somebody else get tagged died I'm by laughed until I can't breed almost pass does anybody else like that I think is the funniest thing in the world would a followed that is the grim tell nut shots yeah I want to know. All day long. They don't they don't they go and I don't know what's demented I know that it's wrong I understand that it's so hypocritical but there's nothing funnier than watching some unassuming dude or some guy who's thrown Whipple ball was killed in the backyard just. One right off the indictment is the funniest delivers as owners of corporate donors for. Kind of agenda that I you guys alike spirit animals anyway and alert but if he walks around the office to check in people like him that might do that much but you know outside of that and a good on Fridays and Saturdays Friday you should be able to note with a nurse gun just problem I didn't post it on as the brand identity behind that I think. The sorry it doesn't know 45709. To some extent it does. It means that you talked about the Dion lottery tonight. Or are you one of those guys that give them I mean I. I don't watch anymore I used to may be watch a little bit it was more you know it would be the first or second pick but we're picked eleven. Should somebody out when we see what happens okay yeah we're we're let's move on Wright is like General Electric now with the horn. It's weird kind of amid a well look I. I don't think I'm quite like that I do think did you not talked about this before right we talked about toward the tail end of the season a with the loss of belief to the pistons may be whatever the game was they lost they move from tenth to eleventh in the pecking order in the draft. And was it eleven to tenth doesn't matter either way. You know we've looked at what Mattel bridges and Joseph just Alexander from Kentucky and debris just kid from Michigan State like those kind of guys being a medal it's 1112 kind of range. And I think there are good players in that rage. But again I reference the number are from Josh Peter is USA today article where he called Michael Jordan the worst daughter in the late that he says there's about a 90% chance they sailed to select a franchise player. In that that range that's kind of where they are right now and I announces I guess what I'm saying is another position where I'm saying I just got picked eleventh who cares to on the with a good tomorrow like a not bad I do I am curious are just totally. In the universe O owes the hornets a little. But the universe owes the hornets fans don't or don't establish a little bit after we got them Digi verse yeah they know the don't do basketball gods over the hornets fan base something tonight. You know. It's bag our guys you know especially you know when they're on your home team you know and I know that a lot of people right now that are kind of disinterested. In on what the hornets are doing about it. There's just so many holes and so many things wrong in the fact it you know tepper has bought the team is kind of put a mask on that for the time being. I know what to draft lottery is up tonight in double what kind of have to revisit some of those open wounds. And be reminded that OK we got new number Reagan as the new head coach in. You know Mitch Kupchak is gonna turn this franchise around and you know all the things that exists with it but I know that there's some people out there that feel like you're really doesn't even matter because. You know kind of apropos to the topic we just had is that Michael Jordan's one of the top three worst owners in the NBA. Michael summit and as crypto and I got a pretty strong field but I do my idol I don't think he always that was different for you then I do because I don't I don't always felt like. You know after he's had the you'll eat the the first say in you're gonna do what I say but it's more. Of he has the final say in that certainly exist but do you still like he's going to be more of a young guy on the outside looking in allowing this to do his job. Yeah that's that's exactly how we characterize that right I would say that some. You know and not to impugn rich shows manhood here but I just I have a much more difficult time envisioning rich show and address stream standing up to say no Michael that's the wrong guy at a much more time discs are envisioning that a difficult time envisioning that regiment took six and Mike. This is our guy you hired me to do this job trust me or adult but this is what I'm here to do I I much more confidence in Mitch Kupchak to do that. And when you break it down and and you look at this cup six draft history. And actually you know later in the first round and and second round he said success though it's not blow you away success but he's had success. And not just delegate let's let's let's assume for second at. The odds are rights and the hornets in the eleventh overall pick tonight. There's no guarantee that stated. Like I think we're starting to learn a little bit about this team that there's no guarantee they stayed there does mean they definitely trade Campbell doesn't mean they definitely trade and KGB. This cut checks a mover shaker man I I I don't wouldn't necessarily just east locked in through. They're gonna pick eleventh and that's that's. Yeah when this takes place in when we moved to whom do we stand eleventh or when we you know and when the balls come out tell you the ping pong balls that is still come out to end you know do they determine where were. What were dressed in outlets that I'm not sure that group we're not gonna do something to you may be moving shake a little bit and enforce what do you think Tim was going to be you have to be a part of that. That move but. I'm not sure you know when it comes the NBA you know on the value chart that they're gonna use in order to move up but. You know in the NFL you can got engaged in a little bit better for me anyways on what is gonna take to move from eleven to five right you know whats it gonna take to move. You know the hornets from eleven to five or maybe one of these lottery picks gonna be there because. In the lottery is you know one of the you don't want these top lottery picks is going to be what's covered this year. Trying to assign a value charter talking to in the MBA yeah they're out on the politically liberal take a look at it during the break and on to -- to analyze that to indict analytical mind of his input into work on the in the Indian value draft chart as well this is why I love the show by the way is what was your daughter Bridget there's this is so full knowledge well that and learn things every day listeners texture rights and Dulles and it's excellent KB your snowflake you know no one owes anyone anything in your your way to the tasks listened more broke a civilian million dollars the basketball gods over the hornets a little bit of a break. Our new favorite text or video yeah it's very ecologists Nelson don't pay extra for it. I pull themselves up by the bootstraps. You talking about said the best look at the whole Anthony Davis things basketball gods to blow the horn it's a little salt. But whether it's into the eighth pick of a nightstick or whatever it is a film a little bit of robot that's all say and snowflakes. That we come back some other. And so rude shock Droid charge intrude. Yup you GeForce guidance Odessa where you say I am guessing that's what you say that and German. Shot and screwed you keep practicing is that come I'd have no idea I don't speak German cars to disarm sort of pleased tournaments Michael also but I Newsom break Tom source Charlotte Observer joins us Nestle talked an additional salt accords and whatever else almost talk about its Garcia and Bayless. As we can get. All right an hour from our exhausted Daniel Wallach gaming in sports attorneys and double talk about the landmark decision yesterday by the Supreme Court to strike down a ban on the federal ban. On sports gambling opening up the door for states across the union to look to legalize it themselves and about a half dozen already have been and have legislation it's not a pastor about to be passed in. Here's hoping that's at least one of the Carolinas gets that done did you imagine being able to go to the Charleston for the weekend and they'll be done over the water and all the great things they have and also stop by Saturday night for game in just -- throw some money down a game while you're there everywhere great spot for a for casino were well. I mean Myrtle Beach early oh well absolutely no dial up there on the outer banks you'll. Those are South Carolina obviously you know places but you do what's in the North Carolina side they did the ocean I'll these news correct my geography of you're kind of the reason I said that is because I don't think there's anywhere in the world north Carolina's gonna pass this thing before South Carolina does I've spoken to anybody thinks that. Don't put a good bet if you go to bed when you think South Carolina does a first. Yeah I would think so. You know and I think that. You know especially mean now that they're a little bit more aggressive even with the the canvas law. That is might be passed truth though say that's definitely true speaking at a at a missiles Tom Sorensen of the your Charlotte Observer those who know those things are nowhere related I just wanted to do that Tom I even got a. An excellent man I get there. We're doing well we're duel well it's it's a new era he notes is a new day for the Carolina Panthers and and his fan base it looks like the deal was finalized David tepper is the guy you've written about it we talked about it and announced today is here how do you feel about it. I like the guy I mean I'll equity stands for unlike and he came up lower middle class and this is money year. You know he's a Pittsburgh guy now that the Miami Beach that. I'd hoped that this when he tipped Teixeira is. I'm lecturing him you know meet the guys to kind of run this city the matter women but also elected in interact the giants are not hard to get exactly like. It's sure to keep a low profile eco works fans are you know substantial impressed the ocean as it esteem be cool look good in order. Could kind of breaks here. It's interesting maybe just aren't steamers has purchased by maybe the a little bit older version of Mark Cuban the exact I try to get those boggled. I'll. I mean Q print it's an interesting guy and not talk to a couple times when he just. Utah forward thanking and willing to do thing. His way in his way. It came out and on his way to smoke you don't acceptable so I would love to see a shepherd in can attack. I think the first thing you do is probably spice start out by taking away that five dollar fan fest he two that they charged fans last year. To kind of ingratiate yourself with the fans. And do our church can't. Worked. Frank I agree I think that that that was cute mistake I think. You just sort of man ever to to report because one of support here are not yet come down and beat. Yeah I want to rookie camp last week and I love being their because you see these guys who are. Yeah they just been. Pictures sent keeping your pictures and newspaper biography are right and we need to see him and I think that's the kind of opportunity center that Amtrak. The first question you'd ask him you know Tom and you've interviewed you beat your you've been around. You know whether he's changed or not whether he's done some things that you know maybe he regrets or not. I'm you know you have an opportunity to be a new owner coming into the city. What would be the first question you ask them. Where to their question I think I would just start with why. Why do you wanna be this big you needn't be scrutinized so closely and I don't think peppers the guy a great attention I'll just say why. What he want this team in this place now in just find out from here just just or why you know what does interest tips. The Tom I just to counter that wouldn't ya what the obvious answer possibly be Wasilla team up for sale right now. And I would also blasted their way when you talked about you attracting attention and I'm joking but I'm not. This is a guy who hangs a big set of brass balls bond himself in his office and is reportedly thrown breast implants around the office and he's got a revenge mentioned in the Hamptons where he built an enormous. Talk Ximian Pinochet pullen and I'm not kidding when I say these things like this is a good I think this is a very kind of brash over the top guy when he wants to do it. You're saying Bert cheer Richmond does not have a initiate. Not to my sources tell me does not know can't. You know to connect I don't think that it's a while got to think this guy it's Smart. An effective and terribly terribly competent and had to deal which in itself. Beyond that what. What stood joint what you're looking forward to and what does he wanna accomplish and those are real general court that bit but unlike just you guys talk. And I hopefully those would get it can't concur that it is an end and you're not like to order back in just find out who we hear it and stamps. Don't you think it's also important to offer the fan base especially to to get him on camera on record saying I'm committed to Charlotte I wanna be your long term. Epic I thought that was always and never that there are only I agree with her. So of people is there people out there are story you hear that cheers Sayer but that bank. That's just understood and how long here there's someone very close that we can't just spate may be can't either. But yet if there at that spot and I think anybody's word about that either their fault. So I don't expect this guy not a rhetorical it's on source in Charlotte Observer joined us on the become just like I I don't expect him to come in like a wrecking ball necessarily. On you know but I do wanna I do wonder. For instance I saw beyond the reports that he is said by all accounts he's gotten glowing reviews of the football operation side of Moriarty and Ron Rivera and you know those guys are locked down and under long term deals and did you wouldn't expect them to want to go anywhere and that's great to hear and I think that should be the case with a guy like Ron Rivera but isn't that also went on his position should says. Should say I would hope he at bat you know sometimes people comment and they wanna get their guys ball right away and I would hope he worked. To process already in place coming. We keep Kerney obviously that would keep. Rivera obviously. You know he needs this team does not have a president that's an important role because. You know a non football outside of things structural most of the patient with that anymore. And Morse and it's really well like cares manic and really really war and our director back. But you know he just left and he never really get checked why. And you know it's just a that's certainly opt out some but it tepper has and other business I don't know I would hope. Just hope to keep things intact for the most part I cannot thank B I doubt. It's part of football act goes bore hole we had a I cure and I'll be 100 delicate. The town of your first question to temper would be wise my second question to him would be. What's important to you right because when Jerry Richardson. You know it promised a a Super Bowl in ten years but. I think is important to melt like it was the most important thing I think the most important thing whether it came to fruition or not. Was the image of this franchise and if that meant everything you know leave the brand. The the Carolina Panthers stood for was the most important thing. You know to Jerry Richardson and the legacy potentially that he left behind even though that may have taken a turn. Iron are still like that is what he sold to us as fans in what he sold to us as players as well you know what you think the important. What's gonna be the most important thing to temper. I don't know Richardson and I would say it was when it. I mean he desperately want it to where. And he's got some pretty epic achieved our success in different geo why couldn't translate to the NF trial in a sport which we should play. And presumably knows. Com and he desperately wanted to win and I'm at bat the bat good effort to report. Which could go all every NFL owner either. Had a really good business outside or. He was hit the right parents. I mean some movement here at the jobs but that here's a temper kind earned. And he's got to be an astute businessman and he's got to thank you know I can replicate their success but you know now any interest to talk to about that. Talking to Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer join us on the tech job just like let's talk about the hornets this draft lottery night and flew. Feels like Groundhog Day a little bit you know here we are the the lords have a zero point 7% since Souza landing the top pick in about a 90% chance of ending up at eleven and look I think the basketball gods over the hornets a little bit of a break somehow someway and maybe it's not tonight but so are you coach. Are you the least bit excited are intrigued by this that I just given beyond that we're that we know how tough it's going to be for the orders to land higher pick than eleventh. Yet you not I was there. It was a 2012. The deputy deepest drafts them not go to cook strapped I think there was doubt well. A party at at the edge band not a that there arena and territory there I don't know whether that and that they yet. And one by one team to cult optic Internet equity they've switched their. And people are pumped up and indeed excited murmurs they're eating they're trying to now watching TV and then suddenly in order to go check it. And that room it'd been slowed air flight I mean I remember seeing Jordan remembers Sheehan seemed executives that was just crossing itself. You know there are statistical anomaly and you can get a break. I think that that pat well the lottery pale or something more sugar. I mean it's their fault for the most part they've just wandered so many good draft opportunities but. David was there where one that was not a hole does that matter who's coaching this team. Good question do I. Immediately my baby and me you want a guy on the teach their. Yeah yeah hire Garrett forty years old and what you're saying look stick around what which group through a lot people were. I mean. I think it would I would I like and yeah outlook is your quick act he's. I don't see pretty cute and made it a peak yet. Seven point and each may they get mad at picket temporary in the east or they would that's that would be the top and and that's really not. What you're looking for. So what what I hope that the coaches that teacher what I hope is. Kupchak is great and mining town and drafting it. And I just hope that our Arctic figured out. Obviously beyond you know the bill passed in congress know just today with you're the gambling. If you you're if you're a betting man. What's the chances what odds are you giving kemba Walker's here next year. Well. I would say 6040. Incorrect are able along those same lines similar we're gonna give back to this and about 45 minutes but do your Gregg got asked about this because you've been covered sports for a long long time and you have covered I'm sure stories where there are sports gambling infiltrated sports found its way into conversations between the stories we we know have been match fixing in point shaving instances excuse me so what is your general take because I'm of the opinion that collegiate sports is more more vulnerable here than professional sports is the by and large I think bringing this to the surface and allowing for more regulatory agencies and other people to keep this thing above board is going to end up being a good thing. I love that I absolutely love and the issue like Tibet in pretty notable. Or knows somebody knows somebody who knows somebody you know is a bookie there are certain parts here in town you go you. And it just an immediate sense what's going on right there here's my Kentucky Derby bets here's my bet on the bat well and ears Bret thank. Is gonna happen on Sunday it's in my book get out into the light. I mean all the people think that they're officials are in thirteen which is that enters an art comes much mid market. Are are just yet they're so far off there's no way. Absolutely no way he could ever say. The NBA or the NFL I think increased to scrutinize. At saint Egypt tried it there are urged them and comp under wraps but I think that they don't go when bank and our British group think. The actors and and those guys are gonna complain really loudly that actors are. 2100. And it was actually. Adam I don't care about actually the rest of us I district it's tremendous opportunity and generate static. I think there are only six states in the country right now that don't have a lot of and you go into Bank of America's stated as he captured wrapped Cheney electronic net. You know flat around stating in trying it's just but logical extension and I am really. Yes hang with me you know could just might be a little bit of a long one Tom McGinnis just kind of follow the logic it might not necessarily be. You know with the players on the court of the Bre freeze we are going out there and you're impacting them but monkeys and make numbers they draw lines. And if there's. The integrity is going to be affected if you don't know the status of the players going into that game it's improbable to maybe it's a questionable those type of things if we don't have a clear definition but yet the book he's no because they have an inside source there are going to be able to set the line to their advantage where they can take a big percentage of chopped and move the line knowing when that guy comes available that lions get a job so they can kinda. Hedge on that line. How important is it gonna be moving forward. We have a better clear understanding. Of the lawyer and what that definition means whether it's questionable whether it's doubtful. And hold these coaches accountable to that to that standard. I would love to CNET anyway but now especially yet because they're guys. You've sent their coaches now that they're batch or piano. And you know your most immediate and repeat. As informed it simple keep our resources are gonna be just just spirit this year at par currently. That are practiced Sherlock they. I got out which they could clean that up trying to kind of expect to what I wish they could clean that up. And just say look if you line up of the better players if you project. You respond cubic Pamela and I wish the have to look at it that and that would be I think they're an effective way to crack down. Some are we were captured pretty long time devoted to last at least one more thing and double I was listening to you wanna say it was late last week you wrong with Mac and those guys in the mornings I thought it was great conversation. Where you know Mac asked you about the potential Major League Baseball and Charlotte and the Mac is a very a different opinion and I am about this and I thought you were going to align with -- at first but then you came on in the US you've changed your mind and you said that you know you think this city is ready for two big time Major League Baseball and I would look for you to elaborate on that a little bit because I thought your your point it was a pretty good one but if you've been here long time you've seen the evolution of Charlotte and your to a point now where you think today you know this the city's residents. They can't smoke Loma Chico's. I bet it would stop I was not no. I got my federal power players on. I've never thought that chart support Major League Baseball a weekend dollar great because you give people from Greenville and Greensboro. And rally in Columbia and you know they they shut up did you come down you know make it. Go to wreak we can't around it but apparently night. Squatter but now I think they're not people here to make it go. And it and I've never felt that I until this year and around. You know there's some neat things to work out I mean how do you accept. The moderately. Fact that so between men and really hear were don't stay anchored right now exports into downtown Charlotte. Network app and were you build a ballpark that land is claimed that so valuable at the world Allred paper that that join downtown. All that is. And build stadiums somewhere. And I think would work I think it would exceed your. All right some source in Charlotte Observer joining us on the ticket John just slime and I think an audio moments ago questions for a simple premise stepped outside to buy a great stuff we appreciate stuff. Any sound on tour event a receipt because it can't match. There you go Tom Sorensen our Charlotte Observer he's a legend investors there's a Tommy joins us every Tuesday is here on Tuesday here on Garcia and Bailey and I can't stop looking at the statute would stop fright the most impressive thing you're saying I'm against and we just not right now it's a brass statue of a man with oversized. You know. Stuff like it was just let's not even do that right now dog got into with our guys over at bring back the bus you know a little bit last week about this. Always just talking about what baseball of the Yemen in this. He kind of bury the lead on me a little bit because it turned out that he he played in WS you can cut its baseball comes here. I'm actually trying to form the same committee that Portland did try to do to get it going and try to just get people who joined up on the bandwagon. I mean you sound like she's the militia over here soccer Melissa I know yeah you're you're you're kind of taking neat how could do. I need wiz with baseball here in Charlotte. I mean you Kyle Bailey no have wanted baseball here every interview we have what are you guys hear you you end with the baseball here in Charlotte he's a perfect I'd ask that question you know. And this guy's been around for forever in their news based. All saying no and he's a great perspective the reason I brought it up. And Puerto mutt part of the reason is to us I say this all the top I grew up kind of middle and lower and WGC regrow console yet so when we when we came Sarah. We when we came to Charlotte to see you know my aunts and uncles or from a basketball tournament or to see the shortest player whatever was you know we we came here is kids. You know this is the first place ever saw snapping turtle like a smug about Bo on net internal I had on uncle lived on Estonia and like a couple of please call snap I guarantee of a couple of senators you know at. I was so this is Brett based plastic but this is a really really good baseball to look at the Carolinas if you. You've got Clemson in the South Carolina North Carolina coastal Carolina means of baseball on these two states are incredible. As of just this notion that it was not ready there's no there's not going to be any support I. I just I never understood that because there's such great baseball this is the breeding ground for some of the best baseball players in the country. And so what I hear us operators aren't going to be any interest in Huckabee supported I'd just blows my mind and I'm always gonna deferred distant to a native Charlotte. If anything you can make the same argument that mean you're just because you often stopped in midstream but you know when it comes to soccer you know Kyle you can make the same argument that doesn't mean it's going to be successful. I mean soccer here I think it's a different social I was getting rid of soccer shear is is very popular when you look at do you level right brands. I know that made they may have not had soccer in your parts. But here in Charlotte the big city they do I know baseball it's important hilarious just hilarious. And again I would say this is not. For the for the soccer guys to doctor defended I'm not going after soccer what I'm saying is if you are right because you put this on the show before. Most kids quit playing before they get to high school right that's the staff what happened and any even US the good. You're you're you're a US talent to soccer and US use our daughter graduated to a real spore I got dice clay go and so most kids put all sports baseball soccer most just a quick sport 70% of kids with sports before their fourteenth right so you soccer's great trick here is great rally but only one of those is still a ten billion dollar business in the United States on one of those has a century old infrastructure farm system of us got the whole deal so it's a media comparison even though one is still emerging is not really all that appropriate here is still Phnom. Based and has a difference in our nowadays I mean you can make the case for baseball and no doubt about it news sports you know being very popular beer because it is. But is becoming to the point weren't so expensive that not everybody complains a stroke bats or 450 dollars 500 dollars gloves are modern fifty dollar -- you're right it doesn't cost much for me to go out there and grab the ball in somebody's come to go out there and kick the ball around inferior I think you're absolutely right he wasn't Damione Lewis and I talked about this on a show sort basketball sucks it's a big reason in my opinion why basketball has been so successful right I'm not saying exchanges and at the elite level it's becoming more expensive with a U brown talked about on your backyard to backyard at your local park you can go over there and kick a ball around for nothing you can go out there and you know it's cheap baskets for nothing it's you know where. The that the majority of people in this country do you live in those kind of demographics and not everybody has the value go out there and by that 500 dollar bat. Bright and look I know what everything you just said makes total sense to me but I think he was a larger issue not a lot of parents can definitely speak to this where all sports it's becoming so so expensive to participate but if you want your kid or your kid wants to play collegiate sports you've got to pay 567810. Grand a year in travel clubs and Yahoo! in tournaments and everything else thinking for sockets because he's in soccer no different on that our travel soccer some extremely expensive for a lot of parents and so you right. There's a there's a different I guess a higher thresholds entry there more difficult access to prince. The difference between those two sports is athletic system exists more in soccer that you can still go out there and develop the skill on your own. We're in baseball you have to be I think a little bit more coach because there's that specific skill of hitting the ball throwing the ball team doing those type of thing right at criticisms still you know rules the roost you know speed size strength all those type of things. But ultimately. You know it comes down to pony name your skills and you have to be able during baseball more than you do and soccer in order be successful. Are we come back to our numbers three and calls to actually got and that will certainly take him and I do wanna come back before Richard back into the game when stuff for the Panthers and orders fried has any aid. Pretty strong take on the Golden State Warriors.