Garcia And Bailey H2: Tom Sorensen Joins The Show, Top 3 At 3

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Tuesday, June 12th
Charlotte Observer Writer Tom Sorensen joined Garcia And Bailey to discuss Panthers Mini Camp, and Frank and Kyle rank their top 3 most insecure fanbases...

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But Garcia. Our numbers are Giles right odds ever tell you about it with you on a Tuesday at a sub 70457. Or 9610 tallest axis on the buildings and attacks like Symbian email Kyle WS since he died John as the garage door guru and box and find us on Twitter. And child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia sixty finals dollars in phone calls or just a second but the state your case one more time we're talking about this is my kids get what do we were never shown a real stops it. We argue through Bruno. I mean you made the statement that Golden State didn't build their team to slow down or stop LeBron James I said you're actually wrong that's exactly what they did it. LeBron James beat Golden State and they went and got Kevin Durant to stop and beat you know the the best player in the league would be NC consecutive playoffs where there was a Miami or won't do regardless of where is that it was to stop and be LeBron James because that just happened. Ascended in split not talking hypotheticals that's what took place. I don't know what would have happened to your argument of if they would have taken the politically you Kevin Durant if they want to take I don't know. I'm not speaking hypotheticals I'm speaking on what the facts work and that's why they went out and got them. Break I Interfax also ordered his Golden State team was built primarily through the draft and after that finals were we when we talked about it during the break her dream on green doesn't loses money tick LeBron James in the not so there probably when the NBA final. Files but don't. You're you're right I don't know I mean I only knows what happened. And what I know is they don't zionist Kevin Durant was brought into the fold a Golden State after that the 73 team or 73 win team was beaten fly if they win matches that Jimmy doesn't. Like Kevin Durant free agents don't know our best and I doubt it moments ago I did go to assume is heavily I don't know if they're gonna pay that amount money to do that. You know so I'm not send. Bombed you know why they would or wouldn't you know that's that's not the question look what's on the television right now if you're a front of the television floating ESP into a never do this. There's a graphic on the screen right now yesterday into Jalen Rose Norman really stalk into this is why the Charlotte hornets and the best team for LeBron James. About that because it's gonna lose again and I ended up front here is a bit of justice. Found out that they would do it because I as. Be the first to admit this Charlotte hornets team was in the supporting cast. Was better than a bronze team without LeBron take a bar off of that this team beats beats the Cleveland Cavaliers welcome back to. An article six and uncles and disposal to talk to us were well and they just jumped off let's go to filling that donut degenerates we we we can join him about a one. But it's showed it was a real value bet. Our guys you've got to give it chip that and a bit epic great trait that there we stop ought to broach dog like. We have fourteen days and there we got to watch something. I doubt that it that the big question. Of rot we wanted to tell you are at their eye off. I'm going to buy it I really don't why don't you first want. The age at which all spent an aide to urged all gut the always had a connection of fresh print. And ginger. Look at what rock and right you're not gonna go out where you don't like though they don't like it or buy off interest they are you to get your. So really no that would mean Cherokee. All of this and urged retard talk about you're in doubt that. No we thought though there are making more the only people they all brought all all that. Are you crate he. But Roddick never played out or are. A quirky bit joke break when we did it I bet that are out there or boy he never played look at it but that the pictures better back it was a now we got Joseph Joseph about thought that the real swinger of the sway your day a rip that. When they get grip it pop rock paper. It's like topics you're betray your betrayal what you got here Gregg Popovich but they wanted to come back Robert cup and Dario are. All it got sick and that's what that let's not forget where. Upper big lead you're the dark art. What the white I just dropped by. So related offense this yeah. God oh my god. Largo this really rumors are stronger identity in the Ben's Simmons and all that did the rich Paul connection and we've read it we talked about it that the connection there are strong the LA thing is entry into because loaded biscuit LeBron James and wants to be in show business LeBron James and wants to be you know in that world we told you yesterday is producing an HBO documentary are told producing an HBO documentary. Or anywhere. Generally speaking I agree with a do we got the Holman LA though he's just he's got an affinity for a. Lot of guys I don't buy anything to do with the home I don't know I got the I'm sure he has a home the area and impairs his wife France and one in Mexico may be in combo has a lot of hall. Extremely dismissive didn't realize or else I mean. I don't know if it does not giving the credibility of you know why he's going LA authorities regulars so I don't it's. I got to why do why did you do that the lakers why do you do that then you're likely they are not they haven't memoir and in my own home. I was just procedure told. So jug under completely different tournament now the lakers that was my god it went to the child I don't last week when he retired as a cause it was dormant. Clear blue route to my stomach is clearly don't make sense what used to. Hundreds and hundreds more ready made team are there was an honest and he's a hundred years old. And never made team. And Dave were close to beating the Golden State Warriors without Chris Paul yeah LeBron James. Good night. Dubbed the best team on the planet globally it's one of the best teams you we want Houston when there was as well and god knows there's it's Houston has a lot of tradition and history you know and China Houston's one of the biggest names because of the -- many Brett Keisel legend there so globally it makes a lot of sense he's still have his brand out there he makes a ton of cash he can sell his movies to the Chinese people we can sell to the LA people can sell to the truck the in the al-Qaeda leaders in the pot smokers and whoever else is gonna be out there. I agree with your goes back to the it would like Howard left Orlando right now he would want to be a branch and he wanted to expand his Brandel missed an age you don't need to be in LA or New York Chicago to turn to expand your bread I wish for a city and talk about what Colby said they have. Have any validity. To what he said Mora. Then of course ignores championships could it was he goes to go state nobody did. Almost an event that's part of what's driving it to and that's why should Kobe's right I anticipate him on a cure which you feel about him he's right. Because the narrative is going to be I told us to its extra little while ago all of these debates as to why LeBron is the best of all time right now all these numbers all these comparisons all this that the other. Additional LeBron James is is long gone from the NBA that's still fool site. And people will look at the one thing that people always look to to determine legacy and who's the greatest of all time and fairly or unfairly. Those ranks as the against Philly I think there on the come I think there's there's a lot of things alike about you know Philadelphia and and you know that team very young. Owning up and coming team in five years. They might be the next goals they wars it might be the next Houston Rockets took the might have. Have the bit next you don't best LeBron James with no man's Simmons as he evolves into you know I am more complete player and is able to knock down sergeant he's he's that type of steel body in that type of athlete but you know right now today in five years LeBron James on fleet. Our guest today what is the best for its Houston. And it's not close strategically speaking when you put him where it's we put him with Harden you put him with just Chris Paul. You court agrees that worlds you're throwing the mix to be that team. Well it's the most ready made situation tigers assistant. Well why not use I guess some people would say doesn't mean juice and I don't know if it's true or not I don't helmet I really don't know and what I'm telling you Kyle. As I say that some people say doesn't slow with me because guys play and crappy cities all the time. I'm just because if they don't live in the city but I but I do wonder if they play in the city I do wonder too right we would say all the time but you know Michael Jordan where we don't know what he would have done is free agency had been different then than it is now so it's not here to do to do to judge LeBron James and the moves he's made in their city hopping in order to organizations in this that the other I do have to believe the most actors and somewhat. I have to believe that you know Cleveland and Miami in the decision to back to Cleveland leaves Cleveland and goes to a coach Houston or LA or shall I did those things I think has to matter little bit too right it has to. You got to play with the same team your entire career anymore to be judged the way you should be judged people you don't you don't I don't think it's necessarily fair why so when you do chase it the way that he is potentially going to be chasing it a lot of the other superheroes I mean there's an argument or. Granny credit. We may I mean we're not talking what are. I think I think his legacy is absolutely been damaged and change and that way I go I was cares about that I'm on seven Kevin Durant has proven himself to become a god doesn't give a damn about this isn't. The 1990s. Anymore. We're guys stayed in one place and everybody join them so nude agent basketball where you're teaming up with your buddies and you're gonna go to make make a team to go play. He said there's never any serious state tax Miami didn't either I'm not saying that matters to these gazillion air's but you know I mean if you're talking about you know 10% or 8%. On on a hundred million dollars as significant as it. I mean I don't care how much money you have ten million dollars to two significant. He died at the end of the day if you're saving that. So matters are the stewards and got a superstar besides him with someone and talk to about LeBron. Tenth current. That's. Just calls. That's just terrible I look we come back you wanna call be ready if not we it's not three threes Garcia Blaylock. Put that top three years. At 30 yeah. Oh man what a list studies showed that we start with a list for me right back to our daily list as well. To have that conversation we're having all their loved talking about the legacies in potential and you know those type of things especially when it comes to. Ago yes well I think Michael death okay anyway so let's go back to that you're you're here and I'll tell you. Come across anybody does senators frank is a greater REI and it's just like every single time. When demand is Greta no it just that you were so extreme on that it is somebody has to you know keep reasonably slow and let's hardly in right now and all right and the Dutch ultra at some tough island's Ocean City stuff through three price of let's let's rank the top three most are reasonable fan bases in college football on us and absolutely at least the target did you take yesterday we started talking about a lot of college football loved talking with people. There's a great job but. They start talking about some of these teams and I'm like everyone of these teams think door Egyptian Wikipedia and and it's just not realistic right and the most unrealistic want to me or one of bomb one of the top three. These Georgia. Friend and listen the I'm not currently. I think they have a very legitimate chance to just fire a coach who's a damn good coach that won what ten games and games Mark Richt oh yeah. I mean because it into what eating them over the top for a legit did you eat and every single year in Georgia fans think that they're gonna win a championship they have the most talented team this is the greatest team ever no evidence running backs in the world. World you know. And despite our rock price so Georgia Europe there you're probably number three for me even though they just made the national championship yet. While. Yeah that's a canonized a strong tell that and I just said I mean not recently. But you know passed on to see you know I could see that the last I mean take this last year this year out of the equation and what they've done for what they've been and and then much okay are right. Eric Eric but maybe Alabama is right to. Miller to my number two team this was it's a toss up and I don't wanna still years some believe that to you that would have been my number one thank you want to be able to vet and have that. Golf for you because they're just still probably your number one on go to different one. When when I saw was between Florida and Texas. Same type of thing. You know they do their jobs. You know you the best defense you have all these guys gone NFL every year. Just seeing anybody coach don't have a quarterback to us you know it's as if that but every year they still think that they're going to the national championship where in Florida where the best talent. But there recruit this guys play in the NFL it's only five stars we have. Laura you're you're you're gonna be my number. They're gonna be my number two you know probably highest most. Team with the expectation or McConnell told us on the right now they're most of them back maybe what they're not nearly as bad as my number one club and they're not gonna win maybe ever again. But they think every year that they're one and its national should think leasehold Lou Holtz is coming back they think that. Young and they're they're the best players in the world and gone there are our common man it. The most tradition that electric Conyers something on says nearly enough details got a bag Steve Merlin going to be there. Just not happening. I don't Notre Dame as the number one team. What is the craziest. Most unrealistic fan base team out there ever and always will be so. Always okay doughnuts Notre Dame no no it's a bit better than that no literally every year the best jedi master detail sorry. You'll find girls. I'm sure. What did they make my list but did out there because coming in. At number three. Actually is Notre Dame OJ for hundreds and other top threes from its economy and number three is Notre Dame because again. If this team has not won anything and a quarter century it's really been in one national championship appearance on the back and a weak schedule and a dot. Destroyed admit this the arrogance in the palm does what is the the attitude we were too good to be in your cards right that's exactly what that is that's exactly what that is. On it. This is going to be kind of a thing for me just because they drive me nuts is having I grew up Minnesota old. Down I just this little place where it was nothing but the West Virginia fans Tennessee fans for detectors like that's kind of where I grew up a lot of this is personal privilege still a West Virginia since bottom. And it's not because I hate west Virginia's tough because I have a problem with Dana hold mercenary thing like evidence. It West Virginia for a while tearing itself what it was one of the blue bloods think college football. Have you would have ended it never won the Nestle juicy. And don't have any high school talent in the states they always have to go out and try to poach talent from you know the state of Florida and elsewhere because this is not a hundred high school football mr. West Virginia so they kind of always bothered me understood to throw that one and they're just good it's an Angel thing but I'm just west of the number one sort of cure but anybody else in the solicits a number one thing and you are so passionate about this like you like. You said like three times five times and times you hate this team. I do. And I don't necessarily want to dis forced my hand and and one of our techsters threw for some reason is named loud noises on the techs like he just nailed it it's Tennessee. But Tennessee is number 12 and three for him as well it's Tennessee Volunteers fax. You haven't won anything since the late ninety jedi wanna cover a division title people. And you couldn't even when the his Corvette it is a ball to right but there. A Tennessee believes they should be what do recruiting battles with Alabama and Auburn every time the rather they traditionally when a national championships on a regular guy just proving. When they went on the coaching search and then they confined there they're their second or third or fourth option they run the bookstores like their fifth option when they hired him Bryson don't try to hire Greg Jarvis and uproar about that of course port that was unfair but nobody was not the number John restore higher and anyway so did Tennessee drives me absolutely insane I know some good Tennessee -- before you'll drive all the rotor syndicate mil whatever I don't care I don't there's some good ones out there but I also know I'm convinced. That the university of Tennessee's athletic department as they paid army of online trolls but just a rest people all day tweet something negative about volunteer football put hash tag. DSL or hash tag balls your phone will melt hey let's put a number of trolls that come after you and so your family and and your ancestors and the way you look at your of course your favorite team like I've just got such a burning deep sea. Peace with Tennessee Volunteers fans and it doesn't help factor it doesn't help matters last summer played them to be our asses like I can't I can't be mad about it because they got the last one but it's just true you don't know man my honorable mention. Please women around the mention though. Virginia Tech back and ask kids who by the way the rest it's they're not a breast is just insane and given that it has been sad people for a while another happy for the first time let's just let them be happy. You know just as the president Huskers here. I'd still say it is just said there are very few fan bases think it's not 362 consecutive games with a sub par probably think they wanted to Nestle Jim did you do every year no nobody does Grassley got stabbed item donuts and a gentle look back. Love itself frank mischaracterized in every every saying every Nebraska and I think you would be hard pressed. Even in the state of Nebraska to find Nebraska fan who thinks that they're gonna win a national change of the next five years everybody knows panning. How about never. I don't know about never did. Our staff trust the did you national championship I don't know I don't know how good years I've got to see what he what you saw senator. I will say this though not a third to recruit stack of the kind of talent on the other side of that division Michigan and Ohio State they're the visionary and in the big east and west. That's a winnable division if you can recruit that's a winnable there's not much of their asses kicked average under Clinton Big Ten championship game but they can at least put themselves in a conversation we're not attainable stand a little things really nice people like direction really nice little bit the rest of it is a richly realized owning against frank started even as he does not knowing that what. Ari kind of right to know is that makes this is little more holy is that series. A little more humble Tuesday says I think. Isn't anyone we want out of that tunnel to 00. Sorry it's my beer I didn't mean to spit on you I'm sorry I was aiming for the ground. That does the don't remember you got. The I don't know. Combination by the way don't worry about Tennessee's first was yeah water on the back to Tennessee and still angry about this. Also Tennessee asked you tell us a question five star recruit which fan base tweets and asked these things got a notice a Tennessee overtime that's all that's that's going to last and Ivan what's up now whereas apple actually on the slowest hostility deserve to have states yes. Now we've got to earn it. They've risen to your right but then once they went back to back to back quote you also got an Burma western Carolina or. Are they still unbeaten and bowl games though since we joined the FBS they claim the lowest bowl game possible wells. Know who else is becoming like this you paid that you hated that stay open. It has. There are could be an also butter we're really quickly JMU has become the US state by the way they want a couple of there are CS national championships and other telling everybody anywhere they can beat him they truly want memo. So good. You know as insufferable is that they used to be Jimmy was there right now hear from the the West Coast this team is the most and Rosie fan base and it's not enclosed USC USC Australia. Now out of that I mean this they've been asked him. It's. Have to look we gotta go MS sort of state thing you said Florida State to a million or the trojans I don't know let's and I notice. And your right net net and then. Got my much bands mixed up or the states it is always a Toledo Ohio State fans. Womb that's a different. Where and when man that anyway and if you win it back it up not gonna say a lot not know they they got their teeth kicked in my clothes in the by a large Ohio State wins on leave him off a list of the Jimmy pretty bet. We come back Tom source enjoys the show Charlotte Observer legendary columnist seemingly fixed. Is the most insufferable stranded men at second base and jealous shall all sorts of bad doesn't hordes of wells Dorsey and clearly. I just registered today for the seventeenth annual 24 hours of booty July 26 and 27 in buyer's market. Ordering registering for his read the damn thing beside a safe fun family event supports those impacted by cancer and goes towards resources are fighters survivors and their families. -- four hours a broad and include cycling and walking events for all ages and skill levels give details at W western Z dot com under events Kyle frank cause evident Mans and house right now to try to tracked on the audio on ESP into a couple of minutes ago Jalen Rose and company talking about why LeBron james' best destination it could be the Charlotte hornets and know I'd say it's a real thing that was happening sort of try to tracked on an audio to see what was said while we were on the air I didn't realize that red exaggerated nipple gross that much on no. Overly long toss not due to the public is coming to Emmy Tonys weren't as redshirt Naples are like now I know all time high. I right now let's let's let's not do its Tom Sorensen our next guests legendary car owners are open observer never mind what was just said Tom our area. They adapting you got it yesterday and nicknames with so where am I mean. Our parents thank you. So cryptic dictator. Did you did you come up with a nickname. Now I took so left out because. The one that you've got to meet Dick Trickle we're always a permanent. But the last what you came up with with brilliant and I ever hurt that let's solicit and John. Yeah. I had a bra. Did you just as bad as we are on the you just as bad as we are right they really quickly out of your thought on this were just there it's up through to reduce the most insufferable fan base is NTELOS shall fully javelin. You heard. Yet they don't there's a big everybody's list until moving element so we're trying to trek doesn't audio right now we have no idea what was so we just know that it was being talked about a minute ago of running ES PNC Jalen Rose and company were a just making the case for LeBron James to short sighted you know that was that's the best destination for LeBron James in free agency. Can you wrap your head around that. It would be different cause I'm not looked at it out there they don't a lot of bad but LeBron James Barnett money. Their closer Logitech tried now that gets a contract come on back which you get LeBron James you any saying I beat Korda. To imagine him being here playing for Michael playing with kemba. And to just look. The future is of this team right now and have been senator over over well I pretty much you each get Graham. Because they there's so much money they know that you don't just ever exporters are are there. And abroad comes then I think on the corner there's good at Cleveland and monuc bra and and. You talk abroad and seen mad it would be to meet. It be so cool I mean outlook Pia Yates circuit except it anyway the two. To have him in this town in the age you benefits possibility even if they're maker Garnett and it would be like one of the coolest things ever. How desperate is LA right now you know because you Tommy look at the players that some of the mentioned LeBron obviously be in the number one. Chris Paul's a free agent and inquire Leonard how desperate is a way to go out there and break the bank and spend whatever they need to be to be relevant again. And they have to do I mean. The ball experiment eat you can't sit still got to one year to good old school point guard can't cheap march. But he makes good pat sees it the Spaniard put up with that over and over a war. But that any star power and and they need camera and and a like (%expletive) out and you expect more than just to be east they expect victories but it beat. You expect it to cool change its specs are court we expect. Just to be expected to be funny expecting to be a West Coast urgent bought out the bought and doing its part but at LA or there's more. Are targeted Tom sources Charlotte Observer joined us on the technique job just slide. I think I gotta go back to LeBron Jordan for second or just because I am talking about through the Charlotte possibility and I don't do this thing it's a possibility it was a talking point of television show in June and we don't even know surgeon but. I I just have a hard time envisioning. Michael Jordan. Being the man who. Who is facilitating and supporting LeBron James quest to surpass him and build a greater legacy like they're gonna have fun talking point dangerous Charlotte but I don't know the Michael Jordan is that gracious. Hear about Michael looked like a urine now. And and it's our manager and as an owner. It's Perry. I mean. This this franchise. Has failed and not. Yet out his work what watching it be made almost a horse in general. Annie Kim Michael just hasn't had a good. Post career where not and he can turn that around and he chose CD. She and drive up here raiding he you know what can do we can be relevant and I think that I think you paid a price should be better. There's some I know we've had some debates you know back to force which in in the NFL you know with Cam Newton and now do you think there's five in a potentially six quarterbacks that are better than him but I do you think he's. You know right in that mix me comes in at all when he five for the players. No top 100 listen. I think that's a that's a fair place and I think he Toobin a little bit better for you them even if he was 1516. I would be mad if he has a 31 be upset but I think that's a fair number for him. But does this year for camp and moving forward for him. He's dead he's he's got to start winning some games and maybe bin is more chips it is going to be in the conversation. And so you now watch him run under the you know the dates that first crack. Many can't and he was just show it yet it's clapper a man has wept as the only cranks up that music are not met our. Any this one and out there and just see how happy to be on the field. And ears Cochran so much trash we complete the pass when it bailout news. The defense just talk and so much trashed but he would sit guy around and everybody were baldor but he reacted to their. And around. Nice passes to get more rookie. And you know. We reached puberty can do unease gate he doesn't get hurt. To run as much as he does not get hurt corp bank that he'd better get wind and if you stand their peak static and pocket. Ten natural born emanate you know that's probably the weight and get our. It's just cool to watch in mu it's cool dispute at big arm and it. And he's got all the talent obviously but he had I think you have to be you know it took on this Super Bowl. Project a lot. And I did it. It's can't turn it every Specter by market city morning and then it. It's time look at that up I'll watch it in there about are. Why can't they be good why can't they compete I mean Atlanta has been a spirit I war can be real good. But why can't. Who has most to lose this year for this team you know Tom when you start looking at these players DeVon funds is Curtis Samuel or Christian McCaffery because. There's going to be a lot of expectations you know with McCaffery now that JC's Don. You know even though they go out get Anderson there's still going to be that thought that he might run between the tackles and if he can't. Then there's a lot of people against ours and well geez we just wasted an ice pick for a slot receiver. How to cure Ryder bank Capra watched ammo that day you know whether respite there are out. He's running on a you'll buy and sell just try and getting year you know trying to find some rhythm and got it can move. But they're not regular collateral and you know join the other players. But I think he really captors are chance. We don't know how good a year certainly a potential but it's going to be their top receiver this year. I don't know. Capturing. Type in you know I think react in this warrant. He was good last season. But there's some players she just epic quick twitch action a step and guard and I don't think he had that. At least I didn't see it last week very bright player and really that's route. But. When comic explosive would you. No absolutely not I think that you the way you described as perfect as he's he's a consistent guy. He's keys going to be in the right position he's gonna give you everything has. But he's not shaken somebody down in space and you know get past them. Right I I agree I mean you know chart up. I know senate negotiators now only our notes are are opening their good and what he had he give. But he doesn't have as much as we show other. Yeah I mean if you put him to a point guard and he doesn't have that Campbell while walker get by you that Allen Iverson blow past Jia you know there's certain guys that do. And then there's other guys have to do it differently. I mean he's more like a staff curry you know he's gonna. He's going to be able to maybe break it down straight this do that men eventually get past you but did just lining up and get Maya. Now we haven't seen that and and I don't think who will but it's a point about running side. He can do it that way you are not just can't but it is the conference I'm new to match. Are it's almost thinking about it earlier agendas is the pieces around cam we're talking about this earlier as well and our Christian McCaffrey's a first round draft pick DJ Moore is a first round draft pick Greg Olsen is a first round draft pick Devin staunch this chorus Samuel second round draft pick Torrey Smith's second round draft pick. There is no question that there is a loaded grouper dies in all around this quarterback now here and Charlotte and the defense on the other side presuming health and everything else. Should be just fine. So is this a cynical oil first rounder and Brian Coyle second rounder. Trade turner and what second or third round and Sony's so I at the end of the day. Is it's Super Bowl or bust me you and I don't think there's. Any excuse that can be made for anything short of Super Bowl are not saying that there are extenuating circumstances or reasons but I don't think it's great to make any excuses in a presuming health for anything other than Super Bowl or bust. Attention and interest entity and a seat pitch so much and a matchup the power lies you look at green pay what they're rocking back and try it before arriving or don't have to load I think Atlanta. Is bloated and out of the capital boat and not like they're one of the many. I don't know there are leak but they're not only why aren't there. I'm being elected to receive the world those guys flat fees and no it's just not from special about. Look at their seat and I'm mad at that critical corporate. Mean and Kim has option. And operative line. Ought to be good not and you get Greg Orton back Coke is a great thing at a and colonel talking to save just try to get that don't make it's too well on the other hand. These just sit here right now why can't I mean why why can't it why can't they went everything why can't I at age it's they have that app urging. Why I mean that's that's the million dollar question isn't it you know Tom for the last when he plus years week why hasn't this team had back to back winning seasons of this team can't do it. I'm not sure if it's you know one of those those golf gods of the curses or you know there football gods or you know whatever you can blame it on but does this is a team poised to attempt to have back to back winning seasons. I absolutely and even amateur hour act etc. or a review thank what you want. They have talent who went can't eleventh twelfth you know you're you're in this top to you know stop the rockets that I'm at lower. Coming in Egyptian terms this year potential. In terms of new watcher huddle break not break our top you're looking at better Ray Allen hit record Matt. Why not and one out at a summit plus rule costs. Summer Olympic cantor sir. I'll watch and it's you have an industry some event like I want to account was serious about being. But it ran it just doesn't move at at Panthers practiced that there are packed soccer they were so pumped up and I am not. And up part of this conversation the World Cup. Where our secure attack written better and it immediate. No. We have seen and you have grip baseball football basketball romp from hockey. And end this sport check erupt watch and Diana are are still not favored sport but at same time. This issue optical the World Cup out of Mexico. For the cup years ago and it was so neat. Much I'm at a bunch of French Ecuadoran and how watched when Ecuador on my caddie and a first Doria outlook the watch a game at that happen at the match with them about it it was it was it was. I don't watch it we're watching a bit flat. Not a did you rebellious side Tom Sorensen joining us on the tell me John just like Tom as always voters don't appreciate just. Thanks man I'll try just Gabbert trying to come up with the original sports Spain. You got to listen only Melancon I think that's Schubert equally statistic snow yeah. Badges on a fresh fish but does the market well rounded madness and marketer of a Renaissance man you can have the highbrow intellectual conversations and then we talked about salesman John let's see if you can do well. With equal gusto you know you probably doubts on the top source is certainly one of those guys which go back to wrap of the hour still more wanna get into obviously a lot of talk some more Lawrence. I wanna talk about the Greeks reached his little brother. Whether or not the orders have made him some sort of you know promise in the NBA draft potentially we'll talk about that there was an injury there's welder and work out we got to Datsyuk went. I also ordered touched base on what we just had a conversation with Tom is that who has the most to lose next year the most in game. Or maybe he gets more traditionally the most improved for the Carolina Panthers this next season I would. Then we come back talk with a great free Canada and of course keep posts and Jai are two to zions is coming into what is the worse show. The worst television show that your wife girlfriend significant other makes you watched. Frank watches the bachelor and that's what got me thinking about this there is one that I just I don't understand how grown people watch it. And if your wife or girlfriend makes you watch it's it was time to commiserate Somalia or is it teen mom as a whole different can of worms are gonna talk about that there was Garcia and they look. Tiger thanks for jobs source is quick and quick shall that was awesome I don't know that he necessarily strike Florida during the break knew that we weren't making those names up yesterday follow north but the worst names in sports we weren't they were real -- where there were real kick himself and the ones are more like Lucious who say it was not her and that's a real person or does the word was worsened with that name for the guys that the first little I'm not really sure all colors is a football player that last names on your Jersey you probably got a rough and James in practice but luscious. Destiny. Earlier Phyllis man John up. Jolie talks and there's just some terrible terrible names and in sports history were talked about yesterday but it's all got nicknames and there were. Real divers are real people that were talking about yesterday it was 70457. And I'd be sixty and the so call us sexist you're questions about Tom's commerce and. Owning and as Tom the question I'd like to ask you or maybe listeners as well is the most improved this season for the Carolina printing these duplicate that they have three guys are mentioned. I Dem Chris Chris Chris Chris same north thing. No I didn't have a very good start to. You know his his debut. He did he was injured that's obvious but you're a couple of highlighted place. What are your second round. I expected to do a little bit of something when it comes down to it. You know Devean bunches. Of another when you're too because I mean you know here we are talking about another first first rounder and we knew we forget to mention his name ever runner yeah. The boilers and other young guy's name that. You know it is going to be in this mixed in DeVon punches has the potential to beat the Carolina Panthers number one wide receiver they just grabbed the kid from Maryland but. It's gonna take him awhile and DeVon punches is the guy he's the leader of that you know that came in you know that Rome. You know you might throw and you know maybe a Torrey Smith or young guy coming over but it is the Denver and here this is DeVon punches is wrong. You know it's going to don't Durant with. Are you draft plays on this team and he's a big part of this team. And I'm not comparing the know that. That is is the similarities with you know where they stack up that's not it but the Rome is going to be similar as far as the dynamics. It is this is DeVon punches. Hit this is wrong. You know the wide receiver room. Who's who's going to be that guy that's that's a bit his daddy is he going to be the number one guy's gonna you know have a lot to prove for cameramen balls into the jets etc. and then. Obviously you know Chris McCaffrey is it genuine between the tackles. I mean blood people saying camp. You are people say your slot. You know how. The impact this this team and if you can and mean sky's the limit for the soft threats if Chris McCaffery. Is able to you know find the holes and you know break some tackles can do what we don't expect him to do. You know that we're talking about you know the sky's the limit for this offense in May be he'll be one of the best better offenses in the league in the Bernard Butler in a way to show meant. I mean this what your third year. You know let's pretend you're you're you're getting push. You're you're you're you're flashy but gimmick to place and as a first rounder. You the expectation should be greater firfer Bernard Butler but he's kind of flown under the radar you know get it on Jerry Pope you have JJ short. You know wary of forty should commit. It's tennis so let us know so little 457 or 96 and Texas are Collison can also find a cent off the -- -- Jewelers Twitter feed the savings continues through Jordan Brown the Jewelers get a free weekend getaway for two with any purchase over 1999. Dollars building trust for three generations that's brown Lee Jules is our biggest interest enter because they're your right devils fought just as well the pasta much can you prove. You know that you are the number one why pursue her for this team you don't occur send a little bit different though our Christmas Jeffries a proven to be a feature back in this league Curtis Sandinista proves he's worthy of a roster spot price on this team right now also a good. They're trying to check two very different thing. Yeah there's there's is a homeless I agree with this you know we used to look at some of these other guys in his step up Shaq Thompson yep. You know our main dangers though weren't we weren't heightened what is your wall going to be. Why are you here appear natural that's our status to done are you dot Tim I don't know you're second round and now. You know I mean there's spotlight open the garden. You know here's a Chaz should go out there and and improve yourself so I mean that's another good one and then you know medically ill. LLC has anything to proof I don't mean really I don't. I thank you DOT dot medal last year. I mean if you're looking for him to validate the amount of money is never gonna do that is a mean left tackles and was shore. You know one of five guys are always gonna be the center point of bomb the blame for dolphins line. At the end of the day ever single one of these guys has something to prove an idea what we may be talking here in a week or two about their Gerald Williams and just an extension to no particular proved that your worst. That extension everybody's got something to prove who's got the most generous notice I think these rookies to pass this year. I'm importing these rookies on the list right because its purity. You know the expectations mean it may not be what they are for others. You're not mean we didn't drafts super high so if we're draft and top ten any expectations might be little different from those rookies. But it's you know what's where we drafted in you know and and with this team and and taken more later on I mean it's just not going to be. You know the expectations are going to be a big catches in a 4550 balls it's pretty good season Dexter says whoa whoa whoa take it easy on Curtis. No I don't I don't think that's this is not obviously worked on being a reasonable were saying they brought in a herd of wide receivers they just dressed in a first round the other personal feature back director Christine McCaffrey guys blow holes. What is his role well what is currently Marty I mean aren't muddying ma'am I'm not sure what you you know you as as your text comes in but. What is his role where does he stack up nor does he ranks are worse he's sitting on the depth chart. It's a question once this. Is number one you know you're gonna you're gonna get more some reps Damir birds going to be in front of you. And then Smith. Tommy wordy it's good to its agreed to cronies I browns links or is what what are you offer. We'll talk bold talk more about that we come back also ordered back to visit a tilts up 100 let's talk about some of the players and that was there's a second year guys. That are kind of high on this top 100 list of them a little surprised to see that high so we'll talk a bit about that 2070457. Or 96 tend to come back to Lawrence conversation or talk about whatever was being talked about was LeBron James to the hornets on ES PNC coming appear just a little bit. And the Greek freaks younger brother. Does he have a draft promised. From a team out there is canceled the remaining it works out to another NBA teams after working out to the Charlotte towards where yacht he incurred a little bit of a minor injury but he's canceled all remaining work outs. The zip draft promise we'll talk about their resources and they looked.