Garcia and Bailey H2: Stephen Wiseman discusses Duke football

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Tuesday, June 19th
Frank and Kyle discuss the biggest what ifs in sports history, and Stephen Wiseman joins the show to discuss Duke football. 

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But Garcia. All right so we got a few things together touch on really quickly first bonus upon tourism rally Jewelers Twitter feed that child really WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65. The savings continue to urge you to rally Jewelers get a free weekend getaway for two with any purchase over 1999 and building trust for three generations it's brown lead jeweler so before we get to the top three thriller bring on. In turn Darius for just the molester who might up a little more than an internal camera and I don't know what does your your aunt my volleys well. I have so many new faces come earlier or he's I haven't seen him so long destroy you are with us full time Nelson Darius were useful time is sitting in today's Evan is out on vacation and we got to find out by the way when Evans of the colon which is on vacation dating update but. You know first of all we're talking about a little snap judgment their people who ride the last handling it won't move I hate people like that and I know that I am validated your because we have actual police officers texting us and you know the rules they used to pull people over that we're right about that they can't stand him either so on and so forth but apparently somebody's really madam Darius is our right as very what does that Susan. It was a judge article how many say yes the in the left hand lane to let others says. Something like that he has to get the last ten to let others had a sixty says a slowing down. He says sunlight is also on our years of flotilla sailing you said he was meant he was roommate is and as soon as about yeah. Because you're more I think it. Only a moron and myself a call me more and all that nice stuff in thank you do appreciate I don't agree with Baltimore for a remark does not on this particular issue is most other issues oversight well I mean I'm right about position. You know you are right about this that is very frustrating. You don't hit it's equally as frustrating though however when you are in the left hand lane and your passing. And you're going over the speed limit and you're moving passing car and a guy comes up behind you are about 95 that is and he just read on your tail and like you're supposed to get out of the. The way that guys also a jerk and I dived so you're right about that but know barely got a good I got a truck driver opens Felix a sore about the added but we're right about this a line and by the you can even make a separate category for trucks and news it's not the same thing so it's a silencer truck truck drivers should be anywhere in the middle line the middle of the road. Yeah that's where they should be or are the first line. We looked are continuing circumstances forever and by and large this is the rest of us the truck driver texting is on the truck driver that does moron yeah an end the only means of the problem is with trucks in the right handling millions trying to emerge on. It's hard to Reynolds that bastard and go to specimens are driving up and down hills and things like that sort of got my share tickets for that so anyway I today candidate to Segway here in difficulties MOD Indiana. I don't SOS the post that was about the state trooper that's that's the one so why today I you know kind of a weird Segway here but today is a 32 anniversary. On the other sudden tragic passing of a Len Bias so we don't reduce top 33 every day and then we get to think about this what the biggest what ifs. In sports history Len Bias obviously belongs on just about any list of the top 33 today the biggest what this is sports history. Put that top three at 30 yeah. I'm French doors are your top 33 biggest what is supposed I came up with so many of whom. Right off the top of my head but. Gosh I mean. It's so hard that it kind of differentiate. Between 3456. And seven sums me 45 feet if Tiger Woods what that's what did you think you hit that seven iron. But in the square beside of the head. What would you ban. Could you open tiger well 1819. Which had warning if he does so brings together the greatest of all time and thought twice as big as the one you had this weekend Tiger Woods won best. You didn't have Perkins in your life you're what did you and checked over the past dozen foreign sourced yet know what ask us. Jason Williams. What is what is Austin I just I mean that's a brutal one way I mean he could have been he could've been somebody into the men's somebody could have done at all. It could have been a great point guard in the NBA. But it's. What is hornets. Jackson. Michael Jackson was awarded if I mean he was phenomenal. But we got this Kansas for such short time. What is your hip that was my on imported fuel played in today's. NFL in today's Major League Baseball you got a bionic hip hip. You have been able to go twice as fast twice as volatile as as far but hitters they hit their home. Bono's. Port he knows. Group led yeah he knows mall. Couldn't doctrines and another two of what is that. Resin bag behind the mound. Wasn't why. Wasn't full powder what do. Boy what sort of dark some of the spoken Reza bummed about what this notice notice about a really actually thinks that was talking that bad. Thanks to pick for the New York Mets that was tough. There plus the thrilled wasn't shocked to the delivery of power outage. New York and the Mets will buy your motor shooter on the amount there's always is that's Richard blind him when he never. Darn good one F I hear your thoughts on that while you are trying to lose are your accent and I. This is now the other. Anything to joke yet because this is tragedy right. Derrick Thomas oh yeah was one of the greatest parents structures of all time he. Single handedly. Who destroyed. The left tackle. For the Seattle Seahawks. I think it was from eight sacks in one game. This guy probably every time here's. Derrick Thomas. Probably. Himself a little bit darker he probably does. This guy but Derrick Thomas was one of the greatest football players. To ever play the game and what if what if Derrick Thomas was still playing you know back in the day and wasn't taken from us way too early what is yet. Those those ribs and his mom made were phenomenal beverages in the game we go to should be out there after the game for all the visiting team. With a big old plate. Close ribs for all of us but I passed on the ribs everytime you see that guy play a little bit longer what is Derrick Thomas. Was around just a little longer that's the way if number one. That's a good woman text or writes a great question what does the Germans and bombed pearl Pearl Harbor why. Could the Germans and are bombed pearl horrible smell right about that under so we hear the top 33. From me that front. There'll strawberry belongs in this conversation to Darryl Strawberry officially registered seventy years and in the major leagues. It was really only the first eight or nine that he did a whole lot here's a part of that it's part of that bad precedent right there was just 36 years only trailed one last gasp 124 home run he still had a talent through the roof. They don't have a drugs and injuries and everything else kept about a danger Schroeder's one mile from emotions as he is Marcus Dupree from Oklahoma 130 for authority on him but it suffered through for me. Number three Derrick Rose Derrick Rose coming out of Memphis and the early part of his MBA career. Derrick Rose. Why I have a tough time given that marijuana squad because they should still Don. Is not to be chose not pitcher who's not too you know basketball not pretend that knee injuries denial I talk. I don't come on was number 2 I am in my leg of Eric and Derrick Rose. Is a great basketball player if he wanted to be he chose to sit out. 90% of the season Joe's terror Disney's now he didn't choose that but he did chose to sit out it would be a lot longer than he needed to additional benefit to substitute Greg Oden on that list instead Greg old 100 years old okay lead artist I don't have a number three the number sued the former north or South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore. That what I think is is as good what does that do come up with today I think maybe. And of what it was a little different number two Marcus Lattimore to see that guy was that much talent as South Carolina terra is needed eventually. Get that shot after overcoming all that adversity those injuries all the gruesome things that Hindus and you know not just one to two times a detour Disney. I'm Marcus Lattimore for me was one of the biggest what if so I was a little. That's a great point so more they had coming out of South Carolina. Here you this guy I was gonna be the next Emmitt Smith's really was a great vision. I look more similar for the you know for the gamecocks and Ilya he's great kid too. You know you can imagine done in his coach into the Jimmy was anyways so while our it everywhere this noise and Marcus Lattimore overture number one. And this was going to be a little bit different because you look at this Ottawa Senators and I think you sort of understand where I was coming from them what integrity ginger. Ken Griffey junior that your guy because you you love you some risk as soda why. But Ken Griffey junior of hall of Famer 630. Career home runs right. Chambers adjourned the result was injuries that your career already not everybody thinks he breaks yes if you if he misses half the time Betty missed the owns a record. He got a lot of rest and those late days no doubt Fisher did answer it you gotta say you got to figure this is my favorite player of all time. In my opinion I yeah. Following the home run record that would be your home run change if you didn't miss much time as he did and he still had 630 career home runs there's a really good ones coming in on the text line. The brown only jeweler text line they'll build a senate building senator takes library detour relying on Twitter feed a hunter got this wrong. But what this I mean obviously we're doing this because of Len Bias so we get death but we all do realize that Germany didn't actually borrow. Bomb brought very insulting joke court enough you know you know they know damn well make sure we are relies fully aware that yes the Japanese bombed Mike Tyson's a good what else. What is it is from. Well there's lot of oil put it registered Sam's trouble yeah body was amendment let's start with his trainer pass and right. As restarted with a custom not a death they stride forgot about that. So what does custom Arnold didn't pass need to be award that's as well yeah because guys like Danny would you lose yes I'm so that was his father. If you want to see you look mentor like one of those UNC players actually were forced to go to class all right a meant that we don't. Notified today not at all. On a color that's it's 33 and again if you think we don't know who bombed Pearl Harbor tobacco to stick to the joke we're all equal opportunities there and what is David Toms and everybody's. Don't know David Thompson right oh yeah. Mean the Chile's interior Blake is what I kind of sidelined him the Tenet went to the drug use after that but. I think he's one of 2.3 players to score seventeen points in the game you know the other to work. Toby. And wilt. Pretty impressive and better affecting Mac those guys were doing their all time North Carolina based team this morning David Thompson came up if not mistaken so another great one of Magic Johnson doesn't get HIV are man. That's a great and that's there's a really good that's a religion when some said a moment to what Josh Gordon didn't love the Wii which is funny about the same time what that story still coming written me I mean he's just a good. Yeah that's that's always still being written so let's let's wait and see what happens but put shall look good from the table when Mohamed Ali taken out of his prime by the by the US almost had to do I think those are great and a. On FaceBook on FaceBook I opposes same question what the greatest what is since forcing it biases on the FaceBook page Soviet and seek. I'm mark just writes in and he says what if John Casey hadn't kicked the ball out of thousands Super Bowl you know can't what is Cam Newton eventually. Fallen on that trumped up. Huddle they were talking about it's kind of let. Thank you don't have anything to says Paula do we don't talk about that we come back I know that we're gonna talk about that we come back I got. We're gonna talks in Duke's football at 330 with Stephen wise but I Cam Newton stared deeply to a young child Seoul yesterday in new looser and test it and he's almost snatched his solo and an analyst Barry deserves this kind of awesome little. What's next that whatever they also want to it's cursed and they look. Our ten minutes from now Steven Weisman joins the show we are doing our weeklong tour around the state region talkers in college football talk to UNC in state yesterday we'll get into. Do concern minister Steve Weisman app state of 5 o'clock that George Scott Satterfield in the know we'll keep you abreast the rest of the week all of these won this won a lot of them. What are what does this force you know just in general I mean around here we kind of limited it to you know from you know players and things like that the summary what best. In sports you can talk about you know kind of as a summer topic in the the fact that we're in summer. Younger don't talk about no really as we got some really good stuff on the building synergies especially summary. Two days right it's a joy to sort first it's a twenty sec always to resort to believe it's the 22 tour but it was it was first a little. Little I don't know little sector. Aren't there is at the summer solstice alias in. When you get a book why would you put it to about Obama why would you say it like that. Seven. I truly meteorologist. Over here parallels more everybody's windows now to the Lebanese everybody needs an Osborne I think so there. As a general rule ya think so I didn't think I needed Osborne sound bites him in emails Kyle WS Lindsay dot com the garage door guru inbox we. Ignored until duke about a minister how how about this is really quickly there's not much to say here. But note this kid heckling Cam Newton does Bradenton football camps. I was like I know cam can't put his hands on somebody else's gym but I can't say that I would have been too disappointed. If cam electric does to the upside down and say to him you know or like tournament let's figure four leg locks or just something. Like this is what those cheers and I wasn't it was have a good time like tackling jam that you and I can get a get a fumble I can enforce this. It can't can't. It's I think was it an ING can't commit it was it was a broken Bradenton Florida I think which is where the ING cavaliers. I would assume that's where it is so but anyway yeah. Amateurs I mean I think that matters a little bit you know I mean. You're dumb you're attempting to tackle you. I mean it's a big difference if you're just at a camp in you know you see a player out there that you might not lie to you think they might wanna have a little fun with them. Though here it's this kid was serious or not in I don't know all the from the pretense to you know what took place hum I do to him there about snapped ands. Sometimes you know sometimes kids as they nestled. Thank you felt I was waiting for you to get to that point because that was the first thing you said of yesterday's sometimes accuses these ass whipped it arrows are the people want to that's not the solution. And I don't I don't I understand it. Pull it out it's like to write a parent differently might be taught to sternly then and jam did the weather is a jittery happens when it's night when his night territories do what they did test and is gonna learn a lesson. Right let's say you can have fun you know you can talk to us back to cam you can tell your boy died and I gave him a hard time but it's like is so poised not tight end Darius told us about this through. It wasn't just the whole Super Bowl fumble thing images that he was gonna say you're doing basically said he was gonna what can test so like when you get to that point when you're high school. You gotta be ready for a reaction you know that's what kitsch camp just like snapped back. And it just sucked the soul on this kid's got some looks as if you'll do what. And the kid looked may be laughed it off but I I loved interaction I ask officer. It was officer. That could that was talking you're there was a detective Miller detective Miller asked detective Miller this camera to look that kid's ass if you have been justified. Now. And again it's is no I mean you threaten them quite yet well OK but he's also martyr you know Kim's I know how old ZZ eighteen. Does a manager modernizing get threatened does that matter to. Improved we're giving deepened the legality of the that's just a Miller a this can't just popped him in the head you know cuts to many care. In our or short or knocked him in the forehead. Just flicked it really don't know I read between the ask him. Talk a bit better does what manual and we'll check well that limits on the ballot on I wouldn't cry laugh and if he'd done that well later in second place familiar just would have been a big slick right between the eyes of it well right there or are on here they're still do what. And just how to ride between yachts and your kids are gonna tackle pro quarterback don't be surprised and I guess matches are so let your body and there was an honest it was this kid and all the campers does this bystander I would leave standing around I've noticed as a participant I would have seen the video of seemed nobody really has a great writer about it and I don't really care all that much but yes no I didn't in his shortest and yes Wally Tampa panther it is happy June 19 and which are different at their. There's a lot going on your nineties we're talking about Campbell a seven on set and oh yeah that's resulted in June 18 did that but yeah you're about that and you're absolutely right although we don't see registered stuff and and and our number two or three rather we're gonna get a lot into the draft to the hornets and this cup check has interest to debate that Orlando is gonna join us it forces team talk about some of the proposed trades out there are what makes sense for the hornets coming up on Thursday night who's there at eleven as he likes but also cut checked today speaking to the media. After what I went with with what's the one of the final rounds of work outs of not be final round of work just for potential a draft prospects. And don't you don't it's cut check was. A little bit boring and didn't say much in his introductory prior press conference is a lot more today. And double we'll talk a bit about that but I just don't do is go to the edge to see what this team does. Before Thursday and it's it's to talk about some of these proposed trades as well because of what doesn't doesn't make sense for potential trade partners and Italy but their but if Cleveland for instance don't how how do you make a move without knowing exactly what LeBron James is going to do or do you know as he told you do you have a pretty good idea do you have a plan in place that satisfies both scenarios and and how does Kemba Walker shouldn't all of that so we got a lot of basketball to underway and our number three Scott Satterfield joins us at 5 o'clock we talked to the app state head coach. But when we come back we talked to Steven Weisman who covers duke football. We're too we're touch on every instate program original program all week long we're talking duke football next they returned 47 starts. If I. What is the daughters enjoy your head so I congratulated 47 upper class. Actually drive that it had forties and upper classmen Letterman did you you know and I sixteen starters. Puppets of foreground and turning forty some sort of yeah. Simply to. Woods resumed its definitely tonight it's sort of a student. It was a little bit and the frankly Missouri hot day in a remote only come back and Garcia I love and good news. Let's do what soldier all weeklong. We're talking college avoiding all the estate programs the regional programs and you missed it yesterday Michael Feldman did a great job breaking down Carolina and state and they'll continue those conversations throughout the week. We have state head coach Scott Satterfield coming up at 5 o'clock looking for that conversation and don't forget to itself for fifteen Matt nor labor CBS for stunt doubles win but we'll sort talk about the NBA draft a lot in our number three will also try to check in with haven't. Other birds and the bees or board up revenue was on vacation we try to teach our young bored out how to date women. To begin with and right now we're in the middle of overseeing mentor and his first vacation dating scenario what is the chances he has the big man smiley face on his chest. Oh yeah because of the man packaged up stop desire earns his eyes burn as it kind of leans over and he's constantly. And so word got two little smiley face as you stand up like the moves carrots and in the stomach gets a good ten guys stand up in the what was covered up just a white exactly gonna ask -- Mets are all right so that's so we a lot of pressing issues as you can tell to get into right now duke football is the top of their priority list and we talked not a single Wiseman herald sun herald sun dot com he's joining us on the tech job just like Stephen Wright amendment. Do well are trying to survive the Arab. She bit hot weather appear world experience. No it's pretty rough out there this is pretty rough out there at but I. Just saw love Blake man and a won't be quite as hot in these guys we strap it on him and the look on the side of the season and ACC football and college football in general and I would imagine duke transfer. Are are pretty optimistic are you returned 47 Letterman you returned sixteen starters your quarterback Daniel Jones a lot of people sledge is a bona fide NFL prospect is back how excited should do be going into the season. Yeah I mean they're coming up you know at the end of lefties to a lot of momentum. They had to win the last two breakers he gave it to become bowl eligible. Then they'd just roll over northern Illinois in the in the proclaimed ball Detroit so that comes with all the momentum they want they have a lot of starters back. United civil peppers schedule but in the they have they have skilled guy you can you can get excited about it within a quarterback I need adjust just rejected. You know to possibly leave school after this year via first round pick it but he played up with the post it. That's a great place to start and what pocket to cut a concurrent to get him Bowen on this this should be here they. They do you know anything about football game in that's been. Yeah what is David Carr cliff. What could see the quarterback whisper what does he say to these guys how does he handle them what does he do to make these guys understand the principles and philosophies of you know his offense. He's really candidate at an aunt and her first start with a mechanic with which which was seen it died in what he's doing and you know make sure everything. One of the way it spoke to a need. He told me in depth about how he rebuilt Peyton Manning act that church Ruben left Indianapolis it would. Denver had. How they were you know about five feet apart because at first tribe paid through ball to him that he didn't completely rebuild it it didn't go under. But the main example you know how he you know got him to get those extra years in Denver and results special patent if it's career. That they would be with the other guy like that like what he had no. You know he's good at that he pitted you know treat genetic pattern repeat since there's been and where to put the ball when I need speed you know when to take effect you know what would that total bought about you know what it. It's the right to put the ball and in danger and that's a bit. And it looked out at two years as a starter. This first year literature freshman gets in trouble that early on a lot of turnovers. The second half that you're kind of way to have been started making decisions that are just our return we get it. And that's what they the cut that's really gonna teach you quarterback about. If you if you're right high school kid and you wanted to play the position of quarterback wire you're not going to duke. Very big trade vote but after the bills. And that that's one thing and that clearly. Their biggest selling point is you know look at his track or who the quarterback the and how you know he had multiple opportunities they'll be an offensive coordinator quarterback coach in a talented and haven't done it he's not coaching college but. But that's kind of vacuum that we have a quarterback cheer went with him and yeah that would mean he knows a big selling point for these. Talking to Steve Weisman herald sun herald sun dot com covers do covers the ACC is joined us joining us on the tegra John just like if you mentioned some of those skill position players a couple of minutes to talk more about that and specifically the tide in position as well because again Daniel Jones has. What should be you know more enough weapons coming back. Q does indeed having you know what while wide receiver here happen. Have a problem touchdown passes and left at least what he thought they would the tide in the tactic that that net. They're actually got that strong apartment tapping into the wide receivers Marvin. Daniel held that was dirtier in the program here after. Transferring to Tennessee. He did you know that four start becoming intensely tidal pool that is true freshman and I'd lead program coveted. And each a guy that could be in the NFL lecture to David cope the paper they're taught. A lot of testing of the last couple years inept opposition. And evident again got in Billick grave that plane I'm the true freshman last year group that they might be better than the the other two in the end yourself. There's a guy that could help out and then another bill that they often. Is a running back in Britain grounds that they poker beat maybe ball carrier he brushed over 700 yards. As a freshman last year and I intend on what we shot well and Charlie it is now. Them in the NFL with the Buccaneers. A shuttle opened with more of prickly type guy kick returner. Put it bigger that result without its speed and shifted it. And you know he's a guy that that we could be. You know they get easily eclipse and 700 yards to me maybe you have a 2000 which doesn't always happen for you because they spread the ball around quite a bit but he stepped back have a talent. You know Stephen I was fortunate enough to coach a team out coached team there was an I won a state championship on. On Duke's home field and I tell you you know we play there are several years ago and that's essentially these. You know therefore do you have ebbed and you know tremendously upgraded you know from the field house in into the locker visitor room to the side practice field over there to. All the things that go you know with the program and on the expectations have I think changed it was duke football as well what are the expectations. You know for duke football. Yet it. You write about facility they brought I think here's the 2010 not in it how come up I mean indoor practice facility wasn't. What bill when I came here that summer they built over the next year so that's one thing and then of course stating rebuilt everything. An expectation that what they should be a ball he never year. It should be a rarity like two years ago or what went and worked for an 820 extreme. I wanted to make a bold or medical out by that the years. There's so many people really need be when the game's been and that's the open net. You know it didn't work forever without winning six games and eighteen years stretch between bowl appearance this from now deported to about twelve. But now they've got that stolen and the recurring pulpit better. They have the ability to recruit to have a program that the plane thought he'd been challenging the BP played a title game five years ago. So that they thought unheard of anymore and that that that that debate now is that the the bottom. The floor of their vacation it is a ball game and that that should be there. Your Stevens David calculus the best coach in program history because like people are put it point to Spurrier a in a may be communism coaches then I'm forgetting but is is he the best. Well you know it's hard to compare with Spurrier gets personal under three years and took him that they shared and she titled it's in his third year for what Florida. Of course he's one of the red cut college coaches of all time. So I think. What but what cut what is done is he's he's he's built this program from the bottom up. To where it is sustainable now I think and even went very were here you know of course it's silly or near what they what they are now in the money's different the game. I don't know it if you could it is stated here. Without those things in place maybe they would have built in the entire bit on pet but certainly had an covenant that. You know it's gonna jump anybody ever coached here and deepening Wallace wade is out of the standard bearer she came. Imagine that he'd let Alabama with the coaches didn't. Can't act of 1920 in the act in. An and then had he landed you know Rose Bowl the Cotton Bowl thing like that so. Again a different time but I mean you're certainly you know in the mount Rushmore of football coaches appear he's he's right that there. Well before let's go to we talked a lot about you know one side of the ball but and I wanna talk with the defense for a second this is it a defense. That was no third in the ACC last year in scoring defense that they expect to be really really good group this year and that's that's sort of thing about David -- close in a really good teams over the past several years is that the offense the quarterback position gets attention and and justifiably so for a lot of reasons but no the hallmark of David Cutler coached teams is they're fundamentally sound you know when they have the athletes they're good against Iran and they've got a defense this year but again coming back a lot of experience they expect to be one of the best leaked. The defense is going to be the strength of the team I'm like daytime talk about it because. That they have a linebacker Joseph child terrorist to his first U Maliki last year quarterback mark Kilmer which first team only if you last year. They're well juniors and their thoughts projected to leave that this year of the first round pick in the NFL draft and he's did Kevin. I first topic in itself is. It's big news but they have two of them on defense that they that even bigger news that. It and the data that that type of players that bet that those of two best players on that because there are a lot of the players come back. Derek it effective Friday and gotten so much better they brokered a better there. Bit outward at the defensive line coach came from Boston College in Israel yet Britain that area where. They're able to get pressure on quarterback with with a four man rush out and have to put all the time that. Makes all the difference when you're righted the ship so the defense will be the threatened beat that BP. There's even if he had to circle one game than the Carolina game and I think which is going to be a big game every year regardless of the records. What game are you circling to define the season for the blue levels. I don't look at their game with Virginia Tech which is going to be up to establish one night at home and that that's their first conference game they open up with an army at home. One thing in the bowl game last year and then they go to north swept from the Baylor what can the get tough trip and had not thought central. And that that the party people interpreted impact that it had been packed competitively overlap I think if you care if he's gotten better. And that the home gambit this thirty feet by. If if they're going to be at nine. When you came and they would be in their gonna happen when that in my betting that between that. Totally with you think it's that's a good into Port Sudan that has been a young very interest in series over the past several years and Stephen look I look forward talk and more tis the season gets closer and I think this is going to be one of the more interest in teams in the ACC Allen also means 8910 wins I've no idea what that looks like puts up this team this program and David chocolate continue to fascinate me with what they're doing out there so we appreciate your time and you're inside man thank you. Let the only time I need to call that. The agency Weizman joined us on the segment John just like why did your bus Parker just a little bit when he said Virginia Tech. We're just little saute until Alex set up your chair a little bit. Going on for cautious and don't need to engage you thought there was no occurring there. You're Virginia Tech trend no conquering of the I Yahoo! designer her mum on the alumnus religious can we please just respect I think Osborn I can't thank you sir. Kyle has a little bit of worry about deceit I agree I think there's a little worrying string during the day. I'll put that it just I don't know that meet since I don't want to know. I cannot simply cannot say that word on the address a BH on the year. But whole well there ya. And no it. Did well sprinter we know I know enjoy the drug monster clinical terminal. We were a of all the things you could accuse me of right there but Poland oil that's on top reserves in the Virginia day you know who don't try to sue their posh Jose Macintosh on now. Let's just wears Evan. Yeah I think we're at a decisive better question all right so we're fired at a world sort of it's. Well some more football and both the college or pro variety we're gonna get into orbit an adult discussion coming up just a bit and had forced it to you we kick off a lot of sort of stalked NBA draft talk we met nor a lender of CBS sports dot com end up. Some more things. But I wanna get into which you frank gets the more things student militants more more and more things it's Garcia and they look. We'll melodic and history over pricing and right now. Absolutely and Davis I'm trying to look at me like don't like it actually try to hold your name is just saying it's just that's the mood this music is just putting us in right now he's got to get a member of the mood. The holes Frank's hand I'm saying that's the kind of music they're much anyway welcome back or Syrian Israeli. Disorder osteoporosis. What I would trigger a new we can't bank on Tony for hitting has ignored to death metal meticulously melodic love you country music so that's a great song man it is. I'm trying to now exceeds the route through the music I play today I'm trying to. Just lost most is get into Tony's head. That we need to actually play good music on this just couldn't they didn't seem like a requirement is set it's like instrumental nordic death metal. We might wanna light switch it up complacent like group stop the Munich constant stream of Donnie smack is not what we want is out or blink 180 due to. If I see Blink-182. I want more time to discuss superfast computer system I don't know. Money do is getting angry is getting angry John McDermott says that Specter music Jessica. I want to ask Don Imus citizens expected is just what what do. I told you that kid that was talking smack to camp. Ask him what he got there it that would Von Miller got interest on Tuesday no it did people know we didn't I think that's what I've heard I heard no. That that kid asked cam what Von Miller when he got among those for fathers to indicate did not arrest and I think this will be set on on your. And even further solidifies. My pigeon that I wouldn't matter of just how much did what we think there is today alone. The proper route from Campbell have been opposed built out of his passes this chicken and it just wears a hat that's what this includes to get it that's the what's this face it was you have you wanna say about these men ratings by the way. What's going on demand read more what do you do I wanna say about him is ridiculous what do you mean it's ridiculous the fact that what we are 78. And I don't Clemens automotive that's you know no matter in the ratings are. What planet are you some really have a concert no I don't I don't play ever played Madden dude but I stopped and this is not a judgment by about a way I just lost interest in video games and I was probably about fourteen OK today. A man and when you're fourteen and fifteen claim that not played NCAA football played him. And I didn't play Madden select him as saying that I'm completely ignorant thing I just don't know enough to get worked out so you tell me why you worked out okay how how. You've been alive on this planet and played any sort of football game and never played Madden. I'm not saying that I've never ever touch the stakes of Madden on the screen and say guess not a game that I consistently clinically when I was a body cells once or twice that was good. I wanted to similar football or baseball that's led the that I play if I'm right there which I I really are and as stand up. Your college football junkies oh yeah I guess you love college football right. You however in our football do you patriots guys you know things you used to be used as an accusation comic on July. I asked them to go to the why would you even bringing up half a second of all he's only doing this a donor must get this is what frank does or your columns are. So you know with the minute men and ratings are I understand is a 121 dollars euros or 100 Exxon got right in the. Higher you are the more obviously. You know things in gifts that god is giving you Matt and god is giving you you know for example like height speedway on and it. He's a man of god by in the NA di di music big jets Q with all these. You know these things and the Panthers and came in as a 78. Team radiant so you know at the very beginning of the game it's just like a digital is a radio city about a left. Yet none of the one is given you oh euros for two body and 48 starters on a test run at 47 starter Sonia OK whatever. But you know you just like in college football you know you ranked your James. Right now hi you're right what's the same thing these are rankings these are Manning rankings man in ratings are mad and rankings. The same type of things we'll discuss is or is it a little while the exact same rating system which is in a dispute duet. Did they do what he says Odinga says they go talk to speak the pandas are 78 who isn't so who is number one. Eagle squirming and rightfully so the defending world champs bomb they meet they came as a ninety. And then it goes to. The patriots I think my believer in 84. And I don't know why my phone is acting up but this and I'm trying to come up with a ratings to tell you the entire ranking systems but. Bomb these falcons were an 83. The land the falcons or 83. Five higher than the Panthers the Steelers where an 83 I think they should be higher I think they should be an eighty Ford 85. The saints I think should be an 8485. Since they were division champs. I mean we start getting into the jaguars the cowboys the titans the raiders the Seahawks. The Redskins. And the ravens all higher rated in the panthers'. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. And I don't mean maybe men and had some of that that resin powder that white and adds back to the mound I'm not sure but. There an independent a little something going on there. That you know give the Panthers a 78 and the Redskins a 79 and the ravens a 79 the Seahawks and eighty in the titans and 81. I thought. Critics thought he aging roster lot of questions to be answered a lot of questions on and on and courses up into about DJ Moore and how is gonna transition so I think was your. I don't camp near you not know you are sitting about questions. Luckily you can never expected these rookies or did do that the issue of which are gonna go or not you but anybody is reported a loss of course is about the rookie Hiroki. And it's four r.s were sort of aging rosters. I mean who's more AG in the New England Patriots. But they have to greatest quarterback of all time it was a 150 years old doesn't show any signs of slowing down and neither does tandem. Miami Heat understandable what I'm saying is different and every MVPs to. You know does the Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks after zero. The I don't know Jesus their defense is still in their prime I think yet let's not say it. There seems to beat him last year I understand that a lot of sitting there a better team but I'm just saying you put. Are these rankings I know if you look at these rankings yet to take into account that there's a racy there's an aging. Author and isn't easy Rosser on defense triggers questions on offense I don't necessarily haters I don't think it's indicative of how they're gonna play on the field is entertainment football team. But it's the same time and. Mean honestly right where they rank yeah I'm. I'm looking at them honestly. I'm maps that's exactly what I'm doing is Julius Peppers you just said Tom Brady is you know a 100000 years old Julius Peppers is still really odd and old guy maybe. Just said the Panthers are better team than the vikings in their ranks higher. I so and that if I had six case if that's the case if they're ranked higher. There's a discrepancy there is vikings' quarterback this year you don't know don't care is right about. I don't know I don't care. I'm an investor point do we don't know they're quarterback juice. It's Kirk cousins OK. I'm just signed it the vikings have a defense in place they did they were ones. I mean. I guess they got helped by the New Orleans Saints missing that tackle. I understand episode they have a defense in place they have 880 very good solid quarterback of the Kirk cousins makes them four finalists went under president defense does. Their defense does we beat that team. Here's stated at last count on us. I'm with him on this a look at it again I understand what you're trying to make a negative there's an idea that they don't I still don't because he still says the tenth or better team than them but it's so I understand what they're ranked higher note but the good from traffic for some people they look at the addition of Kirk cousins and that puts them ahead of this team and I think that's wrong I do I really do I think that's wrong if you're asking me who I would rather have camcorder Kirk cousins is that even a question. He's a critical but I think for a lot of people. The answer is just that that's Kirk cousins like I could very easily see everything. Cousins and seemed leery lose it but I he's played well as so I gotta tell seeks a sort of panties in a guy and an 82. And 82080. Dear god. Eighties is this is gonna soccer this is there's going to be a problem witnesses and mrs. Mandela now a part of WIN. Diet and there you go die down fired up now and I didn't think I'd care at all about the agreement out pretty pissed off are we got to come back 4 o'clock hour. Evans scholars we come back every salmon should least be in ninety something where you at least I I would think so yeah you're I would don't Obama I would you almost look deeply. He's not he says. And that's that's fair and dumped him that's rare focus on whatever I was listening we're gonna come chick Evans gonna show I really are due to talk more about this self portraits he met nor later George the show CBS sports guy jumbled thoughts moratorium but Evan comes back what is next. The sources rating as he's on a girlfriend had 7060. Depends on what it tells cent approval ratings Dorsey inviolate.