Garcia and Bailey H2: Should the Panthers Draft TD's Replacement?

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Thursday, April 19th

Should the Panthers look at drafting TD's replacement early in the 2018 Draft?


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But Garcia. I've got a lot of trash talk coming up in the hours three inform against the Mets GS PN's scouts say shipments picked him up to the airport here pretty soon he's our our guest of honor tonight and our 2008 team WS Lindsay. Pre draft pro football roundtable look at Ford's and that's and I can't wait to see a lot of you out there 7045709. B six stand alone the second extra second doses can they be on top cultures like part of and you thought. Yeah it is in some really good advice from. The techsters in something his grandma. Mother gave him say that I just it's such a literate don't usually do a much of an idea okay what I didn't exactly do in my old grandmother's voice this is my guerilla musical shook goes shorter shorter should we got a text right is she's he says my minority two year old grandmother used to tell me should give a woman has one of those things just some know how to use it better to get what do off. That's in that's a that's how my grandma always said the great undefeated and game. I mean that's that thing has strange powers okay he could put let's just keep our world and here I mean you can ask Bruce. If you'd like I don't know I. Mean strange powers. Understated but I don't decision. Those MBA playoffs last night man they were something on that XBLA isolating scintillating is a great what's your way to the great work news it's a great word to use. LeBron James first and foremost. Awesome last night he looks immortal individual. Cleveland bounced back solo band reigned over Cleveland. What was maybe much ado about nothing because it lost game one he had lost a playoff game first round playoff games this 2012. About that that may turn out as we thought it might be much ado about nothing he was phenomenal last night but that was it sadly enough that was not the story of the game last night. And and you and I were just talking about this before the Brit you know it's it's a 11 series in the first round. It's LeBron so it matters but what mattered is that it seemed more than anything last night to most people watching that game was the post game press conference and post game interview with Alan will force. If you haven't seen the news sad news Gregg Popovich is wife Erin passed away yesterday a RC Buford GM of the spurs released a statement your decision released a statement. And if you watched in the NBA NT NT last night Ernie Johnson Jack and and and chuck and those guys in carry on the very somber tone because pop so beloved and well respected across the league. So after the game last night after LeBron went and the cavs when the game he is not talking to Allen will force in the post game interview and I think it was the last question she asked him where she said page you know would have been news has kind of become official and Erin Popovich has passed away and you were close the ya ya ya. Well LeBron James gets you know visibly emotional and it's about a sixty seconds to 92 answer to her question just talk about how much he loves pop and an Al said he is. The things you would expect. Armed do you sought and as you said you saw on Twitter there's talk a backlash people erupted on how unprofessional. On the that would horrible question a table leave after the performance he just gave issue would bombard him or ambush him with a question. But there's the other house and also defended her insane she was a professional. She was doing her job and you know he handles like a champ. Twitter is an angry place anymore seems like anyway. So enjoy the longer you're there the more you start to realize that the anger UCL a Twitter is not necessarily representative and however body feels. But there was a lot of it. Then you kind of watched the replay last I knew you'd speak somebody fell on the clip where you can see Allen will force actually telling the bronze something in his ear and him with Dave a pretty. Hum BR US market reaction to what you just said. And that we find out that she probably gave them a heads up beforehand hey this is what happened. And it turns out she really didn't do anything wrong and all LeBron James I thought his response was heartfelt and and there were some people who said LeBron was maybe putting a little bit of an acting job and this of people out to the don't like Kim and so why you've already been given this heads up did you act completely blown away and ambushed and taken aback by the question. It's just a much drama. You after the game last night with a really. What duties but are you supposed to answer the question exactly some or are you supposed to be. Injured stoic are you supposed to be taken aback are you supposed to mean. I think it was an appropriate question. He in it was a tough question. And you know I thought he handled that you know like a champ. You know there's a lot of people that. May not like LeBron James they may not like his act and I think he's a little bit phony they may think she's a diva you know wherever. The term you wanna use but. Doesn't mean the guy doesn't genuinely care. About Aaron Popovich and I'm you know Gregg Popovich and they're friendly and those types of things in. And whether that conversation happened before it every time yes the question and you know what so fresh. It's still gonna garner reaction and you know you can you can tell me you know what just happened and it really doesn't sync and in ten minutes ago and also yes begin on air Michael. I just some canned. You know she's no longer here and I'm no longer going to be able to have that conversation I'm no longer. I'm just can't imagine you know what that means to you know pop I can't imagine what that means to. You know the teammates and I can't imagine what that meant to the people she touched and I don't have any problem with anything that took place last night people want to judge. Now on when you know reactions. And interpret for people on what they mean I think is the most ridiculous thing ever. Are a little you know 16880. Don't tweet thing that they're gonna throw out there to. Well you know what they think that I don't care what you say and sometimes and sometimes just let it be organic and sometimes just. You know understands. You know the circumstance and situation and and it's bigger than your opinion. Just cut aid is a sign of the times that we live and right I mean where did the story here is that Gregg Popovich is below the wife of forty years passed away. And and everyone is as for the NBA basketball community very sad about this and everybody so worked up about LeBron james' reaction to a question that you might assault was inappropriate from a reporter that was not try doing wrong in north cassettes and and absorb it and after a game where the true story of the games abroad would also 46 opened five and they needed every last one of those points to beat him to win again. Which don't said thank you and instead of technology in the fact it's you know maybe this is a tough time for everybody. They wanna blame her for asking the question are they wanna blame him for his you know. Is orchestrated response. I and yet in the day. The doesn't change you know the fact that now she passed away and a lot of people are going to be hurt by that white people focus on that. Verses in trying to jump on her fur in the way she asked the question now. Now on irresponsible was as a journalist who you know bring that up in such a critical time and or him for you may be. You know handle it great or eat you know going out there now that there's find out that maybe that conversation took place earlier saying he's phony. Here's why because LeBron James is still the greatest basketball player of the planet as you well know. And when you're the king people take a lot of shots that you look when you're atop the mountain everybody's climate try to take your spot we've when you when you've been a you know something that most people it in that industry are never bend. You're always going to be the brunt of the jokes in the criticism and everything else then you have the guys like clay Travis out there I don't hate claiming clay and I I play a much shows in the past the big he's a funny guy times they get an idiot at times but you know he's a guy who is. European nickel right no socks take very opposite ends. Of the LeBron James debate but they both use that dive to further their own career. You know nick Friday's latched on and you know he is on the bronze the greatest thing that's ever touched the basketball floor here's wide and AJ made a name for itself that likely Travis. As made a name for himself absolutely Haiti LeBron go to any length whatsoever to expose LeBron pretty perceived on the steak or hypocrisy or last night's. You know trying to say hey here's a clip of Allah telling the broad and and yours is phony response when she actually asked him the question why he's just acting look at this guy it's because you know he he drums content for people like clay like nick and quite frankly for guys like us. And you know I do you know two guys like that typically are people you know that are. Little drama queens and kings or. You know a little bit Craig Craig. You ignore him. Yeah I mean the same thing you do with the the your opinion with ball. Was Lamar ball somebody told you of or moral or bottler bragging about your dog stuff okay. They don't have to listen. But for big mean spirited Ilya. You know but. You know you you you ignore those people don't you don't you don't pay attention to him and you know for guys like clay Travis when you start making these ridiculous you know statements. Logistically or or sites. You know they're taken place in a radio row you know and Super Bowl you know what I teach those guys out. Here's a story. The text rights and this is LeBron was phenomenal and it dearly wanted and even that's a bad sign for cavs fans that estimated the debate should be the biggest story that LeBron you know what came back last night. Scored 4612 and five. Or did it for six tall and five and they beat a team by 3197. Carry a little bit more important maybe people think I'm that turns out that might be to carry is pretty good player when a player we're at all about just LeBron James LeBron James carried that team. It on his back last night's corn 46 Lebanon sides. You know was phenomenal seventeen of 24 from the field. In two for five from three point line eight efficient 1013 from the free throw line. And you know they won by three. Tell you right there's not a great sign you know if a guy has to do that because this can be difficult for him to repeat that but. Just the people who don't have this conversation on MVP and stuff like there's talent to Tom Brady situation it may mean. Did you have this guy is he MVP every single year and you're not gonna get any debate in people you like to hear they don't. And yeah I think because of what you just talked about that 5050 in the polarizing. A figure that the Vaughn says he doesn't get necessarily the popular vote because of. Are at 7045709. To sixteen and had a subpar results on that but also last night to play also does that game other jazz went Oklahoma City stole game two and the thunder that the Big Three out there Oklahoma City did not play well a Ricky Rubio did and deadly came other rockets just been made easy work. Of that evil that almost the ultimate entertainment so that's kind of where we -- else right now we come back delegate more to some of these draft picks 70457 or 9610 a what are your thoughts on a couple of these bodies these pass rushers and obviously we TV now for four games and and needing to kind of look ahead at that linebacker position are there any guys on the board that might interest you in this draft coming up seven days and outsourcing and there's. Well we are bouts. A seven and a half hours from the other day draft party tonight. About nine hours and fighting out so intent to schedule tonight 8 o'clock is though when the NFL's gonna released is scheduled of course. As you know. This thing tends to leak out a little bit throughout the course of the day and frank I'm sure there's as a player maybe you were a little bit more invested in the schedule releases dictator where you're going throughout the year and no logistically figure out things for for kids and that sort of thing but but now when the schedules and the did you get excited for this casual release you just kind of how do you feel about. Arming your reasoning did you get excited for his kids you can kind of set your your schedule to see you know where you're going to be when and if you're gonna go travel to some of these games if you have the ability to do that. You know what teamster plan. You know and and you know those type things you're the greatest players. And we look forward to you know who we're MB plan would cut a new. You know some of the teams you know we didn't really pay attention to who was in the third place team in this division whose second place team in on the schedule came out. You know we looked at the schedule ruling because highlighted a couple of games on whether it was the patriots to the Panthers whether they want to admit they're not they talked about game by game. You know deep down they're there they're highlighting the pants the patriots they have light. You know maybe the Seahawks in a couple years ago they still highlight in the falcons you know and what they know they're playing those teams. Another and they don't play in the box in the falcons in the same terrier of the saints might have a little bit more my highlight this year because they kicked our Astrid times last year nor the teams we can be. He knocked us out of the playoffs so you know there's going to be a little bit more. You know when you look at the schedule and see those whose teams and what your plan amen at what time etc. but. The other piece the other games are kind of you know. You know how many games we get on. You know at night time that's important because you know we want to be seen I mean you're an entertainer right you eat it you want to be seen in these. You know types of you know big games and you wanna play and try your peers and you know you wanna blood there and he'll be on Monday that footballers some in that football or in other primetime game in the afternoon with a big announcers are going to be there because. The more people who do watch it. We asked his first of all bill votes. Odd tweeted this about 42 minutes ago archer a lot of producers says such interesting nugget on this year schedule New Orleans is the panthers' longest road trip. So that that that is interest acts against the bill both tweeted 42 minutes ago interesting nugget on this year schedule New Orleans is the panthers' longest road trip. So. That's fascinating life woman talking about no West Coast trips at all. Oh as far as like proximity is as it is the longest road trip is is nor did yeah I said in those commit. Like you know they're gonna have like three or four games back to back to back on the road and there are gonna finish off with the saints they're gonna be this that that the saints of the team that -- they travel the furthest apart then we do you think about them that's actually. It's pretty convenient. Yeah I mean come. Yeah I mean that's when you when they change the divisions. You know you. I don't know if you know a whole lot changed you know as far as travel goes. I like go to the West Coast as a player or West Coast guy now I had nothing to do is as committed sleep longer faster that the game's hero you to sleep then. 'cause you know you're court time clock was going to be at 2 o'clock games out there is can be 4 o'clock out here so. Your your body clock you know you get to rest a little bit longer you know you just unaware couple earlier out there but. Nobody clockwise. You know for some you know we're creatures of habit you know these players are creatures of habit Elise to play in the one of the four. Armed and you approximate 10 o'clock tracks and that whatever time that you know they're gonna get up and the other team determines. Everybody's real different in Phoenix it was 1 o'clock practice at 1 o'clock it was hot. You know just to kind of get our bodies right for the games we're gonna play it out here it's 10 o'clock. In other early the early morning practices in the new things within the afternoon but he's used to that routine as a player and you know when those things kind of change. You know that's where. You know you you have you know tough times so what does that West Coast teams comes East Coast Atlanta 1 o'clock game. Tell them play at 10 o'clock game people who put their body clock means they gotta get up at five and you're gonna get prepared it you know at and that is gonna change the routine because. Young guys aren't there they're not awake and alert and you know talked about means some guys don't like working out the afternoon because they're just not morning people. You know somewhat be some guys loved the 5 o'clock in the morning gonna get there you know the day started you know that way and if you don't trust conditioned yourself to imagine if you didn't do that. And all of a sudden you know your told even orca at 5 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Or this week could be tied to be dragging ass so there and that's why those things are important but East Coast West Coast never big deal West Coast East Coast bigger deal so. We're gonna find out the schedule a bit later tonight and I'll probably talk about it more tomorrow but I do wanna get your thoughts on another topic to reduce taxes already ask year's draft questions so we're gonna dive right in here. You know we we got a text her that it's asking about linebackers don't ask about defensive end those were those those were positions that I wanted to talk about anyway. And I don't think the chances are gonna draft a linebacker and first round adult arm to remove the Thomas Davis four game suspension. I damn sure you you may have a good idea it was a decent idea about how we're gonna go about trying to handle that but if you look at a couple of guys here in the first round of their position and you see guys like Rashad Evans and allegedly and they had a rash. Out of Boise State there are some linebackers. Obviously the early linebackers broke once miss pro which remained undisclosed going to be gone off the board by the time the papers and around the torch for. On but again Rashad Evans and Alabama Lleyton Bender a shadow of out of Boise State you can go on Doug as a dearest Leonard out of South Carolina State. You sort of a small school prospect is a big guy 62230. A Moly Jefferson inside linebacker out of Texas. As you start getting in the second and third rounds do you consider that do you think about that a few Marty do you look at these linebackers the tournament. In our slimming has probably you know released new position of need. You know because of the depth that you have there and and even though TDs in the beyond those four games gives me an opportunity to grow a little bit Shaq deceit. They know what are his opportunities going to be may be in the future in. You know your your name is some guys off but you know as I'm looking down my top fifty list that was prospects. Well the first inside linebacker or linebacker that I get to doesn't come until Rashard Evans and Alabama. And he's at 24. Are Tony set an excuse me you know according to this. You know this list and try and I trust he's listened you know the talent that. Now these guys spent a lot of time put together you know with their trained guys Steve managed. That does a phenomenal job this where we're having them on our draft Carroll tonight as the lead guy that you know spends a lot of hours. A look at the valuing these guys for pro teams that again like a soldier of these in this same things we did as as players you know when it comes to either the measure bulls and you know the strengths and the weaknesses so. There's just not a great crop of inside linebackers hump or outside linebackers. You know you as I said you know Evans at 27 is really where you gonna go but. Note to your first guy and then you don't need to think you know the kid like you said from Boise State. Vander ash and you know he's 47 so. If you're Marty Kearney get to the second round come. You know you can probably get linebacker depth in the fist. If you needed to go that direction. If one of these guys fell not a may be the third it might look at that say listen we have him rated pretty high. You know we we got that may be potentially Shaq might not be here with a new contract. Thomas Davis we do look to the future there but you know as far as like need. I think that's way down the list I think there's way more important need for second and third round you can yeah you can acquire. You know good starting Pauly players. You know in those rounds are gonna give you some playing time in Iran to date. What about Shaq Griffin. All right so and I asked a question we get a techsters Estes of what's at times says no linebacker in the first round plus one salzman why can't we pick Shaq Griffin is him not having to. Fingers really that bad he's a monster reasoned better he says he's a better TV 2.0 the gyrate a 43 for God's sake though let's for the text rights and. So he's not close at TD as far as a football player yet. Right I mean so that's not a good comparison just because he ran for three doesn't mean he's a good football player in its impressive. You know in what he did but it does it has nothing to do you know with his explosiveness. His coverage ability. You know his instincts. Are in his ability to take on blockers. Shed blockers in in the NFL. In oncology to run around guys know offensive linemen you know for the most part are you need them to bigger slower dudes. You can run around guys in college all day long most of them. In the NFL you're gonna have a tough time doing that these guys are athletes they can don't. You know big guys conduct and you know they can run and you guys just went right over your head you know when I said I don't know I. Urge others that I more tools in the shed but anyways about age and arguments here but I didn't know tools could be Smart and he shed yes well obviously they're not there. They're very dock their very doll. Check Griffin is I did I am sure you've seen this. Sit there I seem to have like sacraments falling down draft ports or not there's no such thing to me like that unless he's got in trouble lower arc legitimate reason to. You know start staying away you know personal conduct type stuff I don't know that he's falling or rising anywhere. Be it but but he's not interested in being anybody's children story and he was a really really good football player UCF I think there's. You know it was a 61245. Summer many Richard 25 to thirty right. Undersized linebacker that can run well right he played all the little he's a little slow steps are cut in a straight line doesn't have great chips and coverage. Him and you know he has done good instincts. In value has been in a better tackling tackling ability then I think a lot of people given credit for. And I think most importantly you know he's going to. He's going to be in this game to prove people wrong. Right and a lot of times that should mean some act right you know when you've gone out there and you do at least if it you are always want guys that have some sort of proof. Because it and give me the maximum effort no more times it's contagious and it's contagious and does he need as he can't go the whole team with effort guys right. What you need guys like that out there on your team because it's gonna make you better in practice this can make you work harder he's gonna try to prove something ever took charges he has. Endurance. You know without having the arm and that's what it is and now he's gonna go out there and try to prove people wrong with his abilities. That he does have because they're gonna have to overcome his disabilities. I. I think this guy makes a lot of sense in the middle routes. Don't we we would Dexter right after this to me this sounds kind of callous but it is what it is it's exercise why do people want version just because he has one hand he's a fifth round talent. I don't lose a fifth round talent I think you might be better than a fifth round tell blond on its army to run for three it's going to escalate you because right that's that's a that is a talent. That you can't teach write this kid is more than just a feel restore. She didn't you play all he can play. He is heat the heat they ran a 34 UCF I saw the multiple tasks are scouting Scott frost death by science Gary's eyes. How does not frauds in Nebraska fair I'm telling you right now I'm under it imply frank does not an overstatement I'm Joseph and his scouting Scott frost. I mean I don't disagree you know with his love for Scott frost but. You know hit it in again in in the college level you know some of the things that. Exists in what these guys are able to do. Don't transition to the NFL. Right the NFL is. It's a different game it's a faster game it's a more technically sound game and you have to be able to use. You know somewhere you those things in order to. You defeat some of the blocks and again. Yeah he you have Sam mills you have Jessie totals that played for Atlanta you have undersized guys that. You know could overcome London Fletcher of some of those deficiencies. But. You know it's going to be interesting to see. How he overcomes. Shedding blocks in the NFL because. You know NFL linemen are athletes right and they're gonna be able to stick stick on the depth and they're gonna you'll be able to raw. You know I and you know gonna be able to just use your speed to run around guys because. You know the response posing college you can run around blocks have the ability because you just facet everybody else get back in position may place. In the NFL if you run around blocks that running backs and hit that hole and is it. The goal post. How do you feel about Jack Griffin and I look people's take on this because yes he's got one hand but he also ran for three. And he also wrote to believe what 25 reps onto 25 bench press and it is used as an athlete is that a second ago I don't I'm not sure is a first round talent but I think there's definitely that is. First round play a sudden that's wouldn't look. When you have to come on they were talking about him that way I mean it seems this is a prisoner of the moment it's the 43 is doing something that nobody in it and don't. Get caught up and the Tarzan lots. Right you know you still have to deal will go out there and play. As traders presumably would you would you would you want checked the first and second third fourth round you wash actress and and bring him in this organization 70457 or 9610. Or talk more about debts mortgage pass rusher and we come back Richard had to get my purse dot com right now to see if is there any tickets left for tonight's draft party you're gonna wanna do if they're they're still around atrocity in Bailey. Man you're you're good enough. They're Smart enough and doggone it people like the tell yourself that every morning good enough you're Smart enough and doggone it people like you look in the mirror and say that honor time I talk more draft. Yes that young dog that talk more drought and more draft dammit alright 7045709262. And personalized I drive through this went. Schism really a promo you said you showed you had cleared three phone books when you jumped. As frank said he was launched declared credit card now he can dunk. I'm calling BS great show we'll get an update to poll old we get a digital Ed. What they tell us to say and what actually happens are two different things would even bring it because they I said in a promo that I can barely clearing credit card. I think come ultimate dumb ass line is credit I thought I'm right we're I have no idea what is the guy's talking about a I would say that I want to credit card Bert where you read such as on that trip to. The Super Bowl. Okay that's what I rents a such a thing on the stupid as Promos that we that we read from the people write for us like hit man for the fact that a and I hit and trying to make fun of ourselves. He's as you believe. Frank Garcia 65. Could dump. 61 minutes left in this poll also if you haven't voted go to W open seat our Twitter page but my page could could dot means past tense that now. You get really fired up about the time it was because I was intentionally manipulated this poll. So that he can be a Smart that. I'm not a nursery today I've Palmer show I'm nicer 'cause I told exactly right give us the current poll results right now we're gonna move up. What 17% say yes that is Smart he's bright guy pops 83%. Say hello. Wow. Because they're probably interpreting is me being able to dump today was dropped foot can't do. While all right twenty year old frank to a Grand Slam to hand OK so those are just being able to us about. To a two hand slam. All right I can never took him to only one Texas writes an update that man's deliverance of the ballet well. Always at the Fella yeah he's gonna have his chance tonight no we won't know well no that was that Bruce Chris. And we're going to lump in a different voice and I will lose started going guy he's articulate and wanna come over there and on a short call it would be great. If LA guy came over to. You know Laurent an awful vis north minerals and every young girl up. And you know tip your ass first tea retro and everybody. Here I am told me easy told me your good sort. Do you think you have the money. Hit man Putumayo where it goes way out of that they absolutely would it by the way. And I addressed his over the budget anatomy. The parents are so we have a couple pocket got it ready or does every busted through Droid is done. Except the tip of the valley guy he's texting us and we didn't bring it up the techsters bringing it up we didn't quite. Ultimate we got visitors. So did you say breast prices during July Everett a minute ago resume a three techsters say abusive breast prices are new library as anything's possible that is true you what did you mean look you francs in Brooklyn. The strip that it worked out a valued its its remember a bull rush out did they remember what I said absolutely the breast prices ever at that supported bills is that if right say to a bam slam packed up. Hess you ham anyway you. You find the stupidest things funny identified the stupidest thing I know I'm not I'm not afraid to admit that a big man child odds another sister writes and does a does the world according to strike except listener questions just what was so that was -- got to be good to matter fact what we actually want more votes and Osborne so there's as much yesterday. Why are you glaring at me right now. You guys are ridiculous why he determined you know just and belittle me. Over here Melissa this is carried out how funny is it to watch him play the victim and this guy big bad frank Garcia doesn't make it on people in the amount his entire life he's got. NASA managers like to give it back to him and delegates managed. Touts him take him a bone good I mean I can't address or also would I think that it it will slide. Anyway. Are you carry that was yeah as a and as Chris and I. Unless it's for I know we well actually some Dodgers and he's all about the BS talk because it always been the start of three months of lead into the NFL draft and that's kind of where rabbits we get here every year. We're a week out now and you heard Marty tell you three days ago we addressed now for ads. You know they've got an idea of what they're gonna do they know which direction they're headed and I'm just curious so. The men's only we go what is a week away or so ago I would hope they would have a pretty good to a plan put together at this point Peterborough was asked India would would you draft she came Griffin would you draft Shaq Griffin because when you do you think back to the and it'll come by. You know and and and had to come by and because he was this great story and he ran a 43 he rushed out 4530 reps on the best presidents it is a first round talent as a matter that is ever and he's a first round talent look at a state UCF -- make an open field tackles doesn't seem to affect him so if you're printers Fannie and ask you the first round are well I mean not necessarily normally not necessarily just in the first round. You can fire okay the the panther specifically right okay busy first round talent somebody's a linebacker now Elena. Absolutely not. Mean third fourth round since round. They're right there is probably worries you have fallen as he needs somebody you know that's really do take him you're reaching. Incredibly high you're gonna take two of the first round he's not a first rent out your way and into backed it up he's not on Steve makes his top fifty list right here. No statements is Mark Reynolds the Missouri join us in studio and does he's not on Steve Mays is top fifty list so we got Stephen studios and I know what is it about 1 o'clock today but look if you detected. It around the sun rose three through five to the Panthers I think you gotta be stoked about dubbed a mistress compete there. Mean if you give them in this fifth round you'd be stoked if you can reserve round that's probably. Maybe shoot a lot uniform who still. What C oil what is stands out early in the fourth or don't get caught up in just a forgery. I just look let's evaluate him and let's be fair but disciplines new text her second go to sexist thing he did he was positive usage you thought Shaq might be first round talent during the combo. So let's say you did say that I'd say it was that we analyst Lister saying he thought you said the during the come but I guess I'm just surprised to hear you say third round might still be too high. Because I mean he is displayed pretty elite just let us this. It always run a forty rise faster than any other linebacker and it is coaches speak highly of him as a zillion hour. All like to all my stomach and guides it to me I go out there and it felt like anymore since the election amid his coach. I can talk my ass about the game okay. Doesn't mean I'm about there will be a performance if you both understand the game or enforce it and again it as a party stated the NFL is a different level when you're talking about ask lettuce is a big guys to run fast too. In the college you can her. On those guys at 43 and make plays and get back to your line in the NFL those big guys to latch on you've got to be able to hand fight to get off those guys if you can't you're gonna be the disadvantaged and let your superior. You know I'm doing something out there. You're gorgeous fall prey because you have a deficiency in its. I hear what you say but this guy was playing linebacker with one hand wrote a 43 record to 2530 times and was doing an Auburn. But I I think maybe have a different discussion okay then we we probably wouldn't it wasn't a UCF just went undefeated and they simply ran amok he wasn't. He wasn't he wasn't the reason they won undefeated body. He wasn't dollar recently images you can make your argument all day you're not gonna change my opinion on what I think that or were you should be frank I know that I'm not changing any opinions. Asking you why don't why all of a sudden you think third round as to why this is the first of average citizen I think because I think that the fascination of the running in the fourth three has lower cost okay we're starting to look at him more as a football player now that we have film we didn't know anything about this kid before you're in the 43. Now all of a sudden he's a first round. I think we knew more than your bid vineyards implied right there because he was a linebacker on an undefeated team without a hint. Did you know it was just because he didn't have a hint you knew we wasn't you know you can do all these things like there was there was a linebacker UCF who didn't have a hand I have got to be honest with you about that I knew there was a guy playing division one college football that level who didn't have my hands. OK so it at all. Anyway it would kill and then I came to find out the other brother league and he can really fly at all it's not only did he not have a handy not only was he playing east yet he was one of the best players on their defense it's not deep best players may be the most impact the player other than their quarterback is going to be a first round draft seen as a make it sound like this thing this guy's dog crap. I don't know I don't know sometimes I'm not trying to paint tubing that cornerback champ paint you know like what I am saying is is me. Grounder in the NFL's fourth round as there is still pretty game to play out he's had to overcome this and he was I mean. He's a phenomenal athlete that's kind of funny body but he still a really great hands and his guys I don't know I don't figure does that car got a grander and I. I will say this is the hands are again it's the Panthers drafted him in the fourth or fifth round I'd be okay was it. You know he plays special teams to start laugh I digital to accept what is. The ridiculous and this is coming in the first trial. Okay that's front 70457. Or 96 and gonna come back restored to talk some yellow would come to save some of his conversation because the man is here. Steve mentions here sort of a save some of those from 1 o'clock 70457. Or 96 we come back to wrap of the hour assurance dorsal and joins us in fifteen minutes Paula knows he says it does have a lot when one of is talked in the the other two plus size is not his head held blog well. I know and there's only one of us and you're doing most of the talking so I'm pretty sure I know we shaking his damn head that people are we come back to wrap up the gallery to Camille Garcia Billy. Well we got really good news. Think we're just limited to draft talk going because Steve mister they've given us Steve mentioned early. We're gonna that was Steve from one to 130 today but I remained out of from the airport he's here and he's thrown on a necessity majority buddy do well yes go well ESPN's scouts think he is our guest of water tonight the 2018 WS since he pre draft pro football roundtable still worth neighborhood grill 630 tonight 2999. Is Acosta did an I think there might be if you left go to get my perks dot com right now she won if you wanna grab those tickets. Settle this for us. Right dressed as during the break him. Hitting zone dog does not just aren't so it can't just a dollar a share some good I can't stand you. So anyway. It's so there will be blood sugar and I don't think he's a first round tell frank to try to do you paint me as. I'm say or do they were talking about it was a first round tell under the job but I was simply you're arguing for no. I was surprised to hear you say it but he's a third round draft a division using third that's not that's a ceiling fans and that's the highest bid I think a team would take comes in the third or okay state so I'm look at your top fifty players he's not on it where where do you think is a reasonable range for show actress and end up we. Have in the fifth round early fit a cut she's like I think is our thirteenth ranked outside linebacker right now and even that is a little bit. Because it's one of the EU issues you have them as the players of this right small for a linebacker maybe not athletic enough we saved so. When you're talking about player of things to think he's adamantly. And I think more than tauzin had this conversation we're the guys can buy me was diligent pro Israel peppers on a mission you always are talking about a guy was kind of between your same sort of thing can he play safety Jenny Colombo. Right in the area he sees certain players that talk about how versatile they are and that's created the college level when it in the NFL sometimes and I was urged order. Because as you can do all the things that you could do it violently and oh yeah and and I think that's no one of the important things you know for people to understand is that it's you know the guys and ecology can be. You know really athletic kid and use your ability to beat guys once you get the NFL. You know it's a different game you know everybody is the best athlete everybody can run everybody can move everybody tuned or changed directions for the most part. And you know we're always looking for the next TV you're always looking for you an extra real proper you know I think there we're going to be disappointed a lot more than we're not right you talk a little bit earlier about deficiencies in. You Osama tendencies you better grow as a player when you're in the league because if you got one thing you really get that. You may Wear with it for awhile the guys are pick up on that they're either scheme against it or there's going to be guys physically gifted enough to take away from you see you've continually have to grow. So what what about what about pass rush it's owed a total us and that's that's the position. That continued that I continue to look at this Panthers team and think OK it's great pets come back no and Mario Addison is nice player. But they still need some help there still is in debt they're okay and we're gonna find out I think what they Sean Paul gives a million play luster was put on IR early in the season. But Matt tell you did some guys out there about if on the Panthers are looking at a few of these guys and we gotta have one of these guys. Yeah I mean it I don't know range that is but there are some some pass thrusters that even though we're told it's not a great class for pass rushers they're always a couple of guys who turn out to to to be better than we thought. You can't wait too long now right I mean you look at the kids in the third player that's most fascinating to me. It's just sweat a Florida State because of the calm my work out he had and then the and and his flashes on tape when you autistic never once saw you think. This kid's a first round pass rusher how the news and he stuffed a recent a couple of new interest right it's it's tough to tell in electors did James Daniels number one senator I love him. And because I just think she's the best interior offensive line in the stressed his history of injuries. We came we don't know and and to be honest view one team might look at his knee and say. You know what we're not really concerned long term six other teams I look at his knees and say this is going to be an issue so it really is that fine. Indian detail of what certain medical professionals are telling each one of these teams it's all it's hard frosts in a week we acknowledge the fact that this player might have an issue. But we can't go specifically into it because obviously that players not sharing his medical with us. Tonight and I think that's one of the hardest things because they're predict deem you know who's gonna like him and whose nots and it because you're going to be limited on the teams that do it's almost. Impossible so. You know these offensive linemen we start looking at it I know a lot of these mock drafts don't have many of them being taken but. You know you know as well as I do teams that are put more emphasis on. That it was tit position in particular. Because it may not be sexy what is what wins games had said positional value rate immune to certain positions where pass rusher is offensive tackles and obviously quarterbacks. And on the flip side is running backs you know we see the stones you know your team beat running back prospect on the first round. There's a lot of good players there after that whereas. In this Q Cole Miller is offered to tackle out of UCLA who had an amazing come on come on work out. It's probably on the first round if you look at this tape. It's not a first front office tackle but you're hoping that he's gonna realize that upside he's gonna turn into that average you're you're taking a chance to take a chance because that's how important position. It's obvious dementia ESPN's cal cigar just about a tonight he is in studio with us for the next 35 minutes give us a call me a 70457. Or 96 -- star take some calls if you wanna ask Steve a question about the Panthers draft really anything you don't even have prepared to straighten everybody's scans that are jobless failure to address questions call Steve now we will take those questions. Are you you can text those are questions and as well I have my own for you including. This this report and it's ridiculous there might be so far out there but it's so Cleveland Browns if it is true that they are thinking about possibly drafting two quarterbacks. They're so desperate to get it right deposition there's a report they're considering drafting two quarterbacks against to increase their odds of getting it right I guess I guess what. I'll we'll talk about this we come back it's Garcia and really.