Garcia And Bailey H2: Panthers Talk With Geoff Schwartz, Top 3 Fathers In Sports

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Friday, June 15th
Former Panther Geoff Schwartz joined the show to recap the Panthers eventful offseason, and Frank and Kyle give their 3 best Fathers in sports...

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Garcia. Number it's still. US open leaderboard all day here in just a bit world's top stores as well although that doesn't take a lot of effort and now we have more to get into just minutes from now the greatest dads in sports history. Now that his Father's Day weekend and I was gonna ask Jeff Schwartz about his favorite Father's Day memory books. There's big time this has put us on the clock and just source is a busy man as we got to make sure we get our money's worth your Joseph Schwartz I remember the. Just about being a market coming out there actually are we should have been allowed their ritual. There a party for 830 got to bring a trip that took so long to. I thought recovery for somebody else who like jet. When school got out two weeks ago Jeff yeah. You are secret. Hello Jeff and I. An early look at. And that and the so what is a bigger joke but I bet most summer break without the. A co pay I just you had the Panthers. It would seem that way on social media wouldn't. Yes I wanna is going to jump to that right away interest there are some people who think that made the tetris. You know I don't see any team. I hate hate. I root out any anyone I play it like two people ever play to a sort. I don't anyway I think that there about it when you when you speak the truth when you give actual culprit that's out there. People can handle that what they're feeling to be missed saw it in the way they want they want them at the big problem here are very important article from you do that your report. I know that they would would want coil you know talked about not. Our I've been paid and who are true well we create all we talked about it like I mean well I like that. It's got a couple of mr. walker now remember it. That's I would be doing my job or what their beloved giving my honest opinion about any team especially a team at this video equipment. Are the Panthers the best team in the house. So if you question. Are outlawed in Atlanta I mean I've I've kind of been on board we thought he'd do about their chances to win you have seen. I think they're super talented if you look at him last year you know they were all that terrible people want our points the way what do Lyoto. Catch from being cut and their future which give me your exact quote I think people look at their ridiculous struggled at last year. In the red zone I think there there there are no they weren't good at that were left Europe if they majority going to be good. You know the running game will be prepared to step there would be and should be better. But it that the pepper or let them both up this year. Where I mean if you would ever see a leader does not there's not a they're they're told about there at the towel across the board now. Cannot all the weapons that he need the defense is how. Well obviously. An LP equally out of outsource improve their secondary and then there's no excuse for them. Do not intend to put herself into an amnesty you know whether preteen. We're exterior or he went without or we're gonna be the more surprising but Parker is say yeah. If one of those three is better at it happened elect Barack with a little bit better of a little bit more than Cutler six. Why do some people think this offensive line is the worst offensive line in the the NFL you're a parent. Because he can blame them without wearing number one I mean it's good buddy because. I along if you were chilled out. And noisy in there are a beat Albert Michael why Cornell. Is printed yet whispered about all being nomination nobody gonna get there won't be having unified global. Unclear what broke doing. Trade charter pro bowler there are always important but if you Opel the year. Not co host watchable web darkest spot. Yeah but so every came out the little one virtue spot while you drop the tour boat captain adorable little up gore would go to the dirt double what wall. All but I think it would chill. Don't offer the white if you are no joke outlaw the ball maybe twenty GP oh joke. Have offered a lot of the peppers do your lap speed and you know I've often thought they know that they know what to do a prime. What were some other pieces and make it got it got to a point where it open it's a bit more and more in depth look at it when you ought bent. Com we'll see how worked with the war but. We're all reports it's far to the peace there are. If you put it up to compete in people who trade in a heartbeat. Whitbeck unit around and a well. Digest Schwartz where there's eight years as an offensive lineman in the NFL you can sign and a series six and XSB nation is all over the place doing his thing at any stalkers the football what is OK you said speaker number one. There a second ago cam Newton's got on the skill positions around enough 31 rounder the couple's second rounder and he's got. Pieces he's got speed he's got helped you this year coming back with him and under this is a guy we talked to Derek Gilbert yesterday and he said look one of the things of people maybe don't talk about enough with respect to Cam Newton is how much this guy works on his craft so much time he puts an during the offseason off the field all those sorts of things. What is the expectation for Cam Newton issue because I would argue that a Super Bowl or bust. They're they're not they're no good anymore. Everyone around. People expected. What did he ever weapon imaginable he can I directly or run it on paper here that in McCaffery. Pop up on the line. Greg all there what I'd expect. What receiver corps. They're they're though you know and look. It I fear of working hard everyone worked hard and NFL. Bob it's a matter of working more and do what you have to do to improve it as a good position here that they're. I don't worry about really for Kim I think there will be far this year. You know to get but on a stat thing you know Kim aren't our PO question pat that would RPO he is simply is not true but 126. I know are pure so potent so a little bit nor to take years. Could deport some of those caught them there because. It border although your record in the NFL. The ability for Kim to run the inmate played with its feet early in games. Really get this confidence going we've seen an outcome a poor start to regain it breaks or over the long run maybe seven run for a first down and get stuck. He gets a little bit and it all the quarterbacks are often thought. They fired him up. There and I hope they continue to put pieces and they're because I have never done that. In any off the distrust and he's got to have a younger so we'll see how much you corporate that are I hope they don't lose that because. It's a big part of what you're built. You know I don't know if you do your homework tonight Jeff but we're sitting there talking about you teams that have struggled. In that first year when they have the defensive minded head. Head coach in the get a new offensive coordinator. And the lack of success at least early on that existed. The best team this done that because that's exactly what the Carolina Panthers have in front of them and you know the coordinator is going to be new. I mean obviously the coach did the quarterback is the same but that struggle. That are seen throughout my career you know being in that situation is exactly what brands are going through. Yeah it is at stake you know I think a lot of time. When you look at its in this situation happening debate is going to be first unemployed or not my issue nor. You know. A K a Y oh. To install properly throughout the year I've been a part of or are off but the bulk of it you have a well right it's been like any content read about it in weeks. Fur to really get going to happen seeing it every play with every book and be everything and and you give her a dork might think. Mr. where and that would work for me. But but don't work for the epic there might take him for 56 weeks to figure out. What we work. Order thought that era in that got picked on him and when you are but at the moderate approach also you know they they it's going to be less. Aggressive they do want to play caller that should be yoga the run run cops. And keeping conservative. Era there's always a will urchin I think between the play caller as coaches are. Which mirror you know we're called wanna be regret that the political to simply go. They're open or ballot bowl orbit for the opposite it's irritated. A whopper her well McCaffery get going in he would. It's repaid a little bit far and we've offered them get Joseph and don't break out week one week to brief but not would you think it's going to be. The key purpose driven out of one game you're not should be carried off the security people while on but it could be a little bit everything. True that meld together. Jeff and you gotta go to second so well ended on this would you talk about that left guard position kind of you to promote needing potential for the season there are a couple of other positions and it that are going to be interesting Joseph person wrote about this in the observer today and you -- talks about cornerback who's going to be the number two corner and they're talking about you know defensive end you're figuring out if there's enough depth there and those seventeen years in the league Julius Peppers gone back to celebrate but if safety is one that stands out to me because for a team that I think again should be Super Bowl or bust yo Mike Adams the Norris your C and a Roger show on goal that their their safety spot right now if I'm looking at a spot the concerns me the most it might be sixty. Yes it is better interpret what look I mean well look it's there it is is typically OGA. Especially to get to the end of acute in mini camp that can bet bit bit the starting eleven on both sides is that they are now for many here is what they want. To start the student now but obviously going to be a very -- look if you haven't earned our spot you know Bono would be a couple of blowout but keep it elevated during training here. But that's pretty much the jig he walked like it between your rolled out many here the last week. So whatever that is immediate what they're gonna go what the sports freak out like he's got a rookie can you pop in a state he winner jaw. But there are a bit better at every opportunity to win their job to keep that jaw. But if you look if you rush the passer than all the help they even quarter. On the import of pressure they'll look he could be back albeit under percent. Will be fantastic for them. Quote you know I think you'll be okay at the recipe that this all. What kind of kid did you get. You're if there is that pray for real core of what Coptic from a corporate. Okay cool exposure. Or not. Can you big time as we appreciate your Brothers criticize always. That's a clerks to ethic there that's that's a catastrophe just off the Seneca does blood oh man. Doesn't it defenders in this is a scale business as just we schedule doesn't hesitate to see just it's camp so yes some summary stunted twenties or to kill them lieutenant is often the line loses and get easy. Fifth yeah fifth at one. Come on Eminem. Come along the. Our news this second marriages giving wild in the mirror to sue that's more goals probably score than. 90% of the mirror every. Serve big it's. And all eight all of the. A study in Portugal we don't we come back the greatest day in sports history. Utterly ridiculous and. Bush got good. Event where your limitation now. Job growth when it. Now Spain is good dancer Sharon who scored twice on two and a half minutes in Spain now leads Portugal's leading to the sixtieth minute or so the best game alliance. So so wonderful game is beautiful beautiful it really is trademarked. Usually so did you draw little arms are tell you this soccer players a much better athletes in baseball that's ridiculous illustrated so does interest Margaret there's betterment dollar and his picture of the better than another Grassley dozen other accused her most is just like into one to push ups. I just again I'm kidding did but of course there's answered residuals say no no it's not it is in their hand court on foot coordination is tremendous said they weren't great athletes to salute a veteran I mean. Think their hand eye coordination is only thing that matters and athletes. These guys are great I hit I foot coordinators the baseball players and why. Yeah really still employed and drove out and only got a minute they are great coordinate it's 47 Oneida is that still doesn't callers on a lot of brits out of the squad they were gets more students look a little more answers later in the show as well and I at some point before frankly as we can squeeze it in the best accidental butt dials an accidental taxable squeezing us and we have so much I don't. I want out of telling them what's important to the most though is about what 330 or forty times. Yeah yeah we're meant to say that the other thing we're we're definitely getting into a veteran but right now. In other fathers vents on 332 greatest dads in sports history. That top three at 30 yeah. Right the roses went out the window because I just a francs Richie I'm gonna achieve this is my my top seven threes but up 33 but seven I don't know YouTube Q and started. Now you go you don't know you don't know you go around telling them okay thought so anyway I got I gotta get some really strong. Really strong auto mentions are the greatest day as a sports history. Charlie Sheen that. AKA Ricky Vaughn who. Always remain there because he says he slept with 5000 women. And so we don't imagine is probably doesn't kids out there are new noses and as Charlie Sheen is probably pretty glad sawed through Charlie Sheen and there but. I'm not here to steal Evans the under on this because he's just groceries or not there was Phnom so we're we're talking about this for a show greatest dad in sports history and Evan chimes in with what Evan. Vontae west. Because the greatest damage awards that I put a little and so Delonte West is an honorable mention you know LeBron that if Philip Rivers also on our villages is yes well men. Like Baker's dozen or so about 1112 and is probably still short of schools and other guy is an expression that I did that's another honorable mention coming in at number three don't. The man who ruined. I'm another man who could have been a whole string quarterback coach Mark Moran image. Ethic and moral of this may be simultaneously traders and worst that its forces are not really sure which it. He drove his son and yes they're doing drug isn't enough it's his fault so more murderous jobs and our. This morning is aiming over. What was it on just marriage smuggling. I think is started that would marijuana that's that was the first women as like it's the most except the thing out there did the united here's been condemned the left and I. I think an eighty's he liked to party a little bit out there in California it was a ninety's well whenever it was too early ninety's. I similar murders could deliver and number two. The vendor list and her whole Israel has eleven kids one of whom is a run back in Georgia ready go to jail and he just a monster lament. Literally filled as a base and a number one auto quickly Nolan tried to his list. It's always going to be Antonio Cromartie. It has to be Antonio Mora for a team he's got fourteen kids any busted through vasectomies and here's why here's the greatest so his arguably the greatest swimmer in sports yet. Are you still considered. His swimmers aren't going to break Michael Phelps record yeah. On the other day someone will break Michael Phelps Olympic records it will be Antonio Temares kids these stronger swimmers in the known universe absolutely. Correct 100%. If ever and that's it. That I'm the father of that baby bath if I'm the business to sports. And apple can database belongs to me. Grabs balls I'm not but it is dead but the obvious problems on the blog at a young involves. I batted. One of the greatest scenes in all. The movies and the relies. More and they are trying to use to figure out who apparently was analyze their life or your core of all this happening flags of our ball my. Yeah beyond his college. The greatest exports Earl Woods completed tapioca. I was Richard Williams debate about the old adage out Bosnia you know Griffey senior to be a happy and yeah are you sure are good they'll put the greatest happy of all do. During is gone Canada's job. I'm getting is gone is the greatest pentium a mall some responsible for sixteen million descendants I don't know if you play sports I don't give a damn sports yeah it was that he's the greatest paktia the ball absolute. Literally he's responsible for about 8% of the population and it was a one and eight people in Asia 122 home I don't want me one isn't it. And descendents. So unbelievable amid. Is fifth all time the only salads or maybe Wilt Chamberlain met. Now hung an island and every piece you did some good tennis out there but I thought about a lot of a young man's run around and well that's what they took Marty's gotta be the second greatest of all but don't write as they know it is the greatest. Archie Manning is the greatest dentistry sports arts man's going to be up there yeah I mean a threat to our senior. Yeah that's a good it was a Dale Senior had the government. The disease if you're seeing your name in my list to undated no good decision that most list that's for sure Grassley soccer players or Sports Radio switch radio sudden close enough. Soccer players and it's probably these second or third best athletes in the world. Which limits on a minute let's go to Eric really quickly element to our news cycle lot of letters of Eric thanks for holding their real were taken by the woods is Father's Day weekend and we love it it's always the Friday before Father's Day week and a larger stores about the sports bond between fathers and sons or whatever store you've got and I are Scotland forced error puts that. Barry got to a power of all out to do after you exercise called. Are about four story bill back well played a U bat the ball what the outlook are a parent. That you people we are part of that you would double in the nation's parliament are for gay and we ended up will be that got out the bracket. We did one ever been okay. Went up to the championship game. Played detained and eliminate the perk gang beat down. But that don't double elimination we got ten minute break at the plate and again and ended up beating and and again we're in the car nice. That's awesome but they're not but debt or yeah he was you're pretty proud of that. It would but yet because yeah the other coach Hewitt about a block down problems are probably all did dip below grade we got Kirby did. So Allison there's the true story and appreciate that are 70457096. Demote people even those in an output I just it's a little we go to is more sports that we have done US open World Cup stuff so we don't. According to this war hard sports I just told you do a better athletes and the baseball players like when there was talk baseball soccer players are better athletes in baseball player on the Tom is ridiculous. They have been they have their better conditioned it's a different kind of atlantis'. And there better conditions Aslan the same thing. I guess sports a completely different and better conditioned like which it was actually two years there's been a bit more darn fast which muscle and these guys in the mirror and judge or Mexico or zero dollar you're wrong you're wrong. The hand eye coordination by far baseball blush but yeah and act like a look at what to do it mostly due to muscle what did you do and over the which will ultimately use it as some audio and I just. I guess a Vermont district doesn't matter sports ever saw anybody get me a lot of strides in a baseball far that that's to be your poll what's your best be doing our strengths. OK lots of guys and bad speed but our power hitters. A trend and analysts are now wondering sort of energy whenever you need a lot of strength to kick a soccer ball hard you don't. Okay coming so I mean Westchester anchor leg strength what's the difference they're both strikes there is a difference but you definitively say soccer players better athlete. There's executables RT the ball faster speeds. Part that's pretty hard it's hard at what you talked about you is an act of ultra. And homers he's all. And with fast accuracy. How little. That's the pregame show this morning tell us Anderson LSU does the recess kicks the ball hard in his any of his breakdowns and soccer analysis don't ever says kick the ball hard. The Dizzy Gillespie can you put on the ball on a powerful shot. And reward hard to do ballpark. That's what I mean is that when it. The resiliency here again he takes the ball harder than the other guy. That's the with all of our soccer fans who listened to show just must unlike standard television right now they do unto my guy there was an answering their yeah. Unless he had to do any better I'm just not notice that the only time and knows what Nutmeg is around Christmas time home. That's is that the minutes it's good is clever and I get a you know well you're regarded it important to look at the ardent Steelers or large dogma and apples and a the center hopefully. Notable soccer players as far as radio host we're doing next oh yeah this is what we're doing next we come back. Kuwata Linux we wanna talk about that orders for a few minutes and then at 345. It's the birds in the grease board out revenue soon strike calls to his weekend we got to teach them how to date on vacation. As he took that belly yet now. Jimenez not to initially have to follow that's too damn true you know what that is here that Tipton ballets dude tell your own give up now one guy all right Garcia and they elect. Apparently about to get into a debate here a minute let's I don't you wanna give practical while Leonard for just a second by the way. I was so I think it's still free to write still three crew are Spain and Portugal in our group V in the 75 minute. Up Portugal lead for good portion of this game but Spain nudge just wouldn't go away they hit an equalizer at the 54 minute I believe and then now what ahead 32 and about the 57 minutes so. Fifteen minutes are ranked last in this royal CFO Portugal can can sign up and Dustin Johnson still leaderless for anti US open which I'm sure a lot more people care about. On during Father's Day that I don't know I was golf more popular here in the US then the soccer I'm not sure but. On a lot of people of the US open yet so was 70457096. Tim Osborne what do you. I have an update on the brown only Jewelers Twitter feed hole of the day from Garcia in Bailey take us out at WFANC on Twitter. We asked a simple question what sport has better athletes. Baseball or soccer tech is out they're both there and out early returns statements are ignorant to. 79% say soccer has better actress was on. Votes on the damn thing buying you know and that's no no no don't. Whatever display or didn't show army boats we have it's only the percentage always edit that's all we know. And initially right now we're two minutes into Poland is gonna announce the percentages there was little pin is five votes and embarrass him only get ten people. I think that's at this story of the day at least you know go to this time appearances typically try to slow but the big story today of course is like a while there once a San Antonio. I misspoke earlier when an extra clear about this can wilder does not have a no trade clause in his contract. One alert has reportedly will willing to walk away from five your super Max extension worth 290 million dollars that's how sour the relationship between the San Antonio Spurs. And the car owner and it's not like he's walking away to nothing right now he's walking towards potentially probably close to what 200000200. To a five -- just like that the difference is you and I talked about a little while ago is that you know there's no state income tax in Texas writes are you starts all correct he wants to be a liquor will usually take fifteen million lessons salary to be a Laker you gotta attract ring you're talking about a loss of thirty to forty million dollars and what you're talking about the loss he could potentially make up the anti endorsements because little lazy huge market there and absolutely true right and and look I don't know what it's like to make 200 million dollars and I just don't but I mean at the end of the day you start to get to a point where what is the real difference in quality of life between two nights he eventual five or something along those lines direct endorsement money makes up for that there's no question about it but. You know we of people texting and about it's I had a hornets James Brett don't what what might they be able to work out as. And here's an example I mean. It requires Leonard in San Antonio is a well known player and you in the US. But quiet loner in LA as well known player across the world. I know we are going with that. And it goes back to what I said the other day was like when Dwight Howard Lester Orlando right to Dwight Howard what does he want the girl was branded enjoy Dwight Howard's brand could be what he wanted to be in Orlando. The reality was though in this day and age you don't have to be in New York correlated grow your brands it. I'd say I don't I don't agree with that I don't agree with what you're so I think there's certain cities that globally. Stand now I mean when you talk about Japan we we we think of Tokyo guy right and that's where you know most of the the marketability is going to be if you're coming from that city right discern thing applies here with the US. When I'm sure other countries think about US to think about New York they think about LA right maybe Chicago's in there. You DC's going to be potentially in there but you don't know the cities that they're gonna be a part of that commerce at San Antonio isn't. And let me be clear I'm not saying. It doesn't matter at all. And this thing in this day and age because it that would the world is so much smaller than you stability. And you doesn't join required in the top two markets in the country to grow your branch at first I want to swallow doesn't strike these guys to worry about growing his brand as much as. He wants the windshield just like Lincoln money right you wanna make money for sure I'm gonna grow our portfolio with this is a global league that we're talking about is but championships and did you make also are appearances will you can still make the money go to China. Right or. Follow your what they follow and look at what they look at they're not wearing San Antonio jerseys. There weren't Houston jerseys there wine LA Jersey they're wearing me your jerseys. Those are the brands that into Boston jerseys those other brands that are gonna transcend when you go to Mexico City there's about a handful of teams that. They hissed the Mexicans are for right and you went there wouldn't be who you think they would be right there the winners they're the ones that are you know the big cities there. You know the teams that have been successful it's not the teams like you would think because of proximity is going to be the cardinals are the raiders or the cowboys there are some but typically it's gonna be beat the the teams have been successful as the Steelers. Is that the patriots and those are big Boston it was a big markets they're gonna transcend on to film new Mexico City so the same thing applies a restaurant. Don't even say more so in basketball. Because of the global Brandon how much China follows. You lead big markets and in the US vs San Antonio. Let's be real about sisters okay why why are people in China wearing Houston Rockets surge is why there were New York Knicks durst is now because the knicks have been good to stop because the rocket science and our city it's because of Germany land into a larger. That's very true and because of German let us and it's Richard Yao Ming in there were zero if you Gelman doesn't play for the Houston Rockets you'll see Houston Rockets Jersey's general China what is it and I hope you're right. And those are the keys to teams probably could have the most following because of those players no doubt about it. But if you were to say who the next greatest players in the next greatest cities are they're represented the US in China. Or and Europe it's going to be LA the lakers because what Kobe did it might be the bulls because of what Jordan did and it's going to be you know potentially cool while the Celtics right I mean the dessert. Those are the teams that everybody associates the NBA where. Right guy I hear you on that and those things matter what the zeal leads one to penetrate foreign markets all over the country because as revenue potential there but at the end of the day these are American teams in an American League so it all starts and ends here and what happens elsewhere it is still kind of secondary even though again it's very very important 7045709. To sixty and it was -- -- wide goes and eluded them the possibility. Of ending up in Charlotte may not I don't know why I would not bet money on it I know that much Amir would take so much to even consider pulling that off and and I don't know look we're talking about a trade here again we're talking about a trade he wants to be dealt out of San Antonio he does not have a no trade clause are clause in his contract why does Gregg Popovich though. Want to help bring the lakers back to life by trading. That's why a letter to LA won't what is what is he going to get in return from LA. That is going to be attractive in Austin and both make a San Antonio Spurs better. And it will not strengthen a conference rival. It doesn't so that's something that stands out to meet the same kind of thing with the clippers at that's another team it's been mentioned because wise West Coast guy but you also have to consider the Eastern Conference takeaway could end up with the Philadelphia 76 Brett brown listen we need more pieces we need another piece to get over the top. And there are people who agree with the Boston may be a spot that he lands so I don't think Charlotte is off the table but it's way down the list right now mama. And I mean I just look just sitting upright in the current value in billions you know we're millions we when it comes to the global brand New York Knicks are number one. I was three point six million people that follow right or three point six billion. As an asset herded out of curiosity where these numbers come from it's the little Caesar in the C. I'm sure the senate to set. Revenues for the 20162017. Season in net revenue of sharing an arena debt. Services enterprise value medicines most technically yeah I mean I don't know I mean I. The thing epitomized what about you build it and this is what they came up with instead of what I assumed it would be the New York Knicks are number one the only lakers number two the warriors are number three because of what they're doing right now in the maritimes are winning also an enormous market that's right the bulls the Celtics and then the nets. Then the rockets the clippers really were not LA again. Bombed the mavericks Dallas. And then heat the San Antonio Spurs coming elevenths was not as down the list is I thought it would be with Santonio input did you have the tradition you know winning and probably it's in those type of thing so unless one of things let's see where the corners come and points came in at Tony it. Look at our look really good to text or rights and delays that are excellent front to disperse the next 21 round picks and the tune for a while letter armed. Now no way and here looks here's why why I still don't guys just turned toward six our maximum effect noise it's 26 about to turn toward seven here about two weeks. Are gonna deal away the next couple first round draft picks in a market where you really are dependent upon drafting well and developing players just go get a 27 year old Kuwata learned that doesn't make it's on the sesame especially given the amount of money you would have to pay him to to keep him here Sonoma doesn't make any sense. You don't leverage your future for awhile letter that's that's a Forbes four site by the way I was sort of problem a look at an asterisk with the numbers different 7045709. And Greta I don't know the guy. But he's just came off as very unassuming kind of youth team first quiet. You you were never I don't think I expected to this huge that we saw in the first place and especially for it to end this way but you know you were talking about literally is a look at. Watch out wide Elway and LeBron de LA metro pass and I mean I'm. Yeah you mean those are two players are there to me that aren't that automatically. You know make LA relevant again. I mean it's LeBron James no matter where he's going is gonna make that team automatically relevant. Some good again we talked about this and make him relevant to the lakers are always relevant. And it's an honor to close lakers always real heroes are what are you I don't disagree with that right now it's I agree I'll give you that corporate talked about your child he's he and he's right about that and I I think that when you start looking at where they're born to be. They're going to be the most talked about team right. You know if LeBron goes there and Hawaii goes there right now you're talking about do we forget about Houston. They they've they go third on the totem pole is still gonna be Golden State because they're the champs two time champs and they still have you know the belt right now so who's gonna be that next team. Is -- going to be Boston right I mean they're gonna teams talked about these ads they'll be the favorite these because nobody really else there rather than it may be Toronto but I do you think that they have more talent especially when they get you know they they do carry back and Gordon -- comes off of the injuries so and they got dressed capital to work with too absolutely I mean they're there and there are well positioned oiled machine ready to move for the next several years and maybe I don't that's why the bronze. You know maybe going to the west to team up again or if that would be a potential for him all the other potential for me is in Houston the Houston right now makes them. In my opinion. The most dangerous team in the Ambien is an interest pollsters they're assuming crystal states. 70457. Or 96 and how do you feel about tonight but I'm not gonna get anybody and are gonna come on your try to get too worked up and I just feel like a lot of Charlotte to be a real possibility but again. It has never trade talks you know sort of makes this is San Antonio Spurs and makes sense and is subject and I just say never say never but I wouldn't I wouldn't let it. Look we come back Frank's gonna hit the road results of educational I think not this next segment with a one after I go after this next segments before we leave we gotta get this and because Evan is also. Austin vacation. And Evan is never dated on vacation is the early days in an antidote at all so we started this segment last week to birds and the bees were bored out driven now we got to be careful because the HR lady came in immediately is that Indonesia's violated HR policy it was too close to ourself. Is that simple questions are pretty much doing on a daily basis are really really push the envelope last week so hard and good again this nexus Garcia and Blaylock. And it's time model does have a soccer folks say Williams I voted. For club portions of his Portland Portugal and Chris young and old game. Ten yards a he can keep it yeah. Please pipes and it's an additional. That's all that's that's awesome. Herrera is awesome so we gotta tie game also I think bracelet the pods or knows it so when nothing cougars but who can. Yeah I so tires on the court after all oil Andres. I was trying to understand this. He could try Osbourne is on the hauler and I was fuming mad because we can't find our our beds for birds of these guys that will all help out yeah so the the Zell is asks this but really the so we clear out at least twenty years old he's our board up and we we came upon Evan about two months ago and we brought in and the team. And we as we learn more about it we find out that he does not is twenty years old despite looking thirty and I'm kidding haven't noted there's still a turnabout that wow why he looks at all. He looks like a grown man that's always a grown man he looks like it's like a grown man that's all voluntary social Evan doesn't date. Has had a girlfriend and his work inaudible I'm did you save the exact same things all the time he doesn't do AT hasn't had a date doesn't mean he doesn't. Want to re what is the difference. I didn't say doesn't want to date assuming you say he doesn't days like he's against it he no he's just isn't the president comes across as an. Sag matter seriously argue I don't know whether I would like to make sure we set our man up properly so that is to maybe find some. Some a pass in this. Teachers and endeavor is about ready to go on so we're open Evan out with the data Dade dating life however however. As as you'll know author men or women. Vacation dating is a different animal and there's usually shelf life on it and that's where that's what we got it to seven year. So this is the birds and b.'s board up heaven before frank takes often which it. First my first question that. Do you have an idea of what it means to date on vacation. It's pretty quick kits like summer laden. Happened so fast. Yeah it's like to Greece right would you be singing the song no I don't now now get. What type of girl would interest you in Myrtle Beach on mountain. It is Scott art is this is you know pretty hectic time of year at Myrtle Beach so. Is playing putt putt they must. Alec pop but it's an economic -- adopt a coupon for like two years ago which is her claim putt putt they must. What should she be a good player no eye socket pudding so there's enough she might do. So you see a group of girls on the beach right you're out there which featured want to bow. Merle that's regular liberals are you going. You go down dirty moral and you're you're walking up and down the beach right middle today. And you see you know just bumped past dozen girls but jury sitting there on the beach on the tells listened to music what is your first instinct. Which are first move. I like dancing quest and better right. Policy. Run now now now not where around half dead and maybe now not a man that saw head. As your home how how do so so just listen to sit and pretend that me and tried didn't turn Jack and Gaza were just a gaggle women on the beach and like we're just doing our thing. You're walk up to us yeah you really wanna talk to a swing you don't give me the annuity approach saying I haven't done this before so lost soldiers which earlier is that still an -- on. A former Evan aren't. As Webber yeah. Or whether. Whether yeah hmm that's that nasty territory Webber in dogma that the dog treat that there are or were we talking about here about sun. Guess pretty high gas. So your opening line is whether talk. OK Morgan now I would say it probably just stay away right there I don't. Now we know we're dealing with ours we do we can kind of build from there how about how about why you ladies from. During the cold went. On the beloved by cold when yet. You'll see exciting now. Jose caddie when you were underdogs or Shrek. The same answer I did. I did now under a new. I use the murder plus for you probably didn't know that you and the delicate agreement. I so Texas is the first that you know don't go with your family. Just don't tell in the moment data download it's right I would start I wouldn't leave you with that anyway. So instead of the weather what is what do you walked up into this this group of young ladies have and you said as he lettuce sought out. Just thought to you might like bottled water. You know that's that's actually a better start not even a great embezzling a better start. But getting got to insert yourself from the conversation I don't wanna talk about the weather or humidity in RI I'm I'm getting older but I do remember what it was like to really torn torn law. This is a better this is a better request this of the report would you do any of you ladies like suntan lotion lotion rubbed on you. At that does so that's no that actually might do do some limited there's a lot of conference not a pro I have great hands. At the man that doesn't sound like I know how to use these very well okay so what's a more confident approach that you were Joseph comfortable with. Discard their commonly not ton act like this big buff guy and I'm not a boss guy. And just when you're gonna go bust guy on not tiger type of thumb Mora. See I must say guy yeah then that's a perfect dad is perfect yeah there's a lot they're Diego there's a lot you guys like most guys who lead and headlights. Let these I don't I realize I'm not the most both John the world but I do like a good boss I could I ask you. Let's drill I imagine. Our justice teamwork this is brainstorm you as a as a good so writes this don't write this don't you walk out very calmly and Condoleezza ladies. I may not be the most must guide the world but I do like a good boss I could I interest you in better. And I don't mind you sat here in Charlotte they ever get chance to which you're you're going to the beach she got to use this weekend this would do this is prepped for the beach. I had a good point. I don't skip ahead to part we mutilated and have a good time next week right. Those things the last seven are you getting the numbers big in the digital coming your holdings. Let's be automatic in the Spanish right. Yeah I don't understand there are you on FaceBook are you on. So so what's the point of date knees when minister may be halfway across country know it. Makes no sense to me on member spoke. And other members agreed almost a girl's gonna maybe go and date someone else because they know wasn't along lassie clearly did your wife you know. Oh no I'm not looking for that right you know I'm that's got to the point though would you go to the beach and I'm looking to get what you don't look at it Weiss doctor you look at Alex and have a good time going out my friends some friends and memories so it's like day. But he's got more PG version of Vegas. Hemmer released event. Let's. No no look again just don't take that seriously I'm not a doubt I'm not saying you should go you know occasional what's debauchery and you mom's gonna Mattis for telling you do undecided. Just like about it you know just don't have any expectations right you know wage. If the other week is we we've we all have confidence in you you're gonna sign a lady and you're gonna have fun throughout the week but did you know how to break up with a woman properly. Now as I've never been an. Situation that's what I expected but it scratch and united it's it's never an easy thing not you it's me right the distance between us. We had a tough time right I really respect you a lot we can hopefully be friends. You know one of those type thanks. So I have to frontal. If you're breaking up with Russia trying to not friends owner initially. Bottom line is one Myrtle Beach so in all likelihood this girl's gonna be from Ohio anyway. So I don't you don't worry about under respectful. Denies the bottom line is that this lady. Your friend that you gonna meet probably may never see you again see you can be yourself. On that actually makes cents got. Are they afraid of anything don't be intimidated. They can intimidate you I texture says it. Look if you're used to line that we just crested for you which I think would be a mistake at the deadline is gonna get too pretty for the switch and you may get turned down to the law whatever decision gonna get turned out much but you just need one yes it's all you need is one yes right so when that happens. Take advantage of a bush you don't use that line if you wanna mix it up a little bit this is a pretty tried and true approach this is a classic Ritter because of Texas says this is Esther does troll foot tall girl and had been accidentally. Throw that ball near the on the apologized for it. And that's why I asked if you're gonna use your brother is based. You need to use them as they go out their take the football out to the beach you and your bro I have some have a little have a little football toss. Accidentally throw one too far or too used to the last. And say hey listen you go oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that let me apologize to what's your name I'm Evan writes that's that's a nice little in income you if you if you tournament and that actually maybe. Easiest way if you just walk up if you can't work up the nerve to walk over to a group to look we've all been there. You know when your when your inauguration on recent data can be intimidating to walk up until they grew bored but. Try to football move and then when you get there just hit him with a heck I may not be buff but I do look at the bus I can I interest you and then. See how it goes out into my slapped. Australia here's another option right this might be the hit man approach it hit mail or in here he might Guinea. I'm doesn't matter heard. I'm on the radio when you sound like Ron Burgundy yeah well it's that yeah he wishes he could be me. That does this is the hit man approach to today did. I have great moves. I'm awesome I'm incredible. And I'm Miranda mean board. Easier and less for that we may do we reward the last for a little bit you know what we Rory we're blessed for my fingers are magic there you go that's the clothes are right there vat will seal the deal. Well I think I know what buttons to push Asian and Asian city that's sounds a little weird no. At best call innuendo and it drives the ladies well all right we got and there's the Sudanese boys ought to vacation Evan is gonna stick with us for awhile franks who finished a major in myrtle. Seek would you would you hang with me not doing man right there. That's what you're afraid I don't know it would you be would you stay out past 10 o'clock. I do. Probably have my card. I'm trying to subvert the reason board up and and everybody tries revenues goes don't have. Israel and our friends of the ladies are going to be immediate evidence because he is going to make magic. Try to have a good weekend did you brother back guys. Everybody former US men's national coach the national team that George Bruce Arena joins us at 430 we'll talk some World Cup it's me Haas the cat's away the mice will play a lot of college football coming elect Garcia barely.