Garcia And Bailey H2: NFL Draft Talk With Marty Hurney

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Monday, April 16th
In this hour both Marty Hurney and Ross Tucker stop by with Kyle and Darin to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft...

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But Garcia. Powered offered to live from Braintree country club Kyle really very scared pro football talk dot job civilians for a golf Vick. Frank Garcia here today and lots of fun DG's woes for the next three hours and we've got a lot to get into right now though we go. To Ross Tucker spent some time but it felt a little bit he's there it's just time to Westwood One NBC sports network series sex and he joins us. On the tech become just slide and Doug Ross first of all we appreciated second of all talk to me about the ball candid because this sounds like. A toy I wish I'd had when I was kid. Yeah it's soft but I appreciate you asked me about it I thought Tuesday might is because I don't I don't. Good news bad news. You're known underdog Danes but these guys that passed off both launchers rifles and whatever. Reported yet you have. Your house in your driveway in your backyard activity in your basement. Forger it'd been. It's pretty cool I've got a ticket to bought it for kids you know for the first time flyer rebel mark bought it helpful. Want my nephew and they all go absolutely crazy over it. It was cool perhaps something where there. There's still a bit now in bulk of these fit with their iPad and phone them up video game. So earnest so that now involve changing so launch angle of this beater whatever. But you're actually outside running around trying to make both don't back him junior statutes. It's great like for me. I play my board's six year old. And try to reduce that support their bit NFL team I want so. Obviously did not do a very wide range and term could be used that he knew it. And Ross god bless him for having a product that okay kids off and out so like you said instead with the technology get him up and doing something and and if you can. Use the launch angle in the velocity did. That he's a minute getting outside and play and that's all we need. Yeah I mean my my its secret do like to change this speed and outlawed tangled watch me try to catch bigger degree to gather that so yeah it's pretty cool lobbying there are very good thing. That might it's bigger or that they're iPad but I think today and tomorrow with the ball and collect the outstanding. Now they now they haven't tried to shoot or debit and now they haven't tried to shoot anything other than a football out of the bullpen and adding a yes but Roberts coming if what whatever went arrow logo. I'm sure there and try and he instead and around on the sidelines of practice field before wondered what would happen if I put a cantaloupe in that Jones except a how far could we had lots of pineapple. It's been able. I love the booklet resorted Ross Tucker BC sports network and though Westwood One series six enjoyed a solitary become just like. I saw that you are dead or lost you were up podcasting the other day about the best quarterbacks in distressed. And I saw I would I would just ask you who has the best quarterback in the stretch and why has it not Lamar Jackson. For me it's it's stamped Arnold. And there's a lot different reasons or that including. You go ahead and when he was that the US army all. Three year they bought all that game friend Pete being Uga this really impressed me. Yet they understand com here is background. You know the guys played great sport to write more human now what do you like manufactured. Quarterback dramatic get off or year. It played wide receiver and linebacker puppets or spiteful thing. And then start at quarterback goes here here. And then number one ranked player in the country. What a fellow California quarterback who has already been predicted US. Look forward you're here quite believe it started well after you're here can't borrow what USC yeah. So that fit. A US bureau of power and light it up and stop there amen amen at an active betray -- thing that's just the trying to figure out like talk to your people. He batted down a US senior group. Because you like Jerry you know being trained every day by David well who is now basically the quarterback drew group. We're demanding and human variant Brett there. I like it played very Capote. Yeah I think he's got good. Reaction time in terms of what happened on that note what he bought. He offered a little bit more erratic I'd like god rooted in terms of expanding play. And make bigger plays Britain's Blake so those are among the reasons why aren't we elect our. Russ slipped a question on its head a little bit because we've talked so much about the teams that are likely to draft a quarterback near the top of this draft the jets the browns. The bills may be the Broncos may be the giants may be a bunch of teams. Which one of those spots is the best fit for rookie quarterback to walk into and have some degree of success and keep from just Rolen and im right off the bat. More news after it. I thought us Albert all right at least that. Up out if you don't know because of what they're trying to not sure we've now I don't think I feel that drew Mike kind of undrafted free kick journeyman. Mentality wouldn't let me remember that it was awful that Eli Manning did that I see it that you sit back. Doubt in the league if it starts but I don't know art art do with the position. That guys like. John Elway and I have no yeah we're spark plug your brand dies nine times. And Red Bulls pulled her mobile business but yeah it. They're just so hopefully. After. I think part of it depends on. Your perspective on what to Britain landing. I mean you go to Cleveland. Getting its chance to learn you know aren't our art Taylor. And don't want apartment about we put it's bet it's it's so fat and they're so our thing. That if you're able it's either 500. Dispute out we're starting quarterback and a belt. No big fifth you know that sports so I love you. I try to get the approach that you're trying I mean you'll be you guys view I you don't have to rush in their right away Garrett. I believe you'll have arguably no one would agree about receivers only you know they'll back to you and your. Well there are perfect for security what Kurt broke quarterback pat this jibes they elect still spin. In whatever that what you want a couple of all that was there ten plus years Eli Manning. You look at it if it's through franchises. It's a lot better I'd I'd be spared the wrath up yet for some of the same reasons. At the route that the equipment world. I mean the buildup to work. Born into wealth and they're free Tibet but compliant mineral nor had they don't really have a great bridge quarterback so I'd probably say the giant. Although it if your guy looked at it from an entry point being point mediator in the ground didn't know ordered to open up. Ross Tucker Georgia is a detect become just like it Roswell well what's the difference between sickle on Barkley India the second best running back in this draft. Rocket that went under they expect investment evacuated I would go there you guy I'm up there I hadn't thought of but I also spent the paint yet I've watched every snap its city or are you. And I think what makes it a different spirit. Guys like more debt. For a guy like cricket duality or early. I think it's a total pack right I think similar you know it. Are you about her and I know that you'll back. That's a big difference in my mind girly book it. You know why are our whole foreign in you're catching the ball and you can watch. At what they're awful in which what a lot this here that often aren't quite really shortly. You lost I mean before the law. They thought about it the right it's more bad rep reps. There's the aren't doing real well or what. It brought forth. Pretty short. A Christian like words I don't think we're we're all out. Ross wanted to ask you to why we had you on Dez Bryant it's got by the cowboys and I think from a business standpoint everybody understood that move. Based on what he's done the last three years not in north twelve and a half million bucks when you look at Dez Bryant do you think the opportunity to. Land someplace with a fresh starts in May be take his own situations gonna give him a chance to have a bounce back here or we already seen the best of that guy. Well I don't retarded in Tibet the but I don't just the bureau really solid player Carter reminds me it's this stage. Public Anquan Boldin but now. Tax experts year after a very weird you could no longer run at all you know like over the start up or buy it a little crap here. Bad debt it's like there's just no physical. And has such strong here. You know pat it's that we're going to drop like your gut that is the bird. But they so that's too bad I felt like here. Pat Patrick guide us as a number two I liked the redstone the body but I predict it. Last night I want all of the depth chart right there are the people mentioned and like Carolina powered its debt through a brutal murder rape and the war record really yours so moment you know that more than any other. So and that's why it's pretty good meat that they had throat worked out a pay cut I I agree now workflow and a half billion. Parent node number six and a half million were picked out there but if you're gonna have to pay a million dollar in debt money. You know what you'd try to get a three year or five or six million dollar flat and still actually have that player. Complements the other guys like these who went there for a like earned and Williams. There is to me that it's. Even wrote that subject. Outlook faked got that helped me get it a bit more about. Eight Ross so we've got more authority running around somewhere at the golf course and how that he's gonna answer this question forced at least not on the air but. You know what the Panthers are gonna do with toys for that this is a team that still has some really good core pieces put. On both sides of the football they need some help with your Marty you've got that draft pick it's 44 next third tonight where you don't want. I really like the possibility prevent. Should be able to get a couple of position number one would be injured your whole life you know with Ryan Julio Ortiz say what you say. Enough about Bruins hold on Jeremiah hurled at left guard. Yet amid these guys whether it's this team Daniel. Or. You know even like a wheel over and bed you're there are the option fair bet they beat yet. All new recruit players that are really help we're buying these series he offered Largo to do here. But reduced to about. I know what they consider order. You know it. It's expected that spoke spirit pretty good quarter a year we're not the decision especially for slots or miracle order. Back BI noting that app built there the fact it did not want to pick up a brutal one. And it jumped out. Art Ross Tucker NBC sports network Westwood one's Syria's sects have joined us on the second job just like we appreciate your bodyguard got volleyball Janet. Let us know that the kids are any greens and there. I don't know if it's not that would work I. The fact I don't see when I'm now looking. I. Also it enact deeper through what you don't click that they felt pretty good results are at stake crap because there's there. Five hours earlier Ross Ross Tucker was scheduled to dissolve its exit guess live and die. Addicted if there's one place sector if you're not look at all there's no question that matter what you're seeing it you know if you're not waiting for that gets it you're not prepared. That could be a from according to the Internet does this could fire and our football hundred yards Odom has is that we stay a little bit. You want it Tony there's still wouldn't get a special Brigham got here this Wentz are does that. We know who we step aside we come back at some point we are joined by Doug Collins told a couple of the guys that are on the golf course here today. For the Joseph moss foundation annual golf tournament have a great tiger rate tree country club. Derek did city get its Garcia Blaylock well. Live from Braintree structures love child clearly dairy JF pro football talk dot jobs that are good for frank Garcia here on this Monday is. The boys are you ready to play some golf and you know. The men stuck behind the news and sports talk radio. That's so let's we're looking at today's fast. 670457. Noted that the sixth is this the Joseph moss Foundation's celebrity classic or the British Open I I don't know I don't praising the middle school out here a little breeze is a bit of an understatement it says it's flat out chilly out here after an eighty degree we did it's about 53 and I would call these gale force winds at least the way I feel right about it for a the fact that a that this. Since 204570. And I'd be sixty we had good stuff ahead. Right now them for these guys take off and and actually hit the links we got to college poll of former Carroll appeared to witness the Islam to many celebrities here today gets set to replace him. Engulfed all of our event door that they are I guess so we're good we're good there were undecided there then there are already so it can't all be dead right. That's right I mean that the it's actually proves that to be of Hereford Wednesday you look at this it is what what got you out here today united. Are you good view was the golf to golf or just wanted to bust for the I'm just here to support a man Tomas Tomas is a great a leader in our community and has done this for number of years is foundation you know touches so many people. I'm square to be a part of it. Telling you you settled in here to Charlotte after your playing career right. Absolutely why what is it about this community because there's so many guys who have retired. Who may or may not have even played for the Carolina Panthers who just get to Charlotte and stay. You know for us we actually decided to move east stuff from West Coast my wife and I. And our family as she actually is from an area to a I was away from where these and a construction line of and so. I'm leaving for Florida just wasn't conducive for us because to stay on Wesco also get back east made most sense for us actually moved here before joining episode. They've really worked out for us in terms of being signed with the team and me and that my career. Yeah there's been so much of that over the years Reggie White did the same thing. He had retired he had moved to Charlotte and decided to come back and play for a year needed here but there is the do you ever catch yourself like out to grocery store to movies or restaurants in my. Pat I know you lived in Charlotte. All the charm yeah that's all the time is just crazy at math than the amount guys especially athletes is this tremendous amount of format with the manager. We'll reform hawk there are medical global weeks ago. Who just happen to be in Nam sports connection I had no idea was an area might do what he's doing are we moved here a couple months ago Coca. Has no ties no affiliation with the city is actually from Ohio and just have to decide on the Charlotte. There are cool so so you you're if you're Iowa Hawkeyes reports cultural fall and yes I've seen young Josh Jackson. Many mock dressed in the printers I'm sure you what. You've watched a lot of Hawkeye football talked about just Jackson when he thought. Well Jess Jackson I just got up to me to sit down hill a little bit wallow in Iowa City last weekend. He is definitely a tremendous young talent and a tremendous young man which is more important. And I'm when he think of Barbara very thing about his team he's always been high character guy he's always been about getting guys who are. Our character who can not fit the mold and into the job is he needs to be done in just Jackson is one of those players and I'm not just. You know sophomore because of the fact you talk evident that this helped him a tremendously because those are high character guys it's just been honest. You don't have quite little solar Huskers you know those guys they kinda left but a bird for the most are those guards are correct certain months ago. If there were shots and Osborne back in the studio Arnett are RV is that that the Oslo yeah isn't it just use our sleeves Oscar Osborne's are afraid of it yourself do it anytime there's good July 18 big boy. I deny you can't happen president those things are about to change. Alone. Or crystal got a new regime is gone transformed so he says so 120 miles away is due in our decision is goes studio what's the scenario that we. Maybe the other third Mickelson and you know the last group we will go out and I'm told yeah. That's sort of program it's shootaround earlier this so so what do you think about these cure a lot of threats coming off love and a five year and the better worse kind of getaway it's a lot to the draft to make a determination where you know every year is new year. And every year when the count the stars so you have to. The approach that every that way and there have been a couple of key departures there have been a couple of key additions lets you know that's within the listen. They have a good bit of good core guys score core group of guys coming back this year that they have over last careers and they know what they want you know scheme. And reaction to see how you beavers coordinator. Or Washington does you know how I haven't been playing under him for years as a defense sublime approach he's tremendous tremendous motivate her teacher. Am excited to see how he does in his first year and as as well as north turning you know he's coming here with a legacy of being able there's two really fine. A downhill run back and be able to run a play action news. Re really to a good start was taken a couple of decent defense so we'll see how he had just been a uses cameras is as is as good sleep in his office. Colin when you look at Julius Peppers in the job he did last year for a guy's been in the league as long as he has are you alarmed that he still able to perform at such a high level. Fifteen years into a career. Absolutely not you know it's definitely it's a speaks well for how focused he is on his own body and how he. Has its own regiment and keep yourself healthy because you know. It's alarming how many gas may get trapped in the first round but are out of sports within the first three years because they never really make that transition. For truly understand how to be a pro and how to take care about their bodies how to. You know study film and do all the things and to do all the subtle nuances that you need to do to be a pro and he's obviously done he. Every year since he says he's been here. And the Carolina campus throughout his career. Ari calico former cure a lot of parents are joining his hearing tree country club get ready to play some golf and got it through to the table upstairs and other about to do some. Some fog stuff so we will keep you we appreciate you done that thank you guys have absolutely count college goal you're the second go Iowa Hawkeye and uplift the threat is now living in Charlotte joining us here. That rate tree country club today side of the Joseph moss foundation golf tournament. They he said he heard Oz was about six foot seven yeah he 150 effect because I don't out at Howard gets Ugly Betty TJ of three yards to get. That's another defeat. We come back and I got asked there and give the question if Cam Newton. Were coming out this year's draft would still be taken first overall. I got to ask you gotta dared get below that the NBA playoffs yesterday it did so we gonna talk about all we gotta talk about that is well and I promise you we can decide this hour we have some great audio. Of a couple of names the hornets are are flirting with the this new head coaching job live from Braintree country clubs were suitably. And it took. Our sport is just terrified. That one dollar a whole thing is so it's gonna come looking for you should bit. What I told you are a big boy. Gallon that's not hero and it and you look him forums so use you may I am going to knock it out yeah I'd like I told him 6732. When he defected to more like 571 whining yeah I'd certainly well in this instance Sarah I'm taller than I thought I. Oh really important is it Obama does not really forty tales he's not a I helped out here go whip it good they're just a heads up I gave him my badge so that he didn't work out he's just not a half an unforced there'll is so. Just ahead supplemental so how did you let me in what I did back and trade badges with Stephen herself and why you're there it is a protect yourself this it's dare give pro football talk dot job Philly did for frank Garcia who is. About to hit the lakes and all the famous folks that all the pretty people failure rate trickle trickle up. Joy going to the bullpen for Garcia and calling me yeah. It's at a golf tournament that's something that's not gonna happen out on the course all at least I can feel him form here all I can assure you we called six people before we told you I think you know the it's a home game for me here among us. That's true mr. it was a very convenient drive for your dear jet is in the house and I guided from Joseph wanted to ask you this question. If Cam Newton were coming out in this draft distressed with with all the to the quarterbacks that are coming out this year what he still be taken first over. You hope okay why I just think he's a whole lot better than any of these guys and when you go back date in his senior year Allred I think he was. I always felt like the criticisms the camp going into that draft were intended. On more than real mean people are looking for things to take apart because stated in my camp or because he didn't hit any oral quarterback box and I didn't know what to do with him. So we we intended criticisms about his ability to call plays and huddle. Because he gets on the gruden show in can't spit back dated ridiculously long string of plays I. I think that's a case of football coaches and that's an industry. Our wide complaint I think coaches make it a lot harder than it has to be in a lot of things and I mean if you. Don't have to call your play a spotter to XY banana why can't you call for it or 37 I mean if your players understand that. Number 37 means. This play why is that wrong but coaches that have to complicate things but no I do gain in thinking back to the the eleven draft I mean back then there are actually people who wondered if we should be talking about Blaine Gabbert. Or Jake Locker. As a top quarterback instead a candidate name and obviously now looking back on it that's ridiculous and I think it was as ridiculous then because he's just so much more talented. And so much more physically capable all been any of these guys I mean he was. He was the physical skill set of Josh Allen he said he did things he won a championship. You know he's eaten. I had great passing and rushing stats and Auburn and Obama I wanna title so actually use the combination of the skills and the women what they did it. The reason I ask you that question frankly I was talking about this is today Gilbert because of the skill sets because of the Heisman Trophy because of of some of the similarities because we agreed. That it can do more to be taken today he would be still drafted first overall and he should be beyond me why is there are not more consideration being given by many to Lamar Jackson done not because he gives you a lot of things skill set is a much bigger diamond than most people realize this day and get about 63 to attend. He was the Heisman Trophy winner. And I think you know most college football fans would tell you that's probably three or four win blue oval team without a doubt that they were not a very good team with him. That they would been far worse without him. That there are lots of reasons to believe this guy's going to be able to do the next level what DeSean Jackson started today before he got hurt. So why are we still so obsessed with Josh Alan baker may fifth and look like bicker Mitchell's much that I don't baker. Mayfield is so many of these guys currency which one of these quarterbacks that hell is gonna stink and I said don't wanna get that not a browns solve. You know I I think the right quarterback in the wrong place could be a disaster but you know I think if baker may feel gets to a good spot I think he could be a good. I'm proud he's he's an accurate passer right I mean I don't know that he's Drew Brees another little guy who's also very very accurate with the ball. But I think in the right situation any a couple of these guys can be really good. I don't know if sand Arnold going into a bad situation I think he can easily turn into Blake portals. And I don't know did you wanna do that with the first pick in the draft which you know there's been a lot of chatter lately that you know John Dorsey is more enamored with Josh Allen and all the physical. Tools because he knows he's got Tyrod Taylor for a year and let it develops let him learn this. But I just think you know it as with most things in the NFL so much of it is about yet. And it's just what team you land on what kind of supporting cast you've got the coaching help. To help teach you the game and that rookie year that's more important. You know then a lot of the physical factors and Jackson's gonna be better served being picked later in the draft. That means he's going to a better team well and that's what afterwards Sean Taylor frankly millions of struggle at 146 I tattoos it's icing the Cleveland Browns last year could have very easily broken to Shawn Watson no he tore his ACL right but I'm talking about mentally spiritually broken neck guy. Might put him in a disastrous situation as a rookie I mean some guys. Hey you know Jimmy costing came out the drastic Jamie's become a punch line and that's you know a little bit unfair to him. The guy who worked in the guy did his job the best he could be one very good. But this situation he where is the if he was put into he was basically his career was set on fire right in front his eyes he had no chance to succeed here. And 2000 CNN I don't think any quarterback would have and it just scoured the rest of his career and I think's had DeSean Jackson gone too. There's John Watson had he gone to Cleveland last year that same thing could have happened so Whitney Houston was great for him and I think he's got off DA be successful. Again the reason I bring this all up is because we're told there and you talk to the same guy told did we're hearing the price tag world. Earlier I don't know exact sources nowhere telling you is we're told by the guys that we talked about sources not just don't wanna share this opinion but nobody league but guys it would say well there's there's there's elements of the college David infiltrated the NFL and it does leave it all the RPOs that are being run it's a different game now wolf we're to believe all of that and that's the future of the NFL that a guy who thrived in a system like that and more Jackson. You know there's there's evidence and and precedent for guy like him to succeed in the past. Why are you still try to take the universal soldier Josh Allen. You know a guy who can the Geneva ninety dollar yards don't know we'll follow over amount the whole deal you know what did the obsession their for a guy who might physically look the part. But with 852 Wyoming. And you know couldn't hit water from a boat when you turtle would take some ducks. Armed the accuracy is the big question and and a lot of people think you can't necessarily coach accuracy out of a guy right and a guy who's an inaccurate passer is always going to be an accurate passer but. I I just think a neat is the greater issue you raised areas. Coach is as an industry are not flexible mind a lot of coaches get into this business and do it first certain life for thirty years and they think I know the one true way to football. And I let my team Woolfolk all the way I teach them to football and we're not that I just. Smart coaches and that's why I think it was a real shame. It not because adding personal feelings for Chip Kelly I I it's a shame that was such a disaster buckeye didn't really let navigated the disaster he did take it in the playoffs. But I hated the fact that it wasn't successful because chip was willing to challenge some of the convictions. In the industry of football and did not. Just go along with the group think candidates of the football industry is very. Homogeneous I mean guys wanna do things the same way. The way they've always done it the way everybody else is doing a group think is a very real thing in the NFL and I think it. It's a factoring coaching decisions and it's a factor in draft decisions and went. Listen as it pertains to Lamar Jackson. When a guy like Bill Polian. Who's got a gold jacket and his in the hall of fame and a lot of great things is the GM for a lot of years when a guy like bill polling comes out and says the senate things about guys. Certain people think they're supposed to believe it because Bill Polian said it. Because he's so respected so I just think that you know it it's hard sometimes what is being becomes the conventional wisdom it's hard to break it out. Bullock is here. They brought a sadistic leftists in the cold for an hour and a half and their make it up toward Barbara Nicklaus a tiff stuff that that there are guys dressed relaxed here you got Carolina Panthers fans instead work and are prepared for the Director General managers out here playing golf today and a half made it. How can I ask how I get a frank doesn't go. Now of course that the body guard to come visit us a voice of Marty artists that are dealt with as if you're not quite familiar and guys that didn't have it fixed or the difference it's kind of escorted up purely. Actually just curiosity has noted is notre name atop that might have got to lay down that might have been the best blocking of frank Garcia isn't. The palm lands well are you get. Billy the Kid yeah yep and it's really we're we're torment his earlier kind of half joking if you had to draft tonight could you. Served so yeah you're right pray that we make such a big deal out of the draft and how technical it is and how much researching it done at windy. I mean but I kind of tale does this mean you address the same way denies you want to wait split. But in terms of the preparation I mean you've got reports on 250 guys you've gone you are demanding a. Yes rat's ass bowler you know our scouts start this process did you know they'll start lectures process and meg. And we've we have meetings in December we have meetings since February does initially said the board in December and then we tweak it February that we looked at again after the combined. And now for the last couple weeks we've been meeting and wolf can team meeting up through the through the draft so. You know I wanna say that we would have the same way in and two weeks that we would if we had to go tomorrow but if you said. We have the do it I think we're we're ready for. How much movement do you think I mean but there is one of the things that keep you from because you already know your drafting gimme a break come out you know value I don't but because of all the movement a lot of people are anticipating do you think. The first round of distress going to be completely scrambled with deals or maybe not as many as some people think well obviously ups. Ounce can effective coming quarterbacks go and how that affects it and pushed his position players down I think that this is a different draft because. It's nice and normally in past drafts like you look last year and I think there were six offense tackles on the first round in. In six corners go well that fit the positions of strength helped Topper little bit different I think delay. As far as depth wise that is a little different than it usually is so it's harder to predict that thing. What's gonna happen. It is there is there's such a thing as conventional wisdom in the draft of the reason I say that is because for about ten years we were told there was no value anymore running back right in the first round. In three years in a row you get a running back in the first round we're told there's not much value and wide receiver maybe pass picked him. It's either rose to three it is there's such a thing as conventional was hammers it truly your year quad city depends what skill set it depends what position has the best players something that's easy and it's you know if running backs weren't dressed the first few years since you sort of sighed and there weren't many running backs. That word first round skill set type of guys that don't when you have guys coming. That are that they get drafted in the first round so I I you know you hear the course shape picked the best player on the board. But you really do have to approach it that way because you're building your team not only this year but for the next 34 or five years. So if you need cornerback Richard you get that's bug toys for the best player under boards as a defensive tackle you're gonna take a defensive tackle gap to gap too now when you say is I think it depends what the gap is but it there's a huge gap in. We always go back to Ryan clearly using him as an example is. They we had just I think signed. Justin Hartwig is a free agent and we got to the second round and Ryan sit up there in the Obama first there was two big gaps away. We draft a rightfully own the rest is history so I do think you have to do the traffic sick you take shortcuts and. Yeah tough tough odds now audited I didn't that. Literally yards every year at the when it started I thought I thought. Oh man that's very. It just started secular and I am sorry that I should know so now that being said Marty. If the best player on the board when you get to twenty four's Mark Jackson you're gonna take cornerback who think if I think did. I think you have to consider everything but I do think that quarterback is a different column fervor for. Of portion of the draft. So did the de Oca ferret journal that was true yes you get your answer there exactly but yeah. But how would you grade yourself in on the all seasons before that how would you offer ought to get it done dugout that lured out of a I don't know cadets last you do it's a terrible underdog I don't know I don't. I really you know he just it's one good decision it's time that's what you have to approach it now. Did that to your grade is your record via in a you know it did just that would that's what determines what he did a good job or not when he wondered. Nobody else wants to grade just on a division has agreed to sell their yeah and I know your son did you got your plays golf today under the Sunnis like Arnold back to work let's make that lawyer Theodore. I have not a blank copy of what I got for you guys I'd actually be on the way back to work this guy will I don't know. Yeah he's at a golf course he's dressed for golf I'd just say yeah it's a great if you'll have to forgive that mistake there at this great event they do a terrific job messing your great cause and I just add that this wanna. Stop by. I've put the patriots are we appreciate it still smarting charted GM to cure a lot of chances drop by departed he's on his way back to work perk. That Doug Davis a little bit of time there we appreciate that. We stepped aside we come back and rattle the hours Garcia available. Live from break. Got close Giles clearly dairy dance it again for Fred Garcia as. He's also plays golf these guys load up the cards and frank is actually still do his liaisons that you just brought us more to charity staff and we're told. That we may be joined by Thomas Davis or just a couple of so we'll find out here coming up in just a matter. Franco certainly yesterday and it validates that we could but. Now I mean area escalate it existing talking mart because you know hearing him say out loud. Audio week address tonight push comes shall we can do this Amanda has as a man who is invested in that process and has been through months of preparation. You know there is a little bit overkill there at a certain point yes next week and a half that's what we're going to be in the middle. You know I was not surprised that he declined to answer that question but you know it when asked him if you want a great himself and everybody else takes us a static grating Marty in the offseason and as free agency slap in a letter grade on everything and you know when you look at it now you know hindsight Darren what would you how would you grade your free agency period was. Yeah I mean obviously the freely deal fallen apart there was a tough bloke I mean because as much as Ross cock rolls nice Jilin and they think he's a guy who come in and do a job. Not as good a player so I mean that that hurts but that's on for scene. Circumstance I mean I didn't know what the town they are negotiating a deal with dad that he got run into by golf cart had a staph infection so. Those SCANA things happen and that was beyond anybody's control but I think it but for the most part. I think a lot of people were hoping for. And I don't know whose fault this is been a lot of people were thinking they were going to be involved in some of the bigger name wide receiver guys. But honestly if you look at the other deals. You know daunting my increased basically got ten million bucks to guarantee designed for a year with Jacksonville Jaguars. Carolina Panthers get tears at Torrey Smith for ten million bucks that's better business. I mean even if you think Donte' my increasingly great I don't know that he is. I disdain for the price and the fact that you've got a guy who is. A stable presence and still a fast guy who might be able to help you on the fields but the guy is gonna be. That Jericho Cotchery type leader mentor in the locker room to a young bunch of people. That's yeah I mean that's a bonus. Though certainly is a look at I think when you look at and how the first of all you're right where we're gonna find out if it's a little flag that by the way does not enough these helmet bat in the course of the week writing gang you were right right down grab the time code there jet was try to set it on the air combat this co. What I've met though was that I think I'm right Miller Dave we're gonna find out soon enough just how good this classes but we do know it. Hmmm I think a little bit at least that's you know maybe the Kansas got the veteran a bit source there orally deal which you and I've got which you have not gotten into yet I saw you tweeting about the sleep last night that it's a new NFL clubs loved to after the fact crap on a guy and you know what six and attracted talk about how to could have Davis a guy coming and do this that the other not. I don't know the extent to which that was true here with the Panthers put. You know you get a guy who pled no contest to misdemeanor assault a couple of years ago and there have been some rumors of persons that he talked to some folks at. You know this guy had some issues they were concerned about and I don't know if that's true or not been arias and he got himself in trouble he's out of league you might get a job Herman. Yeah and it's going to be hard he's gonna need some time in and to get on the other side of these. The legal charges to find a job anywhere mean Philadelphia's basically kids hometown team and they certainly needed help the cornerback. And were looking for good young cheap options devoted their positions so he had enough do you need to use some things for himself. Com is getting interesting I think it's human nature it's like. You know tell everybody what I had a horrible person your ex was you know stuff like that anytime semis out the door you always. You know when you get to tell the story about that person all the details get a little bit worse on the worse and that's not. It's specific to the Carolina Panthers belief make every NFL team does it every guy's ever left detained. You know somebody will talk trash about him on the way out the door. Yeah hope Darryl can get himself squares human being and and injured himself on the right path but dunks not a I don't know win Maria stick I'll have another job playing football again. I saw some people last night saying it actually did this thing both teams you know could lose on the steal because you saw the salty chances fare sale that would cut Torrey Smith anyway you can guys they would cut Torrey Smith here's some of Baltimore right exactly so he visited a secure anonymous there anyway. You get call certainty in the dealer and you guarantee yourself Torrey Smith. As opposed to not to worry Smith and even if you think Torrey Smith's overpaid and based on the contracts other guys are getting this spring he's not. Com big the the option of getting him before anybody else could have a value we used to edit the value was and honestly I mean nick and I wanna contribute to the dolphin on Darryl Worley party. But I don't know that he was gonna make the roster. I mean they bait you can solve by the effort they made a son Rashad Braylon that they value deposition you saw about a fact that when that deal fell through they went out and got Ross doctoral. Then you know. I think corner early in the draft some very real possibility they were looking to get him off the field. I mean that was a priority is improving their position and improving their position is another way of saying. Get the people who weren't very good off the field is that a second ago you use the costlier if you've guaranteed yourself Torrey Smith depth we don't know what that is ship but if you had to guess what did they dare do that so I I think they guaranteed themselves a Smart. Guy a wide receiver and who can't I think can still play and has played at a decent level. Over the last couple years I mean he's not an a wide receiver he's not name guys number one but he's a good number two I think. And for the money that's a good thing and I also think. Let's send it. I'll let my way on personal feelings creep into the sing a little bit. Yeah I think Charlotte in general in the Carolina Panthers in particular kids stand a little more activism. And Torrey Smith's a guy's been only here is community and having somebody walk in the door who's been willing to talk about topics that make people uncomfortable. I don't like cash I think it'll be good for a lot of guys that locker room who may feel the same way and maybe didn't feel empowered to act on things they've thought over the years so I think I haven't Torrey Smith in Charlotte. As a Shirley TM is a win and I think Aaron Torrey Smith as Carolina cancer could probably still work out OK to. Are we got more period distort more draft talk a little bit out of three but when we come back here it's at noon to kick the exhaust. That's a great audio from a couple of guys who might be the next sort of sit coach David physicals name. Pops up on Friday as Steve Clifford was fired there have been other names out there as well Jerry Stackhouse Monty Williams but it's or Messina. Assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs his name came up over the week as a matter of fact he is received permission to interview. With Diaw to Charlotte hornets and we we ducked back in the archives. That we can give your glimpses too well what this might look like the former Italian national sounded coached. Coaching your Charlotte hornets and also drain by just talk about a dozen golf balls in his hand and not just because it's somebody's gonna lose dead eyes final losing boards is okay. Haven't caught hold doesn't yet those are luxuries like donuts don't find as many Alicia Plano and get rid of employers should there shoots the potential direct joy hornets coach is codecs that are sick and Bela.