Garcia and Bailey H2: Lorenzo Neal Joins the Show and a Controversial Top 3 at 3

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Thursday, August 9th
Lorenzo Neal stops by, and we have a controversial top 3 at 3.

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Garcia. Number so the thirty minutes from now Lorenzo Neal one of the great fullbacks ever play the game 957 the game around the Bay Area will join us he played for Norv Turner and played alongside. Antonio Gates Philip Rivers LaDainian Tomlinson and he knows a thing or two about this all since I'm sure he'll be watching tonight's. With so I Cam Newton and company back on the field for pre season game number one we talk about that with him a look at some gambling later for thirty with our guys Steve Merrill pro sports and so what we talk about the eighth. Juiciest lines and spreads in the opening weekend of college football under his thoughts on the NFL as well and what's changing right now in the sports gambling landscape is. Everybody knows by now the Supreme Court made a pretty big decision and states are following suit to legalize gambling what does it mean for fans what does it mean for viewership we talk about all that was Steve Merrill and Joseph personal join us live from buffalo coming up at 5 o'clock before you back into with the top 33 today. And this is otherworldly could be both very fun. But potentially damaging to both of muscle problem in the doghouse for a couple of days but it is what has been a top three at three. Most infuriating things your wife or girlfriend says most of. For the top three at 30 yeah. Bright Garcia. You see your gloomy into the bus you first every day we saw him. Into solutions medalist because I don't you do want a solid to do that enough delegates alternates because that way takes the pressure tremendously Williams did you think compliant I was there I'd what is your number three my number three. I don't care I don't care I don't hear a recording Rooney tonight on I don't care what you analysts and in Paris a deal we wanna do this week and I don't care a relief not to air missiles that are pretty hot in place I don't care where where's that. Don't know book where we did there. God you better know what I want pot and you better have picked a place. That. I like let's try this again we're worried tonight on an. Pizza. Care. Wakes you know this and here. Mood Mexican fans. Sounds good care of them don't care nostalgia not want to go now put a new vision care so when we go to manage secure and bright boy Sergio ordered pizza. How do you not know I like pizza right right so I want is one of the salad you don't care but I just rattle five things we could even you know what any of those young boy you really don't care I don't know trickled yet. Special numbers are mind. Is. Anything to Wear a I have anything. To nowhere that's I think Steve Smith. That there's like fifteen grand worth of clothes in my closet right there are pretty sure you know your future closet borrowers about to snap and pass with the with the tags on them still right to have your closer in my Dresser drawer because you didn't have any room hangers for days so let's just still got tags on it. There are enough shoes in there. To outfit the entire high schools liberals but you don't have anything to Wear to this thing we're gonna do tonight nothing at all. We need to go buy more things for everything to where. That's my number three what is your number two. My number two year. You just aren't here in my feelings. Of the oh no new. And though you aren't hearing my feelings well known and and anybody else as that issue no but I was trying to I'd try to listen to feelings. I try to take buddy here feel I don't know dude I don't know but I'm supposed to know we're in trouble I'm supposed to know how old. She fills her because she she says she tells me just like she says she tells you they took they also they tell us can hear McCain is your feelings could. I don't know what I'm supposed to be listening for is there is there a specific sound if this is a tractor right up. An overture marketable excellent excellent and a stop yourself now this is trying to do we're committed now we got a budget that we got a familiar memorial are committed but I don't share my feelings I don't know how. Literally I don't know now. Martin menace to consumerism supposed to hear drilling is a ten minutes to return to see you really. You know you really don't want to know what I have to say you when we need to talk. That really is jazz translation for what. I need to talk to you need to listen to elicit in my judgment listen when you're talking means you shut your mouth and I need to say something. As best we need to talk and in the stands for. But number two cutting me off I can't stand this I can't stand being cut off. In the middle of the sentence in the middle flight it's infuriating it's not cutting me off you just got real I don't care where were arguing some sort of sick we're arguing you cut. Okay there's a difference I got it. Yeah when I when you do it Kyle it's interrupting. When she does it we're just have a conversation. That we're just having a conversation. I can't believe it's over talk again forces have a conversation and a lot of conversation. But when you do it stopped interrupting me. Stop interrupting me stop stop interrupting me right now all right so that's eroded its number two that your numbers it was number one. Stop yelling that this I don't know if this is our door there's a door number what I'm I'm. And yelling at the Thomas some guy yelling it's your tone that it is it is a little voice I'll try to soften that it's your tones I'm not I'll try not to coach. You just called me useless jerk but because I screamed out something it's more about much so you can. Do whatever you need to do you during the attention you can you know yell scream at me but if I. Respond. And react. Then this Marshall. But here it's excellent I hope you'll both talked about where you left this morning gives you a get back inside tonight. This all assorted don't know what really worries more than three. Counts a floor man. I don't announce found they made it may god like this is not listening right now and I'll find out amid it was a protection yeah. And I'm pretty sure she's semi big guys like code right you have to learn to speak moment. As the Mars Venus thing we all have to get to where you want what does that translation means don't do whatever you want. That's what damage this is a test of your judgment I'm not going to tell you I think it's okay for you not to do this thing you know you should know enough about me by now to know I'm not okay with it. Putts. I'm not okay with that by the way in did you do this we are true. Yes yes that's a literal translation right there text their rights and why would you don't do this before the first pre season game now you have to get out to be kissing up instead of watching the game maybe. We live in the doghouse different sex or rights and can yell say doghouse the extra JB can you still get your deposit back for the women. Not well enough it's circuits and hope to all residents want our memory lit up right now and I we trouble. Probably not a union our partner. That is fine this was ill conceived because I mean. It when a woman says yeah that's fine it's the opposite of fine. Then there's means your your discussion is over. Does not take it. I decided to console and looked at Texas is right now of a I'm afraid to look at them so what if I'm not back on the other side you probably don't watch 7045709. B six stand as its 103 boys at Jesse some people off. Bonding where this right now on the its excellent similar experiences. Nick says and it's excellent and they say yeah go right ahead don't do that. Don't do that they don't don't go right ahead and do that different search and SM find though there's clearly something wrong. Well enough it's just another text or it's funny 'cause it's true. That's our look we get back to the football on the other side it was up 70457. Oneida usage stench and yes ladies we know you have a list of year old that drives you crazy as well. You we do we we love you to death we do we would not just hours all the drugs you have a list of your old but look at the tax law. All you have to do was look at the buildings that are taxed like we get a whole lot of boys commiserate with us right now. On the other so we give back to cancel all want to get to 7045709. B Sid stead at Dexter writes them. This may have been ill conceived the damage you did you fellows got balls. There and act and we we have that I had. Does not open and honest the shelf and wanna open and I'm not a traditional. Just go its course and let's get back to Garcia and fame and. This is your eight this is a very big year for Cam Newton. Can't known as the number one overall pick the greatest single season of college football I've never seen a guy went 151 won the MVP in Kobe won a Super Bowl. It is important that cam has more great games they terrible games this year. I suppose the ratio last year it camp is going to get in the back in the conversation. As one of the four or five best quarterbacks in football team needs to be better this year. No we had a guy jumping all over us there during the Cam Newton conversation a couple of minutes ago was it a little like the fact that you pointed out there were some other quarterbacks in the NFL to probably also have success with his roster is it that some sort of insult to Cam Newton I don't even see how it can be interpreted that way but that's that's what this guy's saying and I don't I don't really get that. Much like I didn't get. How over many weeks ago was that you know the esteemed David Newton and ESP indirect jobs said that Cam Newton is one of those guys is to dial on the hot seat. In the NFC south you know with that there's there's not. That big a difference between that cinema and what you just heard a minute ago in terms of most if he's he's got to have a huge year this year or do this if I don't think that's entirely. Untrue that I I think. It was a David Newton came out with highs in the hot seat right about Sodexo domain. Every here's an important year right you know for quarterback. In particular quarterback. Wants to get paid its you're nearing the end of his contract that most of my domain with 15075. Million dollar deals right. Cam knows that. He's aware of that. Cameras played. Well at times most of the time well enough to win and last year Cam Newton was planning on winning level there's no doubt about it. Didn't do that every single week and every single play he's gonna have bad plays everybody does and they weren't MVP numbers but. Cam and it didn't have much help. Any and had it doesn't mean that you know he was playing poorly. Panic at times it did little guys and when when when I talk about players a lot of times. I tried to look at what they do. Not what other guys around them have the impact and when I'm evaluating. As a coach would do. You guys saying. You know can you need to do this better this better in this better because this guy dropped the ball leasing cam this is the things that he did poorly your mechanics were bad your footwork was off. This helps you know throw more consistently and more accurate whatever might be different offensive linemen you know I can't help but the play wasn't successful and we got hit the bat. So for three yards because the running back didn't do a job of the fall back the tide and missed his block I'm. I'm gonna get graded or what I did on each specific play I'm gonna degraded a muscle or don't get graded on my head position number get graded on it or not. The guy off the ball or he beat each you know. The things I'm look at what can I do better to be better at those things. They weren't look at players that's why am evaluating them you know I'm gonna talk about the offense as whole as a whole. You know quarterbacks are looked at differently yet. Unfortunately. You know my a lot of people and if the offenses have the success of quarterbacks great if you often saw too well accord I can't play it's not true. It's not true you want me to that screaming it to be a part of the reason why as some other reason why. You know but it's not either war. No it's a good play and actually it's funny you say that because as I was watching the first episode of hard knocks on Sunday night my fiance was watching with. She's not a die hard football fans on she's barely a football Fred and so she's asking questions and sometimes as guys who do this every day for a living. We get so into the weeds about certain things and academic in the minutia and and more complex parts of the game but sometimes. The simple parts can be forgotten right and so she's asking me. Why the browns so bat you know what wise and of course we met Meg Whitman school so she's there what lies lies Tyrod Taylor there are thought he played so Morales and want what wise big picture racial got picked first. Why does he have to play for the worst humility I don't understand and you know I started getting into world of the browns have had I drafted some really good players over the years but in the NFL and really an old football it doesn't matter how good the guys around him are you don't have a quarterback Beckham play in the browns have not had a quarterback that really played Alaska so that position is that important to reduce the second looks he'll unfortunate I don't think it is unfortunate because. Guys like Cam Newton north assigning a tornado come franchise quarterbacks and get a hundred million dollar contract that's just part of the job and cam knows that cameras as acutely aware that if anybody else in the league. And I take oftentimes. Because cam has. At various points throughout his career you know said or done something on a podium. Or post game press conference that gives people ammunition to criticize him you forget all the other ways in which he displays and demonstrates. That he can do this job. But he's up to the test if he wants this to her responsibilities and live there were doubts about that earlier his career over the last couple years I think you've seen more and more of. What's the one thing that you love about your quarterback. The most was the one thing you look at and say that's the quality. That I love the most about cam threat or what does it. I its fewest specify so you mean just on the field between the lines such stuff right there Richmond I mean in general what do you love about Jim for me personally to be anything I mean what is the one thing and if it's off the field and obviously. He's given on the field. Absolutely should be what you love about him on the field right but it might not be because he is speak. Different cat he does you know dress to impress you does you know do things a little bit his way those are all fine with me don't care about those things but what does the the one thing whether it's Egypt he does what he doesn't you know and that might be something off the field you look at it does it the way he does and doesn't care what anybody else thinks back to be something but. But what is the one thing you'll Obama. Not to disappoint and by the way guys are less and I. That was answered that the last for the point to human answer that question 70457. Or 96 stand in what is that thing because from we have said before Kim's ability to draw a touchdown passes and win games doesn't impact. My life tentatively. And so that's why I always say the worked and I've seen that guy doing the community and with kids will always be the number 1 reason why am I Cam Newton fan but in terms of on the field you said at the other day. That's a guy you want your foxhole brokers and you can question a lot of thanks but his effort and his willingness to be their first teammates and go the extra mile on the field you don't question the stuff. I'll I'll sum up with one or its competitiveness right. I love his competitiveness. On the field he wants to win. I I think that. You know he is challenged at times. On when to push and when not to because I think he has an easier constantly. You know you we need you. Long term. Not on this play on when to slide and when not to slide Ken was a terrible slider you know when he came in why because he never did it. He's always taking the shots head on because. That's the way he plays he wanted to get the extra yard or two I've seen that young man. Carried entire falcons defense to try to get a first down with five guys on his back and it had me throwing my hat. Pat down stand out as and dammit let's go I wanna get on that train and bought for that guy. Are those are the types of things. And the one thing that I love about him more than anything else until he wears in I don't care how we conduct a hole I mean those are maybe miniscule things that. Contribute to feelings you might have for or against him. Right but the one thing that I love the most about Cam Newton is the he's going to line up behind center and he is going to try to win on every play. 70457. Or 96 and your thoughts on a Texas coming in very quickly already a one section says his mobility the next Dexter says. A lot camp deep moan it looks like he's always having fun another text or cams will to win an effort throughout the entire game odds are. Tester Kyle how many guys you want your foxhole. Many good ones you can five that's helmet at somebody and it. Next extra. Love his passion and anything he does. I'm here come on the guys with the jumping on the fumbles like you know you gotta love those guys coming in with jumping on the phone when I get and it's dark it's it's voted to you know I understand that but I'd I'd never once. Saying that cam didn't jump on that fumble because you know he was. Afraid. He EU you don't know though that guy not guy in and you don't know this game and you know. All the other things that he does are more difficult and jump on the damn ball it's on the ground you leave here aren't poured out of position. In an I will absolutely give them a pass you know for that because you've gotten those awkward positions before and you just can't you know I met time. Your head ties at your feet like that it happens all the time but a guy who was Roy too when you leave your seat at the goal line. The way this guy doesn't try to knowing what could happen when you're in the year old talked to me about his willingness to get on the ground after a fumble wants to play you know exactly what it is 70457. Or not this extent odds sector says so I love the fact that he's on apologetic Lee himself on at all the field and what it takes responsibility when they make a bad player credits his teammates on the make a good place that's the kind of leadership you wanna see from the quarterback. More so one thing I hate about Cam Newton or don't like about Cam Newton but it also says that in there it's his competitiveness death. Are you explain that little bit later we come back. Just some of those from Lorenzo Neal 957 the game out in the Bay Area he spent sixteen years in the NFL's fullback Andy played for north Tories got some great insight we'll get his thoughts on the return to football this panthers' roster and whatever else we did in suits Garcia Billick WS Lindsay. These these delicate wetlands and. Garcia Israelis here on this Thursday and. Not just in Thursday's special Thursday Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers tonight open buffalo. And our first glimpse of these new look Carolina Panthers. You're on WBZ elevenths and 993 Jim's OK Eugene Robinson on the call and nick Nixon of course who joined us. Earlier in the show you can watch him tonight on W ccb. Are you Mike Rucker with a pre season television broadcast make sure to tune into that if you can and right now we talk more football with our guy. Lorenzo Neal sixteen years in the NFL as a fullback played under Norv Turner out there in San Diego now restored some radio and 957 the game out in the Bay Area he's joint missile detect a job just like Lorenzo our about it. I am great guys off the back a left thought the football that we get to talk about your diet routine what they've been though what they're gonna be daughter and only that but about. That quarterback position everyone talks about the quarterback position pelvic give it a way that at the quarterback position I've put of the basic. If it did media 12830. Million for five years after five gave. So you look at what's going on it to the National Football League Coke side inspect you to watch the young player I get on appeal that the night and I'll direct that preceded. I'd so what is it again Bay Area you're talking budget did you there a second ago just coming off the air a little while ago what what's the what's the hot noise right now NFL related out Norway. That tape that mean the biggest story right now in Colombia I think you have to Jon Gruden come to town on the white horse in your hundred million dollar deal. Quarterback yeah I mean codes that knowledge if you had that we should they raided an outside agency group on the side because. He had that type of rabbit talking that type of command of this team and you look at Jon Gruden there's two guys there's there's one person we know short want to date on on or on the Oakland Raiders take. That John Bruton. We ultra short got because we don't know short while because the Mac but he he's sick or is that state. Of the Oakland Raiders right now would be John brood indeed I think you get to see that we're clear Mac one of the best. Accuracy but gain seen. And right now not on this and we know who's pulling the trigger here when you hear. Coach gruden said. Hey eagle went there we need could go back inning is words work this team wasn't good we have clear on Mac. Last year and decrypt Steele didn't play well he that we need to get better defensively so when your head coach. They that. If intercede with the player of that magnitude. It may be telling at that hey they're over pork chop this guy around book I think that the biggest news right now that you know cruel act not in camp. Could a Mac may be on the trade block and I think right now players get that the team that you know we're gonna get elbow player they're gonna help pass rusher and help the man there. There are no doubt about it in you know you hate to see that I mean maybe two sides come into a disagreement when he's been so important to that. That squad but you know we all know the business in SP doesn't just speaking of business you know you know the business tonight you know in the first pre season game against the bills. You can't take playing fullback going as one of those linebackers are those straight leads a rice goes but no the guys just don't may be. Give that extra effort what's the one thing we should be taken away from these pre season games. Well I think cricket does not about guys it's not about winning blue being preceded it Kristi could just sit most of which guy's going to be continued weak and I just couldn't cup and physical get after I would guys football player. I want to express went from a different receivers see where they're lined up and and you got two guys come from outside is that cynical spam or is that just a regular stamps. Nichols then you know table. If we feel that and political player at BP played linebacker position. And we know the line at that time receivers or incited yet you wanna see how guys or able to execute not about winning. It's about execute it about it would cut and guides to net again 11 position 11. I always think offered. At thirteen could count the search is specialty confident very I think tonight you see some guys step but special teams is very important step increase it to good. You kind of know he's going to be your starters. You kind of know going to be they'll bet that starch but you don't know he's going to necessarily be the guy that didn't back that they are born to be the back of only because they play special teams and make him an eye level so I think that's always been a specimen cup the treaty that so you wanna see. How cup guys are of course you wanna see that look at how they play football but a huge part of the night when you look at these pre season games it's. Q through our guys but that ignore the fundamentals of play. At the plate decided yet. We'll know particularly deep joke that the main thing between the preceded and you know they're athletic quarterback buffalo got talent got up into ballot. Are all he's gonna play two quarters so they have a good chance we'll let you know. Looking at Carolina panthers' video we but it deadbeat at the yeah. Here's you put this in this league a long time you know you understand offense as well as anybody in. You know we all have our ways even as players we wanna be the offensive coordinator this is what we would do differently this would be our touch is that we would put it would launch would be more physical we'd open it up we throw the ball whatever might beat you play it under Norv Turner now you have Cam Newton as your quarterback put yourself in Norv Turner she's having played for him what should we expect different. With him at the quarterback position. I think you haven't got it what to push people don't know what kind of died he died 10 portable he wanted poke ball downfield he couldn't take shots don't be surprised. First and fifteen play pitch is coming down the field don't deprive it the first play of the gate but it's more turner at. I think that you could have the opposite but I have to protect protect Cam Newton because nor turn it article I expect that that dropped. Let that bank of spinning give me typical vertical he wants to do a lot of cropped up winnable a lot of vertical route. That's one of things don't play cover two is sit back and play cover two you know the middle of Phil Hughes the Oprah you get apart. Corner one way opposed in the middle with real he's got to put a lot of pressure all of it all on those decrypt the so the biggest bank community. What Norv Turner is making good guide to protect Cam Newton. You got these high power offense because that spec equipment shut down the hill. We're talking to Lorenzo Neal sixteen years in the NFL now doing some radio I 957 the game in the Bay Area joining us on the tiger come just like. Reza help me out so Panetta because. Op I do think the NFC south on it. It is the best division in football right now let's fluid we know it's been different divisions and different leaders could. You know you you look at Drew Brees in the world's what they're doing Atlanta obviously and now Cam Newton accompany your Carolina with a bunch of increased and an upgraded weapons on the offensive side and it over the year after year I think you look at Carolina and so that's probably the best defense in the division but it seems from coast to coast. There are a lot of guys who do what we do with the national levels like -- still think the Panthers to a third best team in this division and look they may be you know we'll we'll find out when they when they hit the field but. I think Carolina deserves a little more credit than they're getting nationally right now do you feel about that. Yeah I mean you think about oh. Who will and if you forgot what fourteen and that and that conference yeah. Much can I mean that right there or are there are some good teams in net debt Toppert spent about who the hatred that. I mean at no disrespect the buffalo but it's buffalo. It's yet think about the cakewalk they ebb and New England that that the number eighty art a great quarterback that it played game. But think about it after the play at the when he did but the Philippine. Both teams are very good you take a look at what scored on an empty wet out here you've got you've got the rams okay. Seattle Seattle oval on the belt. They'll fight. Effort that's what we don't know anyone but you know I did I I got this team winning seven to 88 said that the temple forty that it is it's about the best team best. Pop opera in football I agree with you I think it's there you look at to breach of the Mehdi I. Look at the quarterback there in that the big they all have got sick and when you gain on the ball and run the ball so I without a doubt to me I think the best bit Opel. You still get pitch is to get the extra every every player you know when they're done for the most part you know they they kind of get to that time were creatures of habit. He did to you you as August September and you start Switzerland that. No question not about America open weight room a little more by myself working out trying to do think they. Out of a radio and then I know that university Purdue engineer program Clayton for belied his victory. Three at 330 actually number fifteen a country for a material on. We get up any price to push me around back okay. A bit of what the kick up that but out at least it got it. That you did beat it but if you think about reality plate game got 3839 your soul guy that played the will to the will fill up so I admit they gain. I think it's as on I don't that are needed it but it still bit beginning. But it. I could do it outlook I wish that it was technical back in time because I take your grown man claiming it gave the kings ransom. And a locker at the core of the guys did you meet. The DNA were being in a locker room and get out with so many guys is that building that is just you could never replace I've lifted and I admit that a lot. Yeah I know you you do on a very talented son a spirit Purdue last time we talked I was ordered that no man nicknamed sticker no with a with a relive LO. And I thought about it. Out of bed unit that but now are tied it up exactly yet that it era there in jail and a the comport good junior junior beat them but you'd get up when you better relegate it bit. Is it he would that National Football League Internet registry of import or so many people that cheered or haven't you done better but abolished just an eighteen export. Because every game means something guys you know what you got to talk about. Pre season creep who had. So for the either. But he that's why this game that the number one sport. Wipe out the all 82 games based box cutter and sixty whatever odd games. Obama being weak link up a bit of you who we want well you wouldn't we want to quit identity we. We've been getting that one day couldn't keep your baseball bat all you can look at it's just that poll that's all different. Oh it's just sixteen weeks. And sixteen weeks their recon everything. Every step still only one week you don't you'd do it that's why it is game I think that the bad game at its war. You know I don't know get a chance to watch hard knocks me Jarvis Landry had incredible. Speech you know about culture you know and and in Cleveland in in a talking about changing it and you know being injured verses being hurt in a toughness. You know verses. You know maybe taken the easy way out never net country club environment. I know being a San Diego for all those years it was easy to take those days off. But that's what you guys got to fight against. Is that the hardest thing for the troops the challenges that football players have today because of the 4020 our rule in under different rules that are. And in places those types of challenges that country club environment. No no question you hit you hit it argued that it would know right edit you know I think I you don't think about crane over stretched. I hit you more or it was true practice today police. I don't set the goal line Jim Moore what absolutely run out book. Scheme this game ball. It's a mystery you know I think guys now if you're air that I can play big ejected. Bob Johnson. Then built the dome patrol so both guys. Introduce need to cut our. Also I note that like Angela practically appeal park built or goal line short order so. I think that the typical quote it Marty Schottenheimer I don't that in order of gold why. And I went you know work. We could both will be 800 with four what what would Google have a bird at a record book that political moderate air of football but we're very glad. Everything seemed to. Forget what they're very up for our. A lot of they're physical they're gripping look great but one other company got the ball but don't beat the out of I think you're you're you're part it's mr. Byrd thank round of Arab conflict milk you know you're and you don't know who will be a lot of art. Breakdown it is in your partner but their well being or they're they're they're great pain there. I'd Lorenzo Neal money 57 the game around the Bay Area sixteen years as a fullback in the NFL joining us on the tech become just like. Enjoy the rest your day off manager of the games that I thought his own. Weren't here they go more than 270457. Or 96 to your thoughts on any of that your thoughts on bills Panthers tonight. Open buffalo what are you looking for who were you most interest event and maybe what's got you the most concern that those calls those text those emails we got it's on to deter don't forget Steve Merrill joins us later in the show. We talk a little gamble expensive ads are you know the seasons back we get into some gambling we talk about the judge juiciest spreads in the week one of college football. And what's the latest from his perspective. On the sports gambling landscape now that the NBA signed a deal with MGM and things are changing in the sports world all that ahead plus Joe's Joseph person joins us. Like from buffalo for you panthers' training camp update driven by tougher Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram the family store Garcia Billick W Russians that. One's sports. I get older sports your name right here buddy. These fees WS can see the. Suited as soon. And of course will always region tweets the brown Lee Jewelers Twitter feed a child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65. You could follow us there and it's a grim as well both handles the same enough I'm a kind of slacking on Myers a Grammy lately I just I don't know how many they're good but tonight let. If you underdogs I was right now on the road this morning cells in women's main dog has our transition on December. Mr. Ivins life. So close and it's cameraman slacken if your dogs are your dogs have been posted a video me in my dog drive around I don't know why anybody would want to go out of the way it wants evolution there was there's may have bowed to try and on the road the truck that's all. Yes again. It sounds fine there was some sort of follow you now don't Seawright islands enticed just valued your driver with a dog who has sounds excited I was on the hot assistant ever to have saloon no doubt about it meant hundreds of steroids and buildings that are sex life no wonder LC had a damn good career unfold Lorenzo Neal anywhere -- words of great meant different texture I want to have the energy yes. Difference Esther. It's good to soak on their mom did just that people love Lorenzo Neal but that was just that we love Lorenzo was well it's 70457. Or 96 stead if we don't have full lives again really quickly in Scott's got a football question to strike Scott was almost. Hey Craig but Felicia furlong. Loaded. Democrats are are they they can do is probably about halfway through his career I think probably another six or seven years and I'm. And you don't ready radio I'm leading rusher per order back as far as. You know rushing yards and touchdowns and all that. What do you have to do the rest of his career to be I got a lock or even considered for the whole. Win a Super Bowl. It. Yeah I mean you look at the quarterbacks pursue its a phone call you know you you look at the quarterbacks. That are in the hall of fame. And I think it's something like 92. Or 93% a bomb. Have won a Super Bowl mean you're gonna have your Dan Marino's of the world Durham here Warren moon's know guys like that and haven't. But for the majority of them and they've they've won her doubles will be interest team. You know and also ever happen you know what might vehicle be one of those guys will be interest in the CEO kind of where he falls I don't think he's a hall of Famer enough. You know but he changed a game. In my opinion he changed the way the position was playing he made it popular emit fine. You know he made the game trickle up instead of trickle down. You know because I think new people understood realized what type of talent. The they had with a guy become Ron and makes things happen with his legs and use it as a primary weapon and an offense. You know instead of you know beat triple option and or things like that which they're typically there's Orton when you have a guy that can make guys miss an improvised you put that type of caliber of athlete back there. It changed the way that position was looked at my a lot of people so I don't know I mean he won't make it I think you know college think you're right because maybe number one the numbers aren't there are number two didn't have the Super Bowl number three. You know probably the allegation in those early years the dog all those things combined so he's probably. Not their results and talent Camden also in town as well it's going Super Bowl to be a locked. And I think that's what the question will he get Dan. If he stays on as Seattle did then. It just numbers alone and never was title he stays on the pastries on right now outages at. Moore has ever been considered the test. Well. Top five. Okay that's a legitimate question I guess who you're asking the right mean you're asking these writers RG I just the other day you are so what are they sent. We're Zimmerman and top fives is that concerns that the gonna bring up when Zimmerman considered the best he could complete a pass 50% of its 60% of the time. Typically. There's an MVP. He doesn't have Super Bowl. Text or rights and Carlos says cam as the third best quarterback in his division of fourteenth hole stay in my estimate does and that's that's exactly what I decided to their people to children what. I am and there'll be some riders it felt that way if he continues to go. You know what will be and just seeing you know to see is how he. Adapts when his legs are no longer there. Right that's going to be the big the big turning point I think for a lot of people. You know this you know he has an injury if you know he gets her RG 3-D you know I Michael Vick dogs had injuries. Ands you know that it really come back from those things. You know and you know with cameras his legs are taken away. You know because its potential happening. You know then those are there because concerns knows him even get a starting caliber quarterback. 70457. Or 9610 your thoughts on that. I would absolutely love to hear cameras as a future hall of Famer potentially 70457. Or 96 de gaullist Ecstasy and of course. Sending an email Kyle had WS NZ dot com if you have any thoughts on that and knowledge of the of the text that I wanted to readers are. Or do you name MVP. And potentially the best running quarterback of all time. Think there's a lot of people that would disagree with that you might be the best short yardage is the best you know he might be the most powerful in a running quarterback of all time with his numbers. At the end of the day but I don't think those two things along Jim all time. Texas is I don't think people understand the cam is built like a defensive end employing quarterback no one has ever played that position at his size it's not true I think that plays a pleasure accuracy issues right that you at all at a big Ben's a massive duped. Big bands just has page you have several guys have been Terry Collins was just his very. You know there's a lot there's a ton of quarterbacks just Scott Mitchell. Was just as big they might have been his athletic. But they are just as big if not bigger than what cameras there's gonna tell our guys have been 66 playing that position. Now that weighed 250 pounds hell on the other did you flash goes that almost that big errors or 200 guys and that they America look like Cam Newton it was a uniform on. You know but when you look at their measure bulls they're damn page human beings when you stand up next on. This text to rights and here's the other side of that the flip side say eligible he says I think being named MVP as you and you talked about a second ago but also bring the best running quarterback of all time not to mention four playoff appearances and a Super Bowl appearance is enough for camp some people think that what. And maybe it is a big I don't know Joseph Flacco an all time quarterback. Yes Super Bowl has an MB plus think we the first answer the question is delete the Nolan you're always tells it as. I mean and that's much I'm using that to gauge were Khamis Joseph Flacco are Super Bowl. Correct yup but his heels or Fargo is an MVP correct. Yes or no the same year you are being done so I don't he was MVP or not. I'm asking I think he was in the right in Super Bowl right well use MVP of the super bold gamble every bit of the Super Bowl but he I think. Martin out it might have been MVP of the season and assures so I will reserve that but he is in the conversation. Are in the same type of course just didn't want like camp but he has those type of Goodyear's. Had wondered mean. I mean take him back. Before all that cam had an exceptional. Phenomenal year. One. Isn't enough for whole fame entry it's what dress them because Sean let's get in and afford to step aside for the hour Charlotte summit what do you think about this. Our man I think it's a little bit open air but what I don't want to say about corporate welfare we typically lose duplicate. What are they took about eight makes can't compromise mark baker come out of running quarterbacks there is an epidemic is beat daddy used. It's more power to create bigger he laid out there really do so to speak you don't. There is our strength is much talk and bat or his arm strength is that what you referring to. You know I'm proud about it play what you stated bill where Kabul quarterback if you got if you don't look at do what you look lay out there technically he's got no way to speak. They don't they so he. You know are there any bank may not never grew their you know you lose a little bit people are what are cooler than we ever think camcorder runaway series. Mr. white. You know U I don't show that's on us very fair point and I will concede to that I agreed. That he is a different title runner than those guys and if you're a big dude you're running downhill you're always going to be a big dude running downhill right. From are you going to be able to carry the guys and you'll be able to sustain that right. So those are the things that are you can be as well leaned. You know to do those things later in your career right right because it does this is a physical game as you know all right don't you know. This is the caller just called and and sometimes you just get beat out via. I as a quarterback you didn't get out of here because I don't have to do that anymore I have my big contract messing cams gonna do that we don't know. Right but those are concerns. I think that a lot of people would have. And by the way text to rights and really quickly says Carlos is a jackass Khamis Todd drive for the second in the division is top five and division among sure fire all think quarterbacks like Brees Rodgers all faith I actually kind of agree with him on this. And I'm not just so readily willing to say Matt Ryan is the second best quarterback in this division because at the end of the day. He's he hasn't accomplished and more than Kennard nest and so to just automatically assume that moment arises second best quarterback in this division maybe years. But how do you prove. And I'm actually with that extra on that 70457. Or 96 Tenet did look forget the calls its export and right now keep those coming our number three is next I do wanna get into. This this NCAA thing once again because we got some great audio from Jay bill so we're hoping to join us today legitimate some point to talk about the NCAA rules change has been on top of that. The NCAA came out this morning instead what we said yesterday. I guess are we screwed up. A dozen or so just so we're all clear. You know and I was asking the course agent Peterson long. The MVP the year with a phenomenal you know core career that he had that that tell you know that season he had withstood over 2000 yards. Flacco won the MVP in the Super Bowl as you pointed out and the question with a caller that he asked to spur this conversation was is cameo wholesale Murphy continues down this path. I think that is a no brainer if he wins a Super Bowl I still think he has a ways to go if he's going to be in the hall fact. Nrgreen Osbourne real quick as you jog in your diet soda there which got I was right Joseph Flacco that was me. Just want some credit a credit where credit is due my friends is just life is about is just luckily we'll try to answer that burning question throughout the course I know we're talking. Greta talked about Shane Falco the Joseph Flacco the joke about just like it was you Leach is enough fiesta Georgia and with the anniversary is next to a similarly W lessons it.