Garcia And Bailey H2: High School Preview With Langston Wertz Jr., Top 3 At 3

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Friday, August 17th
In this hour Langston Wertz of the Charlotte Observer joins the show to preview the local High School Football season, and the guys rank the hardest acomplishments in sports...

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But Garcia. July drove the polish dog house inside the preferred parking studios park with everyone's barking destination. At preferred parking dot com child really frank Garcia Osborne it may have. At the corner of meant more had here at the Coca-Cola doghouse. Taking you up to 6 o'clock getting to set for pre season game number two Adam days Ryan ten and eleven Miami Dolphins in town. Other thanks to Joseph rose part of that dolphins broadcaster for joining us earlier in our number one we appreciate him very much coming up at about fifteen minutes with talk we're talking. Selects the ports of the Charlotte Observer high school football is what we'll get into with him as suspects really kick off tonight for a course is all kinds jacked up about that. We get to adjust the second but first top three at three today. In honor of Brandt Snedeker fired a 59 and I was loaded his tweets about that yesterday in honor of Brandt Snedeker fired 59 at the top 33. Toughest accomplishments. In sports. For the top 330. It's a really good. I've talked about this before right it's just an age old argument and debate if people that this is nothing and necessarily innovative by a curious what you think. For the three toughest accomplishments in sports right. What would you consider collier baseball junkie. The harder to do because LB number three for me or is it for hitting for the cycle are perfect game I think cool that's tough but I I think perfect day I would agree because of the determination out focus requires for doc ticketed and only that is that any little blue ball to be considered a hit you need you know I hope we're right. You know the you know the did your fielders you know getting out for you as well. And it's not just you and it's a record 27 outs had to go through a lot of three times to his professional hitters and to work with its ever to face 47 batters a record 27 out just as an unbelievable yeah I think it doesn't happen very often in you know and I'm not talking about you know striking everybody out as the perfect game X I know some people would seek. Say that's it never happened and ever well I agree. But I would say a perfect game for me would be you wanted to teach that is incredibly difficult to do and I think that would be probably number three for me. I hat trick in soccer you know and I know that happens probably Moffitt summer reverse those two you know because you typically talking about a game. You know I think professional levels that very rarely scored three goals and itself it altogether so for somebody do it by themselves and scored three. I would say that's pretty tough you know to be able to do but. A the lowest round in a major are just Thomas 62 Cha I think guys you know it's happened sixty three's been done this several times but 62 which happened at the British Open. I think if it's gonna happen you know anywhere elsewhere they go to 61 or lower it would be at the British Open but for me. That is the most difficult thing to do because the amount of pressure that you're facing. And new types of conditions are gonna changing golf you know to be able to shoot that type around you just don't see certain very often I think 62 at lowest round ever. It's been 63 before this but a couple of people who do that but to shoot 62 even albeit on a par seventy. You know it was incredible yeah. And you don't end as far as my top three goes I was thinking about this it. You could probably even use more parameters to go out an individual game vs a season so forest this. We could talk about 2000 yard rushes criteria 2000 yard rushing season than what five snakes right OJ Simpson first back in 1973 Eric Dickerson still holds the record Adrian Peterson what it was the most recent 2000 yard rusher is just you know what they're already have figured you for the ravens to small. Louis to NASA Jamal Lewis just is actually did as well and so hey Chris shots out of these you criticize other Jarrett there are so you know that you could probably sets more parameters that we still sort 2000 yard rusher in there as my number three today it's insanely difficult to do be you could make you could make vegetable what do you could make us stronger argument that bigger number one it used to be a hundred catches in football you know Kyle Wright that number is. You know I at that number is getting you know seen and felt more often because the amount of passes that are there that are taken place in the NFL get a doubt about it I would also maybe it's also ends you know sort of as an honorable mention although they. Fans of this forward disagree. It only a single season Grand Slam in tennis. You know that that's one that is incredibly difficult to which is less a great one is welcome to you're gonna talk seasons like that they're in the argue obviously you're talking about are you a whole different level right of tough things to do the Grand Slam in golf is I think there's only been done once maybe twice. Darted into the attic you know it's considered a different thing called the tiger slam where. If he won four consecutive but one wasn't in the same season so they you know they can't count that. As a tiger slam with hitting given credit for. The Grand Slam which is four row right so you have that I would also say you don't averaging a triple doubles are deceased we've we've got a recent example Russell Westbrook. Before that the only other was Oscar Robertson with a Magic Johnson came close one I think once at least once maybe twice but it's only been those Stuart mr. averaging a triple double. It seems like it might I don't know how to put this is it. Is it easier or tougher to do it today than where an Oscar Robertson played well. Think I think it's probably easier to do it today Kyle just because. Of the way the game is played you'll see people crashing the boards like used to you can you can dictate you know 1 guy a morning get the rebound and everybody talks outlet. You know let's look at the rebound a Nazi you have to have the ball your hand have you assess. And that the points are going to be probably the easiest part of all of it all but you know the on the rebounds in the assesses where the hard part comes in and you know that's where Westbrook. There was one man show you for OK see I think we'll try to do it if I keep you focused on. Just going out there and getting a triple double. I think he's capable of doing I think there's a couple of other guys in the league that are as well I think Harding would be one of those guys you know for for her near Houston. You know we're gonna see may be. You know with what you know the kid from 76ers. You know seventy up on seventeen he might be a guy that is capable of doing that. No big guys cumulative points they said the other rebounds I think you're you know because of his size and then obviously. By the assists is where you can you know maybe you know maybe fall short for the season. Glass and I would throw and there's a Triple Crown to get a text or reading my moderates are proud of both baseball or whole or horse racing although it probably drop the horse racing because you know it's not fair those guys those resources are far better athletes than we are. I really think it's already there have been many domain owner or what last year and I think they did again this year but last year. You know was the first time in like what seventy some years in an effort to take place and has not banned but maybe a handful horses to be able to accomplish that. And you know can we can really consider horses you know right in and athletic feat for. What we we don't is that Greta we don't get to take crimson tie kind of horses whipping arranged all the widgets and the trial that's probably not that's a tough read through this to Microsoft plus first an average of crown baseball. Miguel Cabrera. Miguel Cabrera went on here and that was with four years ago five. Oh man. Yet if focus or six years ago so six years ago you know then that doesn't happen very often coming our of that have accomplished all they showed Jose Canseco hit a Triple Crown to know I don't know who who'd who had won two industry. I think it I'll look it up with the yeah that's very very spirits are very small that's a good point decrease its civic just hit a lot paused mortgages and Evernote is Mike is off. It made his leaving is Michael full purpose I'm convinced of at this point it's got to lawyers. Oh man he's a guy is guy die plus we have too much nodding college Jewish you do it. Mr. Booker well not taint a stunning news that day you thought you need at least to our baseball player not seeded unrelated to our baseball player cable news trillion out of it was any hockey player. How hot Qaeda on a novel idea let's just don't speak the Pope yeah it appears our anti track early Easter should and I chargers. Are you on his. Also Israel like debt paid like an annual toys Sunnis don't do it a's ball boy. You can say medical deal before I'd sit back and finally there I did not reverse its troops to do it that's it by jets tanks that I got some sort of dumb ass over here never know I'll be announced for value getting defensive value just love the fact he has Google right there he's looking at idly talking about I don't know Google and does the eleventh well it. I don't look beautiful down what are you don't want you was right so meager Jim credit him I mean it's not like he's just let out there and you know he actually hit it right over at home run that's a that's a Triple Crown grand slammer that's absolutely true. If you like you could raise Osbourne the umbrella jeweler put affiliate. At Osborne WS Lindsay at Kyle Bailey WS and the F for a Garcia 65 rallied Jewelers dot com get a look. We come back on the other side it would do something fall we're talking high school football. Likes to work Charlotte Observer frank Garcia or you read it. How are your credit listen there's nothing better than a football Friday night friend isolates we have videos of the Catholic boy is on the news and. There's nothing better than football Friday night and guys there's going to be some really good games tonight and tomorrow night right over here at. You know the that that the more cup memorial coliseum for the kickoff football kickoff the classic. So sponsored by ortho Carolina but to others me some really really good games of big match ups and there's going to be probably potentially some upsets as well. Are there you go to come back on the other side we talk to license words were talks in high school football here in the Coca-Cola doghouse the preferred parking studios Garcia Bailey WS Lindsay. Friday night that size. Football and I've been dealt with the talks in high school football we're doing that live from the Coca-Cola doghouse inside the preferred parking studio. Tailgate with preferred preferred parking dot com use radio code. Radio twenty off to get twenty dollars office season four confessed. At our new event site let's go to the tech account dust level likes than words Charlotte Observer. He covers high school football is starting tonight he's going to be a pretty busy man likes it thank you for the time and how are you. Now go out the spirit via tele com reporters don't know if he's hurt but it's thought that caught. Well where's our first order sales thanks for all the coverage I know these are high school kids appreciated. A lot of the parents rely on you guys for updates scores and I know that you know I do as well but the go to great job covering the high schools around here is a first. And foremost I'd like to say thank you for them for four from them for doing that. Look very much aren't very appreciate it. It's our it's a way as you go out tonight right there there are lots of big James and Frank's gonna dive into a couple of those obviously he's. Coaching in one of those tonight there's an Arantxa go to behave in a particular date that's you as you just absolutely fascinated. Tonight Charlotte Christian and Charlie Catholic you know that's what great going to be good you know you create a matchup even chart get friend you could create crap who pitched opera. Check in Charlotte Christian think the best game tonight they're here thank god it's great program called you each other and they creation mad last year they cannot delay get it changed the beat Catholic did cast we can turn the ball over a bunch of out of Herbert and watering as intently knuckle really get feedback maybe that these are back at its. They're looking to go quickly and only look they Tibetans and wishing you great great match. You know where some Myers park this year another lot of people who listen in the area they have a great coaching staff goes Chandler doesn't hold a job but they have talent everywhere. You know moves his son plays their larger book and the guy going out deems. May you know his son. You know is gone mark my son is going to be there as well arm they have as much talent as anybody in the state not the commission education because they had a ten win season last year. Yeah must aren't there first went to gut there's there's anybody to first went whom they are a lot the question attempts to step it up if they that it LP that will be good bit they need to running background they never really that much money back books because. I put sub site. Well you know Drake may mark made time regarding got into offers from West Virginia and that we have a greater than the battle I pupil ball. I think they had to balance the party of the big on the individual it was we broke through they have a big up a lot. We've got a great defense. Not a bit I am upbeat is that great coaching all really eager to stay up. You know I mean talk about some of the players knowing sin because you just talked about. You know Drake may pressing the kids grow up my son played baseball against him he's a hell of an athlete. We all know about his dad mark and his Brothers you know Luke in the wanna when the national championship at Florida as a pitcher so. I mean there's genes for days there but there's some there's some great quarterbacks in some great running backs in particular around the area where Charlotte has gone and our yard we're going to be facing want tonight Christian Sun Valley has won and you just the talent in the area talk about some of those jets. Yes straighten the time it in the Charlotte you've really gotten trade in the last I don't know twelve years old Charlie XP of that book. Since the book club well that these boots up crappy luck. But you know you start out of high school football players you get there how is unbowed. They know rank but some people don't want colts quarterback the country. Did you get the we got about mark Sparta it was a bit of Beckett admirals and cleared up that I protect them they keep ballot. You know phenomenon among all Slaton our country. An acute Titus feels. Omar you someplace the ground there's going to turn the about a good goal but then you give heart aim at the very bet I will call it country. Because Krause 63230. Brown. Fully recovered from it being treated really hurt and probably apathy last year they wouldn't indicated that you not agree about the. You know they're talked about him or at least the article today said that his best fit in college might even be at linebacker not at running back and remember that talks with Elijah Wood so. I know that they're gonna find a way to get him the ball as many times they can and you make them a force once again and MIT start tonight against hearted. It's no excuse me. Yes I have never seen that who pull well clear about that queue up in Colorado my opening bell. Tiger early in in including kidney Bryan local reversal of what they appeared. There are well well wherever they and he he says it all these great package it. Great kid herb real Christian about Christian. Golden tech are right he relished that. A total waste of words join us on the ticket job just like big time high school football to dinner tonight across the area and depth. I've got you list of the five biggest biggest story lines five biggest things to watch in the area tonight at one of those things obviously is up. Loyalty much Charlotte country day joined out of South Carolina to travel to Hammond and the quarterback at Columbia have it is the son of South Carolina coach will Maastricht. Sir that's right he'd he'd dug would be appreciated. They they are in rebate check in they're probably the biggest. Props the power that they need got a lot of help with them his name is that are too. And now they haven't that it would tackle Alex probably ranked number bid to keep it very productive each. And nation. It down like Oklahoma South Carolina they move like that in no well Moore who beat recruit but clumps in the book god and Georgian dispute. The confrontational kimono really really good team very well close you know not object much by debate by two very similar trick my sport hasn't really played yet. They have a lot of ability a lot of content there's merit. Likes and explained to the people out there because one of the biggest questions I get to or the most popular questions I get a lot of times is why don't we have. You know football on television a little bit more why don't we you know get some of these big ESP and games and you look at some of the states across the country where there it's Ohio Pennsylvania go to California and Nevada. These games he's cross country rivalry games where. You're the number three team in the country on the number twelve team in the country there's a good football here's some good football players why doesn't that exist here in the Carolinas. Well basically if the estate rose they built the one who being gone on that they'd found the game you've gone on the filmmaker who looks like the way up from the the crowd about the games is that they really well they're both Oxley it's gotten control like the captain's final Friday and I really like that he too waited. The court or site Hulu and I looked Obama's ego most are by critics but. It and I left leg program. They have that the game could develop you know tape delay and all bags and certain about that at this stage actually need that go to requests like these games over oh we did. If you are. That you gain on boring beta was Saturday that he felt. Likes the couple quick things then we'll turn to loosen something else that you point to when you preview for tonight's you know action across the area is. Yet but several teams including northside Christian platitudes lottery entered its quarterback to bide sentence in a medically induced coma right now that's a really powerful store talk about about the. I only. The elite quarterback independent bloc this McCollum black speech or like 220 daily audio individual user it is going to be it's urged ships aren't part yuck leap that. I didn't didn't. And it had a really good creep into the like he's going to be this are they fatal starts actually it's oh well up its. And get out of my car is in the bedroom on Saturday. The state of Bill Clinton Bill Clinton's coma. In the intermission really hard to get beaten nobody thought we know that when you go programs then he can't do much anything they feel like they break a coma. They could cost him like the clock to your brain damage so that you really cannot open wheel miracle. And clinical routine so Ratner of mystery and would social media just ask the people to expect quite complex that would come on we can expect to beat the crap out of state ash reached out to Christian rapper. CO spoke spoke not a mr. Graham and I got to go. Cup went up so bad we post that it goes did you really think that the luck taken plight in boats opened young ripples so. You know there's there's a lot of things under attack right now with this game you know life in high school football around the country may be is not a popular is what it once was but here in the Carolinas. It doesn't seem to be losing steam it seems to be. You know gaining steam you see some of these other smaller school start step up you look at. You know some of the you know teams outside the metropolitan area. You know teams like crest then you know the that the Union County teams in the one of the others in your area is north Charlotte where Charlotte. Sounds mean all the areas around the outside outskirts they love this they love the sport and they make it or a ritual every Friday night. The average high school football really doing well. Right now they Obama do that's the pictures you showed up the talking. I'm more on store you spoke Allred out of out of youthful popular support and now the Cordoba argue well all run. And in that node in eastern North Carolina period in Chapel Hill and not having had so well while it's. On the varsity level and that's serving as well and the layer that door and got in trouble making comments about. BP. And I think you know I've really got to go back to you gain grip to eject its proper way to tackle and they met back to think. Local people only want that pull off the ice who and I don't know what the answer is but do they is doing well right now but I don't work which reached. Nordson. I think I agree on news the onus falls on these coaches to rep to or protect some of these kids you see some of the heat. You to be taken place and I love interest in deceit or other referees how the state decides to handle. If they're gonna give some more breaks you know maybe in the future in particular in the wake of you know what just happened you know act at Maryland if you know coaches around the country or or. We're programs around the country are gonna start you know taken that you know maybe a little bit more serious of the. I'll ask you would see it you know. But once or twice unfortunately years that I think is a patent battle with the flight that I don't look that was the case the kid in attendance. I was certainly you know that the conditions being met that were shot but congressman's vote who you can't crack between 11 o'clock 6 o'clock. Would you do it out of Spartan days of course broke we're gonna play out mark but mark they. Simple bug anybody they dare try that too didn't think he would give the kid more watered beauty practiced with him at a price and don't quibble plus there. You know it something has to talk about to keep an island we could talk about this over the likes of we appreciate your time at best reluctant again again thanks for all you do for all these Jews light seemed you do that's not easy to be around and watch those different places. I tell you do a tremendous job and you can they can follow him on Twitter as well and gridlock however I would add about two that's at a prep runners prep football writers some of the hardest working guys in the business and though we recognize that's supposed to look tonight a joy to see him and we'll certainly be talking to you so. Our our paper. They elect the worst join us on the ticket job just liable to come back and talk more for a second about what you what we brought up their second ago about you participation. In high school football fan and what's happening right now because there is at the clock and they're more programs as he alluded to in North Carolina and Purdue don't neighboring Virginia. Two states where traditionally. People love high school football programs are folding. So what does it mean you don't get through the perspective of a coach we talk about that you know how how how young is too young to start to play football I'd love your thoughts on that as well and we got a lot to get into 70457. Or 96 to edit. And I don't forget coming up later in the show. October up as a matter of fact 4 o'clock Tony Womack World Series champion will stop but we got a lot to get into with him at 5 o'clock if you missed Tiki Barber yesterday we had a tremendous tremendous conversation with Tiki to start to show. Lot of folks say that Vista we're gonna happen at 4 to 5 o'clock some great insight from them. All the terror a lot of tea there's a lot of economic reports Garcia Bailey WS Wednesday. Away from the opening of the Coca-Cola doghouse it's party time 4 o'clock pregame festivities getting underway. Prepare there's dolphins that I pre season week to week its effect coming up in just a couple of minutes we gotta get back to the predators. Talk more about what we'll see tonight because we do not have the benefit of coach frank Garcia and our number five C five he's off to start getting another. State title quest so well in order to the drafters just the second to quickly frank. Likes to brought up something to you but I already wanted to shut it off for second and that was a simply. He's talking about a couple varsity programs football programs that are haven't been shuttered and asserted North Carolina to a their lack of participation lack of interest a story today out of -- Virginia same thing 03 programs three varsity programs that have been shuttered because lack of participation. These are you go to states and at the bit about Texas and Florida and the south Georgia and California necessarily but presented North Carolina produced a lot of high school football town atomic college football talent. And at UC program shuttered and I was reading a little bit further into it since 2006. Nationwide participation in high school football club or afford half percent. Which doesn't sound like an enormous number put it over Todd lets a lot of people so. You know it is not all about the the CTE stuff it's not all about the safety stuff at some of the stuff is about you know budgetary restraints it's about money it's about the ability to. Not only provide equipment it ordered safe equipment at that puts you pay for buses the tickets to games and all the things that go along with that so it's not just about the the concern over head injuries and things frankly it's still a problem for the sport nonetheless. Yeah I think there's still a lot of good things that are coming into question you know with this you know Colin you mentioned I think one of the things that I was going to bring up and that is. The amount of money Acosta to play the game you look at the helmet nearly 300 bucks for a box here for a really good helmets and be safe and and protect your. You look at. He'll include the the shoulder pads equipment the thigh pads that knee pads in the cleats all the things that go into written Jarno programs around the country. Are in need of equipment all the time and are gonna turn away and I know a lot of this the professional teams. No they're local you know for that school in particular point two in a lot of times donate and give back ten. You know I know Thomas Davis did something last year with Harding in Communist sponsored some things and I know that you know Jackie miles when he was here before now Donnie toner. You know was able to give and donate to a lot of high school some of these left overseas that the panther players don't use and I mean I know some colleges do the same thing to show. I'm so we got our cleats and ask the other a lot of there's a lot of schools that aren't in need of those things to kind of alleviate the pressure that it's gonna cause. To play this game and some of the you some of the financial burdens that are boring so. Yeah I think that's one of the things that you felt like safety is another but. You know when you start looking that know the how much it cost to touch and he said Boston and and provide for. In 9200 kids at times when you're talking about JV and varsity program. Not everybody's going to these games for some of these programs and you know at Catholic for us in particular can speak on that. You were fortunate because we do have great transport you know we have of winning tradition and you all those things factor into that but you know for our gates you know we're we're probably make in. You know 78 grand nine grand you know for gates alone and I'm not sure what's gonna put on top of that with concessions by. You know if you get if you get to 3000 people of the game has pretty good Dylan and Communist or bring some some good revenue for those schools especially if you're playing sixteen games now what's gonna take to a state championship. Here in the state North Carolina you know typically might have fifteen if there's a game that. You know somebody's not when he might have to buy which during the season but in a pretty much is gonna take you sixteen games to win and you know that's that's a lot of travel you know let's say if you're a school that's it maybe doesn't have the funds of a private school doesn't have the boosters that are donating. You know and is a little. You know maybe less fortunate or concerned about you know buying books verses cleats right you know those are things that are unnecessary filler to properly deal with her yeah absolutely and issues that mean a lot of schools do just. You know I mean I don't I don't wanna single school outlets. You know there's a lot of schools here in the area that need financial backing and support and you know I'm surprised that they're able to do that but. You know through the chill Mecklenburg system in the state I'm sure that they're able to fund that those programs some way shape or form. In order that you get donations from private boosters as well and maybe some. Help from some of these new professional athletes or you know a pay a guy that's you know as wanted to help out a little bit whatever might be but. You know those are things that are are concerning you know for the game. But as things have been going on four for decades so I don't know if that's any different or do you think that the you know the health concern right are much different but you know let's be honest for. Are these kids how the sport from you know and for underprivileged kids and for kids that. You know maybe arts you know white collar kids yet. It's a necessary means to get out of the situation. And they use that is a way to maybe have an opportunity. To go to college almost yeah I can speak for myself I'm one of seven right here I must act and Marquette. My dad did everything he could you know we had everything we needed. But we didn't always have everything we wanna I wanna be able to pay. For college I would've had to go and get a job or. You know pay my way through college and do what most people do and I'm fortunate enough to you know have the athletic ability bill would do that have deep. They give you the truth that. Cannot the tenacity to stick to witness. You know to to do that no I think that a lot of kids out there that. Look is sports is their way out I think football's a big part of that. Yeah no look I think John they're not that's due to some long border diatribe here but I've said before why I've got. Like a lot of people do not watch the the research on what I know more about it I wanna know what I'm talking about a wanted to how scary you're not serious actually usable we're gonna find out and I do have concerns or reservations but I do think at the same time that football is is worth preserving an asset that's you. You're probably a dozen times we sort of having these conversations football is worth preserving. And the people they're people out there working to do that but there are a lot of people out there are turning away from the get as evidenced by the fact that. In the past twelve years coast to coast participation is down Florida half percent and you're starting to see some program shut down you know it states traditionally that pump out really good high school football. If you ask the question once when's the right time to start planned you know this game you know I'm sure if you look over here Bank of America and you see what these guys out here. I'd say there's probably deliver not only about a handful of guys that played when they're young died because they did other things right. In the play basketball the they ran track and field that you you talk they played our plug INS are politicized that's right good cop bad but. There was a different reason for me because I was too big to my dad. Kept me out of football he never said it couldn't play but he didn't want me to play. As a hundred pound kindergarten or against fifth grade right right so you know he did it to protect me and I'm sure that some parents out there they're you know they're able to do that they've lost some programs now. That exists that weren't around when I was younger and he others there's more advanced programs for bigger kids that are going to be able to step out and play a little earlier if they want and I would say this is that if I'm given advice of its gonna get this question a lot. It was the right time for me to start playing football and I said well you know first thing you're doing is honestly evaluate. Yourself your genes you know where you're at because this is a game that's bigger faster stronger and if your son is one of those kids is bigger faster stronger now eight years old nine years old. Doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to be bigger faster stronger at thirteen fourteen. When the curve starts catching up and to start hitting puberty and you know kids start growing up to their their potential of what their genes may. May lead them to be so we'll look at your kids about honestly evaluate yourself and say. Yeah what's the reality of him playing much past high school. Or or even college right and or you know and if you're going to be one of those guys that might be the 1% of the 1% that haven't ability to play in the pros so. You know for everybody it's not it's you know it's not the same answer. Right for some you know someone get to that hit man is an offense Tony but you're just like to be universal plug and I have to sorry my give baseball player might be a soccer player might give. Asked Butler might be a golfer. You know he might have to be my standard tee I don't know what reality today might be housed DJ he might do a lot of different things aren't we don't know but. The most likely he's not gonna be an NFL player just because. Your 150 pounds write some innocent is knotted it's not an art we sure about that if you can hate it's just it's just the other way he's built stuff just so our report for bus and go have fun. You know let him do what he needs to do have foreign. Is what most likely not start the height of its members most likely not gonna start the high school level put if I looked at let's say you Kyle with a big rhino asked those those chicken thighs and their head and you don't even have to ankles yet you know actually built like an athlete as they want to have. You know you might wanna think about getting him involved with other sports baseball basketball soccer developing his skills. Taken some of the hits away from his his shoulders his arms his brain his head. And then saying you know it's up to him yet if you want to play and I spoke go full free because bigger faster stronger is easy to teach depth and you don't have to have the years upon years upon years. Of planning specific skill when your plan to get. And the more true guy no I don't them a lot of folks out there probably had the same bodies that are didn't start to hostile wood on what college football things like that it's not always necessary to do what dotted stores and third great you know it's just that it doesn't have to go that way but. Look we look at this conversational bits there is to conversation and they'll probably come back to the so what do we do this we come back to wrap up the hour. A lot of dive back to the practice Tony Womack stood up on about forty minutes on what it's more practiced all did. On the other side looking ahead to tonight against the Miami Dolphins got to talk apparently stalks still ahead will do that next we got all of out of a force Lola is starting well back jumps in what's got to. What's the one thing you're looking for an improvement or from game one to game two that jump what are you looking for tonight in tonight's. First home game are right here at the Bank of America got to go when watching left to watch the last year's meeting between these two teams on Monday Night Football at speaking off. ESPN that with a big announcement just a little while ago about Monday Night Football we'll tell you what that is on the other sideline from the Coca-Cola doghouse inside a preferred parking studios it's Garcia Blaylock W offense it. They're ready people love this job if they're being one of them. But sometimes that do just that damn this things I've ever seen in my life like we just found out that even we go to commercial break. Our Mike surveying potter piped out into the crowd. During commercial breaks and god knows what some of these people hurt at this point I'm it is just. What did you what they welcome back Garcia barely live from the corner of meant more had the Coca-Cola dog house inside the preferred parking studio. Everyone's barking destinations find out more preferred parking dot com. Out of president's order the police should know that's exactly what. It's not it's. I played a police says well I mean you'd probably like good escorts or not do it to them ahead. Yeah ten. That's ahead at diplomat. And a I 070457. Or 96 dead at a supplement probably Jewelers sort of do as well. Tactile clearly WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65 save audits to grab at let's talk about the game tonight Paulus. We wanna hear from your thoughts and very simply. What are you watch but what we need to see what are you concerned about what's got you anxious what what are you look at the Vista initially when the second pre season game at the U. But you know what cal for me you know we talked about as a handoff was taken place and you know there's first off. Are you wanna see these guys dale is no doubt about that but you know once you get past that no you each unfortunately can't control those type of things other than the amount and type. And opportunities they have to go out there. Hum you wanna see these guys to beat you wanna see some of the young players step up you wanna see them. Validate what they did last week about the offensive line played you know pretty good and I think that DJ Moore played really well. I wanna see him a little bit more in particular. I wanna see I wanna see him with you know with Cam Newton out there and we don't disarm head on collision and I don't wanna see that so. From that was really close and dust and products are rely on our opera I'm glad that guy you it's a damn good driver 'cause he just avoid their car the just cut him off but anyways. Those things I wanna see you know tonight Tom Dorsey DJ Moore. Validate what he did last week a wanna see how he always say I wanna see Curtis Samuel come out there and you know has more catches apps more place. Little bit more involved in the office because I think it's going to be critical. You know we talked about yesterday though with. I think it was Tiki Barber look you know or maybe it was Eugene Robinson. But the other two the team the position group that has the biggest battle and that's what receive a little uptown at the clock speed out there. And what you did as a second rounder in college or as you know third round or fourth or whatever mart about where you got drafted. Doesn't have any validity you know when it comes to this team because it's a guy's out that are veterans the girl fight for a spot. You write about that bad and I'll tell you this through before I get back to the percent of it because talking about Curtis sandals very interstate. I mentioned before the break there we just got so sidetracked by the the notion that they're hot mikes all over the place on ES TN. Just made an announcement that's I don't know quality thirty EST I got to set it necessarily expect it to come from that first but. New president's. Of of EST and Amanda replaced John skipper odds of Qatar or just told reporters. That's yes yet does not plan to televise the national at the best part of its Monday Night Football broadcast this is. You listen to the show I don't know because if he has he'd be listened to me say and then after last year. You know I know I know that you I'm. I'm not giving your side you know if I set right the middle and say you know what's the solution. This is taken away you know I've said I made that that that claim multiple times to kids don't get along. Ones you know adamant about this the other ones adamant about that you're not gonna agree take away well you. Go to it is such a divisive topic now to acknowledge that I have any interest to getting back into right now but it's such divisive topic that I think the network's first used it as a way to you know to draw more eyes to draw more viewers draw more clicks all of those things and when they realize what divisive topic but it became Andy you were literally. Toward and away half of your audience no definitive on the stance that you took idol idol take him it made sense and water and certainly obvious he had been one of the largest partners that the unifil has. You know I think it made some sense on both ends for this to be the case. I think it makes cents on on a lot of different fronts that's the announcement that's that are losing yesterday and will not hear the national average or much about football. Funny thing any interest in the part of that is that. You know and I think a lot of people view ESPN as may be one of the more liberal you know outlets out there in them for them to take that stance and is just. I think it's the right stance you know again because what I just said but. It was your accuser I think it's etched in and I'm surprised that they're the first. Well and done again I don't think the work liberals necessarily about that you can on nine I'm not I'm not judging either way you. Be very liberal with gravy on biscuits and great theater liberal with a number of chicken wings you eat it's always that will solve our pets are good point anyways so I. You talked about Curtis or to their second go to like you did because that's ultra went back. And watched the other thrashing the Panthers handed the dolphins last your mother crystal ball over your Bank of America Stadium. Curtis Daniel had himself a night. Against the dolphins last last drama about football really really. Active throughout that game at a pull it up the numbers right now Curtis Samuel five catches 49 yards an average of nine yards for cats last year against the dolphins. That's the blues Dave's right where he flashed a big Curtis Samuel flashed against the dolphins last year and Jon Gruden to be heard on the game broadcast side. This kid I know he wants coming out of Ohio State so seeing him do what it's doing here tonight. And I guess that's the flashes of brilliance that we're talking about at least flashes of of confidence from other top left. Yeah that was what Shula right bright you know he had an idea of maybe what he should be. Know when they drafted him you know when the used him now it's gonna see whether. You know what whether. You know north you know has that same idea you know what are we gonna use them as how they gonna how they give him the ball because. Jarno that you know a lot of talent out there. You know DJ Moore being one Christian captured in another and you know Cam Newton being the third and Greg Olsen being a fourth. There's only one football right and you know who's gonna get the football more often as gore. Who's going to command the the of the the the double teams because we ever commands a double teams that means that there's going to be multiple guys open somewhere else. And you know that's where they have to win one on one battles but that's good thing about this offense is that. If you're gonna take away Greg Olsen you're you've got to be concerned about you know of conscious or McCaffrey out of the backfield. Or it maybe DJ Moore you know or you know you film the white with you know we're the next weapon Cam Newton that you're born to you know throw out there at them. And this box score again is why people are excited about the yup rates on offense right now because again if you go back to the box score last year's winner of the dolphins' 4520 what was the final. Devin thought just five catches 92 yards and and two touchdowns. Curtis Samuel five catches 45 yards no touchdowns and nine yard average Russell Shepard had three catches in that game for forty yards at Dixon had three catches an active for 33 yards and a touchdown Christian McCaffery at three catches you know for 27 yards a touchdown but. A dead actor Russell Shepard at Dix in Britain bursting Kaelin clay. Those were the kinds of names that registering in the box score you know a 45 to 41 win over the dolphins lectures on how much better can it be fraud. Yeah in our inner America look at the stats tonight Collins say well gosh that determines you know the the value of these guys it's just you wanna see consistency. You wanna see execution you wanna see. You know the offense runs smoothly. And you know those are things that you know a lot of younger players struggle with is not in particular when you look at that backup quarterbacks they're giving the often sat. You know knowing where the motions are gonna be. Tom's challenging them with formations. So that guys can get lined up in the same thing applies for young wide receivers or running backs and given him protections then. You know maybe door something different that they haven't seen in ended in this week vs last week and adding a little bit more to their plates because. That's what does this game is about you know evolving. Each and every week you know learning a couple plays taking something. From may be another game plan that you saw that was successful challenging the team that you're plain to see if they've made those corrections. And then going out there and executing them with your players. All right 70457. Or 96 Ted. What did what she calls it over the next two hours wanna talk printers with you really quickly when we come back though we talked to Tony Womack World Series champions Charlotte CNN and we get his thoughts on a a couple thankful we asked about detectives as well what he's excited about what he's looking for tonight. It was he watches this day but we talked to him. About a couple of topics a Major League Baseball and we get right back to some papers talk. At 450 blocks in the Coca-Cola doghouse inside a preferred parking studio it's Garcia Blaylock WS Lindsay.