Garcia And Bailey H2: Country Music Star Chris Lane Talks Panthers Football

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Friday, May 25th

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Garcia. Over soon find this ought to order a child really WS turns out. Garcia and Bailey and at least for a little while longer struggle talk to you but you can still following at frank Garcia 65. On Twitter and it's the Graham on both of those sandals and go one out and saw this as you can try to so liberally Jewelers Twitter feed now for May 31 get a free weekend getaway for two with any purchase over 1999. That's 191999. Dollars not twenty dollars 1999. Dollars any purchase beyond that he gets free. Getaway for two. Details of brown lead jeweler. Dot com you know that this social plans and I'm taking place in right now the exterior ya it's it's helped me no it's helped me be healthier. So we be no more efficient with my day I suggest we all try it at some point when you're reaching for your phone. You're looking to snap chat or instead Graham or text all the time in Texans not really social media but whether it is still FaceBook you know somebody. If you're always looking in your board you look at those things I suggest just taking a about a month hiatus. And enjoying the things around you. You know what that's I agree with you and I think it's great advice for most of the people out there listening. But you do realize that you're taking a break while million Oz don't have that luxury rightly tell you try telling Tony are hit man and try telling NATO Richie and intercom corporate that I own cows is gonna stop doing social media for a couple of weeks for a month Foreman is laws or wonderful or don't that we can do it differently. Well bright you know if you wanna take your break you know OSCON and I can take over a few that's just admitted. Clip that he just promised that if our take a source familiar I'm not saying he's a liar but he tries to turnaround on the we have evidence we told you guys are over and over here is your answer was put. 515. Seconds all of a man. I'm Tony fifth 2018. I think France said that yes thank you Evan your social media. Yes that's. Evan WS NC on Twitter thank you Evans is sooners have a story with us his parents immediately followed me on Twitter and scared the hell out of mr. Summers and this is like there watching me to make sure that and I'm taking care of the baby lord and I don't know if that's a lot of responsibility this. Yeah well that's a tough responsibility. It is it's no more than the young man that we had in here that was like fifteen years old that I watched and helped him grow our young men you know to where is that now Christine you all your years old definitely violet who came in here that one day that is true of I just knew that everything we said. You know his mom and dad were listening I'm like oh gosh we're gonna get this two in trouble. Speaking to get in trouble. Again just got in trouble out of control at home. What's what while we're talking about this carrot dogs like hard as well general anesthetic in my unit by storm the cough cough and the doctor if you didn't see it the Washington Post put together an article about terror dogs you know as an alternative I guess for health conscious people visions and things like that if a cook outs and I Jarrett you know you it's about exclusivity and those sorts of things Ramallah Alicia Johnson you'll do love more than anything else in the world should Texan and she said. Keep in mind when you're talking so dismissive leaked about billions and let me replacements that your future wife is one and it's not always about wanting everyone elected or even try things like that it's sometimes about just wanting to still feel like you sit there and at a traditionally meet dominated gatherer. So they'll look she's the eloquently stated she may report and I don't sleep on the adjustment. Does she know. Know what we are by definition what Fred what. We are armed divorced OK as human next as human beings. That we're not there before there's lots of people are. Well. We are described as armed force. You know we're not carnivores only either. We're carnivores we the most and there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong and so you liberals out there. Yeah keep trying to your. Over my comedian ability. Get off of our back did you know that this is completely off topic and I'm probably gonna get myself in trouble did you know that Nazis and white supremacists back in the day election because it was a staple of they seriously I'm serious I read out. And this initiatives that would ever known and well you know. I read an adult cells or other means is that how that man can come man to come a bit slower on the to do this even if I could just a couple you know because life. Another to do lists what do you. Whether to zero sort of other honey do a lot of business are supremacist running the show I. I had trouble early trouble fluids and blood you tech review Camilla both logically crowd by the way this extra rights abuses you guys are idiots and Ellison every day that now who's the idiot but I think that's you do it. I. Is we blow holes I admit they're but I got out bring this up recess and it's a fright earlier in the buffalo wasn't too late for and have a chance to read it but didn't die from your your own mater Jake Locker Washington there's a great peace and especially to a slower Tommy you're like this. On there's lot of good reading out there and this piece over a side Doug Johnson Justin bishop. A project walk along walking away from the NFL. A former top ten draft pick eighth overall auto Washington ashore call a lot of folks thought he'd be the first overall pick if he's come out a year earlier he had been written yet and that's what could kiss impression that you did you decide. Humble hard work in you know meat and potatoes. On the war type guy to say to say Hillary's right so surgical locker hum believe he did he went back to school. I -- if I'm not mistaken that was the year that Sam Bradford came out and got fifty million dollars and they change in the CBA policy that did the -- you rate wage scale too I -- -- and the next you're gonna 22 million dollars and so locker stays he goes out he's the eighth overall pick the following year ended up playing in the NFL for four years and from there Wally was with the Tennessee Titans are Matt Hasselbeck was there are he was the elder statesman hassle back was told apparently by the front office there in Tennessee to say are they just go play Purdue you're saying to win as many games you can enjoy equal play when he's ready you don't need to mentor this kid he's going to be Fonda's got a good head initial. So Jake Locker on the greens apply for years in the NFL and as it was four years go along resource to find out that he doesn't like playing professional football he doesn't hate football. He doesn't like playing in the NFL it's like professional football. What you're saying to me is that it's hard for him now from what I'm gathering. To may be handled the pressure. That goes along with that position the expectations of being a pro and it's a Dick because if you like to cut 'cause you you couldn't like football nut loves football. Number if you love that game right that level you love competition you love the pressure you love no waking up every morning competing. Right in the end. Don't your should your biggest fears losing. Right you're you're more afraid of losing. Than you are going out there in glove winning right and that's that that statement is true. Well I don't need is I don't say it's part of that right I don't know that it's even the driving force behind that it was a part of it for him. But it was also he felt a calling to the cloth and he now we study that was taken theology classes and you want to preach I believe at some point and that's it it's a choice that he made for himself on that from the that he -- told a half million dollars on his initial contract with a guaranteed money since for years walked away told his age and he says a wanna keep in touch the please never ever call me with an offer from another team because there were offers from the comeback and you know beyond a bridge starter to be equality back up to the very least. He didn't even wanna hear about it embryo is a great piece on SI dot com. Also goes and talk about the pressures that he's under. You know to perform right ends the expectations that are there in Taloqan tell you. You know as an ex player you know early in my career. And a lot of guys probably go to this as well you know and it's why you look at it's not just football players its athletes in general. Know why they go through you know counseling and why they have psychiatrist to help them get through. The psychological part and you beat the emotional part of you know what this game you know and how it affects you because I'm too early on in your career when you start looking at how you approach things it's. You're always winning you know your dreams at night as you go to bed before you play the game it's about dominating your opponent it's about scoring the touchdown it's about being at bat with the bases loaded into outs in the bottom of the ninth. Just do you have more anxiety being in the batter's box waiting for that next guy and hopefully he doesn't get out so you have an opportunity to go out there and achieved because you're just so supremely confident in your ability. Eventually what happens over time. She starts fairly bright. This this is gossip and the by the way this is awesome frail fragile mentally how we die we're talking about there because again they were monster numbers put in the time that he played he threw for nearly five. Yards 27 touchdowns believes he he's got a farm value announcement is one on bottom what you cattle and chickens and fix up an old farm house eleven he's he's out living on the land right now he said look I still like football and a well that's part of this is it any more haven't or do the interview in the first place because I don't want this to be an attack on the game he still volunteer our football coach. Sounds 'cause he saw a concussion one day brought that you know I'm going to you know just end up as a vegetable or not be able to perform had nothing to do with that it would just more of they'll all live life right for this individual right vs. Know what he was having to experience was all the pressure. You know going out there's like a limit the big city with a big time job that has a lot of you know on stock market in the coming over here and be a farmer. I mean two very different lifestyle it's a completely different lifestyles and one. You know you won may not be for one guy and it may be exactly what the other guy leads. If you haven't seen as trees a highly recommend that you go read it and it does is just tuning in you're talking about a Jake Locker former quarterback and Washington obviously drafted eighth overall by the Tennessee Titans spent four years in the league images and I'm done I really like play pro football anymore and it's a great read over SI dot com are highly recommend you check it out we're late we get a semi side which comeback kid and me we talk to Chris lane budding country music super easily and play destroy your CC we'll talk to him next it's Garcia and Baylor. Still. I don't for guests coming up with 345 Joselio the Raleigh news observer stops and live from mud durable talk a little ACC baseball for a couple minutes is up seems like every state schools haven't held a year and does some of South Carolina as well that's one of my favorite. Favorite events of the sports calendar years the ACC baseball tournament out in Durham so lots speak to College Baseball SP to the country news we got Chris lane on the line known psychic John does slide is. Joining us to Telus so I just tell overrated frank Garcia is on the golf course Chris let me tell it to for Ahmed Al. I'm doing the right man Ariel. Don't know we're doing great Chris and you know I know that your one of the biggest bands or fans out there and and I haven't played golf with you at least want Sendai hanging. You a couple of times or one of the best dudes out there in country music thanks for joining us. You gotta hand picked up from what happened are we are about our. Golf regret out that what we're. By all means please give us the details I see him on the driving range god not played a full round with a. Op operate frank actually a really really good golfer. Walsh that really stepped up our. Yeah I guess that's happened. FM it's not like it's gallery so how many so Christopher Kerner is the correct. Yeah I am the North Carolina. Grew up why sports are a lot ended up big unit Charlotte when they all so. Yes bumping up thought I would be doing currently never in many years I think that would be a thing in country music that's for sure. So how many stoplights and wal marts or encourage Israel. I'll want all of our. I think you've got to look commercials and intolerant I guess they're not push to car about a hundred yards and a new wanted to find gas station establishment so look I I enjoyed must how that's for sure. Chris and ask your question really quickly wanna talk to music and recession but I know your vigil and printers and as well how optimistic are you for the season. Man I am a huge. Tehran understand economic strata of the beat them and just here and cloture bare all their debate about. Yes it is the excitement for the defense than in some doubt they batted RB we have been he gave more at the great beeper and now I can't wait you. You can get out on the air field and then in the addition of north term and I have to await the B Eric can't quite as he became quiet and caught up that they come up where it. Excited to watch the beat the Navajo. You know Chris you there's a little bit of you know history with you in some Trivial Pursuit potentially with you know what happened at UNC Charlotte where you played baseball. Yeah man it was one of those things that. Played football baseball my whole life in. After planned for years in college you know my dream on like especially. February Fiore charged that the cap per chance that they have been all my twin brother. Who all the way to Charlotte. He played around my band now but he got trapped about the red did not play in. You know all these years later after Adolf Hitler were to do some and really cool right now and I'm very passionate about that yeah its crazy how things work out and I'm probably not what you although they. When did you realize that your talents was better in singing may be potentially than it was an athletics. Well I don't know about. I'm Ottoman imam bottom a better golfer that I am a finger. Tips that. Messy questions he did you always say that good so musicians wanna be athletes and athletes wanna be news don't know he was he was definitely given Ron Rivera the hard sell I was gonna say that that's that's true Reinemund as is the sense that idea. Yet no doubt about many you I'm Al without especially being out on the road a lot there's a lot of our plea that. Come out to the shows them what nine in the end they definitely their right and Alex Oliver finger might I would show a bit Butler. Whenever they pay. I've no doubt about some of the kind of did I'm gonna go down a little bit deeper into the hole here for a second because your country here's a guy and I'm a country music and I I would imagine that you had a similar experience to me a lot of guys your growth in this this region grown out to you growth probably with the data listened to a lot of great southern rock like standard Marshall Tucker you grow to -- elicit the possum and and Willie Waylon and the dog George Strait and all the great southerners -- the country music artists that delayed the foundation for all for the great genre that we all love but you know what his country music now how do you decide it because I'd love to hear your take on that. Yeah and honestly it's a little but everything. The great art outward country music is now that you you have. You have got like est user example Chris Stapleton. And and you do what you do at least two noted that when you have somebody like. I am currently on the total up to this end or what. Cristobal and Dylan and go to market on it and it just works I think what you're and a a great spotted step flee a bond placed beep and not just to thankful that. I need to be considered part of the ban land in it you know there are not play. What my music in right song and now live about a current. So so there like an athlete you know you do the chemicals won a Super Bowl winning the World Series right. As a country music artist Amanda it's a little bit different obviously was not the same level of competition with what's the engulf the grand Ole opry. And CMA like what what are you Jason. Yet Matt from remain calm is all about soaring. One day oh and in my brain and that would be. The biggest bank for me is that when you can headlining stadium all data murder. You know or were each hit me at this point it's career when you can headlines stadium the -- now and end up. They're about showing up sing in the words you're songs that's BR. The ultimate goal the ultimate no doubt about it it permeated especially you know. I'm Chris. It's the little girl you don't tell dug in deep a little bit there with your your career and what's going on there but. Now I am pretty sure you sing some songs some national anthems and you've seen you know kind of you know the reaction you get through the crowds in how. Important it is to American sports. I'm not sure if you follow with what's taken place in the NFL right now but give me your stance on you know what's taken place with the anthem right now you know in the NFL if you house. Yeah hey you know what I I'm actually happy with the way that. The NFL has its. Count. I guess forced their hand and away and making players stand out I mean where I come from and you you honor the flag you are people sacrificed so. You can go to a football game or you can be out there quiet and all game you don't have to go do what they're doing you got to stand out. Jet I think it's a respect thing in I know a lot of people disagree and a lot of people will agree with. Would benefit our need and what I'm saying at this point that now yeah you know what I'm happy that. What what the new rule it Egypt's armed if you don't actually stand up that chart to a. Yes right if you if you come out and you decide to kneeled and you find your welcome to stay into the locker room. If you choose not to come out to protest but if you're gonna be out there the NFL has forced your hand just to stand. Yet they I think they did it fairly EEU don't want and you know that the locker room but. If you're going to be out there on everybody man I think it's special athlete as anybody in general and should stand up and respect the flag in respect what it stands Oren and people giving their lives so they can be out on the book all they'll make a million dollars a year. Q. Delay about what they were working on a main thought yeah I agree with that a lot of people want agree with that a lot of you will agree with but would be not spam on here. I was talking to Chris lane butting our country music star from a baseball player UNC Charlotte joining us on the ticket job just like it's a completely tore schedule before the show and I was wondering when you come back to back home to a concert and done some good looks like you're gonna get a good look at some cornfields for the next several weeks amid everything I see is how the midwest meant. Yeah absolutely you know like today have actually end. New Jersey have Matt Matt security short iron short and our current action and it didn't. In the early morning I am flight two. More and out of pledge showed tomorrow night it was going to be a lot of traveling that we end it. I get a few days off after the weekend yet join my name and a lot of beer that's coming up this. This summer and now jump back in the headlines all. Oh yes and it is a year. What's your favorite thing to do on your day off and I was your favorite place to tour. And there's a lot great place but you know what I always look good ones. Chicago. Tires are really cool city cool place you what and they have a lot of great country music and I agree much like the rest of yeah. The rest of the country but yet I get a chance to be any bank man don't they all were just down whatever it up like ball on the I can't get it now. In now. You know there's one other bank that today. When I get married one day the only name apps in my life that I yet you. I like golf whenever a law. You get to play golf whenever you want may be go low washed the pants has won a Super Bowl is that gonna happen this year. You know. Fingers crossed the that we got a good shot got a great amen now. You better believe Pebble Beach animal long. The whole creep in and every step of the way. Our Chris lane joining us on the ticket John just slimy used in Jersey apparently now is going to be living in the midwest for the next several weeks but when it comes back all checked about a concert Chris had a great tour money we appreciate you stop and grace anybody's attention out. And that's ludicrous like once again joining us on the second job just line 70457. Or 96 standard we come back and the questions the questions are questions that I got questioned the need to be answered and especially specifically Panthers questions why would you take on temporarily to put yourself back in your your playing days shoes and we come back it's Garcia and they would. But that top three years. At three. Our top three at three. Edwards is. For two votes against Jeff Gordon for the NASCAR whole fame just got to thank him early this morning about the biggest hole stream snubs of all time any sport biggest hall of fame snubs. A holds options based on 33 big hall of fame snub strikes you kick it off the three biggest hall of fame snubs in sports ago. Well the last two do again as we are going to break it because I thought he'd have a good idea. Because Steve Hudgens was a guy you know that. Image seven pro bowls. Five times ultra low pressure fear won worlds or the view of the world championship when he was. You know act Seattle. Or you worry when afterwards to Tennessee but. You know he was that he was one of the best to ever play that position and the fact that he's not in the hall of fame right now to me. Is a bigger snubbed in Tony facility in Brazil talk about Tony miceli and know what his legacy was but Steve Hutchinson is probably guys that Bruce. There's another guides are great and know that very easily compete in the hall of fame but come to go Steve Russians in the NFL in basketball. One of the best players get to ever play the position at point guard. Kind of a little swagger to the game. You know not that wasn't there already but he had his own way of doing it. He averaged almost eighteen point two games. Eight assists two games in around three rebounds per game played from 1990 to 2003. 65 time all star five time all NBA. And the fact he's not in the hall of fame especially as slim because. Yeah as many people have made it all fame in the sport that he's not one of them Tim Hardaway. Tim Hardaway is one of the biggest MBA snubbed me of all time. But it certainly does to a lot of people especially in the Bay Area is a big time snubbed. Us lose your very well and you know those are those of the two I don't have I was beside between Hutchinson and Isaac Bruce. I have good Barry Bonds is my final one. You know the fact that there's a home run king is a hall of Famer regardless of you know what Eric you know what. You may be potentially took place the weather is Robin cream or you know whatever you feel like. I think she is absolutely one of the greatest baseball players of all time if not the greatest. Feel terrible time and should be. Definitely in dolphin. We get that is a drop police wouldn't francs a Robin frame there was that is a drop of predictable like to use that repeatedly throughout the course of every show until the end of time. That turn you on. A path to Asia for excess and today I might three. One football basketball and baseball coming in number three for me is on trial law. Time loss former Augusta tobacco to doing please respect I had a rule named after the play that position so physically and yet a rule named after him and I think Tyler should I think he. A good chance he gets it doesn't it was a big reason why the patriots won that 2003 Super Bowl. Are you played very physical I believe I'm I'm not mistaken he was on intercepted it to score the touch the first touchdown of the game you have to adultery and any three time I don't know those AFC championship games including Warner picked he picked you know the ball off from Kurt. I think who outright brought to Torrey dip Saudi today's after the Steelers stole our game plan sort of influence it has. It's a tough time welcomes it and number three number two and number zero Chris Webber. Our Chris Webber familiar path needs to be and also how does he not one timeout still going Lisa timeout. Last time I doubt it in my gotten past that when we haven't. A speaking to Chris Webber and the whole thing someone just speak quote we did someone at city still mad that he is an involved claim seriously because they're at 43 minutes ago we did it saying please don't strip all that BS we know what it is so he. Instead again it was like yeah. I thought that he. This they can test you please read that or more time Omer is just my say that whoever made solid player you really want I don't know. Readable more domains aren't. I'm gonna take a timeout. That is learning critical that he's learned quickly so Chris Webber on a five time all NBA or a woman rookie of the year is numbers stack of the guy's urine their does potentially like Ray Allen who played a little bit longer but there's a strong guard Chris Webber and also a reason snub to be added finally. On the baseball side and by the way you Barry Bonds I totally did it and that's what. Nerd on the whole strange topic. I have to fight myself so hard to not be a hypocrite when it comes to that because I don't like that meant but you're right he's a home run king that he cheated he took steroids but then again I'd doesn't bother me a bit much I don't like the guy he's not very likable so I decide stuff I. I saw a big hypocrite. But my baseball guy should suit and the reason I would sue. It's because almost a closer look as a DH so combined to make a whole baseball player to a lot of people but so for me the first and was Billy Wagner. Billy Wagner see his numbers as a closer. Actually compares very favorably to Trevor Hoffman who was in the whole site. And I think Billy Wagner deserves to be blogs and all fame I don't think he's gonna get there but I think Billy Wagner deserves to be in baseball hall of fame and also on the other side Edgar Martinez. Edgar Martinez is all sorts of numbers as as a long time DH for the Seattle Mariners. Our whole framework but because he spent most of his career as a designated hitter. On the he's creeping up there in terms of his viability to actually make it but I'm not sure he will. So for reactor bundling wondered Edgar Martinez into one complete baseball player and he made by baseball snubbed for the all send us it's up through three. And elect those thoughts are 7045 cent at all. Know what it is. What you all know is that BS what BS stop trip we're talking about ours I'll screen acting. That's ethnic from Belmont just exodus a child is going to say Pete Rose note I used to say Pete Rose my position on Pete Rose multi exchanged. But my my position is changed a little bit would be in light of recent events we're used to what I just I used to think that some video there were so many bad and it's changed to what extent I still think there's a case because there are some bad human beings probably are I don't not probably be Ty Cobb is not a bad not a good person you know he's in the hole same. And so you know just keeping Pete Rose out to me simply for the gambling side of it. You just didn't mesh with me because. If the Baseball Hall of Fame is its own independent nonprofit organizations separate from Major League Baseball suit and we always thought we should have been in but again sort of in light of recent events and Johnny Bench kind of dodged a question that instead Norfleet cinema last year. I'm just some comeback I've backed off to Pete Rose for law as it happens all I don't I'm good a bit but. I'm not gonna either pro American drive Pete Rose and all fame train anymore got a note that more is that because I just I don't know more than it. I'm gonna say I and I think some things off the fields that -- that turns out that he was into does not been entered supported him anymore so I'll leave it there 704570. And I'd just say extend it let me ask you to sort of back to the campus for a minute reportedly according to Kelsey Rick's wc and CNBC Charlotte. David tepper flu when your bill both talk much to talk to the players. About the NFL's policy. Hum is your player let's say you go back to you or your playing days replied right now. What does it mean to you as a player. The David tepper flies in from Pittsburgh wants to have a sit down before the sales even complete say this is what happened in those rooms this is what was said this is how I feel about this and as an organization. And this is how we wanna move forward what how as a player do you think you'd be receptive to that what would you wanna hear what you make a whole situation. Yeah I mean I don't think anything. Then you know it's your boss coming into. You know kind of and introduce himself. I don't think it's going to be something that. You know I'm a I would expect is going to be some that would expects MMI million have a feeling you know with what that means to me is a player. You know other than. You know he's the new owner of the team. I'd like say exam to thank you I mean don't introduce yourself. And have a little conversation with them and then go on about today but. I mean I think that he and that's probably what it was forged just a quick introductory. To you know as we know who he is more than anything else and I'm sure that. He'll eventually they'll learn in you know who these guys are feet I feel like if he's not a good owner at least for you know an NFL team. He'll go home he'll get the roster he'll study these guys. To understand and their families are you to some degree. And you have good conversations with them you know when it comes to you know these meetings and nobody around how to get to be around every day. But does not have a presence around any. You know your organization I think says something for you as an owner if you're one of these player. So did you write about the 70457. Or 96 tour and I'm gonna swing back around to little more detail from frank on that but when we come back we're gonna check him with Joselio of the Raleigh news and observer resound durum right now the ACC baseball tournament rolled along amid all the years they schools seems for the most part are. Are having great years and so we're gonna talk about what's going on other for a couple minutes and a maybe his thoughts on a few other items if we have time in college football college basketball it's also we had its extra few minutes ago text in the city any chance we talk about the hornets leading up to the draft Tim was decision and a new direction yes we're good to talk about that we talked to Eric Collins a little bit later because the one thing I was gonna ask corner stands today on similar to. Let's be optimistic for today. Right instead of just being pessimistic all the time about the steam in order to supported season let's be optimistic today so what does a one thing to measure the most excited about the sourcing what what are you most. Interest today in just about I wanna be optimistic about the sensor that's a great idea cutting it's a refreshing thing to tell us a great idea I'd agree to do that later in the show we come back which I wish I was Smart. I try to. Struck stay on your level Jorge Julio next live from Durham as Garcia Bela. Our rapid of the hour we go live there. During the ACC baseball tournament is under way NCAA tournaments and other regionals not too far out obviously we're talking Joselio Raleigh news and observer joining us on the tech icon just like he's covering the great baseball out there and no one in my trailer parks and all baseball. July you've been voted. Duel well stillwell a cut above keeping an eye on the action out there early yesterday and today in are you guys have been treated this pretty good baseball obviously the other at their North Carolina State schools. I have a great year and a duke in particular those thirteen an adjuster day in a sense of wins record beating Wake Forest in thirteen innings into the scheduled today's grid by a large shot how's the baseball done. It's been pretty good when you can get that a game that actually help you mentioned the duke game yesterday and it it out towards DR. The term it fair bit. A little bit of all you set up just trying to sort through. What else you don't. I. OK so it's so we're talking about today's games two and a look Virginia docs off. NC state and you look at the schedule for today obviously Dugard and loop hole you are going to edit in the early dame at 11 o'clock Georgia Tech North Carolina under way now like I mean. In terms of you know what the implications are for today's game you mentioned sort of funky set up not covered a couple of those and it is a fund set up for that tournament but there's just for the folks that may not be covering him are paying attention all that much right now what are the implications of these next couple days. Well he law. Morning I don't care over to. Turn on a player now but they've already been eliminated it. So. They played for a state and the winner that it is Jude is that it. But they played yesterday in a bid out but these are. Well armed and what happened was. Where they have a setup that you don't want it ever want to go audit audit group than the heat but the fact he did there at the so. Carolina the state all the op ED err into the pool. So every rule it out for being a well. It's kind of worked out a lot of have ordered it for me like we know what state. But not error and it should be should be wrapped they didn't. If you'd be very thing tomorrow you probably all spread their. And drop out the earth in its stock if he. OK so what it's also been done and then we find out the regional pairings and who's playing where how many ACC teams at the end of the day you do you expect will be playing in the NCAA tournament. Oh. I mean it appears to be an error actually vote in. Big app market reports that this or you know about all of you. The bottom there are corporate it will ripple there or speak and the Carolina state you. Oh. Well off and everybody else. Well well well well there are per year this year so. You know. There experience he ever seen if you vote in the first trip so. You you'd think there are a lot of a lot that's what's so we reached in the building one of the property be via your original special decree imposed. You know you can they are gonna base spot. Herb Pope. Will it go he wanted to stop it being be part of it and it. Can win this thing orally went night though it would. Feel better about being up there he means it it actually wouldn't permit it. You not think that they championed that we want our eight seed we earned it we reverse. I think that went for a walk today. You know I don't think they were going to be a property ebitda are and what their wallets are well. I ought to leave really with duke. If this series winning over Carolina will be enough to go out on the boat they they cap problems with their. There are so terrible output for their home park and it not available but our next week so. They could be here a little bit of apart in the air in the current their home field is not good enough not a good. Ability to vote. And it bickered in the war on the road. That acted being. There bears think can be used them and their crop percentage of David or pay later if I ability you'd certainly not being. Very happy about. Dorsett was at turn out to these games you know what's there's a retired people going no this is our lines around the corner to get in or is it just one of those things that. Listen we got nothing else going on a score some baseball. Pat I think if the latter. Maybe through Q3 thousand people there are my state and air it out. Arm what American people spirit experiment out but I leading our state. You know there are really help her audit the peak or are you all better. That Saturday and Arnold opened an old school. Turner type feel to being audited Durham. But that didn't happen when you've internal been eliminated so I guess that it makes. You could be looking at Pitt Louisville won Linda. Or state tomorrow and on our treasury peeled anyone he'll walk up and it and number. It was the Saturday Sunday crowds can be a lot of fun especially as a Sauna championship game featured Tuesday schools and to kind of wild out there I didn't discover some of those tournaments and hopefully will again and all of the fourth let's go what I asked you about a basketball anniversary or because. Are you do still cover NC state and they picked up the big transfer from off former five star Kentucky for Sasha Khaleda Jones and you know Kevin Keats added another piece to that puzzle to try to keep this team you know I have been going in the right direction coming off where they were last year how big an addition do you think there was. Arm we are being hobby when you hear going to don't have the issue back and tacky getting out of order. Aren't really finding its group he's account repeated. Powerball merit being Coke got a little bit of stretch spot or but he really our troops are though. They're bitching and see if it keeps it helped him develop in the unity that now. That a lot of blue in part of that paper there. This spring and summer going to be in being the it's that albeit you know pattern for Eric he. Or there will be able to keep somebody fired well how many players. But it centric church but he that it in. Fourteen months on the job so I'm not sure about the way to build. One of the best trot through an eight feet deep but in his back in Europe think he's probably trying to do what and are put together the power structure pop star. In a bench you're being accountable tricks helps. It's our Joselio Raleigh news and observer joining us on the tech job just like we appreciate you remember Eleanor regional talk disown. Are there you don't Joselio once again joining us here and we appreciate your time bizarre days and older. And the ACC tournament is interest in right because it is what it's for a couple of reasons because now with experience in the league right do you depending on who makes the tournament Dugard took. You get paid in this year you get a team like Notre Dame and this year and go to personal pick ups and North Carolina which a lot of people didn't see coming Notre Dame has at times. Bill had a pretty competitive baseball team but it's if you get those early games it's like you're the first two days of the ACC tournament right in and talk about relative to the normal crowds they did not comparing them. You know where you get to the more meager of the smaller crowds earlier in the week and if nobody is kind of rushing him beaten down doors to watch tape player to watch Notre Dame play but if you go on a Saturn religious of the semifinal games -- Carolina and state or wake or duke or any team here buys is still limit annual Sunday especially for the final places rock and editorialized that a durable Durham bulls parked out there in Durham so it's great because against the green moss front left to commit to hang out and what's opt out of the bar restaurant watch the games from up there is a phenomenal and. I think I think college baseball's boring do I don't I don't know I don't know here's why I used to like it. You know because there was a lot more home runs. And insist that dumb the best known in the pitching he's become a premium and you've got to play small ball. It's it's you know 8232 game he'll see the ball's flying out the part. Like he's too big erected a little bit they may be thumb but it wasn't like you can do pop fly you know ten years ago ball flies out. The danger concerns I understand within the Jews to Mets. But it's you know I mean again. You know to me that's it that's a type I don't mind the pain sound and is not traditional baseball with that taint that didn't you know the ball goes flying out. You know you I've seen some players when a girl ma absolutely crushed the baseball McKinney and on the part. That's been a recent trend but I mean the bait and switch to the BB cork bats and that it was the other the rays seem balls that they went back to the low profile seam balls and they've made some corrections on that front because the thing about it was. If everybody like scoring but it got to a point where you can only watch so many eighteen run Dana. And make a College Baseball they'd better for determining College Baseball. You know I I wanna see an up tempo fast paced game and in major leagues I did it right. There's no more premium on it we call the in mean you have a good swing on the ball to to hit home run. In College Baseball I wanna see the excitement the harm runs in the team be able to come down from a five run lead. In the ninth inning this you really get the right to figure Tabasco yes so. Look I love the college World Series and you ought to regionals in the super regionals and that's about the time I spent a lot of people who are inclined to watch it all started tuna it's like it would decide what I do enjoy the ACC baseball tournament in Burlington to try to get entered in next year but which we come back to our numbers three what attracted to some topics that we talked about your just a little bit win Texas and you talk about the order so that we are Eric Collins is gonna join us. At 430 in speaking out baseball. He's called a couple braves games this week a filling in on fox sports southeast. He has been calling braves games on television so it's a must have good stuff on an error there as well but I guess I can ask the question now animals are taken some of those those answers. Let's try to all be more optimistic about the Charlotte hornets today right what what is the one thing official uniform that you 2.2 one thing that makes you optimistic about this team right now. What would have been 70457. Oneida success the best. It's just screen in in all all of god screen sisters don't really know the the big board right in the middle always good to be physical scrape the physical strength. Dallas personal does it takes an actual screen Jumbotron get a Jumbo truck got it out there first that's Garcia and very with. Forward.