Garcia And Bailey H2: College Football Talk With Michael Felder

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Wednesday, July 11th
In this hour Frank and Kyle go College Football heavy with Michael Felder talking North Carolina schools, and OZ has his daily CFB nerd out.....

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But Garcia. Little World Cup update for you for the rights to to play for at all Francis threw to the World Cup final and Al. England a Croatian doing the same battling it out right now they're an extra time in the first half in the 46 minute. England leading Croatia one Miller about to go to the locker rooms here book so one mil England. And again the winner will face France in the World Cup final all updates of course powered by ortho Carolina Chris. Our Chris so Chris could tolls and it's actually frightened I was trying to say frank Garcia will join us in studio you're just a couple of minutes but first. On the forwarded their forwards Michael shoulder talk and some college football or fifteen minutes is the top three victory. For the top three at 30 yeah. I just an honor of David set for billions. We thought were the greatest owners in sports today not not all time there there's no George Steinbrenner is on this list of what with the greatest owners in sports. Today Osborne you're tough for you're you're the top three it's different from my civil what is on your. And a top three all stars my honorable mention Bob Kraft and Bob Kraft. Is no more symbols and you can always count on two hands is ridiculous but he's marvel makes ninety that the scandals take away a little bit from him. But first and foremost a McGillis jelly gov. And Peter Guber. Have so I had sick and you know what are the warriors ownership and an iRows looking at a valuation charted their franchise. In 2010 when they bought the warriors. They paid 450 million dollars or them which is not a big chunk of change triumph illness in the decades of franchises more than tripled its value. No enemy doesn't need to his death curry Klay Thompson and all those guys out there considering joining forces now doubled because there's an all star team but those guys they've won like three championships now they've I mean they're just they're just fantastic what they've done. And if you when you look at the evaluation for talent to get organization said in these stuff like that comes from the top down to those guys are number three on my list number two. The Boston Red Sox ownership group. John Henry Tom Werner Larry Lucchino. One story they won three World Series I don't. Any 2002 when they bought the team therein and missed on the 84 year drought eternity and 86 year drought but it 2004 they broke through they won the World Series. They broke the greatest curse. May be in sports history data ownership group did they say trusty guys like you Epstein coming there to die we tell if they're number two on my list. But number one on my listen there's no question about just because I think it they're the greatest a sports owning family. In professional sports in history is Daniel and Art Rooney a while I look I looked I looked this up yesterday. Wind when Art Rooney. But when the Rooney's blocked. The Pittsburg Steelers beat Pete this is no joke they bought and in 1933. And 92 when he 500 dollars for them printed Tony 500 dollars. When he 500 dollars in 1933 to five to buys the entire organization of the Pittsburg Steelers. So instead all they've done is win the route to decades they've won symbols are 14 in the seventies which your fragile and the iron curtain. They've they've won a Super Bowls of late they've won six Super Bowls of won the most Super Bowls in NFL history that are she group has. Plus they're just they seem like damn good people. They're young and I think that that's why they're number one on my list the winning the culture that they have and we just got we just got Dave tepper from up there hopefully he can do something like that here. All right so much softer by the way a Boston thing is what made me laugh just because you having spent more time out there the last couple years and actually started it has no place a little bit how tortured Boston sports fans rule won't die now they're just the man 125 year old Boston sports at all you know always championships. And the red six in the Red Sox the total World Series titles the patriots with nothing but titles the Celtics are a couple of titles you know ended the Bruins won a title that's all you know it's your Boston's and now. Is championships and you talk about a spoiled generation sports fans my god but anyway my top three at a very simple from its privacy Louis cardinals coming in number three and they've been as an investment group featuring having William DeWitt junior friends are in the cooling them and group unable to Steve ray Anheuser-Busch back in 1996. I think each. I believe that is the best front organization in baseball and I'd say it but it is and the one a couple of titles just you know two since this group took over. What they're always an and there are always bigger hero just at all. Always in the playoffs and that is a baseball town through and through and that is because of the culture the St. Louis Cardinals maintained and that's because of ownership of Saint Louis comes in number three number two is Bob draft permit. Do you use that a second ago there would be the scandals detracts from that but. There's been enough instances of overcoming says scandal or moving tacit winning anyway that he was never really about deflate gate or about spy gate and they did she there's no doubt about that but you know you would you still go out afterward when championships you kind of validate a little bit of that so I think I got Bob Preston number two and a number one under Peter holt. The owner of the of the San Antonio's first. Because you know if you have been the San Antonio. It's a neat place. But it is not exactly would you would draw up in terms of the prototypical I'd deal NBA market where a team would consistently win over the course of a couple of decades five championships and that San Antonio is not that place that you would point to a safe if I was gonna build an NBA franchise I do this year. But they have and they've done it and they've done it was great ownership very Trojan and so I've got to go Peter and number one. I you know the crazy thing about Bob crafted that I look Devin and I knew this twister hits in 1994 Bob Kraft endangering the pages have been denying them Super Bowls to. Think about debt. If you go on denying Super Bowls in the history of your NFL franchise. Let's say you're the Dallas Cowboys just started in 1960 done in nine super false. That's really really did an impressive what to do it in this band just 44 years. To go to nine suitable to win five of only 24 years best of search and were not for the scandals you have been number one on my list. They go to Austria three here on a Wednesday 7045709. 610. And dodge and Garcia will join us in a couple of minutes Michael shoulder will join us coming up. In five minutes to talk about you know some college football talk state Carolina duke wage and a whatever else almost did ensue and an Osbourne nerds out on is still still college football preview magazine but you told me before this is good for the children what is the anniversary today. Oh man it's a sad monstrosity is for a similar deals we grew up in the video game age with Xbox is next boxer sixty. Not today is and CH UK day error or would have been. Were it not for that damn Sam Keller. You know him Sam Taylor an SO being. A former cornerback in Arizona State many transferred to Nebraska it was terrible. But the one thing the good thing or great thing that Santa Anna Taylor did that I'm completely being facetious about is he sued E. A. SPORTS. Any NCAA for using his likeness without compensation. And he won. And E. A. SPORTS was willing to make it would there are willing to conceit we will pay players for their likeness in the NCAA. Stepped on the throat of all of us video game players out there and they say no we woody taste they blocked a hardline Kyle as of now we don't have the video games and I got to go buy one that's five years old and still cost me 45 dollars to scholastic edition I'm though ridiculous. Your YouTube video game nerds you got so bad you got the seriously mean that that was. I was not a video game guy that's won a Gracie against it but it is it is if you're a sports fan and who's a talk until about this deal today I was I was talking to some it was either in the business surged in a guy used to play. I can't remember anything anymore but the gist of the conversation was this. You know that we were both were released video game guys growing up but there are a handful of video games and even if you more importantly Jaber and everybody played if you like sports that was one of you can see that little ball was one of those games and today being the anniversary of when he should've kept coming out that is kind of a bummer. So listed as we step aside speak and tell us a ball we talked to Michael seldom next we'll get his thoughts on state Carolina duke and wake him. You know probably some clubs and in South Carolina thrown in there as well Osborne's go to nerd out Frankel joined the show and don't we still have to get and Adam silver and the NFL the Arizona Cardinals obviously making news two and done a lot more Garcia Blaylock WS Wednesday. Back to Garcia and and ridiculed for saying iron curtain. Is that steel curtain I don't you know but does -- does but we knew we get to talk for a living you're always gonna screw up until that happens so Michael sheltered those studies are college football guru he's joining us on the second job just slide in easier to a ridiculous with stories and prognostications about the upcoming college football season Michael I remember all of. I'll bet all right now have a few. We're good we're joy that I know of all the things I was really can't even always article over at SI dot com this morning did you see that by the way the NFL vs college football. I did I do I do believe that yes. OK so for those who have been basically Andy is saying that you know look this comes from a guy who works and covers the NFL so you would expect some some partisanship there but it's a look college football has the NFL beaten. You know and on tradition and pageantry and sense of community and edited by a mile to visit him if you wanna see the best of the best of the best illiquid and already knew that like darted on watching the best of the best of the best on Sundays but you know there's just something about that those college football product and even does. You know give me excited about the pageantry in the tradition and a good sense of community in I just don't know that you can beat it and so that's why I love talking college football even in the middle of a lot. All right I hear it here but we're very I have heard. Content including people go what game you played football. You don't spend time with fingerprint or at a time. So the market can remember I live. So that's part that people are all into like yeah YouTube old well walk the bigger and bigger. You know you'd do well and other coworker but there's some stuff that little wire. You don't give the articulated everybody opened the period. So I think when you look at it I've got the pot garden boy politics in an art to follow the look at the year while they're also disrespect begat. Quoting here though because. I don't match up nearly market when you want ultimately but rather the word you're working you're working in the industry here. I'm heavy aren't going from Sudbury into work on Monday because I expect some public but what you know well I'm old now. I'm gonna watch these players play now air. There's all there's there's there are a lot of men integrate the search is like keep the order a brilliant ploy that are important part of what the public or. But there are still important college football where I'd they're just bad air that leads to. All feel a lot of BP played an excitement that people want. You know and you're right about all that and hopefully you and I can revisit that conversation at some point but I kind of got jumped on yesterday Michael by by the state fair to use it if you had Taylor's Arthur on talk of college football didn't even bring up NC state now we go again that's what we're doing Michael chill and a I want your take on the states' email because again you would you returner cornerback like rides and when something we'll talk about wow OK okay so you come here with a bang your the deal rod Phillies back to you you lose your entire defensive line in the NFL. You know you Julie Samuels has gone Hynes is gone and that's that's a lot of production make up for another big recruiting well which may do that. Are they can't because the big banker immigrants were going to be on Croat mayor Archie had a beat. He's got to beat Oprah be that that it helped make plays sport they have to get it wouldn't be distributor. Being brought guy I don't quite. Any post to route quarterback but they've got a guy that throws people Oprah that Obama utter a word that. That there have been many people would be referred to make so they can before all they're not going to be that different pitcher you're gonna repeat. But at the power a couple of law and the other player that we're ahead of him and I that I obviously it's been so. Serial hospital rebels prepared well for all that people don't want to be just don't want. He saw on the topic we showed you got some real ability to Robert what about and we've got to be a weaker and you've got a pub where an epic. At that point yet the that the pay is currently rapid that they are a result of the reporter even as they beat their you don't work what part of what what they're expensive and it's. You know your alma mater North Carolina. You know Michael is another school that ya I'm not sure we get the same. Push back his talk about. Those were relevant we wanna be told everywhere else. I think but there's a lot of people have differences of opinions with them because of the injury situation that took place last year you know I'm. How many guys were depleted and and set the dimensions are you didn't finish the season but this can people possibly a completely different team headed into 2018. All we've included a bit because if you look at large or what what we are back and all you don't we are they're pretty and that they've. BP compensation not obviously I didn't help people also it means we are what are injuries force where I don't respect. The play in particular big you know respective independent. That is it brief aggregate cap that the party should grow up but I think that's what they're very mr. white and hopefully. They reap the benefits without it which stated you know I. But one of them are part of what we worked it worked ordered a few years ago I met at the papers to Walter all the upon watching them as well. Into the wall broke the water or eat your portrait are expressed in here and start of the benefit of having all those extra guys why. Or were there for a while children now are probably going to be very very clear what I'll probably admitted they all economy ought to the market is just not buying it they don't know well. A lot of that be how we all yeah well I broke. But what you were studio and this year it. Or letter to Dora because reaching the critical see what I think people. You know gay can that will have a patent Pedro worked out what to battle there which operated entirely I got to go out I got the W live people. We're sport so competent that might spell. And in this jar out these terror watch your world. We will bring it there's no. Do you do you need to do that you add to the jazz are if your if your Fedora. Or you can continue to keep your options open. Thank you to stretch or are they cute going to be wet spot way it was the ball down field. Back something that he was all but not more acute you know we know we were the order we hear. What you all out until. Obviously well you know it is the people we all will see what they are proud to break our freshmen become better. You have to be able to push the ball out Bill Belichick are all very. Only works if quarterback can do it but all how are tired now repeal. It sort you depicts scenes Oprah in the lord gave. Where there's holes just more. Talking to Michael shoulder joining us on the technique job just slide into it Michael talk about duke because of the two teams that we talked about Carolina state and I think they're both very very interest in teams but I can't help shake this feeling that duke could end up being the best is. Those Orleans four ACC teams in the state when it's also been done because. You were you bring back a guy like Daniel Jones and too many people don't realize how good their defense was certainly in the context of the ACC last year this should be a really balanced football team. I don't look I'm we're book alternate trying to obviously during a outlook on but I look our our applaud you know it. Admits that he or are bigger or popcorn past he tweaks or were all spent the way. I've got to immediately he can take credit I first got numbers as I mean that's going to be. Apart bit chippy I think ultimately at least a little bit forty overall are back this video. Now you better opportunity to towards below bettered the beat your older where it will work this story. It'd be very repair it. He is still spot where you've got up to me that he got big impact in those spots so when you look at it would double this one of those aren't where. They kind of know what they have a few good about it now just going to be about anything that step toward going out what you get in just oil industry keeps. Realistically. We should start out for go to begin that your big and they're taking over to your attitude they've got to go out there try to auto wouldn't put it in particular it was to put all our commitment to them. Two wide there's he'd spend our way to. They are at peace is that they have guys that they know what to expect. Our outlook what they know what another date may have guy they know what they're gonna get out of and I think that shipwreck which cited are. Michael as upstate played in the coastal side of the ACC. We're with a finished. Mun million. I am a bit what we want your you don't wherever they but it just mr. gore I think right now in my mind. Poppy right in the middle there would do in peace if we had them. But then promote Bob what a lot of weight for all reported that the arc both well I don't buy any of them. Are actually maybe it wouldn't attach the belong in that discussion of that event and then after that we'll look at the postal unbeaten. Greet general detector that or we are gonna commit a spec what ratchet it would be good Ol can't beat all the how the play. Coast all our coaching a super deep so. I mean I looked at him what do we have we'll talk about Jay and sure enough I mean there's entertainment so we should should it won't be right there in the pre war almost Irabu did you. You know you go back to Carolina for a second because you've worn the uniform and you you've represented a school and I for a long time like many people that probably thought as well. That it didn't make sense why Carolina wasn't consistently better the noise and they've had flashes obviously need to go eleven to one floor with a college football playoff and yeah you're doing something right but you know what in your mind as as an alarm a guy who has been there what what does. What's preventing that program from taking the next step to consistently bing and a nationally relevant conversation every single year. We don't want Oprah Oprah. Hairy I think a lot of part of the candidate that made a threat for the battered their you know as they don't worry. 23. Quarter of football team more more often than not gap apple were all in the by that I mean he got. Alter and why it why can't all repeat there's been here a bit quicker create a the other side and I think about it we're speaking. You know rental that we recently with the idea where the order altered our sport are or were too tired and beat them or all would be that really. He galloped big about it about what's papers and a bit about what. Mack Brown had been out the other because our culprit and there are Cave Creek. They're what's ordered the mayor Parker what all they are very very eager to hurt the game or record in particular have. You don't have what are set like that the idea of consistently wedding you can have some structural assault spot. So we it is but at the end of the day you have to have more straight week this should not think he's there is no what we are all very. Becomes an old world we if you have the ability to all appeal. Market or at least they automobile workers per barrel that's when your team also are not wearing. He's become so all well used to the law they should be W cardinal law to get duplicate Tia pat. The recorder to purple all of football game. That order a couple of you break it going to be deployed to break. I've been a decree to be true there. That last little bit is going to be what station I think that the problem nor try to space you draw. It. So if there's mr. oh what early return to proceed out what. What all and equality or spell but also stretch you don't appropriate book all deep. And making new team that has Obama's star roster that has been very wide then they can. Sought out and put her right there were all big big one but one door got a good partnership. We got a great group or wide receiver not stop our plot their back Vicki play. Not just yeah not just so put a minute ago. Yeah you know Mike can you a lot of that that you said to me sounded like pride. Tradition culture right the things that we talk about when you look at Miami for example you look at Alabama. Hell you can even make the argument for Clemson is that there is something bigger than just going on there imply and you know for the guys that are on the field it's you know this is what we're supposed to do this is why we're here. And if North Carolina to me ever wants to be great to. They start carrying a little bit more and embraced seeing some of the tradition and maybe bring in some of the old guys back in May be listening to more guys like deems deems may or drive liar yourself for other guys have played four. You know this school and bringing them back in two. They ingratiating them into the culture there of North Carolina. Why admit it's one of those big about it but I know we're through it. Are we were watching and I know what the botnet we don't. Ty Willingham about destroyed our program. Because he looks yeah. Which are just I go back after it I think interstate. Because opinion which we will what are we now look at each open network retired. What they all trotted urged air. We know Beckett so that went wrong was the walk out there are you would talk to all the guys that were in all I don't play good and prepare. And more dirt you don't root ball. What happened what's the next step what happened next because it's one of those things where I didn't know I'd bet there won't know what you could. We were somebody older players to know bureau to go to other except we all play the total order Charlie. Somehow get it after so although it's ethnically where certainly for the programs stay open steady to preparation and understanding thirty MPH. 888 K. Open before it could duplicate what we're pretty certain leaders in the eight year minimum Turkish standard of what you expect out of the program. Air act a bit part of your problem is going to be just. Expect people ordered suspended production at the start every butter bigger. Obviously when you talk about it they're a group of people truly believe they're being content and North Carolina or or or should be or ought to all bark. Big bad as people think that's spoke for people beleaguered back. Are clearly older they're clearly where our opened that open exists there are anymore and I think that they've you know what's frustrating part is watching. There are current batch has come up and administration. Be all and a real statement that the ball and he'll just got to be you'll. Neglect BP will remember though why didn't they look at June. I forced our linebacker last year. That's hold still air in particular interstate eighty Wilson. And North Carolina in the would you want. And feeling like we're about like that. But started up all what was then we're like what are we re focused they're not gotten to where we whoever did you happen to think the Tokyo. Combo player but at all. Michael I hate to squeeze his last two women a world where a pretty much out of time and I can't not released it takes from you on both Wake Forest and ECU they Claussen is obviously got to navigate the first three without a starting quarterback and sky in the numbers try to save his job so I wanna make sure we get a thought on both of those schools. Four what do you attribute these great that would end of the year thick smoke out of football and metro beer and police and their quarterback Nick Watney. And I'll be OK we'll study whatever whatever there. It went in football and obviously each dealer that spot. Because of the way they did with Latin beat you know and I don't know how to the al-Qaeda wedding because I don't think it's better. We're pretty open about the way they pay into that Alicia block well well I just don't up rural. I'm Michael solar joining us on the second John just on follow him on Twitter at in the bleachers and does your college football saying you should already be doing that Michael we appreciate your grossed 93 time. Mary Jo Harlow has your Michael's older daughters of the segment John just like one of the best in the business don't know he really is yeah you know loves getting his perspective. You know on and tell crystal ball in general and I think hopefully we can to continue that during the season. Let's do this we comebacks Osbourne nerds out. We didn't do yesterday nerds out he's been reading more still still college football magazine just things to say about state about Carolina I don't know what else and the iron curtain. Think she told the darker I mix it up it's among the Steelers you have to that you rescued him oh. Us in the steelers' defense it's an iron throne and the steel president Zia lastly educated bath. The Carolina grandchildren out of it but I we come back and Dahlia we do that for expect as well we're gonna have some. CM and they are. Tiger thanks to Michael sulfur that's in the bleachers on Twitter for stopping by great great inside there and you know for a Carolina guy beats Ohio and NC state you know I think you can tell you still on the truth that he likes this NC state team despite all the losses but it also being at Carolina Daiwa's try to get to talk a little bit about you know that the culture of of football or Carolina or lack thereof and you know what's kind of been missing because. I look at Carolina. And even though they've been much better as a player not comparing them to Virginia. Good University of Virginia had some really good runs in the late nineties mid ninety's when George Welsh and hand it obviously to match jobs teams in the Barbara Gypsy you Barbara Erin Brooks but you know they they couldn't sustain it because it's a school that doesn't really have a football culture and they don't care as much about it and you know do you people have made the same argument against Carolina for that reason. It there and and no and that's and that's right you know Kyle you know we're certain you're talking about you know tradition. We're talking about two. You know these things that matter culture. You know when it comes to excellence and and performing. You know and my questions and Carolina fans and B do you care. Do you care about football I mean if you do well yeah of course you're them. Pound your chest if you don't you care you just kind of cushion under the rug is actually a basketball season anyways because if he cured. About football pisses you off when you don't win nine games it pisses you off when you're not competing when you're in for ratio and I mean yeah I mean I do yeah. When you're not competing for the coastal championship year in and year out you oppose the programs. The care right I mean I don't Washington where you are competing for the pac twelve championship you're not bear the alumni can get upset the former players are disappointed. You know. I think that the former players care about football I think there's a a facet they couldn't. Group of guys care about football blood to the people that matter don't and Bubba Cunningham has done a really good job of trying to. Maybe switch set or Arnold bitten put more emphasis on it. But I still don't know if it matters as much as it does too Virginia Tech as much as it does to Miami as much as it does to any. And aussies and see stand out as much as it does to Clemson. I would even make the argument at Louisville it's probably a 5050 culture. Right and it's probably the most ballot school. In Australia about regular out but maybe you can you incorporate this into your nerdy this become. He'll but I trust the the schools that matters to you don't typically are one or the other I mean Florida. Louisville. Maybe Notre Dame you don't mean probably pick and choose a handful schools that it matters in both the basketball and football equally clear out. But really your basketball school your football school in Carolina has always will be and always has banned. A basketball school I don't know how that changes you're talking about places where when you win six or seven game to press the panic button but to remember it out. I that that's that's the issue not totally defied a Georgia you. Pirate games are Carolina just after inked Fedora he's he was at the guys are injured you know doesn't really matter who get this cool little blue zone over here. Here are everybody's CO basketball season you know it is a matter. It doesn't matter if there's going to be attacked don't leave the big guys that love Boston mattered to them to the people the boosters that are spending money. People are pissed because your basketball season that's true. That no looked at a strudel a what you're talking about some of this let's go to Osborne's first because we deprive him yesterday in his opportunity. So and third out he has been buried in the still steal college football preview magazines for a week now and he cannot wait to nerd out once again today it's time. All right boy it's good to be exactly yes. Limited let's start with North Carolina frank your point I think did you went to this going to school having been there I think that there's I think if there's an element in the athletic department did is worry difficult on my surpassed basketball and that's why they don't care because they wanna keep they wanna keep basketball they're gold induces. Around and the preeminent thing on their universe arena university on. I'll read some dinky because when we do have a three in nineteen like North Carolina you get these types of things this is directly out of the still Steele magazine. Parents. Started first as you VA and threw three interceptions that were returned for more yards and he actually passed for. Yes interception return yards surpassed his passing yards total extrovert that's ready nearest to a lot of people were looking had to be there sort of stage your last year who never materialized. Transfer date from LSU from. Relative non. No Chester rat. Comes in this year and I haven't done again his name right if he is huge its its yeah. I was out I was yeah a little dizzy with that myself no but listen I mean we talk about North Carolina. And and I'm actually reading this review I'm a little bullish on North Carolina is your undated and a second. But North Carolina lost 44 starts last year on defense the heart and soul of their defense. Audrey Smith was gone unnoticed brilliantly I mean like just entry Stewart there there are gone they were lost to injury and this team had nothing now look say this much I think the defensive line for North Carolina can be very good this year. Dumont fox sophomore Forestar guy from air Crawford very highly thought enough. And then there's jailing Dalton is a senior is gonna be the bell cow of this group of who's going to be here I think those three guys can guide anchored his defense to keep things in control things up front now when he comes when it comes to their offense. Listen I think there's a Charlotte you know west Mexicans can be really good for them know they lost Jordan Adams is gonna go play baseball but it was always connected this year think Dionte brown. Who's gonna probably start for them as a freshman. He's got he's got great speed he's got good size he can stretch the field maybe he's a weapon for so ranch to sort of exploit those banks. Thank you look down the schedule. I think that there's some questions here they play at California they play at ECU I think they've prop. Probably win both those games until they start to enough is what's gonna lose to UCL. Pittsburgh is a tossup. So I think when you go down the schedule and you see that they play at Virginia at Syracuse it played Virginia Tech who knows what Virginia Tech will be I think. I think what should go down the schedule we start looking at these teens we look at the talent 5% very bullish on a colonel in four games. I have to art of the deal is an essential Florida. A central Florida's going to be a really damn getting known and I'm ninety did they're they're really jammed emergency bills where did you know. It was back and I'm gonna say right now man I watched a ton of Central Florida videos inning games. Trying to study up on Scott frost wanted to see this year. Lot of freshmen a lot of lives freshman quarterback unit owners and their coach well I know that but they brought in to what they bring in a broad enough title. They brought in Josh Heupel who played this. Hillary as the guys who played quarterback at Oklahoma and a monument he was he offered to court here Missouri last year. So I think he's gonna do really good things here and he's free he's taking over roster it is largely intact they'll. They'll be lucky if they win five games now and and and and and and nothing bozos do us a Jeffrey Immelt time by the way you can you mean after I did talk to talk about stay that's what we're gonna do. I don't know it nobody needs enough to know what they did notice that the audience will. I don't know about it. It did if you're asking me the teams that care the most about football in this State's only Tennessee State well besides that stands against pitchers the most about football no doubt from their from their friend is from their alumni etc. etc. NC state cares more to me about football than they do basketball. So will do little more tobacco farm outside you gotta talk about state we got margin talk Corbett got Robby we get others there were talks in college football at a sub 7045709. DC instead it can be Carolina state duke and wake adds whoever it is he hit us up and don't we turn Osbourne loose again on the other side Garcia and they look. Back to Garcia and sale. And. I was a simple calls and no return Osbourne Lucy Newman got to get his thoughts on NC state don't forget Steve why should the NFL network will join us at 430. We'll talk printers NFC south and are probably some other drinks mixed and hit us up 704570926. And the soccer player has the best name in sports and now. The guys from England trooper. Oh yeah. I mean his last name is trooper. The grace and Allen owns one of those chooses I'm not sure you might need to go but the purchase windows was an incredible debt soccer net we're still 11 right it's a commercial and it was a 11011 final at least regular time. I tried to get ready get extra time they dealt so there's rotate dollar Martha Carolina let's go to the phone line really quickly delegates Osborne's NC State's aged and del march in Concord has been waiting mark with so many thank you for holding. Any guide. Wanna put in what football probably at the wrong Putin in spots including where the door the door ought to pay. But the problem architect directly. And I can't interview at least you're gonna do any political work double not the field there. Now public. Quote import company like they're not. He talked about about our bit to sort out east Carolina. And settle the score work deputy typical cycle but auto. A puppet Albert up there are very but are they get their. Are if it plants circle clerk Eric. Our horse were reported. And I struggled this year they've done it once appeared at eight that they want lashed out. It's not occur as late term background impolite so there are sort of aura. You know governor. Or what they'll go immediately put up. All Europe ought to be a hero while our. And did everything off the clock to their campus there's speech and in order on interest rate campus. How wide that it will export a bet that that the take on the street then look at it and the beat marijuana act grip archer. I Jamar appreciate fogleman Nomar today and here's the one thing I agree with what you said with coaches you know sometimes being in the wrong place. I think Gunter brewer is a great corporate recruiter really do near the relationships that he's built you have a lasted for years in this city and around the state. You know in the ACC he's no longer there he's with the Eagles you know return as a wide receiver coach. That's going to be a loss you know folders talked about that I've talked about that and I think that eventually do this because they've had some talented wide receivers over the last you know decade. They really happening with the guys that have gone to the next level and how they've gotten better he's made average players pretty good. I really do I think he's a good coordinator. Pressure is great head coach. You know I've had the opportunity to sit room. You know any abuse him with Kevin Gunter brewer come an end. And yeah I've been around a lot of leaders are really good leaders remember the rounds members leaders as well. And there's a demeanor there's an or there's a presence about the guys you know that's the guy that's his sister. And when they both walked into the room to interview. I thought doctor -- was head coach not have never met them before you are not meant for door and just kind of medium for the first time Gunter brewer had doom the more cashier he had the. Bigger presence he had the the army does the feel of the room the presence at the took over the room. For doors just a guy that was kind of just you don't have to be there and really what they are talking you can see in the difference in the dynamic but. He didn't have that presence and that means anything or a lot too but I mean something yeah right when you sit in front of men. Or young men and your. Give them your impassioned speech in. You know you're supposed to go out there and when one for the gipper or fight your ass off to you know get better for the dinner when the there whenever you're sane or slogan is gonna be. You know you gotta believe and have confidence in that guy that. He knows what he's talking about I have confidence and trust in him. Not sure if that's the case you know for me anyways with the door so I think he's eroded coordinator I think he does a really good job designing place. Are you getting his guys. You know touches. Immune to a lot of different things and I think there's some things I would do differently but it's you know six weighs one half does and the other and are you skin a cat but. You know he's he does things his way I'd think he does a really good job of doing those things I don't think his greatest cars I think of North Carolina got a head coach a ruling could head coach. The left him as the coordinator brought another guy on the defense side did you get really do him good program they're really good because the talent in this state as we've talked Raj you know this is. You know your nerd out segment. It's as good. As you're gonna find in most exercised its not Georgia not Alabama South Florida not California. Not Texas but it's the next here. It really is we now know I agree with that on percent and it's a go into this NC state preview that I wanna do a Tesoro wanna start. Because it's a right now we got a text in earlier and I thought it was a very astute cal yes ultimately did he exited the state dots yet hold them we we got to do this because right it's not listen this is a while we're we're still gonna do it that we're not there and abandon that I I'm sorry I go to get your guys at W tires there is a good result it's good covers Asia to what it is relentless Robby and we're gonna make sure you get to talk Rodriguez wanted to he's passionate terror. I don't know that Raleigh was not meant. In The Hague it's. First. I heard are more worried about health care ought. And gonna lose the CF I don't know what I have a but there's not a guarantee there. And I don't think cal about Bo always be taken up the ball going afraid of football no we're not Arctic national example ought to have a lot of ever gonna. Well resources like Alabama. Or they're not gonna play a game like that. Secondly the Dora. Frank I agree with you I know a lot of people watching you ticket you have people ball. The door evolved in the hottest city could be articulate our buyout but the hour the debate clear bad. You know open door and can be you know they need to get back to a ball game. It probably is what happened eleven at one event they should be doctor wanna. The next season they lost to Georgia when drugs are well they flew back and they blew the game against stated Dugard escape he would have morally right but. The fact is North Carolina the national brand. You're in year out we recruit better than about an eleven team that we play every year people aren't they where we're should be winning big games that we should be in it more than that. On our crude everybody play their a variety. You're in the out usually I want to play Notre Dame or whatever. We should not gonna bank park Stater burial continues sleep occurring wreckage showed that we had the best players in the state of the north Carolina. School in European states. This did devouring everybody because right now Carol I don't know they're going doesn't ordered the Carolina don't open door if you ain't you leave it cure everything a coach. They will be the best program in the state are not be at Auburn Alabama being. But this team could be a program can create art that Christine but they got to get their you know what together because it is like they're all about I got this. All right no no no nobody gave you carte Blanche to use a shot there to Ted or whatever you want to want to Kevin why did you just cabinet met. We'd go to break. Isn't nothing's Evan and Evan you don't can't of people here can improve it was a have been revoked in July so you they're back are we come back he's gonna get his take dad died we Osborne started talked NC state we promise a jobless religious focal under the Jerel auditors say France is a fascinating conversation. The tigers are Robin just said Robert was spot on. On because Carolina to me it's been a mystery how they couldn't get their act together enough with that brand to par later in the consistently great football that they've not been able to do right now NC state is kicking Carolina's a summer trip strange and that's not debatable so how do you fix it was due to look likely to phone calls Osbourne talks NC state that's next Steve why should fourth thirty dog intransigence Corsican --