Garcia And Bailey H2: Anthony Becht Talks College Football, Top 3 Inventions

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Friday, July 20th
In this hour Anthony Becht of ESPN previews the CFB season, and Frank and Kyle rank the top 3 inventions....

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Garcia. Our numbers soon. Let us up 704570960. And find us on the brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed proudly Jewelers Christmas in July continues for about another eleven days you spent 4499 or more you included no interest zero money down for five years check out the deal the browns lead Jewelers. Dot John coming up to know about thirty minutes into Beckel joined the show covers college football for ESPN played some college ball was Virginia and he played twelve years in the NFL so will lol talk to him under conversation at 430 will Leach will Leach works for. Well he writes the New York magazine he writes for much of other folks as well he sounded desperate. And eventually Lester and then moved on to other things but so will will Leach wrote that article in New York magazine earlier this week that frank and I talked a lot about on. Is dominant Mousa Mohammed. Panthers legend on well we'll talk some football mostly get ready for a first refrigerated glass which is coming or not he says he would like to call and so I think he's calling it always go a little girl herself by the way we got most of five civilians don't 70457. Or 96 stimulus about that time we go on the road for a couple of days unable to China and you don't shift dissimilar Delorean of Susan stoppers that's up 33. For the top three at 30 yeah. All right. I was more sometimes has some ridiculous hair brained ideas sometimes and nails it and dead today it was one of those days and emailed him because it looked a citizen top three accomplishments. In the history of mankind to. That's a fun. There's there's no way we're gonna have the same answers on this there's no way our top three is gonna look to senator frank Garcia the top three accomplishments in the history of mankind would rather. You know most people when you think about this talk about electricity and that's okay. I you to do that but it's it's an important convention I mean to sound familiar talk about the front. There are that's very important to note that write music car the Internet things of that nature and then. We're really change how we operate those are all great inventions. That mankind. And has provided for us because we've gotten on a normalized but to me is not the most important. Number three most important thing that mankind is invented. Number three for the paper cold gonna have it. You have got to have toilet paper in the drug giant yeah I adores stands amid ours was sharing some than what does. Earlier today. And then that was OK I mean it was like it's kind of weird. But the net and jumps in and just added more to the conversation what wipes. I don't understand how grown men. Using baby wipe. Thought it would not baby home in a minute we're not gonna get to where it is sidetracked on this like we did earlier McCain had about a that was on an abundance of bathroom humor this week tonight let's do this to million. But you're right you're absolutely wet like some weird why. No morals what they've grown and what do you say Wear white to white possess. The ball girls want I don't know man I don't know that much Italian citizen asked I'm I'm gonna did volunteer still you'll drive down there. Walk around whenever they're likely summer to talk okay. The two. Yes number two is paying implies yes name me. I'm saying that you've beaten. With peanut butter that doesn't taste delicious dusting sucks with pretty much nothing no one of the greatest inventions of mankind yes. But stale popcorn with Peter but it would be doing. There isn't anything the race takes second grade I stake yes. What are even better why I stick sock. Christ they suck and has traced all know you don't like the general time before there do utopia but. And turned perfect. And your Red Cross a slate suggests is peanut butter amazing it's amazing almost everything up candidates was a kid do. I made about her dog a man in there close that it was because yeah absolutely. About a number two greatest invention to man kind but the number one. Does trail the all time goat of the greatest invention of mankind. Transfusions. Alcohol. I had about twentieth yeah. I'll moral don't overlook him in there and just have frank got hammered yesterday illegitimate. This thing was it was so I wasn't so hot but. It was the perfect nomination I never thought of making a transfusion this way it was it was isn't brilliant idea. You take the news this ginger ale all right you take the vodka. And this error putting grape juice and it. Really he's very funny and does not tell you Gary without called work great Gatorade and there I am not dehydrated no hangover doesn't. No headaches until encourage older and it was just a nice consistent. Zone. Which hopefully she can play golf much better. But we got some push back by the way we got some push back we got a text and just tell us feet of water does not heal whatever the year old sore points and we're not go. Discuss this or were they anyway I value your. More distracting nudity franks absolutely right about that it's a good distort my all the same way you do it looks like a dollar some of the greatest accomplishments and district. I'm in the people who were in the United States back to back world more chance we landed on the moon. You don't vaccines of saves countless lives we were cured polio some great accomplishments in the history of mankind we have a cure for cancer is neck and willing to use it around and thank. Bellic conspiracy either front part of INS with the number three. Power windows. In a zone right now I hate roll out the window spiraling down a window if it is because the storm and you got to roll your window down or up under about it and to does not I just love power windows whoever thought today. Let's make it the window process in your vehicle is your tip of the cap to you sir or madam an electric. A lecture I just was one time write all the way Suzanne but how much easier your license as it is at one time. How many push into transit goes all the way up out yeah I know I don't I. Isaiah beyoncé and yes could that number two. That takes in flux there's some of the Minnesota anyway there's a replay. It's replace a good thing. It's a replay can be abused but it's the replays a good thing. So I know you don't put those three plays a good thanks. It has gotten a lot of calls right and kept a lot of games from then decided in the wrong session for all the tawdry extra time it's laid on for all the frustrations all the interpretations of what's the catch what is an instant replay. As double ought to do it so I got a choice replay number two but number one. Number one. The greatest accomplishment. In the history of mankind and the greens yoga pants yes. I don't even think it's close yoga pants my degree I mean and Phyllis lady's subtle there which orientation is who you love so you don't really just I don't care. There's nothing better than a great movie Vinatieri younger parents. Walking around the mall. That can't be great to yoga dance and make him great they do they did they really you're. He just said well what are the other things that ladies Wear that are similar together pass the calls on the different leggings delegates amazingly Lindsay you're looking at a and I would about the same for the most part. But you can't just seems so much better do their religion but yeah I agree like using your the fans are about the same there's still has been some fundamental difference. Show. This Osgood on that researched what is the deal it is literally typed the sentence I learned a much Yeltsin would just type dissent is the way US gets in real life what's the difference between yelled at Princeton and legends. Dugard some. Seed Texas running their freestyle and I'm telling you right now men or women. Is there any greater invention that's been yoga pants I I defy you. To prove me I'm wrong about the premiere on on that don't repair its number one greatest accomplishment history of mankind on what you thought there's a key differences. He leggings and yoga pants what is alleged you've watching yoga pants and Lula flew than you lululemon yea I know. And that is this sickness and the fabric of yoga pants are designed to be worn alone and their fantasies I ever just get really sick and opaque. Both paid millions sitting down to those the ones mile stretch going you know you don't drag all right I don't know at Evan has some to ask you questions about your presenter. All basically what you're saying is you're down almost a sickness. Almighty god it's tough your own my house. Ourselves ever heard the that was terror scenario sex lies and tell your fiance most beyond its own no absolutely not. I get on the publishers who got younger prayers relies just cross that emotion and if I. You're back to these baby wipes and menus and are called man wipes the still baby wipes. I do you go to the store they actually having use these things as well. Yeah you didn't grown men are using baby wipes to wipe them but I don't understand the status I really don't yeah. It's comfortable it's nonsense that's just the opposite of comfortable it's like your voluntarily given yourself. Strong fast and you if it's that big a disaster down there at this hour. Get a shower to wash our sport right. You've gotten back kind of liked that catastrophe. In the shower. Welcome like that's disgusting. Our original match where diamond a more serious conversations Frank Jackson doesn't have a chaser to react some more what Larry Fedora cinema you want to do that and re Japanese EC media days a little bit which is a greatly did it to Anthony back to join us in about twenty minutes talks in college football will Leach at 430 we talk Panthers were most Mousa Mohammed at 5 o'clock ratio edits Garcia mayor elect. Yeah. Get back to Garcia and stay. I. I. I believe that do I believe that. I am one. Yes sure you know what does it mean going back. Not if the game changes to work self flag football I think the game all have gone now. That was blurs the door with us -- days ago on Noah radio row ACC kick off an outside of the western end. I'd ask Larry what is certain dallas' you don't. Stand by what you said earlier and on one front he did in Friday reported on almost immediately after that question right after the interview you said doesn't really answer that question when asked to join noted we're what I said the country go to he. He didn't want to talk about football didn't wanted to wade back in those other parts. Don't think he you know sometimes when he tried to. Say something and and you don't express yourself for elaborate properly write it comes out may be the wrong way. Or maybe a little bit over exaggerate Torre on what you're trying to get across and use a bad analogy that a brutal time you do all the time will do it. Right you know come and an and sometimes. You know you have to be able to take a step back and say well you know I think that that is coming across this way it's not meant to be that way. And she didn't do that right in whatever he said when there was a CT of the country I don't think. To me the country part of this is any you know it's an egregious whatsoever. I don't think it. It was intended to be what he meant what he's what he said it was. And what we're making it to be. I think he was trying to get the point across that football's getting softer our countries getting softer you know we're kind of going the same direction because of this the way our country is the way we teach your kids and those type things. Was combed the most concerning to me in that conversation was about the CTE. Because he is responsible. For understanding. And being aware of you know what challenges. That this game you know offers and what it provides an innocent the different things that. You know you're risky to. And to that so overplayed a CT clip from the second you Roger disagreement and and you know it's nothing new. You know he may have meant. What he said a little bit differently all I had to go on as we said because when I get the chance to clarify frank he wouldn't again you've poured that out before I could even. I gave him a chance to clarify the statement any wouldn't even touch it. You know and and the issue that I had his bright to you you know more I guess it'll tell you forgot more about football and I know it's July 2 digits it's something you've had a great deal of success that's what he says it's my life I notice my life and soak in a professional football in this country really became enormous. You know. Still when you look back means a lot less than fifty years ago I mean really became an enormous force it and you know the the American culture. You go back to the first half of the nineteenth century in the fourth professional football I mean it was a force that it is today. And joked he's talked about military readiness and toughness in football those sorts of thanks. While we were golfers like Bobby Jones were serving in the military when Jackie Robinson was serving with Ted Williams left baseball to serve in World War II. You know I think America is pretty great doesn't. And we're pretty toss in bad ass men and so while I think football is awesome and a little balls worth preserving and principals were studying in protecting so the people who love it can continue to do it I think what he said was foolish. And I think there was. And arrogance their bill writer who's on this network right after we go off the rush at 7 o'clock. Bill Lester really nice guy and he ripped Larry Fedora and there was yesterday because there was that. A level of arrogance that I what I do was so important that it it's not gonna stay the same way you could ruin America that that's a level of arrogance that permeates that statement that even if he didn't mean it that way all we have to go on as what he says. Here's the issue. The fact that we're sitting here talking about. Know what it meant that wasn't. A good message your right and to your point but see cheeks and your right to some more important message are you right. I mean I think the there equally important look out I mean the the difference is it's more censored for now most people who are so this is Hitler said bottlers these these are his comments about CT Vienna Norton played host. I don't hold your you know your clarification is right over the years. I'm not sure. Put all us old. I appreciate what you. As long years. Still slavery. Why don't they. Slave. Thoughts frank yeah I mean I think he said a lot in that that. Football itself to me was the main thing. That football self. Isn't proven to cause CT. And he's right and who's right about there is right about that. Scientists will tell you recede tonight there's not a causation established and that's important we in this country have MSU's football. As the platform because the most populist thing. And because. Or heroes are are are committing suicide in our you know coming up with CT and there was a lawsuit that was filed and there was information withheld in those type things and we're learning more about that. As we go on his also write about football is safer than it's ever ran. Right and I think there's a lot of things that you can interpret in there to meet your narrative on what you want them to make your reaction to get you know us to jump out and say I can't believe he's got sensitive and understand. She did explain himself and may be weak that's our fault that we should back what do you mean football itself. You sizzle to a second because of the crystal balls the most popular thing again. You and I CI about a much of this of the things we don't to meet football does belong illegally sold in this conversation it's not because I wanna see football persecutor to go away or anything like that it's just the simple method that you and I talked about this in the course of a football game. They'll linebackers offensive linemen running backs are gonna play what francs sixty to 75 snaps and again. You're making contact your hitting on every single one of those snaps yes soccer players to concussions and soccer needs to be studied hockey needs to be started but a soccer game your heading the ball most what seminary times in a game. And never mind the fact that football practice is whether his full pads or shells and you're hitting guys a countless number of times and you're talking about tens of thousands of collisions and hits in the game of football as opposed the soccer or baseball or hockey where those things are possible so so so much more infrequent but that's. That's the point is that's the false equivalency that really gets me angry we sort having this conversation because everything else that you say and that he said early said yeah I think he implied is not a reasonable. Right. I think the only accurate way trust ever determine on what degree. You know football is accountable for. It's just Albright's. You know and until you do that you really not gonna house. You know great indicated it would contest the hundred players that played football 2000 wherever the number was and to figure out how many of them had CT but. A we have this conversation Jesse Perry told myself and some of the other older players Ed Too Tall Jones or sit there around times talking about you know this conversation and then. They're fine they're great they play football long time into tall Jones number one overall draft choices ingratiate there isn't Ronald saved you know sixty something years old and you'll still go walks around and gets around his. Eight foot tall and he looks I got they're still play. Com there's other guys I played with it you the same thing in you know can go out there and operate in and an exercise in and do all the things and there was a difference you know why there's some guys shrivel up and their moorings go to mush in they find themselves. Does it genetics I don't know is it the way we continue to use our brain like exercise. I'm not sure arguably that's tempted to do with their mean you can't expect. Them to go get in great shape. And been able to continue to Ron. On an exercise and and work out in his sixties if you don't continue to work yet just not gonna happen right if you're sitting on the couch and not using your muscles tonight using I think to say the brain is among the same thing is that I mean if if you're sitting there. And you're drinking you're depressed in your low. Only in your out of shape and in not doing anything I think yeah there's we have more tendencies for those boys to shrivel up don't do those things it just makes comments come. Press and push your brain like a muscle this gorgeous stage fresher longer it's going to be able to activate in and you know you believe you're really using a series still going to be able to grow it is a certain degree I don't know what the prisoners I'm not a doctor you know but I know that we only used a small percentage of our Brian. And women use more and more well that's that's obvious let me let me also since you'll quickly come ask this question if we back tournament. I know any details on this morning with Mac and company and I've referenced him yesterday I didn't even know it was on this one but then there's this narrative out there there's an attack on football. And I have a hard time jumping on that simply because all over the country some of the most prestigious universities in this great country of ours you have senators are programs devoted to studying football helmet technology the impact on the brain how to fix it got to get better and I think that there are so many people were so scared of that that they turn it into an attack on football and I don't see the problem in studying glory understanding what's happening during that game so the future generations of football players can be treated taking care of diagnosed and maybe just maybe. You know there's something out there that if a player can be diagnosed with CT in the middle of his playing career there there there isn't something preventative of the something that can fix it until a therapy so there's nothing wrong with learning isn't oral here to do covered in the 607080 years we're blessed to be on the surface to learn and understand ourselves better what's so scary about science I don't get it. Yeah and I noticed the unknown yet as they're known as the figure out well damn this is dangerous than. And you know my sense can't make a million dollars fine that there its the acknowledgment that rule you might actually the you know develop something and you know because of this and something that we can't control which is our brain but don't cut you find. A player. This has played the game of football as long as I did death that use his head more than I did it's important at a publishing I know I use my head on every single play. A used it not like a weapon but it was always a thing that led. Into the defender. Helmet to helmet. There's always the thing that that lead that way at a news decided you saudis funnel Logan and and I eat do you threw my hands but always. Lead with my head and as that hurt your short and internal. To Jabber and stop the defenders so I could stun him. And ending grab and hold him. Right and is often sublime or I'm tagging along backer in I'm going to head to head one of floods and I were having this conversation how many times in a London where we uncovered. And just run into each other like Graham. So yes look. You've you've got so many good does a good perspective on this and I wanna come back to that effect what ask some of these questions Anthony back on the other side when we come back twelve years as a tight end in the NFL played at West Virginia and Al college football analyst. With ESPN he'll join us next globalstar right there we'll get his thoughts on that we'll talk college football and don't medicine and tell it feels like its sourcing and barely. Siena and they are. It's. I didn't go. Fresh off those two days here in Charlotte at the ACC media today is kick off I should say sort of once a cultural Ballmer needs right around the corner we don't talk to. Anti back twelve years in the NFL as a tight end and don't play it a little college football West Virginia they are here this fall. To open up the other season against the Tennessee Volunteers in the though college took off right down the street at Bank of America let's welcome Anthony on through the second job just slide and I entity that streets on an hourly. Well. Our daughters they're glad to hear it all wheel drive him to question we're just gonna talk about a minute ago there there's some people out there we talked to Larry should north two days ago was it a fresh off his comments that it got people stirred up hey guys which dealers that are ours it's a Danny kanell and others believe there is. If that's a good football is under attack from a drug spit it out here to game shall balls under attack on. I don't know that I can jump on board with that others might what is your take on that is football under attack. I mean I don't know this to this this is a game that took all the work station maps. You know been put out there there's huge huge push for players straight and they're there's no question that the bottom well the world shall all be reviewed. Those numbers are are sharply declining. Not actually have a a sit down meeting what Oliver luck. Earlier this week Jim we got into. Or not just we beat NCAA ops history except ballot. We got into that conversation. And I think we're at the information that's out there everybody. Jump ball that fact that. You know CC. A full ball is directly debt that it guarantees it. Happening. And if it goes crumpled ball to just extreme measures and I can't quit some of the studies are coming out now at some of the information that the NCAA is still opera and I am saying is that. You know not necessarily short the term matter of where shall all issues. Is we cheat cheat so I think it's it's. Chilly to say that. Pop pop players wouldn't have any signs of CP. Plame game because we both know it's not actual. Per hour helmets and to try to do each other but. Think that is how has been. Drawn out to the fact that it really. A huge deal but what got into it. Top of the chart I think that you know if they opened affordable beach and the last two years you know that the game. Couples try to get paper trying to beat the best they can. But let's be honest this is a violent game and you know Spain cap we can't control I appreciate where Opel oppose or support any good. I think when you talk about the landscape opal well there's yet that we changes are happening going on in and and the way people think about it it's it's very. I think things are different and now than they were ten years ago fifteen years ago twenty years ago. You know thirty years ago and you know talked a bunch of guys just say played the golf tournament with. If guys like Ed Too Tall Jones played tons of years and only gain a London Fletcher W play depositions longer. More consistent than he did in in these guys are walking around they're they're they're productive they're functioning they're they're Smart they're engaging they're still on television there's still out there exercising. Their mind in. You don't have any of these issues but. Other guys that sit around and do that then. I don't officials sorry for themselves or or what but. You know that they may be having different issues wire some guys having this another and not others. Well I think it's just like any thing keep fore check it differently whips and any type of trauma or. And this is just big picture I mean you're right I thought I played twelve seasons. You know I I just I never missed became a they don't want. I'm sitting here fine but I know he. We might not know what so long term issue. But I think in general you're right it does affect everybody differently I don't open the players that played. Animals snaps. A minimal careers that are very cheery. You know I just wanna make sure that guys are. Are trying to teach. I guess so look debt and make sure that we know exactly what caused some of these same book people that we tactic right now. Even with the information that we have I mean we talk about these studies and spy hunter planes that are remote that. Mean that's talking about millions of players that play the game all over the years. It's hard to get off the judge got things up just under playing but it is information that have to be used. It is suitable nature but. I think big picture there's a lot of information we just don't know or appliance. And a negative side when it comes stood brain trot our bank expects. Try to go around the game all. And for about just became spoke bombings were taught about published works soccer gymnastics. Mean there's a lot of different page bullying. Where that's the numbers are small or India that play. But that but the percentages of it and try opposite bank that are going on a concussion search artistic. Our rhetorical Anthony -- join us on the tiger come just salon dot ESPN college football analyst the most talked a little college football all star Jerome are there going to be here to ought to start the season against Tennessee in the adult college kick -- going to be a great game as bush is going to be back to talk to the folks running betterment yesterday or today is that it was a matter of fact and they've sold I mean they sold tickets so fascinating that their dollars so quick well there may be unless at this point to fan bases in no way and in different places it you have Tennessee were Jeremy Pruitt to debut there try to get Tennessee back on track and your mountaineers and and they think they can win the big twelfth. Yeah I mean most of you know will reader news is basically got not just the big twelve national. Society you know whose last day in the big twelve as far as quarterback play. It's an uphill battle we know Oklahoma why push wrong she. But I have a question march of the quarterback position Oklahoma State and these are programs that act dice but they're several years and I let those key so. Well estrogen had a huge jump pop charts we. Within the big twelve and I'm excited to see how they play. I think there's a lot of question march from a defense standpoint. One thing that Tony is in it dom what that team is every year they lost a spot out there may be able to kind of regroup and recruit. Ju co owners of resentment. And dealer trying to. Do what they can in the big twelve and we all know what to different style defense that way. In that conference and it is across the country so that'll be Beatrice speech play on I think it actually capers where estrogen you would talk about like a little bit for base. Our defense purses a Tennessee team that don't normally have played them or refugees style of play so. A lot of question marks an eternity side I think that was diplomatic coaching and what you bring its credibility. What pro at what he's done a lot of square tortured. And obviously up order stated and comic from Alabama so I think it's. I think it's going to be great kick off to great start the seat and I think both those teams it's an important person you Serbs were to win. In a neutral environment and I think it's going to be great. Although I am based in the game they saw both. That's him gusher if you like the high scoring seventy does 65 typing games I'd I don't we are playing offense and you played offense and in a gimme gimme a good thirty you know 28 had to gain 303120. Something like that I'm fine with that but it looks like the spreads have just continued to evolve and get better and better and you know the art CEOs that are existing now continue to grow in the time. I'm that you know offices around the field the amount of plays that they run vs the defense is why haven't defense has been able to. I catch up why haven't they been able to slow these offenses down. Are you know you're talking about you know chip spell that are trying to go out there at all levels trash seeker you're. And given a lot of responsibility. And they could be given those responsibilities. I don't have the time which are checked get eleven guys are shedding. On the football field we're no different character types of experience that the PR mistake in a so so so basically that he keep it at age you and maybe that's a bad aspect is try to take something away but it. You're right there's you know there's there's an obvious premium all senators and wish Brett you know people sale what you just said do you like that different Charl. I left I didn't think art part of the elk are to. People that's all fashion and not a traditional way apple all these state but we look like the Alabama and the questions. Extinct or using tide and I think what you'll see it there's game. Is that what surgeon has been so are used as a tight end. Credit you know 0%. He's you don't wanna shoot Perry guy when he first got to always go any of all of that up there it's really gut thought we door running game. And they've really grown that over the years he's been there and now. Person now you know he's got too tight ends batters six or six try to order shift toward 65 outs but he feels like can be an obvious weapon. If you look at the tide had used an Oklahoma in this age were in the situation. And then chase tomorrow attack suspect a couple of years ago he's got what weapons or able to really control no funeral. They kill like I gotta tell it it could do a lot and I'm so cultural critical here and there and she and evolution of an opt out you know Christians. Growing as a coordinator where it was you know game one was just like everybody else so I think it's it's going to be and which side but two days. Right a lot civil defense in this game. And you know somebody opt out as perhaps also some drives because it was gonna take great defense to win. I championship both teach at least a cop shipping chips blue ridge for. You. Anthony are good the SEC west for a long long time and and completely deservedly so has been looked at as the best division in college football don't tell you don't tell anybody else the the the ACC Atlantic Division deserves to be in a conversation and it and I've I think it's equally is taught these are looking at Clemson Florida State obviously Lou over the past couple years Lamar Jackson but they're just look at NC state and the momentum bearer and a great season last year Stephen Ghazi was gonna have elements hosting a Boston College a Wake Forest they suspend their quarterback but amid this colossus got to toss team that plays defense and you know it's easy to forget about Dino braver and searchers because older searches would know that they're scored points are you know very not a lot. Madieu quickly determine if they Wear teams out so I don't know how you feel about that comparison and I think the ACC Atlantic is really itself and I think I NC state in particular is obviously interest into a lot of people here. These are Jacqueline writes you know I was fortunate to really get sprinkle now. All the major conferences slash year ESPN and I called several Clemson game jedi order state game sorts state you're right. It beat our conference's. Not all back into them except put themselves in the Olympics are you ready SEC. Not to meet does sap a chop your strength level but I do believe that now all the conferences. Are certainly well under even want to talk about the power out street patrol. Are a lot of those top producer and airport from the most improvement. Guerrero I think the issue if you shortly duo up and that it it would appointees they actually our biggest challenges don't get that defense if our forty debtor. You know do they have those groups put into place or be able. To just go off the momentum that they have the last two seasons we have a quarterback there's about it will be sharp play. And basic might have won about somebody wrote about it mr. A total of fifty counts. As a sop they want. And could I assumption numbers were washed out so. You're right I think from top and bottom urged war. Strength but more week to week or you could cheat teams you know in the search users from the species making it tough. Some of those teams and now we're into the seat and talk about who wish like this schedule boots opportunities are. I think that only bill BC out movie order if you. Our identity back to ESPN college football analysts join us on the ticket John just like we appreciate your time and inside their lighted accident. Go to our gentlemen have a good weekend. I look we don't tackle wrap up the hour 7045709262. And again still some things I want to get into a strike to try to reach out some stuff and enjoy -- college football brain coming out -- about fifteen minutes if you miss Dave -- yesterday which got that sort of a David -- a was not scheduled to join us on yesterday's show the ACC to not scheduled a door to come by and he has on radio row and Theodore went out of his way to come sit down with us your WS Lindsay we really appreciated that and we earlier conversations you'll hear about a 4 o'clock. As we continue to college football coverage and Doug don't forget most most of Mohammed Thompson at 5 o'clock we will Leach's for thirty to talk about the New York magazine article from Monday about attendance across professional sports send up a lot more 70457. Or 96 and find us on the brown the Jewelers Twitter feed a child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 Christmas in July continues you spends 4499 or more you can get zero interest no money down for up to five years check it out rally Jewelers. Dot com we'll wrap it up when we come back it's Garcia Blaylock. Back to Garcia and sale. Jack Dorsey Israeli court and court dealt a wrap of our number sue here and as a sort of minute ago Dave Doran joins us yesterday CC kick off. If you missed it we'll have a forty coming up at 4 o'clock she was it was really talked about this NC state team we also talked to Ryan certainly an odd talked about the you're the attrition a loss Avandia the entire defensive lines through the to the NFL and the loss of some firepower on the offensive side the this notion that they won't be able to to bounce back or reload they they obviously take issue with that is you might expect most teams wouldn't they'll have to prove it but still I thought Dave was really interest me so you'll hear that coming up in just a few minutes will Leach will join us at 430 we'll talk about that article from the other debuted the attendance declined in sports where it's coming from his resurgent kind of his perspective on that and in most joins us at Bible talks of directors of those and I'm sure the topic of conversation. B Cam Newton says to grip right can't drag owners that are very well what's what's bony draft camp photographed him autograph. He CNET and he's saying you know everybody's kind of you know with cam in and going out there after in the comments and what he says about working out now he's not doing this and they'll come stepped damning you know all the all the things that he talked about. That is posted some pictures now in everybody's jumping all over he's in great shape ready to go look at those yeah I mean good for him. He's a phenomenal athlete is it physical specimen. Is he's he's paid workers as often wearing physical specimen. No doubt about it I don't know what I'm supposed to say about James instead Graham posts and it looks jacks and dumb jealous always had those ads but adult. I don't know what we're supposed to think. And I don't know I think anything. I think it's the same thing the moon guys pose so these are girls pose soltys. The looking for attention. So I think you know that's his job now to go out there and you know build his brand. You know he's in great shape you know but. You know look he's looking for attention as a negative connotation that aren't and you know. Didn't jump on is that we're really tried to defer its bigger strike with a negative camp come now I mean you know him cameras did. OK it was all of that if you allow he's allowed to do whatever wants the bit. I mean this do you think that you'd you just. You know that do with the the farther in the back there had been the message. I am a judge and him that's who we're just not I'm not accept him as I've but it didn't sort Diaz. It's like today we had a conversation about the video with the language I didn't care about the language so of course dribbles to animated about that at the time but I'm just more interest in the fact you've got a quarterback who's always been. Brash and outspoken and and then just insults but I think even more so now there's anything it was snow I don't the norm that people don't already think he's. Looking for attention the idol and look at ultimately. I don't care about that I don't think there MI port LCDs and a wrong my port is that I've always been more facets insisting sore but. It's represented around and and came steel himself and I and I don't think those two things are related and I don't think it's a bad thing but I I don't think those things are on related. I know this. Year's it cam. Has. Looked to be the center of attention the most. He was the best. Yeah the bad debt level swagger has carried him through when he was looking for the most attention and getting that is when he was at his best stuff. So those two things exist and you're an aunt in your gonna do those things. Then do you just back it up and that's why some people can't accept camp. For earliest because that's not normal to them bright because that's that's not the way to Tom Brady conducts himself a subtle way that now Verizon this it's not the image that they project that's my point in the image they project is that you know you're the quarterback your supposed to be just stoic and quiet leader and you can't act that what the is this guy himself. You may report a second ago. He thrives on that he's he did that's that's his fuel you can see it on the field which can stealing himself on the field he not only plays well. He's demonstrative he shows you that and you may not like it. What those two things going in the net. And your car I think you're right I mean you know either you're gonna love that you gonna hate that in and I don't know if there's much in between. Yeah I love does this win. You know what is your if your door those things and losing them there's a problem for me you know it's just not the way I was brought up has not been doesn't match it's like you know. You hitting me in the face of means and I was my fault I hit let's and I said that was my bad that your hand broke my jaw. But. If the students there originally was DiMarco per distributable gloves Thomas Ecclestone mark mark with some early thoughts on Jim. Oh well now what you wrote about this drug increased it would appear bill that's the there aren't. Yeah I really don't care law would get winds to be honest with you. Glad Tom Tom Brady does it doesn't look like the God's gift to women when it comes to his body but. He's got Super Bowl re starting frankly it's better with the shirt also birdied us. Well like always right but that's here. The whole. I discuss his share of fifth that Smart cover citadel gold and aren't there enough I would come back and they dormant for yesterday great conversation Google Talk a mobile tackle ball and he door yesterday. You'll hear that all of Frank's reaction that since it couldn't be there obviously in the know will Leach will join the show we got a big show the rest of the way you'll Friday's Garcia Baylor.