Garcia And Bailey H1: Us Open Talk With Dan Hicks, Best Father-Son Moments

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Friday, June 15th
To start the show Dan Hicks joins the show to talk about the US Open, and Frank and Kyle ask the listeners of their favorite Father-Son memories...

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But Garcia. Garcia Israeli. Gotta really mean tax sort of that was meant for us of Alaska I could have proposed a great start here on Friday remember gonna have a blast. A really good son Dan hicks NBC golf joint missile launch US open coming up at 230 we'll get a quick job look candidates who strikes thoughts on that obviously is well Patricia Hancock is just. Man is stuff really really tough I was listening to some analysis this morning Friday guys talk about just how tough discourses right now. And I heard some guy talking about you know he's a pretty good golfer of the city resign his handicap was too were free to regulate a good golfer. Armed Joseph Biden gorilla suits it's everybody else on first and very good golfer and that if he plays synagogues today. He shoot about a 95 to a hundred you know and that that's how tough this course is out there. And see discourse but Dustin Johnson I believe still at four under a double sect the leader mourners second but I mean you're talking about a guy who spent a long time. As the number one golfer in the world the world right number one. And this is different and putting at the same kind of scores you'll see a gust of the year that we saw at the Wells Fargo and it's just it's a different kind of course since. That's what you love about it's the US overly swear I do you know for once. A year wanna see these guys struggle like me or see them go out there and hit a good shots and don't get great results. You know but the guys are making the best shots and you have the good up and downs in the back short game I mean the ones that pull through and and that's where Dustin Johnson is when in this thing it's not because he's driving it further than everybody else in. You know getting better art as because he's able to get up and down when he misses and Tom you and Tiger Woods is playing great when you these guys when these major tournament. It's the guys are putting the best and it's the guys that have. The and a short game for that week and that's where you know DJ right now is getting it done in. In a finer way to go out there and manage himself around his course and what the biggest problem he's ever had. This is to his aggressiveness you know Charlie Nance told me he was that a gust a couple of years ago. And everybody else was bitten you know from I do believe it was a list fifteenth or sixteenth hole. In their drive and and there have been like five irons into the two the par five. And you know he decided take a six iron and you know he just try to muscle one up there and in came up shortened. You know I mean just that that the aggressiveness and he's always displayed in in the way he's attack things Smith and Louis is but I'm when he's playing his best. He's a little bit more conservative. Thinking my way is his self around the course and because this course is so fast and so hard. It's almost playing like a British. You know with some you know a lot different conditions then I'm you know as far as the greens and and the elevations the you know the British Open on the links courses and and have the elevation that. These does he can you know those course you can kind of run the ball up and land it short and value of these things but does here. I share cock you got to land on a grain and what's happening as we're seeing in the later in the week the ball's hitting and bouncing like it's on concrete and tell you just really tough so these guys ever. I go I didn't. Dumars for. That's still pretty do or get it done for the conditions these guys are playing in the wind this course. Got about a day that that's where we are right now that's opening tolerance goes away and force who goes up one not okay is a real World Cup updates to realize that also the agenda just sucked in the US open. It is our openings are there today. Jordan who roof opening topic of the day I'll. I'd sell you real quickly or boredom they were just talking about Dustin Johnson 400 just four shots ahead of the field right now Ian Poulter who just started his round he's on the second hole right now he's at even par for the tournament at the moment so four shots behind Dustin Johnson up behind Ian Poulter he got a handful of guys that won over Tommy Fleetwood Mac can Burke Stinson Scott spears and Justin Rose Charles Howell Charlie Kaufman all the guys that went over right now so I'll keep an eye on that Charles Howell and Charley Hoffman stars there around coming up here about five minutes so we'll see you when the children. Great thing about this course in the way the conditions are as we saw even tiger. You know day one go out there and had a triple bogey so any given hole tree. Because of how fast these greens are out until later in the dark for the elevation that they're they're they're playing with the speed of home. You don't guy scandal blow poll and come right back to the field so did you right now that foreigners think with a four shot lead. And it. You don't want to hold the start off tomorrow no par partial or. Yeah double triple and you know he's right back in the middle of the pack are right back to didn't you don't contend with with every real cemetery. To catch him you did talk about this all the time do you like courses like this that humble these guys you like courses like this that make it difficult do you like it when you guys are winning tournaments and 456 over par you know why. Because it tests their guts is relatable it is and honestly it's more relatable that when I say that because you watch tiger yesterday on the first hole and you watch tiger trying to putt putts. You know on that are off the surface and uphill. And you see it rolled back down to his feet who can't relate to that I mean I was in Saint Louis and literally did that last week him and I was playing golf course I'm terrible. I can drill holes. Article and I'm terrible but I'm instilled that it's relatable to watch and that's how tossed this thing is synagogue of their and Hamptons I mean it's a by the way just doesn't and it's a scooter coastal feel to a man was meant console is an ocean course and it yes so your best or not right now very tough course it's playing that way it would Mitchell leaderboard updates throughout the day obviously and and World Cup updates to do as I assume we're limited this. And Uruguay. Getting to get it was ruled pulled chest brought cooler it cools. I bet yeah we're good drives alive edit to draw the Egypt so one nothing earlier a bubbly those 11 AM game and enough. I Ron what Wright won nothing as well so under for the just soccer and right now I don't run right now so yeah Portugal Spain playing near the Iran thing is interesting though because the whole love of the holds. I did the ninety rescinded their other sponsored to emerge and I still dishonest don't care I'm committed a parent. Did you runner on and then Martin and I tumor. The reason they did though was because you know the Obama or deal with Iran was rescinded and drug administration has so like he said no actually I did you cleats after all exports so it could spokesperson. Doesn't play and play better for the player Wal-Mart special cleats that depicts a oh sure they've they had some nice she's like I'm concerned about the uranium necessary US let me be a concern about the radio national. You do that and I'll get all appeared to have them join the Portugal Spain score. As for now all those scores a goal early on that he wasn't totally tickets and Arnold. No there's only one understood there's only one eye he's always out and good lord what an Adam's apple yeah well don't tell the women act. I was attractive to men in the world accordingly according to them. Beyond the duty DeLong there's an American. Islands out golf ball sticking out of his throat Evan has something overall what's up yeah hopefully goes up irony employers got a year Max meta measles us take place. Hit hit hit it's if ands or jokes and he had had a cash Evans or jokes all Benedict 74706. Spit it out and I love you can you do the will go update again for drug. The one did you just did that was a lawyer. Source. Iran wondered if one doesn't know America is different agenda that's the only way to get prices are here's the agenda today we gotta do what I did an accidental stoplights or thirty we'll talk to him just sort through talks and that's always Schwartz at 3 o'clock in a printers fans. He had little Breslin was Schwartz he stops by our men and look out I'm watching Schwartz the past like six or seven months on Twitter and a lot of this content to sit there truly is. An anti panther bias there. I gotta be honest with you folks. I don't see I'm telling you I think he likes street are luxury lights the printers but I don't see anti painters buys I think that I think Schwartz he takes such pride. In being completely objectives. And and and non biased on partial but I'd just think he's. It's very brash about it and it'd turn some people all pro like Schwartz is breakdowns I do so it's he's not afraid to debate that's right there's no doubt about it I like shorts it was a big guys who fits in here and then speaking of the World Cup you're really gonna get some analysis at 430. Former US men's national team head coach twice over Bruce Arena will join the show at 430 so other. Other things happening prices broke little early today he's out of 4 o'clock so many Osbourne. Just thought. Or has ordered crippled a college football like the last two outs Russia and leave you out but I'm feeling we'd did you delta flight two hours to help triple now decide yes or wanted to tell my. And don't forget preacher seen top 33 today is going to be a blast. The greatest dads in sports history the segment I'm most looking forward to today took a it is the birds and the bees with our boy heaven and that. Here's a bank and freeways franks and agents is stopping their bigs he's so right because if you didn't if you missed the show a couple of days you haven't dropped the bomb out of cities going on vacation this week. Is Eric don't Alter the low. Evans wanna myrtle and Evans twenty years old. And heaven never had a girlfriend. And so we are doing a weekly segment now called the birds and degrees of bored out of heaven where we're trying to teach this guy had a date no got to teach him out of date on vacation. This is raised Jason Day guys that can that's an entirely different in north myrtle that's an approved. So we have some questions for Evan Evan who's going to be who's on this edition trip. All right so is my mom my dad my younger river holt who's about to go and high school so progress all thrown for middle school. See my grandma all. And my uncle and his daughter did this are you be taking hold with you anywhere for baked. Not even all policy holes now fourteen but. High school yet to worry you tell me are so you're already behind the ball you have a fourteen year old wing man on vacation evidence saying is he's pretty much my high now. I'm six wanton. How is he around women generally speak on Lola. It can smooth yeah. It's probably going to be spirit in the army and edited content it then again the bar so low of me but. Something to kiddie play elected the dark and silent role like that means is that the guides the brooding doesn't say much he can pull that off he might be of some help to you. He's not hurting he's a burden of proof is a Brunette. No he's not that comic cool can't quell what they. He doesn't have to be cool you just got to take that thanks to fourteen year old kind of thing that we all didn't just Chandler in the something productive for you what he's just got a bigger brother for a couple of our skinny pulled out off. I don't think so I'll never curfew. We say some of these questions. So is this a song and we can I cannot wait for this so what's on we will do is I don't know before relief. Definitely yeah but I felt like Kevin's gonna Mir really nice young lady and at a putt putt course where the rivers are. Listen to preserve his demeanor really nicely putt putt course or I have a funny feeling she's. Teach we got a bunch of advice for you already on the village that are text like a little to read that during the break and started up I think I'll totally show me have you. Our job we disagree Elvis show folks Garcia Bailey. Tiger's Garcia really here on this Friday heading into Father's Day weekend and does stores and goes and a lot of love restores. Love love love these stores because. You know if you are fortunate enough to grope with the dad and your life. And the and part of your bond with your dad was sports and I really don't just say much more than that we do you know what I'm talking about and there was -- check my Twitter timeline right now I child really WS and zebra on the Jewish tour should every tweet something the other night from Mississippi State baseball mr. to save baseball course headed to a mall for the cultural serious flu and there was a viral video of of a young man a fan. Who purchased tickets for his father who was recently diagnosed and alzheimer's. And the alzheimer's is is you know picking up very quickly got to do is already doing the ramifications of that and so with what little time they have left in a force father really starts to lose his memory the sun. Bought tickets and plane tickets to almost take his dad to Omagh to to watch the college World Series. And I tell you what made it if you got a heart you chests. I'm not a big crier. That in that got me you know so when he gets around the Father's Day we all love our mothers to was no doubt about dampened the bond between father and son and and with sports in the middle there's not much dislike it's a fright and I both wanna hear you both for about stuff fathers distortion best sports related fathers distorts. Are your best memory with few in your dad going to a game. I'm a sit there watching some ten you know watching your team yes you win something they haven't won only gonna got to imagine. You know I guess father son sat in the room and a nursing the cubs win the World Series right and where are you that the game or watching it together that's gonna rank right up Dante for me. You know having you know with my dad and now having a sign him. I have two different memories completely you know one was going to a game I know with my dad never remember going. Phoenix Suns and watching them compete we didn't have a lot of money you know had seven Brothers and sisters so. They don't look at the funds were short. But does he always found a way to scrape up some money to go watch the suns and we sit ups and nose bleeds who cares waiting to hear we're in the you know we're in the the building in. There we go out there and watch you know them them compete and I remember that like it was yesterday with my dad he's no longer here so and a lot of people out there that struggle with this day as well. And damage to always say you hold on to those memories this before cellphones and yeah. And I instead Graham and in FaceBook and all I stuffs something NASA currently stored away. You know Mike there in the back to your head so. That was really cool memory for me and I tell you that those the stands out for me the most. LA and you know you you're gonna have. He's great memories you know but as a father. There's nothing better in your life to me anyways then watching your children succeed. Right when when you're when your son or your daughter succeed. There's no greater feeling. As a father there's no greater pressure as a father. When you see them about to you know go up there and and may be struggle. Right there kick in the penalty kick by the rest of at the plate with two outs and bases loaded. In the when he runs on. On second base or do whatever the situation might be end there at bat. And to see them succeed in that moment there's no greater feeling to see them fail in that moment. There's no greater feeling right and all you wanna do is level monogamy Thomas going to be okay and those type things but. All those things aside at the greatest moment I can remember. You remember this too if you have a son someday. In you know you guys out there as easy as you have experienced this death. When your son it's his first home run. When your son has his first online you'll remember that moment. You know for the rest your life I was fortunate to be the third base coach on the team that I was coaching and as he did it and he ran his second he looked at me and may start here and out right away and gets around and you see as teammates celebrate New Year's celebrate with some and you know assist the joy that fills up for him and the pride you have for him yeah it also it all you don't kind of just all comes together wants but you remember that moment for the. Arrest July Doria tell you right now at 99%. Among members of my dad or sports related and nine of those are baseball. And and it's 88 and again we're telling his stores books we want your love your people stores because. I like different people this platform to talk about their -- the talk about the relationships and electors so we're gonna talk about sports we're gonna talk look at while Leonard wanna got to San Antonio where talks the most more practiced about prohibition but no you're exactly right I mean -- that was my first memory you know and first memory sitting in my dad's lap watching Kurdish and at the home run and 88 you know I was I was three years old there's one of those are snapshots and it's burned series it and bring it when that happened Jeffrey Olson on his lap and I know where I was I was eight the first time Somalia's new scorched a line drive -- -- a made a catch and I remember another snapshot armored dad screaming you know just so happy that I made detached. You know his senior year of high school the last game I ever played my last at bat. A my senior year of high schooler played Austin at a three run home run to tie the game open the playoffs and the only thing I remember from that home runs rounding third and sing my dad on the hill. With his hands above a set. So we showed Father's Day in sports these are the kind of things that you bring those memories back for me it's a 70457. Or 96 dead if you wanna share yours and we absolutely love your. Also remembered had been there for me you know my greatest disappointments. You know when something was gonna go wrong and I mean you have. No nobody else to talk to you know you want Lena somebody knew when it's a funny thing is is when your dad passes in his own no longer here. I'm sure you've we've all experienced this in your fortunate decided to add so cherish those moments but you know when your dad passes in you have more of those moments as a dad. And you can look back to remember you know some of the things you're dead would tell ya know like. You'll note I'm talking about some day sun you'll you'll you'll understand why Brett ends you don't just come to come to write on this in the death was talking about. And there's also those moments when you're you're Sar and you know his grandson goes out there and hits that home run. Runner scores that goal or accomplish is that that huge accomplishment that you wanna call debt crisis it's innate in us is Mendez said you know if if you had a great relationship with your dad. You know you wanna share that with him and you know so cherish those moments if you have your dad out there still is you don't know we have some great memories and yeah that's what to me this weekend's all about hopefully we can experience on Sunday in which your children your sons or daughters and I you know god and have a great weekend. Absolutely 70457. Or 96 cents and call you can text and revelry the best ones on the or you can email them to meet him like Thailand WS Lindsay dot com that's the garage door guru inbox and of course. We've already got a coming in on the brown the Jewelers Twitter feed a salesman says well my favorites force members with my dad is putting back to back member just golf tournaments and at this club well with him. I say yeah is there 11 with him in Wilmington that's awesome I moved away to Florida after college and returning home to play with him in when he was also he was so proud. It vividly remember guests you know but that yes so if you've ever played a member guest you know the pressure you know the camaraderie and you know the team and you know the team. The team wore the jets have been. All the things go through the bonding that the rooting for and things like that and you know sometimes that's hard on you write music and always tell you what you can't do and how to do it better and things like that there's sometimes when guys just there to support you and build jobs and tell you how grey York and then I got to believe that that member guest that's kind of was taken place but to share that memory and to celebrate hold that trophy or what a great experience salesman. Well there's there's nothing better than even those members who badly and I told a good one a minute ago -- -- I told the that a product and hitting a home run a playoff and the other one though that I don't most often talk about is when I dropped a touchdown pass on the only televised in that I ever played in -- -- -- yard drop to touchdown pass on live television because I heard footsteps and in addition to dropping a touchdown pass millions of us dilemma facing Ghana was -- in my face mask and that reminded me for a while they still had a tape in the show it to anyone who once they are so they hold your town they know Jewish gentlemen absolutely that's what dad's still a list of excuses let's Ellis talked Marty's first Marty thanks for column and our. I am not a great outdoors. I. Reports I get open about our oldest in. Our courage I vote well. I'm here I'm others no way out there like fourteen year old. When people oligarchs how of course these are forward sophomore year. And the first song I ever saw him walk out and be open series all got music. It's very cold cheers Ben must honor a and it it'd at Pitt in a Grand Slam off the crawl failed problem cave. The beta. For the championship game of the comp project here. Myself and what I saw there there's a prouder moment neglected to share that with us no doubt about him at 7045709262. And I'm just something which doubly. Our ESP her. Nice to enhance the UST okay that's sitting with a caption on the bottom 96 your sensory perception is like dancing and answer her. Please address the. I got the guys why are we good father so I want also on one talks to us or against Portugal are ruining perfectly good fathers and daughters and we're doing soccer are always a good little bit and a little post editorial just next door resembles a broad. Are quite soccer for twelve years ago saw. So when I was younger much dead for. For other date took heat Gypsy my purse Major League Baseball change in Atlanta. The old Turner Field. We were are there you know all of a break just part of it is Chris Chambliss came up. Later in the game they were down by a couple of road and it Grand Slam and yet deal or beat up or is jam has got those guys. And Peter Grand Slam and opera now Orion could also happy that they want. My dad can't quit you meet people like you that was great got that it greatest moment that I feel a lot debt so what do sure we're. I as I do for doing that then that's what this is sort thank you talk Jeffrey appreciate that really in this is gonna do CES I'm excited about the LCS nick Thomas about their hang tight because we're gonna come back we're gonna do a quick check in with Dan hicks and NBC golf on the US open in order to mourn his phone calls don't go anywhere to work he's in and out throughout the entire journal that you guys that we -- we wanna hear from -- you can hang on please do hang on I love these a lot of fathers they show us a look -- -- LA last night were taken dead the Dodgers turned sixty this year dad turned sixty this year and I wonder LA Dodgers giants in the middle of August were booked the tickets last night. That's because of Jimmy these stores 70457. Or 96 and Dan hicks quick US open checked and we come back which had more phone calls or simulate. I felt like the US should do a great job with the set off followed through his. There was fair crews. You know it's hard but there was prayer what finished pictured here. You know unreasonable vitamins. Was mr. Foley the Gretzky. I'm sorry that was Dustin Johnson among some world number one and right now it's not the leader board. I should attract US open up in the Hamptons I tell you what this is courses interest in right now Alan let's ask Dan hicks about it NBC golf is joining us on the ticket John just slide and dad and I was simply start with it is this course too difficult. You know I don't think so guys that I think can. We did we get to what are US open three candidate BC and we ditched the cockpit voice and they go out and wants. And that was too typical I think this course has been set up great and I think it's. It's really did deceive the US open and I get to be that tough test that we ought to grew up with and I think. Can attachment their records in the world and I think the setup has stepped past without the wins came up yesterday and they're up again today so it's made it even more brutal. But you know the table right to the top of the weekend that the top place but the guy went about throughout the bags that forced the trophy on Sunday. And there's nothing wrong with that is there I mean yeah. Everybody's good everybody's got to look at the leaderboard heard you guys are missing the cut and say Duncan tiger not me in the course or are. On the I don't make not make the cut this be a good thing how can. Now some of these great top players not make the cut that be a good thing about just saying let's go out there and reward the best players were playing the best and let's see who wins. Exactly you know argument over the guys if you watch in the people watching right now you've got Mickelson and McIlroy in you know these guys just struggle and to make the cut. These guys are huge long hitters and this is a golf course you know Lotta Lotta time to get these guys like golf courses are all you've include Augusta National the masters about. You know you can spray it around there can get away with it you can't do that this that he's too punishing. The greens are too unbelievably hard to read in part to get up and down from. You can't you can't blasted around bout Dustin (%expletive) is leading the championship. Not because he's the longest that are not at all and I'm not Pro Bowl obviously were at leopard shorter clubs. Because he's managing his game throughout the bag the best of anyone out there. And right now he's that the children better than anybody. The guy who puts the best typically wins and you know that's. You know people since you don't get to spend all this money for these drivers in the far everything like that but really what it comes down to is chipping important isn't it. In this particular championship. It. Usually does and they didn't you know we didn't match in the masters is that it it comes out of that a lot as well but what they originally reported that. A lot of golf courses these days there's been a lot of discussion about. You know kind of recapturing some to be a champ in golf courses that have been kind of you know the distance is kind of you know got past him in the they're not as good as they used to they can't protect par or they used to. You grew up support respect Cilic got if you like put it out passivity 400 yards. And today it just exposes everything but yet chipping and putting is obviously in how important that's what Mickelson and tiger put the best they can pursue over the years. Danny got guys like judge Tiger Woods Bubba Watson Rory fills a Jordan's peace that so look like they may not make the cut into this weekend in but it relies it's just one of those weekends for those guys apparently weather not playing well but it is is. What do you say about that it is my hero says you that can't happen you gotta have some are they gotta do something about that a reality is I mean these guys have just been playing this golf course well right. Everybody wants to see the stars then you know what we do a golf tournament. Hey is that is that there's electricity. In the charge and yes it's a lot better and I prison in contention court building intentional act or as a detention. Absolutely there's no doubt but. I understand I understand it to a point where people get a little bump that you know there is got a sub par for the course setup is wrong with the best players in the world with the stars aren't aren't going to be around for the weekend well. Lot of these guys campaign Internap at their best game I mean tiger came in with a huge prodding questions. McIlroy has been consistent. Mickelson has sometimes Cotton Bowl he didn't play particularly well confidant. And don't understand what's trending in the right direction so. You know how to win last quake workbook has ever won the US open by one of the week before so. Conduct that trance so it's you know what it I think it golf course like this. Measures the best player in the world better than any other place. We've all seen Dustin Johnson go out there in line it up and you only as the length he has the stroke when he gets it going but. He also has the ability to blow up these four shots ahead of the field right now. But that's just one hole you know maybe at this tournament we saw tiger triple bogey by his opening hole and you know the guys in contention go to you can range from where I mean 710 shots behind when we get to weaken what what do you think about as far as these guys. The charge they can make it to the back of the pack of the middle packed and maybe I compete for the championship. Yeah it sorely right now that it's just yet you know four under leads it by Warren packet is best expressed that he took part. It's it's not even close. To really becoming the real leader Dorgan in the back about punts Sunday so aware that that. Dubbed in Japanese exporter could turn into a heartbeat in the first few holes of the round the borrow. Did you get back to even market that's a punishing the golf courses so what's the real lead out there well obviously it's four under. But early in the third round to borrow. Well what just went up tees off what you tribunal last group the campaign but it gets a four under. You know we he goes through the first people could totally change the entire complexion of the chip chip so a guy that makes the cut not just guess and as you look at the numbers depict that. My eight year round plus six. I've got a certain that what. Five going into tomorrow who makes the cut but maybe a shot or two. In and do a good number tomorrow goes low and everybody else kind of backed up and that's and so proper mandate so. This is that this is what makes this golf championship. More predictable anyways and the other one display. And picks NBC golf broadcaster join us on the tech job just like I cannot ask about tiger being tiger came into this week's I noticed there this is the week and everything comes together that you know he really challenges to his first major and in many many years and here is right now with a ten over par. Diagnose what what what happened what's wrong with tiger. Well you know what tiger has been analyst obviously the consistency that is past I unbelievable stretches is gone. There's there's not that level consistency where you expect it to 242 consecutive cuts made is every bit as good as fourteen majors but with that sat. And it cost index a consistency is not put together four rounds. That are worthy of not only wanted to major championship but we need any talk about. I do not think he can't. But he is stole. Ways to wave from Steve consistency to achieve these two for an organ out where to find out who ends up about consistency this week develop in the water. But I there's just not been able to put it together is always been one. He says this game that's that's that's that's the way to spend a potter recently it's on the driver airport that. And he you know like getting an opportunity to many months and really can put it into perspective years without really planet and again a consistent basis. The days of tiger winning consistently are done and I I'm I'm a huge tiger fans that I'd love watching them play and it is they're up for the manner. But just winning a golf term and I'm not targeting that about a major winning a golf tournament perhaps is going to be huge defeat the renewal market. What a great comebacks in sports period of peace just able to get anywhere and if you want to make sure. That they'll leave it to another level they'll be one of the great you know stories in the history of the game of tigar went another major you know. Ten years removed now from his last also. Still a ways away I am not saying he can't put it together but still has not. He's not come close really the end there in the final few holes are about sport championship which we did it happen he was kind of and it there at the end but it didn't really get sent to is gonna win that's. But you know if if they come but it made that. Which you watch you but it cannot. You know I it's it's funny I think everybody's kind of afraid to say that. Tiger's nerves again in the best of them you know and you know the older we get the more mistakes you make the more bad things in patterns you you have. You try to tinker you try to do different things and you've heard you know just a TV sets in as well mentally and physically you know for some of these players is is it. Is it too hard to say that tiger. Is probably feeling what most older man Phil is that. The nerves that you beat the mishaps are start to finally catch up to him because it seems like we always have an excuse for him that. Well it's just a little off here a little off their well now he's just roll. No way you know he's forty years old and there's no doubt about it that. Your mind isn't this focused prisoners laser like you need any activities play electric bill Michael and rhetorical turn 48 years old Purdue territory it today. You know looked to be the first thing that focuses quality that I used to. And in through the years talking with older players are Barbara Tuchman Arnold Palmer years ago he gets so frustrated I just can't focus he would affect. Older we get harder as the focus and no layers let's start issues that begin to buildup be in creep into your mind. We all wish we could putt like we were. And twelve years old. My partner charity dollars because he has the best putter he's ever been when he was like twelve years old. As you just have no negativity your mind adult and so battle. In and out tiger for the first time it's that the comeback it extremely healthy has doled out and make it the in this much it has a he's now when it he has no one yet. Total walker he goes without Whitney. More. Doubt panic 30% of those are the practices of your mind and it just makes it harder the older you get the harder it gets. Our demo while we'll turn you loose on this right we're actually a lot of calls today's molesters and us Father's Day and you know you. You your nose I think Israel's anybody did doing what you do doing what we do that out of the bond between father son and and sports strengthening that is a pretty special thing was your favorite Father's Day members about the sports related. While sports related well I I had the unfortunate. Architect Elizabeth imported straight. Father's Day is because we deported straight US open to us with a bittersweet. Parting of ways that the great thing about it was. The very first father's dead and I was home. And 4050000. Retail latitude is open at Torrey Forte. I came if they kind of don't strike but it still felt good as well to be here in and I got happens and I took three girls in mind. Two little ones were were aware that they go by congress want that happened maybe breakfast and I plan to determine the television and took the US open comment. And watched the US open for the first time in twenty years. On TV totally relaxed and then Mitt what did the best thing in the world so by my daughter paper breakfast and knows well I'll ever forget it. Sounds like you have multiple special ladies in your life for Christian folks may not know Dan is married to a to have a storm above ESPN's sports that are same conduct or you and I guess or are the same network punching above our weight class Manso that outfit that's exactly right. That's exactly her. By Dan I may have a happy father's they have a great which we appreciate your dominant. They've they've you guys they appreciate. There don't they and it's NBC golf broadcaster join us on the tech job just like one of the coolest guys out there ideas and he explained that this why is on television I'm on radio. Way better and I did you know as far as like the mental fatigue that run older guys Phil. Over and over and Johnny Miller it was a great example of that you know I mean you start the Internet you know even even Jack and his prime. Are you was much better putter than he was late in his career but the scar tissue that builds up the messes. All the players the more things we have go wrong specially in golf the more things that we remember Ken go. Wrong in duke over I. I couldn't couldn't agree with that more and and meets to start talking about punitive and how much easier as the focus. When I was Jose Louis this weekend and the brother of the bride and a two year old son of the Brothers baseball coach up in Pennsylvania kids two and half almost three years old. Plan around senator Tom Gordon targets picked something up busted. Web producer with Bubba on the Olympics to the with a ball that well there. Well I was the guy who brought a little more with the ball but to elect and you know I I David to the two yearly almost through the sports he spent the entire way. Taking batting practice in the middle of the dance floor. And there's so much going on around him too distracted to but he could not have cared less about any of it. Because only to concentrate on stride it all the rumors that was pitch until it was it's amazing so to that point you were talking about being a kid and how much easier it is the focus and his story about Johnny Miller site that was the best putter that I ever was when I was 1012 years old there's a dealt the older you get your 42 like tiger is a lot of stuff front runner out of Tibet where Zach. Death and adept at at the comeback CFTC map or Germany UN and that portables like your phone calls your best sports related blog Thursday memories we gotta talk about the school while littered deal what is. Report said the club litter has not officially requested a trade but he wants out of San Antonio. My attorney for the Western Conference possibly the Eastern Conference in the hornet's hands are. Scores again. And Cristiano Ronaldo. Boys team and Portugal's leading. Spain her hey you know there is 44 minute mark. World Cup in the first half of group B. Over in Russia somewhere Visio which a back directly to our resources and they looked. I anymore Dole's not much of a real score the most soccer still sirloin. Portugal Spain right now the World Cup. Iran. And pretty good day maybe it's. Somebody who debate Iraq don't think so I don't think that's one. Morocco that's right as you know I tried. Screw you Morocco they try to steeler territory six World Cup bid with the French is help again don't trust the Fresno we can't trust Moroccans here. So no I don't think you're good food who you root foreigners and obviously it's over but I mean do you contain Iran her armor rock to transport remains mainly combat man yeah. According to the stadium idea that as forget it's a 70457. Or 96 dinners Roca poked it away also blog beat Egypt. Earlier today and one nothing when bill when Milt we would damage from the Missouri terrible I mean there's no reason there's been no wonder they do in life you do the soccer stuff. A minute you're part of register wrote well. These are against some of right at whatever look we just shorts coming up 910 minutes we'll talk some football and we'll talk a little tattoos the other football the American football Jeff Schwartz. It's ten minutes you regret will sludge. The whole Frontline I'm not a good good enough and so that's French which implants miles tomorrow. You're so let's get these phone calls mail gonna talk to these people Father's Day weekend there's nothing quite like the bond between father and son who just are talking about sports. And done you're just a little bit our top 33 greatest dead he's four sisters are limited to bat but arrested for your phone calls your tweets are text. I'm giving your platform that I your favorite stores talk about your dad talk about your son talk about your favorite Father's Day memories. Other sports related 7045709. This extent double click it Altamont I see after seeing just iso hold the value that. I'm just cal tape breakdown all Lauren Burke today. It out or just epic thanked him not there at eight defeat now. I'm via the bird people say yep the second. He dispersed all my paper role model. But then he must sport role model. A sports college and I hit the state people recall up to let you guys. But on outlook up about a year perhaps all it can't take it out to a ball game and ash are all Carolina. Stand in the course these are having it would stepped up it would watch decay throughout my childhood. Always wit to out okay. And when our and we live picture all out a lot of people all eight chaplain. How important to upgrade to erupt in all art to be seen but the old apple big real. Well might opt to shape and college state we would go to high school took all gates. Did you need a little. And to put out finishing college and it would com home all the thanks to pectoral a lot of and he made by giving RIA. All Thursday may call that came out they Brit they are a year ago we always shows. How go all trial date to go to school by giving Friday at a great every ordered Depp. And it was so cool but at the end operates began pulling out scooped all the nor David. How tool and electric and a drop the ball and tulips Brent Butler. But I remember about that one Thursday. About. Six years ago to draw from Atlanta torrent per in my yoga and like the first app. A football game left at halftime grow degree are they can't play. The second. Alternate at thumb but dot up yet so much my bad. They don't brought in by the minute I even brought it all there's a committee. Outdoor football and I appreciate that I'm. Well we appreciate your siesta at a particular time to call meant that that's really also I mean again I sound like Tim you know a great time is dead body else is like preacher this. Oh yeah our enemies can is he doesn't indicate CI did you hear it Susie is a preacher that's got to be introduced me about long lost cousin. OK let's that I siesta as a POW opens he pre draft pro football or are now starting and I am a huge introduced me in my giant long lost cousin who played defense emitted insist they have developed seeing their cadence to his voice doesn't give you is a preacher and us on the superdome the most osu what's the -- next and and get his thoughts Matt give me your best father's restore which got. And regarding our armed. My dad with a big bill senior fan and Amman on date is. On Labor Day so we need to let go to a volatile ever power are we and with whenever you regret. They're the final lap lap. And that might let. And that a bit and I proposed that frank you know have a do we. Anybody tried to buy it really appreciate because I love restores man I mean I can keep them coming we have been throughout the show 7045709. 610. Again when we we got things to serious business I guess you like cult. It was one of those things that we got to get into don't that's the way it's when I was about to say I'm in the rumors are that tell you think the main. Rego and the quiet and kind of been linked everything they may have yelled but here's the deal could while Leonard wants out of San Antonio that's the report today that league sources have told I guess ESPN and others at this point and Leonard according to those sources has grown frustrated with how he organization handled his his quad injury. And he believes that the spurs kind of turned on him. When he went after us a second opinion with a different doctor. And Leonard reportedly misses a West Coast guy by the way he prefers to be an LA Laker. That's that's where he wants to be according to ESPN's Adrian motion aroused you now a different source spoke of Michael C right center Leonard has not formally ask for a trade at this point and and Leonard is eligible he's going to be eligible for a five year 219 million dollar contract extension from the spurs this summer. He can opt out of his current deal after next season to become a free agent in July of next year. So if he doesn't stay in San Antonio he would be walking away from a super Max deal apparently did that relationship sour so much. He doesn't care if he's not worried about walking away from the super Max contract. The difference between super Max contract in the Macs currently don't we we gotta we are such that we got our digital and Obama and I was I mean there's there's like if you knew the numbers. Yeah I that is going to be different for everybody is different for everybody it's Tom service and I am on the other concerns playoffs you I mean embarrassed by. A 100% so regardless so he's willing to walk away from more money at this point to get out of San Antonio we gotta talk about that not just because you're only wants to be a Laker OK lots of gusto. All right he's got no trade clause in his contract but you know the spurs don't have to trade him. To the Los Angeles Lakers George by Greg populace doesn't necessarily want to help the Los Angeles Lakers get back to whites so that's gonna be interesting to see the way to all goes down 7045709. NFL 315. Top three at three. The greatest says in sports history not their wanna miss it it's Garcia and failing.