Garcia and Bailey H1: US Open and Snap Judgment

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Monday, June 18th
Kyle and Frank talk to Fred Albers from SiriusXM Golf about the US Open and Phil Mickleson.

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But Garcia. Garcia and Bailey here on this Monday could be worth. Good you're back with specially today there is a I know I can speak for myself and the fright as well there's a deep sense of gratitude to be here at all today is a lot of viewers heard at this point so we we lost one of our own over the weekend and we're gonna start differ compliment us today because. This building was it was kind of rocked over the weekend everyone who works here was rocked over the weekend we lost our our program director of digital NATO Richie. And a lot of USC knows tweeting about it you've seen the stories posted in what we lost someone hears them a lot to us and Erica I'm Charlotte. You know to. Two received a phone calls that we received on Saturday to let us know that's Nathan had been killed in a fatal accidents down and you know did the it was called cell Charlotte and we have had a factor was a processor a lot of South Carolina and does he was struck by a motorist on his motorcycle and Hedo passed away early Saturday morning was on his. Way to see I guess is his father in law and I believe his wife as well and act as this. Still to fund works here on Monday to talk about a guy who is a big totally honest with you. I didn't know that well Nathan has only been with us for I think about six months at this point and but we got to know him. Pretty quickly when he got in the building he is. Done such a phenomenal job for us not only your WS Lindsay and our sister stations here in the same building as us. RW BC news radio 111099 point three but also a 1079 alleged. Bob and Sheri Matt Ramona those who have three stations that comprise intercom Charlotte and NATO was brought on several months ago to what's ahead of the digital department and you don't even though I didn't donate them very well all the time I knew of Nathan Nathan church wasn't quite a reputation because Nathan has. I would stress to culminate the Richie. An institution of sorts in the broadcasting industry you're the queen city he's been around a long time has worked with several radio stations television stations he was. On air all Sarah maybe the guy did everything and he was a visionary in a lot of ways you know understood the changing role of the digital platform in broadcasting in a radio and one of those people that's just carried with him this outsized presence everywhere that he went. Anytime you were in a room with Nathan Richie there's you you knew it was there anytime Nathan walked into room. You knew motorized and it was it was blustery it was it was arrogance. It was just they saw confidence. And and this radiation and then he was a guy that when you talked to him. Not only did you know I was listening knew he wanted to be listening and as such a rare quality strike in this day and age when you talk to people that you. Don't know very well you meetings the first time we knew when someone strikes you as not only listening to you speak the wanting to listen to you wanting to learn from your. On it's it's a powerful thing sort I kind of feel like I'm rambling on here but it's not well no I mean yeah we lost the good and over the weekend and everybody here's pretty truck are pretty shook up today. You know young Kyle. I'll I'll second in a lot of what you said and in the first time I met in our nation we are certain you know altogether around the conference table. You know and we're kind of just figured out you know who we were well what we wanted to be know what direction we're headed. You know all that's the shows were in there and we're just having a good honest conversation and they came in their talk a little bit about digital equipment to onion the station and what it means to you our brands etc. And I sat there listened to on the new on the certain guys coming in front of from so many guys and if you know had powerful following us you know have a lot of money on that are responsible for. You know game a lot of things don't go head coaches it. You know he will sit there and in leading men in a lot of great leaders there Italian I've sat there and noticed that I listened to on and after I was done as like. I don't know he very well on this really kind of the first time I've ever met yeah but I tell you have a great voice. And he really know what you're talking about red army to talk about doing radio. You know and and he said well you know funny asks have been doing it for about eighteen years I have not felt about you know an inch tall but accurate you know you just you can you can tell. When you're talking or listening to guys that really kind of have an understanding. And a clear clarity of which they speak in. You know he was one of those guys in you know he he. You know is obviously. Probably one of the most well dressed man I've ever met. Always showed up as a professional. Ali as you say listen everything from a lot of the things we've done digitally here at you know attend the dinner common WS Lindsay. He's been kind of spearheading an up it's always been a home run. But in a more importantly he's a dad. And you know like it coming off a Father's Day but a lot of people think that it's. Not since the day to celebrate for a lot of us that is you know remembering things and you know the good times and buying your dad attire watch for some Cologne owner. You know some some things of that nature and if you're lucky enough to have your dad you know celebrate this with them because. You know he left behind two young men there are are are incredible man and we got to meet them this morning and on those guys are hurt inside did but. There unshaken in and the strong and no that's what he I'm sure Nathan would have wanted them to be in this situation and you know to celebrate you know these things verses you don't feel sorry for you know what he's what's happened and I think that's the way hopefully that they can deal with this because it happened so quickly on a day before you know we're celebrating our dads. And you don't coming into you know this Monday have a chance to sit here and talk about it you know you. You don't take your time in an opportunity sometimes when you when you walk by and you see people. To really ask you how are you doing you know and when you say that you really mean right you know what you're saying yeah and when they give you an answer do they really mean what they're saying. I'm doing great or you know I'm not doing so good do they really mean you know so we we we sometime. I'm just going passing and we don't take time to really kind of meet people and it shakes there hey. And it. You know really get to learn and know who they are so glad to have an opportunity to do that you know some time. And oral busy well our schedule but they'll sit down take a second in just. When you ask somebody how they're doing. You know really mean you know do you do you really mean written when there when they give me their answer. Take time to understand if they really made. I know looked at guys like that. And we're we're staring at a picture literature right now is on our all the monitors are always today in the in loving memory of nick and Richie and but there's always a guy when he was that guy may need to receive doesn't literacy are supposed to be taken from mr. soon but that's what happened over the weekend this francs of a second ago on Father's Day weekend and and his two boys Tyler Austin visiting with us earlier today and both in their mid twenties and can boast just exerting the kind of string to their father are itemized in. I just marvel at that when they were in here walking around and do what's what's striking to me it was kind of eerie to me about it too is that zombie to Saturday. In my head aliens out. And mom my mother's comments she was just gonna say Friday night the what one nice thing is always turn in the United States I would never even get away with a bomb on Saturday you know the girls rush often. An Osbourne I Wear my dad's truck where the trailer we virginal cut down trees and Holland brushing going back and forth to land so Radisson. Having some discussions about her cycle were just talking about the death of a few more day we know who who killed himself unfortunately a couple of weeks ago and armed Osborne says companies were driving down the road he said there's nothing Saturday needle than a life cut too short there's nothing sadder to me even you know allies that is that that ends formal Ford should certainly those of of young people we're just having that sort of conversation on Saturday. And our slip literally hours later among I'm sitting in my kitchen table I get the call from his man and he's in tears and Omnia nearly inconsolable telling me there's so we would loss Nathan received earlier that morning so. You know again as as someone who will only got to work with an agent for about six months I don't feel completely comfortable saying a whole lot of things about Nathan the person because I didn't donate to the person. Outside this building the boy I wanted to and Dominique a lot of people. Felt that way and we're we're gonna miss him so. Here's what would like to do that's our job we're gonna step aside in the mid to compose ourselves a little bit. And I'd like to come back and done this morning. Votes Johnson on our sister station WB it's elevenths and 99 point three odds set down and and talked to. Darryl Collins and chuck bruise or two guys that used to work with Nathan a lot and the mean you're talking about they don't get much closer to Nathan and that and they memorialize NATO and the way that I just can't and we we want to hear that. Because NATO was a good guide him in a lot to us in the short time that he was here so we're gonna play just for your and they won't -- while we're gonna do we do a project we're told the front -- of serious accident PGA tour we're gonna talk about US open -- kept up first player since 89 to win twice to win him back to back Curtis Strange of course the other end Curtis is a pretty frequent guest of the shows and we'll talk to fret about what we saw over the weekend at the US open we've got a great show for the Michael shoulders gonna stop but we're gonna do with taught a college football this week's folks we got so we're gonna break down all the in state programs and all the regional programs are gonna middle level load the sweet talking a lot of state and Carolina today renewal of the duke and wake tomorrow we're gonna talk about the forty niners don't talk about upstate new ECU and all the -- regional programs over the course of the next five days we got good stuff planned but some. We went on or gotten a lot to us and we comebacks he's gonna hear from boats Johnson this morning which showed booze Darryl Collins and I don't think it'll mean a lot to you know does does its course in there. Another beautiful week in North Carolina means we have an antique show out here at the metro line expo. Crowds are coming in your check out PNC's all the G six the jewelry and furniture. You name it it's out here because we have hundreds of dealers from all over the world that are brought their stock what did you bring out here. Besides a lot of cash. Chances are you probably have something laying around your house been wondering about it maybe your significant is that's going to get rid of it don't. And our special guest in the green room today's actually no stranger he's been here before. We're glad to have him back she's here to promote his new album I in the Earth's. There's gesture designed with a goofy doesn't take you behind the scene to see the drama unfold. What it's like to put on a show this size we'll talk to the treasure hunters as well as the people during a treasures in the cash money to rich in as the Carolina Chris Larson show. News talk let. Ten WBZ and that is the voice of Nathan Richie and I can't believe. Then I am I doing a segment about this on Monday June 18 but I am and we have all the very heavy hearts around Entercom Charlotte. WB TWO NK WR frenzy we lost a member of our own team on Saturday morning. I'm Nathan Richie found a voice you heard there he may not have heard him on these stations lately but if you are age. It's a student of Charlotte broadcasting history or have been around these parts for any length of time. Nathan Richie is a voice that you heard he most recently was the director of our digital team here. And had been here for about eight months. And I remember when I first met him in the hall 'cause it's kind of like already knew when I knew all of them in my Salma knew who he was Emery said so you're seeing Nathan Ritchie are. And value while listening and are told Jack I grew up in Charlotte so they grew up listening to Charlotte radio I was raised on it and be I've worked in it my entire. Professional career and so I did not know Nathan well I knew Nathan as long as Nathan had been here personally. I was getting to know him and was excited about years into the future getting to know him but. Unfortunately. Is. His life was cut short on Saturday morning and in. A motorcycle accident in Lancaster county and we got the news about this Saturday and we've just been. Processing him and grieving and trying to make sense of at all ever since so when I started thinking about what what can I do on Monday morning to properly. Pay tribute to this guy. I thought well Nathan. Knowing what I know of Nathan. Would no doubt and is no doubt smiling down right now knowing that the two guys and we're gonna bring on the air right now. Are gonna talk about his legacy just to better to talk about. Nathan Richie then one and I consider both of these guys to be modern Charlotte broadcasting royalty here one is Darryl Collins. Who has been on the show before for other reasons Errol good morning. Good morning ran a bearish period beautiful rainbow I appreciate you being here so much and the other. Charlotte broadcasting legend to his chuck Boozer chuck good morning I hate circumstance is the thank you for joining me. You retro corner Rory. So why I know you guys. Touch base both of yesterday and you both. Talk to each other well into the night on Saturday in and were I know chuck you were gonna see Nathan on on on Saturday afternoon is that right. He woods we we chatted almost every day. You know it was my confidant he was my. You know my wing man that was sorry I was is. I don't know if he was. Legacy on to new market younger brother just a little bit young having taken part tenure behind me. Which you would remind me many times that he was ten years Ryan meant to. But yes he was coming out coming out to visit when he's dead yet Iraq killed to have breakfast with him and he called me Friday if there's an am or bury your arms are among buyer. And I thought about it bald face Saturday couldn't hear from him and stuff and and you know you descend on the back Jim Ryan and he and I were planned believe it didn't work we do is go to plan B and stuff you know so. And then now when to call me Saturday afternoon and it's pretty surreal I mean it's it's you know I've been through some loss or not in my years on the planet earbuds. This from Iraq's millions stuff here at this sort of serve the sort of the good guys you know this is all along so I guess man it just makes you think health. Are taken for granted we take each other and everything and or went something like this and America you know when the rugged stirred up for Monday here. It's just they're Hurst Hurst bigger and bigger hole in my heart. Aero I talked to me about. Good Nathan Ritchie are your relationship with Hammond and what and I am to get back to chuck on this question to but I want the Charlotte. Our audience to know what they need to know about that this guy in August is important to me as a guy who started behind the scenes. You know when when we talk about radio people an important people in the Charlotte radio. Timeline there are people that worked behind the Mike they're people who worked you know behind the scenes and then both in Nathan was kind of a hybrid of those two. Oh my goodness he always had his focus on the future I mean. These sometimes I think that NATO would come up that would an idea and then he would challenge me to bring an idea to life and and the digital age is is definitely that I I always respected him for that he took chances with me and and it was just beautiful and we don't chuck talked about how neat it was his brother I always thought they can as being my father. Because he would sit down and listen and and he was able to take arrow you need to live life in forward motion put it all in forward motion. And and he would sit there and we would dream and I you know we we studied martial arts together we both became black belt together and they and then he went on to become a master. And and he was just oh he was such a father to me he really wants. Chaka and aero I got got a note to on on Twitter. When I announced I was gonna have you guys on from Dallas Reese says please help please vote convey my heartfelt condolences to chart the Charlotte media community. On air and to Nathan's family Nathan aero. I'm chuck and I'll work together for Beckett the only easy 10 floor Nader as he's called him was the best and I'm so sad for his a family and friends you guys work with Nathan back in the day easy 104 ice Elisa Uga has gone up and that's why. You know it makes. For me on all the more surreal to hear you guys talking about all this but I chuck you go way back with you with Nathan and talk about his legacy. He was more like he was one must first producer and I think John Hill was in my first producer won before seven back in the eighties we came here ready for people ready for. And I don't know there was very that we obtained Errol later on. From Jackson Hole Wyoming arrow. Billings Montana Billings Montana and try to attract and so but Nathan was then I think Nathan had been the BC wide chicken which is 10 yes this. Yes which is the Lincoln that was the mascot I think he'd come from there and he was quoted people the kind of just did anything and everything and and that he wasn't necessarily a main player. Personality wise air he could do you could do the airship but he can do so many different things. You know and so and he never would give up I mean if the door shut and company just want to something else and he would fill whatever hole it was. And about a 110% and that's what you have to do I mean he was regarded just. She never gave up and he was adequate if that's the thing was very adequate at doing a lot of different things I think that's why it's certainly paid off for. From it and he was he was forward thinking he loves this business so I think bogeys it is much are radioed to August the three of us saw or anybody down there you kind of lives and breed resistant and this is regarded goes on vacation somewhere and sit and goes around on the AM dial somewhere exhibit for your whatever go (%expletive) you know. That I am that's that's so fitting that you would say that has now been added we all on that vacation take in the old. Tape deck and recorded via the local radio. Eight. And one thing and we are. I think he has to be I think he has to be NATO mr. Libby. Be proud of he's looking down upon us here and stuff of a legacy he's left with these two young man here Austin and sharpened his two boys are we were just fine and ready ready these kids by himself. And back came out of a marriage and stuff then and he just he loved his family he loved he loved Wendy that would go over replied certainly. And you of those boys and he loved his mom and dad and his brother burying. And you know played and loved you Romania always left Q&A better place then and I think arrow so right he was such a conveyor of is why he's Cuba would convey the knowledge street and shared and added and he became he became the social media guru and immediately individual program director creole. Well and and I think that's important to point out an era you were talking about this this is a guy who had been around at army for for crying out loud he was the BC YE a chicken I mean that's how far he went back and he and it the first conversation he and I had that way at length was. About those days because he you're not I grew up on BT NBC why and so we were reminiscing about. You know give their personalities back then and in trading stories and I think what's really are important to mention about Nathan is that. He'd been around the business for so long but he Saul the next wave which was digital and is digital and is developing. And say he was crafting that plan here. And it intercom Charlotte and that is where it's all going to have that for site. Tougher guy like cam he really want to talk people around town he's a radio guy but he's also kind of a new media guy. You know we have. And one of the things that that we have to do its opinion in honoring him with his forward motion is that the students that we he did get wet and play and let's. We have to take his message forward I was I was talking with a often yesterday assets off and he wrote a lot of notes we we gotta get into those notes and we've got to continue his legacy forward. Because he was way up there in the future and we knew it and we trusted him with that so. PM. You know they I think you were John boy Billy at one point I think you're into an assistant before they went on when they were on BC well I wanna wait. And a one point each it's on this story and you should do John boy and he did a pretty. Everybody you're good you're good at it but now Nathan Nathan loved to laugh too ya all in which August there's about Nathan's NATO with a cut up and that's a lot of he would he loved to laugh but he said. I think you don't trappers and were down more ability and he was adding a little bit more than just the traffic you kind of wanted to become you know with the jump or Billy personality type and he should Jumbo poems I'm sure it. Nighter. It doesn't slight jump or ability and they can show a guy could provide for some good and it just says. Jumbo embellish it just just kind of do the traffic completely almost a production cut. It's just. Like I said Heidi I can only imagine that he's looking down on us today and smiling at this conversation the last fifteen minutes because I can't imagine two people. He I'm not to project Daniel in that mix too I that that would Tino would be just fitting for this conversation and and so many other people listening right now but I hope we've at least. In the last NT fifteen minutes you know. Done our part to start the ball rolling on. Continuing that legacy because I didn't know on incredibly well I what I knew of him in the few months I was with him made me know that this is this is a guy that I can. He's like me a mini love Charlotte radio he loves the history and must to keep us. Keeping going and so I gotta stop here and already broken format but I can't imagine a more a more fitting reason to break format and with two. I'm great broadcasting guys chuck Boozer and Darryl Collins talking about Nathan Richie who we lost way too soon on Saturday morning. Hi guys thank you so much for Callan and today I really appreciate it. People are ready thank you Jeff. Well I actually opportunity and we love tonight and we love your voting. Absolutely yes. And there was this morning boats on since Charlotte morning there was elevenths and 99 point three WB it's either colossus of the south our sister station and 13 stations here at Entercom Charlotte sang god tribute to Nathan Richie who again we lost over the weekend. To a motorcycle accident Lancaster county and you know NATO was. Obviously an institution in the other broadcasting world here in Charlotte is heard a minute ago everybody knowing he'd been around everyone that mattered and was just one of the great people that you would find in this business and we Earl completely heartbroken by that today. And that will continue to be moving forward as we lost someone who not only was I doing tremendous work here intercom -- but very quickly became a young fan favorite jewel around this building so on the agenda condolences to his long time life partner when the his son's Alston and Jonathan his brother Dane at odds anyone who knew him who feels the impact like we do today I was majesty jet meant a motorcyclist the martial artists tournament organizers the black belt the master. On the dollar and a heck of maidan in digital marketing and advertising and as our media digital we're gonna miss him a lot here at a time or cultural has ordered. We're gonna come back in though we are going to do what Nathan richer or what did you Ritchie told everyone else to do. Before the lord governor show and I we come back we tick it off the conversation. With Fred out more serious accident PGA tour radio he took it all and over the weekend issued a cock US open. Brooks Jeff good wins again back to back to US open titles are you Curtis Strange in rarefied air so we'll talk about that what's Phil Mickelson did what should happen to Phil Mickelson as a result. And double also maybe talk about about quail hollow what's so the future there because it might surprise you Garcia unveiling. Brooks can still win the US open for the second consecutive year the first player since 1989. To do it doesn't show and agog over the weekend and leading into the weekend we were talking a lot about this course a lot about. These players who would end up prevailing at the end and of course it was Brooks kept it yet again we're talking about that throughout the day the right now we're talking about the US open. With Fred Albers serious accident PGA tour radio joining us on that segment job does slide threat we appreciate your time sir our it. I'm doing great make my way back coal sold. That it took these guys. Could double its so let's talk about what happened there yesterday and a group Brooks kept good is. He's such an interest in diamond there is you're gonna sort of the amended the PGA tour calendar discussed probably January's mortgage. I tell you under thirty in great shape has the look and he's now back to back to US open champion what does this mean for books kept of. Don't mean to Denver for companies want to do what shall we believe woman back to back. These matters Buick company on the other hand he's only won three times on the street view towards what you've won each mutual don't go along with both. You look what we can Greek contribute to create you can graduate of almost two us opens a good luck. You know hurt the other golf with a cover putrid lookalike yet but I wouldn't want to be your tour. You know Fred I think the round that everybody's talking about the day that everybody's talking about it is the third day obviously with what happened with Phil in the course and as tough as it played in. In other competitive advantage or how virtue he wants to explain it but. Was this golf course fair at the end of the day for these golfers. Oh come to walk around your talking about I thought it would settle really well degrees felt more. 00 hole location will Arnold but they. I thought they want old beard on Saturday. Not so says that being said Saturday do you blame Phil for his. Advantage that he took with Wright around and the grain to. Don't tapped the puck back as we've all done but these guys are pros he's got this is Phil Mickelson. He's he's the Steward of the game is a guy that everybody looks up to. Divert everybody's take from needs to be banned he needs to he should have been suspended to know you did what he needed due to go out there and into demands of these rules. Well I felt like they used. It wasn't with them secured a decrease. You hand I think you're right now we have built nuclear. I wish I am. Out of their apartment and right now it's completely but I think what law. Number one cause people who'll immense tool. You're welcome tell the truth about who would put up a court it was you know what. IKEA loft on mine Foreman one creepy would have been better. The cook what they're count on the other hand though on the other hand you know it was absolutely premeditated. Yep who can look I'm sorry about. But won't say the market is courier there are he'll appeal to deal with that there are who not. So I respect the compete due to work the blue load the cookie company in significant. That won't be remembered. They even I didn't even think you'll come out more now on the all we talked about them if we will not understood record I don't Google. These include your guys want to break all would be double what. We'll see Fred tomorrow we're talking to Fred Albert serious sexson PGA tour radio joined us on the tech become just I think that's a very measured take and that's. I don't understand why there are more measured takes out there like that Patricia right Phil Mickelson is. Phil Mickelson has tried to the second don't you act as a PGA tour professional he's expected to conduct himself in a way. I was certain attitude certain decorum and those things are certainly all understood and respected but. But it takes like Andy North saying that he did damage to millions of kids who looked up and he made a mistake we just call that I'm gonna try not try to elect this guy off the hook and he's got to deal with the consequences but he just made a mistake I don't understand the response from folks like I don't. You'll still has been a guy who's been throughout your career. The truly putrid and older could corner on a fact he's the only one on the Ryder Cup you know about that. You know Tom Watson never got a good record in the Ryder Cup and you know he stood up electric vehicle out. Or a cup team that it could cook followed up on the a couple here to go after memorial. You ER you put the cut air it will blow your battle broke out. I'm regarding cameras on the golf quote people or not. It is the articulate so it would be response. The shoulder at the look you had failed in setting up the golf course then it got up all all but. It just the mine are all important and I thought to what we can get there to get if you really if you really wanted to. Our cricket bat but the the rules because it was called an inflatable ball all the way down thirty yards off the reader but. Used the duke would probably. Like who where what we are police apparently you haven't talked to look pretty mutual social go McLaughlin did that. I'm open to get better to the rule book point out what it looks cute. Picture of a car comes out. Did Justin Johnson choked this terminal way. He's given took the golf ball O pudding poorly on you know he knows he thought it really well. Global you're you're not be ability to what you wanna come like auto club out here and every one double play ball notes. Sometimes look Dell notebook and you have to look competent under. And people a month later computer later you were down rather than it looked like about the golf credit so. Am you know we ought to cracked copy but it's a polite. Seven report ought. Over the week. Kicker about that when he played here you have to blow the computer. Filed late early on. Thursday and Friday and he looked up is Gil de. Was unable to repeat that the Viet that are built local weaker. Are going all that. You bought up the veteran of the draw maybe about a war that we. Different we've all played with some really good golfers I'm sure you guys seeing this strike the ball like Dustin Johnson but they just can't get in the hole at the end of the day and you know you can go back to a couple of putts you know during the round whether it's on a Saturday or. Not even on Sunday yesterday as we're watching that tournament and that's the difference in four days everybody talks about how far he would sit or. How straight he'd be eating its desire to how long it's desires but at the end of the day. I'm down Affleck doesn't. Well you gotta be a good trend you up to that Bill Clinton's all. Are recovered the biblical at all because well at the university doctors used to seem to make people thought. There's still some key it and try to play walk out but the American people really. The blue book that the real difficult to. The golf course was just. So fast and so bomb on Saturday and loop hole location who'd just. I could choke or drug. And I talked to Mike didn't pass on Saturday and articulate we controlled in my. You know what caused by art that's absolutely not. Go to USC it they are evil leader out to be upbeat but. Forecast for the and every morning thinking about the book or caps but at least he got asked on Saturday developed that none lead to the outlook. Little molecule Quebec and Mike's going to the all of our spies are absolutely not true. Mark you know with the school's cold here. Very very typical little. And that you there was the possibility. Of why we're here they put it up or I'm Eric and it went all the beard doesn't. How much of last year had to do with this year in the difficulty of the way the course played I know that. Sometimes the US open is a different tasks and I like the fact that these guys are being challenged in there haven't showed some guts and it. And determination and you know maybe a little moxie every now and then so I don't mind the US open with these guys are struggling and chose to. Who has a little guy and know you can count. Yeah absolutely and you know. He'll call went on to a terror or thought well aren't too I. I cannot find coupled with gore and blood to publicly Mike good is back I act or would you agree looked like the fairway. That creates more auctions off he beat the prequel angle didn't agree that you know we've got political circle did you counsel for. Word of there was quite old now. You know there really developed. Into more options. You should be noted while green you are almost want freedom and so what that nobody saw. Think they're packed live out of well. You know loop drive I don't know what kind of off these guys are but you know I was cougars as an equal player. I'm trying to get the ball and dark double. Talk well so don't look like Obama still in the gulf IMO I am. All of which he does that's why didn't you but. But I like while the couple pretty what he would do Buick. One. In typical politically or every year what you thought it would Gupta here you're. You know you know exactly what we won't. Tell you go to Iraq would look than baseball or. All the water cooling down there are really quickly are I think what it will be to you don't know which a pretty broad area know. Clean water couldn't get a lot of Orange ball. But they knew what they don't read to them go to trial so they in the championship around the country is up so I think we all while. While provide. You've got the there could put you yeah. Because you get the thing or one every whoa here obviously know what you grew up here. There's fate. They have so you literature future of the US open he won the women's open that they don't wanna Coke. Who we get championship. And hello come equipped boat court. Public scrutiny but you could you have ever. They help one you tournament but all I woke smoke. On the black and who like everything else the board but you go to the better you become. Repeat it would by all the oh coming at them appreciate school. Who 44 time you're. So are you look GA the PGA on thank our local organization you have a little bit that the that is simply moved there amputee to around. And they don't want to be cruel why government. A couple times a year. Our Fred last little turn you loose speaking of future events so if it's not interestingly enough the next time US open is played issued a cock is going to be the other towards 46 year where a million United States North America hosts the World Cup so. It'll be awhile before this tournament comes back to go to synagogue but. On a look at the future schedule of course last year the PGA championship was here in Charlotte quail hollow and 20/20 one the presidents cup has come back to quail hollow I'm just curious. Obviously this is a draw a golf crazy city. On good terms of future events quail hollow and what what do you heard what a decent and not not the US open specifically. Just future events because these grow hollow shall have their island on more and and potentially better even PGA tour events. Now I'm sure the quote all he couldn't get a lot of gummy bear charged with third you know you demand that it's been done I think that the question. About quality rather well all the world peace with the local Wells Fargo what will always go to. Related but I figured and that you got to Armageddon is pretty unclear. Which commissioner. But just one small. Wells Fargo would go boom. Two weeks after the mountains following the opener. And there's talk that maybe. Well although the long about the look they. But other courses that you area. And the like. Once every other year once every year maybe they'll be similar to what. BMW totaled 101 they like it could know what other than that. Period you know the talk about that that's absolutely not fact but that's what the occupy important. All right Fred hours PGA or TV series sex and PGA tour radio join us on the tech become just like coming off the US open we can pray we kept a log enough thank you so much relies on. There you go Fred Albers joining us once again on the technique come just like we come back snap judgment we wrap up the towered over Michael Felder is in studio are rather joins us at 350. Told state amber talked Tar Heels to that guy tick it off the week. We're gonna touch on all the state and regional college football programs as we talk and state and Carolina today. We told duke we talk wake we talk ECU EF forty niners to add state little bit everything this week wrote in fort do we jump ball with fuels and power and wolfpack. With Michael told her 315 minutes Corsican village. Yeah it was pretty. Lost the flight. Normal things day. After Franken are going to disagree but not that much I don't think we disagreed that much on this particular run of so if you if you miss it over the weekend all the hubbub about with Phil Mickelson didn't and you know Mickelson and know what what whole bottle it's escaping to withhold. Just doesn't always remember exactly the hole but it was Saturday there was a whole what do you headed ten ought to write this. Which is bad this is really bad really bad. So Mickelson it's a plot and like several thoughts over the weekend on those greens Jeddah talks but things just went Malays and across the grim as it was gonna roll off the great. So still did you know what a lot of us pork golfers do. He trots over catches it before gist of it doesn't before rolls off the green and had to sit back toward the hole. Right now if you don't have probably seen that move before under local you know nuclear country club or whatever else. From bad to average golfer as a thirteen told by the words in Toledo. So you Dion. The penalty in the US GA rule book is a two stroke penalty and it says if a player Jane's a significant advantage from such a move they can be disqualified. Others to different rules that you quoted there aren't there's right there's there's there's there's got to separate rules there. Right the one rule is as you point out this if you intentionally did it's to gain an advantage you can be disqualified other one is it's just a two stroke penalty straight in a moving ball. Right and so there are lots and lots of people up in arms about this over the weekend we got you got to slipped. Of one of the announces over the weekend talk I'm not sure exactly which when this is the check this out listen what one of the analysts over the week to had to say about democracy. He made a complete mistake. Him. Mortgage anymore. Is that he showed little contrition. Mike Sherman. Vacationing he. To me this morning as though he realizes quite mortars happen and how he's offended so many people. My judgment is real severe. Then I'm British I might make no call. As far as I thought if that's not the opponent. You know cause of uptight golf sky I don't know and a lot of how highways that guy's nose in the air. That statement. I mean I just the look. Don't you do recalcitrant who would you talking about right now but I don't I don't condone what Phil did right broke the rules. Okay at any got a two stroke penalty I don't think you necessarily Danish Christians think mister Z was offered to play golf we know he was already about to score ten hole he gained a huge advantage and we don't know that he was courted tea OK that's fair I don't escorted 22 to go but frank to pearl clutching his out of control on the you've got Andy North cited repeated damage to the millions of children watching this tournament over the weekend and it looked at this is why people can't connect to golf yes it was. Not that serious and I did it I get at most average. Golfers or guys that follow sports look at this and say it was a big deal. I did you and you know my buddies yesterday were asking the same thing what do you think. I said what do you think that everybody's content contentious and just stuck Gupta and you know I think the day he should be disqualified us and no I actually think he should because. The things golfers are taught you know and preach in this game in particular unlike any other games that you can write in and following the rules. This they they call penalties on themselves sort of the sport does that so. When that's going to be what your based on. You have to have a certain ripped you know way of handling yourself and Phil Mickelson made a mistake. And huge mistake and I would have probably suspended him one game 11 day or two Tamar the tournament just like. You know Justin Leonard said he gonna be a chance to hear the golf guys talking you know you've heard you've quoted several different guys. And etiquette that this isn't golf is unlike any other sport and you know and that's the reason why this sport is awarded this. And you know not everybody's gonna understand that. You know some people there's really just hit the ball back like we do what he's not like you and me just a mental send. There is the face of golf and because he's the face of golf is a different responsibilities and everybody else if this was Joey back you don't. On its out down there on the golf course we went we talked about it but it was Phil and this lack of contrition is really kind of wore it. I think is turning a lot of guys off I mean these are his own colleagues these are his peers use the guys that you are are coming after him that play the game live. You don't put all their time in respect towards this game. And dumb. You know again everybody's not gonna CI I would this and people are just a bad guy and say cautious he is just another saying and we haven't done that you've done that I had done that. Aboard a plane from you know million dollars it's if you're doing this in and we do and I have a bets orbit a lot of money or bet a little bit of money in UN did that and more count up the scores the very end. I'm Sidney is sending you cheated you lose. You're gonna oh whatever it is we met because that's disqualification right there that's what there's these guys are planned for a lot of money and with what he did he should have been disqualified. Know what made out is fine with it I say okay. Sergeant wrote the rules can do I do know better to play tomorrow. Cool in the storm. My only issue is with the analysts the overreaction. Of the analysis here because again as usual I talked about earlier in the newsroom this is a guy who was carried the torch for the PGA for many many many years and has done so. With dignity and and and with purpose and it does not any better widgets and Phil Mickelson we achieved in almost every sport we play. How do you make. And football. Here competitive advantage in baseball you gain a competitive we tried to still signs you cheat and everything you do in football holds. Right to do it legally they don't call is that it's not cheating right it's holding. We teach young kids how to you don't spend the roles and and break the rules and everything we do except golf. Except golf. We don't cheat in golf. Do you play by the rules these are the rules you follow the rules the rules are made them believe or not golf to help you as a golfer not hurt you. But they're definitely not used to do to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the field and that's why these guys are so pissed off isn't it harder to cheat and also there and give us now it's so slow so deliberately in the gallery standing on top memory if you remember Tiger Woods you know on what he did at Augusta several years ago when he took the drop. And the ball bounce Florida it was in the wrong spot or whatever there at the ruling was. These guys call penalties on themselves and he didn't do it everybody came down on tiger like he cheated the game of golf. Because he continued to be able to play in and you have too many clubs in the bag or the balls roll sideways or move an inch and nobody sees it except this guy on TV any calls and the skies he queued. Right well so Mickelson should face the same results. You know because. He's the standard right he's the he's the that them the the bell cow he's the guy that carries the the way to the PGA on his back he's one of those guys he's not the only guy but he's one of those guys that when you talk about the PGA it's Phil Mickelson is tiger will. Woods it's you know our. Ernie Els and there's a handful of guys it's it's it's Jerry Clarence Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus all of these are those guys in our generation where we stand today I hear you look at it does it to me again the calls for more contrition and all the so Vista ultimate I just don't get it ended up again it's the extreme analysis. That really bugs me the Andy Norris which he did damage to millions of children this guy calling him well I don't get silly on some nasty is is it okay for us to do that now. There will take advantage of the roles but I don't know but he did does exactly what he did and he faced with the Nokia took advantage of the rules he knew it was reported. He also ran around the ball right and where's the ball where he's supposed to play the ball where lies not well as its role in this isn't baseball. You wait for the ball to come arrests you hit the ball you can marketed its on the grain of the salty plant where lies there's rules in place whether it's playable whether it's in hazard you know you still the blank which applies to it but nobody you never know golf goes and it's a moving ball intentionally that's exactly what he did. It took advantage of the role there's never clueless most to have that happen. The ball supposed to be played where it lies not as it's moving. I have no problem with enforcing the rules adult it's a chicken little skies solar system hunters that's what's that you are not that far apart. Given a two stroke penalty suspended for Sunday I don't care about that means it's listening to the Andy North of the world back desist of business against Notre Dame has been. Listen as we ask you guys wanna talk about there's gonna come back we kick off our over to get the top 303 Michael Felder joins us in about fifteen minutes or talk a lot of college football this week mostly in state regional schools we kick it off with state and Carolina today we did duke and wake throughout the week gets forty dollars got app state lots of things to do to take those phone calls of you have any thoughts on Phil Mickelson in a so 70457. Or 96 standard Texas is can you argue about golf all fear no one gives a crap call us sir that is also is Garcia and Blaylock.