Garcia And Bailey H1: Tom Sorensen Joins The Show, NFL Backtracks On The Anthem Policy

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Friday, July 20th
To start the show Kyle and Frank talk about the NFL and NFLPA are in talks for a resolution for the anthem policy, and Tom Sorensen gives his thoughts on the situation...

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Garcia. We made it this Friday. Price back Garcia Blaylock four hours of thought ahead buckle up baby 70457. Or 96 to and welcome home ought to Els golf. Here are good they took the lead for our immediate foreign aid trip sometime now. Now for four hour which is don't people just a year old doing the lord's work raising money for their draw seven I was unrepresented. In Athens this guy just has so. That's what we told you yesterday now have you know are represented very well and the URG one no one knew we qualified. In the number one position for her going to be before you joy about liar about anything at all why. I came back to work last night and Fred Whitfield was here in the building so he filled in on everything you did yesterday or what looked like what besides Alyssa know and go okay I'm aware so go and finish your story however. There's enough that I did wrong and mean killing us we went out there. And we ended up the guys as finalists were phenomenal. I'm we emanate did very well. And went up about thirteen fourteen under something like that and up as the number one seed going into the finals which is they take four teams. All four teams worst five guys and they go out there in the play. A scramble and and it's us against you know those are the three teams to see when at all. And we have taken second. That's pretty good. Surely there's an I was out their luster so as a breeder gulf of snow on a yes. Golf is stiff competition out there so I know to classic yesterday it was a success got a got a chance again to lots to talk to Fred last night came back and at a prince and stuff also about 8 o'clock and there was standing in the off in the waiting area WB TV ready to producing duties and we talk promoted and I told we will well so but here's an Aussie greats are great cause. Does a great job for the kids in the community and really gives back in. Now I mean they do basketball clinics all all throughout the weekend. For the underprivileged kids that are in the area and they have guys come around to it that they're gonna speak to them. Message tennis teach him a little bit you see guys like Antawn Jamison back here and you see you know some of the you know other players and you know like harper you know for the bulls. You know he was here he's been here for quite some time as a character. I drawn Starks John Starks assuming was out there as well on this guy's Eddie told Jones came and bombed. Had a chance to talk with him and talked him several times and I usually take a trip down to Mexico and could catch up with him and he looks to see what she's doing really well and you know that everybody goes out there we player ever defined Wesley walls he was one of the groups it was written disintegrate our mum. Well good morning that. Was up Hollywood Henderson Hollywood understand no one in the tournament virtually that's going that he made two cuts to. That is to seal the deal for his team in the in the championship that's pretty awesome and blood look out and was two inches. Nobody but yet you know what would you would you do you rotate you go there's like good. A captain's choice. But on the phone when you make it to the finals. Usually tape played Texas scramble which everybody gets the ball. And you play your ball in from the best drive did you choose and that's the way you determine you know gets into this final form when you get to the final four. It's rotating so of us foreign here I would hit the new hit and are lit the Neverwinter. We just continue to keep you stand that. Rotation because I didn't think that I figured out because I don't know golf would you rather have a bad shot yes I got to play your shot right there is a good but the differences and I was gonna tournaments I was really aware of until a couple of years ago I just everything was kept who's got the captain's choice is one thing and one thing old like they're just you just hit the ball the best ball available and you keep but knowing that doesn't bug your limits and onion knowledge at all I'd like it. I like to play a humbug. And yeah I don't watch it kind and follow like you don't Norman is I enjoy it but I don't. OK I never does not for everybody and I realize and everybody enjoys it just happened to. You love what you know Kyle do rays on loved golf and the reason why I love the British Open and in the masters and US open. When I don't plan. 'cause there's not another sport in the skies are real cheesy and all the stuff but who cares so I feel. It's it's there's not another sport where you can compete against yourself. And no matter how all you play you can always do better yeah right so there's never there's never a perfect route you around there's never perk and if you know anything about me and ports and just them in general. I'm kind of a perfectionist your hyper competitive I'm hyper competitive leader of god I'm a little OCD. You know stuff like that so mom. Oh that's an and it yard north and play great but I always felt like I've you know coast little daughter and teacher taught me know what golf really taught me more than anything else. Was how to control. Your. Your rage yeah you know it and when your best shot. Unique in an in. When your used to play in wrestling and football and as a kid growing up your bad shot get angry mad and is really good in football to use that aggression to take it on to the next play a lot of times because. Is this anger I get. You know the the sometimes it is better to happen. Indeed off yet you guys that is fuel negative and and sometimes virtue right because sometimes if you're really supercomputer like most guys on the play that sport at that level. They can hurt you be crystal Clinton about the play you play less play in the next play. The beach so you get you one player beat you twice. And in golf that's. You know if you if you hit a bad shot and you let it beat you twice there's a reason wire you're probably gonna shoot ninety. Yeah that's actually important authority engineer but that's that's interest and for a couple of reasons because you played a game where you could feed off of that anger feed off that emotion but at the same time you were senator so you actually had a bottle channel it and make sure that you know you were in control because you had to be controlled the entire offensive like you set the tone you set the direction you know and so for for you to talk about channeling that in the game of golf action makes it Thomas you think about it. Listen I mean you're talking about you know the difference those are not sure where there's no player to the running game that might happen or may not but. It's a different sometimes of you know Macon another year plan an earlier beat that guy out. You know when everything's so competitive you know to the degree where. You know what's the difference between me and you is learning how to control my aggression and it was not a guy that found a lot when I played I was a guy that was an aggressive guy with a push the envelope arrived. I don't push my way around and I challenged you know everybody that played against because that's what kept me going but. There it's controlled aggression you have to learn how to deal with and that's really what golf help me do is control that aggression where I could turn off. Thanks process and then turn it back on and you know when you're able to do those things it helps you know should a lot of different areas sometimes encourages well but. You know I mean at this at at the end of the day that's really kind of what golf gave me is at our Charlotte I start off like I'm you know most guys probably do in the ninety's. And you know what to do it sucks up to warmed. And learned that shot right no I I got shot I thought that that you limited criticism storm because I can finish of Oreo exactly how to goes for you because it did his usual and all of a sudden your assessor work don't you take your lessons are on the range every day you're on the good adolescents really I've never adolescent and it's pretty impressed every. Lesson you upload large pink pong grown up. And you know you learn span and things like capitalized soccer he seemed you know the way that you can move the ball and control into baseball same thing it's inside the ball the slice is the right field and tennis you know same type of thing but but you know golf is really similar. It speaks to our special position and kids is not a good idea that's what they're talking about their second don't exist they can always go talk it is not our opening topic of the -- necessarily but while we're here let's get a quick leaderboard update from Carnoustie at the open and Dundee number two we ducts you don't a couple of golfers tied atop the leaderboard three right now would 600 on top three Americans as a matter of fact Zach Johnson at our challenges are -- female all throws six under right now atop the leaderboard and again Johnson just done for the day Tony feed Al threw for. Team to make sure he's not just doing jumping a celebre. And that was the that's eight years ago Floyd you are Tommy Fleetwood pat Torres and Jose and Lombard at social five under right now as well as coroners do a deal which put. I love the fact in the British Open that these guys who tells like this this guy's a bunker right now. Well and retaining wall yes ideally the Wall Street straight up and down and he's now at the may be go sideways to get it out just so we can do again. Abbas that mufflers and conclude that about it. Are 7045709. To six dimmer little late getting into it here in the first part of the show Tom sources go to Jordan centauri minutes we'll talk to Tom Hubble sort d'antoni back later in the show he's deeply long time in the NFL player West Virginia we'll talk some college football with him fresh off ACC and SEC media days. 430 will Leach the author of the article that we talk so much about about three days ago the declining got attendance across most mainstream sports he wrote an article did the research will talk to him at 430 I don't Mac and bone got into that this morning and then at 5 o'clock Mousa Mohammed was comes by to talk some cancers where the stage is sketch of the commission is excited to do that because I'm happy about that's a Mosul join the short 5 o'clock we gotta talk to get into the first and foremost a garage door door open a topic of the day the NFL's backtrack a little bit. Extort guru opening topic of the day well. So the NFL has a reportedly frozen its brand new National Anthem policy. And is currently in talks with the players association. A fresh off the heels of the Miami Dolphins making an announcement and any player who Neil story the National Anthem could receive up to a four game suspension and fines. And the NFL and in conjunction with the players association are gonna get together and talk this thing over those rules are to go and vote on to go to meetings in Atlanta a couple of months ago they frozen those those are no longer the rules as of now until they can have some more conversations with the players' strike. I'm not surprised by this I mean it was ill conceived from the start you and I both circuits they probably cause themselves more issues on the road instead of actually getting together and coming up with a solution and this is where we are. It's as simple solution that really is and I understand why people are trying to make this issue a lot more difficult than it needs to be you can still have all your. You know you're you're you're you're the anthem because of the fly by you can still have the tribute to do the deed. No the army the navy the Marines in the the air force the police the firemen all the people that serve this country and I'm so greatly and around you just have all that there but. One of the players have to be involved. Ultimately worked for a long time or another what so what so what what what is the issue why do they have to be involved why do. Why does that why does players that may not want to stand may not to want to hear that or they may want to use it as a platform to. Attitude shows something that they believe and why do they have to be involved with a guy doesn't wanna be involved at that I don't wanna you know maybe what their standard support whoever forever reason or maybe do. Why do why do widen if if you can't get along taken away. Take taken away from the players don't allow them out on the field before but this time or after the anthem and then we can do the introduction go play. So does a super simple. A what a word spread a little bit that we come back 70457. Or 96 from the doctors but much boarded until a little deeper and this through because the dolphins' case. It's I think he's in sting is everything and where this all comes from the why the NFL is different in this respect him why this just won't go away we'll talk about it all nexus Garcia and Baylor. CN and maybe. I guess of phone calls to get into here just a settlement has warned. You know we're to have this conversation frank Garcia and I think we're pretty well established that we're willing to have just about any conversation. My my only rule we have conversations are not for you but for listeners just keep it civil that's all I know special resort dotted and the conversations like this because. Not only does it derailed the show but I think civility enough. In politics and and really just everyday life is kind of eroded a little bit so I'd like to keep things civil no matter what we did insert today or the other day but so I'm not worried about that reviewer Osbourne or anybody else we have had the occasional wing nuts. You know Colin was some pretty outlandish stuff so are you wanna call Simon and we love that sort of stuff we'll take your calls throughout the show on Tom source and we'll join us here about fifteen minutes but the NFL has frozen its National Anthem policy. A day after the Miami Dolphins. I just made an announcement that they would be suspending players for up to four games is they chose to Neil during the National Anthem on the field as opposed to. Up per the nobody's and that with the NFL put out there in the first period they gave the organization's. Cart wants to do what they want. More or less you know I guess but that was certainly legit I think part of the issue though is when you you're the dolphins and you say we're gonna suspend guys for up to four games for nearly during the national led the but I look at all these guys for domestic violence residences and got three cents or two gets. But you that's. Asking people to just accept that. I don't think that's possible people and if people aren't as dumb how should I put its alumni east or uninformed. You know. Why here's my question. You know with this whole thing and you know maybe you guys can bring some clarity to this and I'll always wonder why do fans get to dictate. You know why their feelings on what they think is going to be best for this league or or these players when it comes to punishment. Why about a wider fans have say that that's what you basically send the fans are the one there are are pushing back so the fans are gonna get what. There are well I guess whether it's standby ticket or fan buying a package to watch it at homer or subscribing to whatever the the NFL's network is trolley cart package in the future I mean as your consumer base right so while they don't dictate things when you don't make decisions necessarily. You know they can choose whether or not to us bemoaning the product ultimate. We're talking about discipline things in or you know direction things on the way that the teams are gonna handle these and you're right to point that out I guess it the other side of that also is that we're also talking about issues that. There's transcends sports there were talking about patriotism for some we're talking about a number of police brutality druthers you know outside a sports issues that don't matter a lot of people and that's why you get support we just let's keep politics out of sport solicitor and that's why those conversations been. That well and then if you're one of those people then I mean isn't this one of those times you say OK I really don't care as long as you know it's a good product on the field not because. If your day forecast. It if were gonna give the ability. T the people outside. On how we handle things inside him and what we do is a leader company. You know are we going to be always kind of chasing ourselves. Around in circles. Possibly because not everybody's been think the same way and whoever is just a squeaky wheels gonna get the grease you know. Local and it all also distant. There's our side very much understand what you say and this is it's a delicate conversations and wants conversation right because I try to walk myself through some of the arguments and logic on both sides that would be fair to everybody in this discussion when we haven't because on the one hand. You know I say well really what does it hurt anybody to see a couple of guys on a show kneeling in protest something they believe and it might be offensive to some people but at the end of the day what does it hurt the other side of the did you get the people who feel strongly in a symbol of the American flag. Is meant freedom and all the nobody right. I don't think anybody went right now frank I don't know if that's the case. You know why is the NFL allowing people to dictate the direction they go oh yeah that's that's a question as good as always it's always going to be gone both to right center closest pass themselves not meeting room in Atlanta who had a bad day you know you have a responsibility here to secure to preserve and to maintain this lead the way you want it let's find that you also have. Employees you also have labor you know in the form of player so that it that you're in partnership with to some degree put you on the platform you on the league's owners is no question about that but these players are the best of the best in the world and unless you want to look at them and say well we don't need you will bring in scab players in a bit less sure you have to work with these docile bit. So it. The way the NFL and most companies in most businesses would operate is what. Is that it's. It's not going to be necessarily the loud his voice is gonna get the grease is going to be. What's hitting us in the pocketbook the most and if the ratings are actually dropping in and people are actually turning away because people are kneeling. Was CFO gonna do they're gonna side with change. They're not gonna look Neil also tarnished right. Brett because the data the data running a business you know and that's that's again it ties back into the Miami Dolphins thing in their owner Stephen Ross. You know I've I've brought to soak the former Kristina Ross was one of those owners you know prior to this really breaking out into. A shoot story is huge controversy. Who really didn't have a strong opinion about it really didn't seem to care all that much of his players took part in this. And and you know that the president came out strongly condemned it was still you know it's made the comment about SOB is and how he felt about it whipped up this is base into a frenzy over it and all of a sudden Steve Ross is saying well. You know I had a client talk the president trough is up until very differently now it's a Stephen Ross went from. Either not having an opinion and almost coming down the side of the players do on and on with the president on this and on the spot and to suspend our guys for up to four tapes. And and you see that cattle 180 strong that it. It's his team can launch I mean what does that really change it's a 180 in change of a position and what's not necessarily pass its. It's not really knowing what I think about something because I have been educated. On the impact it might pass. On the number one my product number two of the people that watched this game. And also may go have a conversation with somebody. And I sit down and they explain their points and they get their their viewpoints across and I've heard I've. Or the other side now again to make a choice I could decide which what I want. Whether it's 180 or not you could dissuade you get to change opinions can change. Right and sure this is a matter of opinion when it comes to the way the owner wants to analysts is this is his choice it's his team he gets to make those decisions. Okay and all of a sudden I was I know has turned off of the 180 degree or you know or order to people change their do their minds all the time. And I don't look at it as a negative would. He's allowed to say just not there's no question about that I don't I don't know is I don't know Ian Donald Trump a private room I don't know the president laid out eloquently some you know some brand argument as to why this is longer Jesus and you can donuts is gonna cost you much money because I'm Elena. I don't know what. I doubt that the U threatens him the go I don't see. Personally threatened him I think he also made a probably pretty clear right this is a pretty big political talking point for me I'm not gonna let it die because it's good for me because of people who like me who voted million authors are going to continue to feel strongly with the way I feel right now and when I go to a rally in Montana and I whip people up and fire a month you've got people who let's be honest about this had been diagrams and don't Donald Trump supporters and -- -- there's a big guess overlap right there right so don't where he goes where that wind blows so goes the supporters I think Stephen Ross and I know you is it Jerry Jones and Bob Preston Bob McNair and all the they're acutely aware of this and they understand that can be bad for business to not only go against. You know the and the patriots are the patriotic town portions of the fan base the president but that's bad for business I asked her promise. That businessman. Here in Charlotte when time. Which what do you lean. You as well whichever way depends who's the who's who's the good governor the mayor is going to be. Because they're the ones the makes a decision dealt. I lean that way you know I lane towards the money. They're Republicans they're Democrats their opportunist they don't and you get that that's right that's a great input that's exactly map for a lot of people love field that will take a phone call police got way too lawlessness also under Scott thanks for holding them Howard if. I would sit there and it that yeah I buried give it back expand. I just bullets saying that you know I mean I. You guys in number to have it both ways but let it devastated the country and it the way it's being in there aren't in there and you bad. And I understand politics I get it but it is it but it but it it is crazy to me win. He is scored all of that is just straight. Can raise the it gave you wanna what about a play well get a rough idea about the right amount that but the issue was bigoted. I would overlook that it's a little mistake if you hear about about the bags you bogeyed the big issue what about the threat of what you got reverend you know. It until the ball I don't look at how the country's being ran and from other countries coming here doing what I want to do. You know duke duke did a great the greatest threat to the meat and opt into but you'll play when weapon you have biggest U. I do whatever you know bill would do well I don't know are the ones say that. But I just got pursue the fogleman a 70457096. And any thoughts and any opinions will take him as five are just keep it civil as this is not fundamentally it's it's important I think in some ways but. I believe anybody wants to be doing this and for those your lawyer you don't it's the biggest league in the country. I keep saying this all times the biggest league in the country. But they draw massive rating seventeen billion dollars in revenue and there's still currently embroiled in a controversy where there going head to head with the president and that this is one of the biggest sports stores and I happen to disagree with some people who minimize this at its limited stores in the country will continue debate. I thought this was gonna go away I did I thought the NFL ownership was smarter than this and they can say thank. Let's go talk to these guys won't give assault and we're gonna negotiate this ties us all clay Travis on I don't always agree with polite but equal between something this morning dissipate maybe there's a possible solution will tell the players will start drug testing is suspending guys for marijuana because we recognize that so penalties like that relies on fairly target talked to a minority important duties and in return if you start reeling from a National Anthem there there's something there to be that kind of compromise amendment doesn't work for some people but maybe it does we got to go. Or when my hero guitar importing to the phone line and because that you don't because are light enough yet. And why would this go away. If you're the NFL you actually want this to go away you want to. You know push this in a closet closed door and never see it again that's exactly what you're looking for if you're the owners it to the president Amy felt the president right now as trumpeted. Inclusive on this coming back and going against them. It's the media the media the media is generating this topic to me more than the NFL. And the media is the one because this is what happens when we start talking about. Our lines light up papers could fly off the shelves this can be first Frontline you know news and everybody that the media generates this. Noted that but if it is it to media's fault that people wanna talk about it. The gym you know what are you say you wouldn't you would hope this goes way they should just go you can stop this god oh my god. I thought that's what she said no I didn't connect it up I thought it would go away because I thought to be able to come because some court are some sort of compromise because you heard players have said they were not gonna continue to do this a little. But the media. When you watched these have to lead the lead three games what happens typically you see the cameras go where to the sidelines. Mr. chairman and go to the sidelines we would know who kneeled wooden as the cameras don't go there and sit here and talk about her for the meat it is easier encourage this clay Travis or you are mere are sitting here talking about it. Eventually this goes away. Eventually. Maybe boasted as Bob Gillis is JT everybody heads I would come back we're gonna we're gonna hang you with a boy Tom Sorensen for middle talked to him get his thoughts on a couple of topics. And they were coming back to the phone line 70457. Or 96 standard Tom Sorensen next it's Garcia and Baylor. Back to Garcia and save. Before the break here if you're on the phone lines excitement we were brought up the topic of the strike was forty doubt their second ago. Phones lit up the so that's what happens when you dive into some of these topics the NFL has suspended its two month old anthem policy because they don't it might not be an alternate. Well thought out 704570. And he's sixty and let's go to Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer legendary columnist and over and Tuesdays with Tom on Friday it was a dump. What you're saying and I felt that something dumb. That's a resort the same time the bulletproof mend the the ratings are still good money still torrent and how beg him to be right. Yeah you know people talk about it rating sit down at. And they're rating that every year they went out and it was like it it just couldn't sustain itself but let's face and it by far most popular sport. Yeah no doubt about it what what do you make of this that make it look you in the span of Donna 124 hours we're talking ACC football yesterday to destroy the start of the show today. You haven't had that new restore the broken by the dolphins and in the NFL's reaction to it it's flair right back up. I've been minister I'm in Minnesota and a bit of a lake I don't know what app with a dollop. A dual I'll tell you women really quickly the Miami Dolphins had to set originally they would they would suspend players for four games. If they know for the National Anthem and and there will be funds involved as well there was an uproar about that and the NFL has since suspended its two month old anthem policy video and vote in Atlanta and their enemy of the players association that sounds like to maybe try to figure something out. Current and that's scared because he can't do it expense Claire man I. Have a strong opinion and that's ornaments simply that it did not by way. Call attention to our attention this really important. Into the dolphin should do that. I think it's a testament that went lots record aren't being dumped scenes including teams become bank and a data out but the other folk gonna try to we think that we can't expect to work with the player he can't do you expect to players coming. They have to work without side it's a good votes. When I just take it out you know Tommy used to be that way I got in league and we were coming after the National Anthem Kenny green's wife used to sing all the time and halftime. I am and you don't see me before the game I never herder are she was good. The acting. I think that's one way to do it it. You know in in a way with you know not pop it was it was trying to stay active fire. I'd throw all the players in the BA yet to go to timeout before the game yet stay in the locker room and I just thought I would certainly. But yet if it's consistent chair attack understand that we just need to achieve and at that pop in that makes interpret body. Property owners and go to players after the chants practiced thank you app. Ian yet to track their right to players seeking it will look that there expense. Are are you asking us to get along. There I mean where one is that possible. Yen and it felt step the problem what their fell more than any other and yet. Dick Dell or not the the people thought it was going to be I mean Bridget sent was one of the strongest proponent an absurd Gerri at a lot of regret that's one of them. And I just think that if you panic like Adams choker and MBA necktie is so sharp and he's been true what owners and the players. And the Dell I think you're into what nobody. I was talking to Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer joining us on the ticket John just like you know weeks from now we'll be getting on field updates about Carolina printers and and training camp and I'm sure and ask you some variation of this question over the past couple months but as we go to training camp what are you watching the most closely. One has seen the impact of Norv Turner. And on Cam Newton now want to the impact of all that speed. Cam Newton I mean I think cameras more worker now an endeavor that. And it'll be sent to see how they progressed or training camp and a gal like I like being down. I mean there were a time when nobody wants Barbara bike shorts. But now it it's just it's kind of a neat town their property values like chart that's what I rocket which comfortably. Where they were in olden days that are training camp they're really think he'd get a feel for the new acquired. Apt to really get a feel for how to get to get a. You know some you know speaking of training camp you know I was there it the du GS today with some some of the guys in. Some of the former players and you know we had some great memories and we're talking about. You know the history in this tradition of going down a Spartanburg and and the heat and all the things that go along with that the dorms. Do you think that it's you know I've 'cause I played a couple different places com. That when I was in Phoenix. I'm in for the time for the cardinals we kind of wanted to Torre went to twice effort couple weeks and we went to press guide and moved it around I would do the same thing in Saint Louis went to western Illinois we came back to Saint Louis and then we went to. You know different parts of on Missouri looking for your support you think the Kansas ever get that because it used to be that way in 95 when they first brought the team to the Carolinas traveling around like two of the road show. Yet that was court because it would try to introduce different parts of that Carolina the team up at those kind of neat you know what they're figured out that date. Don't think they can do that anymore I think players just. There's so many demands and their time back at you that have I think you know appeared in many outside of Minneapolis. What the last week there's sand capped it. Training facility now where the vikings war and that's the bet is an attitude that's what tempers gonna do it. You know that would replace those plants are remarks and that that a dorm to the hotel. And it'll be cool because it. You know it is. I think it did you know better than anybody and I think it did inspire teamwork comic coach that taught me that GM atomic that. But you know playing at Detroit's big storm balance Spartanburg produced at a court Alltel and shot. Novo a lot of. I would talk to Tom Sorensen join us on the ticker John just like Tom are what your your take on hold aside and as well we're gonna play the audio to your nothing coming up blew a little bit in the show but major emotional aroused yet James breaks going his podcast recently and the outlook he started out by talking about Kemba Walker and he said that and I'm paraphrasing but he he said that no player in the NBA is more important to his franchise. David Kimball walker is what do you make of that. A lot of interest and I mean kemba. You kept track of how many how often want whereas the ball which team we have can will be way up there and the net etiquette where procedure and he wanted to. But respect the campus attack set a teammate. Chemistry guy when that clock trying to below what you need somebody with a gut. It ability to take the shot that when he loses a game. Can respect got act in it not make its case that they were they should trait kept up because I didn't think count wise. They were close and not just suddenly turned around and think every unity side about free agent ever use it about it. Every bit excited by the new think the gap between. Where the hornets are where they wanna be is. That thought that the quickest way to get there was to trade kemba but this same time nobody followed that that sport and nobody out or. Watched him a train hit a dictator was one and yet to do some feedback fine if it. I just don't see and I soccer gets talk about and yet disagree. But I don't see how to get there with the way to presently configured that man. I hope they do it they do it is going to be because of the camp. Yeah you know. I'm with you Tom on that note Cowell is want to be easy cost an optimist over here but I am trying to be more realist and in all the guys are out there that I wish these guys the past are good people they. They do a great job in the community Fred whistled wanna see him succeed of one of those guys that want them to win and what Jordan you know bring a championship here to Charlotte but. I just don't see it with this roster of guys just OC at all. Now I don't either now I'm with you people thank you write make this simple order so they get. I'm negative and it just Donna I mean. It if they could win and if they keep compete current top four Y caps but man that we can let this lady. And this city is ready to elect a democratic beat up that rich which are tremendously just don't. I mean maybe we've been mated meat Internet database in maybe they speak in a negative seventy but H app for median patient the way they're presently configured to do a better match. Some one quick thing for me anyway lets you go and I assiduously all star game on there's a apparently a lot of to do. Topic it's stopped doing advocates of how much all I get. And tech granddaughter attorney Stanton and it was not it would that would act I don't watch that an arm or interpret this it's 88 bank. Ya know there's and that's what I was saying apparently a lot of people did and ended the numbers are really good for the all star Damon dot dot I thought the you don't let the later innings there you had some guys intra day and this is a new and its you know may be the novice sports and didn't know but they'll balls are flying out of the park their marquee names on the mound there was a dramatic finish and it all things considered with all the that some of the issues of Major League Baseball is grappling with right now I don't thought they had a successful star mark. Opera is fantastic coming. Price Chopper comes back because dead pigeon to remake this dramatic come back. Kind of a home town and the Arab victory. And they you know it set a record for home run derby homers and then ten hours spent at home content out to connect to future based army base all want. Baseball so far behind me MBA NFL on terms of marketing at start. And this has to wait for them do you know what shall we would but might acquire a caught gimmick if you want but that was pretty Smart. Out about the epic game they want it so they'd go into the second half of this season not on an earlier announced oral. I'd sound source and Charlotte Observer join us on the ticker John just lines on other grew wheat and body enjoy Minnesota. Secure our trip are absolutely Don sources joining us on the tiger John just like typically Tuesday is what's on the we're doing there Friday as he has on vacation we comebacks that judge we take your phone also. Back to Garcia and say it. Oh. Supplied. Right saying that that was a horrible things site. I wish. Strikers and you're back at a second visual bathroom breaks your books I know he's gonna disagree with disappear doesn't get back in time for this'll bring it back up but. We always as much as I thought Larry Fedora was just popping off at the mouth the other day and ACC media days in the sense of things that let's go drew unnecessary. Negative attention to himself into the university athletics department. I thought one guy in particular might have gone to four under the direction under at Walt and it was all news station yesterday were the midday show prior to us going on here. And Dan tweeters something's the matter affect you wrote something for USA today. And and in the tweet built into the link to the article Speedo said something that I actually thought was gone out of bounds to I disagree. With much of what Larry Fedora said but I thought then walk and took it too far when he said that you know Larry does flourish or Dora doesn't. Can't see the link between CTE in football than he's too dumb to coach. College football too stupid to coach college football and should be fired immediately. That's the kind of rhetoric. That I think should be saved for form or. Let me tell important issues and it's not that I don't think CTE is important but in no way we sort debating over. Science has not been completed yet and we start debating you know college football to to call people stupid to call them dumb. It is childish it's unnecessary. And I thought that I was shocked that the editors USA today publish that I really wants I was surprised that the USA today editors. Allowed four odds bad bad to be printed and published in obviously Trent do is not 1985 and morbid published on line it for people read you can have a it goes back to -- -- thing that I was saying a minute ago I've been I've been talking about civility in politics and sports and ever worlds for a couple of years now but for whatever reason civility in politics just became a big talking point you know a couple of months ago but what we've lost all sense of civility and while I disagree with Larry Fedora I do disagree table and calling him stupid and dumb you know and in a RUS Saturday article and our social media platforms and I think there's childish and I think it's unnecessary you can drive point home. You know what without resorting to that kind of name calling and it's it's symptomatic of other problems we have right now symptomatic of the issues that divide all of right now in America and I didn't like that at all and I will tell I would say just today as face you know I was actually get I want to get they at all. The talk about this you know after what happened and I'm still can be resolved to middays yesterday and a I just want to across a lot so while I disagree with Larry Fedora and a yesterday a beautiful little bit for some of the things that I thought was wrong about. I don't think anybody in the media needs to calling anybody stupid or dumb deal about science that so while it does certainly point. In a direction or two it's not conclusive so I got in like that Osborne your thought on that. I did have a thought on an I'm not here to call anybody stupid I'm not here to call anybody dumb but what I am here is to tell you that when Larry Fedora said and I know you're not defending his comments. When Larry Fedora said was incredibly shortsighted. Angst a little tone deaf I thought if for the current state. Of some of these things and against especially the CTE crisis. And I think what Larry Fedora did is he opened himself up to this type of criticism gift he'd have to say distaste as a that's why I'm not I'm not as hard on day and saying that because. Eight it's not a symptom. Of DN. For Walton it's a symptom of our society do we take those types of takes we call the festival called it people don't we overreact to comments. And so what I see did happen there was DN sage. Probably what a lot of us were thinking know what does that professional in the in the realms of in the realm of journalism or not that's for other people to decide I would have done that. But Larry Fedora is the person who's most responsible for the the blowback he's. Yeah I agree with that like nobody's there nobody attacked Larry Fedora on profit you know yeah I AEA he said what he said people reacted to that so look for a while all amateur Fred this is time to talk about doubles and only wants to we'll do that coming up you're just a bit bad snap judgment you wanna go to the slow laws so we got some guys have been waiting. And wanna share their thoughts on the off. The NFL news of the day you anthem the the suspension of the NFL's two month old ransom policy you know because of his some what what happened with the Miami Dolphins although Albert warrior audit of the as a network is reporting that the players association and the NFL have actually been communicating about this possibility for a couple weeks now let's go to salt lies and tell you listens joins us merciless is our new. Nice to get its ills I took groups are all that's happened. And Warren is about. The error lies but there are mostly on Canon nexis. On this topic the government are not black. I'm. And when the topic artistry amount I have some difficulties. And how well woods. On this debate not ultimately decided ballot so Kennedy what parents you know. Don't and how Michael looked great merit is stadium. And it now has now played I am not not smooth but. All right how many people are moving around talk about an amount. I don't seem to do. Did you know there is respect the to meet let that go well PetSmart PetSmart these original. Elisa start to for the fogleman I appreciate your thoughts and that's one of the many things have been poured out there and we can do that all day you know when we can do the what about autism and on us on the wrong. Under say that's. I don't know how sort of gets us anymore really got there we weeks we've done it before I've sorted out there it's you know there are displays of the American flag that do expressly violates flag to you can point out to the disrespect to deploy displays that those sort of what about a dozen points they don't really get us anywhere we just yell at each other back to what about this one about that what about the as we Iran about just when you're an idiot about. As competition it doesn't get a scenario it creates a competition yes yes everybody wants their side heard. And there's no resolution. Jeff doctrine remorse that. Let's go to Bob next and Bob thanks for holding their thoughts on this so the settlements. They get credit do a delicate art you can argue that football baseball and too many mind. But I got a great client that the this is not the yet there all the political football league. But the more we get out of there get out of an entirely if you like can't what these guys stand McConnell. Until that actually at the very of them blame that on the field he can compete why can't complain about that but it goes way in a couple of weeks not how it that the this system what the players intended we all understand what all the way out there and had not been that they didn't. What has been turned into I think that this Herbie really. Could continue to be the program was critical of players to get where the great political could announce that it is that the market is nothing about it in the. Thank you Bob I appreciate that I grew relative Smart guy grew a couple of things said dozens exodus especially the last part but should just talk to players I mean that this meeting should happen along time ago. And it's not because the players are equal in this partnership. Nobody does because they are the best of the best at what they do in this world in the biggest leader America I'm only owners do on the platform of the owners can set the agenda all they want it does benefit the owners to work with his doesn't someway doesn't fret. Beneath the owners to talk to the players what do you mean but it's beneath the owners to cow tail to. What's anybody they're the ones that are responsible for the direction of the leak out and their minds are the ones this time. The front of the checks in on this is their league I would they that they're we're shear because of them. As what they bullied teen players against coastal strongly when you're heavily give it wasn't first this why you see the butting of heads and the back in the forest no honestly I mean when it comes down to it. It's NFL was Smart they went either have to ask the players this is what we're gonna do as a as a league we're just inside. And as Bob pointed out I point out it goes away in my head people sent the guy you're trying to you know monitor and dictating and forcing him. Okay. If that's would you wanna believe that's which you can believes. And then the next person myself and eventually those things going you know why not only cameras in the tunnel does not mean cameras in the end in the locker room guys are going to be in there they can do whatever they want they can if they wanna take any they've taken in there and after the game is over they can do whatever they want they want taken me if they wanna say you know let's I wanna celebrate if they want to you know have their opinions on their platforms they can do those things when it's not during the NFL time it's on their time it's on their brand they can represent themselves. You know to some degree or certain degree how are they want but when you're. You know that when when you know that flag starts client in the game's stars on people start saying and and now you're on the NFL's time and now it's a different story H your represented in that Brent let's go to JP will get his thoughts are what make sure he gets in JP what's. I bet. That I got almost a month. They in. That's felt well it. When they believe that bit the president took up the bill but these people have visited. Is that when he got. The way about it what you want ownership Pete based is that I am gonna come back beauty going they can but what they're compromise. It's still marquee men so big news. He momentum to a bed and got up what we driven by the big about what you'd UK capitulate you have the kind of stepped back to them. They even let the players bit the same thing when he tried deserted very well about. I didn't pardon today that though will do there's been so what they push back on they're page here. Jacob met at city X we tried to respond so differently. And thought they do pay people keep mr. wit this who. That this they've been looted viewers axial boast so I think it is just the people out of ups but about right people protesting what they admit if there's people that are out that because. Of the fact that they feel like the players are being bullied in the way our group got toward the more you could work with the players in the NBA. Nobody's trying to. Good to to protest display but they can actually acknowledges that we're not in a brief T shirt and a warm up next we announced a real issues in the NBA. But they don't have this with the players but the state what they NFL live. People like they like he got bit controlling expenses over the black athlete and that's what we're the president that billed as bogeys. Like it resonate with bird people don't look toward other people often so that the big if you work with the but it stressed the realist you they won't feel the need to. Good to do but it didn't hear them. Tickets I just for your fogleman I appreciate those thoughts in doubles try to react to that when we have the time when we come back and now we're number two we got to go were up against adults when we come back to top 33 don't produce 330 two backswing by he's been a long time in the NFL covers college football now we're just thoughts on the media days in Atlanta here in Charlotte over the past couple days of talks and ACC SEC with Emma and that we keep taking your phone call 70457096. Status Garcia and they elect.