Garcia and Bailey H1: Should Kickoffs be Eliminated from Football?

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Thursday, April 19th
Should kickoffs be eliminated from football?

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But Garcia. And de L today party tonight. And we found out two days ago that we Rory gonna have a big draft party in right smack dab in the middle of the NFL was gonna release schedule. At 8 o'clock. Well commit what's up everybody child really fried Garcia and Osborne we've got to. A lot of good stuff to get into here on this Thursday at a sub 70457. Or 96 dead Darius and house as well. I'm telling you right now. Frank you were the first things I wanna get into this morning that we haven't gotten into so for the sweet. Is pending elimination of the kick off in college football. The turning elimination of the flow of the kick off in college football and tell you right now this is something to pay attention to. Because this might be one of those things that starts in the college level works its way up because what's happening right now is the NCAA changes its rule. Where they'll now allow kick returners to fair catch anything inside the torrid five yard line and an immediately results and a touchback. And so you know the way the point the less the point is that going to talk about Mexico that's what I was gonna say so the the point here is that big sweeping changes they just came it is and I know Portugal for doing the little now people would freak out. But as they changed the rule little by little like this to the point where the kick off return become so rare. That that people don't even notice that it's not there are more than when it eventually tick tick tick off a weight nobody's gonna draw that. I. I completely understand. You know the principle of protecting the players. But it's eliminating it completely. Is something that I think that you know we have to look at little differently not just you know as far as football standpoint but. As far as that enable the ability to market sell. You know kickoff takes. You know two opportunities. For advertisement. No one before we took off and one after the kick out drilling to lose the one after the kickoff. You know because you have that play and typically you see is another commercial the other ticked off you go to break. And you have more commercials so you know you're gonna have to squeeze a lot more. Endorsements. An advertisement. You know and in in a different place so that's why I don't feel like it's going away anytime soon because. Television is still king it's still pays the bills for all these teams but its. In other kind of eliminating the play even though they're gonna continue to kick the ball. Right that that's it's it's a progressive think right this is the next step toward cutting getting ready David Cutler should duke city supports Gingrich the kickoff you know in college shall. Listen I'm a tell you what if I was on kick off return. How are probably been able to play you know 23 more years of big so I'd. Yeah I'm. The biggest collisions you're gonna have anywhere ever is gonna be on a kickoff return kickoff promise. And you know when when you know when I used to play some. The wedge was a big part of that ands. You know you had heat seeking missiles are coming out there intestine manhood. Right and it's you know you had two rams come in full speed ahead and it came down to him vs me. And honestly. You know you gotta be willing to. In all almost fill light you know you hear is you know it's either him or me. I'm willing to die. Right and trust me those things cross to mind. Mom or your Ireland on the should go to Kelly James Harris a rubber match of it I can't imagine too many others aren't there's this big guy that played for the he was six foot four dot and a half but 280 pounds and ran for seven. Right he was also the donor. On the the park team at times. And he was L-3 04 on the kickoff team which if you count from the outside and you're 1234 you'd be the last four. In the game that we played here at Bank of America. You know we saw him go out there and we're watching film against the jets. And he took on a wedge you know by not against two guys that you know kind of form that wedge they hold hands and they come at you like red rover red rover. And it's him verses you and he hit the offensive tackle. Six foot 5320. Pounds from the jets. And knocked him in the next week. He hit him so hard he was on Blake street can hum. And you know I tell you what you know those collisions. Are what to you don't short a lot of people's careers because the stingers. You know the shoulders that we're displaced. Yeah it's it's it's a court. And it's a high speed car wreck thirty miles per hour or Tony young 22 whatever you know guys would run at full speed not being touched. And you know there was there's another guy that was you know we just have to measure these guys up and tell him and I got a bunch of stores registered to offer turns. And it's. You know you're getting challenged and people are gonna show those plays and in training camp in practice they used to do these things at full speed. That my second year in the NFL we want to Greeley Colorado. And we're playing the Dem we're scrimmage against the Denver Broncos. This is a John L is that there there were there world championship team. And you know they had a guy. That it was a big linebacker who we kind of take our count and you know I'm one of those bad guys that you don't go to set the wedge etc. And we did like a little bit of ice so blot or do you wanna I wanna set this guy up pretty good. It was a linebacker you kind of evaluate count 1234. You kind of look at mark you look at mob you start mounds and you know this guy's a full head of steam guy because the big guy. In a white guy big number fast straight line speed he was kind of process and I hit him I knocked it. I mean and I stood right over the top of them. NIT bad idea for. Wanna sound off in our sidelines or lessen our sideline was going nuts. There are yelling screaming and it. You know 'cause it was a test of manhood it was kind of like you know who's to send your two gladiators. And that she knew the collisions are going to be in I'm not Jim. About knocked him saws eyes it was what goes perfect kitchen he sees eyes roll back his stand over the top of them you know you got the best of them. Well can they sent a guy named Nate Tron Smith. Number 42. Texas a and M fullback so it's the very next series you know we have another kick off you know somebody else runs the second team goes out there. You know listen this guy out here I start counting 123442. Smaller guys they are little undersized he's gonna give me a little wiggle. Price I'm not gonna and I'm not go watch him off on the square him up and play basketball on a start moving my feet real fast. And I'll tell you what in about a five yard distance. After you brought about forty. There was no wiggle brother. And there was no wiggle he went from. You know stood straight up more and to a heat seeking missile and ran right through my chest. And it about blew my body. Right you felt that the that the that the force and I'm thinking I'm sure they can shake and try to go hitting him I was gonna get a little shoulder foot per knocked him out just like you did the last guy. You hit me so hard my shoulder went numb arm was Bangalore and you can't lay there on the ground and guess he's yelling this time you know they're sideline. In other sidelines over their yelling or screaming yelling screaming and open and tolerant and there have been hit so hard my entire life. And you go up and your whole body is like. You know give me out here you know Tutsi and Limbaugh to sideline you know grab my arms start stretch in it you know and we write and let these guys think I'm hurt right that's the mentality you know of you that we had back then and so you know fast forward to you know long story even longer we play them team's three game four in Denver. And sort of Bob Dylan I mean. In our town. In note that the white dude and I blew up 54. You know he's gone you don't attain the American specific according to however was out there you and the mystery and I mean. We're on the amber were in the Mile High Stadium. And this is the first kick off of the game were ticked off return in until 1234 and I'm saying to myself so I don't know. And all of a sudden he's the only in the cheers he's warmly in the crowd he's the one and everybody going to use their their jabs and any doesn't hail Mary and I say this on ABBA. He there's all there's twelve guys on the street he's got Jesus Christ his side as well. Yeah Suzanne Farrah called Todd. Twelve people and you know just one of those things that you knew that it was. And eat you know you vs. I'm cook it and you know they kicked our asset as Portland 35 Pulitzer win analogic our returns and I tell you what I mean those types of plays you know guys. We'll shorten guys' careers and yet the deal is 56 times because they're collisions. And you know if you're gonna make it as a young player you know back in the day you had to go out there and challenge the challenge of manhood and step up because they wanted to test. It's so funny you tell a story talking about it last night I said you know we're talking about the technical thing message dollar to talk to frank about the Smart guarantee he's got ten different kick off stores have you ever if you ever played as to single season. You know high school football and turned it on you've got have you seen somebody get blown up on a kickoff. If you've seen somebody get hurt on a kickoff and these are the kind of things that the NCAA is apparently trying to avoid Hillary just a little piece of Tom poorly so article there. He says quote seize the NCAA were to eliminate kickoffs entirely derby backlash from a lot of people. Nevermind I'm over 40% of core kick offs already result in touch backs the change can be scary particularly when it's swift with these new rules ruled there was cause somebody kick off to result in touch backs. And eventually kick return to be a rarity it's at that point to kick also be removed entirely and honestly says it makes cents a low footballer tickles to provide some of the most exciting plays in the sport but the truth is that if this borders to survive long term changes need to be made those changes. Or more than likely going to include the death of the tick off. All in you know that's the that's true the most teams are you duck wanna take that chance you know they don't wanna have ball returned. And they don't want you know to. You know go out there and you know that the other team would be happy get the ball to 25 yard line. So most teams in the ball's kicked in the end zone just particularly. In its ball to 25. What teams start to do as you look get strategize. Not restarted bloop taken it up to about the five yard line on. So that they were gonna take a chance because they know that you don't practice that anymore because the most the teams are due to the ball to the ends up. So it's one of those things as coaches we say okay we're gonna push this in May be put a little left west emphasis on this because. You know we only do this once or twice we might only have one or two returns and guys on the on the return team are just so you know accustomed to. You know the ball go into the end zone they're not. You don't necessarily given Max effort because what I said how how taxing it is on your body to go out there and do those things so. Everybody's happy as a player when footballs kicked through the coaches are happy and the only ones entire. I'm when you have to go out there and challenge yourself is when those. Bill Belichick you know guys go out there and blueprint to about the five yard line to do that very talented kicker and they force your return it and you know sometimes it pays no dividends because they're gonna ping you back in the gonna get better fill position at the end of the game if they're trying to make you come back and scored touchdowns. You know to win those separate things and we didn't ball 45 don't try to opinion sides fifteen or ten. Because your playbook completely changes so it was a strategy that goes with that but what's what's being said in college football would alerted him that. So in what she Squibb had to guess I'd I don't know does that count as inside the 25 an hour. We do know it doesn't that's not a sudden that's that's one of those instances that's why sort of toward those few instances where would still be lets you could actually have a lot play because he just seemed to do to original star scored in the ball right you know to you know the ten yard line or 98 yard line five yard line. In a warning that return if they're trying to strategize rice already over 40% a tick also already are our touch backs and obviously don't always gonna change the rules to say and he can he kick inside its 45 in the year to be fair caught and it's an automatic touchback as well they're eliminating the kick return in what from the day it was a big steroid monsters that you know wrestles. Earth that and wrestles Brock Lesnar via Brock Lesnar I look disaster want to govern this sort of fighting the rebels L four. Just tell us more stories we come back what do you think about this the tick off being eliminated from college that's that's effectively what's happening here 70457. Oneida sixty and a lot of traders didn't want to talk about to pass rushers in linebackers today got to talk about the other the playoffs last night LeBron James was incredible and in that exchange after the game that there's got -- about a normal talk about that the NCAA wants to not just give credit kickoffs their religious elders and every championship it's their readiness as they say hey it works at the college World Series there's still a booze and all the I'm bitterness interest in Johnson. Garcia Billick. Plus stronger Osborne. Just your dancing. Both euros of frontiers of my apple just. Well yeah I'm trying to bring Michelle back you know. They're just drinking and drinking away on your apple juice almost a grown man still drink alcohol yes this is a sarcastic Apogee is really get I just don't know yeah. I don't know all time great g.'s board is an idea I had had an ethics of that I had and I reckon you're apple you why because you'd watch because I'm. I'm a grown man. If you don't you don't drink energy egregious cleans it become a member of my. I'm sure you added water to your apple juice while I had wanted to buy apples and a guy that's what you did when your drinking or you're sipping cup Jamal should have done is to concentrate really. Got nothing about children. A conflict of children oh my god. I don't know how to take care what I would even hold anybody else's child until they ruled not to walk. Plus mile and flexible there that's very good night I didn't consider morally responsible for droplets of O'Neal's debut as very good you know. I didn't see Darius it's like yeah I just had more drop anybody else is baby so I didn't hold babies and notably about babies are you gonna just all the men I do now bullet grab hold. And tight I mean they're the best things in the world babies of the best things in the world. They mean you have a bad day seriously. I mean it's like gay squeeze toy. Are you have a bad day you do you come home to the stress relievers that you might do some guys go to the gym of the guys grabbed. In the live that the grip earn you know they they get their forms real bad idea and things like that MI to maybe. Did you grab a baby I tell you why just makes all the stress go it really does. Those are currently sit back up to squeeze a bit are not going to give me split the baby smell a soft skin and I mean there's nothing like a baby but I'm out drinking. Effigies I thought 704579. This extent we got some concerned citizens but this difficult situation. I'm really concerned citizens on the buildings that are excellent you know I Dexter is an out of gonna handle onside kicks to get the ball registered out. We don't know how drugs of some bills as they just the roster size if that happens. Somebody else other other techsters writing and observers say Yahoo! real Dexter is it about the use of your part of that way draw on the kickoff return the most likely still running backwards or standing damn near the stadium you're still. I'll while those kick off guys are coming full speed at Judi says but in my opinion and probably everyone I'm around the kickoffs. Is the official start of football game it's what gets everybody excited and gets the 1112 year old age group kids to to hate it I guess are detector oh it's all coming into pieces he said he did that crowd rock and at the beginning and I'm totally disagree were taken to kick off away as a coach and pop Warner we do not have kick off to your opening eleven to twelve age group anyway. I don't know they're gonna do but it's that I think the writings. On the wall here well and and you know. Well Lou what do we know about Desmond Howard. What would go about Devin Hester what we know about you know guys like Ted again what would we think when. You know you had some of these huge plays like Alabama. Auburn. And as a kickoff unit for touchdown to Garth returns for touchdowns and this deal go through this to you mr. Williams and just struggled coming to the point I. I'm it was a little exciting plays or OK yeah those are potential home run plays. In particular at the college level. You know just because. You know the preparation. You know the the difference in skills of the speed of a guy that's back there he has been taken angles away. And Doug I don't know I mean I understand. You know the safety of it buts this a violent game. You know and ultimately guys know what the sign up for and that's been part of the game you know since the you know the the beginning of it so the main. Where does it stop I guess it does does he kickoff return. They you know a lot of hit these guys at the target them in a written her chest he can't do get MI can't him low. You know and to put flags on everybody. And express is going to play seven on seven. You know with cash rich. I'd bottles agreement appear like an odd that it's headed there at that point you mean I think for kids it might at what point it was do we say enough is enough I. And the death I don't know I think it's a good question I understand which side would you. It's just a little bit of the time a little bit at the time a little bit at the time and it continues to go in that direction who's gonna be the person says okay well we made enough changes now that's enough. I mean you know this guy got hurt so let's react. And knew we are you have all these other rules so I mean what does this stuff Doug that's a good question who's going to be got to send us another one point that you don't know where you reached the point you fundamentally changed again. Right there what word you reached the point we've got so many rule changes and so many tweaks that it's not the same game that most people started out playing you know 1520 years ago when you pass and I don't know. Britain and health system attacks that we did. It is Kersey had just compare baby to a squeeze to accept half a this is not handle any situation where they're squeezed out. Not too hard to. You have to understand how to cuddle up and hold up because this is where CSS you know calls Padilla says calls start so. Look tough on security to you Rick on the independents buzzed the tour should use the benefits they adjust it to us on that it did you get independent my. I'm afraid you're more arrests no sorry sorry amendment or you know a little bit of god I heard it for the first time yesterday in his study. He just needed thirties look sarge noted notably learned those printers to madam anymore I got here about that now. How I'm tired coastal and the single a terribly distraught to make it a mice and men and references did a fantastic let's go to the phone lines go to Tony did his thoughts on mr. gulf port deal Toniu what do you think about got to college football mood toward getting rid of the kickoff. But it is. So somewhere aren't I think that all out so so all that and bit a bit but not come out and a book or Obama or. And people in order bottles or we're not gonna treat trade in a row. Opening it up properly. It is too violent army blocked group not don't want to commemorate not dormant but watch football. The only one I've got the better giant. Continued rapid change rule book. Territory the minister questioned as a domestic question he says something it's still don't know let's say you're wrong but you know the other part of his the first port reference is boxing passports kind of dead America. It has nothing to do to violence on it some people visit. When you know base their basic. Goal to try to knock somebody else and how many people are being vehemently go amount branded apps or need giant or remembered it is all about football. Not control Bonnie you don't put that put Democrat rated sport they play and and if you don't wanna play it don't quite. Tony Wragge I sort of you know I mean a lot of bats I agree with right I mean you want to game to be safe. All we really want as players is to be aware. Right I know what I am challenging myself with now I know what I am risking. I know my reward is going to be at the end or potential reward is going to be at the end they don't tell me that you know there's just a play there I have to walk across it. Team to get to the pot of gold. And forget to tell me that if I falloff. You know it's a hundred foot drop. And there might be snakes in Janet rice jagged rocks and alligators down there don't know the pitfall reference you know you don't know about that yet but academic. But and no hum. Ultimately that's what we won't we just wanna be aware. A what we're subjecting ourselves to. And not be you know kept in the dark so if they're telling you this is the potential. We signed the dotted line that kind of you know. You know alleviate that from. You know the you know the NFL to take those risks away and that there might be it was always on the dotted line our contracts you know you artist says Bolton. One has a standout. Bodily harm. Injury or death. No because by the sport the sport or something. How many zeros is Edward. System we met the guy and I'm with you that's what I said all along is that you know as long as everybody has it that the information they should have. Consenting adults can can be asserted consenting adults and that's I think Tony's absolutely right but I just four of the box and they because I look at boxing us had a better that's for middle lot of bad decisions. It wasn't all about the violence that's for middle lot of bad decisions you saw a lot of guys and upon strug did their careers yeah it for a lot of people that didn't turn the loss. It may be maybe for some I don't say a lot I would say a minority of of boxing fans or fans in general you know stop watching because of the violence. And those people most likely are gonna watch a football. Right there are gonna watch ice skating they're gonna watch tennis sort of watching golf. I mean that and there's nothing wrong era that's your preferences I'm not judging you for that but there's some people that liked to see the knock outs or some people like to see. You know the aggressiveness. On one album yeah I grew up watching boxing with my debt to me like that's what we did on Saturday nights we would go to showtime we go to HBO we'd watch you know princess seemed Ahmed. Fight I mean it does it mean those that's I think not low fox there every Michael Meehan my dad watched boxing their wireless Mike Tyson the most popular fighter in the world because he knock people out in 32. This was a bad MS rep and he came in there and with bad intentions and it wasn't too laid down on the on the campus. It was to knock your head off I got it we are calls coming we gonna step aside Oz horse may make sure we know that but just tell you read hundreds of meters is one of the bigger stores event under the draft is here and we a lot of stuff trivia the NBA playoffs but college football is about to eliminate the kick off and I think if you think it stops there. It or are there and if they're gonna let it stop there. I'd that the two robot that can do this is this is this the beginning of this stuff so that's what we're talking about a 704579060. And your thoughts on that kick offs being a limited essentially college shall not yet. But effectively so 70457. Or 96 and a big show ahead amino -- from ESPN will join us we'll get his thoughts on those the next sort of social brief our guys Steve marriage is in studio today at 1 o'clock is in for a half hour and we'll talk drafty is our guest of honor tonight at the WS Lindsay pre draft pro football roundtable cannot wait to get there tonight it would deceived a lot of throughout there was talk to kick off we come back was towards more football's Garcia Villa. While Jose that they free up a little little space tonight say if you had to pick him a couple of extra tickets available as understated so if you wanna go find some rumor trust again tonight through the year 2018. WS Lindsay pro football pre draft roundtable come wanna see is still worth neighborhood grill a 630. You can still get a for the same price dip my purse dot com but I think it's some 45 o'clock today others tickets go about ten dollar so others made a few available if you wanna get him I don't know if there's still out there but they were as a little while ago 70457. Or 9610. Let's go to phone lines are still gets folks want to talk about this difficult situation. And doubled and the author of top here anyway what do you think about this college football basically moving toward a limit miniature golf. There's stuff like you can't. You can never could dunk. I didn't die. I've trauma issue I didn't Duncan and that can be you know game one along and then I've never seen deploy boom. Let's get this done that now. My opinion and kick off as you know they had an opportunity here to kind of make it maybe a little bit different but say. Fair catch inside a 25 to abolish the quantity and you sacrifice something for the safety of the fair catch. Now a place. You don't take a risk to do anything. And that. Big part of the kick off this risk reward you wanna take it out you wanna try to retirement. You what it is fair catch it or not maybe let it go and back into the end zone or got to go out of bounds. I don't know I just think that's going to be going to be detrimental to some of the smaller teams beat up don't have the athletes on the kick off these are the kicker to kick it. Do and don't have the time. Thanks in the Persian phone call meant and Jordan called call me out and then another and then bring that yeah I mean if the people. There's an enemy don't be scared. I think they hear the sounds but the guy you better come strong candidate your boys graduate like that they mean you know why do you wanna taking on a spelling bee. Or are massed on this might images there but. Cut on the basketball court because they wanted on claims that he had no chance out of jail this. Cavuto 45709. Days off hundreds extra minute ago say it really was the poll question today. So all we got I if I can tell you what was that a poll question you should kick also be eliminated from football a district it's a very simple question. And right now we're about twenty minutes and we have 46 boasts 89% saying no it's part of the game the oak expose our poll results from yesterday by the way you want them. Pentagon finally get it's it's 14 hour process okay guys I'll just like you Jacki Jack cure him. When Kennedy detector we get a second poll question I OK for Grumman to drink apple juice from a gentle push into intuitive absolutely not I digits. Just like seamless keeps you regular you don't know apple juice. Did you go. Largest us even shed wrote in a minute ago said apple juice is not TT right Jesse does shed so easy Texan and he's just jabs that it doesn't mean it's true listen and Chad said and he's right apple juice makes you even listen to promote. And his right that is it has Greg Coffey does. Because it just makes things happen. Coffees Katherine eighty Kathleen Kathleen is direct but who cares ball clearly we do because we're talking Abuja just yeah I'm not sorry. I don't. I thought Paul question thank you don't that's alas for I. Guys thanks for governor spoke coloreds insulating your designs is just so you don't have information on the question right as far as does apple juice major averages give your regular is that right Jim. I am used to drink a little bit but they're probably a regular. So what's going on but it. In a way did go to China in particular thing and and the one most underrated thing about the kickoff is. There were out of high school. And play high school football. But kickoffs. Everybody would stand and meet a couple of bodies were well into the bleachers and looked up. I. Thought the cops are going to be disappointed. There. If I think rich brown wrappers bottles can't supplement that we overlook the pretends all right. The effects stiffen penalties and ultimately. But who voted for turns all right. Or certain people get away with it's it's true you know by saying that let's go to Iowa. Let's go to coach Joan next coach so Andrews but the work to restore I bet you hate the idea of the elimination of the kickoff started. Well I'm or. That. And Alitalia. While it's part of the gang are part of a gang betray the batter at kickoff return our return are two of the most exciting aspects of the bank account. Motel on what's gonna happen to get into debt each year. And I tell you why I am a big striker Olympic kick out. We can't say if there are special things get traded at a united. At least I stole a quick time DC again slowed doubt competent always some knuckle it wire. True it is not ready in the spots special sanctuaries post debate. And I and I will tell you that that's frustrating to catch but. Of course serious level. I think that taking kickoff and got proper people talk about it popped out to it. Did you know rights ruled like that accepts and then shares of course but troll. I think we have tech way to kick out its. Can't get it it's just such a dynamic. And exciting part of the gang and donate to charity which kicked a field with a paper return or you can buy yourself a real trouble already connected kicker kicked the ball. Out of buy out the tip top rated the bulk. That what 35 yard line in the Super Bowl that it did anything and everything can happen that's. I I'm with you on you know that last point you know a 100% and you're right you know coach is that. Now from me using the biggest thing I mean a lot of times on Martha's opponent punt returner to catch the ball. Especially as glove looks don't practice nearly enough screen you know in college or pros. They have the ability to go out there on the side catch the jugs you know that they're gonna shoot up in the air and know the ball's gonna come down. But the elements and condition in the lights and everything kind of factor into that and can it can change the outcome of the game. You know us yet instantaneously. You know I can make eighteen this not very good or maybe it is not as talented as the team across. Have the ability to beat that team because of special teams right if they're better at those things and you work on those things. And you prepare and those things to give yourself an advantage. If you think about it you know even when we play today if you add up the amount a special teams play is there any football game is 13 aspect of the game. A lot of coaches and players and and fans forget about those things so you're doomed did you diminish Sheen you know that opportunity for under. You don't athletic teams or auditing teams aren't as talented as you know maybe the other team to quad there and have a chance. To change the game was one of those place you know whether it's a paper muffed punt. You know because you have a great partner. You know whether it's a kickoff return because you have a great returner and he you know those teams might have one of those players. But they just don't have ten or eleven so you know you're you're you're kind of limited team you know those upsets with those types of play. It's done text writes in yes let's please stick to kick off voice I'm John Kasich man that's just I mean c'mon man principle twosome yeah that's our. That everybody knows this it's always going to be to say yes that's always a bad and as always it's just a bit but imagine the start of the Super Bowl. Without the kickoff and the lights flashing and everything else and it just it's hard to imagine it without that the bats were seems college football is moving up 40% of kick -- already resulted touchback and now they're gonna say I inside of Tony five north might even fair catch -- -- -- to expect out of the Tony five so I you're almost never gonna see the kickoff return to college football's assuming this goes through the way it is supposed to do and it looks like eventually is David Cutler from duke says they wanna see the tickled go away entirely 70457. Or 9610. We come back snap judgment we got a great for you talk draft later in the show of course are gonna talk pass rusher gonna talk linebackers and Teddy put medicate away from his parties and I'd get your tickets. If you're on the fence right now get my perks dot dom a few left for tonight's draft order it's Garcia and they look. Lost supplied. It's right. Are you ready for pop culture Kyle room court what's this. So there's an interest in Johnson was dating your current session or deceive impregnated a Kardashian. Is that a baby and be true true true that's true story that includes troop. That's your pop culture no and that was fun well no that's not that was a joke but the fact that I know that section achievement permit but I but I am aware of this. Because you know I saw the of the David. People are making all these Tristan Thompson means on the Internet and I didn't really know what's happening so that I looked into it turns out Tristan Thompson is. I think married by the way into the charges he mirrored the court session sister I don't know doesn't matter. Having a baby I don't know is there Mary seriously think and administering Darius about a terrorist front is there. There is push back of my take on this so actually gives a group quick what I said was. But you Reggie Bush deal a promising career that was stimulus fine but it was supposed to be like a hall of fame caliber career. Dublin on the court session. And I thought I think it's fair. Lamar Odom through titles sixth man of the year. Coming also upheld a Rodney to court session is done. It gets interest in Johnson NBA all our second team all rookie team meets a court session. Things are blowing up his face he would complain and thirty minutes a game reading play unit. And in noticing it if it isn't it about the the the dudes from the win blocks and it's what's the name suffers there yeah Microsoft recycle your comforts the managers there is and you push back you said no he's interest in Johnson did it to a self. So he gave a lucky day because I as it was being. Okay everybody knows it was in the gynecology is a different idea if you don't cheat don't know and above you and I. You know my dog to have fun. Cameras into its. Advised there is that is actually sort of don't go to public that's actually do device for most member what I'm saying is still we have alone in a track record of these toward national women ruining Providence men at. That maybe it would just look at Tracinda saved. I really don't have managed to stop is Elian Achilles is not a bad interest because maybe maybe this is just what they do. Exxon is undefeated brother their soul suckers and undoubtedly it is undefeated is nudges them. It's it's you know the word that I can't say did not know we don't it is and you know. It is undefeated this undefeated in the stands at present time. You a man who tried for years to try to overcome that. Century century centuries he died semi in his cause wars and has caused battles. It is caused us to lose our manhood to balls to go into purses and I mean if it is un defeated. A it it aren't the sea Egypt makes good decisions for us out on well you know but he he. The little head not the big head. Do you guys. That's where he doubts that moment orders manually. Dozens more in just I mean I can't emphasize that enough arm that Duffy did under it doesn't look. What is taking over. Look there's I'm just telling you everybody's bag and a drug Tristan Thompson today leave that may have blown these losses playing time. You know things are not going well for the Cleveland right now and he gets sucked into the cart bashing thing. And yet amid maybe just a girl a club I don't know I don't promote cheating and Oprah don't promote adult for the mic maybe he's just toxic people. What do we keep it and I'll Kanye right now that we know if he's all right where he served as an adult if you're not married. I'm pretty sure was cheating. I don't know we read Stephen Wright and what do you mean what does the end of the day it was a various but did he leave his play as a pregnant wife for quotas just because the policy I don't know I think he did are you sure I do you know there's only. Only choice ever has been very busy though he's only 27. Hold on holidays are always what is evident is already left one pregnant wife insisted on another story isn't that what all wheel chair listen I'm I'm dressed. Oh that's the case that did not need to rethink our story out if that's the truth dares you verify some confirmation from a no a look at a new guy. For Dario Camara says asks. And bad. What's the point text the right city says Blake Griffin same story yeah I mean look at this tell demand it it's it's it's a net work. It's almost it's almost like organized crime except it's a fairly full women that are sold suckers. Welcome back for our over to its Garcia Billy.