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Tuesday, June 12th
To start the show Michael DeCourcy to recap the NBA season, and Frank and Kyle discuss Cam Newton's ranking in the Top 100 NFL Players...

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Seems like forever ago that we were interrogating the man by the name of any ire for ranking Cam Newton is the nineteenth two best quarterback. In the NFL. Well the results up 100 list is out. And Tim comes into Tony's thoughts. So semi tractor eight team quarterbacks in the top choice for now I don't think that's your family's it to them I would guess not no probably not comedy is that there are. In the top 25. I've done the math okay we've we went through your worthy quarterbacks and I thought potentially could be in front cam. And they were behind him Matt Ryan being the first one I think he came in at 29 Matt Stafford was another one believe he came in the thirties. You know I know thought rob books have been possibly Lee one of those guys who think he was in the ninety's courting the players. These are with the players think about the players I have a good idea and what the players think a lot buzzer colorful word that's right. How what's really plus long time ago I know what to do. The boss is notre I don't think they do I don't think the people though you know what used to play a little bit or heard of it but I got a kitten. I'm but. If you are asking if you're asking me the guys in front in camp. I mean I gave the order I think deterrent. I think Tom Brady's best quarterback Julian think most people agree with the Karen Rogers. Is overrated as he is who's going to be the number two guy. Packer Lewis comes for your -- and right tackle those can bring it with his little cheesy and Sinatra and bring them and I think he wants. All right Aaron Rodgers has won one championship. He's consistently put in the top you know two quarterbacks three quarterbacks of all time and doesn't get the the results on the field. You know he he knew we can sit there and make excuses for anybody but we don't make those same excuses for cant we don't make him for anybody else. We don't make him for Tom Brady somewhere and make him for him. On this he's going to be the number two quarterback he's gonna start put some bulls up there Russell Wilson's been a cup always been more but yeah everybody thinks that it Aaron Rodgers is better than him. And I'm you know I knew Israel right now I think he's getting on the cusp of being overrated in and underachieving. Know for what he's done but he's the number two quarterback still today I think my number three would probably be Drew Brees for what he does for his football team. And then I would probably go Russell Wilson and then Ben Roethlisberger. Threw five and six. Carson once. There's a guy that I think Kenny phenomenal year and because of his year I think he'd be above you know camp according to the players. And I don't think he's a better quarterback as we speak right now altogether. That you had a phenomenal season. And I when Kim did as well he was top ten guys in also so. I think last year's it is his stats is. His play on the field in a potential MVP. Don't you brought him all the way up into that top ten top fifteen status and I think he'll be in that. In that mixes well with those are the shortlist quarterbacks I think I would put him seminary. Nothing did you make the argument that you know Roethlisberger and Kim. Would probably be the in the tilt and things so Matt Ryan in there and and probably. Some domestic Matt Stafford as well. Matt Ryan comes at a 29 on this list Camden comes in toppling hundreds of voted on and then Cam Newton comes at a 25 Matt Ryan comes in at 29 this this list of course is released in pieces you got out 100 to 91 the ninety threw 8180 your semi what sort and so forth so until today we we did the 3221. Portion of the list. And added thirty you don't Shawn McCoy the Matt Ryan at 29 Chandler Joseph the twentieth Larry FitzGerald Tories seven Kim Jordan got a New Orleans comes at a 26 then Cam Newton 25 odd Travis Kelsey Patrick Peterson AJ green Bobby Wagner rounding out his portion of the NFL's top 100 and as far as lists ago and yes it is list season. It's let's talk radio is absolutely list season but he didn't pay attention to Lester put stock and Alyssa frank this is about as much stock you put into any list. You because you're being voted on by your peers here and and Leno last year's top fives which will be released in the coming days last year's top five Tom Brady was one minute of Von Miller to Julio Jones three Antonio Brown for a Khalil Macintosh. And nights I still feel like entry and I mean you can have just as equally of good conversation and debate you know with wide receivers in this league is well. And you know I know we're talking quarterbacks right now because you know we're gonna have one that's in the top 25 it comes and at 25 and Cam Newton. I don't know if there's much of a debate when it comes to linebackers and think maybe you've probably talked about a handful guys I think I think Lou key clique. Is the best linebacker in the game I think a lot of people would agree with that I think there's the short list of some of the guys you might build a throw in that list as well. Mambo I'd tell you Saluki cleats in my opinion a top. Top fifteen player and is expected to be in the top toy you should be and then we'll find out exactly where you know when the rest of our list is release and I would I would not be surprised if he's a top ten. You know that's. You know if I'm watching players and which I study and I have for many years I still you know kinda do enough watch game. Odom and Luke two weekly. Is a better football player then. You know then then a lot of players that are going to be out there and you know the instinct that he has the speed. The leadership. On the toughness. All the things that you don't attack claim on the UN doesn't miss tackles if you're if you're ranking him on a Madden game he's going to be nearly in the top ninety's and also. Right and all the little things you don't really know what they stand for you know when it comes to. How they ranked players it according to man and I'm you know he's gonna be really high notes in always gonna come down to is that. You know as can be the injuries right this is the concussions continued to compile then he's going to be our league probably sooner than later. And you know that's one of the things that concerns a lot of people but players are gonna. You know use that against you because Earl dealing with the same thing they're sick backers they employer. Are you miss any games or he'd you know he played eight and he leaves Little League in tackling every year lieutenant in America tackles. I think he's one of the best defensive players in the league can rest you know consistently think he's been that since he's been in the league. Mistress I don't think it and I'm asking you more about whether or not surprised as opposed to whether you think there's merit are you surprised that Kim is ahead of Matt Bryant. In on this list now. I'm not. You know because I think again. You know when you talk to defensive players. You know that have played this game long time and I learned this a little while back you don't mind you when it came to Michael Vick. I was probably more on the committee of you know the stats and you know how he you know sits in a pocket new white quarterback to throw the ball on those type things but. The more defense players I talk to the more you listen to and you know look mammals in a better opinion on that because at the stop these guys he coordinator same thing. If he talked to Damione Lewis should talk to you know guys like. Michael dean period. In a ransom Buckner rather they had played the defense and position in particular line this and Michael Vick. Was a better quarterback and all these guys and I just like you know there's no way mean do we have a way to slow him down we rush the outside we keeping contained in the pocket but. You know the the fear factor that he brings tee and then that element that he brings to the game. Being able to improvise moving up to make plays down the field not only when his arm but what's his legs. It if you don't it puts more emphasis on him as a football player than him as a quarterback. And I think that's what you're valuing the right we're not valuing the best quarterbacks are evaluating the top 100 football players in the game and because of that. You know I think that that's why Cam Newton. Is above that crime because I think he's a better football player I think he's probably about a football player right now. Then Ben Roethlisberger but I think those that some other qualities and things are going to then still people respect man in the office he plays the amount of time he throws he does not the athlete he once was but. Here there's a lot that goes with that hum mean on and winning counts winning matters and you know he's consistently. They're going to be doing that in and we couldn't get past the the saints last year and it wasn't because a camera thought cam played very well last year for the most part. And I think he's very deserving of you know where he's acting in on a one B man of who is ranked school a little higher you know top. Fifteen tops top twenties something like that but I think he's kind of in the ballpark of where he should be. Quarterbacks in the league human right now Jeanette and of course not candidates were talking about this top 100 list that's our opening topic today. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day I'll. Cannot do it W this is this is what's registering your mother got a text or running to build intersects like say hello Larry FitzGerald are not sure is a top 25 player and more what are you also it it is it's it's tough draw more than ever right he's right there on the on the on the fringe and your little there is 27 right so he's not top 45 technically but he comes 127 I mean look let's not forget he is 34 years old but there's also Pro Bowl there was also a guy who was is still productive he's he's taking care of his body he's he's also -- times it would look look let's be honest about this Carson Palmer has not been the same guy. Since Torrey fifteen so Larry FitzGerald is not always had no. Do the same opportunities the wide receiver Joseph footballs or some of his peers have had a around the league so with all that's taken into consideration yeah I still don't have any issue with Larry FitzGerald between seven on the slim. And I would probably agree. Onion with Calvin Johnson just because no matter what you did mega Tron was gonna find a way to get open and teams built their entire scheme to try to slow him down and they just continue to find ways to get him the ball Matt Stafford had a great job of doing that and and I think Larry FitzGerald if he was the Indian offense that was only center around him. Knew he'd probably have similar numbers are easy freak of nature uses consistent guys you're gonna come he's a great route runner. You know he's a guy it's gonna show up each and every week so yeah I mean. Is he a top Tony I know I mean is it topped thirty guys it PI and I think he gets a little bit more credibility because I do think guys like come. I do think that factors into this list to some degree I think everybody knows them. He's been around forever. And you know you still get numbers so. Yeah I have no problem with him coming that point seven defeats if it's cam was 2725. Wouldn't be nose and ears and that's travesty come. I think a very good well think he's the best anymore. I don't think he's in that conversation anymore no but I think he's in. You know tier two you don't probably bordering on tears three wide receivers are mostly grown out. All tremor control and yeah I mean his first question about how he's this guy we've heard about Paul Bremer we'll be your first welfare rights should you know and it's not you know I. I'm always numbers are and set their looked in the study Larry FitzGerald but just for these all time guy. And I think that matters. You know lots sure casually when you look at the guys are wearing those yellow jackets know not to get off on a tangent but. I mean we can have that TO conversely we do I'm sure we will later but. Hmmm don't think it matters a lot you know to. To the game to respect to the game to go hauled to the members of the all of the guys that play this game before you to the history of the game in palm you know I I don't. Last time I checked I mean I mean Lawrence Taylor's in the hall fame. Floors Taylor had done some of the things that he had done before he got an all time have been tough time for him to get the all time in my opinion. Are you stuck would have faulty numbers but he would be more on an illicit TO as a community craps William moon don't don't get those two things met. So what you're saying is is validated on the ceilings that people had about TO on why they wouldn't vote for him in the first place and we are going to have a conversation. 70457. Or 96 standard one Texas they are slated Kim Jordan being 126 by Jim they're not I'd I just find a country chillier subtitle is akin Georgia to play or do I just. Tony six's little bit higher than I would have expected in the big added another text or franks has did you guys talk about how many players are in the league in any given moment for him it looked to be top 25 what that means. A double check always talks about how hard it is to defend champion limited lions coach ex patriots offensive coordinator Matt Patricia mentioned him specifically as a guy who gives him nightmares Fitz was eighth in yards and first and catch is we know quarterback it's notably he's absolutely right I think all across the border to the needs a center. One that's what makes it that that's what makes him an important football player and why you know he's it in the top twenty fives you know I he's not the most accurate guy out there we call it fortune is ranking the best passers in the game I mean these are going to be in the top ten top fifteen maybe not even topped warning. I mean his arm strength is probably one or to. Army drove there and raw Rogers and there's some young guns coming up the control 7080 yards and probably in the conversation as well obviously. Number so is camp mean mechanics he's probably. In the bottom third in only be mute button human being. Maybe bottom five Ferrari's mechanics are awful but here it is these results are pretty good usually I'm using consistent. And I you know I don't think that's the some breaking news but. When he's good he's damn good he might be the best you know and that's and that's what and that's what you're you know you're you're kind of rolling with is that. All of you play golf I mean there's a lot of guys that do when you know if you remember that in just a steady Eddie right the guy's gonna go out there and he's got a five handicap he's issued 77 every time there was agreement to get fairways and greens are gonna make many birdies in the you're gonna have your. You know your your guy that just goes out there that say twelve handicap. There hasn't three or four double bogeys. You know five birdies and you're like how the what did this guy he just at firebird east and this does not pulled any generation. Nobody knows what those double bogeys and those bogeys in a kind of in they say but those birdies are what counts and those are what wins matches those are what win. No team events when your plan with a partner if I want that guy in my team because I'd be more steady Eddie let him go out there and throw his five birdies in bright damn bit. Right now you're exactly right about that and and the bottler right on cue as we go to break your ride on cheerleader comes packer Lewis. He says how good a quarterback whose biggest weakness is making greens and accurate throws me anywhere near the top twenty players on the list what a joke 54 days gopac dome to turn strike loose. Hang on packer Lewis who we come back to strike look to meet for the shows are figured out ordered any said. Aaron Rodgers is overrated. And on what your take on that next we're to talk about that I wanna talk about CO a little bit as well at 230 Sean deadly sporting news covered the NBA you'll stop Bible talk a bit about the summer of LeBron but also the Charlotte told us what to expect as we didn't hear the NBA draft Dorsey and barely. It's a quarterbacks this discussion about the little top 100 endowment eternal strike loose on Aaron Rodgers here in the second. So your knots. I was I was having way too late last night when I mean frankly too late I mean like 1:45 this morning on line putting together a playlist for the show. That was one of them now that was one of the rather quite a sit back and look good you hit man does a lot of great work around here he works his tail off there's no doubt about that we just don't share the same musicals ice that's all and so visited the music on the show his mirror reflection of us and demand agrees with that so while there are things that I spent way too much time on the good data don't need to spend way to much time on the love music. So I was up last night I went through probably a thousand songs on Spotify and last night trying to pick the best that reflects frank and Oz a million Evan so it goes and they're excited about that but this is music nerd in me so anyway moving on 70457. Or 96 today and talked about this and adults up 100 list players voted on by their peers Kim duty comes in it's 45 which. Should tell you everything you need to know about any hires list of the top quarterbacks and unifil ranking one through 32 and having cam at nineteen overall and again I've talked a minute prologue time alike to dobbs frank put him at a corner last week talking about the stuff and I didn't think that he defended his point very well and that. That's not surprising because you can't defend that point you can't defend Cam Newton in nineteen behind odds your car and Tyrod Taylor and I've been in the lower the number of guys that were ahead of him so here we are cams it's 45 top 100 players. In the NFL camps it's 45 Thomas Davis committed 73 a typically has not yet been revealed he's guaranteed to be at least stop Tony 5 I am likely top twenty top fifteen as frank said the bus in middle linebacker in the game so before the shelf. We're talking about tennis and you guys that they were in his office try to try to guess who's the remaining quarterbacks were going to be and in what order. Tom Brady is going to be number one should be number one because still in his early forties he was right back in the simple a chance to win his sixth ring that guy's going to be number one did you expect Aaron Rodgers will be number two and also why is he overrated. A lot. People have them you know maybe arguably is the best quarterback in I think they used the age has a lot to do with that. You know it when it comes to. You know him vs Tom Brady. We don't I think the players will see through that and say that Tom Brady had a phenomenal year he gets guys around and does more with less than. Any other quarterback other than maybe Cam Newton yet narratives about to change. As you know the cancer is gone out and got camps and weapons. So the at that excuse. You know nick and an S and by the way they can use that excuse cam never use that excuse he played with what he had his his best with what he went with what he did you guys his listeners we use that excuse for tam flight to carry weapons had to do this doesn't do that well he does now. And within one out the last couple years they've gotten some draft choices and the couple's first round you know pitch one and after beer the other ones I garlic that some players around him now know about or that that that narrative is about ready to change. I'm Aaron Rodgers they got weapons for him I mean they've gotten Jordy Nelson he no longer there but they got Randall Cobb he's had a heck of the season a night of a career you know wiz with Green Bay they didn't have a running back last year because both of whom got hurt. I'm a couple my got hurt no that. Was probably one of the things that they really needed to maybe help that offense but. We've always you know kind of just made Aaron Rodgers you know the number two best player out always for last several years behind. Being behind you know Tom Brady. We see it right you can see the the other the the results in his career in the the way that he you know throw guys open and in the touch. And they're seeing you know guys throwing him a bad pass early in as far as like spiral everything comes out of his hand cleaning. It's an easy catch for her receivers if he makes good reads he has the ability to bring his team back on. Communist leadership all the things that you look for. In a quarterback but. Except the one thing that you know we use as a standard to judge these quarterbacks ultimately in his what. How can we judge quarterbacks and put them in different echelons of greatness right because even in the hall of fame when you look at the hall of fame there's different levels. There's the greatest of all time. You know when you're talking about you know maybe a handful of guys. You're gonna do Jim Brown the Walter Peyton is that we talk about quarterbacks as the greatest of all time to sit there and it's the Tom Brady's that's the job Montana's it's the. You know the guys that have won multiple champ just and we use that as criteria. We don't talk about. You know guys like. Warren Moon. Or Dan Marino in that same category as the greatest of all time mean people might say Dan Marino would be. But the reason why he's not for a lot of people is why didn't have the championships. The way we have about you evaluate quarterbacks. Historically. Is championships. The greatest of all time equals championships. Aaron Rodgers has washed. If he's gonna be considered this the kind of the same thing you know with. He has to start winning championships. And whether that's them not surrounding that we don't use that excuse for a lot of quarterbacks do we. Well he's next excuse for Tom Brady. In order comes to winning championships doing no of course not why there's plenty of wind shifted it to anyone has already there and he's there is that he's in the nets. They don't put the weapons around him he makes guys around him better. So they don't use that excuse for champ you know it can you know when I knew that you know a good enough you know vision of that because they're not gonna sit there and say you know that. In your beauty you nor your heart and that there are at the end of the day. Whether it's lazy or not. And I admit it's more as a pretty lazy and they're just. First some people to go out there and say that's the only way but Dan Marino is never going to be right one of the greatest quarterbacks because he didn't win a championship. Guys like Dan Marino Charles Barkley Barry Bonds you know some of the greatest of all time who never won a championship they are oftentimes left out of these conversations and fair or unfair. That's the way it is it as to ensure that Kobe LeBron Michael Jordan sort of story that's their right now where you know Kobe talked to Howard back in a Bleacher Report and viewer tweets a couple of weeks ago and it always did championships aren't everything but we do use those championships when we start trying to separate and right. The greatest of the great the elite of the elite right Trent Dilfer has a ring that doesn't make him one of the Chrysler. That's an all time. Very true but we get to be the -- across the upper Echelon guys who have done a better than anybody else that when you start to rank them and you try to figure out who was the greatest to ever do it that is the ultimate deciding factor how many times were you standing on -- the mountain holding the trophy saying I'm better than everybody yells and if you didn't do it unfortunately for you no matter how great you were individually you don't you don't do you part of those conversations just don't -- 70457. Or 96 and politics and what strikes are there a second ago we're gonna come back to this but I do wanna spend it into our next conversation wish on -- is sporting news because agendas Kobe LeBron Michael you know it that way how much do -- matter how much should -- factor in these discussions we talk to shot of a little bit about that the finals the summer of LeBron and of course the -- what's coming up with -- NBA draft we come back to react out of. And it isn't that going to be ultimately the deciding factor between Jordan LeBron. Or Kobe in the point you know you fill in the blank medium MJ. Mariam a Magic Johnson right and LeBron you know wherever you are couldn't seem as one of the greatest of all time in the drawn that it's gonna come down to life. It always does it comes into adults in boxing comes and rings and M and and championships and baseball the hockey football and basketball IR. George take off that's it at the end of the day it's about championship. So got about 70457. Or 96 Ted Shaw Devean is next rejoice and snap judgment later in the hour Tom source who stops by 330 talks in printers and orders with him Nate Davis US Saturday covers the NFL he joins us later in the show and a little later. I want to ask the question was frank talking about the bachelor last night what is the worst show. Lawyers I know I'm not the only hole a hole what is the worst show that your wife or girlfriend or significant other make sure wash. Makes me why this ugly thing I don't like guilty but I got me thinking about this sort wanna see what is the worst show. The people's wives girlfriends boyfriends husbands make them watches that's a good I've got a strong contender man and a wonderful question really really strong contender right 747 or 96 the net result Garcia Blaylock. Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey here on this Tuesday afternoon as always had a son Skyler WS Lindsay dot com that's the garage door guru inbox. You can also find us on Twitter I'd child really WS frenzy at break Garcia 65 it's the brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed. And of course call us or text is 704570. And IDC extend it. That's the buildings that are checks lob would love to hear from this afternoon. And right now we're talking about the NBA and yet the NBA season is over the finals power over just the summer of LeBron is officially begun but so do the NBA draft. Is nearly upon us in the Charlotte hornets are moving forward in this new chapter in its gut check James for regular company also Chris Kroger are hoping to turn the corner and see disorders program is hornets franchise to back. To the NBA playoffs and certainly coming off a 36 and 46 left out of the season tried to get it right conditioners NBA draft pick an eleventh overall in that lottery and right now we're talking to show on Saturday of the sporting news has joined us on the technique dubbed a slide. Give us his thoughts on on where this organization maybe he had his shot first of all thank you for its job and I bet. Don't know affect them. Absolutely before I get to the hornets though what's so let's listen to most of the finals thanks for us we've got everybody and not even a gentleman suite doesn't straight up 40 sweep and it OK given what we knew about their bid that the two rosters and how good Golden State is something during an all time great team I don't think it's necessarily shocking. Thought that this team other Cleveland was swept four games to none were you surprised by the outcome. Now I don't think so. Maybe it would go fighting like that is Judy just really didn't think that was something that necessarily helped. That then we're gonna see that any more than five game so the sweet but I so what can the big surprise at that especially. Crewmen being right they're mad that meant to warm but being limited to get over the hump and the new nickname. I bet that that pretty much seal the deal right there that he kept. I'd get that way and that he wanted which was Georgia that aren't an amendment perhaps second to go out and get the offensive rebound. And you don't get that put shot. Because of that span agenda has met that and with the brain freeze regiment in the paddock. You know that's that's the beauty regimen that. And that's pretty much set the tone for the destitute I thought I'd bet that that that would create a lot sent them than any hopes of having a decent here or not. Sean I'd I think LeBron James is incredible the disgraced Clara planet event that so we are all fortunate as basketball fans anyway. To watch with this guy's done over the past fifteen years old that can be true Elvis I think to be true as well. The guys bit of drama quite other big guy like drink but he he likes drama he likes to be dramatic and coming to go to the post game press conference. With a cast on his hands you know and and you know oil decisions it's pretty much been broken and there's a lot of things about this guy. It's scream drama and some world of LeBron is no different you go back the decision and and all the other examples that you purport to show but the summer of LeBron is a great example like that we've been anticipating this and we don't know where it's going to leave. What are you expecting what what do you think the summer of LeBron ends up being in a meeting which also in the. Well I had. I think we're gonna in the he's looking at one that you cringe here you know I speak clearly and obviously it is going to be part of part of this sharks this salute to this equation no matter what. I think is probably 5050 changing winds up going back there. He's got a comfort level there obviously that was the culprit probably talked a lot about. How is certainly is that it is you're going to factor in the less than I do believe let him when he says that. So you know I think that that's bad that's that that's going to be certainly a consideration. By the Contra level they have an Ohio. Despite the fact that the team is that is a bit of a match right now. I think the other thing that he's gonna contribute that it is okay and others talked about Houston had not yet complete seventy don't think that's that's really going that you might meet with them but I don't think. We have a shot at it because I want that being Cleveland could okay. And again American actress and he does have. Comparable level and then it's rallies he sent out there. He's CE two involved in the entertainment industry are you want to remain involved in the entertainment industry after his career so that's something that that. That that that he'd be if he goes to nobody could step in and make after his career as well so I think that actually comes statute. For the lakers to make that happen. They're really going to have to do that make sure that they get another top created or another player whether to trade for quite Leonard. Whether it's. China called George I think I have to get at least one more star players struck that's what is the Pentagon Betty little. The lakers can it will be yuck oh rule. Change with the cavaliers just that. Got to show on deadly sporting news covers the NBA's joining us on the to become just slot in a show on how much more years how many more years means there's employs sheriff. There's so many years and miles in their gas gas tank in you know sometimes guys are guests will soon as sometimes. The but it did their recent injury with LeBron in this kind of brings up that. You know he's he is human even though he went out there and play in played pretty well. But downing more years do you have in do you think these injuries are gonna start hurt you're adding up and maybe you aren't his legacy. On the Mac. I don't even can't match serious injury and he hasn't had that injury that they can't push his career altered his ability. He's epithet toward html or an Achilles or anything like that. I know should that happen I think that changes things that. I accept that as an app. Happened and I can no reason he can't play not five or six years you know within two. Intuit late thirties you know 3738. And I probably want to hang them up I'm not sure he want to continue to grind that much longer structure I think Obama begins under the defense. 67 years with gluten would probably be below. The most that would be important. Until you are 3839 years. I think that's that's probably looking at how long he can be let them that spectacular because. These people don't mess out of the water in terms of what we expected in terms of not let that you're supposed to be able to do. That he even had a good 33 years. President Clinton's entire season. That you need that we didn't touch them and then go through and go to the finals and and plan believe that the 23. Weeks. Good afternoon. That's pretty remarkable. Put the kind of numbers pretty good except my kids if you look at that the template should be and the character and attempted to attend this year's don't know. You have BP going to be able to do this trucks. Our group and 34 years I would be surprised. Sean I heard you say silly and LA and Houston and Boston and then all these potential landing spots I think you forgot to mention Charlotte for LeBron James and did you dislike. Yes it's best that I don't know how that might be trusting the process and the guys that might be looked up and overall. We should not. I would really recommend it to him but that's I don't think you go through it. Don't think the power tandem of of LBJ in the presume what would bring all the time I don't everybody know don't don't don't there on the other actually run are so let's talk about disorders that they do it figured out and they got the eleventh overall pick in the draft I wish I'd low crystal ball I knew who they would take him destruct I know there a couple of guys I would like to see them take the in that ten to fourteen raise the back into the lottery is there is or die or to you look at things dubbed a guy can be different just player. Well I don't think I actually think that's the problem here is that the dikes are most likely to feel that there. Are probably going to be quite large and so you you're going to be a position where. If you take a point guard is certainly chipping and Newton is that what you're going to do it there at your roster. And and I just. I don't know that they're ready to do you have an update that supplement that. That they're going to do except. You got icon section it should go to Alexander Eric good to be done that that's be great example. But but but but I don't know that that's a direction chart want to go I got The Who that you produced. That the ratings in the kennel and I helped it was one of those guys available that that would certainly Pietrus and I think that probably go big go. I think Robert Williams is there big kid from Texas fan and we didn't do that work that certainly. As though that a lot of potential that real defense to present I think he might make some sense as well you know that's that's that's the kind of guy. I that there really lacking interpret that brought the terms of the future in terms of how they do go forward itself. I think it to some possibilities. As far as somebody who's really going to be very hot franchise cornerstone. I don't want to get past the top section seven in this draft. It becomes pretty dry agenda that. How should mourn the fans feel about this this organization you know because right now feels like we're stuck you know on this crazy cycle. A dog chasing its tail and is going round and round and you're always fighting the eight spot but there's never really anything the kind of it's sad that I was in the corner fans feel about this team. I think one thing. It's not a lack of trying it's not a lack of willingness to spend money it's almost like. They spent too much money at the wrong time you know everybody came up in free agency as the two men are orient them. And I can tell these guys and and they and they felt like because they're coming off. For their playoff year that they had to take some and now that has really come back to bite them struck. It wasn't for a lack of effort that they got into this it was really just as bad timing and I had some guys who who have really underperformed especially in terms of how much they're being paid until the June being probably at the top of that list show. I'm yeah yeah I didn't tell you I guess that would be the positive way to work together. It is you know they're going to spend the money that we want to do what they need to do. Just they that they got themselves in put to hold up. It's really not until these contracts don't start coming up the brought it we'll check and see if you want to check packaged. You know. The tomb which. Wish that I would Camelot connect a great idea what Chile is gonna be gonna take that you know surely doesn't take on. That contract in addition to Campbell. I did not see that happening so well they have that kind of sentiment felt in the corner and then they're really it's not until our so some of the contracts are coming up production a couple of years. I that there really going to be a look at the flexibility to do with that the bank. What do you think of Kemba Walker because I you know I think greatness is thrown out there way too often you know nowadays. With players I think he's a really good player don't think he's great. Well I think we can come out. I think he's I beat Eastern Conference Tata probably know who wouldn't be when you get a classic for the ultimate game in the last. Com but that that he's you beat a good point guard and not a great one I think the problem that can this be PE is he's pretty bad comment. I think he's worked to change that and yet again pregnant I think that bet that he could suggest. I don't know if you were on routine oriented system to that that that that maybe that would change that. But he helped Obama that that. That that you know you sort of have to build your offense around him. And then MGM action cannot believe the NBA is going right now it's going away from. I don't I don't have to go to go ahead I am and yet that's the kind of point their ideas that don't duplicate that problem I think it's something that there. That that would that they've got to our didn't address either viewed by China but let's send it somewhere else or you address about it. Club that night but changing his diet plan forbidden and adjusting your offense scoring. They show on two quick things will turn you loose our genes for a go was hired about a month and a half ago do you believe. If you had a bet money we will use of the James has brought here to win. And and to win now or the James has brought here to what to overseer rebuild and if he wins that's great if not a figure out. And I can get the second one you know I think to have that even risky guy you know in terms mark I don't have a confidence and obviously comes to the credentials and an intelligent network within the past. And you know he put that together and it's. You can read I don't want penetrated here next to develop players and fans and that to develop the young players that they haven't even played that they'll bring him. And then. And then and they continued to do help lift truck are the potential rebuild their man and if you think about the other side. Haven't forgotten that if you can if you conventional system like pepper album with Philadelphia despite being bad. When you get agreement and players' discipline the Mets system. You could potentially that he could potentially you have he will be set up pretty well trucks. Which we operate our tempo but that it's an effect when the user to to oversee rebuilt. This guy's first ballot hall of Famer you know word I don't think there's any question there. Some people think he might have been the most talented player on the planet at one point in his career. Palm Pre the MBA has got away from you know that type of player can you still win you know with with a guy like Dwight Howard. Now you know you really can't continue to do that's what you did. We FHA. You know you need to be able to economic circumstance Bowden and at least give you a couple of seconds I don't know the three point shooter because you're 45 he can shoot. I don't think necessarily need a partner who can shoot the three themselves. I think you need to find out who can can step up to the preliminary condensed to recover and protect the rim and then look like just open up the fatigue for that. And then they're never as south. You know I got angry if you nine under sentiment that there are very publicly confident that but but yeah. At this point it's hard to see how we should send to luck can India. Art show on deadly sporting news covers the NBA joining us on the tiger come just like shall we appreciate rove agree to catch up. When we return on the other side snap judgment we run down the hours 330 Tom swords and stops by its Garcia and Baylor. Lost supplied. Broad sense they wanna do your muscle on this for a second or actually don't listen up Kobe was right Kobe is right in voice and Howard back. In a Bleacher Report piece. And again and he's always know that susser I think over zero about what he's done no wrong I look. Welcome back today if you wish you could go either. The bigs that now I'm in ornamental argument the championship I suggested I know you so let's hope isn't lost a lot of things he would ask you to do how. And argue for the settlement. So Kobe were sold in our back as part of a panel discussion on the subject up of legacies and they built on titles are discussing we were just having a little while ago when they're in the game of football. And Kobe was asked about LeBron James and his legacy in the and the rings and and Howard exit looked LeBron has three rings he's been more finals than any player in modern times where he's three and six after the series does that matter to his legacy. And when what Kobe said was this. All thought of as a kid personally was winning championships it's only cared about the seller value Michael Jordan that's our valued leaderboard to tell our valued Magic Johnson it was just winning championships now everybody's going to value things differently which is fine I'm just telling you allied value mind if I'm broad. You've got to figure out a way to wind it's not about Meredith you want to win championships. Did just got to figure out he goes on to sick. He goes on to say. Michael Jordan gave me some really good advice that's VOA finals is a quote you got all the tools to got to figure out how the how to get these guys to that next level and win that championship. Going inventories and series doesn't listen Boston got -- element of Paul Pierce they got Kevin Garnett they got Rasheed Wallace the talent is there they're stacked that was the first super team Michael kind of hurt me lament about it and he just goes yeah well that is what it is. You got to figure out there's no other alternative and that's the challenge LeBron has you have peace is that you have to try to figure out how to work with excuses don't work right now. That's and we just made the argument he you know with Aaron Rodgers. You know it's hard to logically. You'll think about what's. You know a legacy would be with the loss better Internet cop uniform Jersey over here I just prior to great point you know and he sank about. There is MJ going back to 95. And not making it to the final stop. Can we don't talk about that we talk about. You know him being undefeated named in the best we'll talk about the times that Montana didn't make it you know to the championship and lost and semi finals are in the USC you know first rounder you know I'm making playoffs we will talk about those. Always talk about is what. In which comes as their legacy them being undefeated and in the best logically doesn't make any sense to think that what not winning. It or not even getting there is better than not winning that he's the the ultimate game but. In certain cases it does right in. You know and LeBron James case it does when you talked about that status right the greatest of the great the top of the pyramid. It matters if you don't bend there and lost vs not been there all four men there and you know lost early right that's we're gonna define that. You know on a certain players on you know what they've what they've done what was good what would we be saying right now in the Jordan was six and wants. I think would be saying the same thing but I don't think your it would be quite as emphatic you win what seemed to launch what it wasn't going to be no one thought or if he was six and six into. Same thing I mean mortgages to a six well we wouldn't have the same journal so intent. We'll remedy Intel says he didn't want one not even at all times. Well sure and he didn't have any supporting cast and things like that but he'd been there twelve times more than anybody else close got to Missouri west story back through their rights yeah I mean that's the point is it. It's almost better sometimes the logically. You know to not have gone at all into a daughter in law. Would you Jerry Dixon tucks is no doubt about that you know LeBron has has made it boys made eight straight and it's an incredible run there's no doubt about that but we're in the here and now. You go back in the day people watching Kareem Abdul Jabbar Magic Johnson Larry Bird. Don't the conversations that were had been about those guys being the greatest of all time potentially been because they don't XY NC. That's where were out with LeBron James right now but history will judge LeBron James based on the number of titles that he wins. And so because like I'm telling you Toby is right and it's why LeBron James is not going to be in Cleveland next year because it's LeBron James wants that the senator title. From most people as the greatest ever do it he cannot finish having lost more finals twice as many finals as he's one. LeBron James as. I don't know if he's changed the way that people have built teams that's been going on forever right the super teams and you know teaming up with guys we just saw we saw with Boston we've seen it in with Miami we see it the Golden State Warriors both that team to be too. LeBron. The Golden State Warriors assembled a team to beat one team they wanted to play for championships they went together. To build that team and what would you send us I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow goes to Houston are at all. Not at all. I hear what look I don't know six reports up and LeBron James says that you know he hates the city Houston he's not got I don't know if that is true I have no idea where you are just about the most objective Syria in the world or beyond well I'm with John I mean morning Jim Richard says the question is. You know what's the most important thing to LeBron. What's more is that legacy it's because of today as he. This forecast to be right I don't know. Amanda yeah I I while I guess I would think you would have to be. Given that it should we would just also in the he's chasing a ghost. But no agenda that warriors team was it was put together in large part a reaction to what took place in Miami with bats super team. And seeing what what LBJ and in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bausch and company did in that rug right so I see it's exercise into words the idea to be one guy that that's a false narrative but like that's that's not exactly true benefits gone back and forth sense don't supporters in the symbol listings and we've got to brawn James. When championships man. They wanted to win championships they saw what happened in my what is. What is the Celtics do what he or orders symbol in their team to do. They're assembling their team and they went on guard Gordon Hayward there when I got carrier re ready to to be too. The project's original suit warriors now I I agree there are more juice the Reuters everybody's success wiggles they works today. They reduce the assembled at team in the east to beat LeBron James who's also in the east to get to Golden State let's say assembled a team to win the Eastern Conference and LeBron James and advance teams standing in its way but they were going to assemble a team to win the Eastern Conference no matter what and it and it and until somebody needs LeBron in the Eastern Conference. Come Holler at me I hear I look we gotta come back we'll come back to there's our number two and a little tough 334 year old college football top 33 today. Break came up with this woman in my heart flutter a little bit because this is addiction got satellite amid like visibly upset I did because of my first reaction yeah. I don't I don't know that's what sort of Bush Doctrine there are more discovers original take your phone calls and everybody's entitled to it installs we come back to first it's it's Austria three Tom source enjoys the show at 330 and especially this hour we talk about TO turning down the hall of famous for simulate.