Garcia And Bailey H1: NBA Playoff Fallout

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Monday, April 16th
In the opening hour Kyle and Frank talk about the Daryl Worley situation and the NBA Playoffs. The guys are also joined by Joe Maus and Jeff Reed live from the Raintree Golf Course for the Joe Maus Celebrity Golf Tournament...

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Garcia. We are live from. Braintree country club child fairly frank Garcia on location here on this Monday and does donuts don't like summertime over the we did little cool here on this Monday morning but. These guys are good plays golf and we're right. Garcia we sure are got the kings are the pants on and you know should've should've brought a jacket or nervous to be a great day out here. Bearing trees and beautiful course the greens are rolling faster played out here. You know the other day and it's a it's it's going to be a blast. All the celebrities are you Ron Rivera is going to be here Thomas Davis you're gonna have. You know Marty Kearney you some of the other and the players will be out here are some hold. NFL veteran strip while BI hero mortgage you'll be playing in this in this be a great time so confident Joseph was his foundation and in his charities giving back to the kids in the community. I don't that's real important I have just been real import block these celebrities up. But imported have done a good time out here is absolutely right you can hear it when we're around it's. In my do little tough to keep the golf ball straight line today but it's the I ask me well are as good as they've been given up for experts pros like you vote for the rest of these guys. They might struggle a little bit Al Franken is with her for the first hour of the show results that there was celebrity thing in Derek give pro football talk dot com. Bubble jump on from eleven as the look of Ford's that as always you can have a self. 70457. Or 9610. We've got a lot of stuff don't talk about today including. Obviously the other the Panthers are draft Darryl Worley an unfortunate situation take a place of in Philadelphia yesterday. I gotta talk about the hornets because suddenly this list of potential head coaches. Has grown over the weekend names like a David there's still obviously which we heard frank and I were on the air children call Friday morning with C Clifford was officially fired so. A lot of speculation began about 72 hours ago but I David Israel's name popped up right away and but Jerry Stackhouse is named can of soda and Bonnie Williams their name over the weekend. That was all really nobody's radar at least not on Friday anyway tore Messina who is an assistant coach with the San Antonio sports first former head coach of the Italian national team. Has been granted permission to interview with the Charlotte hornets. For this head coaching job and so we'll talk about that we got an interest in the interest in audio from some of these guys will play for you coming appeared just a bit Al Ross Tucker will join the show 11 o'clock we'll talk about the draft. And Issac Clark recovered the NBA's weeks about 1 o'clock and discuss the playoffs which were. Very very good over the weekend but first and foremost. You don't eat it you never order relishing the guys misfortune or bad date. But what we saw from Darryl Worley yesterday for right. Picked up by police early morning of some early hours Sunday morning. Found drunk passed out in his car blew a car blocking an intersection. And know what was a restive reportedly became combative with police he was taser with Ando arrested and they officially recovered a gun from the vehicle he was then released hours later. By the Philadelphia Eagles so a lot you know at least right now it looks like. Panthers may have gotten better and literate yes I am by Tiger Woods talked to them good days we'll throw that if I mean I don't see anything wrong with you know the situation but. No listen you know it was kind of a ticking time bomb on what not to do. You know as an NFL player you know they tell you. You know it's too obviously them take precautions you do. You know goober you know we make it a good living out there and there's a lot of new things that we have available to us. Tom you know me driving your car you know passed out and then on top of that. Going to be combative when the police officers get there after you've done something wrong so you know and then you have a gun in your car you know as as kind of the third strike call in one. From you know it was it. If there was maybe the reason what Marty and and John song amusingly wrong song with you know an outlet not seen in the future here with him. And why that he says let him go and part ways. You know we we talked to him several times Dartmouth touchdown club they seem to be. No kid with a head on straightened. You know sometimes guys on the lights come on they can hear that they're different person verses you know what there really everyday life looks like him. You know sometimes you'll start fuels and can start earlier hadn't. Maybe those are things that happened with him you know I'm not sure but Islam. You know all those things being said in it is what it is right now and he's no longer employed and is have a tough time get a job. We'll see guys that was my first thought too is that even though we've seen lots and lots of guys who screw up really really badly often times worse than mr. the second chance in the NFL. Not my first thought was right it's a matter of may may never play in the NFL again. And that seems a little bit extreme to some people when you're right off the bat for the when you think about it feel this is a guy who was a third round draft pick you turn on the tape from last year especially. There's not a lot the jumps off the screen as your and quite frankly. For a guy who is now done this was charged with him and pled no contest to misdemeanor assault you know a couple of years ago when he was in college and he's gonna have a hard time finding a job and asleep. You know there's certain characteristic traits you know that that follow us right there and there consistent with the way that we can live our lives and you know in you know you Elisa or for example you don't have a clean car and your your your house is in and organize and amassed. North of probably Manger a little bit disorganized in your everyday life. You're probably gonna forget some things you're not going to you know be on top of everything you're gonna you're you're you're you're not -- organize and not have a lot of structure. This Europe and discipline. You know when you're off the field. Are you probably going to be on a discipline you know on the field and beat you know those kind of things coexist in that what you're seeing is that he was on discipline on the field. He bit on a lot of double double moves. He didn't have you know the understanding of a lot of things that maybe he was the net you're supposed to do and you know with his assignments and can also fill those things coexist and that's the kind of you know maybe why you're seeing. You know those things in the lineup right now with it and not just being you know drop in and you know asleep at the wheel you know argue with the police officers and then. It on the third strike you don't have a gun this car which. You know I don't know what the laws are in Philadelphia you know if he's in New York it's a felony and he's you know probably treated and have a little differently I don't know if the gun was. Registered I don't know you know any of that stuff falling though is that we hear garden we think that that's the worst thing ever. From you know I I don't know all the circumstances that surround that so number got a hold judgment on that the other two you know it's kind of the proof is in the putting. Dog advocates of the think of the first choice did get saves I heard back talking about it this morning it is absolutely this is sort of a trifecta of stupid. You know you you you you you hit the core ways that you pass up an will be intersection to become combative with police and goes a bonus they finally got on the car. It always always it's unfortunate situation for him but it does beg the question. And I saw Derek get who's gonna join us coming up at about 11 o'clock tweeting about this yesterday where is it just kind of a you know it's time Chara time tested tradition in the NFL you know what you get rid of the guy you can crap all over this or we we saw this coming we we knew this sort of thing was gonna have a I don't know what truth there is that there was so to get Joseph person wrote in a back around the time this deal was made the papers did have from some concern. On to know about there'll always level of commitment to the game and so was off the field set and. Exactly you know what I just said is that no reason those things exist is because. Those characteristic. Characteristic traits character traits you know sit there with you and you know Kyle I mean that's why you don't talk about you know does character matter does it does it yeah indeed need good guys on your technique choir boys. We need guys that you do things the right way that try to stay in line that. You are want to argue and if you're in recent disrespect authority they're gonna. They're gonna kind of not necessarily fall in line for save but understand what it takes to be a pro and if they're not and it's about them and their selflessness that exist. Then sometimes these other things coincide with that and are they off the field issues exist that got guys to keep today's out of the headlines yeah it was not a as a good resort ultimately I'll take this for a fact. Right money. Doesn't make you a better person that doesn't make you smarter. It doesn't make you don't miss much more for your socialist things off the field and you give it got a ton of money he's just gonna become you know more that there might be a little bit more sense of entitlement. I don't know this to be the case with world under speaking in generalities here and not just you know aren't there were early so from now I don't know Darrell orally you know Britain. You know is that condos. Issues existed and from Europe that he's not here for reason and a lot of times in your third rounder. It's not just because of you had a bad season right guys that are third round picks usually going to be given. A little bit more leeway but if you put a bad season though those as well as. In a tied into the fact that it's you're not taking coaching and you're smarter than everybody else and and nobody can tell you any thing then you got to find somewhere else to play because you know we can no longer communicate and you know got that separates this relationship. 7045709. BC extend our text or try to get as this sounds like this guy's going through some rough stuff missile in battling some demons prayers go out for the evidence. That's I think it's easy it's easy but I thought there were earlier this morning because the premise part of what above sick and I see a lot of folks doing that and it's easy emitted lazy and good to poke fun at the died laughter Gary distorts the situation that. If you get a chuckle out of bed at the other day this is a guy who clearly needs you know to to address some of the issues in his life is a long running to grow up what's that he's he's no longer Panthers are affairs your discover what their heads clear to them but. You know that the next SO somebody put the next 44 years of the world is like for much more important last point four hours. And you know it somebody's got to recognize that it's not gonna beat him and hopefully someone does and a helps get him back for the resurrection. You know we say give up on a guy's not no resent that you know who we contend that you should condemn him and you know I think he's the worst person ever nobody's sent any of those things I mean what we're saying is that. No guys make mistakes there's going to be consequences for your mistakes. And when you make those mistakes you know you're going to be held accountable so. From you know whether it's in the NFL or somewhere else he's gonna have a long road road to try to reestablish that and you know get back in. And figure out you know what's important to him so I'm not saying give up on a kid and just kick him to the curb and never talk about him again and in and throw dirt on him and all those type of things. All I'm saying is that. You know he needs to do a little bit grown up in return and understand where his priorities lie. 70457. Or 96 there we live from Braintree country club with Joseph moss foundation golf tournament taken place here this afternoon looking forward to all the printers celebrity's are here. From Steve Smith it's on the status to Shaq Thompson a Marty party Ron Rivera everybody's here at Davidson duck. Were they get a few much stopped by the table here and our number one before rescind frank off to a shotgun start. Live from Braintree Kutcher clubs Garcia but it would. So cause we're not erotic run religion. And we were to run an errant help outrage series from a about your house on Saturday morning we're looks like a 7000 pound wood stove yesterday I say that because this all came on the I don't. At last word I had a brilliant idea we don't you know what. We love the song. What they're gonna try to play just one sold for every book for every rejoin music throughout the course of the entire show. Tourists that we will listen to the entire solar gonna play it in bits and pieces come back their pursuit commercial for head into the fact that coach recruit talent particularly noticeable is just haven't found the power that's I don't know if that's half a I don't know if it was you pause in rates here there was that the guy would it was a 7000. Yeah I help Obama find them wholeheartedly I overestimated a little bit votes though I'd I'd they would do it was a measure that we give for a lot of reasons it be NBA playoffs. You know a big part of that and it does Google's second ago fright. Things have happened since 2012 big things that have happened. Since 2012 because LeBron James lost the first for a playoff game. Over the weekend for the first time since 2012 the Indiana Pacers in that case or story is pretty remarkable given the fact that. If they dealt Paul George and they were killed for doing so the way they went about it at. In a lot of folks thought this is going to be completely rebuild it in the end it was nowhere close after the loss that got a big anything near contender who knows that maybe they're not really real contender. But they're not afraid to Cleveland Cavaliers. And that that was pretty evident over the week. Did you see Vick did all the people after the game. Yeah they're talking to him about it you know what people think again. You know about him being the brawn of them being LeBron in game long and and that and so sit in the sense you know 2012 was a six years and been in any game one in the series and he's I don't care if people think. I don't care ordered but we're here to. He beat these team this team we're here beat the cavs were on a mission and we're or. We were really mean it was just straight here straight arrow focus. And there it seemed like he was you know still the missiles that don't we just wanna get but it was to get when three more of those so I'm. I would be surprised honestly and I told you this you know going into his MBA playoffs that if Cleveland is upsets early and Philadelphia's in the final. Philadelphia so I'll tell you right now met bin Simmons. You you watched that should over the weekend what what he has done in the absence of general beat for first of all is is remarkable in and of itself. He's a wonder if fast break. You know he's he's opened on the slope but he's opened up the floor in the Blake tonight distributing shooters all over the floor he gets to the rim will. You know I I imagine anybody. Yeah a little bit guards say it. Of the are the main the next LeBron James a little bit yes I remain very similar the way he plays very similar is that you mean his ball there analyst skills. You know his vision you know everything that they had talked about this kid even though you know you didn't play last year you know has got to come to fruition and you know and it's a credit to him there really isn't in either I don't know a lot of people that even going back to LSU when he was in the green room or making it. But this kid has had that spotlight on him very similar to what LeBron did coming out of high school. And you know last year at the injury took place this year. He's delivering. Trust the process I was like a lot of people are skeptical the incidence in the coming out of LSU for a lot of reasons but when you look back at and it's the credit to those who were saying it at the time the truth is the truth. You know Simmons was it was an eight a weird situation to begin with even even choosing yellow issue. You know at the outset and eons of with a cast the guys who. UN as we know where are not we're not great basketball players we we found out there was lot of jealousy on Etsy about the fact their store teammate was there for a year and seemingly receive special treatment he was playing for coach that was beyond is about as one of the worst coaches in division one basketball so you know I I think you start to understand in hindsight. What's that LSU situation was about it because of that Ellis your situation because I never go out of our way to watch Alicia tiger basketball. Even with Vincent is there I think I fell prey to some of their divorce this kid's overblown is overrated Albert could possibly be worsening it now. Were singing a burgeoning superstar from was right now I don't look this team's second win a championship this year but this team is set up. This team is set up more than I realized to make a run at a couple of titles over the next three or five years. I think it's easy to say that you know that the national champs have to think we all know with the de facto winner is going to be in this going to be Golden State again you know for the three feet but. Still listen this team because it has all the tell the world in Florida and talk about faults. And you know Marco faults is a guy that they drafted number one overall. Then die you know I think he's going to be necessary if we're gonna have a deep brought Jeff to grow up. And you know come to play in this resort is drafted number one but we're restore the draft and over there and yeah I guess when you picked number one overall. And having all those few multiple picks you are you're government can make some you know good decision due to. You probably make some you know not so good ones but so they've made seem to have you know made some really good ones and stars of man's sermons and then obviously more skillful as well. No doubt about it 7040 if you if the hornet's next year. And lose all their games their star player that they draft number one overall give hurt and we draft number one again now we have to. Number one overall in general that's all you ask your process as a two year process here for so they could fix that restaurant to your cross country to the so seven. 0457 and IDC extent. It's just a playoff games over the weekend last night of course James Jordan goes for 44 and at the rocket staved off that late run about it T wolves do. To win their first TV talk a second ago about having a freaky with Golden State and BI that that's certainly possible step it sounds like he's gonna come back and yeah we hope these old self because that's why watch the NBA playoffs once of these teams at their best and the performance of the highest level but that the rockets. You know look let's let's say that things don't go according to plan for the Golden State Warriors. That there are plenty of people out there already who believes that the rockets have taken into a big enough step to possibly win a championship and beat Golden State this year anyway. So that's why I said look he is oppressed as I've been with that with Philadelphia what they've done and I was not a believer. In this team and talking about the process I still have my doubts that the process. But I was not a big believer in this team the last month or two has really changed that for me it's certainly watching him over the weekend. I'll bet that's just where I think they're at right now I think that there almost there I think Philly could actually legitimately contend for a title. Next year and beyond public but it has been remarkable to watch this road. No it hasn't. You know years coaches talked rebuttal time you know players as well you gotta crawl you'll walk him and get a run in. They seem like they skip that walking stage India last year there cronje before they are crawling and you know they went right into that running stage I think that right now in the east. You don't mean in other team is playing better than them Marino the team's plan but in the Philadelphia seventy sixes. I'm await. Nobody they're playing better than anybody else in the east. You have logged on a conference Tom obviously confidence with talent is a ten discrimination. And you know there's gonna give that there's gonna come a point in time. Where they're faced with that you know reality of you know ups here we are and you know now what are we gonna do and it might be the next series. Tom you know might be you know you might be you know in the Eastern Conference finals but there's gonna come a point timer like you know really. You know here we are we have decision you know now we're we who we really going to be you know we're we're getting we're you know grown fast enough you know we gonna come out and step up and he'll be that team that everybody thinks we have the potential to be is that gonna happen sooner than the Lander or. He rises were taken of the year because sometimes you need those failures and other times the teams are so talented that just you know they sign up the guards and they get it done but this is not a one year deal. And these guys are playing together for quite some parts of some time you have an inserted some new players. Thomas at the end of the season there's no longer there rookie status and you know they have that they're jealous and their plan while and other they're far away is go out there to win. The Donna yes Vegas where is our main. Here here's here's here's another opportunity ability tomorrow night to go out and do this right. Are we come back and talk a little more about both GM vehicle else but also do video till draft which is. Barreling right dunhill next Thursday is the NFL draft and if you wanna join us this Thursday April 9630. Deal worth neighborhood grill. The WS into 2018 pro football pre draft roundtable. A featuring Steve mentioned ESPN's cal saint frank Garcia owe more blow more gave her. We got such replies go to be their audience are WS Lindsay crew myself program broad Tebow and back everybody we can't wait to see you get my perks stock Thomas were a bit guilty your tickets. For Thursday night's event they're going fast make sure to get those. And that's when he got ninety double did you when it gets an about face severe 2018 ESPN draft guide. And more we are live from Braintree country club herald this Monday morning get us up 70457. Or 96 Dennis Garcia but it looked. Mad from time. Back Garcia barely hear a lot of location great treat for a country club Joseph moss foundation golf tournament here this morning is up. Little bit chilly out here this morning that I had a warm weekend we are now joined by Jeffrey former kicker with. The other the Pittsburgh Steelers launch doctor with the Pittsburgh Steelers and they use drugs Joseph moss foundation these days it's a matter where you was going home man our thanks go well go well we are out I'm watching frank Garcia run around to say two to play golf this morning you know how is probably Steve he's kind of think he's good against. That that happens. Like every time he's authored by a lot of golfers like a religion not a golfer nominee outplayed them numerous charity events put on my uncle Saddam good Alexander but really positive yes sharply golf shoes she's beautiful what you pay outside dressed for bone affordably for here is some talk to me about the job loss Sunday services is of a big signature event for you guys and you do a lot of great work of the communities it who tell me about you know not just this event Cuba who itself. It's union and Mecklenburg counties it's animal rescue and I was a single mothers and all but also. Homeless children or those in need biggest thing is. I've done this for years basically starting college but definitely a lot in a felt. Given back to the community is a huge part and I what Joseph is done. And I think he's gonna join mode doesn't radio here a little bit he's done a great job and I'm actually the president of his foundation so. Every event that is anywhere for a special live with us or you know a lot of lot of people partner up with a some -- do suffer them as well. It's such a school man just to see smiles on people's faces that are aren't as fortunate as us. Did I doubt about it and you get a lot of help from some pretty from the guys out here but do you sort talking about Ron Rivera and in all though the players on the atrocities that's going to be out here today you get a lot of support from current and former Panthers when it comes to us. Delving did these folks up. You haven't done a ton of research Brothers 43 committed deliveries and every golf term I've been in you know to get warning that's a that's a win. I'm so not to say every single one will be here but there's 43 committed that we've actually talked to won't bonus yet I can't wait. It's a great cause ball a blown their people flying and everything so battle of the football players you have baseball you have actors actresses. Former WW wrestler coming cool stuff six or gimmicks or give the guys out there are the folks got a little taste is going to be there today. Forming Yasser obviously get to Kansas coach rivers always a huge hit here. You have ray bought my former road team in North Carolina obviously Super Bowl champ as well. Tsonga is the restaurant talking about nice. Death I'll think I'll think about as we get remarks are actually put that up to an addict because he's older but I think he's still got a couple moves on to destroy it I don't know if he's that good or not the ability of like a set on from here to talk about golf game on rubber garage area from. So mean that your gut. We have McGill Nunez was an actor I think he was on Walking Dead or some model know all these show on all the magnets the feathers I mean there's. 43 committed sodomy and there's 160 golfers plus the 43 DF so it should be pretty cool that would be great time and it looks the weather's gonna hold a little chilly out here but at a sun is out and it's going to be great round don't you mean there was going to be sort of tails off to do they list a last year modify degree assault that is all day hmmm I am complaining causes a little bit chilly but. Sweating from 9 AM until seven or 8 PM midnight we did that together last year so I think this is very yeah it's out of with the via the draft picks which I am you know I don't get on of that stuff like some people do well and don't care about a draft harder thing and I just it's comical to see these young guys step up and get on the team and make it. Make a difference no doubt about it glad they are what made this is again a very cool events and I know you're ordered to its report it rotted and everything else there for should stop business thank you for him absolutely Jeffrey former kicker Pittsburg Steelers president of the Joseph moss foundation joined us here. Every tree country club to speak at an event itself Joseph moss is here what's up buddy well I got say he says former kicker forgot this or still are you gotta say former jets aren't Super Bowl champion kicker from Pittsburgh Steelers you know what those views you're you're right about that soared two time Super Bowl shave time. Jeffrey do what was just joining us a second ago our you bug if I don't great man thanks for coming out here with us today we're so blessed and honored does that his foundation tournament again this year we had a bit shorter golf is gonna be here lucky enough to have a forty celebrities. Coach America when our mart attorneys coming mountain obviously TD and a bunch of other celebrities who got a couple NASCAR guys this year couple wrestler from those you do note my back wrestle mania in the eighty jet out Tom the Hulk Hogan and all those guys that Thomas Eric Santander senator. This is going to be less beautiful day and of course are gonna bring Garcia wants all you need Columbia Tennessee was not easy combination radio broadcaster football player wrestler. You know so you got everything you want package well you know frank as well as I do he's the best at everything disaster. Back. Back and says it is zero golf now he's right that doesn't have. And the best there is a feature that I could have guessed. Just talk it was just let him edit personal before you back in the fog stuff so big the good work this so this event goes for for people and I talked about union in Mecklenburg counties in and just talk about for such a what do vision you started this event for which are aiming to do I can tell you this they're. Lot of the foundation doctor they go out to us support people in Africa are an all around the world which is awesome. We want to put all the money in our community though so we decided Mecklenburg and union Jeremy. There's so many people that are suffering summary children about how somebody single mothers. MR Weiss is huge animal persons of animal rescue there's there's 50000 animals and to be rescued right now. So all our money to Sri back to our community help out children and they single mothers and also. All animal rescue and like last year. Thanks to all the supporters and all our sponsors never comes out we were received 6000 people Thanksgiving dinner that we're never got dinner. That's just one thing we do that's awesome it was sounds like our significant others or or the Saint Lucia. She's jumped out of the moving toward try to save a dog on the side of the road before so I I totally definitive sound like my wife assured that we have I think we have nine rescue cats. We stop courses are I think three of them rescued two rescued dogs that she had her way she got pigs cows and everything else yeah. I think we took it keep you prepared to say first that I might give up to be married a couple of months it's a good life it it really is made it really is a look talk more about so you know did did the golf tournament today to set up and you know this course by the way. Love the backdrop did you get the water you get the trees it feels it is kind of secluded and quiet out there will want to elaborate whether you know wiry tree watch the great tree this year give Armisen were so blessed last you're so busy so many people shut up. Eighteen holes that caught it with about a quarter of 36 holes that's our arrangement cluster their first class out here. As a private golf course summit you wanna to be a member somewhere it's great please go check out. Baba ES award on this show I do different I do a celebrity brunch every more have for every tournament. At eleven of fifteen either mean all the celebrities can get the mingle what's your take pictures get autographs and I don't think anyone does that have to be headed up our frank Garcia. You are absolutely I'll be the keynote speaker at. Probably. I must have had a great relationship with Joseph is one of my best friends in the entire world at least I know they're he does things first class he's a first class citizen he's a first class. You know car sales guy you know obviously is if he runs a first class golf to know what separates you know this other than that from everything everything well. I'll tell you are I think PR people to show off I think to sponsors we have over fifty sponsors which is awesome allows you somebody special thanks so many giveaways or gifts. The suit is outstanding we literally have eight food vendors on course as. Plus we have street inside. We have all the beverages you could ever want but really it's the people that show up you can't go see these people just anywhere you guys though Stiller fan as well. I got fifty extras are still a player's going to be here that I and that's saudis remain out of some we all remember back in all the eighties and now we are family restraint was the parts. If you all remember John can't Hillary had name from the past he lives right near Charlotte not a candidate we called him. He'll just literal shares in 1980 he's gonna be outer curve with a few other parts so I think I think that's what it is right. You know it's it's I know do you have a relationship with the a lot of us know exactly tonight no TDs one of the guys you have a relationship and you know he's gone through some tough times right now and I know that you've had some conversations with him but up I know I yeah you're you're loyal guys not gonna fractured relationship but. I he'll be he'll be out here later to speak for himself but. The tough times he's going to write. I'll tell you it is but god please don't prejudged people duties of first class citizen and he's a first class guys are first class that. First cast frantic first class guarded community. Don't don't judge you need it do anything wrong frank I've talked to him several times personalized. If he's taking the same stuff he's taken for seven years somehow some way this thing showed up. It's TDs never tried a beer in his life not a drop of alcohol one of the best unions have ever met so please understand God's everything here doesn't mean sure. We will just used to it in the first round welterweight assert that I would I would love wears or plays later on bail to be honest with you like that kind of LSU what's his name freighter and a regular you guys you have is not a panacea for the brilliant you Janet I'll I'll I'll just find him better as of right now the top ten defenses so love to have with the characters as well. I'll tell you we don't want when nor does Bryant not a at bottom line. That it's a I don't wanna competitor I don't wanna for distillers I don't want me you know does Bart doesn't do us any dvds or go to the giants something and team up there but up. I like the I like to get him or we get back that's been sidelined tiger for Georgia Smith's you know the baucus were announcement right arts and I'd love to get him but a candidate day you know. We do a great job drafted every year you know aside I think Lauren Graham Marty journey unbelievable job he's done in my opinion what how he's put his team together and I think god or emigrate just as well. Joseph moss joined us here at I just the pudding greens over the diverted take off what about 12 o'clock today right yeah we are we're on the sport on Sunday brunch at 1115 grab a 140 people and that that we tee off at 1230 enough. It's going to be a great charm I cannot thank 6 and I am anymore than say thanks me in my apartment you guys first class as well. Absolutely thank you but I appreciate very much 70457096. Dead we live ray tree country club a divot Joseph moss foundation golf tournament today. I impacting lots and lots of folks in Mecklenburg union judge heard it right there we appreciated that it is time we come back snapped just it's forty minutes from now. Derek get takes the reins from our frank Garcia who's off to play some golf via did you have a lot of fun for the final three hours the show deduct it won't miss it it's Garcia but it looked. Lost supplied. Well except just to specifically segment Roger played about things just rent jail scrape. Lets you called for that this morning it's an activist Kramer itself. I might rant a little bit as dare do it is here and he is does set to assume the position and then put on headphones and do some radio with Vick. I was just like to point out that I never to have any thought at these events. Because frank Garcia gets have all the fun for both of us. He's just sitting at a golf cart over there right now talking on us all looking very regal and does celeb persists if that's where audibly that it is. Drum and a little bit and I think it's they have all the flooding gets all the thirty sides all the autographs and he gets to play all the golf there and get where where's my thoughts. That's what I'd like to know where where's my fund. This is their funds from these scheduled in this itinerary I don't know hit man where are you. You know I come out. And I told the broadcaster from when total bed and you know francs over their get this fancy golf outfit and they're getting all the free Beers and you know they mr. Garcia will you sign this for me and everybody's looked okay Xu Wei young men go go usually when somebody ask frank to sign something and it's a summons. And specifically at the typical political. Off off now I've been nice to that was brutal. The settlement radio upset about how you feel sorry frank it's just set it up there with Theo. All right well love happy unless a judge that lady's cup but I think I've done with the a the I know I've been here two minutes not already derailed your professional radio broadcast I appreciate I needed somebody to come appeared to accidentally posted its support that and I. Logic guilders dubbed on accident there's no way I can top that 704 or five to seven node ID six dead. So it's it's a tell me the story first of all we are here ranger coach glow over the backside they cannot agree were watching all these. Great goal first get their on their hands warmed up for their that their plotting this afternoon. But should it did you walks doesn't know you've got a monstrous boot audio right foot yeah out. The up front I'm listeners heard a version of this story on Thursday but I have got a broken video. I'll be in the boot for Florida six. Apparently now hopefully closer to the fourth in the sixties there's this thing is not particularly comfortable. Com got a broken ankle from the dog attack the other week you know there's bigger underdog when I was trying to get the neighbors unleashed killing machine often mod four sweet innocent. And handsome and intelligent dog and dumb gag got a broken ankle out of the deal to go with it so will see armed and hopefully bring it feels a lot better than it did a week ago when I get it X Rayed in now before I headed to mobilize Kazaa. Vienna got my idea to walk around on it for a week before rolling got it X Rayed they get I and it's just a sprang it's going to be time to be all right I'll just ice it grabbed it with his say standards and yeah the good folks Everett North Carolina took one look at that ex trainer like so there again got a broken ankle six and made him as a media was at let me take a closer look at this X ray let me. You know look at three views of they'd just pulled the first sudden nobody has broken unions rewrite their culture and the X and innovative is pretty gross itself is more about these killing machine its arts or what was it multiple killing machines are just the one it was it there were two of them one was unleashed an oil straight for the attack I had the exact same thing happened to me now it's unfortunate that people. Are allowed to own dogs if they are not able to handle them responsibly. And keep everybody in the community safe then. Percent of first down somebody's complained about this guy apparently Bo will see have given him an opportunity to laugh. Do the right thing and take care summoning his stuff we'll see hopefully east. He's able to see the life. But we'll do our debt is is in the house Ross talkers go to join us here in ten minutes from my NBC sports network Westwood One foreign assault players could join us and we'll talk about. The drafted sensible these prospects that are. Shooting up and down the proverbial draft Florida men whose stock is rising and falling in the other are cliches I've missed an hour. Oil hit a mall we can yet I'm going to start it only gets started bingo card was like to do that you have brides are some callers are generally. Guys who haven't moved at all but people's perception of them has brought touts its it's a time a year I mean I I joke about it but we can draft tonight. And every NFL team if Marty Ernie rolls by here tonight and you said if you had you could you draft today he billet. Yeah probably pretty whenever daddy is a mean that visits wrap up this week you know wind stays the last day guys can do on site visits and then you know. It's just a bunch of BS for a week and a half after that so it's you know except Tammy year you're gonna get a good bill lie in over the next ten days. Until this thing gets going but. Yeah I mean the haze in the barn at this point now most of the evaluations done and it's it's much guys talk and each other on the phone trying to lie to each other's thoughts on the deal or two as there as a bit and a better example of a guy. Again rising and falling just based on people's perception but never really haven't. Risen or fallen Hayward to the gym with the Christian McCafferty. You know the gazette staff that was a guy last year and all of a sudden we just local when they're legal pursue McCaffery shooting up draft boards really wasn't or was kind of always there are so. Darnell I think it's reasonable to think that they Christian who was neck and on. The guy's gonna be a good player for the Carolina Panthers I think he was he over drafted a dead began may be I mean I don't know that he was a top ten pick especially if you look at it in the context of what. Alvin Camara and some other guys did last year but I think he's good player moving forward forms. But everybody knew that. That Christian McCaffrey was an athletic guy a versatile guy got you can plug into an offense and a lot of different ways. I'm really curious to see you know with him almost as much as anybody. This offseason is what nor sable to do with him he's been able to work with a lot of different kinds of backs. He's not a coordinator who's just married to one kind and he's all his facts have to look like XYZ. He's done at a lot of different ways so I'm curious to see what you're gonna do a McCaffery now it's insane no lives through we have we were talked about this habit over the past couple weeks and you have as well as. You know it's 44 what what what are the if you break it down the sort of binary decision biggest biggest need for this team office he says it's 44 I would pins I would say defense what what was your you do you how old it meet the other day when I said something about cornerback hacking even still the same on the came out and it up. Half com. I just think I mean could date. They need to find. Topping and help for. That's secondary I don't think the values aired a drafted a 24 Brandt I think the value could be there to draft corner at 24. And I just don't know given given the way wide receivers have underperformed. Coming out of first round the last her for years you know way in there's a dozen different theories as to why that is. But will mom I just think it's tough transition for those guys who haven't. Being used to playing the unifil style there that they're being asked to from day one and it's just tougher for those guys to make an immediate impact so that would make me a little gunshot. To spin my first round pick on that guy. Given what's on the line I mean even though everybody Marty Enron's get shiny new contract extensions there's going to be a new boss. Walking in the door here a week to announce. You know he's gonna wanna see results so I think yet on Ron talked about this sitcom bank. It's there is a tangible pressure on those guys you hit immediately and to be successful immediately. Because there isn't a big break in imperial I mean anybody who spends over two billion dollars for a thing is going to walk. That thing to perform. Generally speaking yes it is that's probably bet that I would we we were at a time or get into some more that when we come back and our number two because I when asked a lot of questions about this draft your perceptions and opinions and some of these players that. Armed you know on the NBA side of things clear liver gonna talk more about the playoffs butts. The a lot of hornets coming up and Howard over to his will specifically. Related to the coaching search because. It over the week it will first of all we are less than 72 hours around 72 hours grew from finding out of Steve Clifford was. Officially fired as a head coach of the hornets and since then for emancipated organ on the living god given right to triggered your perspective maybe he was seen here in his freedom. They don't on Friday so we'll talk about that end up. We will we'll talk about the fact that. Your names like David says dale and Jerry Stackhouse and body Williams continued to come up tore Maceda. As an assistant with the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday night part of over the weekend. And and we got some really good audio from a different it's enormously different a couple of years ago that we got to play for you and David Tisdale. As well we come back for outward over to Ross Tucker joins the show. Wes would want to NBC sports network you play for a while the NFL will get his thoughts on the draft we come back to kick off the second hour live from Braintree country clubs Garcia village.