Garcia And Bailey H1: Mick Mixon Joins The Show To Talk Panthers, New Ownership

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Wednesday, July 11th
In this hour voice of the Panthers joined the show to preview the upcoming season, and Kyle tells you why he has a good feeling about the Hornets this year....

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But Garcia. You know it's another day another dollar another story. Another argument I'm sure at some point and speaking out Freddy Garcia is gonna join us at 3 o'clock the big mammal hop on again at three he's all taken care of his baby boy is a good dad should so he will join us in an hour and looking forward to having him back put. We got a lot to get into between now and then 70457. Or 96 tend to call us at Texas all the buildings that are such slot already a bunch of those coming in a lot to hear from you there are consuming any mail Kyle at W offends the dot com I got to check on that bottler reminder to check on that caused because I feel like. There maybe some the wrong with the email address a double double check on that but does it send me an email Kyle WS Lindsay dot com is the garage door to ruin boxed and find us on the brow only Jewelers Twitter c.'s Christmas in July runs through July 31 and you're gonna wanna do it there are zero interest nobody down for five years yes five years on any qualifying purchase over 2499. Check out the deal rallied Jewelers. Dot com we got a great when a Mick mix in the voice of the printers is gonna join us at 230. We will get his reaction to what he saw yesterday. In the David tepper press conference and done about these two are a lot of ten to speak you know we got some audio here just a second of vote Ron Rivera joining our very own. Odd down the hallway here John Hancock did yesterday afternoon. And and talking about David separate the Carolina printers so Ron hunt on the guys don't hold your word got some good audio from that wanna play for you and double talk to make it through thirty Michael Felder to 362 numerous talk a lot of college football certainly of the in state variety of Michael Stoller 316 at 330 Osbourne nerves out he's been all and his Phil Steele magazine he's in my dealings and your feelings. You better be heavy NC state today about a let all the time I'm here from track trends on the Twitter machine yesterday it's good Taylor stores or on a student talk a stitch of NC state football ladies and SEC Jarrett now so it's not that he can't it's that that's not what we wanted to do yesterday want to replace edit this exactly sort of we brought Michael shoulder and to do that and we're gonna talk a lot of state and we were going to be JCC media days next week so I'm sure Dave normal stop by Booth there's no doubt about that so a wanna play college football certainly state Carolina Ndukwe conduct an otherwise so Michael's older at 315 Steve Weiss will join us at 430 we'll talk some NFL with him. Many things to get through there and not just the printers for the NFC south maybe we can work and Pacman Jones airport flight. If we have it's not a I have as at and if you haven't seen this go to Google right now as a matter of fact I'll try it's like three tweeted and in my Twitter timeline back Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay to try to sign an easier place for Joey Dorsey just Pacman Jones freeagent Pacman Jones in an airport fight in Atlanta. He's he's in Atlanta my least favorite airport in the worlds and he has a bit of flight was an airport employee. And it's just an incredible video you have to see it to believe so Steve bushel join a support thirty and then again if you miss James ray ago. Yesterday on the show he opened things up for this at 230 we we had a good conversation but it was so much yesterday about David separate that I I do feel like James Brady was comments and in an interview kind of got swallowed up and and push to the side a little bit so we're gonna replay at 5 o'clock and would have tried to react to a bit of it because I've got some. Some strong some strong takes I guess on the boards today. I've got some things I gotta get into and including honestly right now what wash Charlotte's gonna twelfth this year. And Moly monks. And they got some good news yesterday. Which are going to limo that they would back for a second X rays second opinion and it turns out league monks thumb is not fractured etc. also he's now listed as day today which is just good enough if they survive a little bit longer in the summer league that's great but it's not you at least give that guy back in the gym back with his teammates working out between now and can't. Oh yeah I just think that this is just such a crucial time for his career IBC's only is going into a second here but just being able to develop yourself through some relating getting here and now that it's gonna be single elimination. I hope that when an idle Monty comeback at some point get a few more rest if you more placing get a few more shots up because I think this kid could be really good. I'd I'd do as well so I'm excited for that and I learned some interesting things about the hornets who recently. And I want to share those widgets are so we got all let's get into Adam silver says he's ready to want to do away. With the wanna dog in the NBA we talk about god and how about the Ted I'm just bells and all over the place right now just letting you know what's coming to Michelle here Tampa Bay the race. Then we talk it's honorees baseball you're right third place in the dailies there are three games above 500 but you know the Sox and yankees have about a sixteen game lead on them so there's still relevant and they have these fancy new pictures for brand new ballpark they were all right there in Tampa which is all well and good problem is they had no money for a the private financing no public financing so you can just take a drawing and planet not tell Charlotte is likely to result. Doesn't seem like it's happening in Tampa Evan Moore yes Dennis stating apparently is going to be paid an IOUs. And as dumb and dumber told us that those there's got this cash and a half bath by the way here come the state fair as fired up about the state talk later build exerts acts like it needs to be imagined. But Jordan company are bending Fedora over and recruiting I don't know how you managed to spin you've received football into a positive. I'm so much out. It's my job at all but still steele's job derelict because he thinks editorials are gonna through second in the coastal division which. You know at the end of the day we can all be wrong the minute you got the last laugh at. About a lot of money Fred fills brought about that was so ugly it's estimated 7045709. And so will be talking state to scuttle it you know and ready tonne on state know a lot of our state just sort of bought by following them. North Carolina's did mention today or in a pre deal North Carolina as well just almost a dollar and that we are. Outside night and there's your nerdy so I don't consider it until you've actually on my hair I doubt it's totally different I put today all the things we have to get into today we start with there's the garage burger opening topic of the day we got some printers and Robert Verdi didn't have. George guru opening topic of the day all. And so did yesterday did Ron Rivera joined our own John Hancock to lessen our own you know here in the letter comes Charlotte umbrella there are three stations that WS Lindsay our sister station W beats the I 99 point three elevenths and and then of course 107 I'm a late but yesterday Iran joined John Hancock over on WBZ. Two would talk a bit about the pastor's talk about about David tepper and of the many things that he said first of all this is Ron supper on Iran's at the Ron Rivera on the team judges on the Carolina Panthers talked about his squad. I thought had occurred during our river goes pretty pleased with Hewitt the creator Tim primary we reported for quality players guys have been OK if you should fall fall greens and so beautiful learned from that experience tour guide. I'm very happy about what we couldn't draft by I think huge area there's an opportunity to assert herself. A foot from the from the creek golf scientific or other guys I think it's I think we've got to put your employers at that. I have to fill yourself up and they can meet this stuff up and I mean no I say that I'm a bomb from the trees you don't wanna make sure they don't get the message. For a appeared very good football three week young guys to come through. Ours and that was drawn salt and about his team he went on to talk about the all season. And and the moves made by a Marty hernia disorganization and you know what he sees merit and how it's going to improve this team this is Ron Rivera talking about the all season. Feel that the government for code we have three quarters you know pick black or take. Burns taken over throughout the special teams but you don't got to play forced to play this play for a long time and quite a record because things. From here and I'm excited about what he's done you know our record been taken over her first few books to do against. Took over for John McDermott I'm I'm pleased with that aside I do think you know they're they're with me from the beginning on them employed as we know we've got guys that that no more health policy Tom Ford have a tremendous background. Grief Indian position because Tokyo where hopefully this thing. Art and in the last will play here is about Ron talking about David tempers opinion. Of the personnel on this team and the guys in the building a guys on the roster and are those who don't just got to composed the Caroline traders this is what you what you thought about David separate opinion of his personnel. And conversation with the talk about a personnel here you have a good feel for who worked guards are and then you have to assume which is great obviously don't know if you've studied. He's he seems real import under say that you we've got some young guys that you have to stuff up it's such from the last two off. To draft classes you know slump we have a group with guys that that have potential have the ability. But you know we we haven't seen their very seldom on the field and not so. I'm here understand and an eventful put into effect for the fact that he's got some experience have you with Pittsburgh. So. I don't know if you hurt just there and in all those clips that you don't comprise the single interview yesterday about what I heard. Is him this in the shocker to anyone heard concerts I've heard not just confidence from Ron and his guys but that there's a ton of confidence. In that building right now over ministry dazzle despite what the national conference may think or whatever article you pull looked at says you know all of the other playoff teams from last year the Panthers are the least likely to get back or you know. Also had three teams from the NFC south make the playoffs last year with the Panthers are the team that are least likely to repay us not forget the other Carolina traders are never made the postseason and the play also read winning seasons I should say Italy and back to back two years so that we. When we got to go to Panthers kind of by default budget debt that's fun. But what I hear a lot of Johnson retired confidential Ron Rivera I your confidence when we talked to Marty party I certainly heard a lot of confidence we talked to David tepper yesterday and I think there should be a lot of confidence in that building right now and I'll tell you why all the other side because there's a culture I think it's just now beginning to. Grow. And I think once it's on the horizon and I think a philosophy that we kind of heard among the many things that we heard yesterday from David tepper I don't wanna talk about when we come back 7045709. Sales event had Tyndall furniture and mattress find this internal furniture dot com. Rcn and they are. Think there's some guard there's so we can liken it just broke the Pentagon on how at all goes you know somebody made merry draft yard field a couple of draft earlier. All of them later hint if that happens pills and people who move on purpose or get a great return just. Not that it matters Oksana right now but so that was Ron Rivera talking about the NFL supplemental draft that took place today and it's over now I think as it is the it is over right now it's over now in dot. Not not too much is notable except for the us Charlotte the Charlotte natives. Our former Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Alexander has been taken by the Washington Redskins in the in the supplemental draft former independence high school standout and the Redskins. I think gave up a sixth round pick in next year's draft. Two to take Charlotte native again Adonis Alexander in today's NFL supplemental draft so that's about as newsworthy as I think he gets for anybody here locally but again that was Ron Rivera who joined John Hancock yesterday on our sister station WBZ news radio 993 elevenths and and yeah he's east beats before the bridge. We played some clips of him talking about the confidence in you know his team the personnel and in his conversations with David tepper about his team is personnel to coaching staff all of that. And your temper and really really positive encouraging things to say about the job that Ron Rivera has done. Are there wasn't nuts on set about Marty party yesterday in the press conference but importance of that I said before the break. This team should have confidence that they did back to the playoff system should have confidence that they invent that silly it's bizarre street. Of of no back to back winning seasons they should have a lot of confidence about that for for a litany of reasons if you've got a healthy Cam Newton is not missing the pre season due to shoulder surgery you you go from the of the law firm most Frazier Brett Burson and Kaelin clay in the post season to a wide receiver room now that features the likes of DeVon conscious and DJ Moore and Torrey Smith and Jerry is right I mean it's an upgrade across the board just first rounder and second round is all over the place you know I had the skill positions you bring yeah and a a tough gritty in a short yardage type back you know that the rambler typed in CJ Anderson from Denver who as we talked about before patty. Herald and I do mean terrible quarterback situation last year. In Denver. Ongoing offensive line that while some people are still down on them for summaries and all things considered there are a lot of teams in the league right now that trade offensive lines with the Carolina printers in a heartbeat in Seattle. And so look I'm telling you there's a lot of reason to be optimistic and be confident on the defensive side you've still got that court. And I don't tease out for the first four games but you still do have Luka and you've got maybe got a proven commodity but a pretty well known commodity Jack Thompson. Who's a pretty car it was a pretty adequate trillin would you say so you can be confident in that I think there's an upgrade from start to Don Terry poll. You know you love to Julius Peppers is back what sort is probably a little bit under appreciated and aerial Addison could have another bridge year. Are you the secondary you beefed up the cornerback spots a safety still an issue I think a little bit. I don't but you know you can still make some moves and our guys out there that had a chance to prove themselves. And so there are a lot of reasons on the field and be confident but I think no bigger reason for the confidence than yesterday. In a press conference. And I am not going to say that David tepper stored to do this unlike Jerry Richardson did that. David tepper is better at this and Jerry Richardson was because quite frankly I wasn't in that organization day in day out I don't know those sites. Hum but what I did see yesterday was a guy who so very clearly is willing to speak his mind. And to hold conviction and through promotes and to take care of the people but he cares about and that's. One of the six of the many things that we learned about David tepper over the past several months that's become very apparent. He protect his people he acknowledges good work and he's always striving to be better. And the Carolina pitchers are already in a really good spot. Coming off of eleven and five season a league MVP for a quarterback it was just him but still a league MVP for a quarterback a guy who was putting up. All the same numbers released is on pace putting a poll same numbers are far far worse situations to be and David tepper holds people accountable. You can tell David several people accountable I think you could say the same thing about Ron Rivera. I've I think you could say the same thing about some about Mitch Kupchak. I think you can you can hear it James beret goes voice yesterday talking about demanding defensive excellence from holy month you can hear when guys hold people accountable. And have conviction. And I think right now over on ministry you've got a building. That's being run by people. With conviction and with confidence and they're looking to hire people just like them. And when that president and CEO all those positions are filled Osbourne and we know who's going to be running the daily operation over there at the Bank of America Stadium I feel pretty confident that they will hired very similar people. Sees you talking about conviction you're talking about confidence you know what else I think. And and this is in no way to slam Gerri I'm not saying this about Jerry competence. So a lot of times when new owners take over sometimes. The franchise is easy shambles. And needs days there's all sorts of things are dysfunctional about a franchise when new ownership takes over. I mean I can't remember their names but I had the people who own the Dodgers before dismissed previous. His previous ownership group bridges current ownership group gain or not the Murdoch's but come. Well. They don't need to force the biggest divorce right right and it just split the Dodgers and sell the team off I mean those are the types of circumstances sometimes it these people comment I'm not saying there wasn't a cloud of black cloud hanging over or I'm sitting uses his guys could thank you Frank McCourt as well yes this guy in Dave tepper seems extremely competent to make it this is not gonna face in so I think we're getting ready to see is a franchise is going to be run. Very very well this goes top to bottom will have a sense of purpose have a sense of direction at all times. And we we will start to sink so what you want about jury. For some reason that team has never had back to back winning seasons and it's it's bizarre. Because they went from fifteen and one to six in ten now there were some things that happened in the offseason that you're due org there were sort of not great Josh Norman moving on but. But I think date you're gonna see a new level of competence a new level of confidence in a new level of conviction on that side of their own ministry. I think so too its it's refreshing it's energizing you could feel that the room yesterday at the press conference delegates a distant second to a text to rights and build consider tax line to say tapper probably doesn't care for Marty parties baggage. Party will be gone soon. Oh he's about a second the first it was a good phone calls go to Jeff he wants to talk about the Panthers Jeff thank you for holding an hour. Well oh well. So everybody has they're saying you don't look at preserved by as dealing about a president that my opinion. I actually drafted the entire at first team all and it became. Well last weekend outbreak was all the way down to Damir bird out to every watt receiver but I didn't Nickelodeon Thomas. So all the word Ambac got Cam Newton I got. It decrypt and the kicker ought to Patrick Healy and it's just just me I have a feeling that the Pampers with there are bit and the personnel that we have. And tearing wished they help the that we can averaged thirty again. That we can Scott change and our defense just damaging to forty porch gave you what we can't beat all four. Or thirteen and three at the added a year and he wanted to Aybar stroked the Super Bowl but. College you're rich or that and also watching its biggest daily. Did you ever find the bluegrass band or did you end ever come back and say he was gonna do it. That's a great question just I just that I appreciate it and yes actually it's it's retirement not just too many people care but just. Knowing that I don't got the bluegrass spreads a matter of fact to get the best of both worlds right it ended up working out really well because if you don't know how we're talking about what are my best friends from college is Jimmie is assembly bluegrass band don't Charleston, South Carolina we're used to lift and you know he I had promised in only a year in advance to play the what it. Well build on the about a month and a half ago and I quit I got really angry is just not something that you do your friends much less two people who were three to have oneself from the wedding but so luckily. Luckily are more solid saves the day. And thought has put together for peace bluegrass band they're gonna play. And so they're gonna play for an hour and half and venom we go downstairs and our boy DJ Bennett. Split second cell got a third shot to the Carolina Panthers oh official DJ DJ said he got all the phone with him last night he's talking about so we got these Daytona for the back castle that possibly get the bluegrass band and the DJ it's all gonna work out so I appreciate your call and find an output tough job impact on that result in slow opera now because I get my band not want to put together loyalists like couldn't be happier. But so it's here's your question about the threat as he put about the pay interest. You know. It's funny by the way you drive to the entire roster scarcity about a good Sawyer is I don't know what that's gonna look like at the embassies and I will say about the offense has a lot of potential there but I do tend to. Agree with frank Garcia's line of thinking in that. This is a brand new coordinator. You know and and the extent to which she's gonna ask Jim Newton to do some different things. And the extent to which does like Torrey Smith and jurors rights and that he really existing guys to their burned haven't thought just you know can catch on there and and to release flow when the softens I don't know I don't know if it's a thing the connection right away horse into Frank's thinking it takes a handful of weeks the first quarter to the first half of the season for things to really click in to say dad and wife use at a second Doyle's I don't know what it is scheduled twelve and 413 and three make another run at the Super Bowl. What your right to Sears absolutely capable of that. Other one thing you would Porter Goss and again and I'm firmly of the believes this is the best division in the NFL the NFC south is the best division in the NFL and I think the SE Saturday NFC. Is load it immediately NFC the past to the Super Bowl through the US dues through the NFC the US at the the NFC is so much more. It difficult then the AFC that the Panthers or really any team in this in the NFC can be really really good. And end up. 97 you know that's that's possible for good teams given how loaded the NF CS so I got more that's due to we don't moron Rivera audio but first we come back and that mix in the voice of your Carolina printers will join us. His first thoughts of the first impression made by David separate yesterday in his first ever press conference a Bank of America Stadium that's next it's Garcia and they elect. Get back to Garcia and day. It's just about every single call of the calls in the WS resilient and specifically Michelle and I loved it just called in to share everything that he shared with us a second ago certainly ask him about the wedding and abandon all that but just rhetoric on the sex like brother committed it's not pretty you know you call and tell us a drastic all of the Carolina Panthers on your fantasy team. And immediately techsters writing and build excellent excellent I would Michael 115 assume that did 2106 innocent civilians. Which. I said ready to buildings that are Tesla I don't think that callers ever play fantasy football before. And enough again did you guys detect callers email by the way I'd like to invite him to a couple more money links. So I can just be careful there are some predatory fantasy football commissioners out there that are trying to recruit chip our rights are speaking to the predators the voice of nurture a lot of traders on the Nixon is joining us on the second job just like here on this Wednesday afternoon Americans could catch up mentally event. But pleasure Kyle is that cheered 97. Silverado. Yes it is if you just got in at a picture right now slot that is a beautiful truck. And now Obama senator square kind of satellite company that was the last year that body style. But that could find their congratulations. I appreciate it I give all the credit to dad dad found that informally but tell you I didn't realize Mick not to that's a good to venture off into two deep rabbit earlier but there's like a cult of of of guys out there that beds are after square bodies in trucks in other their entire FaceBook groups and Inkster Graham accounts that are devoted to older square body trucks in and you know rebuilding them and and it's just it's also might know there was such immunity out there. Well that truck there or not I'm a fan of of of eighty full size pickup basically but I can see you put some slippery oil. Are you quite accurate tool box which is good you can put cap lights up all the root. There's many things you don't carry aboard I'll wonder what you gonna do with the broad in that up but deflect girl. On the that that Bacharach. You know talking about the licensed Toy Story. Now out of repeat did not talking about looks like it's got that after market. Eyebrow kind of saying. 000 million the bugs shields they're talking about front yes I want. I exactly united. Do complain. It's not. No it's not out of had not a total brush guards are kind of negotiate some but I alone so we'll say it I don't know if I had no use for the whatsoever they just looked bad ass you know that. They want to think this is not I'm not going off or they rhetoric thing but outlook cars and trucks and what's coming is we've already had ordered the activation technology. And in in the Q now is the auto stop feature. And I cattle I can see why these trucks like curator of art desired because. Well what about you but I pump 59 years old I want my right leg of my right foot. To beat the cylinder deactivate. Debbie and you both about talking a big mixer Richard Childress brother went on a much desperate. If if if if that's they're they don't you obviously don't or did your thoughts on yesterday man that was some. And I told the folks on yesterday's show under and a lot of press conference is in my day and I don't know that I've had. More fun or been more interested in any Jane any press conference and I've been to that I was yesterday for the first. Inventories amid a press conference and obviously the last question was the was a bomb that was dropped but you know the first 24 and half minutes I was just enthralled. Post route wasn't there are other lava would have tried to find you shake your hand. How I was on the way to Greensboro for the Piedmont Triad sports club which I had all my calendar not because they don't then be of those killed bell wanted to speak. That the press conference but I'll listen to a liable on BP out able to get 11% all the way up the highway past the even Salisbury. And I couldn't get enough but I don't mean that the and then to talk to the staff the day before struck out a little bit evident person's view of that at least she cape cal the charming and there was this. The way he laughed at himself can make fun of himself. But yet he's obviously been immensely successful what they keep sent a top I mean we're so used to. Did they answer the Kevin failed at these press conferences where coaches players or try to pay less of David tapper good Japanese just look. Now they're just taken himself out to some very exciting position with regard to that. The business opportunities. There that the present himself through the Panthers and also some exciting cabinet all the football for us. Commitments you've been here awhile and ER I go back to 2006 the very first Carolina panthers' training camp that I ever attended and I I was were controlling your affiliates and I got I got here and I got to meet you and and I was this you know kind of what behind me years twenty year old just try to figure out what it what exactly was going on and and album you know little older I think mix bit been here ever since then and as the voice of the printers and things have changed a lot as you can't look back over the past ten to twelve years amid how do you. How do you describe how much disorganization and the sleet and changed. Hard to describe it very public talk nobody bind at lunch today. About the millennial brain and here. You know Russia destitute because I'm captivated by not just Saudi NFL and I got to Carolina Panthers but about NASCAR. I was pure commissioner of the LPGA tour right now is pure. You're in charge up trying to figure out how they hadn't been the generation the young generation and the generation coming behind now. Are gonna take consume entertainment and beat this side what's irritating to them. The stakes are incredibly high you get on the wrong end of this thank you end up and sit right next to blockbuster video he. So. I think David pepper wants to make sure that I mean he mentioned the gambling. Well let's get that above ground and let it air out a little bit. But that alone tell if you were at a different data different era. I don't know what that would like I had no clue what that would look like how that would feel let our stadium. It but it's it's been a minute this can't they have a are the fan experience making sure that. That that would that would that you what they wanna be here be got some the Drake outside he told me that the staff that. You need to be made public get a follow water somewhere out not a Bank of America Stadium even if you don't have a past take it into one of the Niger tent. I just think it's going to be every fad thing. For the football standpoint pop pop pop feel like football still the greatest game in the world and that it it brings people together like nothing else and that if we win. I mean when we win and bring absolute victory to the Carolina. Won't that be an unbelievable time. You know that there are people model we're talking a big mix in the voice of the Carolina Panthers are that there are some people that words of course saying yesterday some jokingly some not to. The Davids have pursued moratorium an estimate heard Jerry Richardson say twenty years now that's an exaggeration but we all disappointed they're trying to make and you know having been around Jerry all these years in sing which is our hearing what you heard yesterday. How different are these guys really. Klug got some mean I. I think they probably share allot their differences are pretty obvious I think they probably would share a lot of terms of their business acumen. You know who among them have learned to drive you work hard lessons about risk vs progress and now these are complementary variables and and the chance that. Mr. Richardson took the chances that he took. To bring NFL football to the Carolinas. It's if some believable David pepper that have a eleven billion dollars in his checking account from. Played it safe and keep it off with a seven are to wait and see cannot happen. Topic they share a lot but I also think they have a different style and part of that can problem be traced to where and how they grew up a beat David tepper grew up. To hear him describe it in and not necessarily impoverished Pittsburg and certainly without some of the advantages. That many billionaires enjoyed. Mr. Richardson had a similar upbringing but in the Americans south. David pepper. Is. Is is looking to add. You'd in this stadium for more things as opposed to protect in this for the Augusta National model where. Scarcity breach of both men are what always happens is that select rock concert looked only have a select. Billy Graham can't murder Rolling Stones Tim McGraw Kenny Chesney count in a bowl game bill ball. I think David tepper Wannstedt dictate to grow it out even more than he is dead as much as. And I think there's going to be business opportunities. I mean he's basically it'll just show I'll look at like that accounts and buy it just sort of struck a match. And broad right into a hot tinderbox in the business community here in Charlotte with that with the house is not stand on the market with that spring and people step again. Is going to be incredibly excited moved forward. Dom with you on that may edit and look kind of to that point he he talked about a lot of this and you would never expect a businessman alleges that kind of action and I his background to tip his hand on much of anything but he did make it very clear yesterday that so that the Panthers are a little bit behind with respect to practice facilities and maybe headquarter infrastructure whatever it may be in other dog of the folks that I talk to us that hey you know maybe look for him to do this down in Fort Mill and antegents. It also official presence in the state of South Carolina but ultimately they they expect. You know game days on Sundays to Silva is still be centered in uptown Charlotte but I don't know how you feel about that in I don't know how much are comfortable sharing but do you expect details 510 years from now that people will still be flocking to uptown Charlotte to see the Panthers play. Well nobody in my opinion does matter but just they just based on hearing. And trying to read read this smoke signals on the tea leafs has to what's been set up I absolutely ethnic. What David tepper has said is that if you had a dream. He would build a brand new stadium on this footprint. That may not be the reality however stadium does have a as has been said before good bones and some improvements have already been made. But with the kind of stroke that he has financially. What what would stop them from. Put that down on. Or put in a range of luxury suite around the top there's just meet god is not something up further protect understand that when you've got. That kind of money. You can do. You put your training camp bow training camp facility by about what they want her to open it somewhere near Kara went about that they want to make it. By Carol wins. It's a good. If absolutely red. There I mean this is the data I think I read correctly all of 42 million dollar mansion in the Hamptons and then towards now. Don't look now. The revenge mansion. Gallup now are that's the revenge specimen that's what I that is my favorite David tepper stores today it's not even close. Dick I don't wanna keep you all Dave Miller Georgia too long enough but I haven't asked you any actual football question jet that this team is obviously I think more talented than last year but how much more talented. Well Justine was gifted and public pal last year's team that had a crush on last year's club I knew we were gun going deepen the playoffs even with a minute and a half left in the same game at New Orleans. In the playoffs. We just didn't have accused cal we we didn't have the foot speed with Curtis Samuel get it hurt the mere Byrd getting hurt some other injury. I think by any. By any look at it. Any snapshot here in early July mid July this club Scott Speed the backhand. Speed at receiver. I mean take just take it taken a look at the training camp and look at. Were makes you write down all these things because I think it don't be fascinating left guard backup quarterback. Secondary. The mark that Eric Washington will put on the defensive unit as a whole Chase Blackburn taking control of special teams. Could go in the back up quarterback job on the packet cannot wait to get this barber. Meg Nixon the voice of the Carolina Panthers joining us on the tech become just London dot. Mick I mean there's such an even section proof right now I've put a much to do list about two days ago says. Com it makes an invite in the launch and so I got to take to launch soon and you and I'll figure that out but or are you agreeable to salute. Yeah out not an idol mice is to be sort of sport either out. Like the world how does count and their blitzes out today but we'll get a black bean burger summit and you've got mired pick me up and Silverado. That that'll work that's what I was gonna suggest a black mean murder you selling my video shiatsu you have and on that round headed. You like I still like it. High cholesterol about a million anyways. I just do come out very outlook my bride and keep on every. You know like heck can't keep up with it one day were doing the paley and next thing we're doing them. You know some other not very Mediterranean some other kind of crazy things on discount hanging on for dear life. Our model goes a murder not a typical truck authorities say all right I got a donut mix in the voice of the Carolina Panthers joining us on the second job just slide in the you know is in flux and the reaction this is Greg Keller gets us some guys texting and keep Nixon on the free this is great ideas he's awesome and it's. This is what he was made to do as well but if the stadium thing is interest and it continues to be interest in me because. You know we we can debate. Until the end of time there we go back and forth over stadiums and and money and and who buys them and where you put them and what it's gonna mean and all that but you know at the end of the day this is a a big part is not the biggest part of the cultural ideas and energy the city and so it's got to be figured out. And know what David shepherd does. To figure that out as to integrate it further in the community and to do things like play high school football state championship games. In Bank of America Stadium or the home of the printers whatever that ends a bench in 02 to bring more kinds of events. And to connect the public. More to the stadium in ways that you know hasn't been done before we're Jerry Richardson played no one game on those fields enough it took us months to fix it we're not doing this anymore it's not worth it. You know and that's. That's a media is going to be really interesting to see another continued to you know try to use that sort of thing to to develop around it and to continue to boost the profile of this city Yemen you know there's there's so much on until the folks out there there's so much going on the development and Charlotte right now no we just bought a house over on the west side of the city and it's it's crazy to see. You know how fast things are growing and you almost can't keep up and and David tepper has just they don't straight into our sport. Will any other thing is is if I see another highrise apartment complex given my personality and a 4 I am I might tilt back now what does your cirrus is is this is a booming city and I just. I honestly I feel I just feel excited about the next chapter count this is the books I think you'll for a first could be fun to watch the second is to be funny cuff. Yeah I think so it's at I think so too and dud of the statue debate because of that that he's raging on -- understand why but it but I you don't have that I think they're too many positive things to focus on right now so which is doing that look we come back snap judgment we wrap up the hour Garcia will join us shortly I would talk about ports for a minute Michael Felder joins us at 315 we don't have a college football and Allan Robertson who we talk a lot of state North Carolina duke wager whatever Osbourne has been hurting out on the industrials Steele magazine and I don't forget Steve why should 430 a lot of NFL players James Brady optimistic yesterday we'll have a good 5 o'clock sourcing and Israelis WS Wednesday. Yeah and me. Can do pretty. Supplied. Brazilian. Horrible things I. I I don't think this is going to be a necessarily popular opinion at least among some a certain faction of the hornets fan base but I'm gonna give it anyway. And first all backed up because. Last night if you if you're a night hours you work to super early shift or whatever the case is I was on with Amy Lawrence last night. On CBS sports radio and I think there are about 2:40 AM maybe you didn't during the five million hour but. You know she brought me ought to talk a lot about the printers and he did temper but we also got into. The hornets fans you know she was asking me questions and that was a normal interview but it's always kind of nice to be on the other end of that dynamic because it forces you to maybe think about the things a little bit differently that you say in how you phrase things in what you do six. That's what effect I don't respect what else this year. And it's early and were nowhere close to even care right now and I understand it a lot of things are gonna say engine there to be more change in turn over on this roster but. I think each for a multitude of reasons the orders make the playoffs and I think they're going to be fun to watch and Dwight Howard was addition by subtraction. I think that you concede his team getting a little bit younger around Kemba Walker in the may mean outweighs its own people would like because it's not big enough for splashy enough and it doesn't involve bigger names or is tanking for a better drastic but you can see it little by little. And I you can believe most of the stores this year but politically mug is going to be an historic five this year alongside Jim glad to one NIC Batum hit a three. And then probably some variation of Marvin Williams and Cody Zeller you know back to change but. I'll tell you what especially in the Eastern Conference that that's a starting five. Beckham when tapes I believe and and you start talking about a healthy Tony Parker Jeremy lamb to Wayne bridge and probably equally hurting Gomez although could be deal does not be humble and in kgo likelier coming off the bench. That's an upgrade over last your boys and girls and it's in a depleted Eastern Conference so what I look at the larger picture right now. You know things to go wrong injuries happen we know that but well look at the larger picture right now Osbourne I see orders and that is. Going to be in the playoffs and I did icy feel really confident about that today. July 11 Beckett says it will save the best I've survived a pretty strongly about that right now. You know what I think I think has pointed this team to tank I think has awarded this team to blow it up for a long time and then James Fareed of Cain and they gave Tony Parker. And I I don't think Tony Parker's a guy's gonna win a lot of gains for them this year on the floor with his place. But I do think he's a guy destabilize this franchise and I do think what they've done is they said hell no we're not tank you were gonna win. Don't know we're not saying you were to win. We're gonna try a little rut order run our best by doctor and I think you're right it does include holy month. Formally launch notices are balls of Paetec has been fantastic so far in the one game euphoria injured stunt but I think what they're saying is that misses a never say die proposition here voice Brett. We're going on here to win something. You know it's what does it what does that mean does that mean they get to the 60 niece am not sure. What I will say is his city is refreshing to have them come and and there's not that element of lethargic. Kind of debt lethargic kind of thing. There's not that element of apathy in the front office the sneeze with mixed subject in Jay's radar here now. I think today say first things first we're gonna status a winning culture of a year war and we're going out to win. I know I totally believe that and you know miles bridges and by the way it's X two right Susie no miles bridges in that rotation yeah probably I mean I think you would expect to see that guy and a second unit would look at the other day. He is still a rookie. And he's got some things to prove he's got to show that he can knocked out a jump shot consistently the NBA level the athletic schism is very no doubt that comes from a blue chip programs coached by one of the best. That there are a lot of reasons that miles bridges can and should contribute this year but because he's a rookie on the reserve judgment a little bit and then see what he looks like him what James were regular thinks he looks like in camp and as the season starts but you know whether it's it's miles bridges and you know. Or really is a look at the roster there are a lot of different ways they can go with this. But anyway you shoot you know as fractured wrist is still around and obviously miles bridges works himself and there is enough tell there's more than enough talent for this team to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. And for some new it's not what you wanted it to happen for some of you you wanted to trade jamaat you know use the most valuable assets ups are lay that Smart draft picks tanks start over build this thing from scratch I know where you more mentally is still salty about it that's what you'd like to see happen because Tim was going to be a free agent and what he walks edit the organization is gonna have egg all over space of Campbell bolts in free agency annual gotten nothing for him I get all of that. But I talked to some people idyllic and and I'm confident that they see. A path forward that doesn't involve trading Kemba Walker. And they see a pass for the doesn't require big money free agents. They see your task forward like San Antonio and other mid to smaller markets that are built successful winning franchises. You know without dealing away a beloved member of the team the franchise's all time leading scorer all those things they believe they can both build around Jumbo jet younger. And still compete especially in the Eastern Conference quite frankly. It's not a bad move because they're not a contender to win the championship next you're not even close right but you get to you do you work your way into the playoffs next year. Which Dovonte Graham and miles bridges and only moan conjoined agent you know some of the younger doesn't ST would you defend that play off experience that's valuable. That's so valuable not just from personal experience standpoint but obviously. You know money that would suit in a playoff series are valuable so it's a win win win all the way around the board there to try to make the playoffs next you're I think well I really do to talk more about that if you miss James beret don't yesterday we replay that at 5 o'clock they don't want francs thoughts on that as well we do have more or it's coming your way but our number two a lot of college football Michael's shoulders stops and Oz is gonna and third out but first.