Garcia and Bailey H1: Mick Mixon and Panthers Bills

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Thursday, August 9th
We talk to Mick Mixon about tonight's game up in Buffalo.

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But Garcia. It was so nice to walk him to put these headsets on. And not have my ears bleed. But we're gonna put us followed back in the morning my blame my brain got blown out of my head because Mac is certain death fiesta had a at 1000% volume of all time producer chuck towers the same way at this point luckily nick Nicholson has not blown out this hearing yet. So I should turn up a little bit. To hear the same and I I love coming and it's an easy transition now that's great starts an easy transition millionaires doing well thank you banned the import right right guys you deaths later and I care about somebody radio guys do you know that's gone deaths later in life and I know a lot of they can't hear at all pleasantly. It's called golden age no no at all talking about like it like accelerated deafness I can't wait for our top three rebounds and you can't but it is true north and show you care about I mean I am just look so looking forward to the top three threes I think people are privileges so crisis go to sit around wait for the top 33 coming up knowledge and were a lot to get intermittent exit is gonna join us at 330 the voice of our message Stewart knows who authorities are looked at 230 I hear about a half hour from buffalo we'll talk to mixed about what he thinks you'll see tonight on the television side of things this evening on W ccb is such -- soaking in Eugene Robinson handle things on WB two elevenths and 993 our sister station and the flagship station of Carolina Panthers football and Carolina Panthers football's back its pre season but it's back. Are you excited. I am I have what we get to see realized football or his two teams amid Jazeera they will watch meet each other anymore for a little while. We just talk about something as well I think the thing that I'm more excited about some. I'm excited to watch some of these young players know what they're gonna do with their first real action you know in the NFL. Now I can remember back you know several years ago now know to those days in. You know that feeling of you made it and everybody's watching and and here's my first opportunity to impress the coaching staff worked counts I'm actually digging. They grade afraid test score not just homework. You know and that's typically the way you feel as a player. You know when year you know going to camp and it's your first years like OK when the real bolster a source star clients I got there and prove myself as a player that can play in this league and our Google bought somebody else that they don't Simi nowhere and now they've got to Wear this lol sorry sucker out front on the defense of suddenly go where somebody else out so. You know they knows I can really play by the time you've got to budget your own separate in your career you know how how how did you see the first week the precision. You know honestly it's a lot different you know Kyle because. You were pretty secure. In your job if you're a starter. And are you have a contract to back that and where these players are today you know with all the guarantees. If there's a little bit different approach. It's almost like a day off in these type games and you look forward to those because camp was hard back then. If things have changed so no now more so than it was you know with the the that the two days in the three days we have you know 1015 years ago. You know that that the players are taking care of themselves better than the teams are taking care of the players better. They're more aware if there's not as much pressure. Here to get out there and you play through injury. Universe is hurt. And you know those of the challenges have changed in to some degree is still there. And they're different for every player. Nobody you're asking me as an eight year player as a guy they had a secure a starting job you know where I stood verse is a first year player and those are two completely different feeling. And part of the reason I ask you a question. Is because there is an eighth your guy who's pretty secure his job and isn't camera well and every and then what I wanna ask you put yourself for gender issues are certainly a new offensive coordinator new weapons how much work do you want tonight I. I want with the coach is give me. And I'm pretty confident I'm still able to go out there and make plays. I don't know if many players you know in pre season one more reps. Especially when you get great years like right by canard to do this. Did you feel like the approach to these scrimmage is and you know the the pre season games and it just in general is gonna be different and I think that's why Norv Turner was brought in because there's an excitement. There's an enthusiasm there's a okay. We've been practicing this for almost a year now let's go out there and see what if this works and end it if there's some consistency to it. If there's some success. You know would fit. You could see this thing take off you know like a rocket ship. More if there's you know gosh is we don't hear you know we get the ball we know four series and had three in a force three and outs. There isn't it and assures fans will feel the same thing. College says this I can remember going back to cock and fire. Steve Spurrier when he came to the Redskins and incorporated. Is college offense to Washington Redskins. And the excitement enthusiasm. Of them scored 35 points a game in the pre season and going undefeated was gonna carry over the regular season and wanna go to Super Bowls and no it would know what oh what but. Yeah how that worked out for that offense. You know and it turned into. You know wall all along and you know. Defense corners defense is when they have time to prepare study. Are gonna eat that assignment football because the speed this game is too fast at this level. And that's what's going to be in Christine in note from the pre season to the regular season is if your tie. I am on the practice range carries over to the golf course. 70457. Or 96 stint. Simply put. What are you looking for tonight or are you just so joyful little balls back they use is not ready ready to nick. Nitpick quite yet whatever it is 70457. Or 96 cents what are you looking for who are you watching what's got you most interest him pre season game number one up and bustle. And now some players don't talk about some players that he assumed position battles that you are looking forward you wanna see stuff but I can't wait. Need to see man. That makes sense for you wanna save you wanna see young men out of Penn State plus and plus storage not an artist and for people who don't know us Brandon man not Manilow know I ended well. I ran the most but but that's specifically yet if you wanna see you guys are clarified there I think Scott did one eyed bush a man what is it and why no I just I wanna see ma'am I just think it was and yeah. Low predictable to you the dolphins in London pick to be offensive wanted to watch tonight Doug that's perfectly fine. I guess jealousy moan as well I want to see if these guys you don't care and hold their own Elissa I mean the bills are going to be. To a lot of stunned dean and blitzing they're going to be playing a lot of base just like the Panthers are a lot of traditional road you know what you see is what you get to have time. In the pre season game to go out there and implement game plan. Andy you know guys could potentially to get hurt we too you'll start doing a little bit more that then when he hit the weak tree is really wanna game plan starts cumin and it is more like irregular. You know us regular season work day so you know that's what we're gonna see I think there's a lot of base to go see how does this guy matchup against that guy. And it's going to be pure it's gonna be organic and Agassi I don't always want all the other things that go along with. It was a great words because this is a week we're very much Philip you're just simply looking to see you can make a play you're looking to see who can make a play you can make a tackle in space there they're playing cover two they're playing cover three here's our round western Escude beat you yes yup absolutely right so chemicals starting to come in now bring yours and right now 70457. Or 96 standard pre season game number one have been clamoring for for months can't wait for football to get back can't wait to the printers at the field or stop pre season but it's time there and buffalo tonight what are you wanna see who you watch it for me personally. Coliseum how long DJ Moore is out there. I was the author is targeted I was the only place you can make because have been watching a guy on film like no runs have been you know a strong set around Steve's missed talked about it you're on the entire route tree can Roy is PH deal route running electric stuff I want to see what he's got to offer some analysts see what Ian Thomas gets his opportunity out there with Garrett Gilbert Taylor honey you're whoever it is I want to see these glimpses of Ian Thomas that everybody in Spartanburg has been raving about. Emma here's the issue you know firm he was DJ Moore. Right and it's not that he's not every player. I'd have no idea I think he will be I think. Now sees saw a lot of good things and qualities which you would make him believe in a lot of people believe that he's gonna have success are exactly was camp. So if he's good news Derek Gilbert or. You know the tiny key or. You know I'll I'll he had cut his bachelor's and enjoy mega donor it's such an ugly assailant shot a and you know I see. The true potential of him because we run in with Greg Olsen right he's gonna be running with other guys that. Are going to you know clear things up formed the offense isn't any ball around him so he might do to touch or to. And by the way techsters try to get build considered sex lie and relax Evan frank is allowed to say cock and fire no dumb. 70457. Or 1960 and phone calls on the other side everybody had side bring yours there right now. Pre season game number one it's time to get all dresses and get excited footballs here. Bring the best you got 70457. Or 96 take calls on the other side in the mix it in twenty minutes and Lorenzo Neal one of the greatest fullbacks ever do what he played in north Turner's offense out San Diego he'll tell us what he thinks of 350 Garcia clearly WS Lindsay. CM and they are. We get a men have a really nice series as they were forced 49 or ten that's all taken mouth and then and then we'll give Garrett. Because there will be next up we'll get dirty shot hopefully you know we Cecil starters initially due to estimates put those guys. I am also gives a chance who took to get to tables and it's well. Ron Rivera talking about the approach to cam Newton's work tonight not a ten reps made his series possibly two depending on how the first one goes but does sounds like that's gonna be about it and then they hand the reins. Over to Derek Gilbert and affords us all lies that is our garage door girl opening topic of the day it's time for some pre season football so. Tore the roof opening topic of the day I'll. I 70457. Or 96 to Canada we're asking you this week want it hear a lot of you out there it on the site for months on T wait until football season I just can't wait till football season just are so excited for this team. There we are here's jets week one pre season let's talk about it what do you look for tonight what are you watching for and you're Gilbert who were you are around or mention there a second ago there's so funny. That you'll strike brought in the Sports Illustrated this morning and there's a list of the would last ten or fifteen Gatorade player of the year national players that's your high school and you've got the the likes of Dwight Howard LeBron James a mineral footage it was insane the names on his list of trying to put into the fight right now it's like page four and right smack in the middle of it is one Garrett Gilbert yeah understated the. Yes like one of these things doesn't belong there one of these things isn't the same right and then you see Jordan Garrett Gilbert but now he was out of college and high school. You know coming out it was going to be the man and in I tell you lights you know you start looking that there's some of the names on that list since then whose blue chickens are they doing their sport since. A minute LeBron James Dwight Howard Greg goal Greg Oden Greg Paulus Kevin Love Matt Barkley. Gary Gilbert Brandon Knight is Dylan Bundy controllers and it sounds Tyler Murray Jason Tatum and terrorize these are names that don't you dare all those who Greg. Gordon good. Greg Oden off I don't there was another great analyst noted Greg Paulus Ali at a guy sacked two times he beggar. Yeah I would took time to you better read follows record as well as plays for the greatest university in this country I agree with you and basketball. BP let's go to phone lines it was a good 70457. And ideas should stand for what he feels about tonight weakland free season we go to Josh first what's up brother how are you. They want pop up there in the site. Look at a couple thing I think that'd be out each port that the director of our are not a lot of work with Tampa Bay that the later on India the pre eat that up it got really that it about it that topic Jack. Keep it in a look at port that it might help they are here. Thank you just know one thing that I think you can don't be excited about his DJ Moore knows how to catch passes remote obscure quarterback to do it appears that surgery and boy did it. That's held the boys though you know he does know how to do to help points seventeen for the Panthers. Right what's his name. Like about why this year is an element DeVon find the closest I do don't look I'm a managers are numbered and a girl and well. Guess not so what thirteen am thirteen. Carries Roger's rec area thank you. Thirteen I'm terrible numbers to have some kind of dispersant numbered and Jerry's right tell them Benjamin. Here's what I say it's O Rama legacy right. It's a backhanded. Jabs that you know the little digs its cam on the treadmill yeah. And it's Jerry is right in it in practice you know gore. I would not be shocked I know this about Ron Rivera. He's a loyal SOB. He's. Will defend his guys. You know like he was planned middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears he is going to protect his guys he's gonna hit you can do whatever it takes I know that about him. And I know that you know sometimes when you challenged the next player or an old dog. Right they're going to find a way to snap Mac. I would not be shocked to jays right was targeted eight to ten times right and had a huge night honest to goodness if I am a betting man. And I'm not sure which ST Merrill later. What's the over an honor to their visual prop let's even and three season just on Jerry is right catchup in almost four passes a three passes taking over you take the over. Because I got to believe there's going to be a message set someway shape performed. Because players don't like that crap the job management pulled coach is definitely don't like that crap and I feel like sometimes they have vote they're subtle ways of getting back like brain on the treadmill or or targeting Jerious right multiple times in practice. You can send KB that message subtly and say CBO awareness Jersey about it we like him better Owen whose Jersey sits in their 27047. Or 96 to those go to curtain extended his thoughts on tonight's game per order to look informants. You have you know a lot named their beard metro the rookie of the backup quarterback I'll watch at all make that but I think the name that got a lot of buzz about gays but in the game by now. But Serbia Shaq pomp and apple on the import immediately that David Naylor backed group. You know without TD the first board game. Popular are about to be played next year but I think Shaq plays this year that dictate part of what they're gonna be repeat next year. And especially this expert or gain this year. I think we need to note that Shaq is very to make that step this year. So personal auto show earlier this week and a great point about he's probably lacking a little bit Hubbard out today. You know which apparatus no makeup back gap basically like at that animated player of the paper and protection your word on the BB. Yet received a phone call you know was a curtain curtain was also this. If you could combine both those guys and put him in the same player you have L football player you have a TD able. TD USP one of the best linebackers in coverage no doubt about he can run with anybody can run with the in the backside of the backfield he can run with the slot receivers he can get on coverage as why the Panthers. You know predominately over the last several years of play nickel defense and you have been able to slow down some of these high potent offenses like like the falcons sore or the saints. You know even though there's been some times it been exposed as well it's away from TV now he's slowed down there's no doubt about it in his coverage he's not gonna turn his hips and run an open up like he's too but he is still in doubt he'll linebacker than wall not. York. You'll hit you so hard it it tingles right all over you know remain in he would not get off itchy so hard op. Shaq is probably better in its coverage and in space. Then TD EU is now. And you know that's his strength his deficiency is coming downhill. You know and media running back at the goal line. And losing and write and or an offensive guard the point around or tight end that latches on getting off. So those are the types of things that he struggles last. You know so they both have their strengths they both have their weaknesses it's what do you prefer. Do you prefer downhill line backer of the plays well this going to be able to make the tackles it's very sure tackler or not your head off. Or do you want a guy in space is going to be in good athletes can be a little smoother a little younger run. Runs a little bit better shot to practice a couple of days ago. Hum there was probably a zone coverage can linebackers in on this defense play a lot of zone they have their areas they read the quarterback's eyes this either leave the routes in Iran and knowledge that they play their area. Check made an unbelievable Reid and goes up one handed and catches the ball from Kim Mosul under thrown on a crossing route. Chat kind of gotten the path of cams eyes and cam. Under through a little bit you know it's tough stroke because he doesn't see Shaq he's not supposed to be that's what zone is is down. I'm pleased you know use force it you guys who read dean and react team. You know you can see in those things in May help the catch took it to the house I think they ultimately. You know one of the receivers caught him you know like on the five yard Lambeau was a help like he's athletic he's athletic enough to play in this league no doubt about it. Is he physical enough isn't big enough to see imposing enough and those are the things I'm not sure if we're gonna see in night. Unfortunately because teams are going to be running downhill Shaq Thompson. No there won't 704570960. And odd cents as a wanna CJ and throw a TD DJ Moore on the very first play smile and waited KB and then go sit for the rest of the game a different sex erotic sensation DJ Moore can do what he did in college with those quarterbacks he might go offer 175 yards tonight and it's really quite that much but he's got a chance. Jim get the ball in space yes a little flash screen a little tunnel strain something like that. Instead of Kurdistan and it's against Curtis Samuel that big body and so be right over there let him catch and break some rules aren't at. That's why items a budget said that because that's one of those things they raved about DJ Moore during the draft as it does deter us or did you just a running back after the catch right now and that's what you're talking about and I'd like to see that as well 7045709. B sixty and if we're gonna take calls throughout the show us from predators fans sure don't let me bills fans as well still pretty cold did like we do audio from creditors though what do you look for -- 70457. Or 96 and all the other side we talked to Mick mix in the voice of the printers live from buffalo will tell us what he's looking for the -- in pre season game number one in a supplement roundly Jewelers Twitter feed a child -- WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 it's Garcia Blaylock WS Wednesday. All waves yeah. Since they day folks Carolina Panthers Buffalo Bills tonight a for the great white north Rendell let's waste no time we go to Mick mix in the voice of the Panthers joining us live from buffalo. On the call tonight and you can see him on the TV side of things are here on WC CB mic was several hours. Well that state TV ads can count how to create a but I'm will do the best actually and the spread out and take up this much space on the screen and I can next to Mike Rucker. But it's great to be tolerant you now that's what term target of excitement I'm not can't remember an NFL season. From the Carolina perspective. That's open with more. Interesting stories from the top of the pyramid what they're interpret the beginning of the tepper air. Down to it to the football the exit than those back up quarterback all these receivers young guns in the back here the defense Communist just obese fascinate the Seattle shakes. You know make two things one will you met Wear makeup and two he tells such a great story what's the story for the Carolina Panthers this year gonna be centered around. America. My wife called me the other day it from the store others. Consider whatever it sort of geared to Alter chocolate like there are tired. Received there should argue that you winter wheat or. Connie Allman truck yet to come out and say this shot up my ball had not. Are really in now might just do little dusting herself the Belmont had to do it does get all and so you have to roll. However that it looks with what nature gave me but. When they exceed story. Big story this season. I think it's I think counted globally. There's the default setting on it is Norv Turner and a top center how to what does it Norv Turner offense look like. And out of the Carolina panther players executed I think you know crucible. Well Norv Turner offense is many offenses. It's not that they can change can mold can adjust. Can be nimble enough with a variety of different style side there are games specific matchups. And then take advantage of those matchups bureaucracies. Mick what about the offensive line right that that's what everybody's worried about right now but it does impact the kind of slow work they may be able to get inside and know how many different things they may be able to work on how many things we see how how big a deal do you think that is. I think it's huge because when you take left guard and right tackle frank Welker those are two of the most physical. Position in the O line you know in a physical for charter REIT. You need a robust right tackle and you need. A war daddy at left guard. Now the Panthers have have people there that can. Can back. They're injured meaning so absolutely there are Williams had can encourage it are very I'll Taylor but this is what he was brought here that there. I think that in Taylor earned in Tyler Larson and they in this young kid name Brandon man it's. It's spelled MI HO impetus pronounced man. Franchitti had a chance to watch this 63 you called me up I'll hear a lot of good things from the coaches about you know. You know America have a Brit I've been out there to practice a couple of times and you know four year starter Penn State says a lot to love the tenacity may not be the most athletic guy he was hurt. You know somewhere you know in his junior scene year but to you know they they really liked him coming out of college or no John Masco is very strong and very high on him. And you know maybe his potential that tell you might bring he just you got to do those mistakes in those rookie growing pains. Upon the Mets saw don't think he'd mind me sharing their spouse are upset now look mets' Gary is that a unbelievable who encyclopedia of information that crystal ball coached. That's sat down there would have been obliged. You go to your training camp and not say that I could carry tiger's 63 year period slack here they're out there there are L. He had to either drop you won't we won't know until three seater bike you. You know you people carry tape recorder note there perhaps. And that you enter that in many women it took about a mr. name any whisper to me the kid is really doing pretty here. I think I think it's assaulting you for sure that's a very. Yeah our first that's drivers talk of a big mix in the voice of the characters join us on the technique dubbed a slide. I guess we'll get to see a lot of dirt Gilbert tonight and frank actually. Broad enough a Sports Illustrated listing off some of the Gatorade players of the year throughout the course of the last Big Ten or fifteen years and I think people forget the dirt Gilbert was they are a guy like LeBron James lights out fight Howard and I mean they lose lose their profession right there there's care givers that George you're Gilbert's name right there in the middle way pickles it. Well obsessed like artsy Amanda do that he restore at the library get in the micro peace and all that theory that this. All the court backs are accurate all the packet QBs are accurate that is to meet up in the bank has USC can't really urged that that seems like it's. Conferred upon your birth which you have the ability to be accurate and trying to play. Deliver the ball where it should be Serb Gilbert high Nicki Allen are all pretty accurate passers. Kubert bigger looks in a 64230. Looks better on the hook. But kinda he is also an entry. Lawrenceville Georgia mobile familiar with the offense since ceased their time with coach turner Minnesota. And I predict he'll be one of the start of the treats me. I took gonna mobile QB running around in the pre season against the heat that is within two entries trying to track work. I think it's going to be. Great great theater. You know make everybody's talking about you know Cam Newton and you're the accuracy problems and him as a quarterback in general. And you've been around him you know for eight years now you've been around him. You know almost every day of practice you see how we work she CRE prepares you see what he does and if they wanna throw away the past year in the worst year Intel won't tell us this is the average of truly is a 59% passer he's not very accurate he's gonna throw for 3000 yards usually an average which today is. Minuscule compared to you know the top end quarterbacks but. The don't take an account. All that he brings to the table as far as being athletic being big being powerful he has like he's beach. Ten's leading rusher yard getter in the NFL not for quarterbacks all NFL running backs including has more touchdowns and any player. In the NFL all players included in this is what this guy is a nobody was given credit for. Yeah I'm mean Cam Newton says 2011. Has more rushing touchdowns. Then. Any other player he's got 52. Our Sean winters are next closest. And so the water column about Cam Newton is. I mean what you call for what is it can he be maddening at times can DB. A loose at times to you wish that there's Super Bowl post Super Bowl press conference that he your that he had been like the postmaster general outlook every reporter they are all either and maybe. But he's just not a very good loser. But was Raymond Floyd bleacher being echoed John alliger kale Yarborough green trot out Gordy Howe trot out the hall of famers in every sport. And then circuit everybody here who was a really good loser Terri wants there or. Additionally. Whenever. McCain camp certainly has some you know growing pains and we'll pulpit what you missed two decades old. So where's the police blotter where's the where what I mean that he's a clean. Citizen and he's got heart for kids' feet below the salvation bluntly after. Someday he's not going to be here anymore and they'll be another quarterback here you're probably not going to be nearly your camera route. I agree with you you know American I think that says something we should probably just appreciate a little bit more at times including. In my cell system nitpicking some of the things he can't do look at all the great things. You know he can do and what he offers and it will be interesting to see you talked about norv earlier. Now how he incorporates him and his offense and how much flexibility he's gonna have with calling plays vs the run vs the pass only touches. You know cameras going get were all concerned about. You know with what Christa McCaffrey has touches but you know cam plays better when he's touching the ball more and have a bigger impact on again. Yeah on the committee and I know you know Motorola you'll Brandt and Amos Alonzo stagger trying to secure team and the rest are. But. You know camp and get his touches but. Kenney Dick Cheney get rid of the ball just have to be more quickly can you trust what he ceased and and and offload it to somebody else. I think this conference could set team records without a thousand yard back without a thousand yard receiver that's helped balance and keep that stopped at this. And I can't even believe that we had CJ Anderson RT. The night leading rusher in the NFL last year 1007. Yards. He's a good receiver he's good in past probably stick up and he good downfield blocker. It it seems almost like they're great don't like what some article or whatever we got Greg also from Chicago I heard about they're what we backed. They let him go. Read fantastic. Talking big mix and joining us on the ticker job just like we had John Murphy on the show yesterday had a good conversation with Herman duck. You know I asked him what he was kind of looking for on the other sideline saw us do the same thing would interest you most about this so is buffalo bills' team tonight. Buffalo's good at safety gosh I mean they're they're going to be pre salt Dionte. All season long there were nine at seven a year ago a court Sean McDermott expect them because I don't believe that George reporter Mike I. I don't know how much you'll sit and tonight mementos got comeuppance catchy. They combined for ten interceptions last year that the same number the entire airline effort he strips that last year. And and say they give they they give the defense the ability to that it took place in line games which you with their front seven. So topic Buffalo's going to be hard took the move off their spot how are you batteries. Yeah I mean they're going to be one of their defenses this team plays and a great challenge for some of these young players and our Anglican fortunate in particular forget camp some reps because I think that. You know make one of the things that you know. And new quarterback with a new coordinator needs his time and no training camp is good in OT these are good and mini camp is good but they need to see if things happen I don't know if there's been pitched error no last year. You know with the surgery he threw one pass I believe in the first. You know 78 plays and he ran a hand the ball seven times in a row and then now they took him out and I'm not sure if that's going to be the same. You know this this year but you know they're gonna they're gonna try to get the boss at a pinch to see you know what they do in order incorporate him with those types of place. Agree up and wanna give soap opera ability to burst out. If if the offense moved in hasn't snapped their rhythm and and the Panthers can split the field and get the first out. It maybe once seriously keep your three and out probably trotted out there again try to get at least the feeling out some unsuccessful reps underneath him. And then on the other side. Buffalo. I guess would be accurate to say they're unsettled QB very gap here member Karen and judge Allan. But I can't imagine going into this season with high expectations like the bills out much really sure your point guard's going to be. You know meg. I think media a lot of times makes a bigger deal about trash talk. And the players do and you're the guy you're gonna have in the Booth with you tonight used to be a pretty good trash talker. Your Rucker was one of the best geek he didn't show up at all you know when he is on the other side just Jabber away. After I was gonna sack the quarterback and they got after he got after a new. He backed up to start you know kill Benjamin with Cam Newton two guys played the same side of the ball that's the usual part with this. You know him saying you know what he's had to say about camp what are your thoughts with Kelvin Benjamin and you know maybe you know what his impact is going to be for the bills. Only Benjamin those who works in this space between his left here it goes right here would dream trying to charity or haven't. Figure out why he hit it the club he hit in and said what he set. Also product Cam Newton. For not only in Camden just take the higher he took the road above are inserted essentially nothing but love from their sand. And and they're perfectly defused. The situation. What do you think the close endorsed conversational like between Sean McDermott and Kelvin Benjamin when that story broke last weekend. Yeah absolutely I mean not only are you talking about. An ex teammate what makes you say that your teammates because of the position that you're talking about. Are gonna fill the same way if they let you down or if you let them down or if the offenses and executing sometimes. You can think what you want you can have your opinions with better you can do yourself and go out there and and show everybody how how stupid you might be. Well Mick what might also add that as classy and matures cams response was he did do that from a treadmill and so I think there might have been some subliminal messaging mirror and decide. Well that's where your years don't count Bailey ladies and you know. Are on your outlook and our it was a light your fire power on social. I thought I'd try to. I love it I love America and you got some prep work to do it's human we love listening to good looking forward to the broadcast tonight men have a don't want. You got a kind man over your opinion and you know it could come sit down camper World War II more days. Or this is common when you need. Where's the wing joint what's the enjoy going to today. That Corretja. Seem like Metallica which I'm not. Wings to me the biggest slicker game that's ever been pulled over the American yeah buying public. He picked a worse growing as most connective tissues skin care. How. To. Partner and that's where it makes it seem. Like if any spirit. Oh. Home Mick we gotta talk we got to have a tougher suspicions of so I heard in my heart that good lower. Our armor and armored for a smear. Well my case don't matter it's there we relied upon that took us has been different protest rebel authorities though. There are. That Nixon had joined resulted zednik hug just Letelier and an interview right there. We come back snap judgment we wrap of the hour dough for that Lorenzo Neal. Maybe the greatest fullback to overdo it enjoys the show at 350 in its Garcia and clearly WS Lindsay. Brood tasty Beers. Turned to someone else. Can you where you can see Paul win for it always. Yes. Yeah. Supplied. Horrible things today. So Maria Obama directed a phone lines are just the second your thoughts on the tread there's been faced him a mix and there was hilarious. As Brad Smith well here's. And make knows what he's doing too much in the same waited Camden. Delivered that clap back the mature classy clap back to KB on a treadmill. The subtle. Little bit subliminal. AJB solo homer sent back to get into it given you trouble could dispense some more time on this piece of equipment right here when we're when he is he was the end of it. I'm abreast meant. There we know. If you've got civic ex very shocked you know. What is what is it personally that actually is my snap judgment how does a man vet revered. That articulate. That well spoken that the world wouldn't. Come out on these airwaves of hours. And say that the chicken wing. Zune most overrated. Piece of meat. On the market he said that we as Americans were all being conned by the chicken way. Bellowed don't get me wrong ten years ago like it's so good would a different way enjoyed her Mora each night and get to 25 cent when do the fact that I can't do that anymore does bum me out a little red wings have gotten really out of control outrageously expensive and it actually is part of this that judgment until. What happened to make chicken wings so expensive. Because there are no more to 45 cent weighing night's other or even 56 point deficit certain wings writes another dollar pizza not even you can't even get fifty sit wait 75 cent wages actually see is a pretty good deal these days. It's pathetic. So I was really upset with mic for saying that. Yeah I he hurt my feelings you heard my heart and sure you heard a lot of men's hearts out there as well chicken wings ours and our us. That's us us Americans came across this does not mean it that chicken wings may have taken over from burgers and dogs and a seriously yes. It is if you had to do away with one through. Right yeah I mean or live without it cannot live without one for its doings might be the one yet has no corpse is there's gonna get right. Exposure to smoke Magruder smoker you can grill you. If you look fatter and gain some weight just trial in front whatever you want review under Bob Johnson are described as you can confront you put him what are the sauce you want that's the thing. But to Hamburg drew much stays the same most of the time the hot dog premise stays the same most of the time. Whatever you want or Bluetooth flavor of the dog yeah you know I know but they did not much changes it's like a world of difference between the curiosity spicy garlic. And sweet Thai chili Yucca you can you can have a different experience ever single time it is an experience every time we do you chicken or exceed. I mean you can have and mix and match. You can eat them cold it's an even hunt PG dementieva in the morning. Did you meet a man to an afternoon to salute the Bubba Gump shrimp version of particular. This particular murder of a trip upload a mix is absolute right wings are so overrated. What is wrong with you people are there people out there like that. I noticed people existed but about a maybe Nicklaus course already unicorn. Seeing people like he's fortune nice teacher doing I'd done a deal happen a passel judgment on them what boy while discussing that. For get an idea to chicken way guy how logistically did you even do that they just cut the little leads off the side of the bone. And then the kind of tear away with a fork and if you five minutes per what are you get there and they're they're. Communists and maybe yes I'm I'm not a Doris Day yeah it's liberals don't get it's like eating a taco with a spoon. I think Dexter is a big mix he says that about ways because he's a tar heel too messy for him he's all about the Marines are. That's that's to determine you know America not gonna take a four to balance. States discusses lord that I turn to the food that tune into the Food Network you can stick to sports Guidant. Snap judgment do it wings in sports go to other oddball like American apple pie like peanut butter and jelly. Okay like hot dogs and hamburgers and over yourself Stanford tree. But to snap judgment ever once a month chicken wins 70457. Or 96 that look at him coming up to what works her another one. Who reached chicken what did you were crazy. Absolutely insane let's go Rodney Rodney was told about meg Nixon what's up Roddick. And you don't want talk about didn't exit here we are now leads Clinton. I didn't know he what the chart he'll mop pointed to the white deepest rat tail it's what I've been trying to put it to have a about 45 years met. Did describe the impact camp I am on the day. I do they need to be more pop that the discussion prior to offer every cab to combat operations have not to do what the dominant stuff. How can do Paramount to what sport change now okay I admit it people period but what are the weapon we've got. Without cam you can Mbenga go any quarterback in that Lee. I think my name and are known trouble bringing them not Bryant. First of all right. He does your right to the first half an hour and you're right that's what fright brought up because you cannot leave out the rushing statistics the Russian success since 2011 leads all players in rushing touchdowns running backs including those things matter Robinson you're absolutely right to. I appreciate it around me you had me. You know isn't agreeing with you you don't give raise my hand preach it and by the way I'm the when the brought that up not met but it's okay has found just pointed out. And plus. When you started talking about not every other court mean there's a lot of other quarterbacks. They could win with two weapons the Panthers have right now. You know and I can think of two of them are division. So I'm not gonna go to a 100%. You know cam does it differently and that's OK he's dominant what he does running the football as you just point out number one. And rushing touchdowns over Marshawn Lynch has not closely do more don't you know and on that number's gonna continue to grow. Are these. Young damn near 2000 yard rusher. I think he what has its top ten. And overall rushing not just of quarterbacks of all players. Including running backs since 2011. So. Yeah he is a dominant player with the football in his hand there's no doubt about it. All right and people to judge the actor since he can't do it you know that way anymore. There's a lot of guys it in his lot of ways to skin a cat right he does it his way and he's the best to what he does because his size his speed is that what is isn't and his arm strength. But you're not gonna tell me if we didn't have Tom Brady would have been Roethlisberger twin halves Drew Brees Drew Brees no we didn't have. Aron Rogers you know were not a similar type of team. But to his point that we can come back to this that pro football focus Raikkonen. Of the quarterbacks in the NFL coming into this season we've got to get into debt because it had Tampa seventy. And we gotta talk about that a man I wanna do that at some point but look we come back or if you're a relationship. Or have been. You probably not gonna wanna miss the next segment top 33 is next. Also an hour to we talked to Lorenzo Neal sixteen years as a fullback in the NFL play for north turnaround San Diego there was a radio these days 957 the game out in the Bay Area skies fun to listen to his got a great perspective on norms also and so the NFL that's coming up at 330 a lot to get into including some basketball and well obviously there were a lot scholar simulate WS Lindsay.