Garcia And Bailey H1: Joe Rose Gives Us A Preview Of The Dolphins

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Friday, August 17th
The Radio Color Analyst of the Dolphins joins the show in this hour to preview the Panthers vs. Dolphins preseason game.....

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Garcia. Right review where deflect shots out of my hands in these things exists. The Charlotte soil where it would be weird if I just got doubt it is just praised big home. Out of so after I don't wanna get down on him is going all you're down there ha ha ha ha. Played a floor right there are harder that's the other is we don't know how to get the polish half then it's good you know men and you know what what what are what are way to come home we're live there Coca-Cola doghouse it's not the preferred parking studios everyone's favorite park a destination find out more preferred parking dot com. Home in time for week two of the pre season may have picked his golf. Ten you are never going to find I don't care if you go to California I don't click here if you go to Mexico or don't care if you go to Arizona or anyone on the West Coast. Barbecue that taste like this in my mouth is on fire right now are mccoys smoke house insulin at all. Has stopped by and dropped off some incredible. Chile birdie burritos with their green sauce that is. Lightning round a sucker for Greece off idol I I love also also put I would call a verdict and it's also verticals hurt our fair day. Which are that it is not very good data that this guy Joseph Cole and they'll tell you a good they'll post it would be another year and a half also America. Are very welcome president welcome Betty it's good to be back protectors dolphins tonight wheat through football on the brain we're getting closer and closer three games last night. And the pre season continues into tonight and throughout the weekend. At speaking out tonight as we told Josh torso there a minute ago during the garage door bureau handoff. We got a big show Joseph Rosen is coming up it's an authority he's back at Charlotte the the morning guys WQ way of data Miami and of course is the color commentator on the Miami Dolphins. Broadcast crew will talk to him at 230. About this dolphins team what fans can expect tonight it Bank of America Stadium and they'll probably get some thoughts they're robots up. What happened between them by the Marlins and and the Braves as well suspension handed down. To Jose uranium we'll talk about that just six games after what he did hitting hello Robert Georgia. You know they gave a couple of days ago so we got Joseph Rosa threw thirty likes in words popular at 350 we're gonna talk to my school football as though for the first time this season on Friday. You don't strike is gonna head out Friday's price got to be don't expect coaching responsibilities. To get to. And. You were on memo should be here around 445 levels held and I have to get a helicopter a lot well I caught a quiet after I thought about it but for 45 we're gonna beat the rush hour traffic if it was five out how to get the helicopter low cut a different and where we're going at six Charlotte Christian tonight. Who was a very good football team Gene Robinson and our coaching staff they do a great job over there have been whose who've coaches by the way they get Joseph Jacobi other. On their roster as one of their gross profits going to piece that's largely over there and John JC does a lot of the special teams do as well as the athletic directors are. They got a great staff over there should be a great game in high school football German man. Bats they wanted I love follows football sports all all levels of football there's just something so fundamentally special bus high school football and especially the growth and a state like like I did like you do elect a lot of you your -- well. We're high school football's important it always it means a lot of data that say they not only do we talked to likes it works but. We also talk about the opposite side of the court because those stories start making national headlines today about so varsity football programs across the country. Big sharks dosage of for lack of participation we gotta talk about that as well -- to think about that three high schools and Virginia's most recently shutting down positive programs for Austin is pretty hot bed for pretty big heart that -- college football and that's our dinner whatever your run out and that's if they were talking about did the Northern Virginia area very highly populated a liberal part that it there you don't write the damn liberals let me Zorn I'd start by value its Austin forty's California I have. Good to talk about it employed by the way out of blasted LA those people freedom we are they are there we're bad guys out level but to bless their hearts they are weird strange it. What was the weirdest thing you saw and I know we'll get into that as well I wanna hear some your stories from that and clears the polluting your flight because I know this it medal though you're. And it's that's why you went to San Francisco 2015. I had one of the strangest things in the world happened I mean there's like this buddhas mocked that was like crazy and everybody down the streets. And just like in people's faces and we don't FaceBook live at the time. And we have this thing Roland. And I was like OK don't look at this guy over here don't like golf dollar allergy I'll keep Tillman over here and he came out in my grill her out of my kitchen and read on FaceBook what I'm telling you what manager. I think the strangest thing up until yesterday right before the flight franc which is saying that duke the number of people just walking through the streets scream incredibly had absolutely nothing. But within yesterday before delta flight. We took a little trip out of the Santa Monica Pier and I felt like that was that a freak show a guy's just that was beautiful West Coast a love being on the beach and Pacific coast is gorgeous in America appears over the mark is that we're Venice Beach is that they're very close by and over the Santa Monica Pier has although the cotton candy in the friendly shows an area it it felt like a freak show I love that -- like your literally had a circuit literally at a circus man it was a hell of a triple talk about a coming up later but it's so good to be home so good back in Charlotte and and the Carole autism -- glad to have you back and I appreciated that we got a lot of football widgets arrive I have running on zero sleep. Running on a pro wrestler to do it's not I gotta be honest Ron are you gotta be able to rally you're still young and still just barely in your thirties. I mean I know we don't have oxygen company in here but when you go to Vegas you got a good you've got to train yourself to go restart your three day missile strike to hit it hit people hit their stride. If that's a great trip but it yeah well this is an analyst at this the refrigerated if we can't please always shocked that a wore red bullet Terrill Los rope earlier but they'll have a look that's I guess there's always things are gonna go to them rely on these guys because of a little bit delirious it is what it is and it. I tell you what as long don't fall asleep like 530. Because the guy that was covered few first two days. I think he literally fell asleep on air at 530. Yeah literally flawlessly. Check our our loved the death he had good energy I mean he was coming strong he was born and he thought about 98 you know for about touch or half three hours. But I tell you what he's got these arms or maybe some Tommy John wanna get to that fourth quarter did you shake that opening if I just imagine chuck fallen asleep in the studio to do our commercial breaks strike. Dipping its hand in a mug of warm water try to get chuck to pianist fats on there that's that's that I graduate that was which showed flawlessly played Michelle numbing literally I would ask the question devious like. This immediate his answer. A not just a voice there yeah I was like looking into I have no way. No idea what do you endorse is confusing for chuck because you don't know she's confused just given you the if you look did not really sure which yet cause little bit of both little I don't know about. Suicide is complete can you hear me. Barely did you hear me now we definitely they're all right we don't need to turn it happening in his completes delirious nonsensical behavior from shock to our talk how our tour got to break stay twelfth an. Estimate at 543. Guys. Did they go to break here's a thought. It's like good times are literally written on the board behind you you've done this for years why are you asking me but anyway. Oh and then we come back at the end of the show Kyle and tell you what we had about 45 minutes to fill a hole got. And it was just like I don't know I don't know what to do I think I. Noticed that. There's I have no idea what to do what I say. What would you do appear on television chuck and he just like the light turn on form brilliant and disclosed it to say about music revival solitude tomorrow. But all you have to do I at 70457. Or 9060 at the other the festivities here at the doghouse. As I understated getting underway at 4 o'clock come on by serious. It's going to be a party as it always is a good look at this we got to WS Lindsay and her cubs Charlotte staff out here trees here franks here just yet now after a minute. I don't you don't care what you should do you know as the preferred parking. Dog house right no the Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is a preferred portrait studio just referred artistic music and I think. Coca-Cola doghouse and preferred part of student things are set to start besides we'll tell you just anytime you talk about the Coca-Cola doghouse right you might want to mention that Coca-Cola part. I did. There's that competitive segment that's always tried to sell it anyway it up as a good jobs are to step aside we come back it up. The stocks had just maybe we're gonna we're gonna talk Panthers that I noticed things don't wanna see tonight we talk about that Joseph rose coming up to twenty minutes. Dolphins broadcast crew lock from the Coca-Cola dog house inside a preferred portrait studios sources have been. Oh boy he's thrown for over 300 yards on Monday night he's. The prime time player always has been. I was there saying what you I know you're does it mean to tell you what why Evan because they're really good gruden impression have a good group to brush ago. I think you let man that and that can throw the football pretty well man's ex it's no good at all. That was like yours about it but after Bravo mat problem that's the only impression he can Dubai and the only one and it's just those that exactly that the white you banana. Yet etc. these go to that well that's pretty much it but I you gotta start somewhere bit that was by the way to call last year's game Cam Newton went off for week ten against the Miami Dolphins. Four touchdowns 350 yards in tonight's the dolphins in this when doesn't necessarily count between two of the pre season but. The pictures are once again try to get some work did frank mentioned yesterday that Ron Rivera says there as many as ten spots available. You know right now for offer positions that he battled and we got to talk about that that is our garage door guru open a topic of the day what are you looking for tonight are we to the pre season. Stewart drew opening topic of the day well. So why is frank I don't know what. We can look the last week right and we asked the same question you know what are you looking for week one of the perceives to be read our week later asking that very similar question clearly but. It builds off of weak ones so I haven't seen what you saw last week. How does that take you to grow up to a what you expect. It's a good question good thing every week is going to be a little bit different thing next week's gonna fill a little different than this week because the players season the stars are gonna be getting a little bit more playing time. Are you gonna have a little more game planning going in who's going to be able to handle that who's gonna make. You know the adjustments because I don't think Miami just gonna sit there plain Vanilla defense and you know they may try to blitz they may try to do some things and no my biggest concern all year has been. You know coming into the season as the amount of touches Chris McCaffrey is gonna get after Ron Rivera says the 25 to thirty which I think is a little bit fabricated. It's gonna be his his his ability to handle pressure right not necessarily. The type of pressure that you feel during the game with people watching but the pressure when teams blitz that type of pressure because he's a small guy. And I think his biggest problem is going to be if he's gonna get that type of touch as he's gonna. Be on the field on third down quite a bit in if they isolate him one on one person defense event because coordinator Gooden up in this league to be able to dictate match up. Is she gonna be able to step up and hit that guy an amount I mean the thing that made guys like Darren Sproles or. Maurice Jones-Drew some of the smaller backs with a bigger thicker lower house. You know guys were able to being on third down was that can step up and hit somebody in the mouse and they're not gonna catch the the gonna deliver a blow at least are gonna slow the defender down. I need to see that a little bit out of Chris McCaffery whether that's tonight or next week if he's gonna be out there on third down. I wanna see them handle linebacker coming up the gap. And on on a delayed blitz you know issued the day they drop back they come fire that backer is he gonna build a step up and at that got them out and if nuts. Are we gonna be able to get the ball out quick enough so that we beat the timing of the bullet. Apart it's not exactly what you're talking about but I cinematic color back earlier this afternoon I was watching the highlights of that went last year over the dolphins one of those things that sticks out you were murdered this pro this play in all likelihood. And as you watch the game Panthers are moving right to left on your screen. And we residents are total screen through to DeVon -- is an. Chris McCaffery actually swan got I believe he lined up in the slot and everything is not exactly clear on that with. You know out there and through the critical block to spring Devin fought just on the sideline the scored touchdowns so. I know what you're talking about and it's a different thing right there is he willing and. Well yes that's right now because in open space. You're not expecting to get blocked rush defense you don't know where that block is coming from it's just okay. He'll let me Tennessee now have to play football and oh here comes he's gonna have a little bit more. Impact you know with that type of blocked because there is that you know that and that. Eaton and the other guys are expected compared to when you blitz. And you know the protection that the offences and and I'm coming down hill to get the quarterback now you have to stop me. Right the other way is just okay I'm trying to make the tackle are trying to stop the running back and here comes a block right you know it's almost like a surprise attack you don't see it coming and you're gonna have a low bit more. You know up. Potency when you would you make that why you could speak to this is welded that is the office that he played in the edit Stanford required him to do those things right it's not the same doing good at Stanford as it is and you know there's no question about that right what were your try to catch the -- whack you over the likes of Toledo Mac in a way to pass protection it's not the same thing is lined up against the president for cal. I totally get that every defense veteran Italian or he's doing right now. A talent yet improbable probably back up probably accounting or sales or. You know something like that you know what the defense vent their felt dorm they're trying to hunt quarterbacks and and beat people's asked to look at Russia you can keep the fire breather softer quarterback you do your job read our respect everybody knows you can catch the football tornadoes you can run the football there's some debate about the between the tackles part that both agreed that it okay last week I don't definitely do well I just hit it I guess it depends you're you're coaching perspective on this different than mine it's different from the fans I think it was what 26 carries 53 yards total a lot of scrimmage. I think sixteen yards peacefully at CJ Anderson so you're talking about to drive really you know two or three drops of most of these guys there and you're talking about. Over the chains moving the ball forward and being efficient running the football the fact that the fact of the matter was is that. You know three or four of those hand offs were inside the red zone where you're gonna be you know a little bit tougher sledding to get those sharks because. The defense is gonna squeeze in it's harder to run the football in the red zone because. You know you're using it defense deepest use the back at the hands also. They don't have to slot off a little bit the windows of every little bit tighter everything. Happens faster the red zone is what you hear a lot of terms because it's true because you you've kind of steep you've slowed the field down you've. Enclose the field and you don't have the cover you know 4050 yards down or have to throw that guy roaring past you. So everything's going to be kind of kept in front and you know those are the things that you know where good teams good teams score touchdowns like the Panthers didn't 2015. That led the NFL. And touchdown drives of percentages inside. When they got into the red zone and that's important why because teams. Teams nowadays Kyle because office has become so good the rules are of you know predicted that you know the the offices are gonna win a lot his matchup with the you know use of hands and you know the the way that you can game is being officiated now. It's geared towards offense and scoring more points and where defense is Windiz when they can all do the field goals vs touchdowns and you know that's a win for a lot of teams because you scored two field goals he got two drives and also a numb up 76 because that would pick plant a special teams yes and so you know those those are kind of the things that. You know defense is are gonna you don't have small victories with the is they don't wanna give any points up no doubt about it but. You know field goal is gonna fill a lot better almost like a win you know now and then a minute touchdown where you just do you guys it's that momentum changer and no that's kind of what defense has done so if you can run the football in the red zone. And you can utilize your two backs and not have to use your quarterback. That's efficient that's efficient football and I think that's where I was optimistic last week that the Panthers were able to do that. On the road are let's talk about this is well really quickly Joseph rose by the way coming up here at about six or seven minutes so forth but that the dolphins broadcaster W Julian de Miami. Our Josh earlier brought up the left or position brought Greg van road and Greg van wrote look at the start tonight's right to left guard. You over invent the rookie is is gonna come into the game what's been wrote moves over to center and not what what is what what's John Masters Tournament but what is he trying to accomplish here. Well he's the number one as you point out he's he's seeing these young players are that are going to be able to. You know you played multiple positions and you're going to be able to see that so that when it comes to the games on Sundays. I'm gonna have some confidence that this guys are replacing senator in the pre season in even though he's you know is scheduled to be a tackle you know that's the techniques believer not. Are very similar to use that senator. Vs what used to tackle the tickle the kick that hit the tickle the angle of the kicking you Qichen angle the kicking the angle of departure. Is pretty similar you know the the type of movements that you have. Are pretty similar so you know those are the types of things that Masco wants to see also what C. You know the snaps in the shotgun snap at Cannes going to be in the gun you know are those things consistent are they hitting them in the hands. You know so that the the ball fakes can be the flute any fish that. From our RPI when he's under center you know what's that exchange like the last thing you want it has a senator comes and there. In Richard Neer quarterback's hands because he is a bad snap and knew those things happen quite a bit believe or not. So yeah those are things that I don't they're going to be looking for does he orchestrate busy. That does he take control does he direct traffic you know as our center's board to you know dues he's got caught that the protection. He's sworn to tell the guys next to him what to do and that's put it in turn tell the guys next to them. You know how to handle the situation that they're seeing and team that's were centers are are valuable is that they're basically the ice for the quarterback. Kenny handled that that type of you know pressure. I don't know what the dolphins are gonna do what they're gonna have cited just we're gonna have things that they're gonna have to come to the sideline and make sure that. Yeah they're making those adjustments and that's what Matt's was going to be looking for from him in particular. Some of the other guys are gonna be looked at you know at the same things they would for anybody else are going to be looking to see looks who's competing. You know who's doing the technique whose understanding assignments because. You know I know this Masco is a stickler when it comes to assignments because if you don't know who blocked. It doesn't matter if you're the best player in the world because it does it you you're gonna get somebody hurt. So the first thing happen does know who to block know where the ball's going and then no one sat yeah I mean that's any offensive lineman mindset come and why is that okay. Here's the play who are blocked with that defense right okay how to white get to that to Tibet linebacker this guys in my way if I was supposed to take an angle. So we create a combo block and this is what we call we called it d.s were called contrary we called a taco whatever organs used to dictate that and you know he's gonna see who's communicating out there so those all the little things amounts there's going to be look at that and then ultimately lose Dominik who's kicking the guy's ass because. All these guys are ass kickers out there mean to leave or not mean not many guys in February outer Jonathan Ogden Orlando Pace but for the most part guys to move guys off the ball. You know and that's why they're in this league. Know who does those other things well who sees the who sees the bullets as he sees the Starks who you know who uses their eyes he's a Smart football player those are all the things that are gonna give value it with these guys. No doubt meant that that office of one at left guard position battle of particular interest in watching those rotations receive it shortly going to be fascinating and you know we have to talk about tighter and all of a lot of talk about he rescues via Thomas wanna talk much about Seymour doctor Jackson. The presumed does a great second quarterback on this team right now we're gonna talk about that. Well first we step aside and when we come back Joseph rose part of the Miami Dolphins broadcast crews are tied at got to Miami for about six or seven years and now doing boards a WQA a bus and now we've been doing that for all along jogged out of Miami Joseph will join us next he'll be high top bank of America tonight on the call. All the dolphins radio broadcast we'll get his thoughts on his team and what's up Panthers fans in attendance tonight. We'll see from the Miami Dolphins live from the Coca-Cola dog house inside the preferred parking studios Garcia Villa. They say boys and girls welcome back Garcia Israeli here on WS frenzy the queen city's rock and come out and see just. At the Coca-Cola doghouse right there at the corner of men's and morehead inside the preferred torque and studios Kyl barely Freddy Garcia Osborne that man. And a whole hell of a lot of Panthers fans and a smattering of dolphins fans as well weed through the pre season is upon us and no we don't want to get to right now we Joseph rose. WQA have down in Miami Dolphins broadcast crew he's in the queen city for tonight's game he's joined us on the tech become just like Joseph what's our brother our event. Oh great now what is it LO RT. One of the Carter lake and Riordan studio he goes. There that took place Chicago beyond me baby is not so my guess I don't meant someday. Shut them have to catch them. Someday you will leave you know probably put your work here in the studio as well for a segment it's I needed to donor purported benefits a rocket boys to be under which there were dead when that time comes Joba. You are neutral work and then you're here for us. You know it to see if there's dolphins team and OK and can really get back to what some people thought they were becoming not too long ago obviously a quarterback Andrew makes all the difference in the world but so where where's the level of optimism right now on this fan base. Well people down. Car right now very. There's just no we don't have been brought it it it's been it's been flat and though after what happened a year ago. So out on the road especially. Just really struggled as you know even against. The Panthers last year so there was a lot of those games so there really. That this ruling this creature is important. He's shown improvement. You better especially pretty young guy ate some of the veterans and of course why cameo pitchers is so second sort. And tight first doctor minutes and 28 straight games. I think it's truly important throw a lot of guys on this team they're gonna get better start with a quarterback. Worked through the draft class and some of the key. Free agents and trade that they greatly Nazis. So Joseph you talked a second ago but it's you know getting better you do in your estimation released from a personal standpoint on paper is this team better. I think they aren't just because might entail a quarterback. I do. All we cost to you know NFL 100 I don't really picked Puerto this year go to our web created and the army construe. Well I I do know how to gauge coach of the Miami Dolphins fortunes Oster a lot better. I think he was disappointed you're going when things that in itself. This can only eight. And didn't fight back and were blown out in some games and and you know get a record against the patriots and and not wait another came in and things like that. Where you could seat potentially could be could be or they dominated the patriots so I think some edged upwards. Was so it was really disappointing at the personality this team a year ago he killed he got better players like my only question and get. I know they got better chemistry I know recruit group regards. The question is DO enough playmakers in guys to win football games and and that's what we got to find out the next couple weeks. Joseph what's the level of confidence bit and Ryan Tamils and they did he's got so much potential and ability and all the things we've been talking about the injury certainly of her pretty slash it will where where's the level of confidence vote against. In a with a the fan base but also the front office. Welfare based. Actually. 5050. Front office very good all right let me know. He slightly older guy I think he realizes this this a big year after being an Al a year in port games. That he really needs that shot and he eagerly made it look great. The major radio this is it team. These he's got a lot more local the players that things are guys are doing the right games. He's been out here he's basically since he's been injured this whole Nazi and he's alluded there a falcons training camp in eighty. So I actually see Eagles just seems always good as she's got to be right like every city. He needs some help some guys are on the but he knows everything there are all back on on him. So these gains seem like a night you know second preceding game I don't wanna they don't get fired up about it. Football teams maybe you wanna find out work key guy coming back from injury. Or or dumb guys it's important. This is all part of that process to find out that you're going to be what account shared a few weeks. Talk to Joseph rose on the sector job just slides and I'd Panthers dolphins pre season game to end up there you go back to week boy enjoyed it sounds like mat per the defensive coordinator wasn't all that happy about us is defense is performer so much so there were some shakeups there in the second there is talk about that a bit if you will. Well and you're right I actually popular map this morning. And the idea he he's just so it just makes no sense two good weeks of practice and just get pushed around and the front seven defensively that you thought would be good he got the coverage would be it was bad meat Tampa pages. Especially early in the game just took it to warm. And he was really disappointed so you look tonight third round pick Jerome break her probably play outside linebacker. You look at storms while prick. Major threat structured probably get a plane as far as post safety. And I doubt Bobby McCain. Because the guys on the outside of not covered well enough you know we're gonna play a lot. Barbie McCain moos from the slot where they really like him now passed to move outside and play corner. Our Joseph so it just in the context of this division. It obviously in the AFC east it's renewing those division for a long long time that they are as a dynasty don't think anybody even the most ardent haters can can deny that but is it. During an intimate is this a year where the adults enjoyed a lot of us believe the second best team in a division can truly content. I think most people if you ask him nationally that is a New England. It is clearly the best team continues either with the best in the almost Belichick Brady. Arctic the other. It's seen an increase seat and honestly. Are they now played two games we can solve last night and or media actually played a lot and look recruited they look like doing what they retreated. They look good early on. You know they're gonna be ready are still looking a whole you could be. The ball operates at got to play well early in the season at all. Look good start to clean doing an early in the streets and are sheep you got to play well we can't agree to chuck squeak in you're out playing some. But you just can't we might get a lot of times when that happens we're so proud of but it it doesn't matter. Right opens I have to play a lot better could PP. The second best team in the east are being seriously considering. Are the quarterback situation for all the jets in the bill but there's still I mean this thing's not operations circuit. If anyone to beat the pigeon took a look at the patriots. My gosh countless things include forever bad that this came amid operative latched. What I played Indian 82 blaster or 56 shooters and you don't have a large front. This I think it close to to vacate the property itself. I've never seen anything like it and so I no longer go Lucas should. Have to see it to believe it. You're right meta man that's why I asked the question because it sounds absurd to rights alone is Brady and Belichick are still there that's the assumption then it should be they deserve that but. At some point it does have to NB a right now in nine years in a row. They've won that division fifteen out of the past seventeen which. Is such an historic raw and and not a whole lot of fuss was made about it's probably got the ultimate compliment if you really look at it that way but. Anyway you know Joseph are you an idea whose got it would it would do the same thing we we we talk every day about these teams of people love him we we tell stories what what's the best story. On this team credited his Miami Dolphins team right now who's got the best story. That they're actually like you've already got ninety Irish you do it's a really really rich stories are true characters. Four feet. That things are truly enjoyed being around poppy McCain. In Canadian Amendola who the last couple years played against each other means. They can pop McCain kicked out the game fighting literally total parched. And then and now they're they're playing against each other every day in practice. They aren't out to retreat times where they cut their political mop. They complete. I think you're making each other putter but I just think it's already won a bit. I'm castle when one goes in knowing when they are chipping all right same concern about each other. I try to open practice and they treat three days. Like it took patriots conference game when or how they're. So how do you cut that would be one of my story so 000 or scores aren't. What those two guys always very very entertaining. No joy got a chance to look to cover Isiah Ford and Lester they queued up. Unfortunately missed time with a with a knee injury but it sounds like three seasons going really really well for Metallica dolphins. You kind of realize they got a steal in the seventh round. Absolutely. Local. I had it touched down oh last week. If I had to get chance play a lot of football. Motley Parker and Cheney still probably be out of this game and that just moves Isiah order up. To get Morse perhaps it's silly to try not to keep your goal but Colombia Xperia athletic the biggest question but we. Is that his ability to pay. It's stay in therapy that Richard gee on which means don't that you hadn't been runner I'll put. It's what apple that athletic quick boot. And they do really like him. One of Peugeot receivers is gonna make it. You know treated as group if not incredibly archaic rule so I'm look importance you know it is being played out starting tonight. When all those young guys to get a. Our Joba for a lets you go I we we can't not talk about what happened between the Braves in the marlins' the other day you know raw recruit junior. Jose you Rendell I mean at this point we know what happened first pitch of the game I hit secured their aid it didn't make sense to me I thought it was unnecessary a lot of folks feel that way. A six game suspension today and that's not just about a range of that's absurd to me because you're talking about missing a start you know for something that bad egregiously dumb well how will what's been talked about a down there how. How's the big talk about what is your opinion on what happened and the suspension. I was so I was curious because I initiate and I thought you know who are. Fortunately fainted due to a guy that's been on fire what a great young players. Worst hit leadoff home run streak like general opponents are straight games. It's been unbelievable there's no question he purposely. Threw Andy told sort of you know I have. Mile an hour fastball that I think was headed for the back the other woke got the weight. I I can just look at Ed I was curious you're gonna Mattingly was gonna have to say and I'll be really disappointed it's it's it is. During yet anyway in any would he want to make it clear. We don't tolerate that stuff or not to when he tragically young player he can channel owners owning your home. And any attempt he wasn't supported in any weight so I thought it was good agreed it. How long program I think the good news since Acuna whatever it is was a back and a lot of got a leadoff single last night what one or you know they lost. I think that's a big part of this thing. Our Joseph what are you know we really quickly with that in my der Jeter is he's unpopular malice he was a few months ago amid. A lot of folks out our judges would like to believe that he has a plan what what do what do you say budgets everyday of the week. You know what our home. We surprisingly. Very disappointing to have not a great. I know relationship with the little they're Baptist non. Three you gotta wake up call when he got down here. All I had thought his popularity can build New York Yankees is they can outdated or the great players every word gates uniform come down here. In the middle of this mask. Call my New Orleans and so that they can do it right off the bat. A local the end but they took it Kelly just as bold experience. So appropriate shortstop and showed up and being a captain. Compared derided everything. And out into in an organization to meet a lot of six. So sore and I think he's getting better. Start about sweeps. Bob and so it's no plate outbreak we go a long way to go about your cute Derek Jeter is never removed there's like what four likeness. I Joseph rose former tide in Miami Dolphins and of course now dolphins broadcast crew 560 WQA no doubt in my NN dot. Man I enjoy the game tonight and your name actually comes and I was absolutely and you you got a lot of fans in this village a cellular and they've probably comes a more than you realized got a lot of friends we appreciate your dominant. Well look we'd like become an apartment likely won't burn down to about two hours away and we don't get to go to Charlotte so thank you met. Absolutely it went out there to do we'll talk to you so they go Joseph rose W joy in my every joint assume it's his job just like we step aside. And we comeback still more to get into talk about the Panthers and the dolphins that I your phone call 7045709. Loughner Coca-Cola dog tells inside the preferred darkened studios Garcia Billick WS Lindsay. Yeah. Lost the flight. Right saying that that was a horrible things side. Assure me that. You can give myself. I think he should be. Do you whose job. That was Marty McNair at the father of Jordan that there would be. Former Maryland football player who died during report out back in the spread. A man who has refused to negotiate with the or speak to the university about a settlement. According to him until DJ Durkin is a walk they had coached. I've seen some people out there on the other 52 weapons figure the Internet that are of the opinion that. You know this guy's trying to hold the university hostage and you know who is he to take this job this under his son died as a direct result of Maryland failing to provide proper health treatment medical treatment to a sought. Of not only is that the case of an absolute fact of the University of Maryland has. Taken responsibility for that and does the University of Maryland that is. Did it in a position where. It's a lose lose in a lot of ways to other their stories trickling out of the university president nixed a a potential overhaul to the way to. Athletes are given medical care this was several months ago to get that news just coming out today it gets worse and worse and like I guess what I'm for driving at here is. Public Merrill does have a choice for the fire digital Joyce like businesses that we debated at the urban Meyer's situation back and forth tons of circumstantial evidence a lot of speculation there as well. This wouldn't it to me is a lot more clear cut a kid dies. During a football worked out because he fell out target conditioning drill I didn't receive medical treatment for nearly an hour. There there's something. Fundamentally wrong with that got out of here if you come from the school of hard knocks the Bear Bryant philosophy of coaching the junction boys type of attitude. A young man died. On a football field. Because he wasn't given proper medical treatment. And all the ways that we can try to. You know what coaches slides to say that well let's at a reasonable to hold a coach accountable for this or for batter how could you possibly to citizen sees new right did this is. The strength and conditioning coach you talked to people across college football anybody you know they will tell you the strength and conditioning coach. Is referred to. As the second most important man of the program behind the head coach at that point gave Boston zone Josh you're your voice your guy gave and you love Dave pushed plus and you'll Wake Forest he was only Josh or nick joined yesterday Wednesday sorry. Andy they're asking that question. Hopefully you what you're should conditioning coach where is he on your latter of coach he goes. He is my right hand yes because he is and every meeting that he is and every film session leading Nubian he does is at everything he is the basically the second most important person beside me right and it's a right what's happening guy's got a god did try to state go a little bit right even in the state of the University of Maryland made. They have to say hey we do take responsibility for this we did still try to shifted in isolated toward the strength and conditioning coach who was fired but also got a pretty hefty settlement to go away. Adori decision. Relationship of convenience is what try to stay here yeah a kid dot bill and then boarded that part of their makes it very fundamental point that you can try to or you can try to get picked if you'd like. That's fine I don't really care. DJ Dirk sat back just whatever told us parity was got to take care of him and them literally ran into debt. And it's. I don't see getting the other way then to fire DJ Durkin a baby it's just a situation where a team of lawyers figuring out how to do this with cause of to make sure that so there's a time they're no further issues government that's more than likely what of this. But I don't see how you can come to any other the other conclusion than DJ Durkin asked its its. It's a monumental as I thought my god guys it's highly. You can ask is it on a fourth time iPod heated up and body there it is he's got to my inside radio that's a monumental loss of trust that's just that's what it boils down to how do you recruit now it's exactly you can't trust me. I've been following recruiting since I was fourteen years old this is about relationships it's about being able to win the living room mate is that simple to get to wherever it doesn't matter that single parent living in your city or a married couple living in a couple of dozen argued to goalie gear when that living room and that is based on trust what he's there can't be any trust here now for DJ your. He's recorded its other Big Ten programs that don't isn't recently entered a real shame. Every chills slower it noted that James Frankel walking every living her directly after DJ Durkin all right by the way we took the heat. Who's responsible for player doctor you know that and that says residual effects you can as the next coach after DJ Durkin. The Hindus all less the organ that accept and act. Right past the program so it's gonna happen for a while there's a residual Millen is gonna. But whether he's fired or not is gonna this could be. It says is a residual recruiting effects of the next five years easily was certainly well this is a program that's daughter Ralph freezer was respectable. And able more than respectable at times and they fired a man in arguably be the best coaches in program history certainly one of them you know it. The same year he was the ACC coach of the year Maryland has never quite been able to get rights. And I would never goes so far as the stated it's a first program that would be insensitive but here they are get I think likely starting to rebuild once again it and about decisions alleviate CC yet there's a lot of money in the Big Ten there's no doubt about that but I just wonder how the higher ups at Maryland feel about that. Right now 7045709. We talk some high school football 35 seed. Jacked up about that it's Friday frank Garcia is gonna be out on Fridays at 5 o'clock heading off to coach a Catholic and so we're gonna talks must go football preview the season. Blanks that works will Jordan show excited about that we have a lot of factors obviously to get it to week number two of the pre season. Carolina and Miami tonight over Bank of America Stadium figures to be. Rocket the weather is beautiful and the doors open here at the Coca-Cola dog house in just over an hour 4 o'clock you get it to these dates and to your pregame all we'd love to see you at the corner of men and morehead Howard Roberts who on the other side. The Coca-Cola dog house inside the preferred parking studios it's Garcia Billick WS Wednesday.