Garcia and Bailey H1: Jimmy Conrad joins us to discuss the World Cup and Snap Judgement

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Tuesday, June 19th
Jimmy Conrad joins Kyle and Frank to discuss the 2018 World Cup and more. 

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But Garcia. But everybody is Garcia unveiling. We can't even start a show on franks said install software can ask. Well you know. Like any other time you put your head sit near the microphone does that I had not mineralized did that future outages as of Arafat I was thinking about it. A country slightly year job at the there's a big bag stewards of Thatcher trained commandos there we appreciate your brightness and today's seven total is his ears checked why I was a little more on my dim their drums and reflection of Mac suffered a good no matter doesn't need a headset. Well what I already did ball didn't know what he does eat until you're a dose of money you for almost a year and a half followed Mac in this chair. When you put the that would you plug the headsets and mr. Mack who make your split. Well not only that you know you're lucky right now it is typically you know when he does the morning show. There's a lot of food in Greece to go on between the chairs here is always appear to match but yeah it's your matches the height of the of the table the countersuit maxis are leaning forward doing this thing you're. I need to be download like like low riding situation here you like to sit loaner car a to clearly see above you know Eileen back. Of the wheel of Mary reselling matters so I'm not quite low riders and a little channeling virtually channeling stuff steering oil not against that but I like to be comfortable and I'm talking I don't do a very young hydraulics. I wish edit for Christmas you don't doesn't. You think you at a stoplight complete tangent but not familiar stoplight. Just being able bouts. This is rocket figure he's still players so let's say like I've always been envious of those guys are you might listen here to talk to Mike he's been to marlin mine now I know our boy is back in the day used until their bed truck sideways. Now that I never understood. I never understood trick not a pickup truck and I've never understood that you wanna you restrict and all the alchemy goes we cadillacs and it all those different source DoubleTree got to go to the trick not a truck government and decency white put expensive chrome wheels on the trucks trucks are made for utility. I used to have mama Hummer is your ground in homers I don't know there was it was it was more of me you regret those days. Looking back do you wish you hadn't had a trick dumber. Now really. I took an awful we asked were coming in at back in the West Coast you you can go off fruit in a little bit more. And there but I you know I I didn't use that for that is as much as I did a good another Jeep is well right. A little you know Jimmy. That I could just go off the road wins so. The armor served its purpose he had denied every chain link steering wheel and it did not have hydraulics and bounced up and down. Now those things if you're seeing though yes in real life you like. A cool but what's the purpose of these but also you know people are making fun of you what you're joint don't get me wrong or janitors are already here in high school though you think you know everybody around you make of Saudi and even high school you didn't care that's true. Here on restaurants are you are high school days. You know the essays and about those man I tell you. You know we we roll strong back there you had an inch or so ago bringing you or your vehicle parts you know our ranch but also kind of industry excellence you've got loud and I was there. Crawford Ranch and removed in spins in the inner city road or not. Which turned into the hood after. A several years of living there. In the city kind of grew opposite group in word and we start horse's saddle horses as a kid I'm not Dowdell had guys in our side and maker we saw an acre. But we had the horse in our backyard. They went low crowd felt so bad for the horse I mean today we've been probably. You know. Animal cruelty would have been Colin you know the are you Peta people would have been all over us you know back in Arizona but the horse around a date grass and didn't there where it needed do you could go right down the our canals and the near the inner city there. I just think is it like again I just think your pre I think people's up. Upbringing there are interesting because that's how the jury did real server just sees things through the sees things through the prism of how they grew up your eyes and tell taught. I have actually a person Donald excise have you received a canal. Like an actual can gallery since like April opting not like a canal again in the inner cities like. The Arizona no knock on the airs on a project is what the called nod nod on it does order does is it pipes Warner moved from the rivers into the city. In the use the canals T get cured patient. Shall be the canals were huge kind of like little river beds right that would be filled with water. And Lotta people run down them there for exercise or they ride her horses down them you know in the middle cynics. And that's where we got to school we walked down the canal. About two and a half miles uphill in the snow and that there was a blazing heat. Yes it's true it back to back there was a 125 degrees every day and they're the hottest place on earth no real legislature where it. We I would I think about your childhood because you and I talk all the time how we're raised and you'll finding similarities and differences like I'd frankly from a ranch you know to the city ought to think about was an elemental song Song of the South into the the lyrics kind of match a little bit so I just thought that was interesting but none of this has anything to do ornaments and I try. We got on I got size that's my bad I thought I was. Actually just like in a moment how do we get here but it doesn't matter file with a bit in my head as my bad it has nothing to do is we're talking about today so we we actually Thomas subtly or not her for the third week of June. We have a lot of stuff to get into today I wanna talk about Willie McGinest comments about the Carolina Panthers because one day at least one day he removed from us we talked to Selma will cuts yesterday NASA Solomon I think looked. Where it was DJ Moore and Christian McCaffery Greg Olsen and all these disks would guided I don't know they're gonna be a top five offense and got a big top ten's Tracy this author should be really really good here comes Willie McGinest right behind me all the units on networks thanks this is going to be a top five all so it's a lot. This is never been. The intent or history to top five offense. Than the number one scoring offense he's put total offense and they believe they were tenth. Generally speaking to. Generally speaking to really good team today and led him to say this because I feel very strongly about it but I'm not look at the data so just understood and title to the date on this. But generally speaking guy and I feel that I feel pretty strongly about this the best teams not gonna find the necessarily top three top five and continental Boeing. I ballots to know. Has nothing do with embryo you look there's a slight it has everything to do with them playing with the lead well OK yes absolutely especially true to me and everything to do with them playing with the league I think desperately trying to what is your built on an offensive scheme. This is going to win games offensively like the New Orleans Saints. There are teams burgers outscored the New England Patriots they're gonna throw the ball isn't the Pittsburgh Steelers just throw the ball 45 times. They're gonna score you because a defense isn't great so that's the way they win games but when you have a team that is balanced right right. You're gonna have the lead most of the game so you're nervous you're gonna. You're gonna play the clock and you're slow you're gonna speed the game up my running the clock and running the football is not conducive. Too high powered offenses totally get that below what about teams that don't necessarily play with a lead guitar and still win differences the Panthers last year were eight and one in one score game so there are teams that get a lot of games and have good records that don't necessarily play with the leader on what does still running the football brand identity in the football game and doing what they do they don't get taken out of character. And are forced to throw the the ball because. A lot of teams as you as Woolsey. You know when they get behind you to three touchdowns. They opened up they start torn Baldwin long did the game. And most defense is on the other side are gonna play a little bit more of a free event and give those what I call through gazing yards and allowed teams to move the ball down into the get into the red zone in the they're gonna suffocate you either create in the turner. And over fortunate kick field goals field goals don't be used touchdowns two and teams are not gonna give those big plays they're gonna force you to do it methodically. Eating clock got to get down there and that's why it. You know that's what heist powered offenses usually. You know I have in an incumbent you're usually not very good idea of a super high power offense I have your top five offense. You know I mean. That the stats may prove me wrong I'm not sure. Because those five teams. Might be the New England Patriots they might be the New Orleans Saints they might be the east St. Louis Rams had to score more for the rams were a little bit more browse our defense initially began city chiefs had to score more than you know most people but. You know they traditionally the teams that the most balanced and are gonna play with the lead and are gonna run the football. Yeah I noticed looking at a list of number one offense is to play in the Super Bowl a lot of these teams lost in the super boy it is a lot of these including make to Super Bowl it seemed to come your caller of the Atlanta Falcons a couple of years' notice the patriots who doesn't remember Tony it's a three foot. In the Super Bowl they've been and so I mean I -- -- got to say these teams and actually got does not really proving my point this time of no no I know it's gotten sick but even the two there are several teams examples of teams that got there is still lost the game nevermind the ones that never got there in the first place right that's that's kind of my point here so that you know it's exciting to relive mcinnis had to pay into should be and are going to be a top five offense last year they don't need to be atop a bottle and here's why here's. I mean I know get into this as the show goes on and we'll we'll talk a bit more about that in depth but. Here's why don't think that's going to be the case because there's not gonna put the ball 45 times that's not the formula for success for this offense. It's not. Camps on the ball between 23. In thirty times is probably. Where he's the most efficient it's a sweet spot yes the sweet spot where you're gonna try to keep it for him if you look at the numbers and running the ball thirty plus times. Right and if you're running the ball thirty plus times you win the game about 85% of the time if you're if you're able to do that. And you're not gonna have a total offense when you do that it's gonna be more over 380 yard type a day you know maybe 220 passing. It may be a 140 Russians something like that you know I know that there's nickel 380 but you get the boy. I don't want to say. The here's our leaders ordered Gio to come back to -- and I would talk more about this what Willie mcinnis and about the printers bring its top five offense frank was a talk about the Madden ratings were certainly gonna talk about the man raided his office and at some point we're gonna talk about a huge story. Did Cam Newton try to fight a child yes. Did Cam Newton attempt to fight a small child the haven't seen it. It's pretty graphic just telegrams to it and Gettysburg before anybody for itself you know we're gonna talk about all the stuff we gotta talk a lot hornets today kemba there's a trade proposal out there what are your thoughts about Mitch Kupchak spoke today to the media unfortunately we couldn't make him we had some folks who did it and it was early interest in what mr. up six had to say today after a couple these final word just leading into the drafts we'll talk about what he said there and double look at some of those mock drafts we also talk later in the show about an assault which of those playoff teams from last year will not return and 2018 and today we continue a lot of our college football conversations. Yesterday it was UNC state today is that state and duke which he can also at 330 with Steven Weisman the covers of troop levels we wanted to talk to cut the cut is on vacation this week and we still we'll talk to chuckle at some point at this week we're gonna talk to its two ought to steer Weisman and at 5 o'clock we talked at state head football coach Scott Satterfield very very much looking forward to that 230 about twenty minutes and now Jimmy Conrad. Former captain of the US men's national team thirteen years in the MLS now soccer analysts will join us we'll thought we'll talk some World Cup with him we got a great show planned folks Garcia and Bailey. The girls find this all on the brown Lee Jewelers Twitter stream we'd love to hear from you today or really any day 70457. Or 96 and that's the building surtax on water flow my region probably Jewelers Twitter feed however. Is where you wanna fight us on Twitter add child Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 at Osborne WS Lindsay is well under savings continued through June at brown lead Jewelers get a free weekend getaway for two with any purchase over which skull 2000 dollars us is it to grant this is 1999 he did copy I mean 1999. Dollars and you can't say to Jesse 2000 says 199 as our makes guys you earn your right about the and a militarist attacks counts so log building trust for three generations brown did you lose rubio simple. All right so I was up also send your email Kyle WS gen Z dot com a little confusion there are Wolf Blitzer you doesn't have -- Steve -- -- talk about state know we talked about state yesterday with Michael shoulder that in the bleachers we talked wolf actual ball editorial football yesterday if you miss that we are hitting all the state schools this week and the regional schools as well so we got app state today 5 o'clock Scott Satterfield go to stop by 330 Steven Weisman who covers duke will stop by as well we reached out to coach gutless bush is on vacation so we'll get him the next couple weeks but tough. We know we're hoping to talk to Scottie Montgomery and indeed close and and we're certainly gonna talk Clemson and South Carolina and a Virginia Tech and all the teams are gonna hit you regionally ugly over the next couple of days so eager for that 7045709. US men's national team and a thirteen year pro in the MLS is no professional you tuber did you notice us or you probably did you you booked and so you probably knew that. What are we I don't know any of us YouTube career like a disguise a soccer analyst the former great soccer player what is the YouTube saying what's that about. I think it's more of him I it's it's sort of talk radio thing I think he does some things on there where he gives opinions. Also it's like to talk radio show and hundreds yeah I mean more or less and he you know they're not long videos or maybe 78 minutes but just something he feels and he will expound upon so. Yes so he should he should come to us polished you're ready to get up. How about that all right so hit us up we're taught to not that it opens the show today it is our garage door door opening topic the day talking about Willie McGinest comments about the pitchers and whether or not. This could be a solid top five all sense in the NFL. Jordan who roof opening topic of the day I'll. Text at the moment no leaders of Texas and I think ECU was in the state I just said Scott and governor just said. We're we're not leaving out is ECU a window that it. Our rights are no different sexed her right services people forget how dominant Willie was for those Patriots defense is there will it was a school's principal player. Really good player so it would Willie mcinnis says something I don't put some stock into it because I will is a thoughtful guys face some of the best of the best frank I don't know how you feel about Willie but so I'm typically a fan of his work on the network and he is really high on this papers off. It's a known Willie McGinest played against him no back way back in the day when we were in college together. Obviously went to USC and I was at Washington by die he's always been a great player. Underrated you know football player for what he meant for the patriots and you can really push the edge and you did a great job from an iron and knows what good office looks like you know he was on a team in 2001. Ignore the patriots beat the new beat us is the rams and was big part of the game we believe we had a sack. I don't know if you had a sack fumble just thinking you know I had a big play in that game where. Mean I had some impact in that game and you know when he when he when he says things he's he's very calculated he knows what he's talking about and you know he. You know I agree with everything he says. You know nobody agrees and everything I say but. You know he thinks when he looks at this team NEC's Cam Newton as the quarterback Kenny looks what the guy with CJ Anderson and he sees how these you know and Curtis McChrystal McCaffrey and there are some of the weapons coming back with. And hopefully Curtis Samuel Miller would have some impact and DJ Moore with them drafting him in. You know guys that they've enforcement to think they got speed and you know Greg Olsen that Iberia on the offensive line he says outlook why can't this be a top five offense and his top five potential. I agree with everything you agree with a do you agree with that part of that I agree with the top five potential. Right but however. You know it goes back to that conversation. You know wins. You know what my name me offensive coordinator that is went to a team with a defensive minded head coach that is had success. Super success at a top five offense in year one that they've been there. I can't think of coordinator. Off the top of my head doctor Schwartz you know we've kind of done our. Omar little bit. And I'm yet to find one where a defense of my head coach is on the football team where he's gonna give the reins the offensive guy and he's gonna say you go running because typically the coffins of my hitting coach he's going to be in the offensive meeting room so not much is gonna change and typically guys like any reader still gonna call the offense and you know they're going to be able to let you know doing a lot of an have a lot of the input that is still there. Even though they have a new offensive coordinator. You know when you have a defense of minor league coach the defensive minded coach is still gonna go the defense that's where his expertise is he's derby in those meeting rooms and things of that nature and offensive coordinator is going to be. You know basically in essence the assistant head coach to the office right. Right he's there on the offense the defense they had coaching or on the these threats and ultimately had more comes to game in the head coach makes all the decisions but. You know Norv Turner turner to be the best coordinator in the world really you know but it takes time. It takes time to learn. Takes time to understand it takes time to you know process and CE and make mistakes of what you're gonna do well what you can't do very well. And it and it and it takes a lot of mistakes in order to be fine tune in order to be really good and those wrong growing pains. There are going to exist in year one with Cam Newton. These receivers this offensive line and Norv Turner shows and it's inevitable that they're gonna make a lot of mistakes are they able to overcome those mistakes. To be really really a top five great offense. Here here's my question to like look let's say for a moment that that Willie's prognostication. Comes due to react comes to fruition and that it becomes reality. Man that is panthers' offense is a top five office wolf it's top five offense on the anybody's gonna complain or question or not so much when there's a top five office. What is the breakdown looks like right and I ask that question for a couple of reasons to go back to 2050. Right and and we we use 2015 for the Panthers as as his benchmark is his reference point over overdue and it was an historically great season so it was an aberration yeah a little bit and that's not has nothing to do with the Panthers nobody's calling it a fluke recites an aberration because most teams don't go fifteen and wondering also. Right and so you examine that season and you see either it's not a cure a lot of traders did have the number one total office number one team offense in the NFL that your running. The legislated some as a front that they had the number one scoring offense and like number cleared ten team often don't like socially a look and listen to the team often try and you click team office a pedestal camera to come out first right but also there were second in the league. In rushing offense. And 24 in passing offense that is your right so what what does the breakdown look like under Norv Turner I guess is what I'm site if this team as Willie mcinnis says is a top five offense in the league. Know what what is what is the breakdown looks like he'll with a look and old. I'm dumb terribly wrong on that a 'cause number one scorer go back to the where you're not team offense can click it. And it's shuffles it for you as you click. Carolina Panthers earned first that's a yards 5871. Here's the cardinals had more yards I'm just I'm your doctor what can we. We can argue is only what we talked five total offense right that's fine but they did and I'll show you do in the method in the second look at my point oh is that how does that break down the Sharon or eternal dilemma is that we're. We're just beginning you know just kind of like I'm. Not hypotheticals but you don't it's semantics right and unless we're which aren't talking about the the number one offense is gonna have the most yards. Total total yards that's no more offense in the NFL usually total offense a whole lot okay I'm clicking on the inertial reference team offense that was overseeing team offense and you're adding up all the things that are county Eisner is kind of trauma center color from the total offense to meet people's team meal most not touching your scoring offenses the team that has most points variously soon. You know that's you know when the when it comes down to it OK let's say the Panthers. Or top five officers are really good then that's a really good and we know that right there words that was the most explosive offense they've had. It was. You know probably. As good offense as we've seen and there are after what 31 points against going that. Ms. pretty dang good in the NFL. You know I mean go to the list right there and see where they you know were they where they stacked up but there are definitely the number one scoring offense in the league and our president and more scoring offense vs you have. Have been the most yards all day long. Right because you know they were still there are scored touchdowns that season with Cam Newton as the focal point of that offense. Running the football and if you can remember back to that season this way and you know the dam became popular and you know Tim was. They're kind of dominating the league and that's why he won the MVP. No you're right we're we're gonna put a tetanus and wanna come back to wanna come back to this because it's an interesting conversation we're gonna talk more about this later the couple adjustment we come back we're gonna sort of switch gears a little bit we talked to Jimmy Conrad former captain of the US men's national team thirteen years at the MOS level now soccer analyst his thoughts on the World Cup so far or just Dawson it's point 16 bid here in North America and where the US men's national team goes next. The trying to overcome not big part of the world's toughest course Ian Bailey. Effective claiming sea moss resources total offense and pretty soon and I. I'm gonna take elementary because apparently I said total offense from our med team also has images for a whole lot of thought confusion so that that's my battle they tell matte what but so will we go to sport now it doesn't exactly you know. Tally up total yardage or anything along those lines we're talking about the World Cup was. A man who once captain of the US men's national team he was part of 2006 World Cup thirteen years as a pro and in addition to what's analyzing soccer is making a pretty delivered on YouTube right now Jody Conrad is joining us on the technique John just like here in Charlotte Jimmie it's a pleasure buddy thank you for your time. Sign up extravagant though it it is very guises or. You as well now if I can explain to me for a second just the YouTube phenomenon that you had become how did this start and when what should people know about your YouTube career. And I appreciate the platform to say it might. I started off at fox I think like most or rap weep when he retired department of the goat on the touch but you'd talk a game. At that point though I got an opportunity to join our YouTube jailed I was just starting talking about buck the typically that did more than just. Analyzed so I got there we go experience game. I get to go to different tournament including the World Cup. And black like abandon and show people that look like if we can't go to travel but courts started at a critical opening up to that. Got sold to another company got Oprah during driver and they're out yet but Jimmy Conrad. But I do attempt by having just that they did it a lot of thought and I know about it shook it to go to the county where that maybe he won't allow more. Jimmy why do people in this country not give soccer players enough credit for being great athletes. I think it goes what do you put. I. Yet they are jealous yeah I like it. I would play that you peel away and all the baseball and football guide to interpret that much as we go to curl. So I have some evident. That but side no I mean. I think it would sport paid a lot of I think periscope pat down. You know I think baseball. It's something that's shared between Micah bothered starter father daughter and so look for special everything is key because it it speaks to her relationship that you the people you know. Not all about all hockey girl PD sports they would become a key PH and so we're just. You took that. Dial that Pete in the paddock our sport and doc is this different more. And got a dial bubbly pop the real time don't have a coach a year or people write plays they're not what we do it helmet or whatever it. The double what I doubt it so I think that's what make it's special. In some way that just because these guys thanks so quickly end and don't put High Court patient then. You know not bad but I don't appeal up you you go off the field at this. It's because something bigger at the Peta part of something bigger than itself then and I think the World Cup in particular is very special. You know Jim it seems like you know golf used to be very similar to what you're explaining in soccer and before Tiger Woods. You know if you weren't good enough to play baseball you mean it was thought the UN play golf I mean that would be the kind of thing in. That's the same thing if you weren't tough enough to play football you and play soccer you know you're skinny squeaker whatever might do you don't look good. High school. That all changes. You know and you stop playing for some reason most kids do why. That's a good question I think maybe to the point you mentioned. You know you want to beat him on campus probably wanting you to capital and I both soccer game it was going to be they're being at all. Gonna talk critically that we kind of tied at the root out. You know being popular at all be like if that exit of the pool and then tried to do you girl but did go to Cuba tonight and that were the coral go out there'll. I think there of that that natural appeal to that I think at that but before terrible influence. All the public split apart into it then. But it could be I would be structured soccer country. I just don't know if we the proper coaching. You know I think a lot of the Barca well why you about the sport come from the coach or or other they're up a school would become the feature. And I was fortunate to run into a couple of coaches that the pop game app that aren't in it became very easy to wanna be apart bit and I think if people are. Keep order country are we more all like coaching at the country to the other sports. I think that makes a big dip but that's changing them but local all that what the computer point 16. That that will be able to make a big spot in the tournament. You and I do want to talk to you about that in just a second I want to talk about the actual games on just about there into the psychology in the philosophy behind soccer though I do think that's certainly a worthwhile content. Just trying to figure out in the US isn't in this World Cup and I think it's a granola really do think it's worthwhile conversation because look we had I believe your old coach Bruce Arena on the show on Friday and I've got a buddy Gordon who was due to the vice president of they're competition and technical development with the US so that I went to school with and I hear a gala -- talk all the time about this sort lamenting the lack of infrastructure that you're talking about Jimmy and keeping people involved and all the sort of thanks. I I wanna be and it I really do and I'd like the World Cup on number extremely disappointed what most people are the United States is not they are but you know in terms of that development that you're talking about the infrastructure to continue to grow the sport you know beyond the Portland in the Seattle's of the country how do we do that. That's a good question I think first of all we have to do it over the fact that our country about the 500 bigger than they have a country that we can Eric belt it out the richest streak so. When people look at a lately say well Germany got knocked out but you don't. That they're all got out or. Yeah that great it's a lot easier to get all the servant of paint it into the country a lot or an art. If you try to get somebody knew how to block these curtain of new York and Dakota to permit same period somebody in the southern cal Iraq broke very Latin court. And it is not easy so a partner happy like one it gave everybody a thing it's. Statement conduct that we tried and I think right now we need to view this all about it well it be. To go to the media. But ultimately I'd be better they're giving back to the infrastructure and and the guy that outplayed and upgrade the group that. Giving back to the next generation that the group did it ever so what the guy that before that ultimately. Or theoretically we should it should be able to be better I think it earlier got it through this time around there's a lot of competition out there that. You've players that were on the World Cup roster ever really had a sucker because I doubt that bought. We had to drive twenty minute I mean quite what about the art be your driver here. I could you know we we don't QB we do appointment to crack between the chain of art trump like quite a can you not be equated because. It meant something an annual fight for something. And Eric now that are out there that. Because we develop a stadium the facility that that are kind of got a little bit off debate that we've. You know cut bait doubt that generates enough at the buy up everything but I think they're booklet about the merits of that but. But what are we gonna stop when the back of the donate what we are durable orders are got a little upper stoic. And see how we. Put up by that and not be later this big pay to play are they and that it's really build a middle class of what people like the paper that up go to. That that aren't the only ones that ultimately make it whereas I'm good I'm talking about it. Coming from disadvantaged situation that that feed the sport and the way out. And I think you make a great point there I go to Mexico each and every year to implement football and I think one of the biggest problems that Mexico has is that they don't see the success. Which football so they they liked it they enjoy it but they don't necessarily gravitate towards 'cause is no way out. Soccer however they love it because they see guys getting millions and an end in US. Don't know who's making millions playing soccer not many so. You know that's where the issue comes for me with some of the younger players that it's where's my out where's my outlet what are my going to be able to use to get out of my situation. Where I can grow. Instead of one of our own players you have that you know to show that this country does care about soccer. Dad debate covered it I thought about that thought the thirty critical. It's it's interesting because. There's more competition Jared go around that MO. Candidate that they've actually been a bigger benefit to it and central American country like one bit beat at that we all like for the World Cup because the other top player but that the bite out. I'm a lot is being beamed added. And that a bit about the stepping out to go to Europe or to go out there America. And that I would bet right everybody got their plate you know even rent a dad spoke the other Alba so even the pop. Pop club in the world thought about player that that happened the wee bit skeptical or back. I've been at the American public. We don't understand why are we couldn't about we get the world and an unfortunately not only are we are. The four biggest sports in the country rock the kind of Arctic basically and dwell so they're they're. There's a lot or through I think. I hope we continue to we've all right we can all fight the open one step back that sport. But we do need to put them into place to make that happen and then we can't just rely on the back that there ought to sit that are more in that it ought to quiet. We develop our our coaching the these kids but our part to be up along opt in thing. Argument we don't know what's all the time with your so when asked about the actual games we've seen thus far we're talking to Jimmy Conrad by the way thirteen years in the MLS and a former captain of the US men's national team Jolie just a second account just like and agree what to do have a demo won't sign. Right it's kind of body of salt right committees Russell soccer player a well what's the best thing you've seen thus far in this World Cup the absolute best thing you say what is. Oh well I think if Spain or Portugal game epic. Yes I would greatly a lot of intrigue going into acting because the British government came out publicly. And I doubt by our people kicked off. Backed Portugal about where actors yet heard although it gonna be our other to edit it helped that they're in 08 billion dollar back actors or is money you could say about playing hurt. Per Real Madrid. So that's incredible what kind of game and sit there but they haven't got out of a player he beat bought it by Gordon actress. Including going to epic freaknik quick five minute lap. The guy at what this I think that big game where currently claim of the world not not not they had gotten the better player but become proficient. We met you the better player mark felt good overall but but as of the date they play it Chris general result a bit about the moment. Jimmy horse is that spray really help colds predict something gonna get a bottle my bachelor and you know and I see these guys right out there and they put them on the stretcher they take him to decide they spread this miracles spray on and all of a sudden you guys pop up and you're like killed I mean how much is this properly help. You love that I. It's actually okayed it that temporary relief but I got the Buick thing probably not all they considered. There's a cute speak about diving in our game and I remember. Have an accommodation where one of them Patrick show and I said you've got a big issue and that put. Coach such except you Paducah has been take you can have got a lot leaked previews. You get a cover not for forgotten all the time. Right everybody's trying to independently support such a soccer right to tell it all wrapped brief call or go to be quiet edit. The referee Pete you don't tell me about but the Brooke caught with let me talk not to play the same topic that that that I'd written here. Could this treaty that. Permeated and that's what people in her anger out on about why don't watch doctor. It's got to be more that is don't fundamentally like that I respect that. What does that it's not like you I hear what is the drama writing mean LeBron James is just either big man slot and. Crying and throw yourself into the ground work you know you guys did your toes stepped on your ball around and and oil and then ends kicked in what you're gonna fall Jim did you. Total offensive line and in the NFL I just don't even though. Man like you don't doesn't. I know about so that's. It yet you're so ultimately I get that would about they didn't get any more where or are dropping back through it. I guess theoretically there at you think that's gonna did you. An advantage in the about it I would better act right I was kicking the guys that were doing that. I don't I don't care where it either but I could be another part of the game. Often. So they're good looking and tough as distraught as well. That's I don't know if you can withstand one of these head butts in the ease your might sit this guy hello ma yup from Eritrea from Europe wire where lilies I. Yeah the glory glory yeah. Pretty up yeah does that suggest to us it was just. The where a lot of freedom could go out. Yet important that public open will be remembered what we got up and coming out of any that there you'd put that equipment up. Two things they need to remember eyes so. And on this and analysts agreed probably to most of these boats out towards 46 and this is good and ended the French tried to screw us again and and give this thing to Morocco Blair's trust us right now we would learn that -- Morocco will not receive the World Cup bid the United States did end up you'll find out more about the city's but I don't like it first of all I'd like these kind of big events. You know it's not that I don't wanna share them with other countries across the world are real as is a rotation that they're a handful of countries. You know add ons on a few continents and have the infrastructure in the ability to host these things successfully and I just should have taken so lord in my opinion to bring this event back to do it to North America. Yeah I agree with you I thought for sure we will continue to keep up that well duke. You know bill disappointed that Qatar how it is you do a lot of reasons to. Happen in the crops and you know they're out. People died on the sidelines if you'll passport the weapon that worker you like it pretty bad the end. You know that this acute right violate the loan I'm sure people can come out the matter and we look. Got to the part of the reason about art right I was the Republican attack on Philip that they that. Well when I really appreciate though is that it is here. That I'd you do like it we're sharing it I think it would have bet that bring you there. And it despite what competed against each other I think you woke up but the band now that the players. And the spirit of the Tibetan like anything but I think we both American who dabble would be a good bet. I'm with America their spirits must first when the last go round and real and it's just it's an incredible scene and you just can't appreciated until you're there on the ground so you're absolutely right about that Jimmy Conrad former captain of the US men's national team thirteen years in the MLS checked him out on no on YouTube is YouTube channel search Jimmy Conrad certainly worth the while we've got an all gonna watch it during a break and then we appreciate checks money. Either your Tulsa and handsome Jimmy Conrad door as it buddies from California well has a different hotels and California. And coming I mean. There are. If you eat avocados for a living. Minnesota's current since it's hard to consider you toss what's what's the what's the live from Doug or David Duvall enough Indies is under about similar to California is a well not really. Now everything heal the country. That's all I usually give says that if the trickle musical trickle son and I we come back snap judgment we're out of the Al resources in Billie. Yeah. Lost supplied. Mostly inside. Analysts say this. About being put you in your mouth without giving offense is more or rude. Davis I don't know organizations have we ever worried about stand on this she's your person. Who cruises in the left hand lane of the enters I only I hate you. And I and I don't mean just for a little while you may be lose focus lose just kind of zone out there you had a bad day I mean if you're the kind of person who routinely. And within ten top. Just cruises in the left hand lane in the interstate and forces people to go around you and will move over. I literally take you as a person bomb I don't even though that's not gonna. Are going to be your ambush here like we you're I have nothing in common I would imagine we're not gonna find much common ground on a new thing. I do hope that a state trooper pulls you over it she was many trumped up charges as possible. For ruining everyone's commute no no matter where they're going. If you're the person in the last ten life that will not get over ploy either five under or even the speed limit in the left hand lane I hate you. And I don't scream I don't rant necessarily give anger issues are adults I I don't have a problem. Borderline I I just don't abide stupidity and willful ignorance and willful rudeness and I just I don't I don't the by the sixers. In the worst driver on the road your your your bitching and complaining about the wrong guy who frankly can we can bitch a complain about all all different kinds of drivers old laundry is not nearly half as bad as a guy that comes along the side of the road on the on the right hand side. And thinks that they're entitled to be in front of everybody because there are no bigger than everybody and like I don't like that guy either necessarily what I am saying though is he'll again. I just assumed that we were all taught in driver's Ed you know by and moms dads uncles and anyone who had an influence in July to the left hand lane is for passing and four for through traffic at a faster traffic. And if on the interstate you just troops and more let people over your line of ten to fifteen cars behind you. You were you worst personalized to remove given given the the lights playful yet in the legislature I. It was a do or did you sue are you receive a viral post proteins or elsewhere right now there's a state trooper in India. Who had pulled someone over for disputed gave them a ticket tweeted about it going to slow yes and let's in the passing we know there's a speed minimum as well right there isn't exactly there is a speed minimum however even if you are above the speed minimum if you were holding up traffic and causing her to be a logjam tobacco. They can cite you for that. And this this trooper and Indiana did just that simple. I just personal line of twenty color it's argument left hand lane way it's a trooper pulled them over inside them for that now yes and we he's resumes and a little bit too because if that's the case them. I'm just applying logic here. And if everybody's going ninety in the speed limit is only 65. Do I get to say well I'm just keeping up with the flow of trafficking going ninety. 125 over the speed limit like source of young pitino and his people like certain things I would imagine it's lust the discretion of the interpretation of the officers there before us this detective Miller who listens every day just tweeted us and to say I hate them to Kyle. I'll look out for them grow and give them as many tickets as I can't that is from detective Miller. So I would like to ask detective Miller. If I'm flowing with the speed of traffic are all going to warning over. Are you don't pull us all over because I've seen that happen to you so they can pull it each people multiple people over but Michigan coming Agassi people who don't want to see you should care and it is okay you're okay fine if your if your idea and I've seen it happen multi. All able to 177. Right there as you go on to the South Carolina line. My Fort Mill but I'm sorry I like I don't want to hate you don't wanna hate anybody but. There were some proper place for them to date. In the right handling all the way over to the right yes if you're gonna do those speed limit get on the right hand lane. If you're gonna go. 500. Didn't write him life so this so just to clarify the right handling the speed limit the middle name is five over. In the last in line as for maniacs like yourself who must say yes right to make that Iran or Russia that want to run everybody else we. We are being honest about it and I million tickets and as when they I don't know my my general sort of standard operating as a result. Jessica why I like an eight over on the cruise control and legislate they give you most that's an idea most officers do do it. 910 right. But I also here is of the salmon here going 79 and that their mother and that's cool like ourselves I realized it lenient some guys are going to be a little bit a little greener right. Right a little bit more ambitious. Little younger to go out doing that citing. In all the paperwork vs some of these veteran police officers act. He's he's always going to. And I. He's good thing he's got out of his mobbed by his goal is fast but now I'm almost police officers are gonna understand that there's a lot of paperwork that's involved with filing these take it and making these report until the end of the Muslim quota while there as a major but that's life and that's why they put the younger the rookies out there on the controlled regarding that while usually got bad just Texas just to the proper place for them is in the furnace and hell when. Two guys that's a germ line that is not what I was out when there is a I don't know. There's a lot of real estate where I hate women and authorities hill I don't know has a whole lot of reads it is a very strong word. It is a very strong order usually associates with burning. Our text or writes in the right now is launching a trooper ride in the left hand lane and 85 north sir you should not texting and driving a million chickens kept probably don't control. Oh boy toy Dexia voice tech I guess wells attacks is they're gonna press and he knows this and I know we know you don't have a right and you stairwell. Now that they have right there it can also thank you good luck and I and it's been. Hey guys now are you and I and they also have liked the in the Syria and I don't know. Didn't assert UK golfer Siri is right about the can call for Souter. Are you text tile 70457. Oneida signal. Will attend laying tile you're going to slow aren't you also wrote we come back with the top three at three and a we got a great what Steven Weisman George of short 330 talks and duke football met Norah landlords for testing we kick off a lot of NBA draft talk kemba talk the whole deal in the third hour the Scott Satterfield had coached. We have state mountaineers at 5 o'clock it's Dorsey and they look.