Garcia and Bailey H1: Charlotte has Smart Kids, and Kyle Thinks the Masters should Thank Tiger

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Tuesday, April 10th

CMC kids are the best students in America, and The Masters had big ratings, who's to thank?


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But Garcia. Every single day on the show we come autumn we talk about accomplishments in championships and stats and all those metrics that matter and make us realize whose great who's not great who's good who's on the cusp of being good weed all the things that we talk about on a daily basis we're gonna do it again today we'll do it again tomorrow. But today a little bit out of the ordinary distort the shoulders while shout out. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. And here's why because I just saw this morning to see MS outperformed most other large school districts on national exams last year including. Osbourne of first place ranking in the country. In eighth grade math. Well the CMS eighth graders the Charlotte Mecca of Mecklenburg schools eighth graders tested better than any other district in the country that's fantastic shot out to those teachers put in work here on this Tuesday morning. That's that's amazing. Rights and the Jason as someone had to teach themselves capture the space physics and in college I can say is sometimes not an easy as a you know congratulates is that and that's also. Also not easy pendant. Thought a throw that out there as well here on this on this Tuesday morning at 70457. Or 96 did fright Garcia stuck in a little bit of accident traffic you'll be with us momentarily. Hit us up 70457. Or 96 today and all the buildings that are tax line or give us a call if you wanna shall we got a great show planned for you Tom Sorensen. Legendary columnist Charlotte Observer stops by 11 o'clock we'll talk. A lot of things including the printers Thomas Davis David tepper that New York Times article and of course tonight the regular season finale. For the Charlotte hornets would still are a far more momentous occasion as it is the end of a career. For more than great broadcasters not just in the NBA. But in the city of Charlotte Steve Martin's final broadcast tonight as the voice of the Charlotte hornets and very much looking forward to that I'll have the post game show here on WS Lindsay and it's it is it'll be less of a post game show. And and more of I'm gonna call what is a selfish opportunity for me to talk a bit about the swords with the great Steve Martin for a couple of minutes so. Very much looking forward to that we'll talk about it we'll talk about Rick and l.s article from the the observer this morning before players that he thinks towards should dressed. Coming up commissioners in the addressed and based on the orders record. It's looking like they'll either draft tenth or eleventh. And it kind of sweet spot that we talked about where they've been the last several years so what we'll talk about that. And of course masters ratings increasing by double digits on all four days of the tournament that's coming out late yesterday how much of it has to do. With Tiger Woods. How much of that has to do with tiger was the beginning a couple of numbers are really quickly. Right and I realized that for a lot of you have moved on from the masters and I dead is an abuse masters have you shows it was yesterday reject this out. Take this up. 60%. Increase. So our Obama at 55%. Increase. In viewing of Friday's round second round of the masters on ESP and 55%. That was asterisk 40% spike the day before ESPN's should be down on his hands in these. Thanking Tiger Woods for what it did for that masters coverage on Thursday in front of the masters is is already one of the greatest spectacles in sports. It is it's already one of the great spectacles in sports but if you love golf. Or you know at least a novice golfer and you probably don't even care all that much let's be honest about it. You know we we talked about the impact Tiger Woods has had on golf in every conceivable way. These are the metrics that back it up forty and fifty per 55% spike in ratings respectively Thursday and Friday all the masters and then it carried over. On Saturday and Sunday to CBS the numbers work quite as Jordan they were still huge. Rights 44% increase in Saturday's viewership 14% up on Sunday for the final round when tiger was completely out of Seoul. For those who is single tiger might have helped Thursday and Friday were not so much Saturday and Sunday I disagree because here's exactly what I think happened Tiger Woods. Swipes that viewership Tiger Woods drew more eyes to the television as Tiger Woods has his entire career. And a Tiger Woods brought people to return but it turned out to be really damn good soul. I guess at the masters already issued sporting spectacles already really compelling event but. You know let's go with the Hawkins razor approach write what you often traced the problem solving principle that says when you're choosing between multiple explanations just the simplest what. Right in the simplest what is as a really good golf tournament. But how many people. Watched that really good golf tournament if they don't get started Thursday or Friday without Tiger Woods that is the power of Tiger Woods. And I am certain fright Dorsey is gonna have something to say about that 7045709. We would love to hear from you today because as we were kind of prepping for the show this morning and putting together some of our Panthers related news for the day it sticks out and it comes up from listening to back talking about Todd and exchange mock draft. John McSherry mock draft DJ Moore at 44 to the Panthers. Out of University of Maryland. DJ Moore is become kind of sexy. Skill position player in this off season so far that you know people are falling in love with a measurable the speed decides that the reach everything. And the shape is sitting at DJ Moore to the printers before we seen it before. And we're gonna keep talking about this obviously not a workable we still out from the draft where will the Panthers though is going to be wide receiver it's wonderful my my question do you. To the listener to frank Garcia we talked him or just a moment. Do you really believe that a rookie wide receiver can have that big an impact a big enough to impact on this Ross draw on this team. To elevate them beyond eleven of fox. To elevate him back to the Super Bowl do you think DJ Moore has that kind of impact and I realized for a lot of you might hear me say this is a well what do you think. Has that kind of a doctoral position do you think Kazakh kind of impact. I think it's running back. I I think it's running back and I know there are people who were so Osbourne very just. He did that has this the wrong word so people who believed taking a a running back in the first round two years and Laura was absolutely insane. But I I I'd tend to agree frank Garcia and I disagree and a whole lot of stuff. This really isn't one I think the best thing you give this quarterback the best thing you did this in VP caliber quarterback to do is Jim do not your your basis. It is a top five defense and a strong running it. That's the best thing you could give us. Is it Jim Newton's responsibility. To make his playmakers better or is it Marty hurries responsibility to give Cam Newton airplane makers. So I think that's a debate there. I would like to see. I defensive player probably in the first round that that would that would be my. Question yet does this team a more holes on offense or defense. This incident. 1 morning it's all the ball to introduce its okay I'll answer the question defense here's why because I think the most pressing needs on defense right and that's why I want that first round pick. I to be either a safety an edge rusher depending on who's there. Obviously with this Thomas Davis thinks the draft board might have been shuffled a little bit not the first round 89 a sick around may be the third through fifth maybe his fourth through seventh. On where you see a linebacker get taken. But yeah I do think you would be very interesting. 22 fine when I saw an article this morning this and will the Panthers take. Safety with their first overall pick for the first time in franchise history and I think that that's a very interesting debate. I too to be ahead are we going to take a safety gear does Mike Adams is 37 years old. You do Dorsey you're seeing a lot of talk about really answering your Sears CA is somebody who I've known I can do endorsement it. I had class it to nor Sears CA Carolina. And so I've known of him for a long time sort of a bit of a journeyman any NFL bounce around a little bit Tennessee's sort of you know let him walk out the door so I do think. I do think it gets safety position or that edge rusher position is is very interest. I YouTube gets an interest in Tex coming it'll read some of those 704570. And IDC extend. I didn't wanna burn dole out on the draft talk are really dynamo amber dole out on the draft talk because we were so far out from its. It did business only so many ways you can approach this thing because. Well the gorge yourself thought that's the simplest way to put it but it but it's time to go for more on this thing where does this team need to go. In the draft Dodgers it's one former in the first couple rounds and wanna hear from a 70457. Or 96 stand Garcia joins the show coming up just a couple of missiles it was phone calls and text and we come back it's Garcia Billick. Her prices dropped the child really WS Susie for recognizing the work of local teachers in the open this morning happy to do have been always in the spotlight good teachers are good students. Performing well we got Charlotte Mecklenburg eighth graders. Runner stuff they had the best math scores in the country that's fantastic shot that's always great teachers to work 70457096. Standard talking about the draft dive in right that we do have a lot of stuff to get into a clueless. Other orders and David suffer in the masters ratings and everything else but you know dive and there were a couple weeks out now from the NFL draft and look at what the printer should do McShane has mocks DJ Moore on Maryland wide receiver 24 that's not what I would like to see this team necessarily do frank Garcia I know your odd not a big fan of wide receiver in the first round out. No she says is exactly right you know Kyle. Packed you know come and and they mean the last wide receiver this really kind of changed a league that's turned around I mean maybe Calvin Johnson. You know guys like they're Randy Moss you know there's nobody in the draft this year like that and you know and you're not going to named elected at 24 you're gonna get a guy it's gonna. And maybe be slow to develop heart he's gonna have a lot of upside he's gonna have some speed no maybe some size all the things you mentioned Calvin Tillman Benjamin you know was our last first round pick no cut around the spot and you know he's no longer here. Yeah it takes a long time to develop because of the routes that you have to be able to run. You know what you have to learn. You mean nobody got to Jim Press coverage you know different coverages that you have to go against so. Bill because of that I. It usually takes a year to do to get that productivity. That your you're either going to establish and the other thing is that. You know you have to have a quarterback. That's going to be able to maybe you know through guys open you know and that's just not this offense and that's not me in camp. And does mean tail wind as me he's not a good quarterback is just not his style in which he plays a game he he even my voice for guys get open he puts the ball on them. And hundred miles an hour and you know those are just things that. You know that there he's been successful Weston. You know and that's why to me wide receiver. It doesn't make sense you know for the window of opportunity that we have you know with Cam Newton. And DJ Moore you know DJ Morse an existing guy I've seen him play multiple times because I'm sees in the Big Ten in Nebraska has played his team are remembered 2016 he took a tunnel screen about nine yards to the house against us. In a game that was over woods was still won the most physically impressive plays I've seen in the last two seasons. He's very explosive athlete so somebody came to me and said hey DJ more sure picked. At 24. I would say that's not who I wanted but that somebody who can help this team. They you know cause then dumb. You know your points valid mum but you can get second round guys that I can assure you film against Nebraska. That have done the same thing. So you know it is it it's not as impressive. As you know maybe you know that one play that we're talking about know what's is impressive as these guys to run great routes this guy has tremendous upside this guy had. As it speeds it's faster than anybody else out there on the field in. No those are the things where you know you might be able to have impact can be a difference maker and I just a really good question. You know as Marty Kearney. You know responsibility is it yeah I always accusing cams to get the player's better or the pure martyrs to give new better players. Right and you know I think it's always the players you know use the ones out there making the plays are the ones out there throwing the passes. Nice job is to get good players no doubt about it but then there's a lot of pieces that need to be fixed snow with this team and a to me this is not a priority. Well see that's that's it right position first of all you have the player's perspective and so when you say you believe it's the players' responsibility to make those better around the like -- I would tend to think that would resonate with some people who have not been in the same situation have not played that level but for some people still they don't necessarily feel that well hundreds of this taxer come again. On on the building solar tax line our shores as sex derisive I think it's a running back. A clever first Sony Michelle but I'd be happy with DJ Moore I just don't want to take a 56 running back there's Ohio on I don't we just people coming in with that sort of stuff we got a text or writing is saying. What would they were Joseph from I agree with us. I've been hoping for months and mr. Durbin James falls Marty should see if he can use the extra three and seven jump Seattle Foreman wanted to go after because Kim chancellor type employer. Another text to rights and they have to go running back in the first round they have the right idea last year's draft they just picked the wrong running back now they need to make up for their mistakes. We a lot of you know. I mean that's to me you can do that to you you're calling Chris McCaffery mistake is is a mistake I think so took. You know he's maybe not a top ten guy. If they reach for him a little bit. There's no doubt about it you know with watching his upside and the potential that he might have. Nobody is a very solid player and you know he's going to be. A peace and hope you win football games. And you know we keep control referring to him as a running. Back you know just because he has the are in the B and we line them up in the backfield but. Let's put to let's put you know athletes in front of his name as I said several times and don't have in this discussion you know with this year's draft are sure we draft a running back to back to back seasons. We just a football player. I Nesta if you look at it that way V Dresser really good football player arrested in the position on guys. You know that that's gonna help your team win. And that's with the printers did they won eleven games last year than they couldn't beat the saints the cost him three times and ultimately that was demise but. You know certain there're there're going to be a good how do they get better. Right that's the question. How do they get better faster. Because the saints are gonna do things in the offseason they're gonna go out there and make adjustments they're gonna try to compete and combat you know what they need to do in order to maybe the vikings or you know take that next step. With Drew Brees and maybe there's is a wide receiver I'm not sure maybe they have felt like they have enough pieces maybe it's a safety they just got Kurt Coleman probably not. You know maybe it's a defense of man you know I. You know to provide more pass rush you don't keep Drew Brees you know on the field a little bit longer those type of things. I don't really worry about the saints I really don't worry about the falcons are the bucks you know you worry about the Carolina Panthers in the Carolina parents as what provides. The biggest impact for them the fastest it's a running back it's a defense of and it's a cornerback and then it's a safety safety don't provide impact. No safeties or good pieces that when you have your team in place that you go out there and draft. That might be changing slightly because of the coverages that safeties are asked to play but typically when you start looking. At the history of the NFL the reason when the Panthers haven't take assistants haven't taken assists in the first round. Because you don't have oppositional value at that at that spot. You know you better have everything else in town. You know before you go get this kind of backed peace of you know what makes you know how you go all the football team. And to be the the safety is probably the least Mohsen capital position you're gonna have now there's no regret wants right now we can talk about the camp chancellors of the world. Talk about you know the mean of them don't hurl them some girls all parts of the world to talk about. You know guys like Ronnie Lott you angle back in the day you you wanna talk about some great defense is yet they had great safeties no doubt about it but. Historically speaking you know you're not gonna make impacted deposition they're gonna have corners they're gonna defense events. They're gonna defense of tackles and have peaceful linebackers can flat out fly. Well are we talking BP A here. What do I know that's a question that that I think everybody DO struggles with two was you take the best player available in the draft you take the best player available what your position to me it's the best player in the draft. A retaliatory force DJ Moore. He's 59. Arn certainly five parents. A hundred pounds he's a busy guy compared to NFL standards. And he runs a 45 and he played at Maryland. And I don't and not a low or five heroes amid a 456. That's not impressive for the first why I don't know that I've seen various reports on exactly how tall which it is a prayer 59 Tristan but I haven't I believe you just say god I just that you go to which he has this 606 feet tall whatever else I mean a guy at. Look at them sir terps fans will just be irate if they're already listening you know that I would say this premiere look he played a Maryland. You know I and I know the guys to come from all over the place and a productive initial careers put it on top of all those things that you just mentioned it's not as if he was tearing it up in the SEC west. You know our he was tearing it up in in the ACC Atlantic Division or whatever immediately who's playing Maryland. And this is not in a great program DJ Dirk can improve the program I know that I get it but you know I I does I don't see the I don't know why people are so enamored with this kid. I guess. I should say I don't know look at and read the review I've read the evaluations are bred this Dallas but to me it just seems just a little bit. Overblown 7045709. DC extent are we got a text or writing and he sends a couple of these and he says what are you talking about it a wide receivers absolutely position navy says. Goes on as it is teams always sucked at corner and wide receiver we got to fix that are continue to celebrate mediocrity. But this team is always sucked at wide receiver and quarterback is in his personal. Let me ask that Ed loved SX code that our text your questions and my question would be you know to that Baxter. From. What just can't do well. What what what is gore put him in position to be the best cam he can be. You know what is going to be. It's gonna get guys who can slot flat out fly. You know and run all of you and run great routes because that's not the type of football that he place he's an inconsistent passer. You're gonna go asked to do more with the past because you're gonna have weapons now for him how he would build retained. You know what what is successful for this team. Not what we're talking about with the Detroit Lions it's not oh we're talking about whereas the Sampras are the new New Orleans Saints. We're talking about with any other team it's what this team's strengths are. In this team's strengths are what. Stopping Iran running the football well what they were to run it well last year we camera that's what they're built. I it's not throwing the ball all over the place it's not spreading out and running torpedoes. An asking your quarterback to go be more accurate. Right because he's just he's and he's not gonna get more accurate you know in his. You know it in his eighth year is just not going to he's he's kind of who we years as a passer at this point he still the best athlete on the field. He still the biggest fastest strongest guy you're still gonna yeah if you wanna win football games has utilized his athletic ability at that position if you're going to have. Yeah that's what makes cam can't come. Estimate the major release don't ask him to be Dan Marino and don't ask him to be anybody else asking the league camp and let him be the best Tammy can be the best cam and what's best for Kim. Would be an offensive line. I heavy running backs you know a good running game in a good time and and a damn good defense of the things they're gonna make scam successful. And helped him if you're looking into this is not just about cam by the way this is not. Catering to take him. This is winning football games that's what should matter not what's best for him and what's best for winning football games for this team are those things that we just mentioned. 70457. Or 96 tend how do you feel about what frank just said because no I I do agree reducing its identity. Has been defense and running the football did not run the football well lesser outside the Cam Newton they've got to address that and that's why stolen and pretty consistent this team needs to go on the running back producers in the first drug that's where I'd like to see him go because. Would you sort taught I get the people site well assays doctor Meredith or rather there's value there there's value for some wide receivers in the second third round to. Don't grounds been that's when it for the overall pick on DJ Moore so I wanna get your takes on this 70457. Or 96 and price of the house we take more reaction on the other side it's Garcia mailing. It's good to be about bedtime is video of nine days away. From the 2018 WS Lindsay pro football pre draft party over that's deal worth neighborhood grill 630. That night and 2999 gets you in the door additional 2018 ESPN draft guide I would have a say some beer and a whole lot of fun. Looking forward to Omar Gaither Dray Bly frank Garcia Steve Mench. Of ESPN's scouts say there's gonna join us coming up a little bit later in the show evil leaders suggest the water so ally Chris Grover back Tebow and the whole crew advanced going to be they're looking forward to get my perks dot com. Is where you'll find cigarettes and that they won't last very long speaking out today show. Are coming up in about 45 minutes we talked to Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer a we'll talk to about a lot of things about the Panthers and ordered him. Probably the masters as well as probably his thoughts on our baseball show us ties a huge baseball fans will talk about that Jessica Morrow also asthma wrestler that's true we probably Joseph Russell made there was a couple of days ago did you watch it by the way. And watch second I don't know I don't know I mean like I said I mean I don't blame. You know the people watch that I don't criticize them I don't judge them wrote in his eyes and think what is so no I used solo wash and you know com. But that I grew up in you start having kids in you know you start having responsibilities you start realizing what's. You know fake Q what's real in Disneyland it's not may be is grin as you thought it wasn't. You know it's cold bolting. Deaths of those we ought to there was so it's almost sort of subtle Levin Jack McMullen ESPN will join us coming up its closest team we'll talk to her. About it's gut check about the NBA playoffs coming up and a couple of other topics looking forward to talking to GMAC a minute so 1 o'clock Steve mention ESPN's scouts think. Will join the show 7045709. 610. You know they're kind of talking about under Shays mock drafts were predators fans would like to see this team go it's 44 in the first round because. You know you're I've been pretty steady pretty solid on the one of the things that we do agree on this team needs a another solid running back to replace Johnson Stewart they knew Doug decides. And I don't necessarily. Need to see this team are you concerned about left guard at all you know there's a lot of people talking about. In the office of climate in this draft and you know a lot of times you know we have or marks and you might not have an offensive lineman rated as high because it's not as sexy in these guys don't spend much time a value waiting Nauman yelled but these NFL teams do. President and NFL teams can scheme it put a little bit more. Emphasis on those those little needs. On because they understand what wins football games you know up front on the lines that's who wins football game Jim dolphins volume defensive line you got a great chance. You know and and you make Shea and there are some of the other guys that Doug don't carry a burden. You know the experts that go out there you know village wide receivers that look you're running backs evaluate quarterbacks and talked about often sublime and you know but it's. They don't really put as much transitional value I think there's some teams do. And it you know because of that. In each and every year you see offensive lineman. You know moving up in the draft and getting picked before they thought that the safety out of Florida State was or this quarterback and everybody thought was so high. You know out of I just as Texas CNN com. Yeah if they they go out there and you know they they don't put the value in what he's seen some of these drafts is that there's more often to Wyman. You know that start taken in the first rounds then. You know then there are you a lot of these good positions. You know because of that position on the. 7045709. DC extent. Awesome what are confirmed so the former education. Ice will we haven't we got a text her cynic something attempted to kind of supplement and back don't Frank's assertion I guess mine relate. That we will we don't wanna see this team take a wide receiver in the first round. Text your rights or he says to add to your statements frank since 2014 MR Cooper Z only wide receiver drafted in the first trying to make approval. All right so so kids he did confirm that dramatic I don't know if it's true or that's what a year since 2014 so four years ago a more or euros ought to welcome on that. Us as cozy maybe I don't know thirteen cars and searching because he's right around I was like that's why wanted to protect that don't double checked that statement but we will. It is if that's the case that that's that's pretty ditto damning information right there to me anyway. They're you know they're not a single wide receiver it's not those wide receivers can't go one of the good productive instead they typically don't help that much right away. Nicknamed the top our receivers are playing in the NFC chip which again this is C championship game and the of the Super Bowl. Name them. In other news Steelers still in the AFC championship game. You know blunt. If they have pretty good wide receivers that's the team right I mean you got a quarterback that's a guy that throws guys that they threw the ball 65 times a game that sixty times a game. You know there are running the ball and that's than gotten away from their identity in. You know they just they're trying to use and they also got the best running backs most dynamic running backs in the game was laid beyond bell so. You know they have they have stable full wide receivers out into the best wide receiver corps in the entire roof fell but they have three or four. I if you just give one guy in Yemen bunch other you don't average guys. That early you know do much for. All right so in 2014 O Dell Beckham was drafted twelfth Mike yeah this was stressed Giles thirty yeah. Doesn't seem my dad dad don't checking out. On Ahmard trooper was drafted our fourth overall and 2015 and in there's a bunch of other guys Cory closest estimate your referred to is 201520162007. Guests are connected via gap that's why a lot of double checked it regardless you're talking about really high draft picks there yeah you're talking about the notes it's 81014. Right you're telling the guys and you know six foot five yes the other front force for its premiere widely seen here tonight clients absolutely guys run forgeries that tartan a dynamic playmakers. Sorry that's point four you're not give that guy no I don't look you can DJ Moore 24 he's not one of those type of guys released that can't be the assumption anyway. And again I realize from that I think that. What this boils down to his. There are just people out there. Who do not believe that Torrey Smith is really gonna help this team that much they don't believe Jerry Rice really gonna help this team that much and I I get it those are not headline grabbing signings I understand it's out of it tore Smith is not a headline grabbing his instance a trade. Army except it kind of was the I just look at what this team has been totaling you have to assume health going into a season right. Wanna tell you right now enforcement will be better any wide receiver taken them Wear the pants is addressed and that he'll be more productive this season very wide receiver drafted in average he will be better team and I have the upside. Orthodox right but he will be better than anyone of these wide receivers that are taken. At 24. I mean if it's just I mean his. His speed you know is gonna match most of these guys. His route running ability is we better than everyone at home in his experience is gonna pay dividends so you know we got that guy. You know we got our 44 round currently fourth pick in the first round with Torrey Smith or we did. Right so we can move past that start looking at some of these other needs that we're gonna have the content. Provide value that's what's anti then you would talk about tight end enough you'll see this team. Right for this team we're talking about what you looked around the NFL I'm talking about for the Carolina Panthers. Right everybody has their strengths everybody has their weaknesses. Right and sometimes you want to make your strengths you know go out there and you don't lose those you this you anticipate them and you know Greg Olsen is. You know rhetoric reported going to be here 56 more years maybe longer. Right if he did is if that's what he decides he wants to do Greg might be here want to. And they got to start looking for that eventual replacement as well and if these tight ends. Or what they're looking for. Right if they feel like they have of the upside and potential and the ability to impact right away. The that's another position you can look at and twenty four's not too high for you know that for that you know for that position. Safety I think you can make the argument because we're getting you know in this middle half of the twenties. The U to have you know a guy there that's going to be pretty good. That you can argue. You know that's probably a little high for safety typically like Jessica fullback in the first round. I mean that's the way most teams look at it right if you want it eat quickly tape what the defense aside vs the offensive by side that's what is a safety is the equivalent of a fullback. Now the safety value has gone up because the passing games have opened up. And the full back has gone down you know because of that so those are kind of skewed a little bit over the last you know 56 years but. Initially that's what's and that's what we're talking about where we are right now so you can make argument safeties are but you know you'll corner. When we met. I think the one position that if I if I felt like they drafted drafted you know a first round got twenty for the NB probably the most upset. That would probably be. Linebacker. And wide receiver honestly. I just don't see this team drag I don't addressed a wide receiver Torrey force and help this team and in the near term I don't see it meant a sore I don't I don't think deposition helps this team in the near term to get to where they wanna be next year. Address the profits of Lyman. You don't need to make our argument we don't clear we'll get mauled just lost nor well you need of a guy this gonna take over that position. That has the Atlantis is on the colonials displayed at times. You know and that's the one thing that you know we're lacking a deposition. You know with you know the usual with the Larson chaired going to. All sort of dealt with the Larson kid he's a big physical guy at the point of attack but he did he lacks the athletic schism sometimes necessary. At that center position to get to the second level. Goalie Tim running back that they get healthy Cam Newton and LT supporting cast around him as currently constructed. It won't where there was another solid defense Kim went a whole lot of football games Kim's good enough to do that reload that's thank. Kim was plenty good enough to do that when he's healthy when he sought there's no question about it that's what I wanna see 70457. Or ninety sic stand we come back with snap judgment. Long supported. I can't be the only one. Who thinks Ray Lewis is a Sony's. I don't just hit I'm like I can't reveal the women and spare me the path. The community work and all the other stuff that he does I'm not discounting it and I say it doesn't happen and I say it as a matter to the people and impacts it's not one side. But it's really hard to watch Ray Lewis come on television talk about other people's personal lives in a way that seems it just so absolute that when you listen to him just in a topic this guy's an absolute. Snake oil salesman. And and I'm sore like I know guys that were on that that ravens' staff when he was there are no guys that play with Ray Lewis. And I know guys who say these things or not they're not even to his face but behind his back. Because they don't really wanna deal with the rest of what Ray Lewis publicly. You know but here's Ray Lewis again offering another assessment of Modell Beckham junior situation. And you know it was on a different networks saying that you know it says quote through the OBJ has removed god from his lights and I think we have audio do you have a video of this Oz I give this example that we kind of puts you on the spot but just let me know when you have at a mobile player for the people out there we're gonna join played. Take just one set up. Just the fact that it that there are telling you were supposed to but anyway it was rather abruptly under regardless you know Ray Lewis again talking about a theory we got it out before. Told rams vetted him. Well what they hear ya if he could sit down for ten minutes or would O'Dell Bakken. What would you tell him where there is no guide there's chaos when everything you do when does the opposite. What's got you to this place yes. You make you all day in Baton Rouge it was all. It's simple. It simple his life has less it's it's it's less football guess locked. Until it is all the time just spoken to surged to art Cabrera is show me your crowd I'll show you your future. It's just a similar game that played a foot and discussed the current listening to Leona Graham liked him. Dead bit there's there's Ray Lewis talking about it and look. I do we dare there's nothing personal more personal. Van and you know so once relationship. With daughter spirituality and all those things. I just don't know where Ray Lewis gets all talking about the stuff the way that it does. No talking about LBJ's relationship with god and amid I'm not saying there was not a single shred of wisdom and I think that he just said. But it just seems like every time this guy's a television screen now he's peddling more of the same stuff you don't worry it it almost feels judgmental. You know and assuming you know what people are doing and I just can't stand listening to any more the stuff and I realize I'm the one putting it on the air right now but I just wanted to know I can't be the only one who watches this guy think. There's something really phony about this right the idea that there's no way. He I mean. The what why is it come across so sorry to you. Because if Tim Tebow we're saying that will be phony. Is it because it's Ray Lewis is because of his pasts to know why is what's so amazing because of how convicted he is I mean I am asked you know I. I have no problem with the man's faith whatsoever and again that's a personal thing is so what bothers me is when you go on national television saying that you you presume to know. But the reason that no don't back from juniors is. In whatever situation he's in right now is because you happen to know with certainty apparently that he has lost his relationship with god do you know that. Yeah how do you know that yeah yeah I mean. I don't know his relationship with the oil back in a lot of times you know colleague Dion Sanders. Ray Lewis there's a handful of guys that stay in the know. I because there in the locker rooms have conversations. Younger players still look up to them. And they mentor these guys I don't know if that's the case with total Beckham and Ray Lewis it could've been at one point is all I'm suggesting. And you know because of that a lot of times when those guys stopped looking for that advice they start doing their own thing. They start believing night. There I've seen millet and many guys you know win they start you know. You know get the spotlight on them and they make paychecks. It's all about them. They become different people missing it happens too many times and I'm not sure if that's what grade is trying to get across I don't know if she's doing it you know the you know maybe the proper way but he's doing it his way so yeah I get what you're saying. It doesn't come across says genuine thing yeah I can see why. This is bothers me that in and it will and always has with ray Lewis and I'm so this is that Deion Sanders will be different. For yeah for me it would big third straight Lewis Israelis have problems were I do I got because again and I am just telling you my personal and economic everybody have to share with me I watched that guy and I can't help think there's a big agenda there. Yeah they've been there and there's a position. A phony news that comes along with some of these messages listening to that guy is it because it always is isn't because of the way he speaks to what some. Ashley well not just now it's just a time trying this because gruden comes across like that I understand why I don't know her that well I mean I've seen. No but when he gives his looks in his. Fake smiles rise brands in his church he stays in you know those type of things. If there's a lot of is showmanship there where I wanna show business you know in in that and I guess my past experience has been troubled by when you combine. You know evangelicals and and showmanship and that tasted tonight. Produced the greatest product for me. That's my problem. It's not the face off it's not the fate is the packaging of it that's that's it for me I did and having to argue that having no guys on that roster better on the organization when he was there there is a strong feeling this guy's fold it. That's a tough. And I'm sorry that's my opinion it's gonna continue to be in my opinion you don't this year I don't religion we come back Tom Sorensen will join us of the Charlotte Observer is not say he's not be his thoughts on Thomas Davis the characters towards the last night you'll hear Steve Martin on the call. For the Charlotte hornets tonight his thoughts on that source has been around a long time and of course the masters ratings up double digits across the board all weekend launch a 55%. Spike on ESPN. Up over last year's ratings on ESPN thanks tiger Garcia Blaylock.