Garcia And Bailey: Geoff Schwartz

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Friday, June 15th

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There's big time and this is put us on the clock and I just sources and his demands we got to make sure we get our money's worth there just Schwartz I remember other. Just about been about coming out there actually are we should have been throughout this ritual. There a party for 830 got to bring a card that so go to. They cover you for companies don't like chip. When school got out two weeks ago Jeff yeah. Do recruit. To. And only about a. And that and the so are different and every joke by the depth of summer break without. A co pay I just you had the Panthers. It would seem that way on social media wouldn't. Yes because I wanted to is going to do that right away interest there are some people who think that ray detectors. You know I don't pay any team. I say hey I wrote anyone I play it like two people ever put to a sort. I don't able I think that there about it when you when you speak the truth when you give actual culprit that throughout the people here are capable of what they're spewing used to be but saw it in the way they want they want them at the big problem here are very important article from you do that your report. I know that they would would want coil our you know our talk about not. Our ice in there and who are true well we create all we talked about it like I mean that. It got a couple of mr. walker now remember it. That's I would be doing my job or what their beloved giving my honest opinion about any team especially a team at this video equipment. Are the Panthers the best team in the house. Ochoa question. Are outlawed it in I mean I've I've kind of been on board and saw you know about their chances to win you have seen. I think there are super talented if you look at him last year you know they were all that terrible people ought points the way what do we Ochoa. Catch from being got an energy church gave me your exact quote I think people look at permanent either struggled a lot you're. In the red zone I think there there there are you know they were murdered there were last year this they majority going to be good. The other running game will be prepared to step back there would be and should be better. But it that the Pippen or set them both up this year. Where I mean if you would ever see of either there's no there's not that they're they're told about there at the towel across the board now. Cannot all the weapons that he need the defense is how. All the real. An LP equally and without flourished in order centenarian and there's no excuse for them. Do not intend to put herself into an amnesty you know whether preteen. We're fear here for me went without or we're gonna be the more surprising about Parker is say if if one of those three is better at it happened elect Barack with a little bit better. All of a little bit more than Cutler six. Why do some people think this offensive line is the worst offensive line in the the NFL you're a parent. Because he can blame them without wearing number one I mean it's really funny because. I hello if you were chilled out. And you'll only see any circle beat Albert Michael why Cornell. Is printed yet whispered about all of their domination nobody gonna get there won't be having unified global. Unclear where broke doing now trade charter pro bowler there or in both I think people pull out the year. Not Coco watches but what are the spot. Yeah but so every came out a little one virtue spot while doing your drop the tour boat captain adorable little uproar. We go to that would do a double double fault but I think it would still. Don't offer the white if you got to go over outlaw the or maybe twenty GP oh joke. I've offered a lot of the peppers do your lap speed and you know I've often thought they know that they know what to do a farm. Where we're similar piece sit and make it got it got to a point where 0% or more in depth look at it when you off then. We'll see how worked with nor but. We're all reports its audited the pieces are there are. The if you put it up to compete in people who trade in a heartbeat. Whitbeck unit around and a well. Digest Schwartz where there's eight years as an offensive lineman in the NFL you can sign and a series six MX SB nation is all over the place doing this than at any stalkers the football what is OK you said speaker number one. There are second to cam Newton's got. On the skill positions around enough 31 rounder a couple of second rounder and he's got. Pieces he's got speed he's got help you know this year coming back with women under this is a guy we talked to Derek Gilbert yesterday and he said look one of the things that people maybe don't talk about enough with respect to Cam Newton is how much this guy works on his craft so much time he puts an during the offseason off the field all those sorts of things. What is the expectation for Cam Newton issue because I would argue that a Super Bowl or bust. There had been Alberto cute anymore. Everyone around. People expected. What if you are ever weapon imaginable he can without a directly or run it on paper figures they're McCaffery. Pop open the line. Greg all they're what I'd expected. What receiver corps. There's no use now and look. It I fear of working port and work hard and NFL. I'm it's a matter of working more and do what you got to do to improve it and and that your position that they're. I don't worry about really for champ I think there will be on this year. He just to get but on a stat thing you know Kim aren't our PO question pat that would RPO he is simply is not true but 126. I know are pure potent. So a little bit lower to two years to deport some of those concepts they're because. Are imported all the video recorder in the NFL. The ability for Kemper road and make plays with its feet early game. Really get too confident going we've seen an outcome a poor start to a game he breaks or over the long run maybe seven run prefer don't get so. He gets a little bit but it all quarterbacks are often thought. They fired him up. There and I hope they continue to put pieces and they're because I've never done that. It is not the mr. and he's got to have our younger so we'll see how much you corporate I hope they don't lose that because it's a big part of what you're bill. You know I don't know if you do your homework tonight Jeff but we're so they're talking about you teams that have struggled. In that first year when they had me. Defensive minded head. Head coach and they get a new offensive coordinator. And the lack of success at least early on that existed. The best team this done that because that's exactly what the Carolina Panthers have in front of them and you know the coordinator is going to be do. I mean obviously the coach did the quarterback is the same but that struggle. That are seen throughout my career you know being in that situation is exactly what brands are going through. Yeah it is at stake you know I think a lot of time. When you look at its in this situation happening they infinity are unemployed or not my issue nor. You know. A K a Y oh. To install properly throughout the year I've been a part of or are off but the bulk of our you have a ball right it's been like if I can read it to be in weeks. Fur to really get it going to happen seeing it every play with everything it can't be everything and and you give her a dork might think. Mr. quit and that would work for me. But and work for the epic there might sit him for 56 weeks to figure out. What we work. Porter thought that era in that back which caught him and when you are but at the moderate approach also you know they they it's going to be less. Aggressive they do want to play caller that should be yoga the run run cops. And keeping conservative. It and there's always a little virtual I think between the play caller as a coach is our. Which mirror you know we're called wanna be regret that the political just simply go. It is open or ballot bowl orbit but the fact that the security. A whopper there're well McCaffery get going in he would contribute a little bit time. We've offered them get Joseph and don't break out week one week to brief but not would you think it's going to be. That gave purpose driven out of one game you're not should be carried off the security people while on but it could be a little bit everything. True they're meld together. Jeff and you gotta go to second so well ended on this would you talk about that left guard position kind of you to promote needing to get that film for the season there are a couple of other positions a bit better going to be interesting Joseph person wrote about this in the observer today and you -- talks about quarterback who's going to be the number two corner and they're talking about you know defense and then you're figuring out if there's enough depth there and those seventeen years in the league Julius Peppers gone back to celebrate but if safeties wanna stands out to me because for a team that I think again should be Super Bowl or bust your Mike Adams the Norris Sears C and a Roger show on goal that their their safety spot right now if I'm looking at a spot the concerns me the most it might be sixty. Yes it is better interpret what they mean well look it's is is typically OGA. Especially to get and a goatee and a mini camp that can bet bit bit the starting eleven abode that that they are now for many fear is what they want. To start to see it. But security period they'll be looking to haven't earned a spot you know Bono would be a couple of blowout but keep it elevated during training here. But that's pretty much the team they want or is between that rolled out many get the last week. So whatever that is immediate what they're gonna go at the bar tree like he's got a rookie can pop but it stayed in the winter jaw. But there are a bit better at every opportunity. To win their job to keep that jaw but if you look if you Russia pastor there all the help they even quarter. On the import of pressure realistically be back albeit under percent. Will be fantastic for them. Quote you know I think we'll be OK at the recipe for at this so. What kind of kid did you get the. You're there it's if that 3 for 3 o'clock rebut Coptic from a corporate. Okay cool exposure. Or not. I know you big time as we appreciate your Brothers criticize always. Are.