Garcia and Bailey: The Game was Good, the Anthem was Bad.

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Monday, February 19th

We bloviate over the weekend's sporting news including the NBA All-Star game, Daytona, and Fergie.


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I have some arrests. You do I have a few regrets wells as opposed to join the club my fan. Goodness I have this Monday joined the club I know pilots they are 45. How many more army more regrets his arrest. It's just more moral a lot of bad. Have any regrets I wanna be a guy who lives his life with no regrets how do you do that you don't go. I mean there's just a thing museum a moment so yeah that's Tuesday yeah that's just a I mean you're gonna make mistakes right. I'm not the court did away off of their own fitness is important but it leads back into not just told us so we make a lot of mistakes as humans as you know as men. We don't necessarily intend to make those mistakes but if we make of what's good intent then there where there should be a reason not to regret okay all right. But there's sometimes you say some thing. If you're gonna say something and you know in a relationship that's not let him go which I understand that what you're gonna say something in his oops yeah I'm sorry I shouldn't of said that you're gonna regret it. Okay my regret that this particular regrets from the sweet and is. That I didn't make a greater effort to watch more of the all star festivities that's that's what. Because even though I didn't have a ton of interest in going into it you haven't seen that you know some of those things that I missed. They might have been you know so more enjoyable I wish that now I don't know is there is as a good regret or something that I should be regretting I just a duel little bit and here's the other thing. I couldn't say this earlier last week because I couldn't ruin the surprise in case my fiance was listening which she does she checks in laws throughout the morning in the afternoons to make sure Tex ever she checks on she checks on you and I think she wants to make sure that we're behaving just or about she worries about a source racer your network well thank. Thank you for your or you say you're gonna supposed to listen I don't remember a story about that particular news or are you ready I don't know whether I'm sort are where I'm supposed to be but it's unfair by the way bill bit trust so that sliced and so I couldn't seller last week but I've known since last Tuesday. That her dad my future father in law was so slide in the surprise there yesterday from. Because they were a New Hampshire what did you dress shopping as we talked about on Friday so we took him to the airport yesterday. And then as they were you don't just unloading you surprised to meet with his his suitcase on the back is that come with him come back to Charlotte. All right and so I knew that she didn't but he's here now I got here yesterday. And we keep this first of all this guy is he knows everything there is no about homes and fixing thanks it was a union carpenter is a firefighter. To any manner of equipment he knows how to run it he knows what to do whether he knows how to fix absolutely everything so I've got him for the next three days and I to pick his brain and helping to work on this house that we're trying to renovate so. That's a great thing. We worked until pretty late in the evening yesterday and got some dinner. By the time I got home I just was exhausted and glad to meet positive gym this morning at 615630. So Dodgers I was ready to go to bed I made zero effort but this morning I got up. A met us the jump got back it was getting ready for work and then you know we'd I started to try to rot watched a replay watch some highlights. And some of it looked cool like LeBron James what he did last night was cool you know he played more minutes than anybody else. Was the all star game MVP had to go ahead lay over 34 seconds left to go. Hosted team as soon. To a victory did he coached the team to victory. You know vet and the game was actually more competitive. The and I had given it credit for doing it right so. I have a justifiable excuse for not having seen as much of it is that would have otherwise but I still don't kind of witness I wish I had missed in the moment. What do you assess what our. Those guys really get because we have a lot of things the talk but I've gone back have done my due diligence or did my homework don't watch the highlights are washed all the performance is I saw everything that I needed to sit. Are you the one thing I wish I hadn't seen was for. Not because that was absolutely atrocious and were we can talk about Kevin or stuff and we will look at your dog. Slam dunk contest after I saw highlights I was in a second and do little to talk about three point shooting contest. In his second I don't regret one bit this kind of kind of a let down I don't regret one bit and regret it and that's that that the word of the day regret. That sources here talked about. I don't regret one bit I don't regret it that it can do anything to get me. Drawn them bumping game however. You can say what you want about the introductions that's going to be everybody's different cup of tea right culturally speaking. You know it's may be a little different than what you like or what some people like vs what people like. Doesn't bother me I asked if I'd like it I watch if I don't I don't have some certain songs some people like him some people don't know. In the not popular doesn't mean that'll solve doesn't mean it'll make a lot of money. I just choose not to I don't watch C instructions because I think it's a little corny little cheesy that's my cup but he burned the people might get there. And the ratings are gonna show well what is gonna stick and what is not so all as far as the game goes however. I was pretty entertainment game Oca especially. Reasons. I had the over. You you are a true to generate the gambled on the NBA all star game I took over last year as ordinary. Nine meter 18170. The blindness you were 330. Or 33 and a half the 32 and a half so you you lost I lost I lost I went and I do you know and I was am dumps it they're keeping up the first quarter of Kennedy. They need to score forty peace at least they got the number and second quarter but little bit more defense I don't know did that play more defense or guys just missed wide open shots probably a little bit about a guy just missed wide open shots but James Harden like five from nineteen last the last quarter. Of the game the fourth quarter is tell what you watch any other NBA game the last five minutes of the game. Was thoroughly entertaining the last two minutes of the half for a couple minutes of the half was so early imitating there and trapped LeBron in the inside the excitement in these guys. I wanted to win. These guys wanted to. That's all I care about. It they went out there and they played hard they wanted to land yeah. More than anything else to talk about doubly bad basketball to sloppy play the jacked up shot. When it came down until it. Team won the big steps team. Right that's what it was I saw both sides competing. You assault guys on the bench standing up wanting to win you heard Campbell on the sideline Rosie is bringing the ball there and you know him and hustle play to give him kind of that leads you know in the fourth quarter but you heard him say mile and a these guys did after. You know in the NBA players and all star players decided after they're nothing better. You're right about that. At an M what you just said a second ago about the fourth quarter remained got like any other NBA game there's some truth to that right because they really turned it on when it mattered to you the game. The globalized era in order to calm the calm the east we call on the west of Augusta Easton middle I'm gonna LeBron stays on team. Listen we'll go to him on the well we have Kevin Durant you have LeBron yeah Paul George you have these guys out there on the court and they besides a lot down in clampdown against Stefan whatever is reported generally don't put out there. Nice job off from the jury know who looks. Or seven foot tall and out there against theft curry good. Good luck yet this auto Seth Curry's one of the five greatest players in the planet right now but when he is double teamed by LeBron James and Kevin Durant he has no chance to cut off they eliminated. Absolutely true I want to talk about more of this because the NBA all star game what was interest and if for no other reason the game was better than their than a lot of folks thought it would be good it was interest and if for no other reason than the festivities surrounding it. Just America no Diebler is a rising star by. By the way OK and we'll talk about that here but I do wanna hear from you mergers. Oz and I were talking about it this morning okay I'm aware this is a totally subjective take on the NBA all star game people like what they like and I'm totally cool with that. But it almost feels like near universal that Fergie is National Anthem was atrocious. And I'm going to argue with anyone who says that there was a as you know a majority positive response to Kevin or last night because Kevin Hart was. Ripped on one I'm sure some people enjoyed it I like to have an art I think he's talented I think he's funny. But it thirty minutes of sketches and introductions last night was over the top and I just in the it was great so we'll talk about that we've got a lot of stuff to get into Marty hurting. Reinstated as the interim GM of the printers over religion we have to talk about that by the way the all star game last night staff courage hinted that he's not involved still an ongoing talks reported an ownership group about a Carolina Panthers will talk about that as well they totaled 500 college basketball an enormous weakened their Winter Olympics still going on and it's presidents' day. That's why most of your work in right now released a lot of it. We're gonna talk about presidents later in the show. The greatest athlete presidents. Of all time rejected strapping on a donut to walk out the Oval Office strap it on an absolutely did after on the football field baseball feel the basketball court whatever it may be Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt we'll talk about a ball. And there's a a love triangle taking place right now. In the world football. Between ESPN and fox and Peyton Manning and the skit where we'll talk about that is wells Garcia Bradley. Okay. We're. I. I. I. It I. I just. Welcome back I'm sorry going to be the first and only time we ever play that on the show I mean I don't even though it's certainly some good parts there are some bad parts. She has a voice. But that was all over the reports of the song or. She has some tight chic she has ability LB of all I guess the lives multiple runs in the race we're terrible. You look yet well first of all. I'm already heard in my analogy if I was American Idol but also this I'm all for artistic license you know we we see it every time people group formed the National Anthem to some degree now I'm not earlier traditionalist about a lot of things you know I'm all for artistic license but. The National Anthem for me is one of those things where it's not even about because it's sacred. It's because it was written very simply and beautifully the first time. It's not meant to be Saget half speed toward takes almost three minutes to sing to them throwing and it jazzy version of whatever the hell she tried to do with the sexiness injected into it and infused into just it was awful. Adam do you did you see dream on green. Dick caught a Jumbotron what his mouth open just looking at like what are you doing right. Now he wasn't listening terriers just look at that well that's possible and that's all I think most of America is doing glad to sound off on the outside I was a pool yesterday. For about four hours from hot mineral pull sixty degrees citing degrees inside and I was watching on the big screen right from the pool. I didn't know what I saw it. Ozzie you're like me you you're you're very critical of music row yes OK and I am too I always have that. I know things are subjective in that people like certain things but if you are out there and you thought that was a is a good solid performance of the National Anthem as your largest trolling the exact spot trolls from Ramallah what if you believe that was a good rendition of the National Anthem please please call or text and try to make your case because that was horrendous but I mean did you they actually. Right when it was done. You could hear the crowd. Kind of chuckling and murmuring right after the fact just wondering what the hell they just listen I'll serve them applauding. Yeah. And you you kind of feel it's chaotic courtesy except current president of the national NASA are snapping an isolated there. And dirt during the song. As she hit her high notes in the big part of the song there were people that were clapping and cheering. I heard it our tomorrow. On June 2 years she Evan Wright your buildings and I'm doesn't it well it's great she's crazy talented and I wanted to be my baby mama but that performance was terrible but I Coachella. I appreciate it was at from start to finish it was all forms a terrible idea awful awful execution anyway that most people are watching. For. The sound. In that situation but they want her be bigger. Let the greatest football content in my opinion graced just woke up with a dudes so seized she's available. Really clicked off the dust in Las Vegas just. I just lost you know the show lost there was cultivate a what that yeah enough till it I'm Marvin Gaye was the greatest National Anthem all time dizzying Jackie his personality his flared late it was compelling. And he could saying we'll see if there really cares about. With that but the thing about it was when I can't say but when Marvin gay did that. But when that happened Marvin gay was actually criticized for his rendition of the but but over the years. It became you know and recognized as one of the more unique and and that in and charge can sing. I see my kids my my. They say you're gonna think I'm being you and your lovely ladies love ya think I'm joking or trying to be antagonistic about this I'm not okay because again to me having. Dealt with the National Anthem a long time haven't done performances the National Anthem I'm really I don't like these renditions do better yet. Other than a 1000% over I took an NNS not even the point to point that was images for all this talk that we have about the National Anthem. Okay the National Anthem is supposed to be performed as written by Francis Scott chief you'll be offended by some to be offended by the fact she butchered that song last night. That was offensive as when I know if you can do better yes. Garrett at the premiere. I was there are so let's get the lab but it will do. And I know there's been production this could be you know all the car on raunchy right now let's go let's do this you're gonna you're gonna call somebody out. Are you going to give it time maybe it's something on FaceBook Lodwick my bill to do okay. Will work on that. It would mark Martin's remarks and he has a real talent goes beyond us about the Smart he Houston where did you ask and only. Nominal phenomenal for you doesn't she can't hold their collective jock strap it or not many people can't. You just compared him to do the greatest of all time but there's some local LaSalle there's so why you go on the air. Anyway it doesn't matter because it's not just about the vocals. As ajar to try to point out it's about me and baby mama. She yeah. Those areas like I did it again I'd ever looked at that live indicted and you're right image she's attractive she's attracted to look at. There's going to be a lot of people watching and there's been a lot of people talked about what is it all started looking for I was gonna they I was gonna use an example she's British Russians say itself I was really use a debate who would you rather hear someone who can really belt it out and do it justice or someone that looks good the blight little black dress. And kind of butchers it's never mind the president to. Enzyme tablet I don't answer that question Leslie let me ask you want to be honest it tends to limit that's -- finish making your port from earlier by the way about Kevin Hart because you were sort of -- appoint him overcome at the end of and -- really needed to elaborate but if you were talking about Kevin Hart and -- held it's a subjective saying you were a bunch of white guys sitting in the studio and you know maybe maybe our our perspective on this is still. More than maybe what you like or you know and so I don't. A lot of people final Kevin Hart slightly. I don't wanna more than two you know there's a lighten his to his stand up act you know some of the things he says sometimes you're gonna find it funny sometimes or not. Bomb but they're not cheering. To. The guys or in this world. They're catering to Mormon urban audience that is going to go out there and maybe find that more attractive that's what you all star game is I'm. It was that or they don't book and I'll ask you this question because the NBA. And and and its viewership in the demographic of people that watched you don't have them watch the NBA. It's it's. It's nationwide. But it's very heavy and in cities. Nobody did transcends. All demographics no race blades it's does skew younger. But but I don't think necessarily it's drawn along that you know this hard. Race demographic lines that that's how people does it not just race demographic there's age demographics and there as well right. And here we're sitting here as a bunch of forty year old dude even though your thirty somethings you act like you're forty something that things like are there will be a bit. Tend to be a little bit older and Arjuna on the odds you'll probably same things that 48 year old man Moline Il likes forty year old stuff. He just talked about your Aretha Franklin and a lot of the other things you say you re right clearing his press rank title it. That jot this time done. Franklin's right. Fragile front. I got tourist it'll battery Franklin bridge were frankly. I love you just a treasure trove. Would you say the other day you call somebody I'm not saying I don't mess up that was a good when you're for Franklin is good. I have to that is equivalent. If so. You know a lot of times you know there's going to be just different demographics and you know that's not what I felt like the MB it was scheduled to that's okay and that's okay ability to the counterpoint to that is it was a lost to three years ago they had Fall Out Boy as are committed to central performer at the NBA all star game right so it are you catering to a little bit odd to twenty year old Emo kids and I don't know Reynoso it's kind of all over. The poise well. How will would you rather see a band has a name to socks or ours doesn't Amos Sox. Or somebody you've never heard of any chance who can really sink has musical as real musical talent. And Gloucester and bring the house down and use it as a steppingstone supplies get their cells introduced into the music world. Don't care about that that's not a place in time for that this morning late night shows us this is the biggest stage. Where most people are gonna be watching if you like this it's for entertainment value I. When listening Kevin Hart. Because I know that's gonna get me and Kevin Hart doing something look and see what he's doing our purses. Johnson says that might be super talented. And might be phenomenal and all star game I'm not to an end in gearbox on Smith's. That's fine and again on the Kevin Hart fan but at the same time I just within the sketches and all that to me that was the place for the comedy when it comes introductions give these guys the credit and that's the respected their dues for for earning that kind of achievement I just I didn't care for the warm waters of the. Again it's stupid players do you think the players cared. I don't know I'm not sure because I think to their objective they do we have heard the objections you don't think that LeBron James or Paul George or you don't you saw on the black want to be happy despite all spotlight on them fur. You know 678 minutes nine minutes absolutely they do that's the reason other point in the MBA because they like the attention. I know this for a fact most athletes like that attention and they want the spotlight on them for the attack that amount of time they want their time in the life. I think it's fair. But I miss US carrier do you want to spotlight yes do you want to spotlight worked seven marts in a blast and it's been a flatter through now a broadcaster in the introductions I would think but again I don't think anybody. But he gets their feelings hurt I just wasn't as huge fan of what went on the bottler really quickly before step aside. Loved look a personal Charles Barkley is a national treasure and the fact that we haven't actually made him that yet a national treasure is disappointment after first National Anthem and I quote. Damn right it was different under the cigarette after that I. No no no that was Barkley I think that was. Act though it was the certainly this they're -- Shaq took up for park was of the cigarettes and -- kind of took off for a little bit there and so but I just love Charles Barkley are to come back had a great showing how to use it later in the show chuck our joins us again post Daytona five water boarded his thoughts on Austin -- went -- Wallace is emotional reaction to finishing second Danica Patrick wrecked out of her very special live very last NASCAR racetracks and we'll talk about that John Rossi to kick off our number 3:12 o'clock we'll talk a lot of college basketball great win for duke yesterday Grayson Allen's playing his tail off over the last three games we've got to get to -- to do and we'll talk a lot India throughout the show and of course a lot of Panthers coming your way as well we'll talk about Marty party we'll talk about injured -- well and storm what should they do that's coming up later in the show as well Garcia and they. Excuse jump on. Ticking and I'm now. Brian. Yeah it's been recorded in love. It's the Gramm shortly at child clearly don't let. Easy to save as much what are our child really WS Lindsay frank Garcia was just busted tortured and during the good you know what for I don't believe that a for the listeners to decide. Her ex child Bailey WS Lindsay frank Garcia do what is that I need to answer my hooked to you and you move clearly. In the post this really puts frank Garcia torque in. Soon. Birdies. Disorders called my home to my home me all right yeah clearly don't usually you're really close. Yes right because you do basically all the time. And I'm gonna attack it was payback is of this church that's half. I'm all for. There we go back has done that and don't try to torture and on the Internet welcome. Garcia Bailey did on Twitter and there's agreement W child really W since in a reader from the follows you does a pretty good about that so firm. Sing dance and so badly Capra or sit up and told not to disrespect the anthem you know why I ask could have been an appropriate thing to do. Everything what she did last night was ever that is disrespectfully because she just ruined a soft single like it was intended that's all we ask 70457090. Sic stand we are talking about the all star game a little bit and it was good I mean though LeBron James 34 seconds left to say go ahead layup he scored 29 points on twelve of seventeen shooting played 31 minutes more than anybody else in the game. He was named the IBM you treat the more DeRozan and Tim Miller led the west with 21 points each and I take it James. MVP but a shot nineteen times last night more than any other player but only hit five shots. And scored twelve portrait showing for Kemba Walker last night by the way eleven points on five of ten shooting in fourteen minutes on the floor until we connected on one of five reporters puts us at himself a nice little night Donovan ritual on the dog contest over the weekend Devin Booker when the three point contest and you know now the other the game moves from mother Staples Center in LA. To Charlotte. Toll gates in his past and now it's it's. All speak our full speed ahead to next year's all star game in Charlotte now this is going to be adjusting for the city because you go from he city. And arena into the Staples Center that has hosted seven NBA finals and I think the Emmys and grammys. To the spectrum senate next year and look I'm Johnson Charles going to be a great host for the all star game but you know there's a stark contrast between LA. And Charlotte you know so how they handle a lot of this is going to be interesting in. Whom he sees decisions on. Unlike the entertainment and you know there are several things. But for those like in the entertainment halftime entertainment. On the call it to believe he dead yet. You can't believe I did better because I didn't believe have two things you posted in May when I was a look I put my answer Graham on Friday and look into people's stories the first thing SE is my big head sitting right here because you decided you're gonna take video of Minnesota you know does it actually. What's he could. Actually act against the policy front sexson hit a Meyerson and a child really WS NC it's. We are truly were reject comments coming in already too that's great what is I don't know assault was remote she says is nice but probably so front there was probably really really impressed. Which is but cellular service for Charlotte nick Sears and host the all star game and I don't think look if they handle intellectual Democratic National Convention in the other this put these things always happen in Europe and I think they'll do a fine job is it's not LA but they'll do fine job. Yeah yeah on I would like to know you know some of the improvements you know that may be. In suggestions that people would have it both at the Charlotte the U the all star game coming here next year you know Kevin Hart the introductions maybe lessen the introduction may be more of the introductions what do you like about the all scarred all star game don't like about the all star game. You know you're not going to be able to pick and choose you know who is obviously going to be in it who's going to be participating those type of things but you improvements to the all star game as we just saw with the halftime things we're sitting here being critical of today whether it's Fergie singing the anthem or. You know Kevin Hart doing the fifteen minute introductions per player you know when it goes out to you examining. From I wanna see a guy like Kevin Durant didn't see very often ordered the final here in Charlotte which will be an awful be a good game but. Hum how yellow the C. What Kevin Durant who Kevin Durant is on the spotlight on him. And if for fifteen minutes where it was fun to have a little roasting and the last have a young followed these guys expenses and see them get along comfortable maybe see that personality. You know go out there and you have some fun with it so. It's all star game is supposed to be fun it's supposed to be lights in the and I didn't mind Kevin Hart much you have that much last night who'd who did have to. Must like by the way who was it does need to do it I forgot who was already who did have to perform I. And I didn't jargon has Tom I don't watch them on stuff and it's a Super Bowl or All Star Games this is just a shower it shocked at the front I had just Ellison referring. If that's what I can't get just felt on the cigarettes first no more than a window into the wind and solar hundreds of dissent. That's a that's that's that's I but I don't go down and I'm excited and that's my business yeah. Stuck to editors there is has personally did you lose both. So if you normalize you don't I. Nobody is gonna do us any right. No I I'm I'm looking forward to seeing what that was Charlotte has in store for for visitors and this is this is an and I. An act it's not an economic impact of snow and estimated 400 million dollars it's great for the city of people coming to get a chance to put displays on display and were to look at. All of us I was gonna say to Gonzales and are running around Shirley yesterday to a runner much air is a pick stuff up and you know I I just continue to marvel at the amount of construction. That is taking place all across this city right now and god I know a lot of it you know is not necessarily in preparation for the all star game but some of it is there because when you host he's got a magna would be the events of this magnitude -- let's say they would have been built otherwise but there are some things have been sped up some things have been kind of altered to luck to accommodate things like this and it's really amazing things of what cities and looked liked. A year from now you know as opposed the way it does now is going to be pretty amazing and of itself I. Mark my question is you post this Earnest Graham white lawyer several women trying to request to follow me all the sudden you know a French my heart I does not favor. And and tags you and it's of a newer Fido and value welcome Kathy welcome this morning are at before we say what you think the general quicker we get regulatory himself don't start what a solid and I watched estimates that it highlights this morning it was fun you know ya do the guys honestly to your point earlier in the second half it looked like they were playing harder. That I I would what I expected and I I think some of these guys maybe have heard the other criticisms. And the complaints from fans out there that you know it just feels more like a Harlem Globetrotters game than it ever did deal competitive all started. And I don't know if that's because there's really nothing on the line nothing at stake you don't for the game boy the baseball's all star he used to be in Imus thing it's good or bad thing is just it it indicated it would com. And value to exhibition. With no defense and a lot of bad shots over the years but I appreciate the fact last night that it looks like it mattered to them include those guys wanted to win so great that that in and of itself has trouble getting draw me back closer and closer to an event that I used absolutely love when I was younger so the game itself spot. Saw 07045709. B sixty and any thoughts on the all star game will certainly take those are we got such showered coming up at 11 o'clock some gonna say Columbus they totaled 500 talk for him but Austin Dillon winzip incredible finish the number three car back in Victory Lane in twenty years after Dillard. 517. Years. After he crashed at Daytona and later died you know being airlifted to the hospital and it just an incredible scene there are of course he's driving the number three car owned by his grandfather Richard Childress and that that might not even been the biggest story probably was put the bubble Wallace was about close seconds. He's the highest finish of the Daytona 500 for a black driver since 1966. When Wendell Scott finished thirteenth and Richard Petty won the 66 Daytona 500 he was a very emotional the podium after the race. I thought that was really cool thing deceit and fortunately for Danica Patrick her on her stock car career ends. Of with a wrecked she was wrecked by chase Elliott as are about half a dozen guys yesterday but she was wrecked and that's it for her so oh well a well. Sixty million dollar net or so. I've never met MA career. Oh I take it in RPI absolutely William in my body and I had a conversation last night who has who's worth more Danica Patrick core Aaron Rodgers. We would you think this air Roger our viewers more news network a study draws as integrated there's gotta be Roger aren't close really she's double. He's worth thirty he's worth thirty. According to that the sides and I was watching early you know looked up wow on the looked at up that's crazy is dead at about number save your time. My point is that when you look at people's networks sometimes they do very little bit so so I just wanna see illiterates or thirty million Aaron Rodgers I don't not believe you just which has sixty million Danica Patrick. I beat two times as much. Look them up take that in the back. I'll practice a double of unloading effort down I'd love to take that to the back if I could we're gonna come back we got some snap judgments for you chuck tower at 11 o'clock is he still and its owners who backed. I'm sure when their driver in bag but you know they do a delta fly and so the other probably on the road we'll see. Well we're gonna find out unreal Doris 11 o'clock snap judgment is next John Rossi and inaudible talk about Duke's big win yesterday Carolina blue well little bowling Kentucky on Saturday we'll get to that as well and double talk more about some of these bubble teams great college basketball stuff to do it soon of course a lot of parents are still coming your way Marty party plausible possible cap casualties a lot to get into its Dorsey and they would. Lost replied yeah. We're talking about so presidents sort of just try to talk about some of the most athletic presidents later in the show big minutes presidency in a lot of jobs their sleeping and just now waking up. One of our and this seemed listeners has ties to the list on his notes apple is iPhone so innocent mistake so. It's pretty helpful stuff we appreciate that aren't so quickly today much must that judgment has to do with Martin artist who was reinstated just. Over the breach as the interim GM of the Carolina Panthers as the NFL's investigation team to an end and they found zero evidence of wrongdoing. On his part. And this is not to gloat but it is to say that. We sat here what two weeks ago two and a half weeks ago saying okay. This as we know it as of now is not grounds to terminate the man it's not grounds to drag his name through mud and it's not grounds to don't go hysterical. Over something that quite frankly we don't know enough about or. Is the business of a man and his ex wife and turns well that was the case. OK you know what to the NFL's investigation turns up zero evidence of wrongdoing if you think back and a judge who was asked to issue a restraining order against Marty are you on behalf of his ex wife's. Looked at the evidence instead absolutely not I'm not issuing a restraining order. Soul you have the NFL's investigation you have to judge saying no you have withdrawn complaint by the way. And all of this serves to just sort of underscore that message that. It was never grounds for termination. And it's. All those horrible things those bizarre things but you may or may not have read in the initial complaint that we're five that was filed. We have no idea how much truth is in any of it. And we told you then and Rolf say it again unless you have been through a divorce and especially a nasty divorce you have no idea. What people are capable of doing or saying much you have no idea what someone who at one point in their lives pledged to love you forever through sickness and health until death do you towards. Can turn on a dime and say and do awful things about Jeanette applies to both men and women in these relationships now. If you wanna talk about Marty hardly get a sections now these contracts are reasons to fire okay. If you don't think he's an adequate GM for this team if you think he's the wrong guy do you think there's a better choice moving forward to win disorganization a title. Then by all means make your case against Marty Hurley that what. But the private drama between him and his ex wife and the mother of his children. Was never grounds for termination and that's only been reinforced again this weekend so. If you wanna come in with more fire Marty Marty because this football reason or that football reasoned and by all means have a soulful take those calls until the cows come home. But that put the other part of it's not he's back in his job he's doing his job as he should be into the Carolina Panthers team otherwise. Consider Miller myself out and that was the thing that I would you know I'd I'd check to hesitate you know when it comes to. No quick judgment on some of these athletes some of these the decisions that are taking place in how we put these guys on the the the cross and one of you forward you know the trial's even taken place com and just give the guy the day and interest in court and let him. Figure out what this just judicial system figure out. And then we didn't gonna make our decisions based on that one for now I can agree with you more as far as if you don't like Mario and his GM because of the contracts because of caps and ultimately that's basically. The town of valuation. Then yeah I agree make your argument then we can have that debate all day but the rest this stuff. It to me is it's done it's in the past and it was a personal matter. I mean I don't know if there should be simple laws the note that protects your those type of things you know from the media you know it comes to personal relationships like that. 01. Is administrative by the justice about by the courts and by about log on an obvious I don't I don't really you know. Numbers I guess the difference right NYI yeah I'm not asked him for the difference on the same for the privacy and I know put up but I'm just saying that nobody is so long his marriage. It it is overseen and governed by the government you know it's a little bit different and applause and and private medical issues because you know when you're divorced but there's a judge. There's a legal proceeding you know those things are in the books in the public record so that that lesson to be closed door on the ocean have a do the ability to see that either try to you know I heard that ought to pursue it I'll always have and that's why do you know when it when I heard about this. It unless you've been through it is just another one of those things that you shouldn't cast stones because those things decides to every story they get nasty and I said when we read the job in the initial complaint that a Marty honey did those things absolutely did the things outlined in those reports and broke a law that okay that's a different story but as it turns out none of the NFL's investigators for. The judge believe those things to be true so I don't. Public opinion the women is the woman is the victim 99.9 9% of the time the man's going to be deep. You know the that it obviously lead the guilty party group. Our list of what took place regardless out of place if that comes out that's the way the court of public opinion is going to favor. And so that we illicit text and an assist tell the listeners we only have nineteen million dollars in jet space we can't sign anyone goods wants. Well no it's. Not know the because look if you Landry nor will walk vineyard and have a little more space and are going to be as much because of what he figures to make him when he was making out the same thing but the ride Coolio. Dribble and our cap space or noted that but I mean it's just because you have nineteen million doesn't mean I can go sank after a five year hundred million dollar deal depends on how why are you structure our structure the contracts and that is that. Mean there are guys is my prayers are European contract a chess right do it and that there's going to be some some say there's going to be some breath. Our city our hands Mario. Earning him and Ron Americans are hands and not go get a free agents. But make some improvements will most likely be after the draft could not gonna overplay. The start of us going out there and getting the fastest best wide receiver out there it's a pipe dream it's not gonna happen not here. Not most good organizations those things don't happen you might go out there and find a guy on the lower half was contract might help still holed that you didn't address in May be. These the draft or do you feel we go on and bring in a dime for competition. Those things happen all the time which no one if I bring those guys and can turn them. Talent so little right I'm not. I'm not overly concerned more with cap space right now. Text or rights and build a surtax slugged go back to Marty artists like this show. And and look at those seven are Irish seventh streets because at a seven sometimes makes good points released a Disney something to bash tomorrow like that to he says Kyle okay cool my porn has always been when we as fans present quote. Women live for world. He's his financial gain narratives and quotas we met in relation to athletes accused we're told were victims shaving to the media is allowed to do that with non players know. I'm not an all you can try to pay doses the media if you like but if you do listened on a daily or weekly basis. You know nothing could be further from the truth with awesome black wolf we will be the first ones support out when somebody's it. Is what he's I don't he says the media. Oh I know why you're so defensive. He's not talking necessarily about you wouldn't Mi but cut it says the general out generalities of the media the right. But that's where but that's where I agree with that that's that's where you are different because we have different backgrounds because I have worked with a lot of good honest people are still in the media OK but that he's not referring to. All of OK but again but enamored and you ship and might not do but lots of people do. It's a because I know a lot of people personally who were out there just try to do the best job they can't every single day and to write accurate truthful. I don't bipartisan objective stories. I just did this whole the media just the media that that bothers me because I do know people on the ground doing good work every day and that's why and that's where you are just different backgrounds. And that's probably not to Russia itself we'll come back. We're talking to -- hours we'll know he's in Daytona. Halfway back from Daytona is getting out of drunk tank this morning no idea until I guess is you listen and I'll we'll talk to jockey was at Daytona yesterday great finish Austin Dillon when's it in the number three car bubble Wallace elephant Estandia Patrick wrecked out that they need some great stories coming out yesterday's Daytona 500 we'll talk about that next it's Dorsey and it.