GArcia And Bailey: Free Agent Frenzy

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Tuesday, March 13th

In the opening hour Frank and Kyle discuss all the wild deals getting done during the first days of Free Agency...


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But Garcia. I'll say it past half. College tuition at a general that's all I was running I don't know why everybody accepts it for me in this chair feels the need to sit seventy feet in the air. They wanna be able to seal the screen. Ayers and it was an Oz bella that's the reason that all men anyway. 1 morning and have quite the morning major nor Wheldon Roger breezed startled her lawyer doing I'm not having a good morning of the divert those tests. What thirteen point three stars as undisclosed right now Dem it's our Drew Brees assigned to your twenties to your fifty million point five per let's go right. Yeah adults almost limit their prayers here but so I almost look sort of was it a kick starter. And no sooner is that much money anyway. Free agency is drunk and out people are going wild and that's what free agency does not quite free agency so make sure that your very clear on this because people freaked out to achieve the star Ted. This is the legal hampering US that's true so makes free agency doesn't officially take off until tomorrow. This is the legal tampering period between really drive to qualify that every time yes OK and I will but so did the legal tampering period was struck. And in this hardcore child I'm just telling you you're gonna get a million texts are ready again to either out there are free agency doesn't start till Wednesday morning. You lot do you do research. Yet alone do your research got the S and investments and accelerated as the next evolution of stick to sports got theory searched the and to our list from its third doesn't. Anyway I guess over so was. Legal Eagles average periods whilst. So many guys are reportedly signing deals Drew Brees design error will sign it suit your deal. Worth fifty million dollars to remain the quarterback of New Orleans say it's no surprise there whatsoever that that was never going to Minnesota to finish his career he's gonna stick with the sixth. Let's see what else case gave him results to Denver. But in case Qaeda and as the missing piece to win them a Super Bowl. I'll low. Respectfully disagree but you know Woolsey LA well that works out fourth also I injured Orwell I as you've probably heard this morning record setting contract from the Jacksonville Jaguars the off undrafted all sorts of climbing out of Ohio State picked up by Dave Delmon is is cashing in on some good work. I love to push the Pentagon. No it doesn't push the panic button guy right that's the guys that we're gonna hear from one we don't know why the Carolina Panthers make him any move would just like there's an old logo. You know we have a receiver we lost we lost a corner no we lost. We hit Sammy Watkins just sign we could I had him. For sixteen million. We're going Marty if you can't you you can't see now mute terror. All the that that's a push the panic that does but your guy. You know yes there's a just like that aren't just like that well here's what's interest rates you know and you're talking about free agency earlier. And I didn't look not every teams to say none of the situation or season is the same but I would back and looked at it a with the Philadelphia Eagles that. Just out of curiosity during last year's free agent signing period. And they they went out got some wide receiver health but it took two was a matter of fact also on Jeffrey and Torrey Smith. They signed. Jazz warm act and they use these are these are our side he's from other teams and not resigning their own free agents would book signings from other teams. And then the force. Free agent signing for the Eagles last year was a fairly important when it was pixels right at the time it was not you know seen as anything more than hey we have backup to Carson what's. But my point here bigger or those guys broke to barrack. Right that's my point and so so did they go on free agency decides you guys out differ got a fourteen million dollar deal you know so ruled that that's as close to his brood of close to breaking the bank is notified. But so you they didn't it was this a spending spree wasn't up a break the bank bonanza. Judge Jeffrey's what they're tries your question sure and in the free agent market they got a lot. And you know honestly if if your team. You know and you have space and you still like to close I have no problem you know with you're the Panthers going out there and finding the guy. You know maybe a corner I mean maybe. You know. Personally I think you know were not great wide receiver but we're not terrible or not as bad as people think when health. Defense what defense of a man I'm telling you right now that's a concern in defense line is becoming one. You know you're a star walked. Rightfully so you probably need to pay by the bills and you let its you know peppers you know he's he's going to be back used Charles Johnson. You know he's out mom you have Madison torn on the other side port and on the other side. You know but neither one of them controlled point between the tackle tight end. You still need a strong side defense of vendors going to be able to hold that point vs double teams and set the edge on the outside when teams are gonna run strong. So you know that's one of the things that don't Kansas I think need to really addressed you know whether it via draft or free agency in Paris and the need to go out there and get it. No the next highest paid guy but. They need some depth and he's good quality players there that are going to be able to provide some impact. 7045709. 62 and a we got a question here come again but I do think is worth answered right good Dexter says. Without pushing the panic button what has Marty done to actually address concerns. Well. It's considering. North nothing's been allowed to be done pretty much other than maybe a trade. The same thing everybody else test. Nothing. There's still a lot of time in free agency left as we just mentioned it doesn't even start until tomorrow. This is the legal tampering period. So people can go out there and have these conversations. To set these contracts in place before they signed the contract tomorrow at 4 PM. So nothing has happened. I'm not expecting a big spending spree. You know from the Carolina Panthers but I do I expect him to address some concerns. Bomb I think we have potentially be better whoever we bring in at quarterback. Oh Darryl Worley was an average guy he was a jag. Any guy you bring in free agency is gonna be as good if not better potential. I he's gonna be automatically as good as what Darrell worldly wise. So. You know you're gonna get better at the cornerback position. Ultimately just you have to be patient. One of these guys is gonna get cut its they're gonna get released and it doesn't take a rocket science to figure out how to play corner. This is the coverage this year responsibilities. Find ball C bowl tackle ball you know understand the scheme. Romulo takes a little longer to adapt on the offensive side. Because you have to understand the play and there's a lot more plays. And design involved in the offense and there is the defects while Smart guys went on the offensive side all the media player on the defense of a we just we just know that so. And I'm kidding but you know that's. That's kind of the the mentality. You know when you look at replays seeing you know those positions it's fine ball C bowl tackle ball on the defense takes a longer. Ought to learn the offense on the other side. All right 70457096. And got a couple of questions coming in all the buildings and protects London did you want to address when we did back but we we got a big show ahead for you coming up in about twenty minutes. It's a five hour energy coaches hotline Pete Gillen former Joshi of the Virginia Cavaliers and Providence. Will join us we'll talk some college basketball the NCAA tournament play in game starting tonight's and so would get his thoughts on no lots of things surrounding the NCAA tournament tournament in March Madness. 1230 we talks and NFL with will Brunson of CBS sports dot com it's looking forward to that conversation. As you know will has been covering it's a lot of these free agent moves an incumbent at 1 o'clock today our fourth installment of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history and I'd just like the first three we think you're really gonna like this was a 1 o'clock we got dressed up fourth installment for you and and a mystery photo clock or 1 o'clock 1 o'clock o'clock that we have moved back to 1 o'clock today's of the fourth installment is a 1 o'clock today and don't want that mystery does to us to share some thoughts on the fourth installment of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history aborted due to when we did brackets Garcia and they'll. Now the five hour energy coaches hotline Pete Gillen former Georgia Virginia Cavaliers in Providence stops and and he is now. They color analyst college basketball analyst full time we'll talk about so the NCAA tournament play in games tonight's. For the cult you know playing Jay's article on this thanks. Its first four vs how my college that's. You know GA you don't give first floor now on my column the faster they just music and I. I'm not saying first order that the playing games are given just a dork I'm sorry they're playing games. Or talk to Pete don't spend about twelve minutes so later in the show 1230 will Branson's Dobson CBS sports died John NFL writer we'll talk about this wave of free agent signings this morning two and two including your two impacting the Carolina Panthers and drew nor well signing the sign your record setting deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars this morning it is the largest contract in the league for an offensive start and are up heard your average it is the largest contract in the league among all authors of one minute thirteen point three million dollars a year but so that'll be suppressed by the next guy who signs so but look good for him good for Andrew Noel is also Jacksonville and Carolina is going to go about filling the hole but it comes expected it was always going to be filling and then it Oden. Probably about 1520 minutes before earlier the news broke that so starlet to delay is gonna sign a five year deal with the Buffalo Bills so what is most Lopez this thing just continues to be real. Yet. And that's. Closer to sign these guys that's why it makes sense for me personally. In to restructure these contracts earlier in the and there are clear recently don't limit free agency because what happens when you do. You go to Egypt and tremendously big contracts and you know arguable compete. You know what those guys so. Ukulele and on the bills good for him it's what he's played hard for the last you know several years he's. Served. This team the defense very well I'm sure Lou key clique in a TD Shaq are gonna miss you know that big body front but it's time for Vernon. To step up now in and see what he can do and I'm. I'm excited to see what he can do as well because there are shown flashes of you know being out and being a dominant guy so. We'll be interest in CI you know how we don't pans out this year no and you know hopefully he stays healthy. So mr. rice and build a surtax on who the hell's gonna play defensive back were screwed no defense spending corner safety a corner or safety frank correct me if I'm wrong you gotta get home faster cover launching a new water. Yeah nom we both of these tough and that's what we saw against the New Orleans Saints last year. Unlike the American upgrade but as a pointed out earlier and you come true or not everybody listened to that you know everybody gets in the Carter different time and turns on but. Whoever comes and it's gonna be right where we left off you know with Darryl Worley. No we're not losing much there you know he's the average guy in this league he's a jag is just another guy. So low when you start looking at you know who's gonna come and anybody and you're going to be right there when you left off with the potential you know to get better there are some other younger players on this roster still. On that may have the ability to step up and challenged. And then in the draft don't be surprised if they. Draft a corner you know in the fourth or fifth round you know we don't think about these things a lot of times when you lose guys the compensatory picks we're gonna receive. There's gonna add value to our draft later in the draft so you know if you're looking to get depths you're looking to challenge guys and new looking to build your special teams that Sarah those four through seven rounds are we gonna do that. Ask me about ask me the same question that you asked about compensatory picks a little while ago. We're askew says Irvin a compensatory pick the best compensatory picks its has ever. You know the drastic Tom Brady. It was a compensatory pick corners and it's a list and 2015 years or did they ranked the top fifty compensatory picks of all time. Tom Brady comes in at number one round six pick number one now and not overall number two. Larry Allen. Bill Larry don't come home. It also emerald principle on a number three Brian Dawkins. Out there Brian Dawkins real early Eagles number four Hines Ward yup number five Le Roy Glover yes for. TSA itself play a long time who's probably. One of the most explosive defense of Lima and I think he was here in Charlotte if I'm not mistaken. But does he was more than most explosive defense of Lyman you know I've played against and you put him on turf in he gave he gave senators fit smell very similar John Randall. So other names on this list committed six Marcus Colston a New Orleans wide receiver Matt Hasselbeck at seven. A pick by Green Day in the sixth round a Mike Vrabel comes in at eight third round pick 91 overall I'd Derek Alexander pick by Cleveland back in 1994. So good to the point is to this is you there's you know there's there's potential to have help there you know knowing who to draft obviously is the key is like you know we talked about the hornets. And you can have all these top tier picks but if mean they're really not tops your picks. You know how how much are you really you know help helping yourself so. You know Martin president of truly pretty good job in actually really good job with his first round picks you know in years past. I'm you don't Ron Rivera is gonna have a mature a little bit more input with that others can be a little bit more. Collaboration. You know with those decisions. You know may be because of lack of the ownership it's you know existing here with Carolina Panthers. And you're gonna have their staff there has pro scouts others can be there in the college scouts in or it comes to the draft and you're the pro scouts know you'll figure out who the best stuff free agent in it was going to be in this year one when that comes to fruition as well our political. Three morning's alternate list to prison torture studies a fascinating list. Up your door saunter by Indianapolis it's on to say also picked by Indianapolis and at Pat Tillman drafted by Arizona also compensatory picks so it's pretty cool list compiled by a little look at what. What we're doing you know peppers is coming back. I think you you approach this is a he's not. In knowing that wave that you're not shocked if he doesn't get burned. Jim Barnes. You know you always have a spot for peppers you're gonna make it clear roster spot with a 53 guy on the roster for Julius Peppers are just yet so you know whoever that. You know for stringer for a string defense of drug defensive back or wide receiver is. You know nice thanks planned you have to practice squad roster spot open for he'll be here powered McCutcheon try to sign back there because the temple as a player and the year. So. I think if you approach it that he's gone. Which is bigger concern you know if you look at the defense of and it was talked about in corners. And safeties and for me when I look at the value. If you have a little charts that you look at impact and you know what. In how you're gonna grade these guys and who are the most starts with quarterback I think everybody agrees right if you don't have a quarterback don't have a chance on for the most part. Let's give a great defense but. The most the position that provides the most impact on the football field. This is arguably a quarterback Brett nobody has more touches the ball more nobody provides you know that type of impact defensive end to me is number two. In defense of bed and right behind quarterback because he can change the outcome of the game. You know any snap he plays defense by getting the sack fumble in those types of things he can you know do you can have an interception was to pass you if you name yet to run to the other side. The next to me would probably be. Hum to probably be linebacker wide receiver you know on on the offensive side you know and in whichever one you don't pick you know the one you're gonna go be for the other so. Need to start looking that tell you left tackles and then you start getting to you linebackers in your safeties right your corners. In corners has more value to me you know than safeties or linebackers. I want I want more and don't stop from you on this coming appear just a little mix this is an instant conversation to have the Panthers have lost your starters already this morning in free agency injured or wells Austin Jacksonville and Adam shift to reporting and Jordan robbery confirming a moment ago the starlet to lawyers Austin buffalo with free agency officially open so other looking to fill holes a couple of holes that probably assume they wrestle anyway so we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit we do a lot of chances to get into including. An update on the Michael Rubin story of potential printers ownership because there's an interesting twist to that story we've got to get soon but when we come back. Pete Gillen. Five hour energy coaches hotline former Georgia Virginia probably joins us next to talk about the guy incidentally turned it play in games tonight it's Garcia and barely. Let's not beat. It kind of is but not really right so tonight is the first four guys Oz isn't for me is the player name always will be to me a couple of them anyway and the NCAA tournament is so upon us and it's exciting we love college basketball especially in the city North Carolina and we got a lot of college basketball to get into right now because it's time for the five hour energy coaches hotlines sign up for the five hour energy brackets today at five hour energy brackets dot com where you can change your tricks. Live during each tournament game joins us now the second job just live from CBS sports network Pete Gillen is a former head coach of a couple of number one seeds in this NCAA tournament field at Virginia and Xavier Providence as well and we welcome him once again on Dorsey and barely tocchet I hear your under the weather so we appreciate you was tough enough to indict him through this that. Well beat up it and it. I fired their looks let's let's talk about first of all a couple of those teams that I just mentioned there a second ago I was reading some some pieces this morning suggesting that a lot of folks think Xavier might be the most vulnerable number one seed in this tournament I'd love your take on that but also Virginia because. A lot of having watched this team over the past couple weeks we were kind of saying all season long but hey there may not be a great team in college basketball Virginia may not be a great team but there's closest we've got. Yeah Oprah Oprah ate here at Gillette fights being used. But they're gone below it and that if you look Cora a terrific. I think they're really they're quite a widow and I think there at a record. And I think the but it did a sweet sixteen I think demur but at the impact yet. The packet edit rapid squad. But I think you know maybe Pinochet would do well. I don't think yes you know I disagree epic liberal global. But you know to get it is sort of balance that I don't it is a great in my street. But that you know state historically quite a way to win the close games to get beat. In overtime in the big east tournament but that. What they've had a great year we sure Virginia it is when you know it is played it enough deeper adult people but with the reports today well what their. 37% this feels good dispenses. But what about that a country proud guy can really score what we could go through a drought you know and that that the concerned with the gender or they could go to Arizona. Well in the sweet sixteen potentially Arizona don't appreciate so. I think they're both Xavier and begin to aggregate MacBook that's we think. You know coach yeah we talk about the number one seeds and you know the potential lose you know maybe make it to the east the finals but there's some teams out there on the outside looking men that feel like. In maybe they should have been and USC Notre Dame. You look at. You know. Oklahoma State's. You know teams that tell you probably should have been in the tournament but don't warrant. Got screwed. Well a little pocket full disclosure I was assistant at Notre Dame you know so I thought they got a bad deal. Particles that what are out by the explain that a country that report in a five which then get out a couple of bad great losses but. When you simply get Virginia entity year lows like real war at Virginia go to what is beat they get back in a tournament. Well I think there predicted the end is they spot a big kick out injuries in this very important as well and without. That you look at the I bet you what go to play they look sure about what it but I think. Coach it's speaking of teams relaxed out there are you know without asking you really you know slam anybody here it is peculiar that you know we had little hole Oklahoma State and USC all on the bubble very squarely on the bubble and these are all teams that have at least been implicated some agreements FBI investigation. They were all left out a little course had a better conference record the same overall record of Syracuse and I don't it's not all the goes into it when you see those three teams on the bubble and they've not been invited into this field does that raise an eyebrow for you. A little bit yes I bring that they you know many people are human so maybe in the back in their mind as they well a weather outlook though. Nobody that they are implicated Belichick I don't know whose guilt do about it but I'd like jet but. Yet expected into consideration for sure. Biggest nightmare for the NCAA is if if Arizona and Michigan State in the finals. Exactly I agree and I believe both be it but what do you know so I don't. It's it's a mess right now. A lot of good back out of their book right now does a lot of problems. I talked to treat guilin a five hour energy coaches hotline joining us here on Garcia Billy George as far as the first round match ups go did you or what high seeds in this in this first round Thursday or Friday do you see as particularly Baltimore pearl vulnerable or bad matchup for one of these higher seeds. Well alrighty well I think yeah. You've been wish that you spicy. That played against that's been Lagos state. There's six it's an interstate that is eleven to more athletic that they don't win that game the bank debt and one of that I have another what is. I got to go to state. Well we're Ohio State I think that's what does it get in my battle. Was six news wrecking machine envelope votes there in the west regional and twelve I get to five which you know was thought at times. Well beat them but you know I took what state to upset the orca park right Oprah GPU they were not a great input. Project bridge up what Georgia did a great job so. You know I like yet. So it was state a set the bar. Another coaching you know you're gonna get your players ready to play regardless of who you're playing what where you've been placed in the bracket but when you can look at these brackets and look at the the southwest the midwest and east. Nine you're talking with your buddies in the in the locker room is a damn these guys got an easy draw who you're going to refer to what steamed at the easiest draw. He's just draw very well. But it now Detroit I was beginning to go against. The doctor Arizona you know people like that it's an editor he'd destroy him. Capable. In. If people including. The Jewish state I would stay in which they've. I was saying of these you know if we do we have what it but they can't I think they get pretty good brought you know I think that would grow pretty pretty easy. Our it's our country Dillon a five hour energy Georgia's hotline has joined us here in the queen city talked to college basketball enough to actually look let's jump back tonight for a second because -- UN and Brooke our ally you Brooklyn Radford gonna go at it we had Mike Jones on the show last week Obama on the big Mike Jones fan and if he brought that program back from some NCAA violations and it's taken him six or seven years but you know here they are third appearance ever they were all over sports and for the buzzer beater in the big south tournament championship game deal like a missile Bradford LU Brooklyn. I gotta go booklet of what was. You know that I think if I can regain what was that the top one note is that they they're very athletic. A typical resort but I didn't go to Brooklyn guys is their athleticism. And you know I think because we did out there I think it's index today but we go to Brooklyn to. Another game and try to save money isn't UCLA right and though those are two teams that we necessarily are accustomed to seeing him play in games of the first four or whatever you wanna call put it into the pac twelve had a little bit of a Ross urine and you know USC's Reza -- in my dream is probably good enough for them to get him but we address that a second ago unbeatable what do you make of the pac twelve right now who do you like him I want. Yeah a proposal that this year they only had maybe what fourteen since simple like that you know so. We look down and I like them I like easily tonight I think there there when they get. The prison guard play well big guy is underrated he's very very good. You know it doesn't make you an apparent I think is one of the best start in the country. I think you know he's a guy can really step up and play real well for the Bruins and that. No debate about whether the bodies still but I think Erika holiday it's special but don't the Bruins in a post in. In the coach of go to them bottom right corner in the midwest bracket you're gonna seed duke you know sit right there plan Iona. What's their chances of getting into the lead eight and potentially final four. Well don't get great talent but I watch him the other day and neighbors of bitty chip well that's you know if you start. Well it played North Carolina and there is always Swiss cheese it was more holes edit them like Polly at some. So I think don't speak. I don't that it has issued out this failed to complete the but it it was the Rhode Island. What are they upset I think there's Guerrero got great guard play I think banquet and get 35. The fact that it was stopped them I think there's an issue got like 9692. That they put out an upset duke because it's what do you know and you know they is you know you have trouble but people with regard mid America portal penetration and as always very very bit. I guess so stolen outright vote is wide open. And they'll work out at all on those kids eight field was beatle or Italy this year with a final what you know we lost by three before the close Davis second round. And that it almost silly guys about it. So I am picking their upset I think that the talent a great talent but it is dispenses a report. Speaker Rhode Island and duke Dino de Dan Hurley he's does that coach of Rhode Island of course and his brother Bobby Hurley at Arizona State and it off I was actually out there in Arizona State Lester Cohen a game and I got to see Bobby in his first year and it I thought obviously coach that he had quite a big hill to climb but seriously NCAA tournament in his second year and I'm sure by now you've seen the reaction of data early when he sees Arizona State's name pop up on that bracket how emotional he got. How cool was that. So tremendous tremendous and noble there early very well credit I added that. Properly senior what do we do it gigabyte per year and you can get visitors like Christian. I think the two young boys know that it was beta your Jersey so. I don't hold etiquette and but or after but apparently it's a great vegetable bailing really terrific people. Goes we have to be fair and balance on the show and as you know we're gonna talk about duke him means we have to talk about Carolina state you know they played lips come. You scum I think is a newly announced that trust. I don't know where's that I've never heard of but they played lips come up in that first round is there a potential work as you point out with our Rhode Island may be an upset with Michigan. You know somewhere down the road. Yeah I think there'll be five you know to get degrade in its like to have an agent you guys both feel it's technical they would. Every jets in the trade group that spirit explorer so I think they'll be fine and we will play what are we all schools I think second round Providence. But I think this size of between what sort of bright is. And then they played Michigan Indiana sweet sixteen on capitol Michigan Michigan is what they Carolina's defense is erratic. So I'm like orders in common in my pocket of big guy is terrific. You know permission finish you to read well and think the governor ribera Wear them on the go. The video get knocked down a sweet sixteen by Michigan. I've got a coach last thing here and I know North Carolina State or North Carolina has six teams Carolina duke NC state Davidson a north Carolina central and miss an -- agrees or disagrees robots it would all the time to get them all but I would love your thoughts on the deal possible upset Davidson over Kentucky but also NC State's Seton Hall that match. But this question I like yet it's Davidson and about to kill or die out Neil city from portrayal in the play does a great job you know. You know I think they Libya threat that it really score at least bridge out there are open jumpers but. I don't think David still win but I do like NC state I think stayed obese people. You know you're it's been the bigger serve and I guess is an association he he's excellent skill big I have like ten. Or indoor discordant. Well our agreement is very very good potential from Baylor so I know I got. I like its stake to be people speak also as a matter they're good players but what about Clinton or what is. Well as you know I don't I don't know what I'd like to if you think that our policy goal but I don't think David you do when that the first round I think there's a little juice more. They're coach semi final question for you know you come Havoc one more one or two more about. You know when you look at Bob utility talked about him talk about your relationship to Norman from Rhode Island Long Island. Not that type of place and why is this to me he's the most underrated coach you know potentially in America he he just gets Davidson. You know to play above their pay grade all the time why isn't he got a bigger job. Well I don't know I don't think he's not a guy that market himself he's got a wish she'd not clip he could look Italian open really twisting I don't know if they just. It or not viewers and jury had some chances but it was a really a guy looking to go anywhere that the pitchers I think they just looked at him a little bit a couple of years ago. No project years ago but they want another direction I think you're on there. But I don't know that the good question I think he's just all quiet reserved but that place she guy with so shoots in the the Cologne on and everything else so that you that it does so. But it's more Ambien quite reserved and not being flashy enough viewers that. All right Pete Gillen former head Georgia Virginia and Providence and Xavier and now we college basketball analyst with the CBS sports network joining us on the job just under five hour energy Cho does not want Pete we appreciate you luck they'll work through back my girls off go to guy I got old recipes for you it's the honey and a little bit. Jack Daniels right party time. I get it oops I'm little beat up Qaeda out try to rally. That babbitt's regulars the good man Padilla joining us on the ticker John just -- does awesome thanks to two Dylan for Chechnya almost five hour energy coaches hotline don't miss any of the great college basketball match ups in March scrambled five hour energy into debt ceiling of energy and focus to watch all torn and launch and there's a five hour energy brackets dot com for more madness and more formidable a solicitors asking us about so that the bracket challenge the bracket competition at a we'll talk a bit about that here in just a little bit so that's you know exactly where to go to compete against us this march grandest welcome back door snap judgment still great stuff ahead will present at 1230 talking NFL and at 1 o'clock the fourth installment of the top five moments -- -- horses street course in very. Back Garcia Israelis hear all this Tuesday. First David suitably turley James for the first four and now NFL free agency that legal temporary period. Is no wilds Drew Brees back to New Orleans two years fifty million dollar city Watkins is off to Kansas City. Alan Robinson also -- case keep him in Denver and that's not even getting into the Panthers news this morning intra normal is in Jacksonville now will be in Jacksonville other richest also supply contract on a per year basis a record setting deal for him and starlet to allay reportedly also -- slide your deal that is tour Adam Chester and Jordan rob Reid of the observer can for confirming that news just a little while ago 70457. Or 96 standards and are really quickly before we got to step aside for our number two is bringing in gyms allay any of the great Jim Slater was shot and on NFL free agency this morning what's on jump. June and we don't we got to. New York actually did the of those ridiculous don't. It's a he was talking paper for it the listened to peak just got to try to stay in the bracket really quickly was hilarious. Watching him when he goes what Judah weeks or so was it pushed. I knew he was Buzz Williams before there was a Buzz Williams who audio sidelined. Well he was despondent jets their pain it's no let go all the water. I loved and enjoyed you don't care but our talk about it Juli is here a couple of questions for you Franken Alito both Marty infusions. KB oh boy you're. Opinion on this to abuse. Willie type own goal from market value as we do one year deal we know that and we'll Marty low ball him. I listened to your answers and and I don't know list. Don't say this but I still thank Jimmie. Tablet contracts to newspapers gonna get for the Carolina Panthers you know he had a tremendous year last year you know I think that if it's gonna work you know here on both sides and has to be an chemical known deal. You're not bill pay him fourteen million dollars program I don't believe. You know something like that which a top defense that's gonna get these spot player. But he has tremendous impact when he spot plays so more what is networks are not true we made last year. I have a look at the numbers Jimmy I think it's going to be more this year they want him to play in a flat final year on I don't think he's gonna try to shoot for the moon. You know and trying to close to the Panthers for that one year contract. If he does it's going to be two when a championship. And that to me would be the reasoning that Julius Peppers would rationalize coming back quit so. You know Thatcher if that's your goal. And you wanted to win a championship you wanna be compensated for you don't want it to bust the team there are so they can't let there and yet you know players that are gonna help you win so. Bomb you kind of damned if you do damned you don't I think it's going to be somewhere in the middle there are probably similar to what they saw Lester may do little bump and increased probably a lot of incentives as well. That's way out load his contract if you're gonna look for. You know those type things and those don't those numbers. You know Jimmy don't count against the cap and Lester are likely to be received. If there's a incentive that's likely to be received they did you know I was look at that number and say that's gonna count against the cap bomb in theirs in the the lawyers that the NFL uses a you know does all that stuff so. We will never know what those are but it up it's likely to get if if he if he receives a fifteen million dollar bonus. If he receives what that's likely to be received a one sack you're saying but if it says some rights acts and he. You know it's a hundred thou like completely got a 100000 very sad he had last year I could see something similar this year to what to you know what what he's gonna received on that no. Or might be a little bit higher. Last year supposedly a better just curious over the cap dot com John last year Julius Peppers cap number was three point 75 million dollars or 75 million with a hundred with the incentives built and so that 100000 per sack I'm sure if he had the roster bonus. I'm not sure if he had you know playoff incentives you know those type of things you couldn't structure into you know that that contract is wells are gonna count against the cap the roster bonus. I believe might what you can. Prolong that you know to next year the year after and I'd defer that money so. Bomb you know peppers I'm I'm assuming will be similar you may be you know somewhere in the neighborhood of force five. If if they re sign him. Our little bit higher you know base salary. And you know those incentives will be similar to what we saw last year with the second sentence. And at some point we just and just quickly Buddha doesn't have to be along. Drawn nothing we can expand on later but if that number is four shots but you said a second and possibly used got to draw a number out there but it is that it is at the right numbers are too positive divert from what he did last year when it's 45 about the right number. A united if you're paying guys you know sixteen million dollars and it's all relevant right Brett bomb. No he was near the top of the leaderboard when it came to sex. It unites it just depends on productivity and consistency. Yeah I think Julius Peppers you know stools a guy that can go out there impact the game. And I think that tell you pay for that you know so five million dollars to me is. I'm probably a little light if you're asking you know might my honest opinion but. You need to have playing time incentives in a built in that contract as well. Hum something that I'm sure peppers don't want. I doubt that at 38 years old or nine years old defense of and the as a miles that he has on them. On the once we got there is snapped I mean if he is to be compensated for that so. You know those and those are gonna come. You know those are those numbers its appears agent you're looking to you kind of put in that contract. Nowhere you can you know incentivized that tightened you'll find a way to get it done. I'd 70457. Or 96 and any thoughts on traders free agency will certainly take that to come back and tickles our number two and up when we do. We told you yesterday that so Michael Rubin the billionaire owner of fanatics the apparel company that sells most of the NFL apparel. In this country the Michael Rubin has emerged as a serious bidder to by the Carolina Panthers last night. Eric span berg of the or Charlotte business journal compartment broke the story. Expanding on that and who is partners may be and and it it might surprise you a little bit we'll talk about that next up will present at 1230 talking NFL sources and they'll.