Garcia and Bailey: Fans Overreact to Panthers Coaching Hires.

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Tuesday, January 30th

Panther fans seem to have a problem with the hiring of Brady Hoke as D-Line coach. Shocker there.


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Final hour of the show this time tomorrow we will be live from radio row and Minneapolis. Wednesday Thursday and Friday did you set for the big game coverage of the big name from radio row courtesy of multicenter. And that's from the Mac attack at 6 AM all the way through primetime ending at 6 PM in the evenings. We live from Minneapolis tomorrow big name guests begin opinions and behind the scenes action where your spot where your source. For pregame coverage of the big day nobody else doesn't like we do in Charlotte and though we appreciate you being deported as we said earlier today frank died were not good that we. We like to run a rousing brag and boast and a lot of things let's and saw a good fun but we found out this morning that's you know after just eight months on the job in together on the show we write this morning the number thirteen that market showing America and that is extremely meaningful to us. We are boasts. Disciples however one Ricky Bobby in that if you're not first you're last insult we appreciate it and it's all because of view I said earlier inside there were no listeners out there doesn't make this happen for us we just be too big guys screaming in a room with with a locked door so. The other night brilliantly in his thirteenth two ER when you're finished first when you better odds that we weren't you that every single day. And I we do that with a lot of your criticism your constructive criticisms. And that's you know to those things come and having vessels mechanism ads. All the mean stuff on the buildings that are tech's largest makes a strong persecuted he does stuff don't you talk smack to tell you all yes tomatoes and that's where the sort of assume friends that I. To get better trial until I don't tell Roger hotels until like itself I looked at themselves and you know something else to us saw this yesterday and I and I am to pull it out because someone between dislike it couldn't have been more true but. There was a doubt there's indeed on a low point when journalists are out there complaining about the weather during their company paid travel to mega pop mega popular sporting events right so I'm not gonna be a guy complaining about the told Minneapolis and I don't know where exactly I'm not gonna be the guy complained about triple bunk and anymore but I am going to be a little bit or just if they have you and I sitting next to each other on a plane and coach that would be the most uncomfortable three hour flight in the. Just reflect all abysmal play in the hole what's on them first class bits and I mean more top thirteen show the country. The wanna just get to the airport today an upgrade yourself might affect Oprah's book that you'd like to be injured and your guesstimate. What do accompanied dollars yeah. And that's expensive can be your house warming just a minute and it is right to expense that that that's not a bad idea let's accident and they just an innocent. To pay for checked bags. Notre covered with operation business because now we've done that you can expense so you're you're going to bat is a business or in case what are you need a bit subdued. Ways and freedom back. That's notes and get my status on the treadmill or if they're gonna have to do that. Does she opulence and I'm going to die I'm looking forward to try to bring the best covers Richard and you know from Minneapolis and put us and you know no damn treadmill either and yet you wanna talk object since I was a judge well until a new idea. I know what advice were you behind that. I'll I'll post pictures laws and send them to you about that as I believe cow. We will that would. Got to fit into it talks dug himself and yeah and that must just say it's up I. I just wonder what tiles diet will be obstacles were sit in the food court and that's going to be that's gonna be the front right child talks are really good game. He's more than we don't hear her sing I exe have lost in the universe and how is he lost twelve pounds he's chips and goldfish injuries Red Bull every day. I'll tell the man quarterback gale wind breaker. Some insights into big guy screaming and around zones better than Garcia and they'll access constructive criticism urgently repressed. He can do about it he will change the name to sail the time in sports you're only as strong as your weakest link Kyle got a did you do better. You would actually break a chain Saudi wanna hear about a dumb idea weekly because agriculture and what's that saying and anyway these links on which a month. I don't we have to talk about your diet folded it and what might I. I am I nobody cheating is soltys say are. No I haven't I've not not not have not been absolutely not. How much sugar you consuming on a daily base children not much I really don't my in my what's a what's gotten me lately is caffeine. And then throughout my entire life I've never been a big casting director and so I'd started to drink so much and it's caffeine headaches I I got one of those and eleven kind of weigh myself back also that and it's really jacked me up so it doesn't the people don't care about my diet we're gonna talk about those adults are much Eleanor I saw a lot of people yesterday. You know who who were completed irate or upset about the pitchers Aaron Brady Hoke to coach the defensive line. So people thought of the Travelle Wharton higher from the course the offensive line was underwhelming. Did I just I don't get this stuff. I don't get the stuff did you did you you laid it out last week about the Norv Turner still saying this is still Ron Rivera steam it's Ron Rivera's off since these guys are gonna do with the dictated to do by Ron Rivera and Brady Hoke. On this is norv Turner's office what is his on your Ron Rivera got to enjoy what he wants. So ultimate thing to be a success with the way that they played mostly still Ron Rivera's defense Eric Washington DC is pretty Hoch was a head coach at Ball State he was very Trojan Michigan you know Brady Hoke and additional salt and as you exactly. Can I say this some of the best coaches I've ever played under. Came from the college rights. They started somewhere. The port the best offensive line coaches in the entire game. Coats that DI a state university. He's one of the best technicians are gonna find in any. Sports. I don't give attention to detail the skills the drills. All the stuff that this guy does he gets his guys to play efficiently and effectively he can coach in the NFL tomorrow. If the Carolina Panthers decided to hire him to hire him offensive line coach of this static but people would be pissed off because they don't know. So Brady Hoke. Became head coach. And it wasn't by accident. Because you start off being a damn good. Fundamentally sound football he's able to teach those at a high level. In fact it's what got him to be a head coach of the University of Michigan and the fact that he's coming here to the Carolina Panthers to go to the line. Is it an addition or subtraction. Or wash is a good coastal we heard him speak on the Mac attack. Sounds like a brewing guys are like a Smart guy understands the game. It is double crossed the boundary lines to say that this is a team sport ordered all get a world to talk about things that's what coaches do. You'll be able to teach the game. In today's NFL is as important as anything you're gonna find for any valued coach but you're gonna see in the league. And the Panthers are fortunate enough to have John Masco. Travelle Wharton who. Who's played under Masco this to reaffirm everything that he said it has a coordinator that has experience beyond belief that has people underneath him that have experienced beyond belief. So people get caught up these names all the time. I understand it. A college guide college and NFL odds are you hope he saw Michigan who cares. He has everything to do it and go to deal. Out of their head coach in which you know what that is valuable. The birdie hocus coach to defensive line. At and western Michigan organ state at Michigan at Tennessee eighty easy he's been a head coach India multiple plays we're already sugars are the you've got to be head coach does he was a damn good. Today and get a sex or second go to accidents or do you think Belichick would hire Brady hoax doubted especially tomorrow. If you need to hundreds of lives a little guitar and a heartbeat 100% and even hesitate tyrant yes. Next question odds yes that's it next question did bring focus and it is a good hire is that the recent good arm. And these guys are gonna learn how to use hands the new user how to be explosive the belief they're gonna work on drills and techniques and help them you'll be better football players. What's bad about that. And why so much why are people upset about that I don't know I don't know and it's warden came to this is just South Carolina. I'm not sure who else. Elliott was there or not when he was there Trammell. Bush on Elliott is a damn good offensive line coach he helped. Teach Travelle Wharton roll Jordan played under several different offensive line coaches troll Gordon has learned. How to operate next to now the question is Jimmie can he teach. I can he teach these guys. You know what it is getting them in position to warrant any any evaluates. The five guys up front and help give his opinion to the head. Offensive line coach would you John Masco because a lot of what what Travelle Wharton is gonna be Dolan. It is going to be there writing things down on paper hoping Masco look at the other half a little line watch the guards watched dissenters. You know kind of talk about what the mistakes are within the scheme of the offense in what the techniques that they're learning in it just gives you another ally. Those are great things to be able to have was experienced players like Travelle Wharton but he. But fright they hired Steve Ross to toast the linebackers he came from air force is a defense reporter who is that what a terrible hire he played the NFL for three year how much is you have to be to salute. We will what are you Ray Lewis to come coach the linebackers I don't understand what what the expectations high I eight I moves to. Il a message did bone has taught me well. If you don't like the hires if you like don't okay couple of other names would you have hired nick said and Hulu would you have hired to kill her desire. Not saying it does tires are hot I did I know they're gonna be actually full proof Pasadena. Give us some pains who do you want to be hired who do you want to depends of like a street lined exco city did the defense of cornea the office like let's give us those names and we'll debate. About to. No I think it's fair Ara I think that's more than there is a matter of fact that we know and ready hope wasn't a great head coach at the university admissions so what's those are so. Those are so completely different jobs I did it's not even worth getting into running the program being the CEO shaken babies kiss and hands it won all these golf term it's everything the coaches have to do these days very different as a head coach but just coaching a position look at a guy like Mike London. Mike London won national championship and head coach of the Richmond spiders took the job of the University of Virginia. Recruited Wheldon coach all that well. He left he was before that the defensive line coach of the Houston Texans are now the head coach of power all right it turns out Michael and might not be debased the best head coach of all time but he is one of the most respected defensive line coaches in the country nobody talks about Michael on the coaches inside that industry know that. I'm damn good offensive line coach I don't know like coach B head coach don't know have never done I think I'd be pretty good at it. What I want to think we would write up will like to think what would we all like to have that opportunity you may be people that. Some people dislike doing what they're gone so people just like coach in football. Some people dislike more out there and and teaching some people like to do those things that everybody wants to be a CEO some people love to what they do. I love being offensive line coach I love you and give my input on the offense at that the school and I mapped. That doesn't mean that I am. And to be a great a coach don't want it. Now because I know Liam I know I have a type a personality I know I want to control on the different things I'd think I'd be a pretty good job to think to be able to take a step back from that but. Those would be challenges and I'd have to face sending debris go to bed Brady Hoke. So I immediately comes to those things that you may be just what the dolphins are good ago. Spurred possible 70457. Or 96 and if you truly have a real issue with anyone of these tyrants hour. Tell me. Collison Telus wants 7045709. B sixty and take phone calls we celebrated coach Tim Dorsey and they look. Not bad. The. Garcia Bailey got about 35 minutes left in the show and doubles forwarded back and it takes a phone calls talking about the position coaches hired by the Panthers now is riled up some fans we do have breaking news so the Carolina Panthers variety. Pro bowler Brian polio. What's five time Pro Bowl right Toledo zoo he's announced he will retire. At the end of next season so along with Thomas Davis he's got one more year left to attack according to him and enough you light it up frank Garcia element career when it comes to that. Yeah he'll be the most decorated offensive linemen and into history he'll go down as arguably the best office Lyman banter history. And have a really good shot at potentially the hall of fame some day. No with what's his career and you know some of the stats and he's been compiled the starts in those types of things. And I think that. I think I'll personally. Probably your too late. You know the factories be allowed to do that's obviously what they think of him. You know as a player as a leader in on and does some new Zell told that room together but. You know that's good I mean us guys it's a good thing you ever experienced guy in there in May be Lars Larson knows more opportunities may be draft to senator. In that and if that's the case I would expect them to take center and the in the draft this year you're gonna -- first or second round but. You know you get that third or fourth round guys there you take a shot the guy. You know it's going to be his center of your offensive line for years to come in and maybe they like Larsson know of a lot. He's not as athletic as is may be Mets killer liked with the offense that they had. The meat let me read it and emphasized had so. You know offensive. Lyman are going to be in different. Predicated on the type of often triggered a run and what type of success you're gonna half. No doubt about it so we could get away I was amazed at different I guess right on cheerleader on the texts is he taking his brother with them so. No it's not but you know points to you. I'm on the go to the phone lines and a second we're talking about the hiring of a birdie Hoke to coach a decent supply Travelle Wharton coached the offensive line Steve Ross to coach the linebackers of course filling spots that so I've been vacated a by coaches leaving with Steve Wilkes and an otherwise and it just some folks who for some reason I I don't understand complaining about the quality of the higher and look Chad. On buildings and protect slyly he makes a good point Jerry says look it's not about hope she'll be great I just think a lot of us really wanted bucks torrid love Brentson Buckner. Backers of panther and thought it was a perfect fit I was disappointed about buck and I think the experience hope brings is invaluable and will serve or Washington well. Excellent excellent perspective. Great text. And and it's it's just wanted Brentson Buckner back ice and that's fine thank you address your efforts your question would be -- what people are allowed to have that perspective you know you're allowed to have an opinion if you wanna answer francs wide it's like it to where we're not criticizing if you wanted present but towards people who were acting as it does bring hope to hire is about higher and it's crazy to me like course would be to these guys that want Britain principal backwater where what what makes him better than radio. I'm not qualified to answer that question. But they wanna block out enough. I don't know and I called buddies or a question and I would I would venture to guess that a lot of folks complain about a right now aren't either you're entitled to your opinion but if it's not based in fact a reason I'm probably just got a group on it. We can't they get a guy that you know has. You know play for the Kansas let me play they had a long career is a good coach does not know it's not gonna guess bought my books your mug your buddies but why why is that better. Because you're familiar with the name yeah that's that's why. That's what it boils down to Tim writes and dogs that are techs like this is I love my city the people here need to quit obsessing over name brand coaches. It's absurd to listen to people complain about every single thing a team does great points by you guys started to appreciate that. Mr. feel better let's go to ten he wants to talk about these are these coaching hires him get his thoughts on Antonio how do you feel about all this. Our guard or a little. This guy this coaches saying that it really doesn't matter coaches coming goal by nature apt to needy children that they're good they're gonna do it. There are opportunities somewhere that is an all part. But it is cannistraro a hundred. Everybody's been revered aren't embarrassed just very good Coke and nation seriously question every decision he. Did it up and do not accustomed to popular vote. All of our attack took off at no success. Until you do Belichick called just trying at all. Nobody questioned because they always meant to make it worked well but here clearly is not go to a bit but I do this because. Everything's going to be a dumbo. You know so I thought I don't really. You know people of new ownership group come there are a big big big sweeping changes coaches. You know. A live what are. That attend the masters sunlight that's right thumb drive for said that because they think about somebody per second aren't. In the last what five good only three teams have made the post season what does it for the past five seasons. Aim is one of the first the only team in this division to ever win back to back to back. There's a chance everywhere customers in the CEO Ron Rivera is two time coach of the year in the NFL why do you want that to change client. Well. That there are about all of it out. And it for a moment but it didn't change at all. Every coach who doesn't what is suitable to be fired. Oh. Berlin on the trigger but we got to dust. I just I can't. But again he started out extremely reasonable I thought it was an excellent point for people who seeds seem to say they love Ron Rivera the question and nit pick at criticize every single decision that mess. And he's put up by saying that the new ownership he's coming of fire about it. Well hey if you don't want a Super Bowl you know worthy of being a head coach in this league suspenders thing I heard so every year. If there is Debbie knew turn over for the other 31 teams that don't when it. Jenny I didn't mean is this is so ridiculous to even have that conversation. You know with that perspective. Tiger but I look breaking news a recession or just missed it Ryan Khalil. Has announced that he will retire at season's end after next year Sonya Thomas Davis one more year left to go. And able high Endesa and I would imagine that that's a rightfully goes off to a successful career as a movie producer or director or whatever else he wasn't a Smart guy he's got a second chapter planned for himself. And that's the difference right that's the difference to me when you look at the New England Patriots and everybody else. Now how many players they allowed to announce that and continue to combat tours there they're party. There there sendoff party there. You just don't see that you know thanks for your time thanks for your service. Is time for us to move on we have the pieces in place you'll find the way to make him work. It on that just the difference between to me the patriots and everybody else. But I 70457. Or 9060 and we short changed bright. On his segment yesterday really didn't four minutes so we're gonna make sure round on time today forest full makes the world according to strike time now. With the world according. To frank. It's the world according to front. Osborne since you complained about your lack of air time yesterday we likely to soft did I. Frank. Growing due to pay attention to your first I'm. Look at the fish in Minnesota right now to see what type to different types of sister you know ice fishing it is January and held because I was wondering sorry guys and I ended does this really during earlier question here but we'll be back to that it's my world. Triple a third. My question was to you. As we're leaving the Minnesota have only been there one time. It was cold as balls right balls sometimes are told the shrink the Dalton there. And I'm not the tower might come. Somebody's heart is ball's not colds balls sometimes occult. And they sure they triple. They hide. But. You go to that you go to South Dakota South Carolina go to North Carolina he come to the south when you meet vinegar based barbecue and barbecue. Vinegar brigades out and there was a lot of raised in the East Coast and now must base in South Carolina it has its thing right no doubt. It'll lasts you know you're Eaton didn't towel being tapped. All right what constitutes the last what do you mean it's Arizona for Mexican food you eat Mexican food Mecca Colorado yet Colorado you can be bison. They're a little bit more bison in Colorado Montana. When you go to Minnesota. Italy Chicago's going to be pizza. Right there could be coupled mistake tells us what's the food of choice in Minnesota's like ties. Again like I just I like pot pies. What what's just heard guy. I don't know how could I was unbelievable. What are Minnesota and eat. Minnesota this is over the Minnesota and Smithsonian's been honest honest I know they Smithsonian's I don't. This may be an obvious statement but don't address appearing expecting east we teed. Are you know Sosa and not to aid the intelligence success to even ask this how does that play to stated 101000 lakes is what the height. I don't know I don't know what he. Lance examine. Floater. Brook Trout and brown Trout Cisco route chinook salmon and salmon salmon there. Lake Trout lake quite finished pink salmon pygmy white fish rainbow Trout rainbow smelt. Round white fish. Shortens our Cisco compelling radio ISM I'm just trying to figure out late sturgeon. Head as he finishes. Urgent to have some ice and snow ball's snapped at that you get paid snowballs is indeed up there. Sturgeon but I'm just trying to figure out of my dinner is going to be tonight as we're driving in or slide in the Minnesota. Okay. Are you really going to upgrade to first class he does the airport tonight yes are you get to number. I don't fly in coach isn't the seats advice ever bit I've never flown first class front but you have no why would I. Islam more comfortable production of the reasons for doing you know I'm gonna pay intimacy. Well listen here's what I like is we're looking. To two and a half hour flight. If you drink three or four drinks on the way out there that's probably ten top ten bucks a pop 4050 bucks. The cost you hundred get a dinner up their first class 45 bucks semi five bucks right. It's a 175. Bucks for her neck you're saying yeah and genius. He got to follow any way. I just sometimes just to announce. And if you were looking right at me like going arms at the Barcelona Brooks is our interest and you are 75 dollars in but and you know whatever you do you get the penis the cookie stuff like that a little snacks that go along with and his much he wore. A point five bucks so a hundred bucks for me to upgrade to first class its course. Does not apply in their next year and coach. Constancy just next to each other. I Wii remote there's this season I'm John order Cotto that's going to be soon comfortable. You bring an extra jacket just in Jerry summer package code that much and where on the plane. It has been cold we've off. I'm not gonna characters. There's a tough. Going in. New tougher than the rest of us on I knew that. She I knew that are breaking news in there. Osborne Europe. Frank I'll always surrounded it about what's annoying because I get used to being annoying quite a bit cook cook cook and so here's question do you frank. What's more noise. A guy who thinks she's a handyman nannies handy around the house and he's really not everything he touches total disaster. Org guy who lives too much waited to Jimmy did you irons. Gives you the grunts like did guttural like Tino does rules. I ran there there's nothing worse than when you go to see you guys at the gym. And he has like four pounds on the board he's moving at two inch smoke you know. Worst shot and or else in the spot behind him is doing more work than he has. Let's get dust far behind entities bars on the side and they're like you know they got when it builds on trying to look just damn thing off his chest. And he thinks he's Benson former browns. If you discriminate in jail. If you're that guy that racks 400 pounds and squat bar and your movement at six inches total how do you not know that you're that guy because you know what a Smart looks like that's not a squat. Don't know I don't know. I don't think they do you think do you think honestly if if it's hit mailer put things first off you think it man knows how to squawk. I think all of us as human beings know what a squad is do you think grant could squat you know. I think it's false flag over on his face if you try to squad. I don't think he scored a day in his life. Truth squad I think he's one of those dudes who would be like on his toes as he doesn't do you he would have first off you have the bar on his way up on his neck. Right and then when he went down because he's so. Not flexible could fall straight over sleazy daughters. How's your address more squat I dared to it and I guarantee it. Plus attest that there I dared to speak your squads you'll appreciate this primitive thought is fascinated resided. There was a report yesterday. That you are their daughter of the famous hockey player has been doing it I know we are very yarder just tell me I'm not telling you this famous argued for some people don't know where Charlotte we had people don't know we are very onerous. I don't mean a damn thing about hockey so anyway it doesn't matter he's been doing a thousand squats indecency was fourteen. But it was in the gears Herschel Walker I don't know what he's done over there than that calculation he's done over fourteen million squats in his life. A thousand squat today probably was no way either how does doesn't and how many knee replacement Steve the onset amid I'm just don't do it properly during the Carter and they replace its got good credit strategist and hope you from getting the knee replacements it's gonna build your quads in your tenure hamstring is properly single. But the music is absolutely true but the older you get the Morse it's like runners and I get older that temperature place and so what dynamite congress should they were and eventually their hips development at the hip replacement support that but. But it don't work with my. Very well I'm you. And you're not her. That's. I use my hips a lot Dexter writes in don't lizards or slide you're wrong fright it commando squad when he tees. Yes. To change yes that's that's that's. I thought let's let's just speaking a hit man and I can't find this text somber and try to paraphrase of Somalia since any question for the world according to Franken they said ask strike. Would he rather spend a year. Having hit man's long Nichols Lou for you your with. Extra long like three your forest toenails and you can only Wear sandals three or four total sales when he said that would hurt I've listened to you but you rip one off. What you heard the dimples to the nipple in order. If he had really urged along Nichols like every time you worked out ran. Thank you sure problem and also some worse I can't quite figure out why guys that run a lot we don't Wear shirts are used to think it's two they're trying to show off is they're great bodies as their running down in south boulevard the running down formal rode in on a Saturday morning. They don't Wear shirts because when they wrote long distances. The shirt robes and Apple's demand would have no it's it's tough to catch a defecated follows revenue resembling. Up up up up up I thought a political. And I heard too so that's a good question. I would probably have to go win this throws toenails with sandals. Because not many people looking at my feet everybody's in the Naples like the first thing you look at. I think from a personal pain standpoint you're right the nipple thing would suck that hurts. But I hate a treat or gross to me but the people who have foot fetish as I think of the weirdest people down there they're just here I hate looking into the people's feet. I just think it's I wouldn't want people to suffer through look at it must be used to see my seats and now I have the world's ugliest feet this is true. I I'll I'll own and now I don't think you do know you just wait Russian agent to break my younger Brothers toes look like ET's finger Cecil mine looked like six knuckles check your source feed him well that's our shrew you know. The moderate worse for the worst in the world. Check check absolutely right Osborne you anymore. I come back to me just say don't do it we doors and that wasn't so like it. Labatt blue you go to Canada that's what you're drinking. This book to buffalo that's terrible illness too chicken wings and I wouldn't quit beer they drink up in buffalo. Like like Pittsburgh's trying to present nasty ass PBR seven digits and a lot of PBR buffalo does he do arson net. Pittsburgh is what daddy ice any light Nanette Eli he's still find find the keystone of theirs aren't. The rolling rock rolling rock is in Pennsylvania yep that's another one New England that's including hanging one what is the Minnesota and beer of choice is Google let's find out I'll do that right now blue moon. Hoax on the implement. As a great most popular beer in Minnesota. This new search returns. It's shiner bock who. I don't know decided that was Texas tomorrow as it's actually less how to. Yeah it was decide who's the top Google search they were did you glimpse unless there's some and that's exactly Columbia Prez like that was senator body and I'm scrolling don't destroy it's right here we got a Minnesota is drum roll please. So early furious. I've never heard and ninety allies early illegals here a series gotta be a locals and revenue since early seriously detract one of those. As probably like 15% out the trigger a nanny built in Baltimore on your minerals limited the discern that vote. Now I I could be here. It's not a bitter at all and you know Imus and the fact that our old story that. It's almost over. Ten minutes ago it'll come back it's time for the drug store do Randolph Chris -- joins us next you're readdress first class in the fifth. And solid and I'm not doing it but that simulate. What do you mean you clearly missed out don't have. There I surveyed over there and didn't miss your head night literally lessons cents. Replace Taylor unfortunately it's. That would never hurt religious and fun. Any length is a handoff for Kroger fell to sort of decide and you will. What's up gross now much man you guys knew once we started getting pumped up did you feel anxious there to go. You know I just saw ideal Matt Harris who does obviously afternoons on 107 on the link met Ramona you know he's a die hard Philly sports fan he's going to Super Bowl. Or as you know most are from yesterday yes I said if I don't see before the end of the show have a great trip to enjoy the game and you know I I think you I made this decision. After the Panthers lost Super Bowl safety if they ever get back. Win lose or draw I'm going you know 'cause it's one of those things is a sports fan to me you're die you know your die hard and most most cantor sands are. You got to experience of knowing you never you never know what you're gonna get to go against Philly has never won a Super Bowl the last on the what do championship was the NFL championship the 1960s soul. You'll for MI a total enjoy it don't have any expectations you don't just enjoy the moment and and the fact he get to be part of that in order. Some fun and it's amazing how many times really has been closed assuming I was on the door they blast on the planet bullet that was against the patriots. And you know what I heard a set this morning it's pretty crazy bomb in it when you look back you're like man that's. That's right and I also think it speaks to how difficult it is to keep doing what they're doing you know they've never won Super Bowl by more than one score. True patriots the preachers have and all see all seven of their Super Bowls have been decided by single store all in all cancers limbs last year yet. And it's come weighed down which I people's for a pass and somebody is seriously feel free actually I have right now is what I'd just check Vegas inside all the books on the fourth for a everybody loves the Eagles as an underdog but I mean. Also the only are they really four and a half points. Are the teachers only four to have points better than the Eagles I think they're better I think they're better in the member by its. What seven to ten points almost possibly next holes Tom Brady I mean ASEAN agreed so what's that worth tried I'd say three to four points. Over the course of a regular line so I can all take everything else extrapolate that from from what does the match it's gonna be I agree with that don't think he's worth at least a field goal. Experience in the Super Bowl players Super Bowl is unlike any other game I'm sure we'll talk about this as we gets closer. But beyond beyond the atmosphere the environment. That trial. He could I would think yeah now nobody knows is the Tom Brady may be his personal trainer who's not allow Iraq allowed around the team anymore. I would think takes he's got the ability being in that moment to just take some deep breaths. And rest their heart rate by quarter were nick pulls that blog as public through your veins and cool and you can't stop that you wanna stop you can't stop it Tom Brady can do some things where he's just. The best yeah everything calms down a slows down. The best athletes in the world to your point Croshere exactly right number experienced that as an ex player you know he watch guys operate that way. And they have the ability to slow things down everything just stops at stop its you're in a moment. We talked to the side or the other day he said the exact same thing long into the octagon. Right he's talked about you're about ready to go fight for your life potentially. And you talked about the anxiety is being nervous and all the buildup and then when you get in there. And he talked about the cage door closes. And when the cage door Shia and the sound insurers like ingrained in his NF happens. Everything turns on. And for some people it turns off write some guys have never experienced that are gonna go. 100 miles an hour now emotional. Are you speeding things up but the best players of the best guys the best athletes have the ability to slow those things down with things are happening a hundred miles an hour. Everything's going to slow motion this is going to be probably a longer show you've done in wildest. You don't get into these next four hours to get on the plane to get up there I don't know we just it just four hours. This on your second you guys OK I shoot like you have been piecing today are you guys are Campbell we're anxious are you I mean I'm afraid he's gonna sort of the play. That we get approaching far toward even don't know also and nothing at all I'd look at let one loose in the eight months we've been together last week it was accident it's not got to me and I've I don't let this place up. I love to see fielder civil back and I know about it. Arabs but it doesn't does it pails in comparison to what Mac does this place in the mornings when we won't get near some dot tournament is just as dirty but. Well that's possible but it's like somebody plugged in fort machine for four hours of their sins I noticed this melanoma. It's a residual what did you see on the walls mandate the bulls are adults into the new year so that explains that the fabric looks a little it's like it there's like a teenager like there's a bit of dean yeah it's a little Browner. Yeah I've heard your stay in those two years ago. Luck trying to sell. Listen I don't have any forward so yeah candidates spending the entire day to come. I get the wake up at four with them you you better presence matters it's less than those that I don't know I saw personnel had an FBI I direct. I don't believe Max sourced here's a good look at that as well now look let us know know all about it paid what's coming a student we're gonna debris all over the place may not only get into obviously the hornet's. This and I mean when you say man so we'll get into them we'll get into this at this point growth in trade I think a lot of more attention solely a share like him that would have been nice right. Isn't enough but that's already got a for next to nothing that's. Our agenda for next and often self. We'll get into that pain and what we're told Peter I was thinking about this today seriously have to pay if there and it was talked on about the coaching moves in the GM search all that stuff. Have the pictures done anything that fans agree with yet this offseason. Now. And they never will have come up but never really never never the less unless it's a big name guy that everybody knows. There's always going to be those disgruntled people that don't wanna Zealander approval rating right now like what's their approval rating amongst fans are feeling it's like a ten. If you're putting it on a scale of zero to 100 affiliates attend for approval. A terrible death I. At a higher. Liar he's a former college head coaching can please go to your defense of lies toast he's taught us. The players to get into the pros becoming got to get into the pro am I'll take that you don't absolutely. I don't know hundred children a voice we are back LaDainian to IDB join me three. Clocks just phone them generally thought I we are back tomorrow we will be live from radio row and Minneapolis for the big game looking forward to that. Let's try to survive this flight for a character we just. Put our beach aside for a few hours and just did to the Minneapolis not always I hope to god do I sit next and it rejoice in car we didn't think. I just honestly people in the facility car I had you know to know. It gives us nobody needs car nobody I'm pretty sure some easy Clark things he licensed well we started on our. Alligators don't even need cart all right we're gonna eat something akin to car permitted to Minneapolis we'll talk to moral front tires jacks is gonna say it's a great breakfast that it's a shot eight anybody what does that do they'll blow your mind that you just happen.