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Tuesday, May 22nd

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I better stand birds never had to mirror into one Tom airstrip for Charlotte business journal and hey he's occasions he probably just us and tell us our thoughts. That our recruiting no tiger. Breezes awesome though we'll see that I bruises and also tell. You are right or at a Y in that light. I Erickson you're you're down for the folks don't know you're in Atlanta the owners' meetings and you know we we listened to David tempers comments a couple of hours ago when they came out of the vote and we're gonna played after the folks who missed it here in about ten minutes by the way are ten or fifteen minutes so if you didn't your temper we're gonna play bad but I jotted down some notes as as he was talking and he said the first thing that I think people need to be here and that was. The logical place for the Carolina Panthers is in Carolina is in Charlotte specifically and I'm sure for a lot of people that was reassured. Yeah I think people do at the F they'll probably wreck he'd eat tonight and or create the next couple years. He's he's gotten that felt like someone who had interest in leaving. Charlotte, North Carolina all that good news but I think it struck me what that in the band that I've been at which is about all we spoke. We all become we. New direction in terms of ownership and attitude Carolina panther. That is not here to impress copper the court that you're impressed opera that every year at that but. It yet very our personality or a pal a band that ever helped Carolina for to embrace. A much more plane broke in order. The highest price franchise in the NFL he get a deal. You know I according to our Q but he hit the market they speak Supreme Court employee a double out of print out value I'm not sure about that but I. You know I think that it might as we talk about the NFL Brady and and they helped insert an outlook saying. Hurting nobody popularity. Rock box just double. He write speed for our night football. Stadium are still well and Appel television right Ers still lead that battle. About any other sport so it may be brought that they have they are still the clear number 10 I have to believe that beat red dot valued between the better. Will continue to go up. Erica I got a in the group that last part or at least for the foreseeable future and their there's something the popped up about an hour drove it I was reading during a break and I think this. I think it further underscores your toy and I also think it kind of points to maybe you would David tepper rule could be in the larger scope with a lead a once he religious settled and that news was that Nielsen announced today that the U tube TV viewership at designated market levels DMAs will now be included in the Olson local TV audience measurement using it under the Nielsen digital TV ready so why does all that matter obviously it's that you know well you're gonna start seeing if you know folks watching on streaming services incorporated into early -- YouTube TV incorporated in the television. Ratings and so have been talking about the NFL's ratings a whole lot right and of course. On the horizon it looks like the NFL's very interested in talking to negotiating with them possibly striking a deal with the likes of YouTube Google Amazon Twitter to whatever the case may be I think David tepper and his business acumen. I out expects him I just to be at the forefront of some of these discussions and I think eventually in the not too distant future of these other owners in the NFL is sort of their portable look at David Sanford expected to take a leadership role. Yeah I think that's right let me start her quit you know consumption at they call it inter of people watching don't bite and everything out. Our basic. Example from this week yep how powerful sports are a quieter and their rates are going down to go to a much lower and other programming. Correctly tripled its right speed that we are very rapidly and I directly export but it and that dealt big that we teach the app. But tight to have that lives worked programming and they're kinda like beat it generate I just don't beat the NFL it. Probably not expected peak interpret temper I make. Look. Or eleven billion dollar what's speaks more. In NFL circle than body put that we expect eat that hedge fund guy a wreck a guy he has a guy. Eat eat great big bet that will work and they paid off I think although they all I am a leader in the NFL in terms going after. He revenue sources. You know what you know it's Kyle Hannity. Interesting viewpoint earlier in the show. You know as we did does snap judgment any talked about you the amount of money that is potentially could be given. You know to temper with the rough up towards around seventy million dollars if not a little bit more but he talked about if that was to be given back. You know and and dividends to the city are we were out how you're giving that back to the community giving that back as he goes out there and give money back to the hours column. Represent I was just the simply wasn't a decision apparently a 75 million dollars on reserve got a ready to give David tepper if he comes to the city with his hand outside today I want public money in my basic dumb and I'll listen my whole thought was on record a senator every day giving you -- my gospel about how I feel about public financing but here's a guy who made his billions and evolution man has written many hedge hedge fund growing money root them giving dead or alive to his clients so if anybody was qualified to own an NFL team to take that public money and for once actually produce and are a lot of that money David tepper might be the guy. Well I think we've talked about the stadium you know the mayor and member of the council. The cop heard other. I don't know if David pepper will ever act act. For the money to get that they're not going dark I don't wait out there and I think the way a lot of people that bit of humidity and local government unit yet. They can't secure a long term agreement with the editors say 8101520. Years or worse that we are undergoing RR corporation. They consider that market because it is not a billion dollar stadium that they're saying you know 3040 if you cannot stoke. I think that. Why is that we cut million dollar is almost a foregone conclusion what thirty at ordered not inch in effect they don't they know it. Port owner and general what they're going to be they're going to ask. Four and accept public that he beat but everyone else and they're respectively. That they it's just become. Right at doing bit. You know and when you start to the net you know the growth of potential growth of what he can bring to this CD with the amount of money that he has. What are some of the things because you know he talks about the tone tropical you know things that he wants to give back to the city he loves to win win in wind and nine ratio himself with the city of Charlotte what does that look like to your Bank of America Stadium area surrounding Bank of America the businesses etc. Well I deeper out to get her parent are you all discussed this already or caught that it that it went to beat by what you and now. The notion that. He'd been a minority investors mr. Richard the minority partner keep their well you know back and hurt development for bank like in MLS. And immediately order. And the charity got I'm not but it MLB. And Bank of America Stadium all of what about the time. So. While there shopping or and that they don't want a back to keep her step in like that Al. Show you'd be ambition that he actually given up on what we thought 120 I made art you hit. Well on her car. All the potter Carnegie Mellon University so I think he's certainly going to be a corrective in our area. But we don't have much information in terms of what expect like he's going to their. Darn I couldn't agree more I was taken notes during those during his cell press conference earlier this sort of the first things are wrote down a kind of put a star next it was that he mentioned. Major League soccer and it's going to be interesting to see as it pertains to use a moment ago to minority stakeholders in this team were talkative or expand virtual business journal joining us live up from Atlanta at the NFL league meetings and we will keep you too much longer one thing I'm curious about his. Obviously the Supreme Court ruling is on their agenda to discuss today and it kind of figure out and you're in those rooms but what's the kind of the chatter around the building say about that ruling and and how the NFL's gonna handle this because they seem to become a lagging behind the other leagues and just accepting this from what it is. Yeah. Iron shocker that NFL might be what they're prepared it's rebel late. You know I think. A bit further cut and BS sports world generate about trying to figure out like that wait what they do we don't have any. Real indication of what NFL or they borrow. Mr. Goodell will address the media and take questions brought people a lot more into public policy statement. Earlier this week where he laid out is is four dollars in net and that upheld this could work out I like it work but oh look. I don't be NFL Adelaide have there. And out of it got into a superstar along in a turtle tuck got over ever. When taking the potential revenue which state do I don't see how this is going to be the work it's not going to ignore we all just been just a matter of how they are the language do. Sort of group in that direction. Erica let's go on this way and are and it's you know it's not really related to temper in the Panthers I don't think at least Don understandably right now but there's a story and you guys have a story on your website I've seen it elsewhere. About a city to the City Council meeting I guess from last week where there was a discussion about a thousand room on itself. Being built in uptown Charlotte Nixon the convention center and these thousand room hotels are seeing is you know I do something that's needed I guess to compete with other cities and we can debate the merits of that but you know I can't help. Wonder if the words Super Bowl and on you and stadium and those sorts of things came up and a lot of people who don't like decided because they want taxpayer money to build it and wanna pass it off to a different hotel corporation got local hotel folks I wait a minute you want taxpayers to subsidize our competition just to build a thousand room hotel and collect all that revenue to what compete for Super Bowl X what is your take on a gimme gimme your reporting a month. Yeah how we have not heard the work they're all yet it would be a shock. And even with our without a Super Bowl. I think the tour in the media is already. Party like that that they're going to do that and I think the way it they will. Work around the crash happened just brought up if they're going to look it's come out it. Get beat Dora the pac money you know our our industry that's what two hours later they. And there were attacking her belt if we want to. Invest in a hotel or operate more urgent that book or there that's just my hunched up but I don't think it's far fetched due. Wonder if they're going to look at mr. little bit at some point in that data or code rights act that how much renovation. I would require bring it to purple would that be an up and down. Yet we're gonna get that enter your next year. Eric if you had to guess you know the the length to this interview was about twelve minutes long. And percentage what percentage did Kyle take up with his questions in this interview and I would like to say no different I think they would buy dot regards the long has questions in the history of. Hey if you guys if you mystery to me anyway out of that a black or white picket the bank you play in the superdome. Eight and yet you know eat pancakes all thank you pretty early. It sure. I'd like to correct the record actually because we came into this interview with him insulting your native land so well. I thought our I disagree strongly used to be taking my son honestly don't like we'll discuss the difference I'm gonna take every time and we appreciate it. Here.