Garcia and Bailey: Eric Edholm talks the Big Game, and TWATF

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Monday, January 29th

Eric Edholm joins us to talk the Big Game and all things NFL. TWATF also happened.


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In the home stretch here on Monday it's been loaded should always been a court show most of them are books are coming off the weak in this was flown by got to think Kevin Keats said basketball coach at NC state they upset UNC on Saturday Dan Bonner CBS turner network college basketball analyst talking to him as well. And Joseph person of the Charlotte Observer as he was all over the story this weekend at the Carolina Panthers are interviewing. For candidates to be there GM what bush is the current interim GM Marty hernia and it feels like a foregone conclusion that wolf remain his job but so we'll talk about that right now get the opinion of one Eric at home pro football weekly's cover the NFL for a long time and doing it well he's joining us on the ticker John does slide air Jordan bought it. I would say it has been better in our it well Oreo and Marty Ernie. Every tournament on the automobile that we get a bulk but Lou dude beard but I it did that he didn't want it ought to do what but and I got there right now. Well did you did you happen to see what I mean I do I'm gonna try to get the rumor mill fired up to what were the players Marty was talking to most often down there. I don't know I. Gauntlet. You know you go along way in the other belt on in the here I get that I. Expected in the patent court in butter it up because albeit not okay we got to do not a trick I don't actually Barton got it got. Arguably still out what your opinion on the timing of this right because. The Carolina Panthers are are up for sale in the lead that's what we're told and there's there's no team president there and and no couple months ago Jerry Richardson. Installed team and a backer is so the CEO daily operations that nobody knows anything about her on the idea the extent Ron Rivera. Earlier than fires Mike Shula hire Norv Turner. And you know we're still kind of try to figure out exactly what's happening here now we're dependent on the show that it despite judge Jerry Richardson scored a quote stepping down he's still pulling all the strings behind the scenes and the timing seems on on this front Moriarty is contract runs through June there's new ownership coming. But there interviewing GM candidates now does that strike he was ought. Well here on the one it sure Lou arm but it you guys go you know great at being laughs. It's a good job. After the draft. Black jury about what Bill Bennett and the media got timing belt ought to do it in the sense that the that company line up in buffalo at that. You know that they pick up the old yep filmmaking legend certainly you know and a vision that everybody out. You know it probably never a great time it make you change here and I realize that it is that had a lot of things happening reappear whether it. You know anymore than leaving it all. You know they order aren't being fired. Tainted in the in the scouting department guide coming and going a lot couple years obviously a lot being there. The ability it's common in bad coach and the quarterback but. In other a lot of elements about franchise that has been trying to shift it around and he'd been. Marty coming back debates at that time that I got up a lot of upheaval they'll. I guess I haven't they why they wanna get a candidate debate should they have the right for but it play. Pride parade beat prior to the draft all the usual decisions are made and we don't do a lot of they bought the. Everybody's talking about Norv Turner Ambien too old and he's not gonna sit he's the game has passed him by. He's talking. How's he gonna handle him what's he gonna do so with see the best player in franchise history Darryl how is he going to be able to adapt really what what do you say to. The people when you hear somebody say coach is to halt. That game I would I would look at guys like Pete Carroll and bill ballot second day aren't great he woke you know I've been they've they've backed the get the bad. In rate the year there yet. It's hard for me I mean you know. This geared to these are haven't won or been can be. Forty are a bit you know somebody well you know and it ate it but I'm just the number and you know nor at time. After leaving Minnesota last year to try to recharged battery and no visited training camp. Kind of re still don't fire and let it be note there anybody who ever worked well. Our Brady get back in the and obviously Indian a lot of bolts relationship. Great there's a level trough there I like about debated find out what he'll do with Kim given that. You know it's never really worked out or back to that kind of guilt that they are not expect depletion but there's been adopted the effect that there at that would be. You know it'll be great tactic I think the energy in the going to be fine after after having time to think about things. Erica don't pro football weekly joining us on the technique come just slime and look and you cover the entire league and you know a lot about each one of these teams in the you know typically the guys locally our our little bit more dialed in so I I do kind of what your. A more macro view of this team right now as they head into free agency and eventually the draft they won eleven of fives they made the playoffs you know but by most measures it was a successful season but you know coming off the 2015. And and had a lot of that core back it was a Super Bowl or bust type of feeling around here so they're looking to get better. And we've got some thoughts as to how they do that but as someone who watches this team covers the entire league what stands out to you with this team that needs to change or improve this offseason. Yeah here you bet that the date be a topic you've got to make vision but the better guy that would big debate. What's happening with Jonathan Stewart what captain Charl jarred and he'll bite you probably noted way out given. You know what happened at the end of the year there that mention earlier that. The age you know it's not that old but I'm an advocate of the book while you're maybe get. And it Julius Peppers you all the people productive this year. You're you know it dead at age where he immediately step away. Or maybe got your left we know it well all that all it was was on all play out your blog sure they love the album back but. You got an hour that. Our. And then you know each truck Kurt it will be horror. Birdie field structure in your big play guy because. You know I I like the way that it. A part of that but I like the lakers McCaffery they edit it all. I don't know if they are adults it's from the dynamic play addictive oral or all but that would be. An area that I would be a certain way it ought. You know I get Jet Li. A couple of unknown but they off that the wind out they are apt to be identified as well. Are there about six days away from. The big game in guys get in here and I just feel like there's a little bit it bit a bit of anti climactic feel. Go ahead and into Minnesota a lot of people that I usually talked either heading down to New Orleans are going to the Rose Bowl or in making their way to. Florida at this time a year were heading up to ten degree weather in Minnesota. Just not a lot of interest you know from people I've talked to knew they didn't they usually go to the Super Bowl to watch to be a part to partake in. No beyond beyond the atmosphere and you know the two teams play and yet one. It's maybe the best of all time in the other one then it's not Minnesota. Gas and I got to correct K get the ball 8050 degrees here. Yeah I thought I. Opponent Barack. Way above what you got back about it yeah I doubt I I DeLia I mean. I think there today. Patriots burnout factor right everybody want the new blood at the indicate that. Different base than I understand that arm. Maybe fifteen years or backing of marble what they did. But right now got people I don't want a neat story in any denote equal. In theory are that new story I don't know without clerk in a way that they have that kind of that people now. After the game what they win they beat the patriots been a bit let's not think game. Different story but erect pregame height. Has yet that the kind of match what would happen. And the vikings didn't magic cat in other Jack or dated her but then but that's sitting there you have it right right. I can't wait black get up there right away try and up right now but I can't wait to see what divided locally. With spiky haired you know baby. Spreading violence against them but Billy boat and all that that it could be expected. Well look at it is sort the patriots are concerned there's and I've I think I expected this he probably did as well there's there's speculation out there. That this could be the end of the run now it looks like guys that own bed Belichick may lose both of his coordinators and art is going to lose both of his coordinators and into the Tom Brady's reaching the end and that you tortured and that the entries from ESP UNICEF -- sham that no things are not all well and the patriots household these days did you buy into any of that speculation at all could this be the end Devoe what has become the most hated dynasty in sports. Yeah bullet but what will be dealt a Yale get a pick you know double faults drop. And actress got a ticket for life Diop both have been known quantity right there don't tell objected the other day were talking about. You know looking forward to 2018. And and that sort of thing I don't think he's done. Tonight. You know he walked away it a year you're street or sure. But yet if Josh McDaniel but they felt like Belichick what will vote or are. He's beloved by the prospect and he really and he probably would have been their first choice to a political belt check back back Patricia people developing Gila. The more brilliant at the bit and it could be the next. But buddy you know but. I think it even had felt like bill would get a don't walk off into the but that got its pocket or what life. They may have at different idea about Erica it's I don't know I. But you know operate there or play the bubble forever and it immediately became drop off there are other. Though and have been Erik yeah it's good to be different no question about it I think there. Completely done that way in all market that. Finish this sentence forward. Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl if. If it nick bowl the ball over and that he bit the wide can wrap our Brady I think though that news. They get no break they've been on the ball cure all that that'll be but immediate about all playing good football not giving the Patriot Act of that. And that these at the line paying wrecked their boat deep bit they'll delegate. And it but a paragraph but that that the or are there pressures in the B law and air quality quarterback. No Baltic all the sirens there's a dot com did you watch the did you watch the pro wolf. Yost. It's where the trouble. Yeah. I think everybody wants to portion of the global hunter's. My favorite part of the whole wheat what they've backed kick tack I don't know where they have like. Field goal. Let up at night they'll box they're getting like I expect Belichick has been absolutely. Rolling theater there. If they were flags would you watch some Pro Bowl. Baby baby baby. Died nurture don't pro football weekly joining us live from the frozen tundra of the Minneapolis. Where they're tomorrow night's rare to do around the mall of America's food court and popular and and and say hello will be the two big guys were one of us is apparently not gonna Wear sleeves and is refusing to brake coach so we'll see on a dose. Let your kids go through effective you probably will that's the part that's a funny thing we're all gonna be kind of our landmarks in beef which food places zone where were closest to their mother but is the beginning into the salad place all right we're gonna come back there is breaking news. At a Major League Baseball and I guarantee you it's not which is like it's Garcia and they look odds you'll bust Spotify. Minneapolis or just about to find out but I can. I can guarantee it man is going to be in a little advanced for somewhere in the swing dance of the songwriters. ED GE had. The only thing. Irony I gonna king's side is. Our next in the food court that's a fairly easily and voting came and told us that there's a mandate a decree from the back it's acted this week we article hit man king sized at the Nelson I'm gonna star sister ultra. I'm on that team and a Monty started a hernia get a king size and I love starfish. All right so anyway welcome back Garcia and Bailey but thanks Erica don't pro football weekly until minute sixty minutes melanoma widget goddess the world toward fried a big thanks to the miles he's broken a soap with launched and it's a great careless wings slaughters a got a phenomenal men you that's our our Monday launch we recommend it for yours as well 70457096. Siblings did you eat today none yet above them about it I don't know about. I am joined today you know destroy. I had a couple wings then the Turkey sliders that they had. That can really say which is that I slightly sandwiches are benefited any intent is not as I. I decide yes. I saw was accuse something I. Yeah Turkey sliders there's always that great she's got a great she's courageous cat and they had horse radish. Like always and only six horse ready I was very Seattle really know what it was that is fantastic music blue cheese sauce and it was course transient. Complements a perfect why would you ruined blue gym while drew and horseradish a blue cheese. I don't know it was good I'm sure for the people who like it is delicious for Kozlowski made it but I don't like bush he's. Anyway until there were some breaking news and in the world Major League Baseball and it was not probably what you are dinner in what you thought it would be any guess they don't. That shot is a Yankee. Our. Limited yes. The Indians are moving she's lonely logo in 2009 how did you know fried to get us the rest of the top of the death out of Cleveland Indian us. And broke about 1520 minutes ago the Cleveland Indians will stop using the chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms beginning in 2019. According to Major League Baseball. Which said that other symbol was no longer appropriate for use on the field. That logo of course has been no memory directly from the article here for the logo was been the source of anguish and frustration to those who considered offensive outdated and racist but for many of the team's fans. It is a cherished insignia a divide has played out at all levels of sports in recent years with teams featuring such nicknames and insignia is most universities stopped using native American nicknames. Well other teams like the Washington Redskins in the NFL for example have resisted growing pressure to do so. Chief Wahoo it's cartoonish caricature of native American that. Promises assumes a different forms over the years all sorts of cartoon character first appeared on the Indians uniforms in 1948. 97 the years there seven years of low of chief Wahoo. The Cleveland Indians and that will look come to an end. Beginning in 2090. So it's. My thought on this is always been and it's certainly when the red though the Washington Redskins on debate was it was a really edits Pete. Is I'm not personally offended by it and for obvious reasons on the doesn't personally effects and it doesn't personally touched me I'm not personally offended by that. I understand there are people who wore. I don't care very much either way I realize that a lot of us won't stop our street scream about PC culture and it's fun I think a lot of us true to some degree. I don't care the Cleveland Indians are not my team I'm not that attached to the history of chief Wahoo. And I I quite frankly the litmus test I think there's a lot of people poured out his and your 2018. Or really any time in less testing two years if you were starting a new franchise. You're not using a cartoonish caricature of an Indian as a mascot. So it's not willing to do it now. Then you know what does that say about the logo itself now as far as the history tradition of ago I get that Cleveland Indians fans a lot of them are not going to be happy about this and I totally understand it. This is one of those topics where. I don't have some blazing hot take for you I just don't. I don't really Carol that much teams have changed names and logos hundreds of times over the course of professional sports and last fifty years don't really care. I don't know where you stand there and. I don't I don't really care much either. I do you think that this world is so PC in on if you're sending. In the majority there's going to be things that are offensive unfortunately that's a tough world we live in. I think sometimes you know we need eagle thicker skin. You know in certain situations and other times we need to do more sensitive. In digests. This is one of those things to me it's a cartoon character I don't really relied intuit. And you know ask my stance. On this well I don't back against the Redskins debate where you know I I say the words just because accustomed to sign a word now relies to some people maybe that's offensive or insensitive I don't know but I. I would say that was that one that it was described by a lot of native Americans as being akin to the and werder Colin don't like first million board and that's how they feel about. Only I don't have that perspective so I can't sealed. A lot of different history was right word exactly people would look at that as a badge of honor bright and said and so that's a there there are conflicting attorney is no doubt about it mom my thoughts and then when the Redskins and he was happening was. Don't really care not a Redskins fan and quite frankly it's a money making opportunities for dance not a reason to change a logo he gets so all the old stuff is memorabilia and you get to sell the fan base all new stuff. For you to stand strong to what you tradition your history is and say that I'm sorry if this is offending the minority of people. We'll take this to a vote and see what the people think and if it doesn't offend. You know that the people that are concerned then sorry but. In order to continue in don't respect our tradition and history. Yeah really you can do that to me quite a Dennis is on sword doesn't just on politics ornaments on it yeah it is what it is it's happening just. It's the world we live and so was sellable move on from that Jeff Gordon Texans also Allred good ones but something else that we wanted to touch on as we looked up and one of the 45 television screens we have here in the studio we see are kind of wall to wall coverage right now ESPN. Of what's taken place in Michigan State DCI images and and shots of students marching through campus protesting holding rallies and such and this is a big black guy for this for Michigan State and it just. Again keeps getting worse if you haven't really followed her jam and had the stomach to follow which is totally understandable on the it started with Larry Nasser that the man who was sentenced a few days ago. To life in prison for you don't molesting at least a 150 girls as part of his role with the USA gymnastics he's also of course. Was of course in Michigan State and you know that to was rolled into more investigations about us sexual assault they rampant on campus and die accusations against many members of the football and basketball programs dating back to what we know 2010 is the report the more camera the NCAA president was alerted to several several counts. Of this kind of thing happening and he effectively didn't do anything about it so it's turned into this massive scandal and it's been covered right now and that this stuff is just so hard to talk about because. You just don't know we were without having been mayor there and without knowing firsthand what took place it's really hard for me to condemn you know certain people without knowing facts and I think that's irresponsible I don't think it's right what I do know. And how I feel about it is that nitrogen has during the breaks it's just a shame. That we have adults administrators coaches ADs school presidents. In places like Michigan State. That's turn a blind guy. Through the fundamental safety and health of the student athletes oftentimes wind I do I that's what happened at Baylor those Obama people the majority of people into the majority I had I think there are enough. Adults and power and and responsibility. Who have made terrible decisions. Whoever has acted as reprehensible people and I think that's certainly the case in Michigan State to some degree I know it was a case of Penn State. And and it's happened to the places too I just I I it it runs completely. Antithetical to everything the NCAA is supposed to stand for and that's the part of the the makes me sick. No I mean and again you know I think your missed blaming him there and that's not the NCAA. That's the culture of the school to me. You know that are responsible for the protection of our children. As the go to school but the NCAA is only the member institutions that's what is NCAA. Is responsible for the sports in the and that part of what takes place in our as you've seen. Have no power. You know you're look reliably system that has nobody in place and has any power to do anything. And it's you know if they've tried to finer things like that and we're gonna jump on on them for saying that that's done. You know improperly. It's above their jurisdiction it's outside their jurisdiction. No soul what power does emirate half you know this is the responsibility. To me. Of the adults in the room. Of the people in place that are protecting the safety of our children as they go to school. That doesn't mean or exclude our children for taking responsibility of course our children as they go to school should have more responsibility. And should understand the problems that exist in our society and in our world. My daughter as she goes away to school is to be very aware that there are people out there that are gonna try to take advantage of her. Feminist side to her being a girl or woman. As she goes there's going to be people out there that try to use that against her that you be people out there and try to take advantage over my responsibility is her father. It's tough may occur aware that there's going to be those things exist in her responsibility. To herself. Is going to be understanding. Of her responsibility to protect herself. I can't always do that unfortunately. You know when she goes off to the role world. We in trust other people to look over that but ultimately the responsibility. You know sometimes comes down to you know certain certain people and you know our children are a part of that responsibility. Now when that tickets taken advantage of over and over again right and there's the problem at those people should be dealt with according. Two things I would say this I'd while the NCAA has offices in Indianapolis and the NCAA itself is a governing body the NCAA only exists. Because of the men's and a member institutions are comprised so you know we can point to the offices and Indianapolis and say that's the NCAA know the NCAA. Or the athletic departments across the country JD's in the coaches that make it up the good the student athletes that make it up that's the NCAA so I do think there's more responsibility. Should be attached to them there have been maybe what you said there are second to the other part that goes you're right there's a certain level of accountability and fresh Frank Martin has Georgia South Carolina there's a famous quote is all over the Internet has been for a while. Where he says and I'm paraphrasing you know people like to act as if these kids have changed these days that meant kids these days are different they changed a softer they're weak or no. The adults have changed. Adults have ads and demanded less and less of these kids and they're doing a poor job of preparing them for the real world so while I agree with you there's a certain level of accountability and responsibility the younger adults have to have. Went in these places. There becomes a culture. Of assault sexual assault negligence turn the other cheek looking away for the sake of a program for revenue ticket sales championships wherever it is that's wrong and falls on the adults who are responsible for administering those sports and taking care of these kids and in this particular case and what happened at Penn State you have these massive football machines basketball machines he's athletic departments that employs so many people that pay out big dollars to administrators or coaches and some of these adults are willing to protect that and their paychecks and the status. At all cost and some of these kids during the price and that's wrong. And and these people need to be held accountable for that no I don't know what Tom is on that I don't know what more to Antonio and so I'm not going to secure these guys. On radio without having that information is wrong and it's irresponsible. What I don't know though. Is that the university president just resigned over the weekend the AD mark Hollis took an early retirement to get away from this are that doesn't look good and there's a mountain. But evidence to suggest that Michigan State has not only developed but has maintained a culture. That is bad for student athletes and and unsafe for women on these campuses sometimes now there have been instances. We're stores have been told there were factually right people made things up and that is unfortunate and it happens but we don't. Did you as a percentage of that might be I don't know frank I'm relieved that he had to get. Yes I mean upper limit to what could our perception you know is sometimes are only reality that we have to go by. Of the accusations. Or the allegations made. You know when you when you look at what's being protected verses what's being attacked right and you look at these. You know the student athletes and students that there are born out of the accused because. You know for every. Case out there that's really bad and there's been a lot of law enforcement way too many of them. Right there's some that have been fabricated for example what just took place at the NFL network what's taken place at duke. There's that side of these things unfortunately as well and what happens on which is terrible it is exempt people that are false whistle blowing all the way. Lawns that are affecting the people there telling the truth. Are written that's the ones that are getting pushed aside because. You know for the administration I'm not make an excuse they should do the research they make built millions of dollars hundreds of million dollars to protect you know these student athletes in the east. You know people there on campus you know I just it's hot I have a hard time grass being you know what is what's right is cemeteries and. Right deported out and you're you're right about where you said earlier so about your daughter or anybody's daughter. There's a certain level accountability and responsibility where you have to send them all through the world's sake I've taught you best that I attend a ticket takes it accountability responsibility sure actions and be aware at all times. But when it moves beyond that to the point where she or any woman is doing the right things and that an is that it out of there and their attacks and that culture is bread and covered up by adults much in the in the way it happened at Baylor and and I don't care what any Baylor alone will tell me all you have to do. But or browse and Ian McCall to show you. But they were willing to cover things up sweep things under the rug and protect monsters who were hurting women on those campuses in the name of football. That's wrong it's reprehensible and anyone who was responsible for that not only should be fired and publicly shamed but in many cases deserve to go to prison and and that's just that's really all that say about that right now we're gonna come back on a lighter note it's a world record truck. Time now for the world. According to for an. All right so more towards progress and of course is really have a few minutes here but. So I guess while the rest of the other mainstream consumer world last night was watching. The pro bowler the grammys or what ever else I was doing the things I normally do I watch Netflix so but but everybody's tweeting about the grammys last night. Don't want sector are still too old for the grammys like five years ago like I didn't even know anybody I don't even know him a half these performers. I don't know who they are pretty boy is there a moment. In timer you think back and you realize I'm just tools honestly I don't know who these people are Alexa bugs tweet about party B last night you know. That aside I mean I thought it was a a and apparel brand or horror sometimes it that it what is according to when did you feel old steel tool for the grammys oracle also a Grammy rehearsal to all the mean there's not degree and is what wins last time we just felt too old for something to mainstream pop culture. The club. You know I think when you start getting gray hair. Or yeah you know you have slumped at least his age is just a number there's there's an age where you gonna be going to the club anymore they Nelson's two billion hammer. You know I think that. Maybe forty. Should be that number I don't authors of an exact number but. When you're old enough to be everybody's dad or daughter that. You did did the ladies there and you're old enough to be their dad probably none of the the best place he'd be. One is these specific person's religion not Sunday. Followup question because there are there any awards shows that you do still enjoy I don't know that I still have an. The bush is self congratulatory. Celebrities telling me to there. This really good shows out there again I didn't see the grammys. I just because I didn't he just forgot to do Iran are probably watch some but some of the entertainment value that some of those. Those the shows and watch that more so that they do anything else the reason I like I used to be I never miss the C a based customers it will never missed. Until Chris Stapleton Justin Timberlake did an incredible live performance complete anomaly was phenomenal I've lost interest and I just I can't do the mainstream pop broke country stuff anymore I just think it's really music so I Kenny I don't watch any awards shows anymore I just can't stand up Oz which got. Frank finish this and it hit and getting eight king size bed in her room to himself at these Super Bowl in the restless triple book by the way. Is what is blank is what can continue to use the tumble this yes sure why not keep on missing both its bull. Ticketed adult that he was an accident on I don't trust your your true they had to. It's a hell does one guy. That's gonna be there this was me there with a mortgage abuse among. Slick. That I had to be another double Doug double bet somewhere in the hotel. We've booked several months in advance of obviously. It's what we do your gonna come we didn't do great responsibility. And making sure that we're going to be taking care of obviously and we have three rooms. And sentiments don't. It's it's mostly an email alert be sent it meant bushel down guys he won the room. The box but he thinks he Stonewall Jackson on his officer's tent no about a minute and space to strategize they don't know what you even doing right now I mean there's certainly another double bed. This available. And let me just say this to encroach come I guarantee there is talk I'm all about sharing and being equal when it's appropriate. But Chris Kroger has to recognize that you and I have no business and hotel caught. And word of the three of us are reminded of the milieu and Kroger Kroger is an in shape lotteries slender. That copies a 110 pound tax cut was made for him yes that was consummated her for men under 150 pounds here on the types. The lack European type he's very similar feel and touch lies he's very self. Where did talk a program when it comes at a top guy his name written all over when there's going to be talk. And there's no words necessary. It's going to be a look at a Kroger Co. look you Lilja Kroger Kroger got seniority and crew overs scenario he. Mary OK but they don't catch things have fun but it's so important. Woods doesn't have to come into play here and seniority yeah logistics have to come into play pro level. American only not last night last used up. I don't know when I got another blast in the damn question and a frightening of a small thing people do that pisses you off nights. That's his decision to name a small thing that. That I could fall might ensue with instant friend I don't enjoy this than they were small thing that people do that (%expletive) me off. There's little things that people do that like to their chips yeah wow all of my. Oz I'm a dim and her call you out here in a bad bad delays over there and you put the whole bagging your mouse and I can hear you tell and all the way through that. I like souvenirs or me Mike my microphone my ears were bullied me. It does bother us like nails on a chalkboard to him I don't you know sorry I'm babies sneezes I know what. I can relates because I don't shoot my mouth open petroleum are really loud you were not allowed sure she hates she can't be around when I you know you eat chips terribly Oz it's like you don't want the time and didn't. And I don't know how you giants they're so loud it's really easy it is part or has too much strain on the chip is being discarded. I cannot risk putting it disgusting little chip and mom that when you bite into the chip dislike the loud as chipped it's like to use. You want everybody this year how loud that should you may need to see if food psychologist any known and human DOC one isn't it's pretty simple here I grew up in a household where we didn't edit it was not stressed. Jason we ate with our hands and we did all sorts of things and it it was not strategy was not stressed. It was nice it was just a bunch of peace while the Geneva scrutinize society. No I don't they sit down to the table have some manners it's on its own sand and just real attack on the ground. To drill was off the table and ask the task properly art so we we we are you fortunate that I can you barbarians. I have to Galveston because it relates that I questioned so moderate my pet peeve is people who went public restrooms. Don't courtesy flush yes it. I'm not an. I can't name names tunnel was Rogers went to the bathroom to take a lead during the break there. And I needed a Hazmat suit to go on that unless somebody in that bathroom lit it up they left on their four you know he's still when they're going at it right now amended. Probably shouldn't hurt to courtesy flush is based on the the status and baby. It usually smoke yourself the other day at the OK that was a far it's been does not it's not a right but it's not. Any different does that body was a little currency push and pull the pressure when he is enough to gag a maggot. You go to occurred here Gordon you're going into Abe a public bathroom expect it's gonna state. Its distinct effect if you're going there it's your fault I didn't say that I couldn't handle it I just think you know is for as far as room etiquette the politeness coach is courtesy slowest what's worse is when they don't flush this is walking a heinous OK and this works you wanna know something really discussed. Not really be deliberate AM all right William tell sort of brick of office. I ordered a comeback this I'm categorized order Randolph pro we're just walk bio slim you heard our budgets free on the trot situation told about that next it's Garcia and they looked. This size of Randolph brought about a garage door. We're just another quick reminder we are on location of the big game this week glad coverage live from radio row Wednesday Thursday and Friday courtesy of floats he sooner and Carolina raptors center from the back attack all the way through prime time big game gasping game opinions and behind the scenes action we are yours but your source. For pregame coverage of the big gave child really fright Garcia Osborne now joined by Chris Kroger is prime time which is coming your way here at about eight minutes in Belize. I did my scouting already OK we are right in front as shake shack that's all you need to know earlier. We all around us we are right in front shakes yes exactly Minnesota's ten degrees outside I get don't take all that'll put down put some muscle meat on your bone so the doorbell warm your soul more. An hour restaurants we are more well we're talk about that two more pressing matters though. Hit man has tripled bug just it's going to be to be nervous you're nervous I actually. Full I don't know the exact details here's actually hold on before IE before I. You know really I get myself in trouble you see you say your human you say what's going on for years we've been told them that it's a three of us in a room the Franken OK I started. The only thing that we would ask you got seniority or me no question about it. Logistically. Neither one of us are built for cot. So I may have to treat you were dead or something from one Euro. Australians are there so I don't. All I'm trying to say hello Allen girl had to take a little later. That's how you. You're talking about the item you're always does Ahmadinejad in all you know it's going head to tell us though we're gonna have to tell us their stand on the I did mention hog tie you throw you on the cut discuss it was fundamentally totally screwed if we need to. Let's offenses that are creating a limited has told Minnesota and that you look like a big school you guess he's gonna get pretty good. It's cold there summits or diplomat so it's Allah also. This dude says he's not bringing your coach like her and so that's it Franca levied as crazy just go buy one of these mega love. Now up by almost to be fair I you know who we're really not going to be outside thank you right. I mean we're either either going to be in the hotel were protected environment where the Arab. Restaurant or like I think we're just living in malls America I don't Greece's debt COLT uncle and a I don't know. Honestly gonna say you know there's that there's a Costco within malls America. An actual Costco regular Costco with ten mall from where you need to tires change that's critical series huge I don't know if it's not even the biggest mall in the country anymore though that was crazy what is I think like what is he king of Prussia mall or something like that. Enough Pennsylvania there's a few arrests until either you know are bigger now. What are the original. The duo it's so cold there's still there's a water park and there's just goes much you know. I mean time I'm in America we're gonna swimsuit there's a water park and an American death. Really you're nor a rollercoaster like that do watch anything on TV other than the likes Netflix. Educate yourself man Amazon Hulu amendment does stuff to China he's I think we are. I don't know I've got I'm trying to still formulate what we're gonna do to bring in the experienced of people connecting to affect the working in the middle of the mall. In the food court we've got to do something to really shocked yeah we got to do something and mother of two fur coat yet to three and people to Wear out so I don't know who do we do live remotes from like from each. Different standing in the food court where we do we'll have one more strike is down a clears during his ears pierced yes about that yeah. A Philly but there are. I totally let's do that academics are wearing the Quincy. So you're always an Internet search is the means to help time when you don't. The substantial sewage wastes it was honestly a single painful what's the other McCall Mac T Bo Ryan Ryan McMahon got his own king size bed in his own room. Does anyone know about this I don't know are those who are aware has it we need to file comply OK here's the bottom. Now there's an. Larry he's the boss there were a file a complaint. It's like he's an apology and has no doubt is central telling you just talk and she's she should have FF FF. The demand we're talking about it a matter of what's coming of leadership I got Omar three. And we're free to get into some ACC grooves than it was so much fun on Saturday and I straight from Carolina stayed in the duke Virginia and down an awful we can best address our tracking here so we're all gonna do that Hillary wearing to get into this Michigan State thing a little bit come. Nobody I don't know that's the million dollar question Fred I think that's the question we might be you know it's this is these are damning accusations but what do we really know so we call our backs gonna join me at 330 we'll talk about that Chad Buchanan former hornets assistant GM these to GM with the pacers now they play the pacers tonight as we know so talk to him in dust. Yeah overeating elders in the in the Pro Bowl by the way which nobody can sing and I know you'll get into this last night nobody's watching it in the ratings came out everybody's Washington. For wolf what we're there wasn't over receive huge numbers like a Charlotte was one of the top ten markets in the country to watch the zoo that's okay. Watches as the brains out. Now just past three years in the line up is still a monster number dogs like one of the top twelve. Ranked college shall we always ranked in top twelve and cultural dog who are you people whose wife is nobody admits no that's the talk else that would just simply don't want to just punch a liars and get Abdullah I have serious side so we got to thank you bunch of people Kevin decency stated basketball coach Dan Bonner for joining us. Air jet home pro football weekly and of course Joseph person of the Charlotte Observer great show great contributions we appreciate him. And we're back one more time here the queen city tomorrow before we take off from Minneapolis so we'll talk to him and written an honest price jump childless is Ben Garcia Bailey's WS insist. Showcase the great what does that do they'll blow your mind that just happened.