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Friday, May 25th

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Let's talk their child speak in Arizona bandits and Arizona needs an ever broadcast that he does hornets play by play and a fox sports southeast and he's been Devlin some baseball as well calling games for the Atlanta Braves and he is joining us on the technique job just like Eric Collins or events or it's been awhile. Hey I think ray yeah. Baseball game up pretty cute game that was on four the rate it pepper rug really. Are you are are you was enthusiastic when you call baseball as you do as you call the hornets games. I. Work a lot. Go operate. People I. I expect a lot in a battle. You know that's it's so funny you said that because it's so true and out of it's voted here you could you do have so much energy when you call a game. And it meshed so well with the NBA but as you well know call a baseball game is very different dose from fast pace calling all the action right in front of you to. A lot of storytelling as or call a game there there's a big difference between the two. I love baseball the remote or. Number. Are pro. And what appeared on the basketball. Com so that vocal good bye I record now up better look to our current account treated. You know you're about oh great now regard but about it yet agree with you and good golly. Ticker. Yeah I hear you man as a speaker based off before we get to the hornets will most thought about the brace for just a quick second because. It stinks fond memories from the best offense in baseball for awhile and a bit got a team it's atop the Italy's that is supposed to be either Sorgi were kind of doing to prep and getting ready to ought to fill in for a little while. It what did you find most interest in men most captivating about this braced him. You know the thing is. I want reap the next year I was you'll put the box that at all and I had a great game last year in June in Cincinnati. Our roster from. You're here in Europe right now. Radical or. We want to really the only guy cut our employees. Who built in the lot in they would expect. Are so would that return right or what you really real the first two months. But. Are now. Alpert. Darker look around and expect to be here and required here with power be. Because cornea critic quarrel with the wind hit the ball at will who would ask. I think you've got to be. Your own and then go bumper sticker a lot of really good at picking up correcting. Continues to be what it'd have made it would the capital of young guys and like Roca I thought it got out of the circle are. Toward your goal is very good at 65 pound Africa and ignited by X. Record it'll wherever Parker are. To acquire the rate I think that there may not be here quote meant that he put up under here. What go forward a lot alike at a rate. You know I know we can talk baseball and look how can all day and you know he would he would love to act you know but and I think a lot of people you know are really interest in the hornet's I know that. You know sometimes we talk about all the negative things that go along with this team in. Knowing you lose a coach needed a new GM and I think people are a little bit down on that there's some things to be excited about two airports a bit what's the thing you're most excited about with the what the horn his movement for. I'm excited about Rex. And beat governor he taught me or what not in your. Career sort of bare. About the outlook unexpected. Direction on what we duke or if there are and how bill. He mocked. I can't figure out what it's like the set your pro you know it takes to get stronger at a summer of that something that purple well you're. I'm super excited about what that. Are revealed people get better for. One. I'm not at. All. The record lat and your guys got cart out who were gonna contribute going port and no more even. Or another the bat until all the select your. They may or may about it and it got Welker go out but with corn but at heart it's got a and I think that the court what they're eleventh at. They get something they get a player who contribute battle in XP but in the years to come. But what and that's of course all the guys were on all of you mean last year and they were picked out not. So can't. Steve Clifford victim of circumstance. Didn't play guys enough early what's the reason why he's not here today. I don't blame him for report I don't think that. We're ready to go. Out and probably. More apt summary and and beginning of the year yeah art while the court and in the meeting up and running doing the I think we needed walked a lot. You'll. And I have. Or quarter net lock it. Right. And back yet and why that's what you want. Lot quote. Prepare the law. We go to your other respect but all. With the order. You could move forward in. Order 101. What. It would apple or for. What more. One that. All of these. Damn. So I quit for me calm and it will. What awkward. Oh I think he's a great leader I think it's corporate what do note. Wanted to play war. Partner for time. If you're so. And I think I mean they're a good thing you're really expect ago. That. Eric Collins fox sports southeast voice of the Charlotte hornets and a most recently the Atlanta Braves he's joined us on the tech become de slime and I'm just ask Derrick hypothetically and in your president. Speaking Emily mountain and his readiness. If Donovan Mitchell had been a hornet with he would look the same in Charlotte as he did you talk this year at least close to. At the request. All. Want. Our you know on. Top of all. Spot. Them by in. Part. I'll. Note long arms that were part of that for. Not that. People would. Wear it and went and work out there were your. All right so with that in mind right we we look ahead of the draft pick an eleventh right now and a lot of people just. But we for being honest they're a little bit of apathy about that because that's kind of where they bend over the past couple years and you can find a player at that spot there's no doubt about it and certainly in the draft like this that appears to be. A little bit deeper than most but. You've you've got to do your due diligence you got to do your homework Mitch Kupchak got to do his job as you see the players in that range who do you like him what would you expect they do. Nothing but lost their. Good answer I know elderly literate and held an intermodal and Osborne figure out what happened idea just dumped him and obviously you would say no. Is there a brilliant concise question and it's all the brains blew his socks off and it's all the rain they don't want to come in Atlanta as the rain is coming from Atlanta so. As we got him back we got a backer Eric Collins and we we had to listen to this three minute question overtime. There are okay maybe he can condense at this time for us this as the guys 75% of membership or his library split anyway a school. So that you did you catch the question or do you need to get. All. That there. Aren't there yet. Get married. Are you. He would your car. If you act and that. Mary understood this. Understood completely so again I don't they ask was there they're on the eleventh victim were trying to figure out what they're gonna do with it what would you expect dorsal doing eleven what should they do. What they should you know. Players and really not think in you know possible replacement for kemba should kemba the coming years. I'm not about. Think about it yet about who's. You bet that it be special. You know I think the couple guys. Who are. Good credit and I want them a chance to with a super hard feeling that possibly be something to nip the union. That. I think that there could be a player or Q like that in new. Idol could well warrant in view that the guy armed. I know that the trend in recent years has been it's all program that's kind of been there from. The beginning of their lives. You'd. Kind of want to wage a program. That need to be pops in my rate guy who got. Gilles who got rained out that would lead to lead and maybe you've got a chance to beat that that someone. Game. And maybe this year but in the years to come oh. Two minutes left in the game on one possession game can be a difference maker opera or he at union. It is that's been ordered in the three years that I've been. When we won that game. Attending over what went whose post these years ago and they took Miami seven the last two years have not been able. When the quotes. And all people the image and connecting that with guys make you with there. Here ability. Why to be an NBA player or what the special al-Qaeda. And then they went on idol. So I don't along. That well. That that be an now someone and the day that in their career looks different deal. Done something different that way he would be. In America as Charlotte's kind of an in transition right now with a professional sports team the Panthers lose their owner get a new one you keep their management. The hornets have their owner get entirely new management. What is harder for the players in your opinion in getting new management or developing a new owner. Good question. And it it is maybe management is going to be. Event such as huge control. Tower who continent who leaves. And the old players to look at law is the clips the law. But there's a lot coach's speeches had not been determined now. Those guys who worked with the players but it. Who work at the players being out at the ready or ground work rep pre game that he'll try to get players that they can be. And I think that. The weight can affect change so they're going to be significant changes on the guys who were on that bench not just at coach says and then that. At. A home run that good relationships built immediately. Summer work out that one hopes to work out. I think that them. That it be another reason that or optimistic about your as you can get better. And it's small things well co. Like develop. We can't. Unless they are McCutcheon Lucinda and did you do we Jenna and you're watching him in the NBA finals. Who's there mr. tapes. Typically only. Oh whack he I'll chant the loose in Cleveland and I. I think we gonna go back late in that app. I think are gonna scare that you know all in the media to whack you on the bought that decree that called I think that this manipulative too much and you it's he would be final. It came to every term I think you wake up the heat and kite shoot Rico a little bit more nervous but every seven. It in the black eye. And it's been here I think it. All that it would in winning the regular he'd been I don't Chris all. It. But I feel like rock I think that we have in the back in part. So much pressure and cool all. All. The the players in the world playing other. Well at that. Believer. In. Golden State this year Kevin Durant. Wailed and complain Raymond green its just not easy cattle like now. I think whole attitude and come. Our air Collins fox sports southeast the voice of the Charlotte hornets send dabbling in some braves baseball this week joining us on the ticket John guests lined. A really Georgia call what can foresee a more than out of your American double talks are men have a great holiday we don't. There you delta air Collins once again joining us on the tech become desolate.