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Monday, July 16th

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Eli gold the voice of the Alabama crimson side joining us on the second job just line during the Korean city Eli had a ten minutes. I am well yes. Oh letter to get a group I go way back. So that's right you never get tired of not want to know. No you don't Manhattan. How is it man and the SEC media days are always a circus that was this year compare. Well I actually am sitting here watching it on the FCC network right now I won't go over to Atlanta so. What Alabama's there. No later in the week com when mistakes you know not having a daily talk show about having exports cash not having. I've column turn right. You know what what. A coach says here in the middle of July. One Babbitt doesn't play them so the first week of November. Really has very little impact. Firm made and further other play by play direction a leak. So most of our brethren don't achieve that goal theory at the play by play and it's I always extent to go 11. Rabbi is there. To meet some sponsors and so on and so forth so well. But you know it's always interesting to this year lawmakers actually get my desk here working. But I've got the FCC network got in the background just. To see what everybody says but you know. It's it's rare that there's huge. Issues coming to have a bench it's more about. A guessing game to some degree M and normal. But in summary charged normal coach speak. Does this get old for Nick Saban because I mean winning never gets sold but sometimes. You know the way that UN in just beating everybody. Is he board. Absolutely. Positively. Not too. That man never get sport this is what he does. He's strong I have missed. I have never happened toward these games now for thirty years. OK I have never been with a brand more zeroed in on the job more focused. Who can't wait to get up in the morning who can't wait to go out and recruit. Who can't wait to sit there and scheme up new defense just. I meant. He got a degree here I would go to a dinner at all look gold parties you know come over the peace in carriage around and has played. In front of 5800. People I swear to get. You know look to Asia the cornerbacks McCarrick the carriage of safeties and he's just trying to scheme was some defense while these deep in debt. Amanda just thrives on this stuff so. You know Kyle you know try to keep it around a lot about you know. If you look at it's not a job. And for coach X shape and it's not a job. No truer words were talked into what you like Goldman who would deals and words is the voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide joined us on the technique comes just lie and so. As you as you survey the rest of the SEC west will stay on us on the outside for second as anybody else. Got closer I mean I'd like demonstrably closer to really competing with the Alabama Crimson Tide this year. Oh. There is it's it's got it's always stuff. And I think whether the other teams have improved. To which they exceed lately have. War it's the fact that you know Alabama has lost DeShawn and that shot the gap apple tends to have they gave birth. And think of its Patrick were shot have been some Levi wallets and Josh great jerk and are wrong payment Ronnie Harris. And I can go off and on. I mean he walks and also start to it right there. I'm in to watch guys who would start for virtually everybody in the Southeastern Conference. So you know it's nothing new certainly Balboa loses players of that they'll. Seemingly. Every year. But now all of a bit shout you know it speed you've gotten to a guy to deal where and how good are they going to be to start to. Further steps look at Iran thing obviously have a spectacular. Career at the University of Alabama. But when she was taken. In the NFL draft of a first round. Well I was not the same Durante who first came and checked into Tuscaloosa as a freshman. You know same thing with a real shot at the same thing with pink cup Fitzpatrick these guys obviously have gotten better so now you're going from. Guys who are spectacular. First round about bell facts. Two guys who comment that is so called five star recruits right. I hate that term because I don't local people who can't doubt these stars but. You know they come minutes five star recruit but it's it's it's about. In other coming from a small white schools somewhere. I'm now happy to take a look at the fit to shape them playbook which is just stickers the patent telephone book. If we still have telephones. It's. But you know I get it at Georgia a different animal certainly missed it way. These guys step up to the NFL and they say well good lord everybody's great that this was even but. The worst players aren't dead. So it I don't know how everybody has gotten the Irish recruiting well. But Alabama I can't you know has launched a pod. A ton of players and that was just the defense I've mentioned. No I haven't talked about you know a good bit of the offensive line Bozeman and perhaps an hour. And far historic Ridley at wide receiver can't share them both Scarborough. And of course the special teams should all got. So it's it's going to be a year of they exceed the vote lot. Of the judgments and to Asia's but the Crimson Tide that does that play does that bring about a closer to the pac. Who knows it's. But it's always. You always walk you know reduce these kind of bite your fingernails because you know again we've lost you know. 581820. Guys. Look achievement restart for eight team in the southeastern country which. Are we talking to you like golden voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide join us on the second job just slide he lies is sure its thirtieth year on the job as we're OK so so thirty years as a voice of the Crimson Tide you you've seen a lot but but if you if you go back to travel back in time to 1980 your first broadcast. And you compare to 2008 team what is the one thing that stands out to you that is the most different about college football from 1988 to 200810. Oh lord have mercy. You know obviously very different scholarship numbers now that the teams have to deal whip. Societies of the players which they were not small back to the late eighties by any stretch of the imagination. But there are guys on the roster out any chance which is bigger than some of acute Jauron a roster of 1988. Did the whole big game has changed. Published Brett did you know. There ought lectures by whole lot of big game but hurry up stop they don't 1988 take it to go to the huddle. No huddle up. You know lumber up to the line of scrimmage. You place your down. Everybody gets up. They've lumbered back they have a lot. You know now you know yet if there's no huddle it's only because. The TV commercial will stop longer Shoppach. So there are shown a deep differences. Every game that I would need to know where to start. But this style event all of them look back can still play with a funny look at all. And it's called the stream bank made big game in many regards as bears little resemblance to my. You know you like you talk about you know that the waiting game has changed I don't know the rules have changed to keep up know with the game and I know that. A lot of times in the NFL they constantly making rule changes the MBA either consciously making rule changes in college football try to make the game safer but would you like to see some rules change for example like every two feet coming down and ordered considered a catch or you know some of the different things that tell you that in the running clock at the end of the game instead of every first down. You know a timeout because offense how often has played now you think the game is is keeping up with the palm the the way the games being played. I hope it's it's it's it's keeping up with the quality of the aptly chick that question about it you know have a two feet down like it don't they NFL. You know that such. But we also have to realize each and time again you know. And today it's very clear fright because if you've been there done that. May oh if you did that in college you might have won it possibly two on each team who can do that. Who couldn't make that Spain not when Julio Jones played it out about. She could do that one up Mari Cooper played Alabama. She could do that. And makes spectacular catches them somehow get those toes to track. Just before it goes out of bounds. However of eight paradigm wide receivers on every team. How many can truly do that how many rosters truly have only goes and authorities. In college. So you might really be underwritten. Ones off bench. If you get to NFL wish. I cannot understand what type argument point here. Yeah but it went well we want to slow the game down. Mean it's it's it's these games are going to be on each. And it's done deplored the edge of the games that are on CBS now. Well you know a fairly big commercial breaks you know they're great and perhaps for our ball game. Yeah I met our. I met maybe the school I'm maybe just going out the game in it itself. I'd overall I I don't have a problem. You know would be game to be honest with you. I like it of course I personally. Of course I do what joy you know might do enjoy it off that don't get it wrong. But I really low watching. You know some solid defense that of the battle you know that goes on what here again I'm I'm I'm drawn gushed. You know the last year's national championship game. In Alabama was number one of scoring defense number one on Russia in defense of the great passing defense. You know number one I'm totally fewest yards allowed and America. You know eleven and fourth down conversion just you know only our fourth but I think turnover margin. So you know how much has arrived. On deep fat so ever since attack ever should just tonight he's been changed all liked. It always approach and outlook you know beat them Miami hurricane John's piece French. And the offense but very very good defense. So I thought I personally have no problem. What would they aren't I I understand players' safety. I am going to miss the opportunity of the diet liked. Can't injury did against Clemson a few years ago of capturing before all of the three. You know on and rocketed back for a touchdown. It though because the ball gets reset to the 25 and so on but I understand they propensity for injury. He saw Opteron back. This whole high the number is skewed so I have these Cynthia standard player if you will from scrimmage. So you know the number one thing to peddle it doubt for it is players' safety I don't think there's any question about that so. But why I kinda like big game the way it is I I have no problem whether it to be honest Libya. I think I was could be in colleges. Where the referees did it. Spam Goldberg book all. Until everybody. Finally tip they could substitution. You know on number eight years ago about that far back what what about bad you know looks. But Terrance Cody like player but to go to our. Voting. They don't do it took a full tank against the driver out. Well I picked the only place first and second downs. And tip the other team which Bader got it couldn't get up off the field the first third down I'm you know fourth and short if they went forward. And that changed note and Nick Saban each case how he recruited. And obviously it didn't hurt Taliban are. I've it has as history has shown. But today I like the back out of the refereed stand over the ball collagen much here. Substitute you have the players out there we do want to tap out there. And don't get victimized by. You know law I hurry up offense that that just doesn't allow you to get your defense out there. You know it's it's it's it's been exposed to play we do our best against their best. Whatever happens happens yeah I'd I'd purchase of like the fact that I hurry up offense kept your defense here but I you wanted off the field. That wasn't the way the game was drawn up it's our best against their best and whoever's best is better way of each that so I always liked it yeah. Already like golden voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide Julius on the tech job just like Eli enjoy I enjoy SEC media days and will certainly have an excellent. Sounds good gentlemen take care.