Garcia And Bailey: The Early Days Of The Hornets

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Tuesday, March 13th

In the final hour, Frank and Kyle talk to Voice of the Hornets Steve Martin about the early days of the Hornets. Also it's another edition of The World According To Frank...


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But Garcia. Over four child Israelis frank Garcia and Osborne and if you're just tuning in you missed. A great bit of audio. The last week we have been given you these these five part series the the latest installment today of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history and today you don't know particular no particular order that's replicas that we had some people like corn bread Maxwell yesterday you know what what do you write -- -- six or not we're not Raikkonen was thrown about their resistance in a random mortar and we're talking today about the Charlotte -- November 4 1988 the very first game in franchise history and we are joined now by the long time voice of the Charlotte hornets and a new was a couple of weeks ago that he will retire at season's end Steve Martin joins us on the tech job just slide and a Steve we appreciated Matt Howard you. Our. Art Shell dual well first of all you know congratulate sue thank you deal he's not afraid to answer and ask for got a lot that he's. He he says he says a decision you know that puts us. No that's that's that's that's a first of all congratulations it is it's it's a hell of a career held the Rowan and I couldn't be happier for it. Well thank you very much talent so. I can't had a mind of 65 but been in abdomen. Broadcast and sport in broadcasting in general fifty years thirty years in its. Although numbers and data to get out. It's expected that time you know Steve when you start thinking about the hornets seem I got here in 1995. And I tell you what. On this the city was electric for the Panthers but this was still hornets town. Yeah it was. And it Tibet thing that don't mourn its got its start on the bet it is probably would have been buried it has a lot but. Don't forget that Charlotte has been. Has been and always will be a great basketball market. It is part of North Carolina North Carolina is basketball hungry it are readily ACC. And I think. I think the people in Charlotte rang true. We have the thought of being able to follow their college question that was back Ellis where we won and done territory that. Tool to keep their players been in at least three years and some well war. See you you've gained some sort of identity would you Saber scene other DNC state are trying to do Wake Forest whatever Marilyn. And they're all made sense. But dentists to be able to all of them went they've ended their college careers at my profession are just some of all the most memorable well he gets great source. I think Charlotte Ka on the figured hey we can we can still enjoy it Michael Jordan and you know be on the team that we cheered it well we started. Follow pro basketball teams but and we never follow the NBA spirit you'll actually are they're all gonna. What are so that's. That that there were into the popularity a lot of basketball and watched it. Such great start back and I didn't. You know Doug about the ladies obviously Steve a lot has changed since then but you know some people may have forgotten in what George Shinn was like there. Remind us know some of the great stories and loosen some what it was like as an owner. As an alternative that he was an interesting guy because Jordan are so totally self made man had a heart. Father died at an early age yet. You know I had to get out of school and an earned money for the family in them not what surprised you go into. Entrepreneur rural schools and got those things on so he was so they kind of got. And it had some the election ought to match and all of a match Coleman by scores at the same way. And they guided each other in the process batch were and who we're all government or the that's the ball. And kind of helped him along the way. It reminds me of there was a bull we had a somebody trying to light outs. And there's a group of people that adrenaline out there and the tour guide as well walking the walk through we're standing talking not wrong. What will walk again quickly it got that out and at some acts guided George loophole prop and it was great and Georgia and his ownership group is able to secure franchise I was there in Phoenix when it happened in 1987. And and then proceeded C march it was the first of the four cities that they want that. Charl first it was that it's the little let quite since she two and a picture. Because of that nobody you know release says situation. Any interest in the air in public they felt that it was sort of Irish purple that's all professional basketball area the reason we talked about so. It was a joy to see that come up and endured. Georgian and and back split because match minority of all good development campers. You know so you already that relationship so that's kind of put Georgia bad way that you recover from. And the French Spanish and I've been under way in and they enjoyed great crowd support. Initially and it really took off in their ear when they beat the Chicago Bulls two days for Christmas but he mediate that. That's solidified it for or at least nine years. Thus it would talk about you know obviously George and you talk about Jerry Rich's and you know maybe Jordan now in. You know some of the other you know owners and the way you do you probably through Bruce Smith in there and in names in Charlotte sports history but. In the name that keeps getting brought. And I think arguably the most important manage trust or sister is a smacks him. Only guy right tell us or tell us about your toes about what he meant to Charlotte sports. While Max was a great visionary in the kitchen you know text agreed between each. Is that he was in the PR business it was Amylin jet boat just get ready to have a job well done well. Or Ripken and that was a you know things are happening in chocolate and Matt Scott Castro was this huge Charl was at a state. And then missed analyze if you move a little you except I know what's going they were looking at Charlie so. Actually guided George knew that and one mount the minute that that started smell bad we gotta out. And then not and then work in the word that the area that they really wanted to work in an upbeat NBA champion really. Pat really a lot of extension but they Saudi I think David Stern chip and I could not realize he intra. In all these other cities as you know what's that that was kind of a hard time for the national sports. And that kind of keep it really and the fact that I think there were sort of like thirteen cities represented. At that. That's league meeting in in Phoenix when they decided so where's it gonna stand. And Charlie became number one of those thirteen of them Miami was number two and then it was Orlando a little so so. Let out broke out and and that's because the job the next mama. That the platform and at that next moment it created pure chance and we shouldn't show. And our match that's what made the peppers so reasonable for Charlotte as well. Steve Morton long time voice of the Charlotte hornets shorting is on the technique comes just like go go back for second if he is akin to that moment in 1988 because your or. We we we played for the folks that Ben ordered hysteria peace part of it anyway that you you voiced an. If you there's a clip of Kelly took you can talk about how new we just lost this game by forty points. And but nobody cared and I know when last they stay there that they stood up and and gave that team innovation and I would have to imagine as many years as you've been calling basketball Steve that you haven't seen many things like Dennis and. No really not not to lose but fortieth at the crotch and up what you and and now we've we tried to make them brought up in and taught. Not. An out of court I had to those part of the he'd anywhere but there. I think that kind of that outdated. Charlotte's choice as an NBA city. At Charlotte was saying back. We have received anything yet historic how we're gonna support this team we totally understand. The concept of bringing the NBA year. And watch Charlotte so logical because of the interest in basketball you talk about state. That's football history. And I eat you thought about Indiana and Kentucky and North Carolina. Well output put Carolina up they're a long look the other two I mean just just this side. And just as important and just it is vital to. The development of NBA basketball. Across the country and especially elated elated Jim wrote in the south and you know already about one at a but it really wasn't the one that great -- probably should stay indoors but at any rate. What court gets into shot but he gave Atlanta arrival date watch. People need to wake of the whole region of the country so good to be the best thing that I think the NBA look out. Well you go from that night we wanna TP to a did you go from that night distressed Ford 2002. In no way that when the proposal is approved to move this team to New Orleans you know we were talking and one moment about one of the great moments you've ever seen and you go to 2002 it's got to be one of the most heart wrenching moments as well. Why yet there it is through everything. Everything was little out of out of the water there is all that you had a whole bunch of employees who want our. What's gonna happen to me in ultra just got to leave and where does that leave me in on it what is it was a very traumatic time and then. 221 unidentified people but he wanted to pull all would offer moved to walk ones. And fortunately I was while boats and then you know we seem to have a look the market. It's so we were able to continue our career but it could do very well stopped in in 2002 a and we stoppage don't kind of rejection of I think really. I think you missed it. It was a referendum that was placed probably the lowest part of the year you know nobody votes on June elections. Primary elections. It also there at the basketball issues stack we'll have much of arch and you know. Other issues that that don't necessarily attract a lot of its. And then of course a lot of what equipment while a lot of unity. There was an alienation by the city of Colorado. A lot of black city workers. Not guaranteeing don't progress to woke up in the change so. So yet in law and that we handle and we still do we have a lot of support. Or calm the African American community in Charlotte and and they have been really good in the rock where solid sense of we've got all the way through and then we have the congress sit there are so you know there and they're all well. And they're open to sit this you know you kind of offended me and I'm gonna you know published a witness torch just approved view. That there aren't RTR. Port and a parenthood is not enough that. What you do at that time it was just it was an argument that was well beyond about professional sports are about well basically a and that furcal watch as well so. So that was a very uncertain pot well a lot of parts that work really it would prejudice as to whether or not we could continue war. What are we had you know whether or not going to be coming history teach. There's a I. I get to the West Coast got here in 1995. Don't know much about Charlotte, North Carolina though there's a couple of things that put this city on the map and in our new grandma Ahmad knew mugs you blow losing it I knew no Alonzo Mourning and those of the things that we knew that we really didn't know we're Charlotte was that's a banking industry somewhere on the East Coast. Didn't know much about it you get the all star game Dee Brown. You know with the remark polyps in or gone out there and one of the slam dunk contest. You know and then you look at maybe what didn't happen. You know towards Charlotte didn't you know that was missing out on the Anthony Davis lottery pick as we were the worst team in the MBA in not getting him. What is the biggest defining moment for the hornets in your year in your opinion. What I think probably rebounding. From all of those things he talked about and a 2002. Out tonight to that cannot be. That season. Under Larry brown and getting Stephen Jackson. In a trade or generally sees in trade and got to turn the franchise around and sent to show solid chance look. We were gonna get back to the playoffs we're we're gonna put her restore your faith. You know NBA basketball city and then they get and they got there they they didn't stay long but there. Coming from seven win one you know it's. This. All right Steve Moore and long time voice of the Charlotte nor its kinda dust and not just give us some time. But give us an oral history of this franchise and again you noted we. We wanted to have you on regardless ought to talk about this subject but it's great to be a potential for you and you know talk to viewers as your illustrious career winds down and we were thank you reducing it to it would Sudan. Thanks a lot. Absolutely Steve Martin once again voice of the hornets joining us here on Dorsey and they'll stuff so I'm gonna come back and we got some good stuff coming in on the text line on Twitter and don't overreact to some of that of course fifteen minutes from now everybody's favorite segment the world according to francs 70457. Or 96 standard Utley hit a so we loved your strongest horse in daily. There is it and everybody LIQ that's. It reds in the house before we we go to him and good news insight and wisdom for the day we got to thank Steve Martin the voice of the hornets. Who is again retiring at seasons in thirty years on the job in the is he provided some background some context. Some history there. To our fourth installment of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history today's moment was November 4 1988 the very first game in the history of the Charlotte hornets franchise that lost by forty to the Cleveland Cavaliers but the fans stuck around the old Robin gave them an ovation anyway and I talked to Steve was great and that porter's interview and any hornet's interview we do was brought to you by tougher Genesis. Visit tougher Genesis today and experience the Genesis GAB and G ninety Genesis luxury elevated. Boys that was awesome thanks Smith at daylight finally odds it's a really good production up up up up up front about it. He's a kid Douby. Yeah real couple odd kitty is the better really cool series Manning hasn't really good job but this really good job really cool series and UNESCO as men have brought you back in. I was out outside and live here frankly even here yet but it to listen back to call things got started. That was really really cool and I didn't really realize. If I wish I was in the arena for that at the coliseum when you lose by forty but you got a standing ovation. And the low because of basketball finally any pro team finally in the queen city. At had to be really cool for infertility to do you get all the guys that went through that and rest Kampman first ever pitched. Got to DC rest I can't even get off the couch is social and trying to Milwaukee stepped. The social and look back draws and you're gonna get arrested who asked for a further sell on the debt phones -- carriers like daddy scandal scandal. Phoenix yeah I think he's out of all that now it's deal. Well it's just messy it's funny look back at the at a orders roster and see names like Kurt Rambis. And killing two Duca majors you look back and an opening night roster and it was still. Yes there was remarkable it is so cool old school Indian names and and pick who's best player in hornets history. The still young walker no knowledge not seek the best player horn a sister. Hale awesome note Modi vote no Bigelow jail don't hurt note. Glen Rice letting us then. And mr. Milosevic I don't think I know is there's always a little here's the only two time all star here so this team I did you Zoller played longer Charlotte you Tyrol say level. But only played what 45 years here the four. My desk before my wrist forcing Danica. I think if I think gives no reason I know it's funny but nobody remembers Glen roughly six that pressure to nobody thinks of Glen Rice. You know obviously. A star at Michigan. Just you forget that I knew I speed you can really get a good. Score the basketball he was. Now he has the most all star appearances by any harder than kemba has to now so I think he ties him even though this last one was an alternate but. They still made it I don't know how they. But you know they credit that but you know Glen Rice and Kemba Walker now. A believer in the same category Clinton and NBA champion three time NBA star athlete also an MVP all NBA second team got a I give him an average was three times he's still the best and final four most outstanding player yet. It was again Glen Glen Rice can play basketball royalty. He was great but in London just looking at the list of Charlotte hornets you don't career leaders in various categories Morrison. Of course he's does not gonna tell you it would do Dell Curry's name is still splashed all you know I greens so people is about Kendall gill can go for three years it was a really good and you just very good defender you know day he went to the sea the Sonics after that. And now played for my sonics back and Tom and doesn't look to saddle kennel Joe's a really good player get a deal as it this is before her pastor and after his career he went back in the boxing if you're a member. These fonts over at margin was coliseum. Earth remember that I do. He's not here any boxing match and now but in any coliseum I. I've written as a matter of fact it wasn't until the very first time we had Kindle on the show probably about it you know nine months ten months ago. But I even do more than what grade are you with the mortals a box three Wallace and how there is a good Brittany. If you are here is that if your boxing even if you're not in the gym where he's got a gold gloves champion but I mean you're you're good enough sued to get in the ring in the fight in front of people you you got some skill you have some direct. But rough route you have tough man competition. How rough Arizona. Right to have them listen I tell you ask anybody that's kind of what Alonso also frank goes up at Arizona. Usually does Supersonics which he said don't semis but did your team should play dodge ball there'd be a Sox fan. Always liked the Supersonics. When you live in the city you usually have your four years I was there for five years when your five year player at Washington I was there for five years of return the Seattle's leaders actually in the Seattle SuperSonics were phenomenal. They weren't Minnesota at that time millet they weren't concerns have always been my team. You know as a kid growing up going to those games of my dad never commit. And gotten his son's right that their mind that's from my heart lies right or even as bad as they are right now but Osama. I'm fallen though may only the what I'm Kaymer yeah you're thinking of these. Am I your sing tears thinking of the second phase if you go back to the eighties. The suns were really good back then as well or they would consistently lose. You know to the lakers in the semis and Johnson nineteen matinee KJ Tim Johnson was on the team. I mean ahead Larry Nance was on Latino resident Marley on a team yet that's the second okay now there's was well it was a with some guys in the mid ninety's that's why he died when. What I say every Coca now. My Miami mart Marley went to Miami after that. Yes so so loud and oh yeah they aren't the Sonics were probably you argue you know Tony. That excuse me it meant you could argue. You can argue the Sonics are probably or could be one of the best teams never win a championship. But they were phenomenal chart champ Gary Payton. That would not to publish her McMillan. You know the ex man come Xavier McDaniel up they had a phenomenal. Group of players there are. They were one of the best teams I mean defensively in the MBA. And you know there's claiming hero with Giordano was Jordan sort of within the the lakers showed wells lakers girl came back and they weren't the they weren't the the jazz right the jazz or Houston Rockets. I mean it was relies on onion that's that time. You know when these guys are just. You know there was great teams everywhere you don't like what we're seeing. You know maybe a little bit more now hopefully just I hate this one team and everybody's sake I like it three or four or five teams in kind of in transition from those to. You don't really stuck that he saw the Sonics was the rise the first to know we came on a year Parker Duncan. Until last year dishonest after the polls here and awesome sites are under way down the yeah. As you know and then nine you know one they made up that debt super dream team detritus your team to beat the bulls if you remember. Member GAAP and where's this where Gary Payton you know went to Karl Malone the Al teamed up towards the lakers. And you try to build that super team to do compete with the with the bulls back in the day and so little short but does fund it was a fun time to be a basketball fan but you know that's the reason why the Sonics fan back in the day. Okay and by the way visited her strengths are its extra rights and Jason says and and best frank did you put into a ring fellow oil and absolutely come back and I'm gonna ask you some related questions in everybody's favorite segment. The world according to front. Time now. For the world according to frame the that's a I don't know which one you'll sing your patent Karl Malone VW by the bulls when you know. I didn't want to you realize it on anybody so is there I think they're wrong timeline I think Jerry you lost the bulls in the NBA finals though. But on that Seattle team animal out there trying to hit it like to the finals regulators are here. But franks sends nearest place that can harm. We are. French say Gary Payton and Karl Malone beat the bulls think DCT have a super team knows you know and he's definitely it is a bit of you don't you think you sit and dictates laid the ball OK there's been so they teamed up to beat the slowest Smith at. The wrong time it's not the right time it's not a great era in Indiana the reason of. A lot of would've reluctant to certified as sisters and myself on the sex on a lot of people confuse the sort of clear up pretzel nobody's nobody's attacking anybody care to her nice people we don't like. I mean that what was the particular at a nor nor does he knows going Alyssa is his time real stuff and for infringing has topped frank. You know since do you are are doubtful of Kindle reels boxing skills. Well what is the first fight you ever won the first fight you're lost. World. The first front ever lose visas non lawyer comes here. I've always had a good fellas I'm I. I'm not lost sight Coca. There's mean I'm not. Not my dad told me and I still believe this today no matter how big man you think you are there's always somebody bigger and better like jobs right there is as slow as the damn truth so loud you know just be careful how high you think you're walking because extremism and knocks down a couple bags. Palm's first fight. In high school. Everybody. It was a state champion wrestler as well and his brother was kind of a jackass. And you know always coming around and you know he came in there we were known as probably a little bit my fault you know as well but don't we are kind of messing with his brother little bit. You know a couple other guys and you know having fun and whatnot and die you know a guy got upset and you know through Sumter and pushed him back well I would go to gym that day in. Now here comes his brother doesn't say anything just head down and I in my coaching here we go you know and he walks right at me. No throws throws the punch I know give the nice little the ducked under role. All the ships and split his look this is like two days before graduation we're in him and I are pretty good friends are still good friends this day but. You know he had to do what he had to do to defend his brother so. Now headed to do what I had to do you defend me. Have you ever usage OK let's let's let's rephrase that I was at a Jack in the Box let's relent well it's Energizer. That's where I thought Russell is repackaged OK so so you have. Most of the condos are designed to punch German. Yeah okay you know walking on the street this or we are sorry the yards that the fourteenth of saint patty's day billion pieces into his days right around the corner he's at the bar crawl there right now is that they'll do it's on Saturdays to have more audio hardware and of course you know and I. Something. Yeah I think so people arbitrary and you know are probably gonna you know celebrated so properly but to other people still like to go down to bar crawls into a no way with us with their talks in Nam. Aging hair but seen behind us here H look at Jameer. That the faux hawk. Is really not as far as its aging dollars in moral religious moral Wii owners or the wrong color style and an AG unit is some really aged Allegra that's really aged. That's exactly grapefruit is once do so more can illustrate my buddies you know lost as one of tiger another boy were all just kind of hanging out. Have a good time might herald business. And you know here comes down is that down the road the other way this big duties pink shirt. And you know pretty pretty big dude and dude don't pay well you know there is you know shirts all tight rolled out yeah you know the tackle. Right right and Don you know more doors my buddies over there he lowers his shoulder inland to my shoulder open. In there and act like it's my fault I see how. My eyes and look at the rear of the right he lowers his shoulder drops it drives right into me. And opens my shoulder up like them like you know some choice words came out and he came at me and a two and showed him. Knocked him off his feet into. The hotel and the wall. Well you know here comes next thing I know I got about don't Peter ten guys talent on those three. And there's a slowing in a more soaring and next thing you know I get this guy in a headlock and yeah we're down to drag it to three guys on top of me and the Hulk Hogan get up off the top of them. Yeah I didn't get a little more revved up and it spills into the street or let him have it and Don you smoke luckily. You know he didn't. Yup you know nothing happened other than that and here's the funny part of the story you know is where this one is establishments in the loses little guy like an ordinary a little Buddha like little bitty guy was you know short. And he kept it. And he's a. Yeah yeah. Inside. These guys. Got laid me out and I just walking down the street it's clearly under ten guys on top of me. You know I guess there's a guy with his slippers you're just coming at me like it hit. The police officers handled very well good and nothing took place and we all just you know kind of went home. Fred just told us a bar brawl stored procedure to sack got a pink shirt hello plus I. Assad's I don't know what other questions need to be asked that there's anybody every thirty minute I was gonna ask you know. Around the cancer is an odd years Glen Rice is known as dirty rice I don't know why you know does that housing here than. If you're never self proclaimed nickname for Freddy Garcia bullets your nickname yourself. The gritty in that Kardashian thirty rice Tara get the dirty Mexican hat. Thought. I mean it's a user. I think there's still doesn't go to dug him out so. That's what I thought I thought that's good he admitted Google that it actually happened. Oakland side. You'll be good friends can yeah that I don't yeah. Yeah I usually. This year it's the Wi-Fi to your. Stoke political. Please Google itself. This is so funny gets players coming here putting him more dime. It's done it's done. There's a mistrial overtime. So damn funny. Billions Saturday we'll go to our draw. That's a good for the fourth. Cogent and may be the man you know I. I like it man it's great yeah they'll get the ice diet accident I'm glad it's many times it didn't expect at a March Madness. The good news and they are not. I on the call that anytime. We're gonna get out which are so we've gone through long and quite frankly Oz lost his question asking for just got a I don't understand it I tell stories I ask questions could know. You you tell C surely stories leading up to a question that you never vote. Heaven forbid I have thirty seconds this Pittsburgh to a podcast she's by doing all the other time you want food. Under forty minutes is. Please go look up the dirt the I don't know. No. None here's kids in the car out there somewhere stunt I welcome back it's a garage torture Randolph. Don't look that up close and the sixers road in the say the more you say don't look it up the morning maybe coincidence. Frank you simply don't spend a little outlets from Marcus don't look it up to save yourself the trouble all lap. The kids say it's Garcia really release will mourners and we got Chris Crocker etc. They're doing here man I know you never know now are you religious conflicts you really don't how are things bloody. Third final that was used hesitation no different. I don't think it's another good you're good yeah are you are you concerned the players have done nothing. Except get worse no I'm not concerned I would actually would I would say and concerned about is one of the guys I thought realistically they could get. I just went off the market for ridiculous price tags on a Taurus and yet so like to me that's the thing we're I'd say yeah we could talk read the setting for a few weeks. I think everything's a little inflated right now in so he's making that kind of money and then you look at what's left. What's he gonna cost you go get what's left and so that's the scary it's the trickle down effect right so I'm not worried about he didn't get player X right now. I am worried about to a certain extent those mechanical -- worried oh so what's he gonna cost to go get the other guys could this isn't enough we can all agree what they've got what Torrey Smith. And DeVon fonts is a Curtis same old not enough so what's what's the play and then how much is it gonna cost you now. Well we have to wait to see what happens in the draft in my opinion seeing what we don't get there and then we can replace that through free agency got perhaps you know I mean when you look at these guys have your kids if your name comes up. In this first day as one of these guys that people. You're gonna debate. That's just the way and it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what your name is how much if you're one of those guys is it's about time if you if you're lucky enough to be in a position. Where nobody else is being coveted Sammy Watkins Richardson and you're going to get paid 60000014. And no doubt. I just didn't think Paul re reason was going to be a one of the day one net. I mean here we are really first fourteen hours or this is a third journalist yes I just didn't think that would be the case up on maybe be a guy we'd let it rise for a day or two he should be Chile should be I grew did you exceed and it's attend free agent market a deposition so let's kind of dictating some of this stuff but. You are really like I thought he would be the type of guy a jury to get. Q are you willing to go out there and spend in free agency I thought he's a guy would have made a lot of sense here for what he could do but you know it's a lot of calling for Freddie. He was unsure as to what don't what croak his reference is there a second ago Paul Richardson signed a free agent or disagreed to hit cancer on you with the Washington Redskins. Five years forty million dollars twenty literacy jets that's good that's good money desperate that's good money meant for him. If it is your position and we've we've kind of had these types of conversations before we're gonna try rescued us. Is there a position that you think this team has to address in the draft only. At a position in free agency. Only the US how do you sort of viewed Wii has Mario we we ask Marty about that and I estimates and only that's currently well and tobacco free agency sought to remember the draft is is the. I think that is addressed right so so without question I waited sniff that is free agents rarely says that critics and got a camera artist pain here see we got him. And then you're you're gonna go get that guy with a value pick probably could be second third fourth round and in the draft a running back you don't have to spend the 24 pick on that. You know other than that I think defensive ends when he got to go free agency not to find an impact. I even got to find a guy likely had 24 anyway unless it's this kid from new TSA right and even beyond there. Where defense of Baghdad defensive end or doesn't it yes so if you feel like that's in need and we gotta go get some idea to start may be up opposite Mario Addison to keep kept you'll coming off the bench or whatever you're not doing that you draft well do you have to do that free agency or do you trade whatever might be. Here's what we did chocolate every year you know these big name guys have played at Florida State everybody's talking about this guy as all this upside. You know typically fall. Right because there's so many other teams out there that may not see that as they don't get full blown. Of these names the dirt when James is sitting there 24. Atlantic TI to take him and Hart always young man there's a lot of people that have him projected. You know to be potentially there point four if things fall and I think those are positions you can correct me if I'm wrong frank I think those are positions where they can come in and play immediately I mean we've seen young guys come in a TJ when range he's a great example with the Jacksonville jags broke up the difference aside it's a lot more it's a lot easier to plug and play. Right because his farm policy ball tackle ball you don't have to worry about offense and scams and systems and you know learning you know and verbiage in those type of things by a multi multi cobalt and the best athlete go out there play that position. Does is going to be adjusting our masses angry had in there have browser and a I was I did it but he since that thing it's a trial. Conversational as best way to go to well it's it's tough place to keep it up with the joneses but you see everybody around you spending money here and you start give clamored why are we spending money tips you know got it feels like that sort of thing about it. I get it there if I get it I've just been you don't look like TV if you've been around here long enough I feel like he's just at a certain point got to accept it right this is after football. Is what to do its most good things aren't intellectual and a much beyond that I agree I agree what's coming out today aren't we have some fun Ross Tucker to thirty we'll talk about the feeding frenzy in the NFL free agency he'll join us in the opening our Dave Odom I think coach fell asleep on us yesterday so we get to talk to a contract or a little accident I'd love that guy and he's gonna talk to sit 330 has sunrise coaching you NBC. I think he's one of these guys that could be hey look at Charlotte looking for the next basketball coach. I think he's the guy was the interim before is cut his teeth UMPC a low major got into the tournament they want 43 games the last two years so he's an interesting name but talked to coach about that end Gregg Rosenthal a 520 of course. Darren gets gonna join us for special Tuesday additional Hefner yeah yeah. Yes deregulated praise from. I'd have good show. But we are back tomorrow so you want to do it one more time this originally stood Noah and a forceful for our show. Because Thursday and Friday we have one hour shows and does really gonna put us to the test would fill the best we can't tomorrow we're back to attended to as a normal looking forward to is for a hit man honest frank a child is as big Garcia Israeli WS Wednesday. Safe. Then right what does that do they'll blow your mind that just happened.