Garcia and Bailey: Dwight Trade Watch 2018

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Wednesday, June 20th
Kyle and Frank react to the news of Dwight Howard being traded to the Nets. What does this mean for the future of the Hornets? What does Michael Jordan need to do?? Are the Hornets in a rebuild year?? 

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But Garcia. Yeah like first on a show guys I want. We're just finishing work at towards extending they show okay you leave today you get. I I can sign up to. Don't ask for several years that you can't sit here right there was an athlete of the year he got great broadcaster in the history of the medium dogs the only OW opens and best looking man American merger out of us true amid all the really. What Obama's got my own world youth yeah yeah you do it's at 530 can you say to craft a bench I can also Sosa to do it today show Frankel is open to instill a bit from tomorrow's show. Super slugger and skip ahead to Thursday it is a joint and I'm trying to get ideas are you just don't talk about destroyed our trade you don't you don't want to disown the current. There's talk about your door and makes more money that's I mean that's. At the end of the day regardless of anything that happened mas got boom. You know we got some big was Russian and German wanna see him I mean we do we do with gay he's not going to be what Dwight Howard wise we're worse. Well flip or worse with where we are on the court we're better with where we are in our cap situation and that's where we stand today Jordan has more money in his pocket who wins. Both Michael Jordan dose for now but if you if you look at this trade just as good in a vacuum. Right don't want look at and say okay what's next you look at and say what does this mean for I don't know tomorrow night or dogs the and we got to address toward the two weeks. Yeah throughout the rest of the summer leading to camp and we can look at this a lot of different ways and we will obviously. Does does a trade. For Timothy must golf. Which is what happened earlier today no it's not official candidate to Dolores about sent us a press release. Are they between did nothing because this deal cannot actually be finalized until July 6 prodigy David talked about it in the unit moratorium period but so there was awards bomb this morning Doug told a tremor maybe if you want to Asian woes aroused your reporting silent but deadly right salad that allowed a lot of Sosa did it. The hornets have agreed to send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn nets. For senator Tim demolished mosque moss 22 round picks and cash. League sources told ESPN. That we talked about this before none of this is a surprise to any of your you know this information probably for the most part we'll recap really quickly anyway. On Charlotte's gonna have to take Dwight Howard Tony three point eight million dollars. On expiring contract this year right lets not forget the expiring contract part percentage that's what's got some people. A set today. That's what's got some people upset just traded for two years left to go to Moscow Steele went what was expire this year right and peoples are what we just my doubtful buying Mal doesn't doesn't steer give you cap relief right and it just by somebody out you still counts against the cap so any cost him money. It cost Michael Jordan money to buy dial right so that that's also part of that so they're Dwight Howard is is gonna have Tony three point eight million dollars Lester was expiring contract it and the hornets will receive the nets' second round pick number 45 tomorrow night and they're 20/20 one and second round pick so a couple of years from now. Our Moscow office I said as two years 32 point seven million dollars less dollars. On Mitch Kupchak if you were if you will recall is responsible for signing Timothy mosque crossed to the deal that he is currently on now points as a time. But why it was four years 64 million dollars with the lakers which coincidentally was the last year that Mitch Kupchak wasn't GM. He's gonna prove us wrong. To prove people. Here's got to make sure that Moscow is a great player wet and totally redeemed himself doubled. So he's gonna double down on to mr. cause that's the first movers your general manager. You boys and girls. Could double up improve that was right when I signed him that six years 64 million dollar of that four year 64 million dollar contract and LA did you look at how much a double. We're gonna show you that in the two mas dolphin is a perennial all star. But Timothy must Austin can Ankara in the candidates about what they're doing your business they're gonna make another move that's not what's happened. It's just a that's it that's not it like to let you know a you know as well as I do. I mean you don't have to be a mathematician and you know had to be a genius business guy. You know as well as I do. What is better. And somebody money or receiving money from someone. I mean this is pretty simple right it's not a size it's a tough question as much as your pondering over over at notre security but I just don't know and I can't no easy answer its money in my pocket is always better. First for us from our business and that's what Jordan did and I mean the team. It really in it and. In the big scheme of things it doesn't matter right now. Right we don't have a superstar player what does does for I think a lot of people is it opens up may be the potential possibility. The ambush and might be next right I mean. This team if you're trying to win two day if you're trying to win in 2018. And 2000 in nineteen. Dwight Howard is a better player than mas stuff. He's a better player you're gonna have to pay. No Dwight Howard that money and you're not gonna get the relief you're gonna have the expiring contract after next year and somewhere down the road you'll be able to reap the benefits of that but. You know what's where we stand today you know Dwight Howard is a better player the Mann's got them to name is gonna question that would do. Now OK so if that's the case as a whole federal disaster case and you have if you're down two don't keep Campbell on this roster to long term. You want to win now we gonna keep. You're gonna keep Dwight Howard. You're gonna keep him because it shows you're gearing up to try to make it playoff run for the 20182019. Season if you let him go. You have the money to go get somebody else but somebody else isn't going to be a game changer that is going to be a difference maker so because of that if I'm Campbell walker right now and I saw that just take place. Peace. Give me the hell out of here. That's what I'm sent. I don't win if if you wanna win. You know and you wanna make them your money you're making. More money here there's no doubt about it if they signs that next contract but you have the potential is they don't make the Matt exact same money somewhere else and be a part of a winner. And please. I'm sorry it. Or is there another deal that can be made to bring back another solid player and a disaster it's I. Solid players have a lot of good guys let me rephrase that donors phrase sorry I'm talking about another star caliber player right because again. They found a way to move Dwight Howard's contract in an expiring contract to which isn't the mayoral expiring contracts are valuable to a question about that is there something else that could be out there let's say you're wrong that'll take you more than say I don't wanna make just as binary choice where it's either. You cheek delights in it major try to contend for playoff spot or trade like that automatically means you're gonna text that's the perception people have the perception that people haven't understand why is that the nets obviously did this because it's clear that nearly sixty million dollars for them this summer which is to Max contracts to big time players from the Brooklyn the perception at least helicopters of the hornets right now nationally is ul. They're gearing up for rebuild gearing up for a tight job I forgot to do second round is that we get to try to get its etc. but here's a deal. But does sweeten pot and potential trades Douglas but it doesn't matter as it takes it to take as many trade but I doubt we'll sweeten the deal. I mean I know you're not me doing this. But don't make this the NFL right in to do that sometimes as well I went to second round is what's. What does that give you not your right to say. It gives you guys in your geely that's why should Sweden's DO MA it doesn't but it doesn't do any thing. You know for your team you know initially or even may be in two or three years. Maybe 45 years of such around his might pay off your somewhere down the road and even if you add in all your center owners up together in a little bit into the first round. In all likelihood you're not you know but again this is draft capital for other teams because all of a sudden you deal and a pick 45 to a team Boogaard and packaged player and takes 45 to move up in the back after the first or whatever the case maybe it's still dressed capital so look I agree with you. I do I agree with you. Getting Dwight Howard needs a lot of things are really talk about many things that millions. Armed but I do think we shouldn't completely close the door on the possibility. That they just got rid of and yes they did keep an extra sixteen million dollars in between 192020 season with Timothy Moscow's contract he's not guaranteed to be either even though. And I Greg Geiger bloodless techsters here to meet this is just the first step of a couple or at least the first step to a bigger step. I do that's what makes the most sense to me we got to wait and see what happens here can. But I want to hear from is 704570. And IDC extend the order saturated Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn nets for Timothy buzzed off to a second round picks and cash. And I I want to know what you think about it today 70457. Or 96 to and Collison tell us when we comebacks. We'll talk more about this talk about some of these proposed trades. And I want to get into why some people are really upset about this because again I think you might be missing the forest for the trees a little bit scarcer and they'll. Sex and the buildings that are tax lives really good. Texas that's I'm going to get amidst the same courtesy I didn't gentlemen let's wait Zooey does before we freaked out and so enjoyed show being on not ready to hate someone there yet. So hopefully it's a modest cut in that in between stage you know just got a one relationship not ready to dive right into another you don't do strong feeling jet so that's pretty measured take me and I can appreciate that. Well if you're going to burn Gelman how did you do. And there are much higher risk there's got to how they do it didn't it ended fairly unceremoniously. He does may be our cap hell but. Legitimate product and it kind of there was not a whole lot to show for so they yup you got a point that out of that sealed the topic of the day brought to my garage door under Dwight Howard traded to the Brooklyn nets. A store it's opening topic of the day I'll. Plus we a lot of good sex a lot of goods insight and opinions coming intra Muslim sects are set us up 70457. Or 96 standard are you can also odds of find us on the rally Jewelers Twitter feed a child really WS since the F frank Garcia 65 and Doug there's always enjoy your long performance college WS Lindsay dot com send me an email on the garage door to ruin box. You know listen I mean. I was the guy in still improbably. You know talking about you know tank inning getting rid of it. And you just blow in this whole thing up in his hatred Jumbo you know I think obviously that's the direction you know they'll be headed. And if that's the case. I don't know if I'd want them to come out I know they won't come out and say it ought to read between the outlines a little bit to figure that out for ourselves. And I'm not sure if this is what that means or not you know Kyle but. You know when you start again that the direction of this team and where the rats and you know set stands at some the earlier you know when you're trying to sell something right or what are the things that you're you're trying to do if you wanna sell something. No you better make it entertaining. And you better put a good product out there and sometimes you don't want an overweight outweigh the other ones you know I go to a restaurant. I don't have great food if I have unbelievable. Mobile service. I might go back to that restaurant or if the service is okay in the food is unbelievable I might go back to that restaurant motives are most. Average to below average. Probably not going back there right and and less. It's a new restaurant and it's a new process and the other give them time because other places like that have been really successful and I trust that while Morton gives them another the benefit of the doubt in continue to go. Just earned those things and you burn those two reputation you learn those to you people we've heard around the league or work around the the the eat your friends. Is pretty good place yeah just just give it time their new ROK Michael back there again. And those are the reasons why we continue to go back great you know I'd you're going to restaurants in north or horse really affordable. Right if it's really not great service and it's not great food but it's really affordable. OK you know let's I understand where Matt was my budget and might be a place like I frequent and talk about. And while the I don't hero and get out fast faster restaurant drill site. No need not UN criminal right attitude a different methodology that's us right now but to the point is is that there has to be something that continues to draw what is after the hornets right now. Right and in this moment in time are they gonna be more entertaining this year than they were last year. At this moment in time now. I enjoy that yes dinosaur. In on scene and out there right brands big T Rex yeah. I don't your what do you what do whatever dinosaur you wanna put into the broader source in all do is keep families. You know I'll. It was a big ass long now I know I'm goes that long neck and that along to help. Her right as a whips around in. You know kind of stands above everybody I'm sources were on the boards. No doors or what NASA is abominable and there are reported as an organization. It's terrible joke band and it would landed bit or thirty years they've been right but you write a sort of ideology forward so you know right now you know what do we have to look forward to. Isn't addressed at eleven. Yeah we went. I don't know if you seen this or not. In the last. But walker. After kemba Walker's listen to this. 2012. Number two pick overall it was a them JG Oca. You know I mean. I try as hard he plays hard he was injured can't shoot. What is it six of thirty something from you on seven of 367 of 36 from three point oh I mean there's teams in the MBA now that take more than 36 attempts in a game. And he's this career in the 67 years he's been planned he's taken 37 he's made six of them. It's a 37. Cody Zeller the best screen assist player in the world was taken for. Force in the NBA draft in 2013. And what type of impact as he had to this franchise. I mean he's been a decent bench player but nothing nothing more than he's number four overall in 2013. If you're picking in the top five. Shouldn't you have some sort of impact. Has your team goes yeah I mean they sit there and throw me the numbers while listen what we've done with Tony this is what we've done without Cody at the same thing a couple of years ago than JG listen. And KG means to us I think you're you're just defined. You know just average. Play you can only you can only poll that wool over people's eyes for so long right and and that's the truth like Tony's a super nice guy like good luck talking to Tony he's got ability you look at the script first look at his career numbers. He's averaged double figure scoring one time as this isn't over. Anyway it's if people are taken as personal exam using their name ansari of their expectations that come with being a top five pick it is it's not as you run assailing his character right that's right we're saying look into a five years he's been all in the league. One time he's ever doubled to scored or not. No bodily 2014. Got traded. You know it was important and in. You know from the same school Zeller back to back tears they went to Indiana. They went to Portland I think he's in Chicago now so it Madrid's warrants. And add some as Napier twenty fourths of the heat he yeah I met here as well they're 2015 Franken misty. The great white hope. He'd rather play video games and work on his game. Diane end steady. Looks like a bug Altamont time but damn dumb do you do you better man and you know and this is not consistent. You know it's just awful public to say just led to those kids you know you're you're giving your heart and this is our eleven Brett you know obviously it's my element. That's right. He shares and and more military Richardson in 2016. You know 22 pick traders Sacramento. 2017. Moly mom Frank Jackson. In the second round and then the wind bacon is obviously the pick. Jordan again it's money in his pocket with that that moved. You know and then who knows what is going to be this year and honestly don't count right now. I felt like who chairs. I know you feel that way and by the Texas writing and introducing its Hussein had a one guy's met bottlers some sick of people blasting coated fourth overall it was a terrible draft. It was a solid pick in the draft okay fine OJ I'm. Right disorder to dress about it is that never business say the 2012 draft was terrible to me. Yes I can't believe there's a there's a case to be major problems we don't always there every bit as one of the worst were first are one of the first one Trojan the worst first overall draft picks multi. Auto reporter these employer patrol deep alternative Purdue player those majestic and how about I. How about how to improve until after that Alex Len. New Orleans no well. Then Maclin more contagious Caldwell Pope Trey Burke CJ McCollum at ten is the first guy you get to the you can either a device is doing anything today so bearish bets and it's a strong case I get them but again. Cody Zeller had a lot of excitement and hype surrounding him when he came out and he's averaging seven point nine points a game for his career he's five years in the NBA so. The port though is if he is a screen is sister boy you certainly have a logjam on the bench. He is criticized or trial of a couple just on athletes and Cody Zeller and what does he do I know it's witnesses but we looked at it looks good looks it was on this roster that. Yeah me Cody Zeller Greg Kaminsky. Timothy Moscow. And suffered about delivering the US white guys in all sports all have a cousin mandatory ugly is white guys in sports. I don't even know what to say about the combined athletic system better. All I know is that's not tenable moving forward but you can't have all three of those gentlemen on your roster and they won't. Just going to be able to the point here sort of done. They're either going to there there are either going to attempt another big move to bring another talented guy and here or there gonna go direction you think they are I'm inclined to believe they are. And bigotry Jim Walker and they're good here this thing done the studs which is frustrating for a lot of people because. What have you heard from James brewer know and Mitch Kupchak about this team in this roster they can't tell you everything they're going to do when they do tell you they believe they can win with this group and in turn around and trade Dwight Howard which is not a shock because break didn't even mention Dwight Howard hardly at all in his introductory press conference but they tell you and our guys over bring back the buzzer tweeting about this earlier it's not about doing it it's about saying one thing and doing another you think you can women to scrutiny now you're about to tear down a three weeks later. It's a different story. And analysts and don't give me this crap. You know techsters. About it's easy to have hindsight towards the benefit of hindsight no kidding I don't get paid to have hindsight. I get paid to beat the guy across from me I get paid to beat the GM I'm competing against the that's why I get paid its competition. It's not about hindsight it's about bigger no way out. To do it better than everybody else and the question here for me. Is to Michael Jordan figure out a way to do it better than ever but I don't talk about let's be honest we're going to be honest list yeah that's a. Let's be honest that's the break let's be honest after the breaks this something your fired up about attitudes and under criticism I really don't. Is a patent Jim just got to choose a line by someone on the building sometimes life. You know don't you guys your line about I don't take that well. I'll take that well as the city sanitation middle colonial last I don't know blog don't do that we come back and for both fired up its Garcia and they'll. Got a great show. Steve Claussen had football coach of the other wake forest demon digits will Jonas it does it's resisting or 330 just tell me don't delegates already testing okay more mature and write down rockets and to do that so what they Boston's gonna join us at 315. Also fourth as Tim talked to Tony mass erotic. And here's why because Tony does karate he he sees us in the afternoons. Upton and Boston so we talked a little while ago but Tony must rise to cover the Red Sox he's been covered all things doing sports for several years ones that matter where Charlotte. I told us brought he's really well connected in the baseball world. And Jayson stark was on here the other morning with Max and company's side. If he thinks that Charlotte's a no brainer to me more than two expansion franchise cities for Major League Baseball and we're gonna get his thoughts on that we're gonna get his thoughts on none of the Celtics. And Danny Asian what he's done so successfully to make that organization a runway that it has and you'll Boston and the lakers amid that's the measuring stick to goodies sure these franchises uses. And though we'll get his thoughts on Mitch Kupchak and drafted a lot more work while Leonard insult sort of fun conversation but so Tony Raza rod will spoiler he loves lost Charlotte, North Carolina so he thinks is is a great spot for French doesn't talk to him and then at 5 o'clock. We talked to Willie McGinest NFL network he went on the other airwaves on the morning and said the Carolina Panthers should be and will be a top five offense in the NFL so Willie McGinest stuffed by 5 o'clock we'll talk about that right now we're talking about Dwight Howard being traded to the Brooklyn nets and you know Dwight Howard is kind of in the the hot potato murdered you know phase of his career were his top around to different teams seemingly every year. And eager to text. Dexter says let's be honest. Depending on where LeBron goes we already know what's going to happen next year doesn't matter who we dress the same three or four teams. Will be the favorites of doubt about that doubt about that betray the way Dwight Howard and if you believe. That is the first. Move torturing you wake Kemba Walker and rebuild. Got to start somewhere so I know it might not matter it's on for next year and an. It could be exactly what you gotta get. But if if you're going to do mr. object jays break when you're gonna turn this thing done the studs into the Treadway Tim walker when he got to start somewhere with his rebuilt in ohrnberger was hired. To oversee a rebuilt now because he's cheap small bright as chief overseer rebuild and if it works out great if not and the rebuild still kinda goes according to clinic just go hire more you know experienced higher price coach you know what cars pulled responsibility is snake Michael Mike make Michael Jordan money put money and stuff has pockets. Bomb mission accomplished this year correct correct trade you don't put more money in my pocket a higher younger you know and experienced coach and first time they'll have to pay a much. Mission accomplished right on into the coach's seat under coach retirement no you're right Curtis folks number one jobs and a money for Michael Jordan. And last year did you think George has any say on who they hire. Let's be honest as Jordan has any say you know what did he reduce strokes jacket so. I mean ultimately we can say cut check. But everything starts where everything in every organization always starts where are upset at the very top the ocean club right and starts a Dioner. And the one thing has been consistent throughout these terrible draft choices has been what you've heard. Come on there and talk about the behind the scenes in the drafting in the draft room in the war room and built things that are said and who afforded verses. You know who show on it and you know who Jordan wanted and how those things are done in going out there and getting in on the numb nuts from Indiana and bringing them here. You know and and now have. And blowing Le Mans ear and I mean how. How great of an idea that wasn't how that kind of went down and all the things that go along with that I mean at the end of the day. You know I mean this feels like a little bit of a band aid kind of being. He ripped off but you'll Jordan just do. Just dual surge didn't get to that decision. Do it yeah yeah I didn't do it just do it let militias representatives who were golf it was don't. They're a and what's hold on for our horses because we're gonna need to get a little lucky. All right we're gonna swing for the fences but let's do it let's go out there and swing for the fences and you know what's it. If that's what we're joined. You're this old piece by piece and hanging around and you. You collect a little bit of the numbers change here in there and single gamble with your Nassau isn't you know this as a little bit mourn us and you can you compressing you can make sure you apply money at the end of today to cover your bets. You know I mean let's just do. I think that's what a lot of people reported to have a second ago. I know that right now anyway I believe that's what's next doctor be wrong about that and there are people out there say you're crazy if you think Michael's gonna trade away is only all star before the the all star game comes to Charlotte. No I don't think anybody is crazy for thinking that he's willing to do that if you make this organization better. And it makes sense in the long run this organization to continue making money in making him more money you might say in the near term life unity that you don't Jim Walker he's the main draw. Portable walker is not going to be the main draw forever. Okay Michael Michael Jordan in the building the ports and another five times longer or whatever the case may be beatable waters around a spoiler before but still. You know that that he might make money folks and yes the All Star Games come to Charlotte right but let's not act as if this is a binary choice right it's either. A team full of guys who suck it you never heard of the walker what is the all star game. Us until next certainly February 21 when the when is the trade deadline the trade deadline but 1112 days before they'll sort it so you can't trade kemba. And then you know have the excitement built around kimbo when the all star game and not have him there no dissent. I look at it I see it it's difficult I mean it's a pretty Linear timeline right I mean the trade deadline comes before the all star game which got. If that's the consideration. It's and I'm not saying you're wrong frank I'm just saying it's that's a consideration boy we really don't wanna have the all star game here without kemba. I'm done. I don't know what I mean that is the most ridiculous thing I designer dresses a French ceased to see this thing it does franchise. Take off to win games. And and I don't want waited that's ever gonna be possible is if they tanked so if you're holding on to Kemba Walker so that they can save face for an all star game pierce and they're out there don't look like an abject failure in the eastern the NBA threatened then it's over. For me also we can celebration. A for the league and the great players in the league. If you walk is not Horton February you'll start him think that plays stills and a sellout to get close to knocking at every seats filled the seal on sale Kevin Durant steps curry and all the growing. That's none of us or saying I know it's not what you're saying but I'm pretty when trying to make that argument. It's a one it's a one off its onetime event who knows when we also are game comes back to Charlotte's gonna make a lot of money regardless whether the regardless of whether or not Kemba Walker is here. Right so should have the consideration I would argue no I I don't think there should be a consideration I would Dawes on that. You have to do what's in the best interest of disorganization. To win games are only. Once you guys but it's you know if you're trying to hold on to make money. And it isn't as we pointed out earlier you're going to the restaurant when you go on for. They're going to be entertained you're going for the food I lose or or or to be served to have great service or the fruit where we left. There's an article one just it's still continue to add to Bruton don't show up for the team to have one or the other or you better have energy true. Right you have great prices less true for the for the hornets product absolutely for the all stardom just telling you. No no no it's not about just your right sergeant selling out regardless can't go wide right that's all I'm reference jazzy and it does not about the all star game so on are not so on now. Now that's not the point list it's the embarrassment. It goes when it's not having an all star annual all star game in euros sitting there is a question about that now that that is embarrassing but here's the thing kemba Walker's not even an all star last year. Islam is Chris does forcing us doesn't hurt right he's not so Jim is not an all star last year an annual great weather out he was deserving of a bigger numbers certainly put a minute conversation. But he's not an all star last year it presents for Zynga is doesn't get hurt. So there's no guarantee digital walker would be an all star anyway for being honest about what should the hornets do. You know in the end in the next move what should their next move be besides obviously drafts and drafts they should be trade should be go get a player what should their next move. Obese at least gives us. Hole in directions that are heading somewhere let's take some phone calls that Robert we go to market and you write about but keep in mind seven and a half seven point eight million dollars in cap space opened up this year they need to bench scorer and shooter argue that mid level exception though than did the trade exception that money comes into play as well so there's more to this than just Timothy mas Dalton threw something I should give us an open Martha hornet's Oscar was that. Totally especially in the media section it's been a lot of media Amish like late in the season can you do you want. Pat on sailor glad marte late in the season when I got to do post game show. You know end their fifteen and 48 in they can be a little bit tricky of its own all are talking in Baltimore crew chief commissioner Jim being a little more freedom on the air let's go pursuant to roberts' first robber was not met. After the guy I Maggie up former. Either ticket holder for the hornets. And I want to be fake fur even pick it holder. And I obviously walk away from that deal for all the reasons that you got decided. Not very well I'd really appreciate frank coming out with both barrels and being direct. I think strike yet to start to the top got to blame Michael. What we can move forward. I'm excited about them do big Dwight Howard and I know this sounds like Ambien. Goebel. It's right at it do you limped to achieve it his own thing and under the point where all the way I would not Bert. I don't ball. If you look at it again. We Turkey Italy affordable for me because I do pretty well in life. Even ordered work if you win team yes I am strike alluded to. It worked tanking. And packing plant. And it looked like they they'll hopefully. Mike good and competitive. Two or three years from now. Robert Robert got to click are you hiring but it just. I hit the nail on yeah. They don't know earlier Y you just inside since so much you try do I agree once tried to donuts. Earlier I thought. It all of. What did you argue with that Robert thank you for opponents if it's could. Do very well myself I can portends to the president talked. And speak nobody listens that chorus I ever thought about it gives him a platform for the first let's go to mark next mark talked about the hornets until it. Question you guys how long Michael Jordan and the owner. Many years. Well Amsterdam. Yeah I'm on we're gonna have a conversation. They're noisy since he bought it from. You know the bobcats from Bob Johnson obviously was partial owner are you talking full time owner. Yes there will bump it up at all. But your point is is is is is taken but it doesn't tend to. Pop pointed Michael Jordan have a cop a bit perhaps the rain at all. Already did in a global market. Mean that's a great question out as a great question but I do more personal event that's a great questions aggression I ask myself every single day. I you know what what's what's the purpose is it to win yeah. In what way. There's a lot of ways to win. There's a lot of ways to win for Jerry Richardson the used to be that there's a lot of ways to win for Robert Kraft does a lot of ways to win the two went on the field tournament you know I on the court you can wind got in on the die. Diamond Dallas Cowboys having won a damn thing it's 45 years Jerry Jones wins every day is every day he's. Right now. Financial Ding day in death illogical statement. Look got. I'm not good. I'm not considered cellular. Michael Jordan doesn't wanna win Michael Jordan wants to win I've no doubt Michael Jordan wants very much to win basketball games of the orders to be competitive and be a contender. But I can't get upset with you for asking the question about what he's more devoted to. Right now right I can't do have sympathy for asking that question don't ask me again a year LS million and in three months ago depending on what they do. If he's giving its cup checks free rein to turn this organization route. I think what what concerns a lot of people as we've seen these types of moves before. Right where you what's the plan what's the direction. You know because if you just get rid of one bad trip contract to do another one and nothing really changes eat your free up some cash need to get you know. Michael Carter Williams you know a guy like that and you bring him in here and in all of a sudden you know more about the same place we were last year except it would have Dwight we have mas dolphin. You know every. Things just kind of still say dorsett merit it are we gonna be a playoff team are we were real early wanna be excited but we can't be because we never really had success so we shouldn't be and Jordan still stuffed in pockets. Jordan still put money with this deal in pockets and look at his broad demand an end and that's why Curtis Polk is on this stance to post a stuffed pockets. And they would do some. You're what you're doing something. But what's changed what's gonna change with this team Michaels and change the direction of. This to Michael Jordan because of the work he put in long ago as a player has earned everything that he studies aren't in his lights but that. Earning that money that that handled the status that all those things that he's acquired and translate to wins so we cannot I'm not gonna get a sense for anybody criticizing Michael Jordan the older. And and leaving Michael Jordan the player to a separate conversation. I've seen so many really successful football players sucks at coaching football. If singletary. I've seen really successful Paul same guys they've played so many years and have been the best at what they do sucked. That coaching football suck at what they're trying to do. Right and just because you're really great at what you do doesn't mean you're gonna do the next thing perfectly great. Right it doesn't mean that at all. But in his thing is why the so I know I'm going to wait and see him in a reserve anymore judgement until I see what mr. uptick is allowed to do. But in this cup checked in the day no matter how you feel about him the job but he didn't LA and who gets more credit ever Jerry West because it dealmaker. And let's see what deals he can put together to make this a better basketball team 70457. Or 96 to end Dwight Howard has been traded to what to the Brooklyn nets we're talking more about that we have other things to get into obviously Dave close enjoyed this in thirty minutes we'll talk a little way football we come back tow snap judgment we wrap up the hours Garcia and they look. Classified. Horrible things day. Go to original quote it's still talking about the hornets got away got gonna were very little quote here. So old. Brendan Haywood top former tar heel. It's quite a while in the NBA you've probably heard them. At some thoughts and I'm just getting your Britney was good on the station a lot to play here he did he play here in Charlotte Bobcats and you you've heard a lot about Brendan Haywood over the years. Brendan Haywood works for NB ATV he's an analyst who does a lot of things he does in the radio series exodus corporate and they would. Had to say about the Dwight Howard trade quote. When I talked to people behind the seats the locker room hated Dwight Howard's. I'm not sure Charlotte is rebuilding we're just trying to get Dwight Howard out of there. It was clear the locker room did not like join our top. He has to look at this trade look at himself in the mirror and realize why am I diving is averaging a double double every year my career but I am getting passed around the league like and trash in the quote. That is a direct quote. From Islamabad janitorial and still current analyst Brendan Haywood. Who are we talking to. Yesterday or the day before we're asked that question mark and Rick Bernal. Have you ever thought about you know maybe have been no option but to get rid of Dwight Howard right. And as the reasoning was lights. Because. We may see the Dwight Howard that everybody else has talked about right and what we saw we might potentially be in getting this Clifford wasn't here yes and it and as many people war. I was completely open to the idea that this guy had a new perspective. But if you come into play for Steve Clifford last year and that. It would be more comfortable more familiar situation habitable a bit more joint friendly if you will and at some of what you heard about him. And his presence in the locker room what would either go way or die down a little bit of whatever that what you wanna shrink right. I had been suspicious about this for a while. I've been hearing things about this for a while. And as the old saying goes and I saw somebody say this earlier on what an effort to do was there are guys who cover teams can typically share something somewhere between ten and 20% of what they actually know. And I can't say the rest because no blood or talk to you get. And that's the truth on your finger on a daily basis bill when I'm around that organization or talkative guy thinks I can't come over here and say. This is one of those things those are you continue to hear Brendan Haywood is saying you guys he talked to a lower its locker room. Saying the locker made a joint out. Why is charismatic. Doyle is probably quite as good in front of the camera and admittedly Dwight has done a lot of good work in the communities of Atlanta. And it in the short time he was here in Charlotte all of that is true. But if you don't think there's a good reason the Dwight Howard has been passed a route from franchise to franchise despite putting up hall of fame caliber numbers. And today's 32 averaging seventeen to thirteen if you don't think there's a reason for that goes beyond the courts. You just don't wanna hear it because Dwight Howard can be smiling laughing and an affable and joking if on the jumped or on ESP error podcast or wherever else you've seen Dwight Howard on a social media pages. But in the locker room. There's a whole lot of look at me there's a whole lot of what can you do for me there's a whole lot of why am I not always the focal point of this team this off restored Howard is used to being. Still. Very much the focal point of the winning team even if he never was even it was just his perception that's what is your. Still you know so I just aimed. You know cows when you and seeing patterns from what that looks like. We've seen guys have done that you see the reaction. Of how they treat each other on the court in during timeouts in the hot and you know on the sideline right. You know whatever it might be the interactions of what you guys do and you if you've been around sports you've been one of those totals if you've seen those types of reactions. I didn't see that with Dwight Howard. No I didn't I didn't see that on the court. As it came through his plywood for an hour down behind the same tune ups. I maybe they've put bygones be bygones resting guys do that is well I never saw that on the course all interaction. I saw. Responsibility being taken both sides are you see is many fake smiles is without we see toy Howard last year to me. Meant business. Are you played the game. In my opinion most of the time the right way. He played hard he played art is at the same time though and I've ordered out during the season and I would say it again right now as good as his individual numbers were there many nights were in spite of that. He actually heard the office because even when he wasn't scoring you stop the flow of the author it was a ball stopper is a black hole he was again I'm not sure. I try to do a different race yet. It's a different place can be but we didn't. But when you're canceling each other out like we what they do cancel each other out there's no question I don't send that it's no I'm not I'm not disagreeing. Wins. The with his style of play Kyle Oka I agree that he's a ball stopper that's why he didn't say it most NBA teams are not saying anything about that. But what you're saying is that because of that. That. You know guys did arduous demanded the ball I mean I don't understand how are you comparing the owner and owner compared to him saying they both exist in my mind they do cancel each other out there are also little things are the nights rather leave that arena after game and an and one item particular walking out after they are treated the replied. And I'm walking past the practice gym you know it's not since interest in and night and they're the windows their practice to read anybody can walk up and look through windows and doors practiced an indictment is there right after Los Dwight Howard is in that practice gym full game uniform and shooting seventy trucks. It is not a traitor an assistant coach with him and he's moving around Leo at the Bremer about seventy feet from the basket and it was working. We may teachers in the spot where everybody concede bright red white Howard and shoot a lot of seventeen footers or Dave Wright did last year when a whole lot of that. Over Dwight Howard you know on nights like that he wants you see certain thanks. It always that this is not about kicking Dwight Howard on his way out distorted what Howard's gonna be five is going to be hall of famers made a hell of a lot of money in his career. But I'm talking to people who don't want to believe that even though you saw all the smiles and all the good things you saw a news segments and it almost and so if you saw a delight to an Ottawa for the game this can still be a guy who causes problems in the locker room you have a guy who was connected to that locker room telling you they hated him in there. Now you can't say that's true to a man. But I have a hard time believing the British he would come on say something like that he didn't show really solid that a lot of guys that locker room did not like Kevin Dwight Howard around. Was it because they didn't like the honesty that he may be provided. I don't know because sometimes that's it is well. I'm sure there's a lot of guys that didn't light Steve Smith you know but you can respect a guy not like a right. No you don't have to like what I'm telling you but I'm telling you because it's gonna make you better in my lot like it but you respect whereas the because it's true I don't know I mean. I don't mean that's what I. Interpreted. From watching Dwight Howard play and some guys may not like that. You know I've also heard a lot of other things like there's a lot of divas in that come in and brands that are just about themselves. And sometimes. You know when you're a guy coming from another place and you know you know what's last year was the first year Dwight Howard's history career. It's at an address and correct me if I'm wrong. That he didn't make the playoffs. I that was a corner written and I think that's what he set so right so Dwight Howard is used to some sort of winning. And and and and move on and have an opportunity. You know and when guys are doing the little things properly. Do you think that other guys that know what it takes to do those things properly are gonna let those things slide. Right and sometime sometimes you don't wanna hear that right because. You know at all. Right in our sons I've been on those teams as well. And I'm not sure what exist and why did that. You don't like or dislike now would take Brian Hayward toward short because as you point out he's a lot more connected and I'll ever be in that locker room. And if he sang and it then it may be true to some degree. I'm just trying to figure out to what degree that was true into what the narrative was behind what he's saying and why they are saying it. Text to rights and building surtax on persons as Howard's all famers that really thank you know pointedly do you want to stick today is also an eight time all stores average a double double for his career he he's quite everybody's always. Are all true. Guess what our door to all slightly that's our minds that. Admitted sex and Texas as he's been the finals he's won awards and and what we were not ready to its windows is not his teammates didn't wanna hear that he had knowledge of how to win kimono and the one no disrespect William and what is Dwight Howard won as a team level. I'll give you breakdance and we come back we'll take some phone calls top 33 in a sub 70457096. Status Garcia and they looked.