Garcia and Bailey: Duke UNC Reaction.

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Friday, February 9th
We breakdown last night game between Duke and UNC.

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An exclusive daily here on Friday to weekend's almost here we're basking in the afterglow or aftermath of duke and Carolina. We up into stores to talk about us and of course. The Winter Olympics. Right price and police I was music go John saying Joan today I don't know if I if you've never you know Olympics does this summer. I told off. The music come from us when you show up each morning we are prepared ready to go so there you can. As a kid I used to love. Watching the Olympics Elliott a story. There they used to do once every four Yemen now they do and every one every two years right somewhat baffled the silver for years but it's four years between so it was so they're they're staggered by two years yeah. I was when you're not. I was probably more Winter Olympics fan and I was summer really yup now is that because your group and Arizona new but the snows is not a fascinating you know assassination and exits well. He knows a lot of our olympians that we had a car obviously we're really good in track and build and no basketball and you'll those type of things back in the day. You know there's probably more interest dean. Summer Olympic sports. Like the team handball game leaders in that. No team handball as your play team handball no just seen it but I don't know anything about it what team handball and you have the little red ball and you have a little goals and new guys can dive in jumping. He'll pass in the Yahya I don't how many steps you can take before you have to pass it but. It's an intra scene you know dynamic you know the water polo games used to like to watch it is. You know you realize how hard loses because they ought to war because and in high school you have to go to the local you know pull and they'll try to float then you know you get to see this. In the the lifeguards lifeguards in some of the Anglican up guys in May be you know top might come off of one of the ladies who. Arlen occasions those tests are guys atop stone I wasn't sure you're going to go to and access and its total sense I was fascinated water polluted because it when your kid. And what do we know we know water polo was there would publicly water polo where I grew up for a problem where you grew up. Armored Aviv where one poll earlier zona was. You'll let us troop there's a lot of sports that we don't have our nearest in the counting these coasters like guys play volleyball out west elegance fun that's feeling to be stolen most fun but nobody ever had. Mentally be smaller ball back there used to be the prevailing general that we didn't have that obviously I arch dry. I and yet in a lot of those guys it would playback and a half or sort of meet you guys from out west to a job slim mobile Tim it but what would mean I grew up around the game. I Davydenko Russia right you know there's volleyball coach I need you know as a kid I'd go. Know that have a lot of tournaments open tournaments you know with you know sand volleyball for outdoor volleyball was that play on grass but. While my Summers. We're spent northern Arizona and Flagstaff where they'd have these huge tournaments. And you know you have a couple of partners he would go with him in on his team that he play and and let's say what may have some of these guys could just flat out jump out of the chairman in you know and has different sound when they. When they spike the ball involved. You know what other people didn't you wait until those can be the great ones but gal on Olympics but. Obviously nothing more important two start to show off then we don't know. A lot of due no doubt about a mile away techsters got jokes already I sure hope those horses to swim. As far as. Polo but the actual hose water water polo Australia spotted artsy. If it's a good joke it's a good joke every shift as I'd no furloughed airline alas that was awesome. Oh. I sell a lot of what I was gonna say there in the N handoff with Mac but I don't your do kind of for all of us that SL does not socialize while we say again I'm going under going to say good news for those who murder also had a giggle but it's let me get it out so the but the point is that you know. I knew from declares an earlier this the Carolina says I was. I was just impressed by the effort I'm always impressed when you concede that kind of effort. From a team. That is outgunned and at night and for some Carol and digital wanna hear that because you do have a lot of great tell there's no question about you got some experience dudes out dude can flat out go. The duke is the most talented team in the country and last night got a guy like Tim Johnson. Who is 68 in those north Texas for that America was a winning small six say modem but he's going up against Marvin Bagley Carter. You don't know he's he's going up against two good twin tower type suits and he's in their point of thirteen rebounds they out rebound duke in the second half is just straight effort you know they're on the floor there when a 5050 balls and and I just our waterways Clinton is Carolina gonna end up being. Considerably better what it's all said and done with the maybe we thought they were gonna be 234 weeks ago I. No. And that's what happened. You know I mean it's not a physical game we gonna knock guys heads often and and you know and run through guys and things like that you basketball a little bit more. More artistry to it. A little bit more flow to it but they're still physical quality with. And there's still toughness and doesn't necessarily your toughness isn't in a meat pushing you over knocking you out of the way. Sometimes it's when I'm fatigued in pushing myself a little harder or wanting it a little bit more right and you know there's if there's a there's a line you know Kyle you'll mall experience this is men now. You know when you're younger kid you know and I don't know when that is for everybody else for Mike Tyson. It was probably seventeen years old when he realized it you earlier and I expect it arteries he could beat anybody's ass in the entire world are. And you don't have that the first for guys like Dave being kind probably the same type of thing it is just more physically and dumb. And everybody else but for most men I don't care you how talented you are right how tall you are how fast you run. There's man's strength vs constrict and when you start developing that Barry you don't. As a man really develop into your thirties the elderly thirties right. Bands don't when you get into your thirties that's we're gonna be the strongest why you see Olympic wrestlers. They're the most successful in the thirties two point powerless to don't teach our lives is ultimately you know your testosterone has worked all the things that go along with men that make us you know give us our man strength quote you know quotation marks. You know for kids there's another there's probably two steps below that. Right there's kids strengthened you know they're eighteen and you know seventeen year old kid and then the Tony George 23 year old young man. Right in the 1718 year old kid who just doesn't have the strength to get pushed around they don't know how to use her body they don't you know devote. All the other there. Their way. Until you get 22 point three because they haven't had the time to put in the weight room to eat properly to train to exercise. And that for most athletes you know there's that that. That separation there. And why to myself that it's not to make an excuse for duke which they got pushed around and bullied because of their used. The other talented you're there they're tall they're fast they're athletic they shoot well. What they are tough. They're not a tough basketball team they don't. Of you know what you saw and displayed in Carolina I am a guy like Luke may for example may is not the athlete Magli is. But dammit he wanted it more did and he used his man strength or his young man's strength to go out there and push guys around and to create space and to keep guys off the boards. Yeah Carolina what did you Camelot Roberts borders on like that I mean it was. Minimal compared to what you know Carolina had their second chance points. Because they crash they got to their space is because they wanted to because they used to strengthen the toughness. And that's the reason all right you know Carolina as you know today to hold up the the lawn because are they wanna game by formed. The more talented. But they want it more we're talking more about it we won this game when we come back 11 o'clock we'll do more Richard Patterson CBS sports died Johnny's triangle guy he was all over this last night he'll join the show in 45 minutes 1130 we'll talk some NFL draft with Scott Wright an NFL draft out don't we just saw specifically on the Panthers. And what they're targeting in the upcoming NFL draft 12 o'clock Scoop Jackson ESPN dot John he will join us to talk about the trades the NBA in Charlotte hornets and of course we're going to get into the pro football talk dot com report from last night. That the Panthers. Again according to this report will hire an external candidate to be the next GM not Moriarty will talk about that a lot to Datsyuk hit us up 70457. Or 96 status Garcia Bailey. Short suggests the hornets coach you show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris Kroger or brought to you by corona light came on line and official partner of the Charlotte hornets in 10256. Tenet WS Lindsay child clearly frank Garcia Osborne it's Friday let's rock and roll we got a great show playing for your forty minutes from now should batters and CBS sports dye job. Coastal Carolina duke resemblance to a big win last night for Carolina they got a bounce back quickly get set for NC state tomorrow. And I was talking to yesterday about so the guys out of sports channel in Raleigh were interviewing Lugar made a couple of days ago and knows it was a joke I'm sure NC state spends it like to put they asked and they say you know you sure you're looking ahead to Saturday against NC state Yucca overlooked duke aria. And look they got a kick out of it and it's a lesson you know Catholic organizers that North Carolina and look overlook anybody less and obviously they got up for the biggest game of the year or one of the two biggest games of the regular season anyway and just played really really well and try to mentioned something there before the bridge. About Luke Nate and how badly North Carolina seemed to walk down the last night and I told you it's one of those things is I get older I say I watch games differently we do this for a living it's not the same as we watched him as fans are growing up as kids. But I was really into that game last night because I could see. The energy and effort just exuded from North Carolina on the floor last night and the duke is talented duke has some great ball players. But Carolina especially in that second half turned at all. And it's. It wasn't just that they got hot bird do down the stretch they play defense they rebounded well they out rebounded team they had no business out rebounding and Carolina did not shoot the ball well down the stretch but defensively they played well enough and those 5050 balls they Don and and the effort just overall allow them to overcome that and be what I think is the most talented team in the country it was impressive and Roy Williams deserve a lot of credit for that. Nine more possessions and only start looking that offensive rebounds you know coach K talked about it. He had to play defense longer take your legs away. You you got to be able to box out you know and my dad you know as he told me in probably your dad told you. You do things right the first time I don't have to do to second my box out you don't have to don't worry about the the second chances not to worry about the on the the rebalancing and do your job you know where you know we have weakened you know make sure we controlled bank is there's no addition to of but it's you know none. These and I mean there was a couple of rebounds might have been long rebounds but you don't expect Carolina to go out there and dominate the paint. No with tip outs and things of that nature on second chance points where you get a look you're UBB a differential of nine. There's nine more possessions in on the that you lose a game by four if you score on 30% of those US the difference. Right nets you know they eat you can't overcome that I mean talent that's where hard work out you know how it works tell right there and don't play very well this you have too many turnovers. Are. You know nine points. Three for 933% from the field. YouTube for May from the three point line. You just and haven't again turned the ball over in crucial situations especially down the stretch he gets caught on the baseline you know dribbling and charged in loses his feet. Jumps in the air and has ordered go to turn over a crucial situation where your rake in Iran. Defense lockdown of the second half you lay the second half but you know that the momentum that North Carolina got going into the halftime in the momentum they came out with. That was the difference in the game and duke it just didn't score they don't. I have that rhythm on the hitting the ball inside the foul ups you know you get five right there at end. The personal files and I gonna use this as arguments and they listen we're bunch of hacks and we don't play defense and things like that there freeze of the fact that that's not consent but. If you made is guarding you. And you only have 2000 and doing your job. I mean he's just he's Eragon on attacking. I look nature have been foul trouble that that was one of the keys going this game is get the ball inside in control in the paint. Where you put their bigs and foul trouble that didn't happen Europe. You were completely mismatch there it's like you know one determine as a point guard on him and passes out to a three point shot what do you do here. You know I mean you've got to take advantage of those matchups. And that's where maturity. That's where understanding that's were toughness because it's hard. Don't tell you you played enough sport you play basketball long enough to know it's hard to get a little harder on the offensive side. You know to get to buck get a little bit more you than it is to settle for a three point shot right that's the easy way out right. Most especially when the expectation is you're gonna do everything you got on the defensive and you come back on the offensive and start settling for jump shots and it's not falling all of a sudden things like this happen you go to the to the opening four minutes of the second half. We're Carolina went on a sixteen to two run. And I look at that and I'm washing coach K throughout that stretch you know and and there were multiple times throughout that stretch where I thought he would have called another time company opted to let those guys try to play themselves out of the two worked their way out of it. And it just didn't work on a delay any blame right there on him because that it's what he does he trusts his team he wants to to use these is learning experiences to make his team better for dropper or for scenarios later in the season. I thought it time I'll probably could have been used at some point during that stretch to stop the bleeding a little bit but it was some point it is. It's on these players. The stop the bleeding on these players to make deploying an and I sent an egg and again I go back to something Max said this morning I talked about the opening four minutes of the second half now know what the final eleven minutes of the second half a believe. More than Bagley and Wendell Carter combined for what two attempts inside the three point line in the final eleven minutes. It was that kind of size advantage in that kind of talent inside of that that's that's simply unacceptable to many jump shots. And while this can be a good jump shooting team. When they're not falling you got to make an adjustment and it would seem to that adjustment would be to go inside to your two uber talented big men who have a size advantage of significant size advantage. North Carolina got due to do what they wanted to do they played to their tempo. And a lot of times when you have experience in big moments. You know in big games in with pressure and championship minutes you know those are what's gonna happen right that the more experienced a veteran team. Is gonna be able to figure a way out to get to play to their tempo. Right and if you don't have that experience you're gonna fall into. They're doing what's easy at times. And that's the hardest thing now with what's allowed these young players. You know you talk about a championship games all the time and do you do don't get outside of who you Warren why we're here. We we don't even know who they are yet that's the problem you know for a lot of these freshman Carolina has established. Over the years and years with Roy Williams. These types of moments are coming off of a national championship they're going to be able to carry some of those moments. Into these situations and championship minutes when it comes down the stretch and they're gonna. Gonna make you dictate early to dictate to you what you're born to do and the other team is gonna conform because they haven't been there. So these are grown. Moments you know for duke. Right and these are moments of Hawaii you know Carolina's you know the the the defending champs. Right and this is the reason why they're there because they handle those championship minutes better. Then most people do and that's it doesn't mean that there more talent doesn't mean the third and join the course of a game that they're not to have us Lawson and in falloff of that. But when everything's tightened and everything Z core and a lot of things are close and the pressure is existing. Who handles those moments the best and that's the difference between you know good teams that went in great teams. That when championship. There are few things that we 2.2 they're under a lot of things a coach taken point 21 to fill the duke gave up too many offensive rebounds. That they didn't close out on shooters north Terrell did not shoot it particularly well I mean the point line that can easily show them the truth Kenny Williams did Kym Johnson did and trade under miles gonna play better I easy disaster and he's not taking care of the basket the last three games fourteen assistant and turn over you can't have that and when he steps off the floor grace and Allen has run the point and that's just on executives of trade under bows up playing well. You know that a that a text grace and Allen as well so there's a lot of us we still have to get into chip Patterson will give us his thoughts and thirty minutes we're gonna talk about Moriarty the Panthers GM situation but Carolina duke fans were yet this morning at 70457096. And Carolina fans feel free calling gloat. Duke fans were you think this team is right now 7045796. To edit Garcia nearly. So do initial defense is actually pretty good. And you. You get second chances. Not only. Hit the Emmys are on defense for a long time. You know you play defense and you get to go to the air defense again and now. That they played they played an excellent game and you know we have sharper opportunities are were not able to capitalist. Net stop. This smells a little while it's. An exchange of experience it's you. I don't cooling to your fluids random but would you go so far as the save gas. I have to ask what went wrong I'm. The worst doesn't know. I gotta be honest country if you get a great tribute to George today. I would love to be all those things this guy is an illegal or malign him. Coach are tallied and maybe not with our tell us there's on reason maybe not with our delighted as are Kelli ever done it was questionable anyway. Google you Google. If they think this ought to be dedicated to Roy Williams a thought that'd be a tremendous coaching job last night and by the way. We Dexter writes in dogs and its excellent. OMG stopped the excuses if frogs had wings he wouldn't bump possess one hop to either it was a good game give credit where credit is due I thought that's what we're doing. There's no one time that I said the North Carolina did not play duke. Not gonna make any excuses. Give you reasons why. If you wanna hear the reasons why then you know change channel and it's actually that's literally what North Carolina did last night the Al played duke it out hustled duke failed worked on the out physical and they out there and everything. You know and by the way. I think it's it it's just a sports thing first and foremost because nowhere else in sports do we use the word out physical as if it's a real word and I try to attract. Hybrids and I try to type it today death and that there's like these both physical. There's no physical there's not his Osasuna physical and under the first time I heard my high school football coach use that phrase out physical knows that's not a word on. And also I'm not gonna say you got out physical good you got a physical side how would you say that. We'll dress when all you could say I seamless use more physics county. Yeah guillotine used viewers physically were more physically Donna you're physically beaten today yes. And it's US you have to set it does 70457. Oneida success and Tony five minutes I was just. Chip passion CBS sports nut job mostly neutral job from there we will start Carolina duke whistles regular job so about it. I knew what Andre. I got out. What what are you what are cops say a locker correctly or do you go to could apply. And I were tight all important secondary. What you mean about well up to people who pulled from the scene today to say well. Hit it out what is or better well my son used to come pop pop schooling he kept pretty great great to be more peace and date yet but they always. They do attitude and it was hot so we get a lot harder to not so I would always say well I want to. Are you bet Terry and I stick side. Castro is a recipe. Waning power is to have produced it and NBC a Dario for it. I would say they don't act it out to be a couple from it. I don't believe the point car when they want the title. Can we extend doormat team also there's go to studio can't. Get it to end the year. They head. Out and Palestinians it will read and they were investing their year. And I just got to see. Acting like art does not work out and taking a look at it they want to do it. Well we didn't do it he should be in the extent and I took I was still there. Yeah I shut Christmas I got this great call it really was a mean income go to my team any time. In and give that speech because that's exactly you know 100% right all the stores spend more time and a lot of reality. And talent is a god given hide his god given. Are you a lot of times abilities god given you know what you controls or want to your effort your attitude. In those of the things that guys get to control right so you know I hope hopefully get close fun because you to have the same composition with him coach. How do you coach body coach want to. It's gonna laugh at me. Well we gotta talk about them it's importers while he does want to I don't know you know I thought they had some want to last night the fourth quarter of which result a little bit different for I don't have enough guys that have the that this Gil are right they were double what 56 in the third quarter and an important. Rivals Ford absolute growth and overtime Kimball was incredible forty points last night the dead and two hours after he was named the all star team we'll talk about Datsyuk a look and that's what it is and and I know it sounds cliche and trite all those things but it attitude gratitude enough for things you can control and. Dedication attitude dedication and desire and others there's restless search aid in every single day when those those awards on there. 70457096. And I again and north Carolina's got to get ready for NC state tomorrow and I heard back this morning talk about how he thinks that might be. You know an NC state where he thinks that might do down spots from North Carolina because they got a lot. Down spot. Because they've argued wants to states. As these days are great basketball team but they're similar he's talking and and of course he's talking about you know 48 hours later I guess what what time is a game on arts Marta we know what times to volatile sector but I am guessing less than 48 hours after just Elena for like for someone like so there's a lot less than 48 hour turnaround they'll throw another rivalry game not a religion original Barry says about this in my W duke Carolina at 2 o'clock it is a robbery Dixie they don't you know so full what. It's 42 hours turn around to get ready for another battle with the NC state and NC state did not look good in Blacksburg the united rest assured they're going to be ready to play tomorrow I would match. Impressive what's aftermath. Thanks to membership does on the fly I am normally stumbled of that. And so life. He knows how to do is hard to do on the go math like that when you're trying to think of or different things you get it right ahead thanks buddy got no problem project complimented for the exit facility and a deficit map for right now. Mean it's only when he deserved. I thought I would come back with a snap judgments for you and I think I got a good one here because everybody's in a rush to be first these days. And we gotta talk about how it burned one reporter and may emerge subject it's Garcia and they'll. Loss of five yeah. Normal things day. Well the NFL offseason is so less than a week old officially booked it's it's already becoming one of the weird all seasons. So last night at the Boston herald's not the Boston Globe the Boston Herald. A reporter there Ron Borges. Published a story. Citing sources. That quarterback Tom Brady was ready to sit out all of this all seasons OTAs unless he got a contract. Close to wonder Jimmy drop low side yesterday with the San Francisco 49ers into this matter if you haven't seen yet the details Jimmy G. Is now going to be the highest paid player. And NFL history are per season basis five years a 137 and a half million dollars. Well unfortunately for the Boston Herald that story has since been debunked and removed from the web sites. As of 7:30 this morning but it was featured on the front and back cover of the printed edition of the Boston Herald this morning. All right we'll things happen you know guys into stores turn out to be not true attractions that made that happens is unfortunate but it happens to this case. Is is bad because. Shortly after Borges story was published in DC sports Boston's Tom. Currency trust a guy up there NASA's Doug delegates come I did also report otherwise. And so it turns outs. Odd to give this story even more strange twist. WEE I want the two big Boston's four stations up there the morning show Kirk and Callahan reported this morning the Borges. Got his information on this story from a Kohler took their show pretending to be Tom Brady's agent dungy. And they have a screen shot of the text message number between it and second if you wanna see it. But it is Polaris. So Ron Borges in his storage and citing sources multiple sources. Wrote this entire quote unquote bombshell report to Brady was willing to sit out all of OTAs unless he got Jimmy drop blows deal or better. There were multiple sources there was one catfish text message came from a WTI. Listener this is the equivalent of more from Estonia. Polling got Joseph person. And saying Marty birdies. Showed up to work wearing a dress and was refusing to work unless he got a seven year deal that's what does this. So it puts things in perspective a little bit weird that that's what this is the equivalent of so you know this was it was false it was retracted the Boston Herald is embarrassed Ron Borges apparently has a history of doing these things because of the pro football talk dot com story this morning about this particular story pro football talk the Taylor threw in this little trick or they said oh and also by the way Ron Borges has been caught copying pasting from our stories about a new crew without any sighting whatsoever. So this is this guy's MO. He's kind of you know. These fabricated to put it nicely. He's a liar there would put that we do and so you know it does go to show you. There while there are a lot of reporters out there doing great work and we talked a lot of thought on a daily basis there are a lot of bad ones out their tour lazy and do work like this. So as a reporter radios to resort to order for Boston Herald so we had time to sit back and kinda gathers. His thoughts and his stats and things like that is not to shoot from there he wasn't doing things on the fly like we were forced to yesterday you know recovered trade talks and things like that he's got time. To check with sources to call team officials to do things like death you don't here's a funny thing right when we see a story like that Kyle. You'll see the follow right a lot of times I tell you I talked about that story today on. In the BBC with McCrory in kimbo Thompson. And it's. Don't listen if anybody's deserving that's Tom Brady is talking about a guy who spent 50% of his time. You know in the big the biggest game that don't you NFL teams play and that's a suitable. You know ends we're not to go read through it all the attractions and all the other stuff enough right we see the story we see the headline. It comes out we trust him. What is being said and then we run with it. A lot of times beyond that because we don't have. Mean that we're you know our job is sit here and talk about those types of things. And there's ways to they saw the story Tom Brady's refuting he was being paid higher than Rob Lowe as a makes its. I mean he's brought a white T he's been taken less even though he has a superstar. In a gazillion their wife that is making three times as much as him. You know why would he want to be treated like the best player in the NN FL forty years old and how much time left in a man. We remember headlights. We don't remember retraction there ego you know and there have been studies done by on this by psychologists and and media professionals and academics who have looked into the way people consume their news. And people read headlines seeing headlines increasingly that they don't even read the stories they just look at the headlines see the news and that's their news consumption so we remember those things in short snippets. But the attractions rarely remembered unless it was a big story with a giant twist I bring this up. Obviously because it's a story in and of itself. But also because we got a report last night from pro football talk dot com. That's the not just emotions a Jason lock in for a as well and CBS sports. That the Carolina Panthers are expected to hire an external candidates for the GM job not. Marty herded like Dawson gets second interview for Panthers GM job. I just popped up when you thought a solid flush your thought as you saw the dot yeah from the dogs I was gonna see if I have to say about it but it's all. But it makes a mean that's that makes sense though but again I bring that up because for all I know adjacent lot and force reporting over the years has been a result the guy. It comes down to is that Kyle for most of us. Is it do we trust the credible source to interpret trust the person telling us and you know if you're gonna cite the sources do you trust that source or the run with that source you know there's been several times. You know throughout its you know our time here. Just eat our short time here the last nine months or so. That we've had stories we have to make decisions on we wanna ride you wanna talk about this Stuart we wanna run with this we know some information I have lived for. A guy close to the source or closed the information or close to clear that has a ton of knowledge we wanna sit here and talked about that we ask do we try to search and do the best we can and ultimately we have to make a decision. And here's the deal so it and and it's illustrate that point. Billy surtax like texture rights and frank so one bad media two guys tweeting conflicting GM reports Sloc enforcers were close till Cerro says we're not what's true. This is just kind of how the business works too and I was frustrated sometimes and I had guys reporting different things but that's how reporters build up. Reputations and it's how they build up trust because Jason blocking force typically one of those guys that when he tells you something of this magnitude. He sourced it he's reported that doesn't mean he's always gonna be right doesn't mean if things don't change and asked after the fact but you but the reason are bringing up tennis because you or your skeptical. That this is actually go down this way right. Mean I'm dummies you start getting more pieces adding up you know like second interviews with lake Dawson and those type of things and then. You know maybe there is a little bit more fire to the smoke you know if you will when it comes to you these reports but. A lot of times tell askew they don't you're in these guys situation or shoes. Would you rather be wrong. Risking to be first. Or right. Waiting to be last in this day and age I don't think there's much. Advantage. In being first site I completely disagree for those guys we'll see. I disagree because of the proliferation of social media and all these outlets that we read and everybody's got a wireless fighting for. Because it still matters to them okay that's Michael has in my opinion. That's my point and I am not Siena and that's with old I mean this with all due respect to the Jason Lott and forest ended and the Indiana shelters and Jay Glazer is because there really good at what they do those guys have built up a level of trust that when they report something I look at it is being rock solid information. My only point combat is in this day and age where were able to access information immediately and again other studies showed we never remember anymore who broke the story just the story itself back in 1984. When a local beat writer broke the story you are more inclined to believe it because that was one of the two or three guys reporting on the team that you watched and covered in lights now you've got fifty guys who are reporting on the TV you watch cover lights so why did they wanted to first because it still matters to Jeff Bezos is still matters today and that's. My point is that they would rather be first and wrong. Then right in the last. That's the truth to graduate he did yes mean yes and Eddie argument that's why they that's why they're fighting for these headlines is dangerous game. Clinical Cha Cha over the last night doesn't notice is the reason that I figured out a while back I don't wanna be in the news breaking business in this very reason and yeah sister what's gonna. I'm with you on that is it because you're gonna be wrong a lot right anyway and it's nice and in our tastes you know we can have sources we can be connected enough to be able to tell stories and give our opinions on things. Without actually having to attach our name to say hey this is what's going to happen at the guy I respect doesn't do that because sometimes the Roth. Is nothing more to this business and I use it but you know occasionally as well when I cite sources. What the hell's that mean no I didn't make up some things at the source you know really literally. You know Ron Borges still might not exactly what I don't make a good thing I want to say have a source and nobody ever checks a source. Nobody's ever gonna hold that accountable which is gonna tell us why put on the back page the other headlines to be on the front page you're gonna know who the guy is. You know you may lose a little respect and credibility but he's gonna get right some of these times do and you don't be right back again. Well this is busy. Most people haven't unless your told directly by GM or coach. Don't go with one source ever anyway. And you certainly don't run with one source as well as catchers text message. And I don't you know that happens if you know Don you well enough Tom Brady's agent or the power agents in football if you know him well enough. But he was he's going to text with you about these kind of stories don't you think he had his numbers saved. Don't you think you know his phone number. Don't you think you do you wanna talk to him in person as opposed to just rely got a text mister member you don't recognize and at first that's laziness well you're right there's the and that's kind of sleazy that's your problem it's not first in your eyes and it's irresponsible as lazy to sit in its. Everything you're saying is why there's a lack of trust between a lot of these guys in the teams they cover. And fortunately though because unfortunately I'm Wilson as we gotta go with fortunately a lot of these players the Smart ones anyway. They do know and they do see and observe the guys that do the job well and do right by. I'm I'm going to see the time I was gonna say something Reza go ahead tonight we're against a brokerage I was giving respect to your time their body. Bet we're building a great report today to come back to our number two chip Patterson CBS for stunt double join us we'll talk to cure a lot of talks and ACC and death we have Tom would just also a couple of signing day class is its Garcia and clearly.