Garcia and Bailey: D*uche Madness Has Gripped Charlotte

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Thursday, March 15th

While people obsess over the NCAA Tournament, we on Garcia and Bailey debate a greater topic: "What type of person is the biggest douche?"


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But Garcia. This ladies and gentlemen this is the greatest. Day of the a year. Well I take that back the second greatest day of the year because yesterday it was march 14 and technically that's the greatest failure of what's your armor like first like. This is the second greatest day of the year but there's you know what today is its do smash and. Sprint music us now that have been funny there wouldn't appreciate it took a couple pop up up up up up up as clearly as we thought about so many good. A line in a may be behind this. I got to be honest it's a good hustle Australia's. Yeah we got an hour show tomorrow probably just gonna mail them. And I say to Melanie. Doesn't. I'm getting no we organism but we got we got an hour so we're gonna have a lot of thoughts basketball is here. That's oral excited about. First game of the day Oklahoma Rhode Island I think starts at 1215. Listen up though because you're gonna be out about today and Dell listening to all the tournament action in coverage here on WS Lindsey just be aware that so later on this evening when the hornets play other games are going to be moved over to our sister station WBZ elevenths in 99 point three during the hornets games and they come back to WS Lindsay so just be aware of that. All right anybody out there Israel listening that's where you'll find it during the orders they would it take them all just go to WBZ eleven tonight and I'm portrait. Her importance. What what do you. Mean. How many people are going to be entering this night with all the March Madness going on that's a great question. The player home although not only its inspectors and has got to but it seems determined to those other brother. Road game OK so even more so that's typically the third period. Gurus out. How would it be able to do Watson orders the boy and the hawks all the hall. Those old little girl and that's gonna he'd just don't a barn burner about it. August hogs vs the hornets. Couldn't battle for relaxed a bit up at. The battle for media are. Pretty diablo whatever it is those ended the race to the bottom whatever you wanna call it pillow they'll play and hundreds of the 730 downed in Atlanta but it's. No it's almost certain that today and I'm guessing you have duke putting it all your bracket. No really no I don't I have them losing to Villanova. In the final four. As they don't know what wins against and I hate to say this. But I think Virginia gets knocked off early. Early in my bracket okay. Not being sweet sixteen you know maybe you emit maybe it is Braun the 32. I think Creighton. Gerald has the I don't know why do well but what are you said a couple days ago about. He'll attend to have scoring the basketball but Jeff mcinnis. Yeah different it was to get Jeff mcinnis says no that's a journal yet Jeff mcinnis Doug talked about you know Creighton has some of the players that he's toast on that team he's seen them. He'll compete against us some of these other talents. A listen Virginia right now is has been the best team in the country throughout the season. I'm being consistent. If they beat people up to slow him down but. Eventually this stuff comes back to bite you in on somebody gets hot and those point guards take over. You know he thinks he just thought that great religions point guard that can break the defense down lead to some open shots and they can knock it down. You know obviously that's not always consistent but. Something happens magical in the tournament time where your team's play up to global competition sometimes plea teams played down. To level of their competition not expecting. Too much of a fight. I know coaches try to guard against that and Tony Bennett has done a hell of a job this year they'll be inconsistent only losing two games entire season but. You know I just it's a hunch it's nothing more than that those statistics don't use the right you know I hate people that Steele says that's why do you. It's just a touch this as just a hunch it's merely. Everybody's games for the unit is called a gamble it's called the gambles what I am doing and that's that's one of my gambles and I'm gonna take in the I think. I think that dot Arizona we'll be up top in this Arizona. You know if Virginia gets passed Creighton though the faced Virginia and that oh lead you to believe. And I think says they're better team mom or at least they have the potential to be. Are united and specially with you know the player lost like I said earlier with Virginia so I've Arizona up to topped you know make in my final four. In the bottom left a gut North Carolina. I didn't he didn't. I think this on this no slight against North Carolina mean you get what we get put. Do you think they have the easiest draw out there and have a tough matchup potentially against Michigan. But I think that this team is the return its tournament tested team they're tough. Have a couple playmakers and they have guys that have hit big shots and continue to do if you prince and I think we'll be out of a big factor in their success. Our actual dairy has been there are in the defending national champs and then. You throw in you know Luke may and company. You have guys that complain a lot of different ways and that that that basket he's big Arenas. Seems to shrink a little bit so that'll be interesting to see you know what you know what they do with their defense they play their asses off. Down the stretch your defense of. Two things I just posted it on Twitter minute ago the link to our WS Lindsay challenge on the five hour energy bracket challenge. So if you wanna find to go to my Twitter timeline I child really WS concede wanna get Jonas is gonna be a lot of fun we're competing against all of our listeners a five hour energy real time brackets are you can change your picks up to four minutes left to go to debut dog to get busted -- your practical to Boston this week and if you play and that way and laurel this thing through but god I had my Twitter account economic freckle re tweet form as well act Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65. Or get some people in on this. Are 70457. Or 96 dad are there isn't there is obviously related to throughout the course of by the next fifteen minutes or so but we do have to. Roll through. There's the sixteen seeds in our deuce madness bracket. Because this thing snowballed on us yesterday and our listeners had ups and this was an incredible. Submissions. I mean just an incredible submissions in suggestions for the deuce madness bracket. Just so what's the criteria for seeding in our deuce madness I don't know I don't know how we're gonna do discuss envious and I would just repair things up and let him fall or they may. And see you know and just like they do in this tournament it seemed like. You know just from up there and and I you have. Them vote because I think that's probably dumb you know without. In looking you know to be too technical the best. It duh here's what I did yesterday we're we're done on the fiscal quarters room yesterday and also now we're talking about this and I found bracket generator on line in the gonna use. So I'm gonna post this doesn't Medusa madness bracket will be up later this afternoon. But I do wanna go through the submissions and some of the seedings here because. We got some really good ones and then strike and I were sitting in advance office yesterday try to tell the last one person that wanted to include in this field. I think their run they might you be I'm so. So here the number one seed they potentially could be the sleeper of the dark course they came in late yes I think so as a matter of fact I think this is our number one overall seed. I really do well played about oh we'll tell you what that is we come back the number one overall seed in our Jewish madness bracket it's Garcia barely. He says dissidents dogs. Is there anybody I dissected so longest time what does it actually says Duke's. Constant it's you know it Dillard's green wrapped up like reducing its like the roller of the night or whatever the hell. Well I don't think that's the same do's that I use in my vernacular so I can't. You don't settle against the drug the drug producing more that what. Enough I don't know worried about this. Plus. A simple. March Madness starts the day before more importantly there's madness starts today and are sixteen seed determined to anoint the biggest do shall we know. And every day life. And if you if you just catching up if you missed it yesterday this thing took off and die did it start it would be asked and try to question the world according to frighten us into no source. Softball guy. Bracket guy or craft brewer got. Editor kept turning into more and more suggestions right so the do she is people that you know. And we're gonna get your top four seeds right now are because frankly I sat around thinking about these New Delhi last minute submissions will take him but the feels pretty well set at this point. I mean we've we've cover across all categories and a lot of these categories that we've used to encompass. A lot of different things for example. They're softball guy. I doubt I will be the guy keeps stats guys lies in the second base the guy that brought its eleven under and I. So 200. Only did he says he can yell and everybody like it's the World Series and in our egos that come. He's wealthy. I think that that leads us into this guy dead so frank and I were sitting in dividends office yesterday talking about you know the last couple of a bracket spots. And it just it just that we've forgotten about high school all American guy. High school all American guy the guy who when we're reflecting an end retelling stories of his glory years. Would have you believe that he was high school all American and literally everything or. That he would have been a high school all American if his coach didn't pay him or if he had just gotten the play they would've gone all the way to state or whatever. Right that guy or. I says yeah rather big you know I've had this happened yet hmmm I was denied it meant for that knee injury I committed to the NFL. You know that let's say this the same guy all I did do this in high school and if not for that knee injury you're coast just didn't like me. Right you don't like it typically don't pick on the guy who has an injury because I know guys are commodity. And a dim injured when I spent a lot of guys don't because I know guys who were like plenty good enough to play at the next level that I shouldn't blow up reasons to buy an American listen to discuss the other guy did tell us how Brady was the only other guy tells you how many Jackson hit a JV baseball say okay cool man that's there's real job budget does memory CR best. But he's going to be near the top so we had high school all American guy that is I think that's our number one overall six I think I think it might be. I think that Esther at this in the running for our top four seeds. You know we can determine this may be a later date and before we put him up. But I think my number one seed has got to be. Gym rat guy. You know the guys that puts way too much weight on the bar. The goes out the middle of every everybody. Starts yell and scream and how strongly as he has hair gel on by the way. And it probably has his juggle water sits right next to them. Yep that's it that's ago we talked yesterday I was listening to united the rocks buried as he checks out every girls asses they won by bright either that it was CNET Baghdad guise of a mystery to me you listen to like Nine Inch Nails it's a success or exclusively Katy Perry I'm not sure which wanted to have -- as as he wears his gloves on his hand. Immediately and might even have a faux hawk who knows he might have a faux hawk so he very well could so look I'm with you with their jail so so those are those are two of our top foresee struggle all of high school all American guy. And Jim dust are now they started a little bit tougher year of good for the for the other the top four seeds. I gotta be honest with you there's no one I hate more than though driving the speed limit in the passing lane got I don't know that I hate anybody more. Nice guy driving the speed limit the passing and dials up to Dallas 77 a mystery lose seven he's going seven era in 65 or more. It is that worse in the guys that you know goes down the right hand side. And passes everybody when there's only a sliver of light and last thing he tries to bull his way and it was a big ram to 45. Hundred truck. That's that's a I thought that's a look like. Look we know it's really does it's it's always forgot to overcome the city with a giant monster truck we forgot about that got a hot nights got truckloads diamond over compensating you know with with the die you god I don't know like Beckham may become a the field might of his first four out. They don't do that so long ago. I've got about why Jim guy who's ten than anybody in the gym to oh yeah he is also detailed very intent yup yup yup hardware and probably spandex. And a shirt this recession is too small we got some fun other funny submissions like transplant tranda. If the data moves is Charlotte tells you how much is sports team sucks now your bigger fan all wrong I'm still in it. But I know that that was that was a pretty good submissions we got that would in their two anime guy to do that goes onto the board wants an enemy's fight a paper you what is rockers affliction to your head to toe and you know dad's shadow boxing next to resist plated chicken wings of that sort of stuff. As he's. You just you just tell deters muscles upon muscles and you know they're not all the nominal real grind it out yet or not Allred let's do it took. Other other submissions or do we are topsy. I think Bluetooth earpiece guy might crack the top four I was walking around. Well as he's walking around and also its 2018 while you walk around the gigantic Bluetooth earpiece and undecided Ferris could you wanna be cool you're you're just cutting deals. You make him make him move despite an industry it is pension assets athletic constantly and I thought Osgood do you if I said that Bluetooth earpiece guy makes it tough for how would you feel about it. I've no problem with Deb Bluetooth earpiece guy or girl. Is absolutely absolutely shuffle you tip our our girls and early considered. I yea yea your right so I mean you can just a guy. I don't know is that guy all day. I don't know probably bloop a Bluetooth earpiece guy. And I think Joseph and we do things about me most about Bluetooth earpiece guy is when he's talking in public. You think he's talking to you you try to engage in any conversation any looks at you like key urine eat any points to his ear really like. You know like in frankly. This is not not draw. You brought the box you brought my ear problem. That's as this is vastly just drop this has happened you can fool for Flemmi. Kansas City like twice his age actually series I just a disguises itself as it is just look at her own talk in the Salisbury and immediately so. I doubt I would nominate Bluetooth earpiece job for top four. On your solid here's another went about name dropper guy name dropper guys that we don't have an. At a news submit. You know as a what I got to do reducing the there was that the benefit if we organizer explained gain in our bracket pool to detail. They're playing game and are going to be enough food and play now. Hi I'm all we were we got the sixteen yesterday man the guy that tells you how Smart using knows everybody in always as we have one upper guy in there where DL that's what I would yeah. I forgot to tell you we didn't we can which in joins us together well first of all I completely wisdom I already know with the sort of our top forest is golf guy. Oh yeah it's gulf cut off guy golf guy makes it because golf guy to be any number of guys on the golf course actually get the whole guy. That could be why goals for three minutes of the tee box dye actually unsolicited golf advice guy. Unless that's the worst right understood things or just yet unacceptable etiquette on the golf course right that's one album. Right I didn't ask you first when devices. I don't want you to talk about you know my awful swing I know it's awful amount you have fund. Here Dreessen Beers earlier you just enjoy the scenery away from the alliance are. Criticized out here I'm the trying to beat you know the so that's it our amateur groups how portable foot and my ears could fix that my kids and so did I miss any vote. Don't we out because it's in the golf also this the one thing. The drives you batty as well everybody thinks are on the torque. Right and the car on what day is parked you know on the cart path. And they only bring one club out to the ball and then they test the wind and is that they realize I know I should have had my six iron. So they walk slowly back to their car they come out there they take fifteen practice swings and then the wind shifts again. Just bring your clubs with that brings some options it. By the way that it fits your caddie in your gear your head can tell you which one to use and you look take everybody else's time and finally. The guy that reads the putts. Several time. Different angle like familial Vijay yes as. You know everybody else's putted and it's his turn now. So that ten are on. And it's time for Miguel and he's a news yoga pose will look and on the Leo yeah pool cue he read to clone blob bobs his daughter. Don't get me yeah those are so have you ever seeing guys like take this called Columbine and I don't know could take they're taught or they read the angles on the lives and they look at the grain and they you know they go around from every different angle is put a lot of golf. You read it once or twice you make the putt and you move on. Yeah what do millions. That guy drug that's to me probably the most irritating that guy thinks everybody is out there to watch him play golf. On the I'd be I'd be one of my top two yet. Cool I think so too I do so so basically is we don't for the top three right now I shoot into the top two we know we have high school all American guy gulf got. Let me ask you two guys question you to who's worse. Bracket guy or fantasy football guy. I don't care well brackets are at least some uninteresting because there's an extremely high chance you're gonna sock in it it's gonna go bad and that you're gonna feel awful and I can latitude. A bad thing is capable guy goes on for like sixteen weeks seventeen weeks it's awful I don't care I don't care if there's. Obama got to me is more yeah I'm. Morneau I think receivable has awful you know because he walks into intelligent on how many fantasy points around this player scroll to bottom win this week too much deduct that on an impairment yeah patent. I'm with you on that Nixon and I'll grant and others admittance is one or maybe this is in there are ready I forgot to sixteen word but. How about the guy Kyle that sits there and can't do anything. Right what he wants to he can't let you down so UCL be there I'll show up uncommon. You're sitting there you wait you get a spot he might mean they're just you and him so you're never going to a place today and us and let's go we don't really see LB there and then you never show up. Yeah and then you never show up you always have an excuse oh yeah. My wife had to and I had to do this and I had to do that and you know I'm Sasha called OK we'll forgive you this time the very next time. Oh yeah I'll do my bad I couldn't go I just couldn't make it right. I know. There's another. My feelings it's OK to say notably. Don't tell me the days somewhere and then let me wait for you as I'm sitting there at a table with all my fourth don't. Might force chairs with menus all around and wait for everybody. Except the it shows consumer. With the master distributor. I think that if it is just no way can just goes into the bore I didn't I didn't look like I don't have any friends. And I'm not bears are well you my friends are coming Horry. Take your order that way. It's going to hang in. Could you wait for people get after it. That's hilarious that we have some really funny stuff on the goalies that are tax line 70457. Or 96 then we got some calls for missing any thing. We're on out I'll open it up to take some more suggestions or we might slot some people out here what give us some suggestions of new submissions producer Bannister brackets go to go later. Read this I do think we can combine fantasy football guy and granting guy and the law isn't so yeah 'cause it's just tragic guy right stats guy. Man I don't know maybe the same thing I don't think so to go to jail as a football guys double. I do I think physical or Gaza though I really do we talk about it during the break its Garcia and they are the odds you'll Spotify. Cut off T shirt to strip down to his waist bands you can see sweet princess and he super tan he's got 405 on squat bar is moving about three inches total on every rep. This is what we listened to and in the Czech walks by and he picks up his jogging doesn't curl sold every ticket around. We'll burn opera. As he wears his gloves is putts but I can't look at what. But an hour but I don't know about that and dared to think that there's a better word spread that dish yeah that is the word that. Look for. 66 steroids and segment of the decade probably considers let's org George Forman. Double Dexter writes an annoyed her new guy who's ignored by everything and everyone prime messages. Boo. Ugly and says what about a great guy great guys pretty close to the list. They've guys didn't close to make a medalists. We do have somebody earlier say what do you mean fantasy football guys it's your listener to destroy American thought don't. A big difference between playing fantasy football and constantly telling everyone you know and meet about your fantasy football team and how you just barely lost principal ball matchup this week because support she didn't get a running back doesn't care it's very easy football team either. They receivables the dumbest thing to me because you can have people who ought to draft and then have so much pride in their team. And like you just live when they make moves. That make moves. No doubt you know the lives they they did they said they care or the computer and outer with a minute to drafted their team. And and they want to take credit cards ridiculous. Ridiculous that I guess I've seen in my whole life and flavor to it. It's could have exerted to us because there's still magic to it. Your guy you you don't want to exert your dual line talent I don't debt. Yeah that's absolutely true Ide 70457. ID sixty in your last chance to submit Jewish bags for the deuce madness bracket Gordon or sixteen people are met bwic. So many we can actually get to 32 for really want it's now. Let's do this and I think Steve's about a Brack in the sixties a better group so 70457. Or 96 tells example calls go to Jerry first. Jerry dish Radisson mission to determine. Hey man that's not this one half an hour have been submitted that far you can probably identify this because you're you're coaching kids are broad. You know I got their grandchildren that that they've been playing and rightfully in middle school. And then there's the coach from the from the stand there any troops. But it throughout the coaches gift from the grandstands. And so this is what they need to do and that not look into the church. Jerry yeah and they yell and they yell and scream and every other parent. Parent that's out there on the sideline. Which are all done Goran concept approach. Q did not get them out place. Jerry that's a great. Submission and I think that's certainly what had gone well I guess I was actually about snake and I wouldn't take one of my original ones are because sport I just go on sports that. Other just for short helicopter dad helicopter dad's a good blitzer yeah everybody knows that dead in the data take searches turn approach tomorrow the dead who deals for whatever the exact job. What's it doesn't say all right now calls that sound right Johnny Gould kicked dead Jim Martin it's a should take that from me. If you don't want to hear it. I want that one. Yet. Is close to ticket come up pass it your plays soccer club passed the ball. Or is it soccer. This ball. Up a puppet like soccer sturdy structure and got your shirt and you don't even know what your halted about the shot or hole. Singers we I I'm I'm glad it all this out right now I'd had hoped to get dumped over the years of of. You know coach in watching it on God's children play in listening to exit thank you Jerry. Thank you gave me a little bit of a piece today you let me sit on the couch and spent I. I didn't get that out I just made an executive decision helicopters forced out as one of our top foresees a gap there is no question about that very good helicopter sports that support we have three of our top four seeds in place we have helicopter sports dead or in golf guide and we have high school all American it's the same type apparently sits in the stands and criticizes every single play that the coach Ryan's. Coach. That we'd never called that I can't believe we called that play I mean that was a terrible play call me he should've done this this in this know what. What a stupid call I want is my son up client. Why does this mean you're gonna shoot you should show you know. The ball this fortune and compassionate. Passable show that it are you seriously those parents exist more than you know old center in the stands. And in the back to mark here's the back of your arm you know will we we can hear those things come and ask. Everybody else around him there's a big hole because they tell us do away from those people. Right those those players who think they know better than everybody else and what should be called in criticized. Guys. Were undefeated. Sixty and no sarge are he's not do enough to play. But it's may be told Johnny did little bit better that it criticize the kids as improbable and exacerbates meg practice more depth great practice harder. How about that bad it. Let's get info logs affect the scooter Hernandez was pretty I talked to so did people call them names and out right at Purdue is a money. I have I guess the mid major submission. That guy that always want to make a bit but never paid. Okay. And yes yes yes yes yes that is just great Renee thank you by grenade that might be a dark course. That could absolutely be a dark horse ever sees as its job. Cinderella story that can be a Cinderella story and write it down right now I never praised his bad guy but wants to bed about everything. I bet you this I budget that that didn't duke does this terrible us postal money on a budget airline. Lot are about to fifty dollars but she'll receive a did you know yeah I didn't affect let's go to Jackson Jackson so may be a deuce submission. Yes I got to recoup wanted the caller call in every single show and said the same thing. So. If we had it ever replaying game in the long time what they're here would love to us. Mark with a speed game. Ha ha did Jesus goes yeah I guess Jon did you amid there's drug submission so. I don't know book written yeah. Got to battle what about four that we. We don't get a quick feet and G-8 didn't go. It could take it on the job that I just always as a sort of thank god political hits and a unique taste thank you Jesus look if you are notified and the funny thing is is that as soon as those Jesus you know people that are coming out there. They see somebody across the road are. So yeah. It was Russia along the super religious guys are also helicopter sports yeah. I don't know yeah. And should that you did. I also like she doesn't. The next call gubernatorial treatable disease that's is Basel tar heel treaty with the umbrella. Guy looked out man I I promise no not ready to go this way I did you are they enjoyed the vacation body is. Hey how about social media guy. So elaborate so you made. Just the got a guy always on social media that that tag feb that whether it. Whether they would just brand but at the with the girls out just tagged everywhere you better try it does everything export Libor picture for social media. That's a dreads that look that there's a very good want to thank you for that girl source about that the yellow and I just don't know I'm. We're about that girls want to you know to arbitrage project an image right guys try to pick up dates. Don't tell as a resident I can't. Comedy and this girl hopefully she likes what I'm saying en us below. Disney might in other posts since the Ramirez and hope she comes in Pontiac exactly. This year at this bar for any single ladies and it might be out there let's. Lot of guys at your post and where you're out and everything you do that's which are hoping you. He might be there including emotional blow up and maybe be a good. We she'll come and talk to make it because she's I never met her before but I'm friends with her on instant brand because that's that's. I had 7045709. B 60 and I am not surprised we at least fullback to phones or toner writes the only come back Eric Richard Jerry Chris writes I'd be the first thing we're doing on the other side as Garcia Blaylock. Odds you'll hunt Spotify. There's this madness. Little basketball Jolo where it starts at 1250 today 70457096. Dead let's go to the full lunch brought about nine minutes let's make the most of it will be aired first Eric. Give me your dues bags submissions are. Well I go to and while the Rudman. We may parent got kicked out of outside. Really. Yet. I know I've seen his dad had multiple events and his dad typically. Is the most quiet guy reserved doesn't say a word in sets away from everybody else may be and that's why I thought. One of the greatest memory I've wrapped up. Thank you. I appreciate the nice guys I don't know where that I'm dead. Eric you just got submitted a bracket for a ha ha ha ha ha ha I saw on the Erica I Syrian Erik Prince William took the breath oh goodness Richard is a nice and so Richard. I got on. Anyway piggyback on not one up I found out earlier about chicken you know. Yup yup yup that's all that's all inclusive of in the gym rat yeah absolutely because that's the same guy he's he's it's all included right here as the jealous there. Right he has over tanned body he has the water jogging is too much weight and he's guts this Kenya's angles you've ever seen in your entire life. Yeah I mean all inclusive isn't it submission commend via text on the text line. Cycling to each rides on busy streets usually in second year totaling a thousand revolutions per mile an accidental or go. Going nowhere fast probably overweight. Yeah and and really has to Wear team in Italian. Uniform. I hate going to the gym and get off our streets. All the goal on a road or acting hate you. There's a stationary bike to exhibit the only way Diddy and it is of Clark also matter space yes this terrible idea. How about fraternity guy. Lou the time now. That's look how does Obama really stands and where did that Columbia's sweeping. I'm half and half anyway. I was real and I have not so good about. Automation on the Internet it's accidentally hit. Amid further Columbia. I had no idea that's why wouldn't that we'll tell you tell yesterday via Twitter you know comes out there blows this thing out. He nice sweater vest where did you get down let's move to the tomb nice young lady cashier to pull it dude. She's a cashier or she's a cashier initiated a simple life so what. These cash your not have feelings have been out people took. Where can I do one of those sweater vest so I can look like a fraternity person to out because that's all that stuff. Our dear forgot what's your trophies Hulk what is your crow behind it and how. How was in a fraternity grow all yet that's why else. Were you not a fraternity it's a Washington don't tell it like I. 01 K okay with khakis. I'm sorry and things like collegiate Pacific northwest to spreads and I never like until it throw up we had timberlands the essence of the problem as more and more expensive coolest thing ever. And I let's go through it to Jerry next Jerry what's up buddy Jimmy understood. The rep they're paid all got off did you. Detect. It is High Court cited people that. They're got beat in game ended cobra dot pay off. I love that I it's tied the football. I don't let it affect any minute now we can pick up a pub offered you the truth of this but I don't really really buy I don't know if it's different I. I had to drop club. You know low. Oh bill over here you think about I get a call in my just have to fall on the ground and I just might happen if I didn't think he lost to him now. They work here's my Busch side I've never had one and so yes yet. Now I don't want to I offered. Here's my question for you I did I got people so. It is so somebody just said political got a second ago. Now. And anymore let's in the realm of social media rights or do we separate social media guys from political guy what do we do here. Social media guy I think can be all inclusive and social media got this Twitter tough guy look your ass you know I'm gonna. I'm Daryn everybody's owes me an explanation. You need to tell me this now. You know you're going to which you should be in jail you should lose your job you know those are the things your guilty before innocent that has to be up to the other woman has to be up there. This fat might yet. My cycle cyclist. Fell effect guys in the anti spam and the spandex has a little balls. And Obama Connecticut and the size fat is sticking out farther than the fringe still about how greatest cyclist he has got all the fit as certain as Starbucks drinking costs. All. Know why it. We just got one that made the list crypto currency got a bit torn guy. The guy who wants to tell you how much money he's making on bitcoin and Craig crypto currency I have but I knew it was our can't explain it could be won't show you how much actual money that is made and and see you're not even sure he actually owns any. Crypto currency dubbed core guys make it a list no doubt about it. Absolutely right I can't stand point out the money of the joint interest as the guy that shows up to the party or you know there's a guy showed up to the party bringing absolutely nothing on there. Yes there we got doesn't end there when we got an affection we have enough for 32 team bracket right now we're gonna do that after the show like ours is telling you we got to do this we got to end it if you have more due respect submissions doing online on Twitter a child really WS since the outbreak was. We put this bracket up later this afternoon group put the graduate this afternoon but they're still out to we go to 32 it sounds like. And wolf we'll give you some results hopefully tomorrow. It's going to be awesome heart enjoy a dish madness and basketball suits Garcia very liked.