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Friday, July 13th

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Well all right let's go to our ticket come gas line has promised a good friend of the show. Good friend of all our zone Dray Bly joins us on the jet to come Desai Drake chuck Howard and frankly how are you this afternoon our friend. And good guy I don't want it if we let alone a parrot that bit on a show meant. Well they've got our our budget that's got about. You've been too busy you've got five kids you coached three youth teams and now you're gonna coach professional football where do you find any time to sleep. Notoriety at this you go about it really been an reprimand wanted to sober. I was talked about it earlier this bill earth all of what trouble they all over the last seven or eight years made their country at this now what indoor. Well both being the first summit that happened grapple with big fall. As storms thought I'd like them all the little bit boring I mean Ecuador I don't ever look up Kabul you know the East Coast Oakley baseball at all. I've sort of been a lot and I thought it is some pretty good bit they have found they'll be able wiley well trying to get out there is still want it vehicle Earl. I'm excited about it. Dramatize something in you know and I haven't told you this in person who talked the other night. I couldn't be more proud of man because you know life is about seasons. And once you're done in the NFL kind of figuring out what you can do you write we lose our identity little bit sometimes get lost you don't know what they're gonna do so we do we love we coach kids we find always find a passion that we are. Hobby that we love. Didn't we go out there and do it but you're you're getting you're getting into that next season my man where you really worked herself into. You know really damn good coach you're obviously a heck of a person but you find is some thing in the next season that you love. I'm gonna give you kudos for that. I percent upright man you know it would debt going to Spain together very you know an upper Moore Charlotte. Any coaching without while Powell gave their you know wouldn't just be shipments established and I. Allied unity pact and Amanda part of my. Quote that the clear. I mean at a coal you know has not come from the Iraq Garrett practiced that move there. It's tomorrow and that part is demanding you know we've all been neighbor that help one another we. They created epic especially in Charlotte you know I'm not I don't know what did not burn down the book in the troubled man that couldn't be more ID. Like they outfit that's Paramount on my nick. Pick out what it was that really want to do I have a lot of different things but coal emit drink I'd give it out here. And seeing the lowly and clear it is what I love to do. Trade rely on our ticket come gas line of course eleven year NFL veteran prior to that legendary career. At to North Carolina for the Tar Heels and the new. Venture the drain is alluding to he's going to be an assistant coach who in the up with the upstart alliance of American football team who enough out in San Diego under the tutelage of his former head coach Mike Martz so I've got to think in. You got to be very excited dissing you started come to fruition should drain they'd mentioned yesterday are now instead. Our players are gonna make 250 grand over three years 83 grand years so I've got to think. You start to see this thing come together so let folks know who we're listening to what the what is the goal of this league and what's your goal by taken part of. Where they apparently did more but what the development mentally for a put it up they don't know. Clara. Dramatic they joy that have been created a mile of what they did you look at what's there. That is try to give it to the next level there are slightly Amelie many early yet in bully that we play this what this league is going to be I think. The one way to do is lead established to get it going data around it where. Knoll died you don't have a former Nicole she tried my mark. Art is Eric and then you know Brad Childress might seem very got right it's these very you don't detect got credibility. It's easy to roll. Our organization that were accompanied an app by they have eight outback has been a great job with what their intent. I've been next to get it back in and they get it back into debt if passed through it though with the debt all of though. You know it'd be you know all of those being well we doubt you know you want people have not been but you know what that it's homicide Pia Prada happened. In case you know not out in Babylon in the Coke in and not done its ownership stake is being belly and get a couple of week. Obi with a look at all preceded by you don't. Not all make gold and I want to try to put back up pop vocal chin and arm but you know give me a chance he gave them a spare camel we don't teach. Submit to a guy in app which is the work what a bridge app right. My mark there Larry Maher mediate gets played there is not cute there ma'am I'm very articulate it to get start. You know Drake a coach in Mike Martz told assists in I didn't really know what matters like doing it but it kind of makes sense now than the long you coach long. Yelled older we get it's a lot harder to haute to coach talented guys. And non talented guys because when you come to town guys yet to make sure that everybody's going to be say if you don't get hurt on the field you have to give this guy restaurant and you just can't go out there and grind like to do with may be less talented team just got there and work harder you know and and that's what you're gonna be deal was made beach in -- for the most part is guys that are trying to work their ass off so it's gonna be easier for them to listen but the reason why. I say all that is to say this let's say there's a deal out there right you've got a guy that feels like. I might just be a little bit better than everybody else because your my build a bigger look fragile little stronger what do you say to that guy. I on the football field that thinks that he has God's gift to football. What a bank different you know just do Wal-Mart there is you know. What the kid that was very paralytic in a I had. Probably about work is part if you if Brett out of deplete it can hear it go to my error it itself. A topic kick you brought it up with these player. You know I'll try to lack epic trying to step aren't Gilmore in Gary restored the last group we jamaat not saying what strain or both they're. Why can't make up a wearable hacked into huge tuna the purple. You know while while the book but with his cabinet could feed it's what can we get birdie there. So what if China for about a weight but he got try to create a weight but he if it gave lookup historical epic that the one thing. You know what I try to do what colts is you know colts and he trotted you know breakdown of where. Try to find a way to the next couple. You know it's Benedict you know given minimal extra to forage you know I will make clear it's great. Topic that's we're back in these weird tournament site it to be apart I think it would it started. Few more minutes with Dre' Bly our tech a come gas line had drained prior to your joining us Franken I'd gotten into a discussion. In regard to TERRELL OWENS announcing that he's not gonna be going to get an Ohio. For the hall of fame induction ceremony I've got a sneaky feeling he probably agree with frank it's the whole the whole is sacred. And maybe probably she should rethink what he's gonna do. Yeah topping element. You know and I was speaking with some crowded is it's this morning about it. And it you know it not been out all in. We're meant is it different don't know what all we are about sort it out in a lot of it. And it's certainly include different top man right there it is great to buy it if you know more so what's the thinking you know you'll beat Goran. In its annual because. While that would all I wanna Abby. How would go. People the only State Department news at the people that so stage that's our special audio just speak out. You know say stipulate 2.0 oh thank you ought to which we do well. But you have got to show up. I think that it is it says at around. To me. I get a should've been a for Barack if he didn't let you edit their soul. I'm just don't put it into the weapon it would set you know. Got to do it would all that it it would have urged its but it got a bad back so it is down about that. You're Dre you use you start talking about the hole and not know we played with some you know some really talented guy. Guys you know guys like Marshall Faulk who's in the hall saying. Orlando Pace is an all time curt Warner was in the hall of fame who's the next player that needs to be an all time. Oh from our team from which it the next guy because I mean these there's going to be guys commit I think Calvin Johnson. Is a first ballot hall fame but if you go back and look at the history of wire receivers in this league there's not many album I think he absolutely. Is a first round. Paul same type of guy but I don't know if he had the years he only played a. Not eat at me ability who are yet per ballot but like he's been art. You get out bigamy. They used to spoke critically. You know they pay what to rip David. You know pat gave you I don't like Brit deserve it in Durban or I he grew its moral note dot I know you weren't. We're BP and a couple of super boat but great frank for that matter to me promote it deductibility. I am happened debate about it did not give me that animal and Al are all we're very. Talk what he is all I putted overlapping yeah we have. We had a good career where he bats were able to do it. And forge unity at all afraid that the cape why careful Jack that be okay activity boat got it what you're. Well we desperately want all the unknown you know what actual well you know we're both boats packed it in ditto what to bring you are don't want tell don't have the oak pipeline. Like 23 years. And those corporate support there are. Yeah I think it was four years I think my men's four years total drag yeah I need a meal for ensures real million before he got hurt. I mean there is nobody that was better. Right so what do I have but what a difference in what won't be at. And rarely I don't threat yet it's only a PP BO or the topic you what we have to people you want to hold back. Yeah read paper so one of that it tried so what do the talking about and it's all very. Torre won't pay ten straight years of it was that bad data without the dark. We talk about somebody. That are that that our unity got pat white cap and not coming up. Thank you did Durbin all of paying out but he got quite made it on their merit is very it urban to idiot. You know we played any doubt that the man let's hear it you know and it had great careers I don't doubt that we are not but that was very well. About equate it but it LA in the upper palate. Kaplan dep was ticketed for. Good good stuff from our friend Dray Bly Dre we appreciate your time and once you get settled in out would you new position though we totally want a circle back way via. No doubt very very doubtful RM and solid.