Garcia And Bailey: Doug Rice

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Thursday, May 24th

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Doug rice she's here president and anchor of our performance racing network and I've I've been so excited for this for a while is the wood ducks followed me on Twitter. I got really excited because my dad is listen to more Doug rice your driving home from out from family and everything else but listen to Doug cracks for awhile huge fan to fan huge sports that's right general so Doug rice is there was this performance racing network you're gonna hear him over the weekend duct thank you for your time and our. Held you know that's return about their. Spent time listening to an awesome that wealthy lots of people there lots of people spent time listening to you and up for good reason this. Look this is one of the the most iconic venues on the NASCAR circuit in stock car racing and you know where it was it on display last week Yuma the all star race which I'm sure he'll talk about a second what a great weekend that was the if the Coke 600 this weekend is again more the biggest most iconic history rich events in all NASCAR it. Is this will be the fifty not to want it any time you've been around long enough to be involved in 59 years worked at any thing that. That's big milestone so look forward of that coming off the heels of one of the best all star races we've ever had here they try to add a new aero package without going into the deet tails. It produced side by side nose to tail racing all around this place. People were standing up cheering I went out talked people as they left and we're like still tingling. So I think that's a taste of what might be down the road at NASCAR well if that's the case right for each individual track it's might be little different you know I'm not an expert you war you can tell me you know what you think but why do that if that's if that's created that type of excitement. Why don't they incorporate that more I think it'll be happening I think even this year I think you'll see tracks in the second half the season. That NASCAR in the teams have to get together because. It's like saying okay we're gonna play football but we're changing the helmet dramatically. They got some adjustments to do and there's a little bit of experience built in there but I think. The public outcry was so loud that we love this will buy tickets will spend time watching this on television. Listen to it on the radio they have to react frank that there. But I think for once they're pinned into a good corner by the fans say this is so good we've got to have more of. Still a strike when we started to show that I haven't been appear probably in about twenty years the million in this general area writer and I came operation. I just immediately was brought back to that feeling that that feeling of power and the size in the enormity of this place in the history that you talked about a second ago and I think that. There are a lot of people out there who would would find that connection that attachment again to the sport if they do if they're given the opportunity or they take the opportunity to do that. And I think that's where NASCAR is right Donna that you probably agree with that is getting those people back out to the track to make them reconnect with what we are seeing right now how do you do that. I I feel like they took a big steps Saturday if they can start serving that up on a regular basis it won't be that way in the 600 because they're gonna be running a more traditional packaged. If they can serve that up and we put a lot of steak and a lot of these young drivers. The did chase Eliot's the world and run Blaine he's a bubble Wallace is hey kids he got to start winning. Nobody's nobody sonnet on your bandwagon until you start Hanks hides upon the barn. Based these kids that got to start winning they've got tremendous potential but my coach saw still may potentially you haven't done yet so. They got to start winning soon is that happens I think you'll see a next generation of race fans come along and I think it's. Adjusting to because I was reading about the of the NASCAR hall of fame class it was just inducted and I remember to watch and Alec Wiki race of my dad and in a dad talking about him being deprived tyranny was such as the last private tear. You know to look to win that to the mosques are the monster energy trucker just the time it was the Winston cup series but you know it is that's something that could still be done in this day and age though. No Alan quick move down here from Wisconsin and everything the only the back to pick up truck set up his own shop. Beat all the big guys with a bat seventh full time employees it was a great story. Allen did Damascus and fortunately didn't live long enough he didn't amass big numbers but the story was hall of fame worthy of one of the voting members he got my vote yesterday because that. There's a place for that you don't have to always have the big stats. They're Doug we talk about you know the importance of players all the time you know a lot of times is going to be the coach. And sometimes it's going to be the quarterback that is responsible for the wins and losses when you look at these teams a lot of moving parts. And you know for guys to come and see this for the first time whether it's. In the crew chief for the driver in which I would equate to the coach and the quarterback other than those two guys what's the most important piece to making these teams go. Probably the guys like coach back in the it back in their shops when these guys talk about the guys backing her shots they're not talking about people put together cars they're talking about people that look at all the data and do like it's fine. Quarter of an inch tweaking on these cars those should that's for the real black magic takes place in NASCAR now and the communication. Between the crew chief in the driver's do you have that that's why. Kevin Harvick winning so many races right now demon Rodney Childers. That it's jet I've mind tricks they're talking to each other without even talk and less than we'll turn you loose mr. Kevin Harvick don't want last week here on on a heck of a terror right now he won the pole here last year. Austin Dillon of course won the race we saw liberal by a minute ago is your watching polled by tonight and while I'm watching he's knocked around what are you looking for hot public for the guy that looks like he handles well can run down on the bottom of the racetrack so far this season that's been Kevin Harvick as soon as you get the pair mutual bag and here I go to the within the I don't know I put out a fifty dollar drop his performance racing network joining us on the ticket out there why is it I don't question because we have on our poll now. In your NASCAR historian who's the greatest NASCAR driver full time I can't go against Richard Petty I mean you went 200 races. You know and and all the Earnhardt fans is drove off the road I think you know but I I am I've got to go with the king and our mark try behind it they don't dog we appreciate until I got.