Garcia and Bailey: Does Cam Newton have the weapons he needs?

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Wednesday, January 24th

Jeffri Chadia joins Kyle and Frank, and he wonders if Cam Newton has the weapons to succeed.


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But Garcia. Hillary child really frank Garcia and Osborne reach out on Twitter act Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 at Osborne. WS frenzy thirty minutes from now Jeffords should dia NFL. Writer excuse me from ESP and we a lot of talks in Super Bowl 52 with him also 1 o'clock go wanted to you know source Steve Keller will join us we'll talk about the hornets send other things going on around the NBA all star rosters. Released yesterday I know ward saw the roster of not shocking. And they've got so they've they've got New Orleans tonight and I'll say this. Los folks leftist because it is just so jaded and underwhelmed and disappointed with this team right now based on the way to start the season. They get a win tonight. Against the release earlier this pretty good New Orleans team with two bonafide superstars on my team I'll be pretty encouraged to write. Did them the training in the right direction. But a lot of work to do but if you go out and you meet New Orleans tonight with Anthony Davis and Laurie cousins I'm going to be in a fairly encouraged Franco and are you feel about it but I would be certainly encouraged by. What you. Think that was a hard question. Why why were you mean Kurds by just so there's that big of a pretty good team but two guys that are very difficult to defend two guys that he'll present matchup problems for just about everybody gonna go to Libya to golds they warriors to I don't what does that mean. Again it's about trending in the right direction right so again they're trending in the right direction and a four to 67 out of eleven you keep that going. OK and there are some things to be optimistic about its not so limited crowned them to any thing but I'll be optimistic moving forward because you get this from tonight where he gets it. What what what what were your ceiling to this team out what do you optimistic about their training and what direction but what does that gonna do was gonna put him in. In the AC dealer I think I think was my question was so I think what are inherently is is is. First of all I've I've always hated the idea of tacking blown up preset to understand the logic behind it I just always hated this is someone did this thing in the heated so competitive the same thing it's a new so competitive by an illusion for any reason whatsoever even if you wish for the long term betterment of the organization I just hated a home. You know again. They've been disappointed. They should have been better than this by now they have until all star weekend which are I think the all star game is the eighteenth of February. To continue climbing a little that you got time here is do exist and the boat load the schedules set so much better than it did during the first two and a half three months of the season. So you you ditch your record with then you know two or three games of five or director of the all star break that probably had you had nine or ten. It before you start in the back half of the season I think that's encouraged right. And if if I were to convince myself that I still believe some of the same things and I believe 56 months ago or hell even. You know didn't leading up to the season it got to easily into the season that this team has the ability to do XY and see. Even if they've fought back to that point by the all star break and are playing better basketball. Then I think I can say okay why. What's the ceiling in the second half again I'm looking for reasons to be optimistic and you could tell that Moammar website I'm just look at a reason to be optimistic as I would rather be optimistic and I would pessimistic but how about realistic let's and you knew where I was going so I at some port real Perino I have to be realists are realistic. And I've I think I've tried to be for the most part. Think you're trying to be optimistic to be optimistic we'll remain realistic because of where this team is that maybe I am and I think I'm being more realistic because I'm tired of being optimistic as. They didn't get anywhere except for disappointed now. Com so you know with this hornets team they're nineteen and 26. If they're capable of beating no most teams that they play. Are they better than the pacers are there in the wizards of the better in the heat of the Ben the cavs have been and the raptors have been Celtics are a bit in the box the bad in the semi sick. Yes I know better than say any of that I know better than that tendered their claim they're better. The most teams awards are so important that my question was is that. OK to be optimistic about what four watts on YouTube and your ass in secret ballot questions right now I you're right I am looking for a reason to be optimistic and maybe that's because for selfish reasons. I don't wanna do post game show for an awful team has given up you know and I and I I knowledge that's part of it I'd I have to. I just I'd. I saw wanna see this team be better do but I know it's. You're right but I think it's for the fans at a dinner and it's not just hope right now. The president of trading well right now but can it last that's what I wanna find out if they win tonight they might give us some indication that it is going to be trending in the right direction. You know for the foreseeable future that's what I'm hoping happens because you Atlanta. On Friday night absolutely game that you should win and if all of a sudden you've won six of 89 of thirteen that that's and that's a good stretch fright give me a reason why you think or it's going to night. Oh I don't I don't know I don't have finally have a reason to think they will win tonight so what's there to be optimistic about that that's a question and I just if they win though we will give me more reasons rob may I. If they win I think the New Orleans pelicans would have played really bad. And don't wanna sort of played their best enough hum that's the way that they went. And that's not something for me to be optimistic about doing something for me to say just not very good. You know comparatively speaking to. You're good teams in the MBA so even if we make it to the eighth seeded if we make it to the seventh seed you know what what good does that wanna do ultimately. And that's why the optimism. You know is is not really there for me because I CNET. There were told an off closed at forty when's your wanting this team did you know beat the five and afford the three the direction of this team. Doesn't exist. There's no direction. There's no optimism there the Philadelphia 76 is as bad as they won't have been. There's optimism there's hope there's direction there's trends and it's all moving up work. Right they may only be in the eighth seed right now and the hornets may be able to beat the Philadelphia sept Philadelphia seventy sixes but this at Philadelphia 76ers when they play good. Are able to beat the Boston Celtics the thought of it consistently the Philadelphia 76 is when their trend is good and they get mashed in and trending because of their. Atlanta schism because of their talent. Can beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. Their direction in their ceiling is twice as high. Is where the hornets stand right now as only being the eight seat they have the potential to win a series. They have the potential to make you run because of their talent. The hornets. Have a potential to maybe make it to the eight seed that's an optimistic for me. That that's you know that's just hoping to be average and we work that's what we're hoping for right now if that's your optimism than you know go for well. I think what your point was with the reason why you want it to Joseph in the NFL a down referred to having the deal to deal with his team haven't talked I get that. It's not just that no other guy. I've actually grown to appreciate these fans a lot like you and I just NASA alleged that these people show up and they want to winner and they want it really badly in party wants it for them too because they wanna show up that these are desperate for consistent winner here you can see it. And I and I wanted to these people because they love this organization but damn how they gonna do like to joke is of course have been to go by the way a lot of guys Jones is the smartest up I appreciate that thought it phonies and I'm excited Jun 07 CU. Raptors borrow awesome baby cries let guys Eisner is Mauresmo I appreciate that could easily start but isn't that the point Qaeda is on the court as. And it's seven comes in with his usual. You hate tanking so you wanna be an 87 seas chase juries are for the rest of the life of this franchise and an all caps. You'll never did elite NBA talent public figures superstar free agents to come eleventh. Bleeping Charlotte, North Carolina in the prime of their lives so you must trapped in here for seven years via the draft the only way to do that is to have top three picks period how do you get a top three picks. He called distinct cats he did not call usually he usually calls him stink test I feel like a text from him with a distinct tetanus willing to play like we should check on Mike is not all right yes. Okay well well I think that nobody a gantlet logically I understand what is site. The issue becomes though you know Jordan the first hole Michael Jordan said the other night he said because you know in your Charlotte you know we have to develop talent in which draft and develop and grow talent here. Well the one guy you've gotten it right with this Kemba Walker. And he's become the heart and soul of this team and the fans love in the show off to watch and he wants to be here Kim doesn't want to try to look Campbell wants to be here he is the one star player that you have grown and developed and yes I know the math under the reality that he's the most valuable trade asset that you have but. On the one hand you're gonna say what we need to develop and grow talent here and that's the we're gonna have to do it all the guy you've grown to develop your ship out right because you've tracked him. With bad contracts surrounded they'll Oz and I were talking about this yesterday they have done a pretty good job developing German landing give up on him. And it's drying off ready it is it's paying off is that the best your first career he committed to the defensive side offensively he's been much more consistent that's another guy and they've developed and didn't give up point wears no fun like well that's the problem right. Where is Raymond Felton. Where's. Like Okafor America Okafor Jeff. You know where's you know some of the other players that have been shipped out elsewhere. You know end no they didn't develop and you know those guys are well before this regime in what's going on with Clough. You know but under close watch you you have sing kemba get better. You saw him make his first all star pairs have seen Jeremy lamb you know get a little bit more MBA ready you know with his body in his physique and his. You know work they've put into the offseason you know we DC Dwight Howard clan his best basketball and forever you know there's a lot of good things what you also see. No other things there existing that just don't give this chick team. Much hope. And that all these huge contracts. And you know Marvin Williams issued Greg from the three point line is percentage is number one. And the entire MBA congratulations. We're still no seven games below 500 yeah you know the so what does that mean nothing. You know the tomb you're stuck in a twenty in the escalating contract 20/20 426 where the numbers are gonna go to. In the next 34 years in and not yet now that contract you're right we're kemba is trapped. In this situation. That you know it's not his fault and what's gonna might make him want to be here I know he loves this city. Under a lot of the lot of great athletes that leather city but they love winning no more than love. Money more than look championship chasing more nobody wants to be stuck in mediocrity players don't. Yeah if you have a horse if you have a competitive spirit if you have. Of determination desire he wanna win you wanna go to a place that committed to winning and you know we can city and talk about these contracts and how we were forced to sign these guys because of in the negotiations in the way that the EC BA broke down and you know the the the numbers there ran up and you know now we're forced to sign Nicholas Batum we didn't have to do that. You have to sign there's other teams want them okay. Let them have him. You should've seen that he wasn't one to bring value to you as an NBA franchise that type of money. I don't care you know did the salary cap went up and everybody was getting paid it doesn't mean you have to pay him. Right you have a choice. Oh well I checked the New England Patriots is always going to be example I use they have choices with those types of does that situations all the time this guy's a free agent to have to pay him. No we have developed these other guys are more confident in what we're gonna do and if we don't we're gonna get a guy and make him mess we're gonna make or they're forced him to commit to our standard we're gonna force him to play to our scheme. We're gonna force them or these people to come here and and you don't have the ability to execute in these situations but we're not gonna pay him in the end. Cripple the rest of our franchise. And that's what the hornets have decided to do that's their fault not anybody else's they had the choice they decided to sign. That that player and Mormon and wherever else. They're the ones to blame for that nobody else. Hang tight 70457. Or 96 similar calls are great stuff coming in on this excellent talk Lawrence for a while laudable talks of directors later in the hour fifty minutes from now we'll chat with the Jeffords of the of the unit of covers unifil excuse me for ESPN dot Thomas Dorsey and they look. Short ten minutes from now Jeffrey JD NFL writer we'll talk to him up there. There's there's the off season and of course Super Bowl 52. Dial really bright Garcia and Osborne here with you on Wednesday. Looking forward to a football night tonight at DePaul and a few of those who you're heading out there I'll look for goods on organism on the night 70457. Or 96 stents extra rights and build excellent excellent I have been a season ticket holder for every season and we have never had a superstar. No Alonso was not a superstar nor was LJ just secondary all stars. It's in real current term in different ways second I wouldn't called Tim walker superstar out. Are you for you not talk about this and we kind of broke dark well we thought were the tears of the best guards in the NBA one time and I can't remember if you read in the second or third tier those groups Sony he's. The star player obviously he's an all star last year amid doesn't easy do we both agree there are five or six better guards in the league and we we route all the other day that. Now earlier analysis and you're trying to. Or Jewish superstar. Bush has superstar. Toward hours is close is superstars we've had and it's not close them and you can make an argument for LJ back Monday and he was probably. To me the next greatest one. I'm not an I was sailed to look I mean dumb Larry Johnson was probably. I would say he's greater than where Dwight is that he was probably number one why would be never to Alonso would be number three at the time they were here with the hornets. On everybody Graham Omar. You know whether it no matter what city you were and you know superstars are gonna be recognized they're going to be familiar thirty you're gonna know who they are no matter what city you're in. Gonna be the face of the organization. You know these are going to be the things you know wouldn't be a part of the NBA franchise and be part of the MBA brand new Cam Newton. No for the Carolina Panthers is a superstar. You know the faces the the NFL uses him quite a bit you know when when something happens with cam is spread over ESPN. Everybody's going to talk about his polarizing. A bomb blew key plea. I wouldn't think I I think he's a really good player but he's not a superstar. Keiko is not a superstar. Know people don't know when he walks in this just because he probably prefers it that way. But Cam Newton is polarizing he's. He's energetic he's. Much more marketable marketable pick exactly. Those are things to me and called his superstars have kemba Walker's I superstar. Never has been I don't know if you ever will be. Everybody knows stuff Currie stepped Kurz a superstar. Russell Westbrook to superstar. LeBron James is a superstar that he. Essentially you're talking about this to I was kind of thinking of along these lines of today elected unless you're a big NBA fan. You may not know were Kemba Walker place in behaviors and and an average numbers sports fan right do you like sports but you know it's not the biggest part of life. You know the superstars. Like our walks and this is it to do people recognize easily recognize this is superstar immediately run to do well yeah yet a million. I'll just leave ya hmmm my other question though is this as we caller's and then we get there quickly here because we're talk it's been a film we come back but. I was looking over the game notes. Prior to the kings game the other night frank and John I think at this point kimbo is it's. I don't did the math I think about sick of double double checked to six or 700 points shy. A becoming the all time leading scorer is history. And you know some people believe he's a great supporter of all time who do you believe. Is he the greatest horrible time. You know just because of his time here he's starting given that conversation. You know. Larry Johnson didn't play much time here before I went to New York he's probably the most marketable player that we've had. You know doesn't make him the greatest hornet that we've ever had a thing you know we have that discussion just talk about time. You know on the amount of you know the history you have dual cores can be in the conversation. You know. Just of rice. You know back in the day in early hornets is gonna be in this conversation. I'm in a baron Davis and in this conversation. There for me and you know but. The most he bogeys out is going to be in the conversation. But yeah I mean kimbo to me. As it's just surpassed mug Z he's probably right there was dill and letter in it and then. Rice or do address is a better oracle Larry Johnson. Long term. He has moral star appearances and Larry Johnson does. And he. Now he's he was you could argue is probably a better basketball player than Larry Johnson once. That's interest and and it on rice was. You know one of the best players this team has ever had. But people forget about him because of the time to play. Yeah. It's a look we gotta reputable quickly some logistics and in the second garden which are portable Dwight Howard being a super store he says how do you not see dead people recognize him because he's huge not because he's a real winner. Winning wire to Howard is is a bona fide hole Famer. You know. I said this I said this you when he first came here we talked about all star appearance. And Dwight Howard has. To less than the entire organization's history. Dwight Howard do not forget doing not for did Dwight Howard's Orlando days playing in the NBA finals the massive endorsement deals you view your. It's a deer caught in the moment right now that's an area where Droid is and what he's doing at the moment and and do what he's a pretty evenly for fourteen he's pierced. Think back. Did you and championship to me unfortunately has nothing to do a superstar did I mean those two things are completely different when I talk about you know competitiveness and greatness. You don't have to be. Knowing necessarily even leaked now to be that. Are you to be polarizing. You can be popular you can walk in to a place and everybody recognizes you you're very marketable hi that's superstar. Runway again same guy being an athletic freak does that make your superstar or anything you or that and you don't two championships to make sure let down a lazy okay he is one of seven players of all time it is positioned to average report read on double WR and the company is Shaq. Wilt Chamberlain Moses Malone Tim Duncan. If he is and delete delete delete rarefied here okay Dwight Howard is unquestionably a superstar big game may have passed him by and that the way he plays doesn't fit as much anymore but the first nine or ten years of his career or evidence this guy's an absolute superstar I can even globally we're debating this right now are really tobacco gonna talk to Richard Everett ultimate result will switch to your Super Bowl printers and allowed more Garcia but it looked. And sailors got about an hour and a half left in the show won fifteen Steve calmer swings bubble talk about the NBA we'll get his thoughts on the hornets and Dwight Howard Jimmy Walker all the stuff fund us. Looking forward to that the right now we're talking about the Panthers Super Bowl 52 with Jeff virginity on the NFL network he joins us on the second John just just slide and a gesture we appreciate your time our news afternoon. Absolutely absolutely look so let's start with the printers were forwarded to the Super Bowl and you know this this week of course they lost a defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes so becoming the next it coach of the Arizona Cardinals are sickened some staff for the month. They already are made some changes earlier to that that was Norv Turner of course coming on board as an offensive coordinator and other start by asking your general take on north coming in to replace so Mike Shula. Well you look at his track record what working with not just quarterbacks but young quarterbacks he's been. Pretty good at developing all kinds of players than I was surprised that they Garrett Mike Shula. Column given the success he cam Cam Newton but I also realize that. Can it get some deficiencies that Pallet captain group including. Back Christine that took place in the pocket and and that's when Northcutt valley couple months so that it's. It could move in that regard him available without the ball or YouTube. So that you could help them. Well what would you do differently because I got to believe that you worked on you know those things the drills he technique do a lot of the other things I mean eventually an athlete has to want. Want to in order to get that success and I think a lot of times the coaches get the brunt of that blame. And it's unfair. Yeah you know it how sinister Mike Shula. To boost and they want that he's been there and if you that are of great job transition hitting a player like Cam Newton into the you know so and so do a lot of things that can't cope with the count two and of course got there potentially put the work in the Oregon attracted. Crude player from the pocket. But it. You know I think I don't know him that well I don't wanna speak out of turn but looking from our package CM beta kind of guy who. May want stubborn about some things are may have a heart countries and thank god it's so easy to try dominate. We took Pete or just just being a playmaker in general and it and so in a lot of ways. And I'm not try to but you're gonna become this but a lot of waste it may be like Ron Amadon I quit your who. Was really good at it using its speed making blatantly going to need to learn how appear. Pocket player is need to look at that dominant now. Similar cannot sit player Michael Vick turned out later smaller cup player so I'm home I think Norv Turner probably. And internally is gonna he's been there in having so many different quarterbacks Alley cat from different tricks but I think Mike Hsu looked except with Campbell was making can't cope global. Now what about making him uncle purple and getting into different. Level play. Jeffrey again curiouser and I don't know what were the characters go and should Goer in the offseason a lot of talk about more defined date. Another wide receiver for cam a playmaker on the outside but does some folks looked the other side and say you know defensive end is is a position to need that defense was good this year but they were an old defense in getting older as you look at this team we're where would you say you think they need the most help right now. I would probably say the people to line it is certainly a concern and these bars rushing the passion that sort of them. Not their strength from over the I have a true dominant pass rusher the last appears. So that would be help you know I generally to the couple Benjamin moved. Out of there you know you come up acting to receive pretty easy to be. Pretty good one even with some of the weight issues have been heard about it but yes I think it's an employee. I don't know how many weapons we keep giving Cam Newton. Nearly one out decoration Katherine went out GAAP. Could simulate that gap. Alms for the good the big receiver from Michigan it is never should know what the mystery to us to have a spot just. So they don't weapons around him but it's some poignant at that they're so critical of success and look at what keeps them. Play at a high level but also with you know losing dollar and this the next year. And Jeffrey let's talk about the big game and you know the direction of that obviously there's still a couple weeks ago but you know we start thinking about the the history of the NFL. At least the modern day history and I'm talking by his last 3540 years you know that's relevant to me because that's about behold I am but. You know you look at how to cash in look at hostetler you know you look at. Others of the three guys that come to mind when you start thinking of back up quarterbacks have led their teams to you know this big game now we're seeing nick fools don't work. We're we're gonna look at him ultimately. In what he's done in when this is also and a. That's great question that I think we have a stellar additional dot com. As far post concern because they're you know he's becoming gotta be Kansas City here and so is the beta should be kept Campbell where Aleks Maric this year and I think. Look different in regard to being a backup because he's been starter in this week. You know he's the guy is and this started like forty some days before he got to work or Philadelphia so you understand the position. Partially. Look at Islam as being more success but apart he's not he's the one who made double plays and the last game but I heard somebody talk about what does condition it was terrible that brought event. And I haven't played it what are so what's without it based on what I'm going oh per. His best year back in 2013 point 22 point seven has dealt act occur to pick. All the place you pay it out well look at this touchdown pass with all the good place made. Go play in the BR. And it and they go rock trying to run those being critical the last or are we to and you saw it result of that type it appears certain. There's much credit for what Nichols is doing Nick Folk because they found a way as I would it would have been good they can cope cripple. That could agree more and the question I guess narrow looking forward is that. Nor is he gonna par list parlay this into you know is this gonna tell me an opportunity because look at the quarterback play around the league. Its average at best for most places. In is as you know he was like times you get opportunities. And determined to greater opportunities in success. Illegals are said a great situation they have two quarterbacks that are capable and are you that's a great position to be and but Altima leak do you need those two quarterbacks because one's gonna be a hot commodity. Yeah and that it hurt similar to what Minnesota's state saying it would can't taste unitary Bridgewater. I think expert pick polls go it's. I'm more a buyer beware. Type course when it comes to him. He is playing well and it has been a good job but he also has the resume out there and the knock on him has been that is not a great decision maker. Probably not the most consistent player in the world at that if you bring in ten. You have to hope that he is going to become consistent in the comeback making decisions because usually overtime. Play with those kind of flaws. To come back who they are banned in its. It's it's a really overtime in the NFL because you're seeing a lot of the great quarterbacks. At the end of their careers Tom Brady's that pops birders Drew Brees is. So reverend Eli Manning guy like that it butcher not seeing. There immediate elevation of the younger guys as you have this sort of weird middle class votes next goal now that they occur content and that it made of getting paid a lot of money. And they net and I end up performing up to the level below what they're being paid and that's the risk right now I would say. Like nick spoke as if back up. The guy you're gonna keep this train another guy but I don't know I would make him. A long term and that's important. Jeffrey Judea NFL network Jordan Osama tiger come just slot in our deficits and stimulus in here talking about Internet tolls and you know what his projections are gonna be no in domes to you know his place amongst the imminent and other NFL quarterbacks. Like mortal down Jacksonville similar situation right I mean you look at what's that team was able to do there on the come. The get better and you felt like they took that next up crawl walk run. And they're gonna hit the ground full speed next year and they have access Superman can for an and they're offensive line and defensive line is as do you define and lead. What do you do a deposition because its interest team opened the offense up a little bit was giving him resign or do you want there and take a risk and maybe. The potential of bringing on another guy in the this going to be able to do it through the air as well. Yeah it's a great course not a great question about court by what you know now that the championship game and that. Divisional game that well against Steelers. Like Kuwait like you know sprawl and knocks on him he really Grammy opposite well basically what this eat. Is that there with a book ball down field in April he had to make it difficult situations. You know there's a big question here. You're given to me about it I think it will keep them around one more year. I don't know what they'll do after that year Annika being talked about having or he is paid to the level of you know what you can practically mean out to a text box cheers I don't know what to make that kind of investment and a player who. I'm not certainly trust him as much in the and I say that because you look back at that they Egyptian game at the last minute when they have the ball halftime. It could make an interest in the go down there with Paramount's couple timeouts and you'll go but it champions don't go that one make a big mistake. And so I think if you have a quarterback you believe then you make that kind of investment at him but if you don't you don't trust in those situation. Huge impact have a money. Different you tell stories for living in there and you don't we tell stories every day and you we always talk about story lines and sometimes you talk about ratings and what better outcome is and in this case for the Super Bowl the patriots winning despite it making some people sick to their stomach was the better outcome right and into the net a guy with no no sense to Jacksonville fans the reality yes. There's no interest there's no appetite for Jacksonville Jaguars football nationally and so even as much as you may hate the patriots. No matter what happens you either see the greatest dynasty to ever do in the NFL win another one or you get to see you know before we had this weekend -- to see the vikings win it at home in front of their home crowd beating them the worst the most hated dynasties sports or get the Eagles winning their first you know it to be the most hated guys do sports so that we can also hey what a great stored in Jacksonville Jaguars were but I but everybody you know those in as the losses in Manhattan saying please please please please please about the jaguars. Yeah yeah you know what that no one wants to watch star orthodox leader not an. Out. Gotta have that built. This. Are released geared up and worried about you know we can go out look out problem that's what. Bill well checking in concrete have become and everything you're right it that it's. Last year's game for example that where Atlanta was in the acceding to be there when they are appointed three. People were licking their chops and it can take a wait and see what happens you get the greatest comeback it. And I don't history in the game. But well people who really believe that Philadelphia is is do you do it and it's that we're those. Our own Nicole how they gonna compete I feel like they have this saying it damages. And Jacksonville have in May be just better. That they can worst passer they can make plays on the field. There was defense certainly cap hold the solid textbook attitude in the first half so I'm looking forward to a wicked game and the possibility of just when the giants played new to a couple profitable vocal really big upset. It Jeffrey use the Star Wars analogy I can agree more infected trying to use something similar in a couple weeks ago we're talking about this team and so impressed but even as Darth Vader goes in as much as. You know we hated him early on and we wanted him. You have to be beaten by a glue can all the other things. You started out a little sympathy for me started in some sympathy for Star Trek church curve for drug and because of what the patriots are doing. As much as I've hated them throughout my career and you know because they're so successful and jealous of Roman they've they stole ring and they cheated all those things that they did it. I'm kinda empathetic towards him to win and another one because I love greatness. Yeah and this is. I will look back at this. And that the years from now we we definitely appreciate some of it now I'm maybe not so much if you're around putrid stance which can be difficult at times. I think. But you guys know that well but they're fifty years ago. But got I certainly feel like this is like watching. Maybe you like skewers back in the seventies or the great yankees team is sort QB it's very rear. You get to watch a team beat and stop but it can be this great for the longer term. There and I have always felt like the matter what you think about the state church have to respect their success. And in the way they've got about I mean they pat. It has to do it every which way possible in their and then they've grown how we joke people talk about Richard Nicole not talk about. What people thought about Tom Brady back when he won the first global and it was a straight talk. I dedicate this guy here too but so the more power players see you need to panic are you won a best dinner. Seventeen batters later made his way. Bill Belichick the guy who. That way out of Cleveland nobody can expect a chance to make the most. Yeah states. Did you watch the greatest quarterback and great approach what happened they are is history is is that where the and so I typically appreciate what it. I Jefferson did NFL network China not to give us some time here on the ticket John just like great stuff there we appreciate you we'll talk to you so thanks to. Are you are different today you want to get joining us our Garcia Bailey we're gonna come back because. Pakistan's got pretty worked up must something Jeffrey JB had to say there are few minutes ago and double talk about that next it's Garcia and Blaylock. And a tough guy on the text lot of slurping big job. Weaver refused to tell daddy that. The demolishing. A mildly offended by Hillary slipping I'm just kidding I'm not. Let's I think the the patriots are just because we were just boarded up and put the number they've been I don't know does that click all families with the bulls have been painted now. I don't 50% and they'll last seventeen years on me the last seventeen years who my master's knee right that's about 50%. Just shy of that. And we're slipper. Anyway. This whole whole. The effects of Jeffords and he was great about twenty minutes from now we'll talk to Steve Tyler Davis thoughts in the NBA but. As Jeffords should be it was talking about the predators early and I commerce Haitian. We got some folks who were a little bit you know. Upset. Saying went extra rights in this dude doesn't have a clue about the Panthers all the weapons camp has gimme a break. Somebody else rights and can cause can't in this guest Jeffrey clearly knows nothing about the tea their source of all eyes weapons they've given cam. Law I don't suggest. Not getting can name. Unless you drop and then maybe I'd get an M valuing the NM the degree radio can. And yeah you're right no detainee to I don't deck I was great I study I thought Jeffrey news so much a study made great points about the Panthers. You know you may poison we're sitting here shaking our heads sue while he's talking at our body is extremely knowledgeable so no there's no way Jeffrey and come back any time you'll never take ended. Ever instruct the middle most of show and a well ever lost it. Anyway what important enough right I mean can it do worsened stand. Sorry instead he's kidding brother let not a anyway it so. What did the people saying are you kidding me all the weapons he gave do they've given Kim bearden. Your thoughts on that or what. Bright. All the weapons they've gave and giving Cam Newton they've given themselves. In that if he still leads in some other players and in Iran and if you look at an imperfect world. It looks draft those guys in us the same argument you make when you go out there and spend money in free agency to bring these guys and you know we don't necessarily have a dominant number one wide receiver. You know would it matter. Earlier hurt you that would be the question right if you're looking for this offense when has been successful right it's at its. You know they were number one offense in the NFL team in 2015. And gimme the weapons that they had that so there when this offense is successful. Cam Newton is planned well. And that's what superstar Claudia quarterbacks franchise quarterbacks are capable of doing winning games you know without Terrell. If you're gonna continue to be you know that type of team you're gonna be that you know that team that. You know is going to be in the conversation if cam plays well this team will be there in arena C dropped passes all the time in accuracy. There a lot of different things that we saw in that one game that we lost you know come to fruition. You got to upgrade I think a little bit but you don't need superstar talent you know out there or guys that are going to be. In a just flying around you know all over the place give me the talent that in each one of these fourteen just played. You know I have more than what the answers to offensively he might be the falcons I would agree. The falcons have more talent off offensively than the Carolina Panthers they make it easier for Matt Ryan. You know the way that Matt Ryan plays the position it's necessary to surround him with that talent. Your knees and he utilizes an extremely well he's a franchise quarterback because how he utilizes that talent given him. Would cam still utilize or what he may be a make it easier for him. But cam in order for him to be successful in my opinion. Because of his deficiencies. If you're gonna play him to his strengths needs to have his legs involved. So yeah do you have to have that easily talent around there or are you wasting that elite talent we just because they have a bunch weapons doesn't mean that's a great thing. I mean if I don't know how do you sum or slugs me you know with overload. You know and then you know my team really. You know understanding how to use these these pieces. I'm going to be honest with during this maybe an unpopular opinion column and an Alice I can't prove this (%expletive) because of that we need to be need to see more from last year second round draft pick. But if you give me health accommodation of Devin functions and and the personal and to mere merged and Greg Olsen. And back Jo Christian McCaffery NJ is still I'll take that group. It would that we can't with a healthy candor and I'll take that group that might not be about popular opinion among some printers fans but you give me a healthy group of those guys I feel pretty good about that especially Kim is playing well. You know that that the bottom line is that last thing what he says this camps and while that's going to be good enough to win most games you're gonna score points. You're gonna build beat you know the New England Patriots you know if you get into a shootout here a meal will beat the New Orleans Saints are beginning to shoot out if if cam plays well. Right with old sermons you know on what he does is a quarterback again I mean you can go have all these great wide receivers Larry FitzGerald is Olin Browne. Right cam this offense at least the way it was based. Was predicated on and on camp more so than any other quarterback you know in the NFL other than maybe Tom Brady. Think Tom Brady is the only quarterback in the NFL the consistently does more with less. And Kim and it's our Russell Wilson and as well he does have great offensive talent. He makes a lot of plays based on improvisation of his legs his ability to us to scramble and get the ball down the field. But when they were good they ran the football their power running game Marshawn Lynch they played great defense. That's the way these cancers wanna play. You know you can't you can't be won easily in the very rarely do you find these high powered offenses that having great defense. Right even your best he. You can't build both sides of the ball in today's NFL and have that success unless you get lucky and draft or less you what they're developing one of these guys turning to Alvin Marat here you can we find a diamond in the rough in the fourth or fifth round and just turning to Steve Smith. That you're just not gonna happen because the the numbers game. Is too great cam Newton's make a lion's share of the offensive numbers you can't surround him was all that money and expect the defense to be great and why she brought their draft extremely well. So those things can exist and I'm saying they have it in the past but they're rare. Garlic I'm with you on that bottler really quickly text to rights and not Stewart he's done retire grandpa that's harsh but does I should the civilian he's back combination with Stu or. You know a younger version of Stew out of that group we'll talk more about an hour for 115 Steve Kallis went by the talks mortars and NBA it's Garcia and Baylor.