Garcia and Bailey: Daytona, Chuck Howard and College Hoops

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Monday, February 19th

We talk to Fox 46's Chuck Howard, we talk NBA All-Star, Winter Olympics and the seeds of discord have been sown.


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Garcia Bailey our number two child Braly frank Garcia and Osborne and if you're out there. And you would like to see my ass is gone by Ryan has if you wanna see. I think 102 clip that I captured frankly wasn't looking strike was. Standing up when his hands on the table. Pass out working to. My humps in Vermont home our hopes is a plural but hopes I don't know if you want. Fries and and that was Black Eyed Peas writer was that actually affirmed a solo and I shared does share oil as I didn't. If you wanna see it check out my answer Gramm act child clearly WS NC it's the same as much what are you confined to bear and it is you you can't unseat. If you will be seared into your brain you'll never unseat fried torching. But the women on our near. Feed are saying thank you cal notre yes they are oxidant most of what I saw I saw a car to visit you can watch a movie on that then that's what I saw this nice round pop and juicy. And wide and flat you know what every one of them how are you as juice as it is Joseph did you civil diligence Ella that yeah. It is like the the clothing line. Massachusetts and where that on the golf here's another when text or rights and due to even like each other LO well. And to answer that question all the talk on the wire asking that no we don't like to jump object now we know it's not like each other respect each other and love each other. It's like you love you. You don't see you're saying you don't like at times OK let's like you know you make me work like. Look at what. Wright has stepped out and win this weekend I'll defer don't always tell I don't even do it on our car. Did you frightened and on Saturday he's coordinates are trying to be damaged my car. You are so that you defect you're on your line about this is unbelievable serve fried did a nice thing because like this what do we chuckle OK if we're gonna say that we're gonna say this. It is shock tower to we don't know where you is we don't know if he's made his safe return back to Charlotte yet but he was at the Daytona 500 apparently survived it because he is on the line chuck our fox 46 how everybody. Hey good morning guys that I judge sim tonight here. They are still look at it I guess 995%. North. All I am on a control freak us Josh. Same wife on the exact same way I'd suck jobs settle settle a debate forced before we actually get into the racing part of the interest. Good attitude yesterday wrecked by chase Elliott she's finished now and unreal as she was worth as much money as she is on really not surprised by the strike. Said that he believes her for several years she was the face of NASCAR and I I know I know I know there's. The words I said that the NASCAR tried to put her out in front of NASCAR as the face I said that I agree with that carbon you said multiple times she was the face of NASCAR for a couple years and I said yeah I think they try to use her to bring in more fans but I still think Dale Junior was the face of NASCAR chuck your take. Dale Junior went straight to NASCAR Danica well the tape marketing Easter try to bring more fans and especially female and young. Gmail they. So how would you now try to summarize her career as akin to sort of an auspicious in yesterday. Well you know it hitter I think Josh and I had you know that discussion met multiple times throughout the week because they echo what the big story. Are you know it's time go I think she's going to be more appreciated than maybe we appreciate her now you know she didn't happen. Great success in the carpet you know if you look back. If she goes right out of the number of races which you can say about. A multitude of drivers but there are a lot of time she was caught up in other people's businesses so cup career average and they show. I believe it's like 25. It 190 starts. You know I think. Probably at the end of the day with a better law went PO may be a key third nineteen which is pretty darn good if you think about it. They're battle lot of guys they're bad I should say over the years. Try to support. And you know could make it this year you know we all understand. Bet you know what recent she continued. Two you don't continue to get a ride for 456 years what it. There was that marketing aspect double but that's the big part of the game right now where she ever you know I ever felt she embarrassed herself from the garbage can it. These things have to do and I were easy to drive out. Education he's really doing it. OK got it would over bridge. Some temp and that's supposed stabilize. You know you know what she's done is pretty pretty good at it and I think and I imagine you are they at first blush people make jokes about their back there. Wreck you know record correct but so people call her but. You know all knowledge you know I think she was great trip this sport and you know truly and inspiration and if she brought new fans didn't and that that's you know that's great. You know chuck ended the race didn't disappoint to me you know the different stages of the race here at times and know where they're at you and have the sound. And it has come watch and often on so well when I got down to the last you know 810 laps. I was always an end there was some really good race and there was some need the action was great. That the racing was pretty good the blocking even the last move to try to do you know prevent Austin Dillon from passing you know that don't guard people said was a great move on the block but they did on the same thing with Austin Dillon running right through it and he'll look at his bumper and and spin them out. Out to two win the race but the number three car number 24 car no cars that I associated with different drivers in years past. More competitive of their in the race and it was just weird for me. Yeah I like it totally do it tried to save frank you're not alone there especially. Folks who didn't taint the sport prologue time you know a lot of names especially. I towards the end there at the attrition rate continue to ride yet guide by the neighbor met. It. If Bennett ghetto ot Braden didn't dawn. You know just in March. I like that and I thought it was fantastic for them because they're. And underfoot it seemed then you know we were had been making that we know potentially one of the biggest upsets in history one of those guys. End up winning yet but obviously date benefited from some of the big names early on getting knocked out but. I just think you know what we talked about on Friday the changing face of the sport would William Byron in the twenty or a menu. All right at the lady in the number twelve lead the most laps on the day. And you know bubble while also wanna talk about here before I get out but so you know that's why. You know I leave Daytona guy. Encouraged you know hitting in another so much uncertainty about this CNN. The future of NASCAR but I tell you what there what did it and DC net place. Decorate anti 280000. People you've got another call so a 100000 people immediate field so. You know I I really got a sense a little bit of a resurgent semi big baby. Now that the initial shock of Tony Stewart stepping away Jeff Gordon Dale Junior. Now folks are getting their head around that you're seeing its first great wit some of these two names out there at that. You know all right this is cool that wasn't very you know I think competitive race there was a lot of carnage well let's be honest that's what. A lot of folks like this every Daytona had that every Talladega at bat don't get the new aero package will figure out where. You know guys we're just blew in the air up their car but. You know we have. You know a lot of poetry just readily know put you know. I have that up and time at Daytona itself collect dust itself. Mike franc debt you know those final 78 laps worked no wind it says the pay window would open and the guys were belt or. Chuck Howard fox 46 joining us on the tech economy just like he was at Daytona yesterday and a heck of a finish there and but you said you wanted to talk about so Bob Wallace for a second and what to do that but first you said a moment ago that you know you were encouraged. By about what you saw and when you left Daytona and and Dale Junior tweeted the same thing yesterday that does he was. Extremely encouraged by what he saw and and the young guys and how they not only comport themselves but you know just that they want the personalities out little that we had some great action on the track yesterday so this. Did you talk a little bit more about that in for ritual would also going to talk about mobile Wallace because that's seen after the race how emotional he was in. Know what his family's been through we said in losing his extended to ride last year and I didn't realize this but in a second in the race was the highest finish. Which you know makes sense for for a black driver since 1966. Italy that was Wendell Scott finished thirteenth when Richard Richard Petty when the 66 Daytona 500. Well you spoke earlier I do show Saturday Kyle back. You know the sport is in desperate need of personality and I couldn't agree with you anymore. And I'll begin with bubble wallets I mean this kid. I've known him for you know when he was in the truck series truck that pattern always. You know he he's just one of those guys been at you know re a side he's just got to really cool personality. He's been normal in a normal kid. Concert like I do which that. Someone you know uses the word that rhymes who might name a lot like that's. You know a serious bit. You know it in his just these big east normal I mean he you don't nobody is that normal hit number one pat stymied the drummer elicits stomach ballot got. It no word you know head banging music and you know that's you know he's the type of guy. This sport has been method number one yeah he's an African mayor American trailblazing gay you know if you will but he's been kicked. In the nether region he's been kicked got a good ride he's been knocking on doors he didn't have a silver spoon. And then you know he comes over to petty motorsports. And ended up finishing second in the biggest race of the year. I just think it's not a story and then you know Josh and I and other media members read to be a better for both straights. And then his mother comes then. And you know they both break out and cheer and in sock say net. That just showed to me how much this means that this young man in what that emotional wise word here is you know that except. Coming up the Hartley didn't. He'll get a hit a tour indeed prove a lot of people. The fact. You know he can wield a race car and I think a lot of that emotion channel woods a lot of pressure. Being released by him because he was it. Probably the number one focal point of the media that we can't camera crew read an entourage all around him. And I yelling yet you don't tweet Serbs from Lewis Hamilton tweets from. Henry Aaron that's some heavy stop and so I thought it was really caught with a big day produce or yesterday. A lot of levels debt and this transition takes place. In bubble wallets. Can become a superstar now the thing we've got out you know pump the brakes a little bit where they'd need not gonna finish the effective next week in Atlanta up. You know may have a good finish but you know he's not going to win the cup championship this year. If you know that's the one thing I want people to you know that they care be disappointed. If Fred Darrell Wallace does that make that your nation and upn fifty pinpoint this year that's great you know we got to remember he's still a rookie but. Again I poppy it was pure emotion and it would. Exactly what this sport. In which our cameras talked about what's the sport and look like with the superstars retire we talked about you know Dale Junior you look at Jeff Gordon and you know you got Jimmie Johnson still out there. But you know Austin Dillon gets but no big win and I'm not suggesting he's going to be the face of NASCAR but where's that coming from because. You just mention a guy but lawless that I think they can really market to be that due up and comer with. A lot of things that your may be looking forward to get the French fan on to get the emotion. You get the competitiveness and those types of things that you're you might look for and obviously a damn good driver. Yeah I thank you you've got along well. Lit the sky to draw attention from the new create it and I'm Richard Ryan lady leading the most laps. Yesterday. And this kid is proving that he no fluke in all. And you know he's got a you know. He hipster millennial if you well of very good sense of humor he's not social media eked its city too good looking kid. You know I think you know he's won the debate it Jake Kelly it will end up winning the most popular driver that mentioned before just because of the name so. I got access and I don't wanna repeat myself but. But instead I hadn't really come away. Feeling much better about this or I don't know what the ratings will be I think sometimes we. We don't worry way too much about that stuff I think slowly but surely you know NASCAR's ransoms up against the wall over the last decade. And I think comic to very good setup point you know bring it back a little bit it's just you know do what you're good at. Put on good ratios it and don't worry about. Whether anybody give a rats at in Hollywood about NASCAR. But it longer they're watching in Greensboro Birmingham Charlotte Atlanta. You know our Saint Louis just focus on that end you know. Just diiulio art don't try to be something you're not. Doctorate degree with a more -- to be everything and everybody I think there's were NASCAR's gonna lost its way a little bit but we had a discussion in different time is so I'm sure he'll be at least once with fright on vacation for body days but I got about forty seconds for your chuck Marty already reinstated over the weekend what you expect it. You know. Their territory I'm I'm happy for Mardy Ed that's a discussion for Marty united became pretty close while we are both up in the middle the world and it's. Are you know I don't understand nobody paying more for back story and what we all know. I've reached out Marty obviously in a situation like this seat not gonna wanna speak about it. I did that but you know I if I said before. Pretty anti Marty crew. Marty Hitler from his mistakes and I think he's the right man put this job and this team especially in this. Time of turmoil on and I couldn't be more happy form in that and I think. Those people that bring up the bad contract so the past. But it's certainly ball made made mistakes Maarty spelled B that he made mistakes in the past would contract and personnel. And our I think he's at a much better general manager they went the first go around and so. I'm hoping that they keep amount. Our chuck tower fox 46 stopped by Hilton head man take and take a dip indeed take a break to working hard all weekend just dive in the ocean CNET we'll see so. No I'm sit at the beach. Objective judge than you expect to hear it now. All the nice a Smart guy did a nice night. Our book did you judge our fox 46 joining us on the second job just like gonna come back we got a ton to get into John rosty CBS sports college basketball insider 12 o'clock. But when we returned. Peyton manic involved in a love triangle and also. Olympics medal update. Mental health update I should say it's Garcia Baylor. Our company Entercom bitter cup Charlotte encourages us to be very active. On social media so I've been proactive in doing so this morning and if you want to see a video. I'll try tens on the desk and pass out it's working. It's the first he's my home. By all means that over Myers and Graham back Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay is the same on Twitter you confided there enough we got some great reaction like this one from Patrick on Twitter. Doesn't Twitter have filters for this kind of thing I can't on CNET. I John the beer man on Twitter Kyle captured the somewhat disturbing mating dance of the bombastic hippo is natural habitats. So there's that social or your interest in that sort of thing. As religious project child really WS Lindsay welcome back Garcia and Daley chuck Howard. Venturing back from the Daytona 500 great stuff there from Hammond. I hit it. I'm admitted that admittedly and I've always said this a guy who understands NASCAR just because I grew up around its you know adorned races my dad's a big fan my locals are big fans and so I'd I was exposed to a lot of NASCAR growing up do love it. Never went on my way to watch it but you know I was around so I understood to have an appreciation for the older that I did and they're chuck was listening to us this morning when I said electricity on Friday but I think this this sport has lacked in big personalities. That they had back in the day when this sport the sport was really at its best. And and I do wanna see more of that and I think we we're we're we got some young guys who may give us that the racing yesterday frank as you talked about was was entertaining especially the last several laps. And they don't Augusta then amended these even guys who tell you they were their big NASCAR fans that watched the first toy last the last one left snow the most aggressive to twit if guys do that officials tell works but you know yesterday you got your money's worth yet action and get Rex and let's be honest about it these teams they don't like wrecks that or pay for new new equipment but the the average NASCAR fans sitting out there. If you Lisa monotony to break just you know that the hundreds of lives are driving turning left so you got some action you got some wrecks chase Eliot Rex in there yesterday at Austin Dillon wrecked. Oh number I'm draw blood Jared and help me out here while I cannot thank the Dawson don't wreck yesterday. I anyway I'll I'll think of the second but you know you have that sort of stuff Franken is why you say you appreciate the right there the race like yesterday. Guys are planning went knew they weren't sitting back there make him moves are being aggressive. They had big you know groups that they were trying to move. Been especially doing when you get down to the million dollar chase for those last couple laps and everybody had a chance. Carroll Dawson don't have the best car. I'm here he was probably the guy that lasted the longest and that's why he won. You know you look at a Denny. Amylin he got a terrible start. And after the the reckless about 43 to go somewhere around there and you know started getting passed and Austin Dillon. There was a pie. Ninety to try to get somebody try to block him the guy that was in the lead was a good move with Eric general Laurent. That's I don't you have you can you probably know better than I wouldn't I don't know the names of these guys unfortunately that well. I just know you know he was a white card you try to jump up to the top block him and all of us at the same times that wow great move. Because you don't teach you saw him come and us and always coming to pass you know I don't know lumpy doughnut that technical with the terms and things like that you know if he was drafting. A display the video games multiple times and know that and you can slingshot your way you know wash cars enough to know that. You leave the cartoon that you know you're gonna. Gonna come to pass in there wasn't a mini stop and he was coming with a lot. Of momentum. And am I know Yemen Rolla Amendola he's Al moral alma role and others so the decided to block him and that was a great move. Dawson Dorell Wright dome and I yeah I. I thought it was the right now. You know we are expecting may be a fight afterwards you know you'd be pissed off because you're leading the race with about half a lap and a half ago. But what are you supposed to do if you're trying to winning your Austin Dillon just. Yeah and that's kind of do it then the back to enforce it I'm sure a lot of more sophisticated. Race car drivers in NASCAR fans are going to be able talk about I'm just kind of giving you my amateurish view of what I saw. They don't so what it will take more calls a Texan who tweets on that talk about the 500 bit later but so as a mission there before the Brad Peyton Manning. Is currently in and involved a little bit of a love triangle. And that love triangle is saw him. ESPN and fox and and Sox have for something meteor than that. That well it duels this this might satisfy those four because. It's like Papa John would be involved and I guess we hurt as we are a nation wide and nationwide was somewhere in the mix in my shouldn't bits yes and here's why because. As you know I'll fox added thirst and I'd package than the football package for billions of dollars a couple of weeks don't we were in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl news came down. Well ESPN and fox right now reportedly inside are part of a high stakes bidding war. Two it's it's a dictate manic as one of the new broadcasters are there on ESPN or fox and it'd obviously fox probably is on this with patent about to do your thirst in a football games as part of maybe a larger package of games but ESPN. Is reportedly pursuing Peyton Manning. Two to join the Monday Night Football crew. Well and that's what they released a jogger and that's what they've been looking for since Jon Gruden left is who that guy has to be. You know I think you know he's got a good natural fit together I like that it's an up and comer and this is kind of cut his teeth this year but I thought he did phenomenally gave great perspective. You know he has a personality in this Tony we're. I think Tony row. Low is a better commentator than it was a football player book personally he's a fantastic. I think he's done a great job and I'd like to see him you know continue to do a little bit more the Monday Night Football knows kind of one of those things that you know it's always been. The most sought after position because that's for John Madden knew a lot of big names used to be but that's Sunday night game is every bit as important to if not more than those Monday night games the only difference is that she only eyes. That you watch and on Monday night in on the Sunday nights you're kind of it may be worn out a little bit from all the games you walks during the day and all the college football he watched over. The weekend on Thursday Friday Saturday and then you know you get the NFL on Sunday night you're like OK well not. This is a great game on Sunday night which to me this year has been better than the money night game some that would be the only difference but you know whether it's. I don't know I think Peyton Manning would be pretty good. I think he's clever. I think he's obviously Smart witty. He does great things you know with his commercials. You know I think that he's been obviously super successful with that type of stuff. I would wanna see a little bit more Peyton Manning for a disunity senator put him there Monday. No I'm right there with you knew this is it that this is the only way though that it it would make sense for me to patent from Peyton Manning to enter the world broadcasting and I never thought he would be a Sunday analysts and over the summer games going on I would with a look they got a huge ego he does he's a franchise quarterback is all framers of the greatest ever do with these guys just comes with the territory. He's trying to get those ads it says he has run as a David that's what I'm saying it just comes with the territory has still got some guys may handle it better than me seem a little more humble guy but deep down inside there's something that drives them and in a lot of times it is that he got the mental manage it better but it's there. Exist they've got a big lead Ari did so good that ESPN is looking at him for the Monday night boats. There are also looking at moving Sean McDonough out out of the money I Booth altogether he's only been their for two years he had no chemistry with Jon Gruden you know still reportedly is not very happy with some of the commentary from Shaun McDonald who was that hasn't been shy criticizing officials. And I don't some of the big hits in you go back to was the Reich is your it may be or was it a different one regardless you know some of his kinda would over the top reactions to some of the stuff so. It was the same way gruden earlier overreacted a lot of times those things he talked about. You know giving this guy a football mass exact type pitcher trying to take out of the game and you know those type things and then in the GG Shuster Smith's situation right after the she's gears saying you know and you know saying that you know a lot of the things that. And that's why it. Know that this you know I've become cement remember exactly but there are a little over the top as well so he's to me know much not much different than a lot of these other guys about the. And overreact to these these situations right off bat Donovan I don't disagree with that and by the way just possible sort of possible replacements for Shaun McDonald if that happens died Joseph Testa torque. Us Steve Levy. And Dave passion that's what's been reported right now to date trash is still full time voice of yours on the cardinals to a lot of college basketball with on the wall and so that ancestral trait is that right now he also by the way drove the other paced court yesterday artists are alleged to start the race so that was there. So that's that's that's that's quite all right beverage on back and double digit at a Winter Olympics medal of stable sue Frank's been watching it and we got a lot more did ensue including. A little bit of talk about sensitivity trinkets Garcia Blaylock. Her in the WS Lindsay crouse Saturday February 24 from 8 AM to 1 PM as we ride at the highest. Presented by our great partner the Charlotte orders and cycle more three cycle sessions. Inside the spectrum sort of main lobby overlooking the orange court to be a part of ride at the high. You must raise at least a hundred bucks that's five buddies at twenty bucks each. Super easy they'll also be a brush my Moses prizes for the top fundraisers a silent auction and more all proceeds go to the Charlotte hornets foundation at for more information go to WS Lindsay dot com and click on. Ride at the highest it's the ride at the five page check it out that's coming up this Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM dial Bailey frank Garcia and let's give you a really quick medal count. Winter Olympics update. And boy gotta be honest this look in bleached though the that the the US women's hockey team could China. Spark a come back to the back in the gold medal round for the third consecutive year we got a great women's hockey team by the way they know that come so here's the medal count on Norway leading overall with 28 medals. They also lead the gold medal category with eleven. Germany comes in its second with twenty overall medals also second in gold's attend a candidate was seventeen overall they have six gold medals in third place. The Netherlands in fourth place thirteen overall medals six goal I think coming in at fifth. Where we had been for days. Is now the Olympic athlete from Russia. Which is the dumbest. Thing but I've seen in a long time these are still Russian athletes competing on behalf of Russia like I don't care what you want the committee says were still calling them Olympic athletes from Russia although it has been abbreviated away are quite a bit so the old band used to play a lot of college campuses oil or the Providence run out of this but in the United States comes in at sixth with ten overall medals and five goals. So were married as you watch any given over the weekend off. The only thing I've been watching you know it's been on their watch the ski jump locked. Colonel why can't turn my eyes away from that I want to see somebody just fly I know into the night as they jumped in a of these guys. I never jump bumped. Out of the gym but they Landon is waves that crash this can be horrific. We hope they don't but kind of want them to do as long as they don't. You know good too crazy but. The speed skating to me is fascinating that's the one thing I like watching the most especially when there's multiple. Erasers the yacht that was has name Yucca don't know young yeah did you joke on. You know whatever the kid the kid's name was on a couple years goes on Dancing With The Stars. Who was phenomenal. I love watching those events in legacy bunch of guys in their kind of you don't go around there miles an hour you never know when their skates are gonna fly out from underneath summoned you leave you to be leaving the lap and all of a sudden. You'll slip and fall and you're gonna creative pile Linda. You know you your you began last place to go out there and win it so I'm fascinated by those two it's all tight racing. And you know it's it's fast and it's fun omelet for the most part that's all I've really watched. And what's the down and I've been watching the downhill much anymore now. Then maybe the by apple on with the guys on cross country skiing option targets are. They're really fast mentioned the lights are the target from 200 yards away and not even faze them. Biggest story of the weekend for the Olympics. Is that a Russian curler. Has been dropped from the Olympic Games because he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Doping has now put curling under the microscope and. That is the best man looking for anybody did thinking get the flexibility that you have to have in that sport. And look at this guy what does it right here. What does he take it is what I wanted to. There isn't here I don't even know. If they tell us what he stays in Jay's probably. Suspected of doping after failing a preliminary drug test has sent shockwaves through the sport the most commonly associated with scandal. Now the requirements in the as the you know things that tell you they test for in the Olympics is you know a lot. There's a lot of you know things are on that list then. I'm new with the regulations award he elude the things that you allowed to get most stores. This really regulated that well and honestly and I know make an excuse. You know your gonna be responsible for what's in your body and ultimately that's what he's gonna be accountable for but. There is just there needs to be read better regulations you know with with some of these things in my opinion. Yes but we we gave you the that the medal count there a moment ago United States had been occupied that fifth spot behind into these Winter Olympics cold climate countries and they dropped to sixth. As the Olympic athletes from Russia had saucer pass them move and desist and you know meddling is something the Russians are great debt right it's you know. Out of these as a direct result of the Muller doesn't I'm just a so I couldn't resisted of Russian meddling collection franks not impressed but regardless so are you talking about. Okay well no other folks do and I thought. Then they found that as it will probably a lot of and it and it lives directly about my last stored in its foremost before detract and some meat and potatoes stuff with the of the printers in the NBA and college basketball specifically but come this. WEEI. Our sister station open Boston. You know we're at some point we got to make a bit out of this because Boston radio emotions continue to make national news from a knuckle heads. Well on Friday they apparently had enough there in Boston. They shut down their program it from 6 AM to 6 PM you know they have the same lineup as we dipped sixty dent attitude to six. And they shut it down on fraud amateurs they ran national programming north insulin hosts Oman aside I don't know. But all of their full time posts on Friday instead of their on air shifts. Were. Given mandatory sensitivity training. Because they apparently need. But that's not where the story ends because according to the Boston Globe and Boston Herald and others. The host spent that eight hour period on Friday and sensitivity training just screaming at each other. Insults your fights like that just screamed at each other. For eight hours on Friday when they were supposed to been learning something about how not to offend the masses when they go on the air so I turned it on this morning. As Oz and ire at the gym and I'm listening at 630 C with these guys are talking about the morning and I started on and no sooner than I do the TV hosts. Are arguing over the level of stupidity of Donald Trump's tweets over the widgets so they apparently learned nothing on Friday about yeah. How not to take a hornet's nest it's first thing when a chartered on open up the stream on the treadmill by him. The stupidity of the president's tweets is what they're arguing about this morning on WEEI boss I business you know sometimes doesn't learn a lot. Are things done differently opened the northeast. Very much so you know I mean things they can get away without clear we could never get away with our Ned just you are probably the same thing thinking your way in the southwest vs northeast and northwest are going to be different and in a lot of times. Young guys are gonna take chances and be funny I'm you know lose there's going to be some people that are offended and the ultimately. You're gonna go to sensitivity training that sound. Yes but not wealth I really don't match it Ratliff and I don't know is united sensitivity that we could. And I don't respectful enough to build and when I know we could it's whether or not we falsely during obviously. And that's a great. The Arab Arab assailants Al. We'll talk about it during the break and I shoot out a ball hog loose you tortured Dorsey fried tortilla on video randomized to rent a child really don't know. Isn't that more shameless plug for my entire life on as you have. Secretly. Videotape to near record and in doing many many things since we started doing this of this is my shots normally a good decision links nor does truth to we don't want you to went zero to come back from a different state on Duke's win yesterday great when Donna Littlejohn over the Clemson Tigers will talk about the week and it wasn't college basketball also West Virginia Kansas. We have to talk about what went on their historic. What happened over the region between jettisoned nine West Virginia John rosty CBS were scheduled to join us at noon at odds. What do we got to third. 12301230. Now are sort of a John roster to twelve starters a lot of college basketball talk to win more answers to get into his wells Garcia and Baylor. I'd be sure to catch the horse coach's show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris program brought you by corona lights came on line minutes. The official partner of the Charlotte hornets a 10256. And WS Lindsay yesterday big win the for the duke blue doubles Donna Littlejohn Coliseum video they went to Clemson got the win and frank you know you've used you watched this team as much as anybody. There's the really encouraging thing right now I think for duke fans is how well grace and balanced playing in the absence of vote more than badly in the fact that it's not just that he's playing well again it's that they're figuring out or they they seem to have figured out pretty conclusively that we grace and Allen has the ball in his hands. You bring it up the floor running the offense that you know he he can have more of an impact on the game for the digital doubles is opposed to playing off the ball because here's here's a senior. Who were supposed to worry is supposed to be know that sort of guiding force out there on the floor of the calming influence and making big shots and it appears that he is at his best doing that when he's got the ball in his hands more often than you would say it like that it it. It seems fairly obvious doesn't it. Yeah I mean I. When you start looking that you're duke is that we talked to his patrol a couple of days ago about a week ago. And you know we talked about you know the problems that duke was having notes in particular with the defense I think that's what everybody was focused on that's been the easy. A nothing to pick out is that you know offensively the score a hundred points in this in that. The other thing and no there there are up and down the court there and you had a different type game with inside out. In the way that they've been playing but you know ultimately what he said and even made a point with is that. Duke is not as bad on defense is what you think it's their offense which is struggling. And in in tight games they had no office had no identity is in office they were just kick the ball land. And hope they're big guys can make something happen what happens you start fit facing tougher teams. The competition stiffens and the guys that your face in her little older and wiser not use their bodies and iron are not gonna just back down. Know from you they're gonna be able to box out and we'll do. It use proper technique you know the Carolinas the Thompson's Louisville's. A saint John's was a tough that is it tough Pasqua commitment that may not be very talented but. If they did little things you know extremely well. And palm unit that eat the big they were able to knock in duke lost a tiger too well. Badly. I don't know feasible stopper that's not what I would say but. There was no continuity with the offense and sometimes though the loss of some of those things forced the offense to work a little bit differently. When you lose your best player you know when you lose we talked about it with hotel convention we talked about earlier was Steve Smith of the office opens up a little bit that's sort of seems like has happened. Don't for Duca you know they still have the big download who's very good. He might be a top ten pick ultimately log people think he might be better than Bagley. You know with you know what he's able to do and you know these NBA body. But things have opened up it's not meant as congested. Not looking for one guy every kick it in in Bailey out. In the ball has to move you don't Grayson Alice a bigger factor in that. And you know because he's a senior because he has experience. You know he needs to be a bit more ball centric I think that's -- find out I still don't think he's going to be a great MBA player and that's that were discussed we're talking about his basketball team this year and the way it works and is working more efficiently right now you know may not have as much upside but right now there's they're working efficient and you know that 90 run if you beat Clemson. A large part was to do to what grace and Allen was able to take you create on the offensive side. Yes it is he's averaging go towards imports and five assists over these three games about by our Bagley out there and look at. It's silly to even suggest this team with a is better without mark and that has not oversight nobody's saying that but it has allowed grace and Allen to kind of get back to doing the things that he can do and do well you're right we know corners played well you know what being out there's got the only big at times and in addition he he has even turned nineteen years old yet which is a pretty impressive thing ended Bagley is going to be fine and they're terrified of waited to kind of messed this team and melt everything together that I just I think it's encouraging if your dukes and watch grace and Allen over the past couple games should be anyway and we'll take a phone call really quickly get Rogers thoughts on that Roger we think about mr. squad so far. I work out well what what are here are some it's gonna say it's pretty frustrated. I can't. It's just art. Our list and then I am not a great round by. It's very big failure based on how. Portrait what they've always had our belt just terrible group that. Oh or broke wire you have experience. At all goat while dugout. Got black out they're involved and recover. Top artwork and coming up Arnold governor expect but look at there are completely ignored them and I can't quite hear pretty frustrated. The bat and diary you know remote is just really struck Lauren. Artest didn't Tucker to reduce circle including air in a couple quite call him. And it took steps. Problem could destroy it stick with the choir and not. I'm Eric Lamotte from protect our country and then I don't know it's true Brit has or perhaps there are. Thanks Roger appreciate the phone call it a surprise there and Europe our main. You know kids that are coming out from the one and guns and you know I don't generalize and say it's all of them but you know some of room. You know are going to try to just do what they can get to the next level in you know they've been not talked to externally and I know that's a lot of challenges. For a lot of these coaches you know in particular you know even if they get into the NFL. You know you gotta got make it all the money. And he is McAleese tobacco company relies is that he's a first round picker he's this series that. That ties to be tough to tell him he's doing something wrong it's tough to it may be changed him specially if you're not gonna have that much import from you know there was a movie. Now remember what it was it was a football movie but you know talked about. You know I have the keys to your future and the only way you're gonna get these keys is to drive the way I tell you to drive right you can do what I tell you to do. But I possessed the keys to your future you know as your coach. And I want you to be able to be successful I want you to go out there and be able to achieve but you have to conform to. You know what do you know what we're doing I think that message for a lot of young kids is being lost because. Hum you know nobody wants to give up that much control or power to one guy that he's gonna have the keys to their future so they're gonna do with their way and they're being told. By you know multiple different peoples that. You don't need to listen you don't use your does this tell you is that you're already go and here you're gonna make millions. You know and when people are pat you on the back and tell me how good you are you're seeing results and does being validated. How hard is gonna be listened when somebody says are not good enough we need to do this I think you just describe the entire cultural ball recording industry in a nutshell while. Our little our college basketball recruits to know who could you know young rookies coming into the NFL and you know you know what I don't want a lot of awards in the college level everybody's good up top. Right and in the these coaches are Tonya. No four necessarily that reason they wanna win and they wanna be better but. Lot of times coaches tell you these things because they know what's gonna take to be successful consistently. At the top because somebody else gonna knock you out some oil spill hit you in the face somebody else is hysteria I die and have more talent and you. How what do you do when that happens you know and that's where some of these messages get lost sometimes Nomar from bad he's a damn good player and a lot of upside going gets in the MBA. You know initially is going to be just another guy when I was only five guys dislike him how does how does he gonna handle that when somebody is bigger faster stronger. And was was him coming out of college because that's there's always going to be that guy coming up. I mean what do you do what you do when that guy in your race against him are you gonna be able to defeat him. Are you gonna try harder but you know again are you gonna find a way to you know get around the obstacle we just gonna say you know want a in honesty hard. I'm still pretty good you know to go back to my corner over here and and you know just cash my checks in in a way tonight's game. I 70457. Or 96 to emirates and some phone calls texts and tweets and we come back but on Dexter writes intranet Tar Heels did some love for what it slower growth. But it's five bureau is not civil to. What you ordered to talk about the heels as well 976. They whip blue oval on Saturday night's big notre. Edited big night from Jo Berry we'll talk about that of course we haven't done to the West Virginia Kansas Damon. What we gotta talk about that was well 35 to. That's on those the numbers to remember we'll talk about that next it's Garcia but what.