Garcia and Bailey: Darin Gantt and Stephanie Ready Talk Hornets and Panthers.

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Tuesday, January 23rd

We have two great guests this hour to talk both Hornets and Panthers.


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But Garcia. Our numbers were a child Braly frank Garcia Osborne and hit man hanging out we hear on this Tuesday still lots of good and soon 1230 ready for lunch with Stephanie ready fox sports southeast towards broadcast crew we'll talk about the way and we'll talk about Michael Jordan last night's. Tried to set the record straight on Kimba walker but you know. It is what it is 1 o'clock Jerry Meyer we'll talk to him about some college basketball USC goes down last night of talk about the double doubles of course NC state and a whole lot more with him so be around for that right now we're talking about the NFC and AFC title game Super Bowl drifted to and of course Carolina Pitt is making some moves this off season Steve -- senate also Arizona and dealt with thoughts from Derek did pro football talk dot smartest man in football without question assessed and there's no question about it there again Howard brother. I'm doing well at before and the all I've alarm would like to say I am shocked. That Michael Jordan came out I can't all wildly unpopular and stupid thing to do. What is it like people who have shown no capability to do those things. Well there's some perspective we appreciate that you. On the front about that void that's been all all that yet. I'm Myron in our guru with trained in notebook ball. As poetic isn't a thing OK let's go let's start with we're we're this weekend's games first and foremost on past jaguars and no Brady again fourth quarter comeback gets it done the jaguars seemed to me to go a little bit conservative a little bit timid especially their late the first half and you know they they get it done blunt talk about the officiating Sudan or what would you make an agreement in total. Well I mean if you'd say that of course went conservative what are you expecting to hear their quarterbacks like portal for an 88 design that even had a game plan. To keep him from portal and everything out Aaron he almost got away with and the night. He played a good game matching key part of that is where he can apply. Com by it they were just so limited in what they could do offensively because they were scared there'll guy so. I think that took a look at the channel forward otherwise been unbelievable these and promote that and made. I think dirty the punchline a cult like oracle and the code that all of the colts are not like and stuff. Dottie yeah there were any time watching the jaguars this year that's up on seeing a lot to you Michael school both fall. They run the ball they're physical they're bad old beat then they get after yet. And like now why are about on the bank talks so I had I. Well it's not one of those people who was bemoaning the possibility of logo on it or during the Super Bowl ought to be the worst rating. You know I don't really care are right. But I thought it would be great I mean it just speaks to who they're fighting I mean got a mean. I don't know I got a lot of work the best work. Costs. But I don't know how any more there are to say about Bill Belichick are ready I got their just. The best at what they do and when they went this weekend. They're gonna have as many years the Steelers and everybody can retire that argument as well. May next weekend they're not this weekend. And yet now they all sort of brought together at a certain point Daria then all you. Point yet the NFL lead the blood retreat. Yeah and oh didn't you know Darren Clarke about the Eagles and vikings at the vikings are better defense and they showed I know at home they're different type of defense. Maybe the crowds are bigger factor but they still have the players on the other side got to give up 38 points in the Philadelphia Eagles. But you know when you start talking about quarterback play nick foals. It was impressive. They open things up they realize that maybe they have to open things up in order to have some impact and they're gonna have to open things up again play the patriots because. He's good as their defense is Tom Brady's gonna find a way and bill Belichick's gonna find a way to pick apart. Terror and to your point frank you know it's very it's due. Point you're one of the smartest stuff into one another permit from watching. At the top. They got drafted in the middle ground. All close the top of the Al. I think if you go back if you think back to the Atlantic game nick holt played really tentative when it and they game plan and really candidate played early all. And it was like that same thing which actual cot don't screw it up. And it and it there was a little more upload there was a little OK let me make or. Early on in neck game and it became obvious early on that you'd feel that you play well it. And that shot of confidence just huge huge thing for bill they'll think your throat pains at the end. You know kind of fun to watch because they believe in what they were doing and catapult into their own stuff I mean that's been Eagles all along so bomb. Is there an underdog their. They deserve to be an underdog they're not discourage the other guys but they're pretty good and they get at least got a punctures chance next weekend. You know go to ten. And they get that cynnex weaken as he's dismissed in their demand is about the dancers and Steve Steve Wilkes and you know when the the new name started flowed around the team's starter float around when there was Arizona Chicago you totally New York I thought the perfect fit for him culturally. I mean with with the organization with a bid wells. Was going to be easier zone cardinals and I do I came out I sent it to us and yeah we're talk about the wrong team the team that we should be talking about is the Arizona Cardinals that's where he goes but. Let's talk about Steven Wilks is a coach in what this defense was able to do or not real glue that they blitz slot 44% 45%. But. How many of those blitzes got home how successful were those blitzes you know what did what impact did blitz scene have you know when it came to you know him as a coach and you know how old Washington billable to you know maybe take that next step. You know I'm curious to see how it develops wreck because. Every coach comes from Darryl background Dan and Wilkes was it BP coach and beat people look at the end differently that line coaches and it's part of treatment. You know I think honestly most of your coordinators come from either a linebacker to into back background cause they got a little bit broader U. It linemen have a theory might crew you know all you'd see demand in front of you and you know all about. Where are they'll be in net clothes back on your troops all I it will be curious to see him being a cure or it's been a number years by. And I don't like dirt back it was to be sent to court later here ought not now granted that was John Fox got into the into reading about it art on the app is up principle or with Alex. By air delicate things differently didn't speak Dutch there and how that developed I don't know it will be as. Billick optically willing to take chances I mean that that may just be personality thing the want to get you. For our people you know here's Chicago players saw other staff respect our thing. Hurt Locker room balk he's good at what he does he is respected Juliet while the guys. At a time when you're trying to talk Julius and the comeback courier who may be that good news. Not hurt but airport in good football coach and I my suspicion is he's going to be Amir good coordinator. Pop but will the how to manifest itself in terms of the way you call and amen and I don't think. It would be normal to expect in the call I'm right stated that. Started dared get pro football talk dot com joined us on the second job just lined let's go to the other side of the football for a second talk about the offense and you've been it was Kroger and talked a lot about Norv Turner and and what this thing might look like in Damione Lewis and I were talking about yesterday in there he expects to Seymour came under center and things like that but there were terms of the personnel. And I I don't know what the expectations going to be I don't know Norv Turner and a jury has had conversations with brought about it what's hear what they may need wide receiver help whatever the case may end up being what they need in the draft on the offensive side of the football from a personal standpoint how much different do you think this thing looks fiction. It's it needs still looks significantly different I think you've got to add any starting caliber wide receiver somebody who is as good as or better than. DeVon fun just make this thing work the way they want it or I think you probably. Meet perhaps a similar version has just a few that are not the other thing. Job inspector pro prologue time but I I just don't go to you what they want to do. If you speak out for that job I mean especially it'd they dispatched barrier and out and alters things well. H can't beat the salary can be negotiated but I don't know they pay heed the guy could they meet somebody having. Nor stop and there have always feature some degree of they'll count back some guy they know you can and beat twenty down and and I think going to be Christian McCaffrey and letting you know I think get a big camera artists sprain an idea of handy Jonathan anymore so. We'll see how that developed I think they you know they got half of an actual NFL wide receiver I mean if I think everybody got hung up thank you know and a Kuwaiti op it's altered in a place else but. You can't judge it based on what they were doing what Britain person. It Kaelin clay and you can't judge you know what. It would it be in with the mere verdict curt I don't appeal I don't have the money rhetoric that crap they've got to have somebody who are. The Curtis Samuel in the Damir birds down to the third or options at wide receiver or don't go what better they're gonna get. I am pro nor I didn't think that was that's the no brainer to straighten up Amal I saw her you know we are harder to get him here. What five years terrorist or thing but nor a relationship which wanted to go to Cleveland until shut out that work out or opt. But I I think he's big guy who rears. Right orbit their personnel and bar yeah or turner is the opt into coordinator of the Carolina Panthers meet. Do you dare you to be the best teacher in the world if you don't have the people that snow warning or willing or capable of learning and know what good is it going to be in that's going to be mind. The biggest question mark heading into your norv Turner's offense he organ and bring. In this new philosophy in here you know we're gonna the main ring the bell Tel back as you talked about go get a wide receiver but how is that going to change the office I mean. Are you don't just guys running around is not the way offense works you know just because you have speed doesn't mean everybody runs and you have to have direction you have to have scheme and you know I think you have to be able to. Teach that to a guide is gonna maybe be willing or maybe be set in his ways. How willing is cam gonna be able to incorporate except Norv Turner as the coach. Well we'll find out eight at the only short answer charted being canned their net I don't. I sap enough and that ought to be able to translate it for years easily bust out and out well stadium being. He's going to have to get better and I think. You know can't understand that means he's talked about it and not the last couple aisle seat and they are things he needs to do term group as quarterback. And hopefully you understand that I acting or swallows guys. Which you've got somebody who strong will order got a big personality or whatever label you lot put on a the biggest weight to shake those people out I know how to do despair is their put him in front of somebody's got more sceptical well. Did it then you do and I and I think Norse track record is the kind of thing that ought to be. Beneficial lightning doorstep make getting into it a bit I think you talk anybody's fight with them. You know those quarterback meetings the top and meetings are going to be more beat hale they're gonna put a little more pressure all camp. To do stop and I don't have any reason to believe he is going to react negatively to that of mayors. There's no reason to think he's gonna tell sort got to take high crane thing like that but he needs to get better I mean it thought it. I I think a lot of people very often that we don't camp wanting him to be something he's not zine. I'd never got to beef group green he'd never been a complete 70% passes. And it hit so career Camden condone what this step Drew Brees never can do either so I mean my thing always end. What are we what are we good this and good well let's do more adept. That's stuff he's not so good that don't do that any. And I mean it sounds really simple but I think it it plays into what nor. Has always done he's been in Iran to play action. Kind of coordinate err I mean he wants to play physically and it meant to be a component of a physical run dec. I don't think rebel wanna take that away from that and he'll. Get dark and child get it down field I mean that's always been a part of that cigarette and that's the thing we know Cam Newton it's good that so in Florida. Yeah you know in the B interest in to see how. They developing the relationship moving forward and I think the other big part of that is that daisy we've seen no further we go into the playoffs these teams that are remaining have one thing in common. They have a great offensive line or you don't wanna say great I mean they get after their physical. They played together well they're aggressive they run the football first and foremost. I don't care if it's a New England Patriots there are physical passing football team if you will because they beat you up you guys offensive line you know five guys across the board ask him one of the things for the Carolina Panthers and you know right ankle hill's name you know keeps coming into mine does it have we seen the last of him. Continue maneuver his contract to ignore laws to sign him. All right now I know oil gaunt at think people need to come to peace with that I just think it's like. You know it's almost like the ball pops but that won't go out and headache coming back. Act and I can't imagine a situation where standard oil Carolina pampered that there's going to be too much big money. They Opel and he. You know again up all those priorities realistic for the Carolina and there's been an another ten million quality year furcal are they really don't clear that I just. I think nor will the good player I think he's gonna get paid incredibly well await that and I did last year in Cleveland I think got a contract he's going to be looking at. So I think he just didn't come to grips with the fact that that when dawn at. You know. I say I think Brian is capable of clay and the level we're used to seeing Bryan Clay cap for another year to her he made it up the depends on whether you want to depend on the condition in the next. Whether that's going to be an issue a report that he. You know contract number can always be maneuvered with Federer got you don't want it. They get home and an insult them and hurt their sealant or anything like that accused of war what that can step up and tech being. The more likely scenario is some warrior. In the draft or somewhere here. In freeagent do you find somebody who can be a right guard and I don't think it's any well that it's not that. Yeah. But it's not a prior art I mean it where to find Andrew go undrafted or find a brick are being used or are out there. You know you can find those that without payment per brown paper and quit a million dollars year ray and my suspicion is that what they're earns it. Yet they need more impact is what you're saying I completely agree and I value understand even though I am a little insulted slightly. You know but could. It would dare we make in his decisions because the martyrs parish. Right in their decision Marty making this decision it's. Easier. Our. From that time I mean he's gonna draft he's gonna do appropriate didn't he this year my suspicion is he'd get a get a contract extension can't handle what he runner Barrett did Tina Becker is gonna sign in the thought that after a date there are an interviewer that other couple people. But I had my suspicion is party's gonna stay on now how all at all or keep in the net position that to the new law clerks but what caused. You know any new order isn't going to be in place before the draft is thing going to be in place before free agency my suspicion because. You know Marty broader gonna put together the 2018. Pampers. They're you know he's going to be taken note called into. Nine teens probably so will very I mean but don't let the water just comes almost a well thought startup with volatile guy. I ate my suspicion is already a vehicle we you'll broke open. Our dear before lets you go I saw something this morning over also announcing apparently. No cut for junior guaranteed to have Jimmy Clausen wasn't successful missile quarterback that he would retire and twentieth team in any nude we have the latest on the Hawkeye project your retirement I don't know. I I haven't spoken to mail about that but I in the yacht market person air brought. If you may be that future happened in Iraq should export. Sure I suggest you just do. I you know I always feel bad at the beginning because you had to now. May be because of the data recorder back but he got the rolled into a meat grinder here. Into a situation that I don't think anybody would have succeeded in and he became a punchline it. You know by Alec Cahill and me who you could say what you want about it but he handled himself well what he's here. And I can't go but really unfortunate situation where at least. Agree a great bit to get covered there. Maybe if he would if they ended up quite felt it would of worked out better but I think he's a cautionary tale for. He quarterback in the draft this year that discourage it take time at a certain place doesn't guarantee going to be. Good because if these are reluctant would have been drafted by the Cleveland Browns last year air speed data broke. That would do that. Yes that's arguably the worst offense I've ever seen in the film no serious does a does some dead serious. It's about it and you know what this country anyway that don't mail about that kind of stuff but. You know it did because it would have been drafted by the Green Bay Packers sat around our air crotch or whatever. You know he would have had a much better chance to success and yet a little bit. Being given to John Bach to hated rookies that really packed in his bag and walking out with so. If we if you've talked Haley real quick steals last question from me and I know we would get a hit a break here but if Todd Haley blood be able last is he better than. The Norv Turner and how what do you figure with Carolina Panthers two weeks make that hired to quickly. I'll I understand because people like Hannity hopeful that the numbers this Steelers put up where. Probably been a good bit I don't know that Todd Haley they were in reality your tropical yet or. The Carolina and there's organization as it stands in Iran prepare our main daily. Yeah he's an interesting guy he's good at what he does he's good draw on the exit and goes but. And I think the cause of all the other stuff going on around what that all seemed it would have been and I have a heart fail. Or any temporary PLO or any. Potential future owner because tie not that different cat and a data good coach and I think she'll do a good job. In Cleveland helped in extinct there but I just don't know that he would have been the right. Mitch and it would have been a good fit with Yemen rotting cam and everybody else that don't acting talent nonstarter. They are give pro football talk stocks jump joining us on the sector job just lie we appreciate you buddy we'll see so on Thursday. Yeah boy they don't. Are there and it once again joining us here on the ticket John just on a comeback kid and does not ready to lie Stephanie ready for its broadcast crew fox sports southeast she joins the show. When last night Saturday Kemba Walker we'll get all that her thoughts on that next it's Dorsey and they would. He's a basketball legend Jack Hopkins beat. She brings knowledge class of charisma to be killed honor weekly segment ready for life. Supported channels Stephanie ready. It's our voice over guy just sit there a second ago that is absolutely. Unassailable truth. Stephanie ready classes up the joint when she talks violent Tuesdays at 1230 and she is back again for ready for launch towards win last night they've got New Orleans tomorrow night. Stephanie ready how are you. I'm Tori got up from aerosol copilot thought that anything can and I think that's. Lower numbers which other so we have three nice to somebody out there. And who better person and have a better person than you but let's dive and I still at the table let's go back to the region's first Stephanie and then talk about what when Dallas Miami on Saturday because. You know I don't. Hi I have felt sick over a sporting event you know in a long time that watching the way that went down Saturday night the good news is that a pit must on the quit when when James Johnson it to three to tie it when political into the lot. Yeah it would act. And you know I had and I am I. Inning right there are I'm preparing to EU eight victory walk off in time literally standing right on court practically. And it happened so back. Ear all our collective act in the current oh. Grow up looking at our neighbor like what happened to act. Every shot. I got deep packet to elite prospect what actually. That. There were an in Arabic it. It looked out at some point they're acting and I'll let. You are heartbroken if you're at that game and you have and intent on what I didn't expect. Your heart dropped out and they get it belting out back on eBay there are beer we know what decked out locker. The I think a lot about that diet is they don't point fingers you know they hate. And the accolades and the like they be able. That ought to take her spot LER what are not are they cattle he got it by not being popped it to go about your. And that's good that there are now pointing fingers because they're teammates this post you know protect each other respect each other and and you know go to bat for each other unfortunately we deal. And I point fingers directly all five of whom. Iran at one guy in those last you championship minutes and it was destiny you know this is an athlete tell you can go out there and have the best performance and realized. What if you go out there and stink up the joint the last you know championship minutes of last moments of the game. That's what people are gonna remember and that's what I remember what about that game with Nicholas Batum. What are the port connects. You know an experiment with our along practical life actually. And he now. The good things in the back expecting a couple of the name of the Choi and any Intel. And I might add are. A coach perspective I always preach that. It doesn't matter what happened a lot depression and it is extremely important match or a night to keep it is all of the plant. In matter and I expect at the end. Looking at a picture and point if you don't may be you know twenty hot they actually meet in the three prior quarter. It comes out a lot as an act so I mean by. Op yeah that micron air act. By you know you're up by ten points. In the latter part of a fourth quarter. Dean should not eat it lacked the passion. Daughters Stephanie ready fox sports southeast Georgia serum tech become just slide so. We don't last night and honestly Stephanie was like it was some of the same story in the U Europe's seventeen your blowing out a team that you better than that you should be dating. And then the fourth quarter you know living dough ice cold and looked sometimes that happens sometimes shots aren't falling but it wasn't just about the shots don't look like the spacing was bad the ball movement was a great a timber did not have a great night from the field but you know guys got to step up and all the saw enough a nineteen point lead against the kings turns into a three point lead New York for Hillary or you'll get a -- -- that place that you shelter that plays got uncomfortable in their last night what is it about this right now they're having a hard time finishing in the fourth quarter. Yeah an uncomfortable a great art. Very well how to trust. Yet and it went it went out bad again. A lot but you know I had by the became the player per team. The positive thing again. It that they didn't Mulally it's hurting at all you know they that are without a backpack but it brought it right they figured it out. I can make matter. Out. There. And actually get one and it even where you're like right in the middle or. We can be there for I think you could prove more valuable in the act cop I tackle. Just became before they saw that sinking ship and they couldn't control and it went out and lack I. They are a couple of poll in the bank I mean and it set excuse me that (%expletive) but it kicking water. All they don't water out and out it right back I think it's not at the start that at our cities but yeah. How big your matter. Each with its Golden State and Houston Rockets and that that Celtic or sixteen. It worked record. They're backed off earlier there's no pat. You figure out how your team you'd can I expect indeed worst possible situation and that's what they are a lot. Our Stephanie you're you're really good at finding the Silver Line XOK you're you're an optimistic person by nature and I like that about June the one thing we can't say right now is that. No things are. Trending in the right direction they want for six they won seven of eleven so is horse trends are concerned that that's a good thing there trending in the right direction. Unfortunately though when you you did yourself the kind of hold that they have in a winning just around 60% of your games which are already seven games under 500 probably knocked on a quite cut they've got to find a way to be better to get even better and I. I'm sure you saw what bode cousins did last night Anthony Davis is a monster they're coming to town tomorrow night the hawks are certainly beatable on Friday. You know. In terms of us and we asked this some variation of this question before but here they are trending in the right direction what's the next step where where they have to do this are probably better to to take it up another notch. They act you know are expecting an entire ending note it back back back up our back and get our straight in. It's the consistency. You know you hear prior pop that we app be locked up 48. Ain't no problems. Of a get and the app are an anarchy while all. Consistently for 48 and expect and when they elect organ or game. And her out of it in the very next an accurate or not and opera or edit it out. Theory that the you know this context arc ample and they pull it together again. And play these next 48 an act against them all out and in no way that put them at a position I think at the end of that that apart from the beginning. Apple concentrate you're okay that's got to be there tomorrow morning what they are walking through the how to play that game. They are making a RD or. Where there are all part so each other Pallet in deep packet they can take a heart beat on our personnel. Art art that. We have been looking at 10 AM tomorrow morning art cannot wait it teleport parity on a docking at the bit I think they're starting to understand. In a Stephanie we talked to about Kemba Walker and I agree with you he's my fair player watches you know a lot of people's reasons why they go. You know to the coliseum or two the neo -- to the stadium to the arena to watch them you know him perform. In the news comes out Friday that there potentially in trading him I think there's a lot of anger. Think there's lot of people that were resigned to the fact this the best thing for the each organization. You know but MJ's gonna come out and put the kibosh on all these trade rumors and said that yeah I mean if somebody comes and offers the the whole entire hour. How soon we might be willing to trade embodied in that unless it's another all star on these things are ridiculous how much of this is ridiculous ness and how much of this stuff takes place more than we know because I got to believe that every player in the MBA. You know for the right price is tradable and an immovable. Our shore and and not let. You know at a target and at a much you know or not actively shopping at a locker. He went up our heck even. Green hit a lot but a player you know what you re pair the junkyard owner pat Leyland. Apple target ago. How much luck eat certain player he used or are we ready can't you know meaning what they got the man. They impact in its core out and out each scene trying to stop into all our are not that is what got a lot that. But is someone want to treat all our art and and get work. Art and not court gonna consider. It is meant I hate to use that trade because that I'll look up like you're trying a cult shelter to a player and personal part of bank and unfortunately. When you make is mr. agent they're not all mean opt. Back for public personal got you know what they're the only children out whatever. It may prove challenging part about out. On the op act. Lots of Michael that I loved it because he'd like to be no match. Kemba is not a guy at all pre acquire attic me all are doing it's giving our top I mean it. And a lot more and understand a accurately it's quite trade deadline. The op there are 29 other team in the eat better trying to batter out. So of course they're an interpretation to what they're up more I am one X I initiate that but how are out. You have to attend because it you don't. Or not you are. For your. How how much how much is this is you know with four kemba because I don't think it was I think he's going to be part of anybody's solution not the problem but. There may be to get rid of some of these big. You'll be big contracts at torrents underneath because. It for me that's a sometimes when these conversations take place and you start looking that. No maybe importing this guy's name out there that it's as for other players maybe it's a big contract with Nicholas Batum and he might help some other team work and maybe it's Marvin Williams RM KGC a some of the other black players that it may just have escalating contracts. And act we could cap and and we you know and and you know without are all bad and I think Michael coming out of an evil. A short of a parent that if a situation like that are right. You read it. Didn't land that they at Campbell walker out or player and her you know not just. But if they tapping salary cap which is what we've seen sucking it they are about about the start up our. I think he made it clear that got hit and and check it out if AT and get it up but you know I kept a locker. Only going to be if they get all our ports our our apathetic they're not looking cute. Q. Yeah that and why not an independent guy you. Not only is they'll wait Erica it's actually an extremely hard worker. Pretty terrific. Part that op but at the ball or no he hit the Clinton until crooked I follow what you wanna tell act we could be next factional act at all. And Kerry and the community will lot people you know you don't seem you became a locker hot hand. Before we actually talked after I thought he got that part. Actual conversation we can't keep that you know you can get quote respect that we are I there and a lot and you don't want to let go. Stephanie last thing I listened obviously to close post came on and on Saturday when I was there in the studio doing the post game show and I was fantastic this morning to do with a morning show on a back attack but there you you've been around this game for a long time you were coach in the dealer you you know what it's like you know to have to to herd a a dozen or more guys and try to get the moving in the same direction and look kinda with a six weeks off and health scare and you know we're hearing that there's a more Xen version of Steve Moore president of Steve Clifford out there are now and he's meditating and doing yoga and all that pretty sure seemed to really frustrated on Saturday because look he said he was very they've very candidates had. We should've won that game by fifteen ports of things that we went through this afternoon this morning and walk through the things that we talked about we didn't do them and look at this is not gonna wait and hope that it would pretty much in any shape our form. How how do you lessons of how frustrated the skies right now. I think you know he expressed verbally and Matt and have been Eli and I think that's part of it I have a lot lot caught some much. It because you can't bet you know he's a genuine parts and T there yet while on an a record high IQ it's. He had exactly what we are out now I am. I think our straight at each unit pocketing not are what happened that night and that they eat but it. Coming back in a team rally at. Yet they let go me that cut to 38. Winning that game I think he opened out of that are. He understands that it is going to be at work and proper or not they got a lot RL. One trap with injuries and the treaty an injury. Why would keep it start it. Two new player being at a the next all the things that we keep electing a reason why aren't acting like he illegitimate. Read that there are actual things that act as a human being. Topic we. Went without incident sit up and figure out how to pull together. You could you tell Wendy I think what part of that one that a lot and I object here I think they are trying to corner. Where we all of the debate. All right Stephanie ready courtside analysts fox sports southeast towards broadcast crew she joins us every Tuesday at 1230 it's already for lunch we appreciate your Stephanie Donald CU. Not Smart but we're we're out morning and I'll see you on Friday all right. Stephanie thank you. I think they. Did you Stephanie ready fox sports southeast joining us on the ticker John just like when we come back couples thanks. LeBron James congratulates himself and it's unbelievable. And Tony Romo I gotta talk about Tony Romo that's next on Dorsey and they look. Go negative when you play a song like this alone welcome back Garcia and Bailey. A short segment are coming up we got Jerry mired the director of college basketball scouting for 247 he's gonna join us that's 1 o'clock we'll talk about blast nights a North Carolina loss in Blacksburg Virginia Tech talk about duke and some the national teams out there Kentucky's a disappointing so far this year Villanova the number one team in the country Jay Wright squad continuing to do what they do guerrilla quickly it was last time you saw Kentucky are the top 25. And sport justice it's been rough three years yet that that team was so that was it was at Julius Randall team that was right yeah but didn't they ended up going to the net eruption came prior to trial for that I played UConn I believe so they did yes so that was indeed they did it hasn't been as an allergy thing but he insists in Kentucky you said it I thought it best yesterday and I went outside trek you said yesterday best us that they just feel little stale right now. Yeah I mean listen. I icy wind when this style came in in the warning don't really became popular eighteen cal Torre went to Kentucky there was. There was an element of new yes to it it was really exciting but the problem was and is that they haven't won enough no one national championship and I understand people's award tell you talk not on city Tina had you know. Growing anti towns are DeWitt 38 know will they lost and when you have teams like listen you play this style. When sexy doesn't wind it doesn't stay sexy very long. Absolutely right about that you know I wanna stop there for such a mood to back into with Jerry but you're absolutely right on the coaster things entities are just wanna mention quickly. Did you see LeBron James congratulate his former self on instead Graham for reaching 30000 points his former self he posted on instead Graham. We have a picture of himself and high school congratulating his former self on reaching 30000 points it is now LeBron James Aldridge stress ball players will never sick ever. But this is why people. A lot of people don't like him OK and I you can roller right. When your posting on its grim pictures of your old self signed a congratulations on the milestone young man not really like this just adds I don't know these kind of turned himself into a little bit of a villain on social media like you lose in the finals and I stay your post a video of yourself to yourself he's in the weight room and all this other stuff he's just. I kind of stuff is awful. There you just know I wanna be one of the first to congratulate you on this accomplishment slash achievement tonight you'll reach. Only hand was reached or seen it too and while I know it's never been a goal of yours from beginning. Try to take a moment for yourself how you've done talking to himself. On this program. I don't even I Dodgers are couldn't does that sound like that's a dramatic. With the reading a news Bronson yep Friday was well I mean think about how dramatic it must be in his own mind for him to loosen up. That's a social media I don't think I know as this this was important to him to congratulate himself laments the Gramm so. Can grass LeBron and other LeBron on Tony Romo. I thought he was awesome on Sunday I really did and I got some push back from people lie on Twitter when I when I put that out there that I thought it was great. And I don't get it. It was in his first your ever doing this with zero prior experience he's on the AT and for the CB for CBS network alongside Jim Nantz. I thought he was fantastic and the eighties it that the energy excitement and you just love it man that's the football's fun what fun broadcasting and I think he was awesome on Sunday. And your little bit distracted right now but how do you feel like Tony Romo is his current OK Oz how did you feel about oil. I'm just wondering if there's like yeah I was ordered. Same thing frank and dad have talked about during the break yes we will I believe that policy there when I. I was so happy to dated Tony Romo went into the broadcasting boost because for me it was a day of there was relief romo's great and there. The Donny but no all jokes aside he is fantastic on the year and he's somebody whom he's so new edit. That he doesn't know what not to do sometimes he doesn't that polish and that's what makes him more intriguing uses an element of authenticity rawness to hamper and his willingness to diagram in breakdown placed and make them an understandable way for the average and especially me. Is great. Give me Tony Romo and whoever else ten times over ten over Buckman and our blog today. Doc when does is make them once heard it was. Broadcast crew was called and what it meant a political and delegate give me Romo over Buckman. I walked every day I mean I have gotten so stale and old to me is like being here everybody. Other religions is obvious you know into the team that there watch him. And I just it's it's gotten old for me. I would rather have room all day be honest I don't know if I like the fact he's you don't call on all the plays and you'll do all that stuff every single time but I think it's. It. That's gonna eventually come into itself Al lobe he's been doing this for a year. And yes so much fun like that's all I care about we watch football because it's fun yes and I it's natural that fund comes through the speaker and I absolutely love that about Tony Romo is Erica and we're any of them that aware of OK you need to start. Yeah stopped right now all right do you really nice Georgia says there are also gonna step aside apprentice is in trouble to come back we'll switch gears talks in college basketball Jerry mired the director of scouting for 247 sports were also in Alberto before gonna talk about this bill both interview with sought Norv Turner that's posted over cancers doctor Abdul sales. Fiscal stimulus.