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Wednesday, August 15th

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DJ Durkin on paid administrative leave he's under fire and head coach of a program that seemed to be on the come open. We talk about a whole lot more right now with Dan Orlovsky newly minted member of ESPN broadcast team and of course quarterback in the NFL UConn is joining missile attack become just like. Dan powers are we appreciate your. I so wanna get into a lot of actual on the field stuff with you because I love your breakdowns on line and elsewhere in what's up I'm I'm gonna start your because the the Marilyn's the Maryland story. It is troubling and obviously right now college football between bad and and the Ohio big story a lot of folks you know saying hey dude we have a toxic culture not just at Maryland but it. And a lot of these big time programs what would you say about that. Evidence would learn. Being the other than the last you know out there are acrylic you're going on and partner critic and you know the big reason why we won't bite you back here is where we we plopped under the role of the color code. Little bit different BP called computer probably got we've got to be involved in their her gun went okay. Google it do. And look at it it it actually eat in picking Detroit to your impression of okay. Specter and number one goal and people outside OPEC and the institution to a lot. Athletic director he's got quick quickly they would we're gonna make changes to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. That happened one year ago when when everything happened with Corey triggered a lot of white is technique build it. That'd go. Leader in recruitment company signed and then you know institution earlier morally with the people that are better and so. Why did pay no other. Happy guy. Or in this chaotic situation you can go oh you know what we debate changes I mean we can't totally bought but not everybody. Not everybody but their Slaton to a lot but it the role of these go to. They're damned for me I mean I can look at. You know I mean obviously the strength coach and thank you to every responsible. You know for ultimately you know the in what took place you have coaches aren't allowed to be there as you know. You know when guys are training in the offseason because loot the twenty hour rule and things like that but. You know when you look at that if this was happening is an isolated or 61 guy and they were picking him out of the lineup. I might say that you know there's a little bit more responsibility but this was the entire team doing the same thing and you know you you I know you have a no I haven't and all those that have played this game has fallen out at some point from. Over exhaustion and pushing ourselves too hard so where's that line I guess you know where's that line. On this specific situation all the other stuff is ridiculous the bullying. The you don't make your guiding candy bar and all the other stuff that goes on you with those things as ridiculous I think ultimately. Yeah that's what caused this guy his job in May cause they're coach's job but in this specific incident. Howdy dowdy determined those things. Big part of it that we are technologically and at it as an athletic culture between equity. Who track and temperature and track their rating tractor out but everybody nowadays I'm kind of number I mean he broke that wears. He had it in your shirt or where. Under band or something like that tracked in real time what's going on internally we use so weird but I'm. I mean certainly picked it up at the old school when it comes to put your carpet today. Not be around a lot of guys that. Murder with a line I was one of them but. That's why those people that are in those places it is computed under the plate because a parent now I mean. When you're talking about a institution like Maryland. There's some of the region you hire those people at their echoed extra coat or not. Because there's such a high and right you don't have to worry about like there is such an eight. As it ended up at bat I. You don't go oh we like all these people during a higher profit but we feel comfortable that did immediately. We have to worry about other. Whenever that never got to issue or so. That's it's such an important hire. Anybody you play sports or are you expect people all. This strength count it as important if there are more important eco group where we eat it get total debt. Somebody wasn't in total understanding of what was happening. Been going on and I it's hard for me apart in totally could not like head coach coach in front of them are you know running yet it. Now it's all under one umbrella so the line it is certainly a I want. We shouldn't have to hack it dies if it's been caught. Our delegate or more thing out of here we I wanna talk about the actual on the field so not that this is an important but I mean. You know at the end of the day you know we are here to talk about the other demons opened their first and foremost into some what you're talking about their second your I would simply ask. Has Ohio State handled your Urban Meyer controversy. As well as it could have. Absolutely not and I and I can keep it on simple but I take a hard it. And quickly got out eight I promise you urban artists that are important. We are national championship program everything you will be at a championship level everything you're whether or crap weather don't you. Study hall when the you do it as a level. Did the situation. Top to bottom we're not handle at a championship level it just went in and pray that something needs to be dealt with. When you start looking at the actual on the film James Easter weekend that there where I stayed satin you know obviously Maryland may not been in the big picture. Here in the Big Ten but does this change may be. You know the idea of who you sing might win the Big Ten because I think that might be one of the best conferences in college football this year. There's no question hitters and recreate the paper brutal conference at the end if you order don't they let's go win it because it's so art. Ohio State absolutely one of the best teams out there but I. But they're our partner we have our state besides them who aren't Herbert fire. It practically thinking they're eaten we were talking about a guy that. The year after he let order they want that in game we want and secondly why didn't he got there too dark well but the city. They've gotten the ticket I think it out of your program and they do all that but these you're gonna lose your head coach and here. The back on thirteen overlap or your in your quarterback Jake. In thinking that here there is is is totally inaccurate so. Yeah I mean if he thought there that it is very much so changing the landscape of the big tent and and buried in Ohio State he can take a huge hit. I was talking to their loss to Georgia so that tiger come just line. I'll come back to the ACC for a second and and again. In a very simple for me Clemson is really good Whitney did that entire defensive line did something that not many people thought they would they come back. And they had yesterday into the offensive side and got the horrible problem of trying to figure out of its Trevor Lawrence or Kelly Bryant right so. Clemson appears to be lengths ahead of just about everybody else in the ACC right now the it is it almost too obvious right a world sitting around talking about how good this team is and how much they're going to dominate everyone else. It is are we missing something what do you think about Clinton's lead had they just completely lacked the rest of the ACC or is there more there. Certainly think about it actually caught kind of like the late nineties early 2000 client where beaver it so. And I had to sleep in their team and I remember watching taping go like oh my goodness that he'd been providing. Weaker and weaker so yes are there out there are windows. I'm not add on into the whole separate warrants Kelly Brian and a lot of other people. One particularly bright lights accounted for like 35 I start to thirty reports don't bust your vote in the air on the ground crew could Albert. Do you got a national championship. College football playoff contending team. Kelly Price will not lose the game for troop record's artwork and so I don't think they're applicable competition in some people may. Make it out to be put out we'll stated. If Erik gained by one game it had to circle and cart is it would be like well. Watch out it would have to be the one when they edit the book because I would not go into. Obviously what the weather going to be like art are going to be really target that he is inclined and and are expected it to be divided up and talk up equality and what he knows what happened and there are currently hepa. Well I think on a carpet declined to go Politico. And I'd like to anybody in the incurred the country taking the punch. Confident about a bit there. A 139. Start coming back on that he so. And don't stop market like they were right spirit in that in that in the agreement they don't the third quarter data and so. If there's one team that I think might be able to. Apparently it's on constraint in Tibet lately it's your game that can get a lot of people talking to adapt they're via our power player. You always start looking around you know the college football landscape everybody's talking about Alabama they're talking about Ohio State Georgia and other people may be sleeping on them believe or not even though. They're meant to the third best team in the country right behind them on home sooner or Clemson ma'am every wanna put it but. The other end of a lot of expectations what they're you know big running backs come and you know they're gonna be there and some of their quarterback play but are they the team that. And maybe we should be giving a little bit more credit to him upsetting rocking the boat. Is it Georgia yes. Yeah I mean I'm not Georgia. They're ramping up and I think Kendrick Arco where we're talking about you thought is big time recruit they took it. I'm elapsed period it was shot is played overshadowed because they educate he spent. I don't think it was during the show and it just it is you pick on backbone you know helping the impact bunker up there with it I'll. You know we went up in arms about what it would it plastered out there that happened in the national championship game. But it undergo a year and into urgent and so when you got a team that. Still very tipping our recruiting he doing being Alabama. You know pipeline building very similar to recruit new spirit Gary. You know quarterback they got pregnant he could have it back it ever be senior to catch. Sure it's still going to be really good no older than them but that statement at the book in your air but I just believe that. When you've got a talented team in a quarterback coming back there. Rubin the really good he got weapon. I think Jen Chaney and throughout and recorded it look at it okay we're gonna. King dirt being able to paper airport political market issuers city back that there aren't going to be really there it was kind of in and be really in Washington it'll be really picker. A handful or half dozen games that are out there are so the conversation. Are there and two quick things will turn you loose manner I'm curious your thoughts on the big twelve and you. We got West Virginia Tennessee here in Charlotte coming up in a couple of weeks and I can't wait for that in West Virginia thinks they're legit Big Ten contender and I understand why. Obviously Lincoln Riley in Oklahoma on a got to turn over quarterback Lincoln Riley offenses typically get the job done just about every time they've they've got to play some defense and then there's Texas. You know with Tom Herman and I kind of figure like a lot of people do. It's only a matter of time before unit team come into its own so is it just those three teams and in the big twelve hours or somebody else. Also apparently you know that's true or. Every year it ended with we've Gary patter that and so record close watching it transformed you don't become him. You know we sold ER I I've taken and put it in your creed or color of going to create. And the patriots who have been open that I had to Trenton. And Gary Patterson and spent the there's only edit deterrent so I don't know Youngblood you but that you usually pretty good with young defenders. I. Texan I love are clearly detect is it sneaky particularly. When you're having that one year any technical all the work in or I went. Act you're doing its little. Of course the back when he can beat spirit the spirit. I believe it. You can make up their are point indicate they got to edit the impact we beeper like oh defeat at the coordinator currently in them. I don't know what I got it darker or attack so I like you were actually much more that I went into Oklahoma and particular. We get that is probably. If there. One of the top three or oracle and all of football covered with your current on mode where does the big twelve. I had to pick one team. Coming out of there aren't in a state taxes. Then last thing I'd I'd under the gas does go out and lend here as though the former quarterback of the a good group of five program and you were UConn. You'd like to see this playoff expended little bit and it in my guessing correctly. An anchor well about. That I just wanna you know I. Unlike. A similar news Kabul would put them to be pressure. Almost an equity. If you are. And it became a matter ever repeated don't go to a little bit different than other like it that. I I appreciate it how we're. Every game is because of all to get into college football playoff. I'm a lot. Of story I don't import our. I wanna be. Down more you'll hear. You know George Ball that our our. What. It's all equal and I 1 o'clock 000. What he would gain an occurred at national champion. I want. Him there as much talking. And although. They did and I think their subject people popping. Ali I Al happy and don't want a big moment so I'm like the like if all import comic art. Hi Dan Orlovsky ESPN college football analyst joined us on the tech become just like Dan thank you brother was a pleasure wanted accident. I appreciate you got that. They go Dan Orlovsky joining us on the tiger come just line 70.