Garcia and Bailey: Dan Bonner joins us as we talk ACC hoops this hour

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Monday, January 29th
Dan Bonner talks respect for UVA and whether rankings in college basketball mean anything.

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Our number it's a child really frighten Garcia and Osborne here on a Monday Tillman also a huge weekend in college basketball and on the Twitter feed right now dimming sets us up to say thanks dial. Forgiving you VA drop side knows Virginia Tech guide has got to be one of the hardest things you do today it's not really. And and and here's why it yes as a Virginia Tech alumnus must sworn duty to hate all things cavalier but it's really tough to root against Tony Bennett is a good guy he's great coach and they got a big win on Saturday and dad daughter he's at who he's a he's an analyst with the ACC network and all over the place he is counted out to give us some time here on Monday their daughter we appreciate your buddy how are you. I'm fine thank you very go to war. Doing well doing well we got a lot of stuff thought coming off this weekend especially college basketball and look I know you're an objective observer these days and have been for a while as a as a color analyst you're who's done as she usually on Saturday that's anyway this is a team that I've seen a lot of college basketball writers and analysts. In the past couple of days openly apologizing for a for not having them ranked in the top 45 or not believing in them and this is just the latest example of you don't even if you hate the style of basketball they play Tony Bennett can flat out coach. But there's no question that Tony Bennett does a great job I think that there's no reason for any writer it's sort of urged apologized. About not putting which you know pop corn crop because. I thought project if they're all great work smoker Beers last year you just you didn't know what was gonna happen nobody hurt foresees Derek. Our tight rope or a sort of role in this corner. Yonkers Parker without the kind of increase murder. Protocol would take that big step forward that he's taken so I think the newspaper chain chain that is more talented than people give him credit for bitter you know. Give credit for and I think get the ball but they are playing strong I'm also. It's it's great that there haven't though that this secret they are that I want that that you have to point out you but I haven't won. Anything. Yeah. It's great to be playing well at it that they've got a very tough road near parliament bear that there. So. You know again I think he says so then this so spot on and that was the very final things said they haven't won anything yet I think unfortunately for. You know Tony Bennett he has the program. It's crawl walk they're running another run at full speed right now but that has to be done in March not in January. The question is Kennedy keep doing it and you don't really have to do it all the way through. There February and into march just have to be able to make sure you have that magic the magic that they have now march a big key to that. I think is to be helping. And one thing Virginia has been for the most part this year is helping out. So Wilkins scares you to keep your hope that that's our concert cute excuse me who ABT. To their whole offensive structure with the way you produce is coming off the bad sprained his ankle so. I'll help you in a B they've got they gave gets cool all local boy growing well. So all I think that's the key you have to be open. Bob I think they probably the that are very out at a cost carts down a stretch to help recover up to qualify. President large period of the NC term but you know. Culprits have gone out yet but think you know there are probably great position that I got called by you have to be helping. And so that to request an appropriate they'll be able to. Ditto over the years since until usually turn that program morale we've heard a lot of people don't know just bemoaned the fact that they play quote unquote boring basketball they're not fun to watch and if they don't have a great offense that's what's relief held them back in east tournament situations against teams like Michigan State they just don't had a lead offensive players they can't score but. That that's actually I think John a misperception especially this year works yet they play slow and they limit possessions but there are a lot more efficient offensively and I think a lot of people rely us. There are. Consistently over the last few years they've got on their turf so all is very rare that one of the most efficient offensive keeps or country. And bit bit. I hear the salt Connor about commerce dial that lead to success in the NC term at what. What should declare that there were just a second. Now in 2014. They. Want in the ACC tournament. They went to the NC turbot they want to game. And they lost two great very very good Michigan State team beat you leniency turn that sometimes you lose good teams that they want to games that that Turk. In 2015 they've probably had that that team the country. And their best player got her just banners and broke his finger and that assumes you discredit the comeback for the first broken finger he had an appendicitis. So explain to me tell me why I L. Has an impact when a team loses their best player great they just want the best one. I've been in 2016 they they actually. I did that game or they played in the elite eight air. Somehow lost the game to suit accusing gave the state controlled all way but they had already eaten. Three you really good team to the NC turbot and they had a bad couple Clinton that had nothing to do with their styles so. I think this is Dave project team they play very efficient throughout the ball off the event they are as good a score with anybody or pursue it. And so eight years they have played it low possession game which team. We're quite good teams it's going to be a close game at the end it after the Clarence. I think they make as many plays as anybody else that they certainly make the play against the. Is an amazing the way that players make this I'll look so good. But I have good players that's the other thing that people think that Tony Bennett is this competition because he's doing all this square. Players maybe aren't up to us but you know Joseph parent and play in the NBA. Just to matters a deeply NBA talk abroad. You know might never failing as I can or rebut what is. Your last year are so I think I think it's particular. Pat has good players they have good players on Bartoli senate that he get a ticker have to he has built they've very good. Programs are a lot of good teams out there that there are very cute good programs. Tony Bennett certainly has built one at which it. In our Dan obviously look at we're bridging is that right now they have the toughness they have this is a county they have used the players that that we're just talking about the tough at the system that are you know still good players. But you know there's other teams obviously in the ACC is well that maybe art is. As one ready is where you know Virginia is right now you still may be in that. That crawl walk run phase or mourn that. What walked phase. And I'm talking about a team like duke I don't think that we've seen the best of duped I think they're the most talented team in potentially in the country I think to the most talented team in the ACC but talent. Only did she so far if you don't play like a team in the toughness is that there is required to win the championship what's the upside for duke. On the upside for duke is everything you just mentioned there they're their tremendous talent get. This patent came there isn't helping not quite set out to people. You know they played their stores. Who's the entire time in the second half against which he the other day and that's because you know O'Connell it was seen. The warriors don't have cops lose its paddle boat that you really don't what their goal. But this isn't a very talented team but there's a couple of pieces still missing I think. They haven't talked. To approach. How good they can be and I think they're going to have to be conference swap. Other groups of people followed duke certainly for the coach and after I think they're they're better. Their tinker. And everybody is seen with the exception prepared right now is occurring. Trying to figure out how they can be. That they have built themselves with Jim Bedard got that question is can they continue to do what everybody else certainly. Colonel a little bit trigger up how can be they can beat the best for them themselves. I think duke falls right into that category of all the teams and only. Aren't duke has a higher CO. Dog today and moderate of course Arizona marsh gets closer and closer you'll find him on those CBS turner Colin all these games in biggest item all over the plays he's joining us on the tech become just like they're just energetic sheets are a little while ago what are your thoughts on NC state how good is a state. Well I think that probably not only are they give me your readers after seventy. About aren't quite the paper that core rapper they reach a neighbor do personally our daughter Kevin Keats because I have he's beaten. He's the coach a team that beat duke and North Carolina is saying here are so obviously. He's got great success there so he hopes to be a very knowledgeable guy. That it. Really talked to for the first time before a became that I had Ali the other day. Art he seems to be unhappy camper at walker yeah but he looks to be a very pleasant person need there was to it relates well to this cute so. I think congratulations to get keyed to director want respect I think they've done a fabulous job this year. But all of our seven on the inside. Angela art Friedman a law with the air he could make the argument that that's a pretty good 12 combination. On the interior. And then one alpha three and it's gonna scorer like he scored against North Carolina and it suddenly North Carolina State becomes their dirt or a tool. The comment that I will make its comment that was made to me earlier and sees all others to coach sort of problem. We're trying to prepare for him to speak. If you don't know whether you're gonna play the NC state it beat Arizona. Of course now the NC state to beat duke it was Carolina. Or your play the NC state that lost the UNC Greensboro also there are still open so just to look at. That's not surprising as player coach continue to adjust to what others are sent. They like everybody else conference except project you are still into. Demolition go on this and I understand look around the country right now do we we can be very ACC centric here in Charlotte but they're they're they're obviously some great teams out there Villanova did Virginia's all the rage right now the Villanova got I think an underrated when at Marquette over the weekend up for doing what they're doing in nineteen into was incredibly impressive big twelve got a great game coming up but tonight with Kansas and Kansas State. And of course Michigan State's out there Bob Huggins of West Virginia have a great year Mick Cronin in Cincinnati had a lot of success is there a team outside the ACC the jumps off the page to you right now and you say you know that team. Is is they won't you think I just can't win a national championship the people should be paying attention to. Well I've got to direct your questions and that they have so I'll give you his one of those looks like a person. And this depressed polite about it and I saw parts of and that's Purdue. They hang out in Isaac costs if he is going to score inside they have a god I don't think that anybody in the country can guard. Cars they get criticized the throw the ball inside and he's have a good game inside they used in the sensible and because of that. Given the other elements they have out I was impressed by Purdue is any keen currency person all you're so. He answered your question would be in my opinion but it all Purdue. Dan always great to catch up like we appreciate your time to talk to you soon all right. Not absolutely Dan Bonner CBS charter ACC network is all over the place for the best out their college college basketball and we enjoyed catching up with him are at 7045709. 610. We come back we got more stuff we got to get into of course the more it's over the weekend. And gets people asking about the Carolina Panthers GM situation we talked a bit about in the first hour over to talk more about that 12 o'clock 45 minutes from now Joseph person George the show he was all over the story this weekend a four candidates reportedly being interviewed for the Carolina to Entergy imposition though it seems like Marty O'Neal is. The under the favorite mile long shot so we'll talk about that to induct a lot more defensive Dominique writes. Come around to believe that Tiger Woods is what is that what is it us. What does it thus it is. Thanks backed roots right right right cracks. These are saying thanked Garcia barely. Our guys have not been in a game like that then it looked that way you know in the first half we did not. You know we get dating made us not play well. Then the level of intensity and in the end high level of defense and offense that they play. I thought knocked us back. Cause plays excellent coach case as we saw. Back and bony and tried to take off their identical at Carolina Panthers that thought away. Our demo of their cars like they're standing for the pledge of allegiance herself but it's no there's a new coach K would try to resist seventies now. You cannot when he speaks you listen double today I he doesn't do all voters try to come to limit her right now. There's a new coach came to try I'm giving their fans please don't go ballistic that was a joke but I did see Jovi is who's gonna join the show tomorrow at 11 o'clock putting out the pictures of those the real coach K. He serves the state fans a product that I like it is clutter noise. We said this. Since day one that we've been doing a radio show or at least I have since I've been here in Charlotte. When NC state is good when they're relevant. College basketball's best no question about. No question about it it makes for better. The knicks are better at college basketball across the board especially this is our a lot of law. You one got forgets Bryant's day in essence and Cynthia some good teams that they typically did marked out for things and you know imploded her or wilted down the stretch sure. You know nobody's forgotten not relief but and a good stuff from dead daughter there and you know I again I know that that folks don't ever overly excited about UBA basketball for a lot of reasons but we're just kind of at a point right now you have to acknowledge that team is really really good and they're a lot better offensively than we realized and O'Donnell I don't necessarily think this team's gonna win the national championship but. This might be the best team that is that. And double CL for that takes him but we NC State's big when deuce got some things to figure out they're going to be find out they're too talented not to be with coach K at the Helm I am you don't concern about North Carolina and concerns probably the wrong word because. Look I editorial fans have been extremely reasonable throughout this entire thing say OK we just won the national championship we just lost a lot of those one of the key players who won that title. And you know Joseph very quite frankly times hasn't had enough felt a discount or what they already know. You seem sane in this Virginia team is better offensively. It since they've come to the ACC they scored 60686864596165. And and offensively. They're more efficient. What they're not better and at the net scoring there just deficient how is that not better more efficient is they're still gonna get to that point where there's going to be a team that goes out there and goes on Iran I don't I cannot say that won't happen that can't happen but I'm sick to me more efficient is better. But they limit possessions it's more an unedited so not a score they're not going to be able to score. Or maybe I shouldn't say they're not going to be able to that they haven't been able to do that I haven't had to do that Obama and probably the better way of saying that Phyllis and if you don't have to do that. Then they're not going to do that right if you're getting people to play to your tempo. Is what's what they do better than anybody else that's really good obviously date but eventually. Know when you get to the tournament in your playing different styles of two basketball different styles the team you're having to play consecutive nights and those types of things. You're gonna have to more sometimes and that'll be interesting to see you know if they're able to do that listen. In my standards not going to be national championships are them are biased and mean just a good line. The last won't and I think a lot of people are looking for Virginia or you know alleviate final four to say OK that's the next step in the progression. Because it cannot Elektra got I feel like they capped out and everybody else as Bonner was talked him I completely agree is tinker. Right because we're so young has the figure out how to use this guy or when to use this guy what we're good at what we're not you know if you're Virginia cavalier. He's played systematic mass a ball basketball. You know since you've been there this is what we do this is how we do it this is what we're going to be and eventually. To other teams are gonna catch up to that when they figure out what the do well. You're right but look again. I think OK first of all I agree championship or bust is not the right mentality however. Don't think it's in that has won the ACC regular season won the ACC tournament and is now the number two ranked team in the nation and I think as of this week should be the number one team at a site and I know Villanova won over the autograph or death. What do rankings but you're right you're right but it didn't mature for example there's just an expert. You're good result is the number one team in the country that matters Leo today and I mean it's important for you know your friends sort of program. In the program for recruits and those type things you're right no doubt about it. Right but ultimately doesn't mean squat never won anything agreed I mean I give you good example North Carolina. Who is sixteen and seven I believe is their record. You know at that have losses to Greensboro some of the schools. Are one game better than maybe the North Carolina who's on right. Interstate excuse me and Nancy states and frankly just beat North Carolina. Who's a top ten team in the country why. Because of name recognition and it's because of what they did last year. You know north to NC state still await news on that they don't have some great losses they can play great highs and highs unfortunately can play Loews loves us and that you know they should. But when you start looking at rankings what do they really mean right now Nelson we we cannot we can make that argument forever so Iraqis associated same thing in cut and and the. In Tulsa ball early on yes the AP rankings mean nothing odd that there's no question about it but they're the real deal I think and and again I don't think they're necessarily gonna win a national championship but most did the expectation that they can get there should get there that's not unreasonable to me at this sport he's done he's done a tremendous job right our move on from your basketball and anti thoughts about the things are -- get -- win thirty minutes we're gonna be joined by Joseph person of the Charlotte Observer and we'll talk about so what's happening with this Carolina Panthers GM search and know why this is joined on the way that it is an. Are these just token interviews outside of Marty jar outside Marty hernia and look my feeling is yes and the feeling from a lot of people is yes right there to the got to give these guys an honest look. In a lake Dawson and Jim Gray the third and none was a kid I want to ride Calvin. That they're they're gonna get those guys a look no doubt about it they'll get their interview but to me there there's a 99.9. Percent chance that when this is also none Marty Murray will still be the GM of the Carolina printers and beat a two year deal a three year deal maybe you know what your I don't know. But so this all seems like a formality to be so we'll talk to Joe Buck and thirty minutes. You know you might have the past you know with a lot of fans here Charlotte do with Marty. Right because obviously your Virginia Tech for a year it you don't do it different places but the fan base here. I think has a certain perception with more hurt and that's gonna be Justin's room anyway he's gonna hit you draft well the first round and after that you're not gonna be so well. I intentionally do argument for most people I mean if you hit your first round ears which everybody says it isn't hard to do. Give me it's go to guy has had more success than him. You're doing those things. Mario and there's a good job with the draft in the for the most part he hasn't found that still. Late in the draft or in the middle of the draft you know and it's you know maybe that'll come with those things still happen. You know ought every single night coming seams are just this team finds or fits around guys better than anybody else no I mean. They maneuvers they manipulate they moved there and they lose they make mistakes but one thing Marty turning to me. That if you could ask me you know to wave a magic wand over what he's done and what he's going to do. It would be to have a little less loyalty to some of the guys and or get the job done. Right and that would be the one thing that's all like separates. This program this organization. From the illegal organizations. The only organization like. Like you see up in New England if they make a mistake with a guy. They're gonna try to work with them they're gonna try to build hamburger try to grow him. But they're not there there. They realize that this guy can't Arquette. And they either you know bush and Adam quirk or they cut baby gotta cut make Chrysler is just one things for me is this organization may be can do a better job of and instead of holding on hoping praying that this guy's gonna figure out. I guess the point I really don't by the left. I'll say this and I only say it is because it's a tip of the cap to how much is Faber bear fan base has grown. Don't forget you know I told you my my very first job intelligent radio. Was at an ESPN affiliate Blacksburg to this day you there's still a Carolina Panthers affiliate that the way this fan base has grown from. You know from Virginia to Georgia has been remarkable right and so do their Roy and write chapters is across the state lot of them are are called 2015. On the marched the Super Bowl. New stories about cellular chapters in and Carolina Panthers fans gathering in Roanoke and everywhere else to watch this team's of his fan base. I think sometimes even told Sam bass doesn't understand how much its growth page it's a pretty pretty remarkable thing pretty impressive site. You know for for Virginia governor George this this this fan base is represented well. And they have they stole a lot of Redskins fans and install wants threats. And the delayed its frozen precedent that's neither here nor there Pomona or come back a gamble talk a lot about that at so 12 o'clock or Joseph person on the Charlotte Observer he was all over this weekend as was Jordan rob Reid and an a till 1 o'clock we'll talk to Eric and home Yahoo! Sports he covers the NFL his thoughts on the Super Bowl when we come back a couple stories all of a touch on. A Boston radio hosts all right and again. And they went to for the stop its Garcia barely. Curse you Charlotte Observer joins us we'll talk about Moriarty and Carolina Panthers GM interview process water all means and why it's happening now 1 o'clock Derek at all Yahoo! Sports we'll talk about the Super Bowl in the off. A lot of things surrounding that game but you know I mentioned there before the break Boston radio hosts and as us someone who is marrying into a New England friendly I spent a lot of drama from Boston Allen does matter of fact are going up they're both. The bachelor party in and Frank's going to their weather so murdered osu game at Fenway and have a good time out there and then that there and I tell you what there. They're different I think sometimes people especially since Saturday they serve up there. Sam Adams is and I elected cherry week the cherry weeks ago. Well you know people from all over the country. Tend to treat the cells as this big. Homogenous place right so it we're all the same none of us Wear shoes you don't have to usually can't read were all mixed in an assortment pretty actor okay let's. The sports and that's actor stuff. But you guys with sometimes I think a lot of times we do the same thing for the northeast right. But places like new York and New Jersey are very different from places in New England places in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and Vermont may need to. There's a different culture and all the people to climb trees on the West Coast exactly all the hippies on the Pacific northwest so don't put it but into England the very hospitable people that they can also be very. Grumpy and varied crowd Sheehan just very blunt and say things that you know people in the very genteel south we were just don't say those sorts of things genteel yes. That day. Again I think I took a couple months ago when Michael Felger. Who is the co host of children as upon not you thought the sport so went on that disgusting rant about Roy Halladay crashing the plane and died in the national news and we talked about it a bit. Well Boston radio hosts Iran again this time it's their competitor WEEI. The longest running sports station in the city of Boston Globe Tom Brady does a weekly segment. With the morning show their Kirk and Callahan and it's. This week. One of the hosts some believe it was Callahan a double checked in at a more attributed to the wrong guy to one of the hosts on cold Tom Brady's daughter. An annoying little 2%. And you know Tom Brady was doing a an interview I guess is daughter was running around the background make a noise and Brady got wind of it. And come upon. You know just just dumped upon a thought. This isn't the end of the year after the during the interview and like there's this is a massive storm that's gonna talk time on but it just I didn't never ceases to amaze me. How how some grown adults. Don't know how to conduct themselves and you said it best friend a minute ago when you said something about come after me all you want. A year as an athlete I think we all kinda have six in you have to you develop that as a player you know you're gonna get criticized left and right it's your one of the things that kind of helps build us. Makes character makes is who we are now especially when it becomes professionally start getting paid for it. And in our thoughts typically not everybody would you like speak for myself was talk about me all you want to call me fat call me whatever you want to say you don't stupid. Sam too short sand to slow. The united a jump off sides like all those things are going one here at the other day we start talking and go about your certain things like my family. Who may be my friends are you a certain. Things you're just gonna be you know kind of unspoken that you can't you shouldn't cross those lines if you do there's been that there's going to be beefed. In most reporters understand that that line of most radio host understand that mind. And some jackass is I just feel like the don't think it's. You know supposed to be funny and they have to one up the other jackass. You're out there in Boston so. Silicon dot. Let's not make fun guys all time I'm at Nicholas Batum. Cody Zeller and are you make put myself all the time there and it's in good fun. I don't think are bad guys don't know them personally but you know we're we're talking about you know guys on a basketball quarter on a football field. I think there's certain things that are. Open right and are intended to be made fun act. I'm beaten but I don't and if you go and start talking about the other family their friends you know those types of personal board glides. I think that's obviously absolutely crossed some line I never try to make a personal. No end I think that when you do that it becomes personal. Tom Brady. Well and ended just for more context of oxygen I don't want to want to pin this on somebody who didn't say but it was Curtis Kelly show a lot of you don't care you don't listen to know that but it wasn't Kirk or Callahan it was done and Alex rhyme or were sort of their frequent guests. Called and told him that annoying little book called her five year old little girl. And annoying little two cents based on what he's seen from that's a Tom verses time FaceBook video series and Brady was was really polite he came on the mid part about it he said quote I try to come on the show for many years he showed you guys a lot of respect. I've always try to come on do a good job for you guys it's very disappointing when you hear those comments certainly. My daughter or any child certainly doesn't deserve that and then he said I really don't have much to say this morning maybe I'll speak with you guys some other time and out of the sought. And you know again I just. I just blows my mind sometimes you know probably shouldn't in this day and age how adults can't conduct themselves it's crazy. I it's a 70457. Or 9610. Building sooner tech slump doesn't do stuff come again this is gonna leave us in nor are not our last segment before we start our number three talks and Panthers. It's extra rights and build a surtax license you guys are talking about basketball this is a few minutes ago I had been watching the board it's a lot. And it's your losses to Miami is very frustrating however I think they may only be one player away. If they could trade bitumen may be either frank toady or Williams and do it yes Paul George. Or player of his caliber who can impact and in the fourth quarter I know this is a pipe dream however I'm trying not to and are not to just do a total terror doubt. Buddy I'm with you I don't like the idea of a total chaired on either but I would argue this team is more than just one player away are now. Exploited Campbell walker. Say that they used him. To the point where I felt bad for kemba. On the what was it Saturday play Saturday night Sunday whenever the letters notes China against the we have the second out of them back to back yeah. He didn't come out of the game in the second half and yet I was asked to go out there and try to win basketball him. I know a lot of respect for the guy I knew I you know. To the port right now work a kemba third or do you like that man. You know you just are taken by yourself a little bit and I hate sound selfish though and a team game. But his sit out spirits they're calling timeouts. Because it was an important game for them they wanted to win the game obviously. But if that's what is gonna take if you're Kimball walker. I just played every damn minute and of the second pass in and wasn't able to borrow eight. We have joined your guys. We're gonna hear for the hornets. You know at at and you couldn't be more right about that given what their plan that death is an. Yeah that's that's beside the point you're right we'll see but I but I think it is part of the point too because this does not gonna get a Max deal. He's too small he's a little too old but he's got one more big payday coming his voice a longer he stays healthy and having that guy play like you said the entire second half. On the second night of back to back on the road. And and and you know where not to tread on the tires and that way if I'm Jim you're right I'm thinking about myself a little bit here and always been loyal Charlotte my dog dies if he's trying to do did take care himself and his family and his future but your pain and half the money your turn that puts him and asked in the paid did it play an entire second half they do but they're towards the end of the game because his defense of liability. I really don't watch the game because we're at USC fight not doing your thing on Saturday were we were all watching the score and an Oz Oz Disney arrive home but I guess you would check something on your phone as you're walking out Oz looks at me and he says. Batum had another bad turn overlay the day yeah. And sure enough I go back and and watch the replay. Yeah. Is he's kind of like look at the routes like you can call our goal that the gives out in turn the ball over was lazy press you're on the road. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter and Miami what do you expect to call. And I don't know but. We're gonna come back or rappel to our Joseph person in fifteen minutes we still got to talk to get into 7045709. To sixty and Garcia and they looked. Considered sex while I'm sorry but if Jumbo or Mormon if I'm Jim are more and I'm going to go watch forums after Saturday night's loss. And getting into the face of nick for tomb. And clarify to him that he is killing our team and he is costing us some games we showed up one time to make some players met. But it why's that requires that campus job I guess is a leader team team leader team captain may be. But it's always good to. You know at some point. Nominally anyway yeah at some point pain I don't know if you. Read much into reactions things like that maybe sometimes I do and there's nothing there and maybe sometimes they do and there's a lot there so. You can take you know what it is you know what I'm gonna say with what I'm reading into this race and I think that. You know when I look at cliff on the sideline. And you sometimes see reactions and coaches and when the play takes place. And it's like sometimes it's at no no no yes sometimes it's just throw your hands up in the air like I don't know what to do. Which are turned the ball overly meg game. Close on the sideline. Just sat there. No reaction. No us starlet. And I don't know if that was because. You know he felt like there's what do what what am I supposed to do. When. One of my big threes turned the ball over consistently at the end of the game. And I know he doesn't want to do that and it is not trying to do that but he continues to happen. In or you don't just have no hope. Or you know what there might be a little give up in that player league coached I don't course gives you is given up on the way he's coach and things like that but. There's breaking points and everybody. And I don't know if that was a break important cliff in a whistle what you know he's supposed to do with in a tumor not but that that would have been it for me. Because you can give a guy so many opportunities to tell how much money he's Macon at some point zero Torre's hurt. And if he's making money give more opportunities to help. And if he's not then yes sometimes had to make a team or move for the betterment of the team the problem is that what you do. If you're close right now what you do. What do you do with that you put Jeremy lamb and the starting line up over two to get better productivity out of that first group but what happens with the sort mute everybody can score. So you're gonna wants to important yep you're damned if you do damned if you don't so you kind of just stuck with what you have out. And I kind of feel like you know when coaches react or don't react that way that's what's taken place. Text the rights and bright Milledge surtax line. People in this city haven't hated a player like material since Adam Morrison possibly Lance Stephenson. I don't think people and again I wasn't here then but I did follow it because I was a big at a more sincere in college. Is third Celtic people hate Adam Morrison's a much as they were just frustrated but by how underwhelming he was it's infuriating to watch snippets employ. Right now big magazines you get these flashes. Of a guy who has some ability. And then you get the spurts where he looks disinterested. You couldn't we couldn't play less physical basketball. Two did yes what a schism or lack thereof couldn't be more parents sometimes he ate it I don't think people were angry with Adam Morrison. Again just my opinion so much as they get angry. And Nick Punto it's not necessarily. You know the lack of atlases and that he soon guys get angry you know guys are just given that right for Adam Morrison was that's all he was given. You know but it's. They're the feelings that I'm seeing I think sometimes we get. When you start nit picking things about guys and when you realize that you're at that point you know frat remorse and it was the beard the excuse me the mustache. It was the hair was the straight and it was whatever it was are you called that. He would nit picky you that you're nitpick about him you know when you watch him play had nothing to do with his best he just wouldn't go. Right because we drafted him where we drafted him everybody was upset at him because that was the tomb. You know it's. Not the F collect about what a citizen it's a lack of effort ya or the Kerry and because when you get asked the question Kyle. On what you say when you what I don't I don't care what people say. Oca oh I don't don't doesn't bother me. Let's talk you'd you don't have to care we see that it seems like that you don't care but an also registered a mistrust I was driving to Virginia on Saturday just in my niece and nephew. And I was listened to podcasts hardcore history we've been Carla. And he was talking about the start of World War I in the assassination of course duke Ferdinand source to get into the geopolitics of the European donate time hearing you listening John there are traveling. I've finally anyway what he's talking about how one point the French were the dominant military force and all of Europe. I don't want to think about was if I had about a 100000 NIC Batum is run around a French military. The going to be all right if you yelled loud enough to drop your guns every one of them drop. I thought we can't think I don't fit on that note we're gonna come back Joseph person joins the show we switch gears cure a lot of Prentice talked next why now. Why are they doing Jim candidates Allen doesn't really matter is it going to be Moriarty no matter what we'll talk to Joseph about that next is Dorsey and they'll.